Monday, 2015-04-27

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Nokiussledges: let me know if it works for u too :D06:30
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sledgesNokius: yes, autofocus works amazingly07:49
sledges..aand morning!07:49
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carepackyangm: because port versions doesn't provide android support08:28
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alinMSameer: hi09:19
alinMSameer: bug reported no 4409:19
alinMSameer: let me know if you want more info09:20
alinlpotter: hi, shall I report the compass issue?09:20
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sledgesalin: all: pls get acquainted:
sledgeslatest version of pixel_ratio, and its support status09:52
alinsledges: cool... i see 1.309:54
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sledgesalin: this was selected by carepack09:55
sledgesalin: if you read there you'll see any value can be selected09:55
sledgesbut icon_pack will then reset to 1.0 -
merbotNemo bug 814 in Hybris-ing "if pixel_ratio is not from a predefined set, icons will default to 1.0 resolution" [Major,New]09:55
alinsledges: yes I have seen09:56
alinsledges: i suggest to select 1.42 or sqrt(2)09:56
alinsledges: one thing is there any reason why the theme_pixel_ratio become unwritable?10:00
alin[11:00:52 nemo@abbaton:~]: dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/theme_pixel_ratio 1.510:01
alinerror: The operation attempted to modify one or more non-writable keys10:01
sledgesalin: locked10:01
sledgesalin: remove locks/silica-configs.txt10:01
alinsledges: no luck10:03
sledgesalin: devel-su dconf update10:04
alinsledges: worked...10:05
alinsledges: thanks10:05
alinsledges: I want to test 1.510:05
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alinsledges: do you knwo if u13 will be released tomorro?10:06
alinthe versioning indicates that10:06
sledgesyea like i'm tellin :P :D10:06
alinsledges: the 1.5 looks much nicer10:07
alinsledges: icons and all the magic10:07
sledgesalin: 5 icons in a row10:07
alinsledges: you get 5 icons on line10:07
alinsledges: and the writing is indeed nice10:08
alinsledges: another thing... for the ambiences.. if I regenerate all of them to get rid of the paralax10:10
alinsledges: I get the official background10:11
alinand generate new ambiences based on them10:11
sledgescan be done build time?10:12
alinsledges: I do not know I will have to look.. I want to see what is the difference between the original package10:12
alinand the ambience I geneate10:12
alini just need to see where is saved10:13
sledgesyep, can be fun10:14
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alinsledges: anyhow try and let me know10:20
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zGrrmoin :)10:24
klopsi-u3hallo zGrr10:24
zGrrhi :)10:25
sledgesalin: try what?10:32
alinsledges: the 1.5 ratio10:32
sabianadminUpdated the maguro nightlies for anyone interested.10:33
sledgessabianadmin: any news?10:33
sledgesalin: ok, when find time10:33
sabianadminsledges: No major news, just updated to reflect the latest build (the 25th), will rebuild when theres an update :)10:36
sabianadminWhat about you guys? Anything in the pipes?10:37
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sledgesalin: i just rebased all dhd2modular branches (dhd, dhc, dhv) against upstream11:05
sledgesready to start peer review process11:05
sledgesbut before that, could you please migrate once more?11:05
sledgesi'll do the same11:05
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nh1402brobostigon: How is it going, was busy for the past day and a half. Also have to do a C# technical test at some point today or tomorrow.11:12
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Nokius|mobilesledges: =) good12:18
Nokius|mobilevgrade_: are you  planing to go for dory (lg g watch) to get sfos on it?12:19
sledgesalin: armv7hl arch should be parametrised:
sledgesi've cleaned up the rest of comments, added licence to too12:38
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sledgesalin: nm, fixed it13:09
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alinsledges: sorry stupid meeting away of computer14:10
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sledgesalin: np. to your memory, looks like rfkill must be installed. tablet goes without hmm.. so waiting for confirmation from the bt man14:11
