Thursday, 2015-05-14

MSameersledges: nop00:32
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carepack_mornin stskeeps06:37
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Nokiussledges: ah okay thanks07:43
Nokiusmorning :D07:50
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zGrrmoin :)08:31
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alinMSameer: streams play indeed with the new gstreamer09:04
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sledgesalin: i think it was just bad09:09
sledges(plugins that needed;)09:09
alinsledges: needed what?09:09
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sledgesalin: latest gst-plugins-bad were neeeded09:11
sledgesgst1.0 version is the same, other plugins updates probably don't influence your case09:11
alinsledges: ok I see... so in principle no need for the aac one09:11
alinsledges: cool09:11
sledgesaac is ba09:11
sledgesso it's needed :(09:11
sledgesas i commented in bug - we need to get rid of libvo-aacenc dependency, MSameer has something mastermined09:12
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alinsledges: ok... can you do a test for me... choose whatever bbc you like... I can give you a list with all... and tell me if it plays smooth for long time09:18
sledgesalin: radio 1 (the prime radio), which sounds most serious09:28
alinsledges: save it as a m3u09:28
alinsledges: yap... now has the highschool kids music...09:29
sledgesalin: listening 320K version09:32
alinsledges: ok... I listen international version ...09:32
alinsledges: let me know if you notice any silent gaps09:33
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alinsledges: you listen via gst-lunch or via mediaplayer?09:34
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sledgesalin: gaps09:40
sledgesalin: but from the beginning i also had chunks missing09:40
sledgesas in sample rate is not catching up and needs to jump like a turntable needle09:40
alinsledges: ok it may be too many kids listen that one...09:41
sledgeswill try from cmdline09:41
alinsledges: ok this is what I do now myself09:41
sledgesi think it's not the kids problem :p it just gradually deteriorated09:41
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sledgesthe kids aren't alright, they're at school now :P09:42
alinsledges: ok this is exactly what I noticed on another channel09:42
alinsledges: now testing on commanline seems kosher09:42
sledgessince when?09:42
sledgesit takes some time09:42
alin5 minutes in09:42
alinsledges: in my case takes around 8 minutes09:42
sledgesfor me it took09:43
sledges8 minutes09:43
alinsledges: ok the same in comand line09:44
sledgesGST_DEBUG time09:45
alinsledges: now I will try on my computer09:45
alinsledges: to see if the stream is fine09:45
alinsledges: the beauty... is that playing now takes max 20%09:46
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alinsledges: interesting seems to happen the same with the stream on my compuer too09:54
alincan you confirm that?09:54
sledgesalin: weird, i didn't notice when playback stopped completely :D10:04
sledges(still on mediaplayer)10:04
alinsledges: is the time still going?10:04
sledgesi skipped to next track, ok now10:05
alinyap... I have seen this one too10:05
sledgeswill try on arch linux10:06
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sledgesalin: gaps on PC too. yet no chunks missing10:21
sledgesgaps they start eventually10:22
sledgesit says buffering during the gap, hmmm10:22
sledgesoh it just jumped a chunk too10:22
sledgespossibly wrong time to use BBC as test ;)10:22
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alinsledges: maybe10:31
alinsledges: I will keep an eye on it10:31
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MSameersledges: what do I have in mind?11:14
sledges14:56 < MSameer> and I can also kill vo-aacenc eventually11:18
MSameersledges: ah that.11:18
MSameersledges: but that will take some time11:18
sledgesok np, alin can do without bbc radio 4 for next release ;D11:18
alinsledges: nope I can;t11:18
alinsledges: or maybe I can now torries took the power11:19
sledgesalin: just sideload plugins-bad, we'll make a dedicated repo for it :D11:19
