Friday, 2015-05-01

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Nokiussledges: :( followed your advice but looks like HW is not happy to run arch00:04
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sledgesNokius: the L440 had zero problems with arch, and it disabled touchscreen immediately, to enourage trackpoint usage;)00:13
* sledges was about going to zleep;)00:14
Nokiussledges: no it's my work laptop :)00:15
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yangmwhat are you guys talking about?00:18
yangmfixing touchscreen is one of my interests :P00:18
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klopsi-u3gnite sledges00:20
Nokiusyangm: we talked offtopic00:26
Nokiussledges: looks like I found my problem will fix it later ( damn left the chager at work :( )00:26
yangmNokius, arch os on phones?00:27
Nokiusyangm: on arch on laptops ;)00:27
Nokiusah 22-25.02 is MWC next year hope Jolla will rock again :D00:30
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klopsi-u3this is the most on-topic channel i've seen00:45
klopsi-u3heh no it really is00:48
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bluesleesledges,alin: alpha11, great work guys, great work!08:04
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sledgesthanks blueslee10:47
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sledgeslocusf: happu vappu:)11:28
locusfsledges: thanks :)11:38
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bluesleesledges: i tried here app on n5, works well, certainly without gps12:50
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klopsi-u3hi nh140214:01
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yangmnh1402, I have been thinking about the strangeness that happens after you boot cyanogenmod14:40
nh1402me personally or in general?14:40
yangmin general14:41
yangmthere is some config files or whatever that sailfish and cm share14:41
yangmso, what if we put a whole cyanogenmod in a dir and boot from it?14:41
yangmalso, make a custom script to boot it, instead of modding init.rc14:42
nh1402that would be chroot'ing, wouldn't it?14:42
yangmwe would need to mod cyanogen in order to bypass chrooting14:43
yangmI think14:43
nh1402and the script starts all the necessary android services?14:44
yangmwe could start these right before booting android, don't we?14:45
yangmbut that's just thinking ahead, I think, looks like there are some sailfish process we need to kill before starting surfaceflinger14:45
nh1402I suppose so yes. I'll see if I can run them from ssh, without the modified init.rc file, and see if it boots.14:46
yangm(still talking about strangeness, when cyanogen stopped booting (wen't straight into black screen), I tried reflashing only sailfish, then cyanogen booted but couldn't boot the navbar and statusbar, also, launcher wouldn't stop redrawing, then it went black)14:51
nh1402but give me a minute, doing some touch event stuff for an app I'm working on.14:52
yangmalso, I suspect sailfish is holding input events because of the shutdown behavior, in sailfish you hold for like, 3, 4, seconds and it vibrates and does a safe shutdown. If sailfish had no control over power, we could only be able to shut down after holding for 10 seconds straight14:53
yangmstrangely, notification led seems to be controlled by both14:54
yangmis using kvm just a pipe dream?15:00
nh1402no ida15:07
nh1402no idea*15:07
nh1402yangm, as far as I can tell even if you have a separate file for CM and make a custom script, CM would still need to get input from somewhere.15:22
yangmyep, but it *should* prevent eventual strangeness between sailfish and cyanogen15:24
yangmlike, one or another stops booting15:24
nh1402unless you want to do what you're saying by using chroot, then instead of running init we run the custom script.15:26
yangmnh1402, isn't there a child process or something managing input events on sailfish?15:27
nh1402I'm not sure, you'll have to ask someone else more knowledgeable in the area, or the person who created it ;)15:32
nh1402also, thought I should mention I won't be available over the weekend. I will check the logs every now and then though.15:38
yangmme too, probably going to play some GTA V15:40
yangmI have a lot to study before I can actually help too15:41
nh1402yangm have you used the chroot command before?, if so, you could test the theory.15:41
yangmnh1402, only so I could get elementary os to boot into an EFI environment15:42
nh1402that's good enough for me, test away :p15:43
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yangmredownloading cm zip15:43
yangmnot sure why I dele... oh, 16GB15:43
nh1402you would need the root folder (after it's installed), and not the flashable zip15:46
yangmI'm going to reflash sailfish15:46
yangmcyanogen not booting15:46
krnlynghow do i transfer files into the mersdk shipped with the SailfishSDK? i tried with scp but no luck15:54
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vgrade_evening Nokius happy workers day16:55
Nokiusvgrade_: evening thanks16:56
klopsi-u3np air - all i need17:04
Nokiusvgrade_: used the fee day to get ready for the summer :D u will have a free monday right?17:07
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vgrade_Nokius: yea, we have first monday in May rather than the 1st17:19
vgrade_allthough Janice has my time mapped out on garden and diy17:21
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vgrade_evening Stskeeps17:27
klopsi-u3happy may 1 everyone17:28
klopsi-u3whatever it means to you17:28
Stskeepsbeer and day off17:29
klopsi-u3you are in germany Stskeeps ?17:30
Stskeepsno, poland17:30
klopsi-u3ah i did some business in poland17:31
klopsi-u3everyone promised everything but often could not deliver :)17:31
Stskeepsdon't worry, not polish17:31
Stskeepsdanish, living in poland, working for finnish company17:31
klopsi-u3well cheers and hope you have a wonderful day17:32
klopsi-u3i followed your work since maemom days17:33
Stskeepsyeah, we've been over this ;)17:33
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klopsi-u3happy jolla17:55
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vgrade_locusf: I got a reply back from the quicksilver guy with some build instructions, he needs to push some qt patches and nacl and extensions needs some more work18:09
locusfvgrade_: ok good to know18:10
nh1402good to know18:14
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vgrade_added instructions at
locusfnemo + mer is using gcc4.818:21
locusfso you might want to bootstrap another target18:21
vgrade_locusf: yep I saw that from OBS18:22
locusfI'll try that tomorroa18:22
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Nokiussledges: lets see if i3 is a home :P19:13
nh1402Now since CM have broken the partnership with Oneplus, my Jolla can take their place in a more permanent capacity ;)19:16
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nh1402yangm any luck?20:20
yangmnh1402, for now I just reinstalled sailfish20:21
yangmdo you know of android and sailfish documentation?20:22
nh1402what kind of documentation are you referring to?20:23
yangmI mean low level doc20:23
nh1402not sure about Sailfish20:24
yangmI don't know if my google is broken but when I search for things like lipstick and surfaceflinger, I get mostly nonsense and old news20:24
Nokiusgn8 o/20:46
nh1402good night Nokius20:47
klopsi-u3cu Nokius20:48
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nh1402well, I'm off, will be back on Monday. Good luck with quicksilver, porting and all that good stuff. Good night!23:00
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