alinsledges: yes14:12
alinsledges: it is used by bt14:12
sledgesi wonder what exactly uses it14:12
alinsledges: there is a service hciattach or something like that which has a rfkill unblock14:12
sledgesah yes  +ExecStartPre=/usr/sbin/rfkill unblock bluetooth14:12
alinsledges: I think is needed I do not remember who fixed it14:13
alinsledges: but someone from jolla14:13
sledgesjolla1 uses it14:13
alinsledges: cool I am trying to get some apps to showcase the sensors14:15
alinsledges: not only light and orientation... compass and dmt has an old one from nokia time for accelerometer14:15
alinhe will ported to qt5 and then probably release it on github14:15
sledgesalin: but making a phonecall or going to dark room is enough showcase, no?14:16
alinsledges: who has a dark room these days with all the digital photography14:17
alinsledges: joke aside will be nice to have compass working14:17
alinsledges: and 1.5 I think looks much much better than 2.014:17
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sledgesalin: fits more text? how do apps look like? paste a screenshot to xda thread and let peeps decide?14:22
alinsledges: I do not know it is a matter of taste so a democratic decision will take nowhere14:27
alinbetter we document that people can change it to 1.514:27
alinand how14:28
alinsledges: also... is there a limit on how many tiles you can have open at a time?14:28
alinok... can you start to open and minimize14:29
alinand tell me how many you can do14:29
alinafter 6 they seems to kill eachother14:29
sledgesif all don't take up memory14:31
sledgesno limit :P14:31
alinsledges: ok strange14:36
alinsledges: ok I see they are there they are just not shown14:38
alinif I keep hold on one14:39
alini cna see the other ones14:39
alinsledges: now I see that link was for the real merge14:42
alinsledges: that arch thing is cool... we shall add it in .hadk14:43
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sledgesalin: agree, with next release, in xda let's post screenshot of how people can pimp it to 1.5 ratio14:56
sledgesand how14:56
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sabianadminsledges: Would it be possible to update the repo and packages whenever a substantial block of work is done? Just so my new node script knows to email me ;)15:28
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alinsledges: yap... do you think I shall install the 1.5 ones by default?15:46
alinsledges: also I notices 1.0 ones are installed too... I am tempted to get rid of them15:46
sledgesalin: nope, it will cause too much confusion among app devs (harbour contributors)15:47
sledgesthey will think they can already port apps to sfos2, but they should wait for tablet sdk and official guides15:47
alinsledges: why?15:47
sledges(as they will interpret this as an official step to scalable sfos)15:48
alinsledges: I see...15:48
sledgesand what if 1.5 won't be final for n515:48
sledgesthis is why i asked, how do apps look like?15:48
alinsledges: they will not be probably15:48
sledgessabianadmin: don't think i understand your request:)15:48
alinsledges: in my opinion they look better15:48
alinmore space15:48
sledgesalin: im writing email to our design team, will see what they say15:49
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alinbut that i told  you that is in the eyes of beholder... some may like bigger icons15:49
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sledgesalin: yea, like for elderly people 3 icons in a row is even better:)15:49
alinsledges: all of us will end up there...15:50
sledges18:48 < sledges> this is why i asked, how do apps look like?15:50
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dia1234(dia1234) Hello everyone ! I have just installed SailfishOS on a Nexus 4 phone and it works which is great. However, none of the applications can be lunched. Do you guys know any solution for this problem ? Thank you in advance !15:59
sledgesdia1234: which version are you using?16:00
sledgescarepack: ^16:00
sledges(welcome aboard dia1234 :)16:00
dia1234sledges i am using
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:01
dia1234Was the latest release right ?16:01
dia1234Thanks for welcome :)16:02
sledgesdia1234: yes, hmm strange. i'm sure previous release had apps working16:02