sledgesso doesn't get in a way with :common11:19
alinsledges: ok11:19
alinsledges: we will do a new release soon?11:20
alinsledges: a lot of things happened when on holiday I have seen11:20
MSameerfeel free to submit a PR that conditionally unbuilds it for mer OBS11:20
MSameerthat's the only thing I can think of11:20
nh1402damn tories11:20
* sledges doesn't know about conditional unbuilds :)11:21
MSameersledges: if a variable is defined in a roject conf, don't build11:21
MSameersledges: I never managed to grasp them too11:21
alinsledges: in spec we can add some silly flag and then delete and do not package the offending things11:22
MSameerand the build requirement on vo-aacenc?11:22
sledgesis in plugins bad11:23
MSameeror alternatively you can fork -plugins-bad, drop aac and build in mer obs11:23
MSameershould not break anything as gst-droid provides an aac encoder too11:23
sledgesMSameer: 14:19 < sledges> alin: just sideload plugins-bad, we'll make a dedicated repo for it :D11:24
sledges14:19 < sledges> so doesn't get in a way with :common11:24
MSameerworks too11:24
sledgescan put libav there too11:25
MSameerno need for libav11:25
MSameerlibav provides mp3 and aac decoders IIRC and those are also provided by -droid11:25
MSameerunless you want to enable more plugins11:26
MSameermore codecs11:26
dr_gogeta86MSameer, any way to have decent aac+ decoder ?11:26
MSameerdr_gogeta86: define decent11:26
dr_gogeta86whatsapp audio from iphones simply doesn't work11:27
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MSameerdr_gogeta86: link to a file?11:30
dr_gogeta86personal info inside11:31
dr_gogeta86i'll try to create a mock11:31
sledges(i was to say - hard to find a decent one ;D)11:31
dr_gogeta86time to back home and playing with gf iphone11:31
MSameerdr_gogeta86: i do not use whatsapp so i do not have such a file11:31
dr_gogeta86is a common problem11:31
dr_gogeta86not affect just me11:31
MSameerget me a file so i can test11:32
MSameerotherwise i can do nothing11:32
MSameerand iphones are not allowed inside my home :P11:33
nh1402MSameer: Nice rule11:34
dr_gogeta86jolla camera sucks for my fiance11:35
MSameerdr_gogeta86: congrats. you have a gf and a fiance :D11:37
dr_gogeta86is the same11:37
dr_gogeta86will become wife soon11:37
MSameerdr_gogeta86: my condolences :D11:38
MSameerdr_gogeta86: anyway, once you have a file I can use for testing, please ping me11:40
dr_gogeta86thank you11:40
alindr_gogeta86: stop playing ith the iphone... gf may be more interestin11:41
sledgesgf and fiance is the same word in Italian11:41
dr_gogeta86depends on in which stage of relationship you are11:43
dr_gogeta86in my case is the first in transient to the second11:44
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so you say ragazza/amica at first?11:45
dr_gogeta86after 9 yr11:46
dr_gogeta86and 3 yr living togheter11:46
sledgesi was more after the wording, because up north (polentoni) they call fidanzata quite early on, and i don't even know what word is used before that :D11:47
dr_gogeta86giucam, can be easelly offended11:47
giucamnah, it's true we eat lots of polenta :P11:48
dr_gogeta86I've found something for MSameer11:49
dr_gogeta86in pvt11:51
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MSameerdr_gogeta86: seems to work fine with -libav. Also seems gst-droid can decode it but it is not picked up automatically  for that11:57
dr_gogeta86on n9 with harmattan works like a charm11:58
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MSameerdr_gogeta86: that's why there is a bug. I will check it and try to fix12:08
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minimecHi folks. Short Presentation: Martin, Swiss, middleager, 10+ years linux autodidact. Besides having a Jolla as daily runner, I also have a Nexus 5 with stock Android 5.1 (internal) and a Sailfish alpha11 image.12:37
minimecI stumbled upon your acc stream tests. I can tell you that I run the Sailwave application with aacp streams on my N5(alpha11) without any problem and interruption... And yes, I also get these interruptions following a bbc stream on my desktop machine with mplayer...12:37
minimec --> m3u file contains adresses in this form...
