Friday, 2015-05-15

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yangmaaand, after some time on, SystemUI crashes and keeps on restarting00:11
yangm like this00:27
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vtsingarasSo I'm building SFOS for JFLTE (Galaxy S4) and although I specified the udevless device names in the mountpoint fixup script, I still see the wrong partition trying to get mounted on init.log04:50
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vtsingarasalso running ls -l, ps -wlT and many others result in SEGFAULTS05:05
vtsingarasthe funny thing is I also see in diagnostics.log that I haven't enable IKCONFIG_* stuff, which I have05:05
vtsingarasany ideas?05:05
Stskeepsls -l    and ps -wlT segfaulting isn't abnormal05:06
vtsingarasahh good to know. Any pointers as to why the init script still tries to use the /dev/block/platform/ pattern for /data while I have this in fixup_mountpoints?05:08
vtsingaras    "jflte")05:09
vtsingaras        sed -i \05:09
vtsingaras            -e 's block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot mmcblk0p20 ' \05:09
vtsingaras            -e 's block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata mmcblk0p29 ' \05:09
vtsingaras            "$@"05:09
vtsingaras        ;;05:09
Stskeepsisn't it a setting in hybris-boot or how was it05:10
vtsingarasyes that's the relevant file05:11
vtsingarashybris/hybris-boot/fixup-mountpoints and inside I have the preceding contents05:11
Stskeepscheck the init script itself05:12
vtsingarasI have, it does mount "$DATA_PARTITION /data"05:13
vtsingaras"mount $DATA_PARTITION /data"05:13
Stskeepsand DATA_PARTITION in the top of it?05:13
vtsingarasyes, wrong variable05:13
Stskeepsperhaps needs clean and make again?05:14
vtsingarasthe kernel image?05:15
vtsingarastrie dthat05:15
Stskeepsno, the hybris-boot.img thingie :)05:15
Stskeepssomething isn't matching at least05:15
vtsingarasyes that's hybris-hal which is the kernel. Im gonna do another build and check the resulting initrd05:16
vtsingarasok now the resuling initrd has the proper partition05:18
vtsingarasI'm officialy stumped05:18
vtsingarasdon't know how it fixed itself05:19
Stskeepsthe standard IT answer 'have you tried turning it off and on'..05:19
vtsingarasyeah, I actually follow this line in my work :P05:20
vtsingaras(Tier 2 sysadmin)05:20
vtsingaraswaiting for new rootfs, hopefully it boots to multi-user :)05:22
vtsingaras(very wishfull thinking)05:22
vtsingarasduring mic build I get su errors, is it normal?05:24
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vtsingarasin the intermediate init script its fixed but the resulting file still has wrong data_partition05:35
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Stskeepsvtsingaras: maybe you need to make new resulting rpms06:13
Stskeepsand update repository?06:13
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vtsingarasbut thats the ramdisk.... :/06:29
vtsingaraswill do though06:30
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sledgesah he left07:45
sledgesvtsingaras: try without 'block': -e 's platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata mmcblk0p29 ' \07:45
sledges(i assume they were 'he', because Greek male names end in 'as', just like Lithuanian ones:))07:47
sledgesalin: since in-browser video works, we can ship rebecca youtube as default homepage on browser :D07:47
sledgesfor the next release07:48
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zGrrmoin :)07:52
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* vgrade wonders what intels motivation is to include mali gpu in low end x3 atoms07:53
Stskeepscheaper BOMs maybe?07:55
vgradeStskeeps: so intel gpu's must cost more in external licensing07:57
vgradecan't be cheaper to produce07:57
Stskeeps it may be that there's more mali's in field == lower bom07:58
vgradeor maybe its a way to hit a price point without lowering there own gpus07:59
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vgradeblueslee: morn08:13
bluesleegoof work on the video/audio codec support08:13
bluesleesledges: interesting that i did not encounter random crashs on the lookscreen08:15
bluesleesledges: it might be related to: hearing music with earplugs or with an optimization parameter for cpu scheduling i usually set after reboot08:16