sledgestry beta4
sledgesbeta5 is fairly new, and is still being for early adopters only16:03
sledgesdia1234: but we tested beta5 and definitely could launch apps16:04
dia1234Thank you very much16:04
dia1234On nexus 4 phone ?16:04
dia1234I'll give it a try16:04
sledgesdia1234: release notes mention only jolla store glitches, but even from there you can install most of them, and launch:
dia1234What about .apk?16:05
dia1234For android store ?16:05
sledgesdia1234: android apps are not supported16:06
alinsledges: and by the way the automatic ambience creation seems to match the colours better than the artists16:06
sledgesalin: artists?16:06
sledgesas in, design artists who pre-define them?16:06
alinsledges: people who decide which colour shall go with which background...16:06
sledgesalin: better = subjective :P16:07
alinsledges: of course you can call them different but I still think is an art16:07
alinsledges: of course...16:07
alinsledges: anyhow have a look at the pictures16:07
sledgesi have16:08
iKozzzHey guys o/16:08
alinthe sizes look good to me16:08
aliniKozzz: ahoe16:08
iKozzzhow many of people you know are using Viber ?16:08
* sledges o/16:08
aliniKozzz: none16:08
aliniKozzz: you work for them?16:09
sledgesalin: ui looks ok, not better, not worse16:09
sledgesalin: it's the same about android DPI16:09
iKozzzwell not yet)) Today i start a conversation about it16:09
sledgesyou either want to hack it16:09
sledgesor keep touchwiz unraped16:09
sledgesiKozzz: sailfish port pls16:09
iKozzzthe office is located at Minsk near by my home16:09
sledges(there is one for linux desktop!)16:09
alinsledges: touchwiz? what is that16:10
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sledgesalin: samsung's ui layer on top of android16:10
sledgesalin: same about htc (no) sense16:10
iKozzzSo i really try my best to start work in Viber to port Viber to sailfish16:10
sledgesiKozzz: i hope they give you that task to accept you :D16:10
sledgesiKozzz: should be "just" to recompile for arm16:11
iKozzzbecause in another way we cannot port it((16:11
alinhtc non-sense... i missed this one... seen a meralic one does not look bad...16:11
sledges...and a minor thing: rewrite toolkit :D16:11
alinbut they wanted 500 euro on it...16:11
alinsledges: so tolf them to foff16:11
* sledges afks16:11
aliniKozzz: you have the source?16:11
dia1234(sledges) before I am re'intalling the OS, I am trying to do some research on Sailfish from forensic point of view for one project at University. Do you think that installing it on Nexus 4 will give me good results on where the data is stored ?16:11
sledgesalin: pls keep those photos, our designer will look at them16:11
iKozzzno it's closed16:12
sledgesdia1234: what data?16:12
dia1234Such as calls pictures messages16:12
alinsledges: I keep them pass the link to him/her16:12
sledgesdia1234: yes16:12
dia1234Evidence data16:12
iKozzzi asked friend of mine who works at Viber and he told me that it not possible to open their code16:12
sledgeslol dia1234 , are you a policeman-to-be? :)16:12
dia1234Great thanks again16:12
sledgesdia1234: it's a linux distro, keeping settings in your $HOME most in sqlite db16:13
dia1234No no its just a forensic course16:13
sledgessome in QtSettings16:13
sledges(possibly also sqlite..)16:13
dia1234So tgere is an sqlite dv16:13
dia1234As i knew fir sure android and ios has one16:13
sledgesiKozzz: it's ok, harbour accepts closed source sailfish apps too:p16:13
* sledges goes afk now for real16:14
alinsledges: see you... and take it easy with the bbq16:14
iKozzzsledges: yeah but the just don't give the surces =)16:14
dia1234Sledges thanks for info !16:14
alindia1234: there is a backup mechanism that collects almost all a forensinc wants16:14
dia1234hiw is it called?16:15
dia1234@alin can u tell me how is it called?16:15
alindia1234: backup16:15
dia1234Well and if i remove some pictures messages16:16
dia1234And u want to re'store16:16
dia1234Is it possible ?16:16
iKozzzsledges: btw. How does Jolla store accept apps for submit?16:17
*** zanac <zanac!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:17
dia1234@alin with a backup u can see only data is visible, am I right ?16:18
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:19
alindia1234: yap... but inside the database I do not know what is saved...16:23