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sledgesminimec: welcome aboard!12:57
minimecsledges: THX12:57
sledgesminimec: did you pull latest gst-plugins-bad for BBC to work? as it doesn't work out-of-the-alpha11-box :)12:59
sledges(also drsvirus? thanks for info, will be good to test on n5, but looks like you already tested and confirmed all sane!\o/) (cc alin )13:00
minimecsledges: I only tested bbc on my desktop, and I run alpha11 without modification... Well I mounted the android partition for music and vids. That works. The cam flash trick did not work, even though I copied the file from git to '/etc/gst-droid'. Wrong folder?13:02
Nokiusisn't a know propel that some ios video are not played (mostly) have a few on my Jolla; no jumping kangaroos :(13:03
minimecsledges: I listen to that virus station on sailwave only. Tried to 'pkcon install mplayer', but there is no such package.13:03
sledgesminimec: means that drsvirus is not HLS stream ( )13:04
merbotNemo bug 800 in Hybris-ing "failure to play hls streams" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme]13:04
sledgesminimec: maybe you need to change autoflash parameter in that file?13:05
sledgesminimec: i just shortened mplayer, i meant to say jolla-mediaplayer13:05
minimecsledges: maybe I got an old gstdroidcamsrc.conf, because that file has no word 'autoflash'13:07
minimecsledges: I see. So the links should also work in jolla-mediaplayer (I think I opened one stream as playlist in jmplayer), but that again is porbably because it is not HLS stream?13:10
sledgesminimec: i can't remember exact wording, just look and experiment with anything that has 'flash' in it):13:11
sledgesminimec: if it works with gst1.0-launch on vanilla alpha11, means it's not HLS13:11
sledges(as per bug)13:11
sledgesother players that you try might still use gst0.1013:12
sledgesor their own backends13:12
minimecsledges: I will try that. I first have to walk the dog... I feel some rain coming in the late afternoon...13:12
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sledgesthis rain will never go away here :D13:16
sledgesbeen bucketing down since morning13:16
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dr_gogeta86sledges, you need hls streams ?13:39
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Nokiusdr_gogeta86: :D13:56
dr_gogeta86I need to fix multirom on this beast13:56
sledgesdr_gogeta86: nice photo just before the moment of truth, retweeted :D13:59
dr_gogeta86done with jolla13:59
sledgeseven better;) making it visible in the reflection would've been too cheesy :DD14:01
sledgesdr_gogeta86: HLS streams yes please14:01
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Nokiusso close14:05
Nokiusach having two device would be nice14:13
Nokiushas no idea why camera-plus is freezing14:26
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Nokiusokay so now back to my April problem15:19
Nokiusbut why15:19
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Nokiusdr_gogeta86: how is it going?15:21
*** oh6gff <oh6gff!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:26
Nokiussledges: just one question the new gstreamer package are working it looks like I have the same issue with media as I had in April15:35
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Nokiussledges: pp has a bug in L127 ther is no sailfish_latest_armv7hl only latest_armv7hl15:43
sledgesNokius: what issue?15:50
sledgesNokius: thanks, fixing15:50
Nokiussledges: no working media15:50
Nokiusvideo are broken no mp3 playback camera gone but 2.0 zoom level :D15:51
Nokiuslast time I had to add the I have the latest from pp15:56
sledgesNokius: GST_DEBUG :P15:57
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Nokiusfor camera I did saw any hint for me15:57
Nokiusthna I test media support and was frustrate :)15:58
sledgesNokius: add common repo and dup from it15:59
NokiusI did :(15:59
sledgesgst-droid version?15:59
Nokiusjolla gallery16:02
Nokiusgstreamer packages ^16:03
Nokiusah it's int he list16:05
Nokiussledges: gstreamer1.0-droid-1.0.0+master.20150513213822.4b3c583-10.8.2.jolla.armv7hl16:05
sledgesNokius: ssu lr16:12
Nokiussledges: I added your repo to the ks16:13
sledgesNokius: zypper info gstreamer1.0-droid16:14
NokiusI added the link for media-codes
sledges(nice clean repo btw!)16:17
Nokius:) tried my best16:18
sledgesNokius: ps aux | grep mini16:18
sledgesNokius: GST_DEBUG... on jolla-gallery playing a known-to-work-video16:19
sledgesfirst you can even try withotu GST_DEBUG, just from cmdline16:19
* Nokius curl16:20
Nokiusthis is working (acording to bl)
Nokiuswrong url16:21
sledgesbl? so play it from cmdline16:22
Nokiussledges: gallery is charshing ö.ö16:23
Nokiusdid happen early today with this video16:24
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sledgesNokius: build latest droidmedia (from master branch) on your own16:25
* Nokius greping in memory 16:26
Nokiussledges: correct ?16:31
sledgesit's already in your android tree16:31
sledgesunder external/16:31
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sledgesit's in faq16:32
NokiusI know16:33
Nokiusthe location was not sure if have to use a other branch / repo16:33
Nokiusrepo url is not in FAQ16:37
mal-Nokius: that's because the repo is already in manifest16:40
mal-so repo sync will get the master branch automatically16:41
Nokiusah okay16:41
Nokiussince I ahve to use git now everyday i get a bit more into it16:42
Nokiusmal-: thanks for the link16:43
Nokiussledges: no crash now :) video is playing but no audio16:45
Nokiusalso mp3 has no audio16:45
Nokiusfor the video i don't bet bit mp3 was working16:46
Nokiusalso camera freeze16:46
Nokiusdid a reboot after copying the libdroidmedia.so16:46
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sledgesNokius: must be something about your platform (not nexus5)16:58
sledgesNokius: install gstreamer1.0-libav and try again for the audio, for the time beiing16:58
sledgesotherwise file a bug pls, because libav is non redist and MSameer aims to make it work without. yet can't promise how many devices that man can handle :D16:59
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* sledges afks a bit16:59
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MSameerac3 is not supported on sailfish16:59
MSameeror at least I am not enabling the support for it17:00
MSameerfeel free to do it yourself17:00
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
yangmnh1402, any progress?17:02
nh1402yangm: Not yet, I did try again 2 days ago but didn't get anywhere.17:03
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:04
MSameersledges: Nokius ^^17:04
NokiusMSameer: ah okay but iirc the ogg video was working video stream and audio stream17:05
nh1402yangm: I take it since you asked, you haven't gotten anywhere either.17:05
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:06
MSameerNokius: I don't understand what you want. The log you pasted contains AC317:06
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:06
yangmnope, I'm really looking forward android porters, they may know why the touch isn't loading17:06
NokiusMSameer: I know17:06
yangmI stopped looking after chroot because it seems unnecessary17:07
NokiusMSameer: I also tested the ogg bbb video and this was working I means so17:07
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:07
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:07
NokiusMSameer: the ogg video has audio but a broken stream same as last time before I added the libdroidmedia.so17:08
Nokiussee search for .so17:08
*** MickeyVirus2 <MickeyVirus2!~karan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:11
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:11
* sledges puts "no ac3" into his notes, and learns about yet one more codec name17:13
sledgesNokius: separate issues, good we sorted the crash17:13
sledgesmeans that droidmedia needs to be built per device, Nokius don't download stuffs from hammerhead images files ;)17:14
Nokiussledges: no I have not interest in this again :D17:15
Nokiusso camera is on the list17:16
Nokiusand mp317:16
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)17:17
sledgesmp3 should  already work17:17
Nokiusshot it17:18
Nokiuscheck it with the I know it will work file17:19
* Nokius smile face return 17:19
nh1402yangm: Might have to modify the file that gets Android input, I *think* it's Eventhub but not 100%, and if it is I'm not sure what we'd need to change to get it working.17:23
yangmwhen you get a touch event in cm inside sailfish, who logs it?17:25
yangmI see led is controlled by both OSes but not sure about touchscreen17:26
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:28