alindia1234: ok... call history is saved, sms are saved, content too16:23
dia1234Well it will be nice to research then :d16:24
dia1234@alin as operating systems differ in the way they encode data and where they store it... Would be nice to find out for Sailfish as well .. I know its linux so should be easy16:25
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:26
alindia1234: only one way... get a jolla or one of the supported ones16:29
alinand enjoy16:29
dia1234@alin as I am a student I could not buy a phone16:30
dia1234The nexus 4 was given by my teachers16:30
dia1234And just now I saw that its not the same as on a Jolla phone16:31
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|mo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)16:32
iKozzzalin: i played with ngfd configs today and still can't make ringtone vibration work. there are two configs i found - /usr/share/ngfd/plugins.d/ffmemless.ini (describe main part) and  /usr/share/ngfd/events.d/ringtone.ini (with specific settings for ringtone). Theoretically it should work as is but don't. Maybe you know something about ringtone.ini config?16:34
sledgesdia1234: all settings are stored plain text in sailfish os16:34
iKozzzsledges: thanks16:34
aliniKozzz: I do not know about16:34
sledgesiKozzz: ffmemless is disabled on all devices except jolla16:35
sledgesiKozzz: so those .ini are only for informational purposes for you16:36
sledges00:55 < sledges> iKozzz: you need to receive the type of event and apply different delay16:36
sledges00:54 < sledges> iKozzz:
sledgestaking durations from ffmemless.ini16:36
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:36
dia1234@sledges there is no ecryption at all used?16:37
*** beidl <beidl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)16:37
sledgesdia1234: no16:37
iKozzzsledges: sorry i missed this part16:37
dia1234@sledges why would you leave everything plain text ?16:38
dia1234Even on Jolla phone ?16:38
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:38
sledgesunix permissions model16:39
sledgesiKozzz: np16:39
Stskeepsalso, remember, if you need to log in to a service, you need the password one way or the other.16:39
Stskeepsany obscufication isn't going to matter16:39
* sledges goes back afk16:42
dia1234@Stskeeps but at least a hash16:42
Stskeepshash can't be used to authenticate to a service.16:42
dia1234Yes you are right16:43
Stskeepsread this,
dia1234Well I understand the reasoning of not having passwords encrypted ... But if one gets access to them at least you make his life a bit more difficult in trying to decrypt or find it16:47
Stskeepsit's all hocus pocus on top16:48
dia1234Anyway I want to thank u all for the answers ! Keep up the good work !16:49
alinsledges: if you keep like that you will burn the sausages17:04
tayrnI wish it was easier to use XOAUTH2 for your own services17:10
alinwhich package provide QApplication?17:30
alini cannot remember now17:30
alinalin: got it17:46
alinlpotter: do you think the compass not working is related with the fact that the gps is missing glue17:46
alinor something... since I see the magnetomer need geovalues17:47
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piggzsledges: mal-: i think ive rebuit and installed everything with qcom_bsp, and the result is the same (rebooted too)18:48
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alinsledges: issue19:20
alinseems like the touch is dead I can swipe to notifictions bu that is all19:21
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sabianadminSomeone reported the RIL is broken with on the maguro, just so you guys are aware19:40
sabianadmindon't know about yet19:40
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vgrade_Nokius: its on my list19:46
Nokiusvgrade_: it's cheep atm look like out of stock sale (okay still expensive ~100€ but for smartwatch okay) [sadly we had no luck in Manchester aha19:48
vgrade_Nokius: picked one up for 75GBP recently from pixmania19:51
Nokiusvgrade_: around the same here19:53
Nokiuswe need more time :D19:53
vgrade_I see what you did there19:54
Nokiusvgrade_: will hybris work with android gear or is a "pure" Android needed ?19:54
vgrade_Nokius: we shall see19:55
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Nokiusgn8 will use my IBM typewriter now :P cu20:04
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