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)17:28
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
NokiusMSameer: sorry for bothering you but have you may a hint for me I see this and camer+ is freezing with black screen17:41
sledgesNokius: did you add setprop to default.prop ?17:41
NokiusI only added the video.grep last time which I added to my pull request wondering why I have an issue this time :(17:45
Nokiusclouds are gone sun is there lets afk a bit17:45
Nokiussledges: btw. where is default.prop? did find it in /usr/share/cameraplus17:46
carepack_cu nokius17:47
sledgesNokius: it's in faq17:47
sledgesline 10717:48
nh1402yangm: I have no idea, any idea how one would check that?17:50
nh1402yangm: I gtg now, will be back in a few hours.17:51
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*** electrolux <electrolux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:08
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*** spiiroin_ <spiiroin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
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*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:41
mal-MSameer: 6-channel aac audio does work now in gst-droid18:41
MSameermal-: good to hear18:42
carepack_guicam: back over in the right channel. Haven't seen that you also be online here18:57
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
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*** spiiroin__ <spiiroin__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
*** spiiroin_ <spiiroin_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)19:41
nh1402yangm: any luck?19:42
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:53
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:53
mal-sledges: youtube videos work now on my port :)19:54
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving Work)19:57
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)19:57
dr_gogeta86MSameer, sledges
dr_gogeta86as we using pulse audio19:58
dr_gogeta86we got barelly 6ms latency ?19:59
MSameerwhy should I be interested in a link that talks about android audio latency?19:59
dr_gogeta86to know how much latecy we got on hybris20:00
dr_gogeta86till alsa we are about 5ms20:00
dr_gogeta86and then ?20:00
dr_gogeta86I don't know what come after20:01
dr_gogeta86I know about pulseaudio20:01
MSameerwhich latency are you talking about? capturing? playback? encoding? decoding?20:01
dr_gogeta86capturing -> ringbuffer -> playback20:01
dr_gogeta86think about a guitar effect20:01
MSameercapturing is done via pulse audio on top of android hal20:02
MSameerplayback is done via pulse audio on top of andrid hal20:02
MSameeraudio hal20:02
dr_gogeta86every thing is apprecieted20:07
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:17
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:17
Nokiussledges: YEAH20:22
*** rbn <rbn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:27
Nokiussee us tomorrow night :)20:41
Nokiusvgrade: can you share the bacon pp agian with me thanks20:42
* Nokius leaving with smile face thx sledges 20:42
dr_gogeta86i need to change make command for hybris-boot20:47
dr_gogeta86is a different problem21:03
dr_gogeta86i need to have the zImage from make zImage-dtb21:03
sledgesNokius: put it to your device git repo21:24
sledgesso don't forget next time :p21:24
yangmhow can I debug input events?21:25
dr_gogeta86from touchscreen ?21:26
yangmeither, touchscreen or button press21:27
*** rbn <rbn!> has quit IRC ()21:27
mal-yangm: just cat /dev/input/eventN files until you see something when you touch the touchscreen21:29
yangmmal-, thanks21:30
dr_gogeta86there was a dumper out there21:30
sledgesmal-: awesome news! you proved that linuxy gst can work even on older hw, putting android hw/sw codecs to submission!! \o/21:31
mal-after you find the correct device you need to fix that to /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf21:31
dr_gogeta86sledges, fb works on g321:35
sledgesdr_gogeta86: you mean you got lipstick up with fbdev?21:36
dr_gogeta86no I've got 3 framebuffer21:36
dr_gogeta86and I if i cat bootsplash works21:36
dr_gogeta86i'm too far away i'm into initramfs libo21:36
dr_gogeta86step by step21:37
dr_gogeta86anyone who owns the g3 will never install sailfish os is too dangerous21:39
dr_gogeta86and steps are too many21:39
nh1402yangm: providing eventN files are still getting input, then the problem will be android reading the input21:39
nh1402with eventhub and inputmanager21:39
yangmnh1402, I'm about to test21:40
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: App terminated!)21:41
yangmnh1402, I forgot to document my method of getting into adb21:43
sledgesdr_gogeta86: tell me about it :) lg is a beast with early boot loading chain21:43
dr_gogeta86a new root metod goes wild21:44
dr_gogeta86but i didn't tested21:44
dr_gogeta86i've installed last 4.4.4 stump vulnerable21:44
dr_gogeta86and started from there21:44
dr_gogeta86and then try to compile cm1121:45
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)21:46
dr_gogeta86forgot to bump kernel ( sign with leaked lg signature )21:46
*** Tassadar|nym <Tassadar|nym!~tassadar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:52
dr_gogeta86hi Tassadar|nym21:53
dr_gogeta86I've got a d855 lg g3 with multirom21:54
dr_gogeta86but lacks sfos support21:54
dr_gogeta86says it support trampoline v1521:54
dr_gogeta86was done from skinny8021:54
dr_gogeta86works well with android but not play well with sailfish21:55
Tassadar|nymyeah, the person who ported multirom to that device will have to fix that21:55
dr_gogeta86i'm asking you a how to port it 10121:55
*** xkr47 <xkr47!xkr47@2001:14b8:141:5926:5358:9793:2384:6264> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
Tassadar|nymthere's nothing like that, and I don't really wanna deal with that right now - I'm leaving in like 30mins for a special awards ceremony on this competition and wanna relax a bit until then21:57
dr_gogeta86was just a simple question21:57
dr_gogeta86if is a long i'll study it by myself21:58
dr_gogeta86no problem at all21:58
Tassadar|nymyeah, I have no idea in what state the lg g3 port is right now21:59
dr_gogeta86i think is very bad22:00
nh1402Tassadar|nym: If you entered in to the competition, good luck but either way, enjoy!22:00
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:01
Tassadar|nym yup yup, I kinda tried to explain which competition here22:02
* sledges adds Tassadar|nym to circles22:03
Tassadar|nymhm, I should add some photo of me to g+, you can google my name and get a photo anyway because of all these competitions, and that upside-down avatar is really stupid22:04
sledgesit was cool, something unexpected :D and I had tux photo for years until recently22:05
dr_gogeta86never changed twitter one since 200822:07
Tassadar|nymmy twitter is kinda dead, I don't have anything to write on there)22:08
dr_gogeta86from promotional stuff sailfish is not First Citizen OS in multirom ENV22:09
yangmwhat is a "twitter"? :P22:09
dr_gogeta86but thanks to you beast I've helpe some peps to try SFOS on their Nexsus22:10
dr_gogeta86good night guys22:11
nh1402good night, good luck with porting everyone, I'll probably be on tomorrow afternoon/evening22:15
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021ef934@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)22:16
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:19
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*** ryukafalz <ryukafalz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:09
yangmwhen I start surfaceflinger, sailfish still as control over touchscreen23:15
yangmbut when the screen goes off, it loses control23:15
yangmcyanogen has no control over it still23:16
*** xkr47 <xkr47!xkr47@2001:14b8:141:5926:5358:9793:2384:6264> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)23:17
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*** xkr47 <xkr47!xkr47@2001:14b8:141:5926:5358:9793:2384:6264> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:24
vgradeyangm: android uses a different framework to talk to touchscreen,
vgradewhen the screen goes off afaiu mce grabs /dev/input/eventxx until device is reawakened by power key or double tap interrupt23:33
yangmwhat about the led which seems to be controlled by both systems?23:35
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)23:35
yangmgyro and wireless roamed automatically23:37
vgradeleds are controlled using android framework using libhybris to access driver23:40
vgradedont understand your last comment23:41
yangmgyroscope and wireless radio also work out of the box23:42

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