bluesleesledges: did you activated updates for jolla store as i did get twobof them in the last days?08:17
bluesleevgrade: you are working on the oneplus port too right?08:18
vgradeblueslee: yes, but not much activity in last couple of weeks08:20
bluesleevgrade: the initial progress was very promising, the one+ is one of the best devices out there (specs plus community)08:22
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lbtsledges: I saw your msg about inc includes but forgot to ask what you meant ?09:29
lbtis it that recursive inc thing ?09:29
lbtin repo service ?09:29
sledgeslbt: it doesn't include .inc in .spec, not even first level09:30
sledgeslbt: recursion is not needed09:30
* lbt is confused ?09:30
sledges has never been enabled on Mer OBS09:30
lbtah - that's not repo service09:31
lbtit's tar_git09:31
sledgesit's not repo09:31
lbtthat's islam's09:31
* sledges is getting into the terms :)09:31
sledgesok, will ping him on mer09:31
* lbt wonders if there's a newer version somewhere09:31
lbtNo update candidate for 'obs-service-tar-git-0.2.1-104.1.noarch'. The highest available version is already installed.09:33
lbtit may need an update on Mer OBS though09:33
sledgesMer OBS is already high version:)09:33
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sledgesblueslee, thanks for spotting! Jolla Store has been fixed! \o/09:36
sledgesthose amazing things that happening behind the scenes :)09:36
sledgesnow I see all latest apps, and essential apps are also visible09:36
sledgescc carepack_ ^09:36
merbotNemo bug 821 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha11][backup] playlist icon too small" [Trivial,New]09:37
merbotNemo bug 822 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][mako] Jolla Store is not fully functional" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]09:37
* sledges goes to thank a responsible sailor internally :)09:37
stephg_thank them on the outside!09:38
sledgesthey are not on freenode ;)09:40
stephg_thank them all over then ;)09:41
* sledges thanks all over the place09:41
* sledges is glad all over
stephg_I hope to have a couple of hours this afternoon to look at the m7 but a general question about mountpoints09:44
MSameerdr_gogeta86: fixing the AAC file you have issues with will take time. I need to add AAC ADTS support to gst-droid. I started to do some changes already but we are not there yet09:45
stephg_I have found my /boot and my userdata so that's all fine, but when I look at fixup mountpoints I see other HA's have other mounts defined09:45
stephg_I wonder if I need to create some of other ones?09:45
sledgesstephg_: nope, user and data should suffice, others are needed post early telnet and will be extracted automagically into .mount units09:49
stephg_sledges cool ok not that then09:50
sledgesthat? ;)09:52
sledgeswhat's that:)09:52
sledgescarepack_: jolla store in mako still shows old apps only, but essential apps from jolla is already filled in09:53
stephg_sledges my lipstick doesn't start, but doesn't segfault either09:53
stephg_or rather it starts, but does nothing09:53
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sledgescan you touch blind?09:53
stephg_hehe what's the firs tthing that comes up tho the language dialogue?09:55
stephg_user interfaces are overrated anyway ;)09:55
sledgesstephg_: that's not from lipstick09:55
sledgesif you kill suw09:55
sledgesand start lipstick09:55
sledgesif it runs, you should be able to swipe down to hear pulleys09:55
sledgesor at least vibra09:56
sledgesa good check that it's up09:56
stephg_suw? I have no process called taht09:56
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sledgesps aux | grep wizard10:00
stephg_nope, it's clearly not even got that far10:01
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dr_gogeta86MSameer, I'm glad to help ...10:08
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bluesleesledges: hi, i see essential apps now and some single updated but the category 'new' did not changed for months for me:-)10:21
sledgesblueslee: new apps now show foursail, and fidonet10:21
sledgeson nexus5 here10:21
sledgesthey are of this week10:21
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stephg_sledges: fwiw:
stephg_never had an operation not permissed with the test progs in the FAQ10:33
sledgesstephg_: launch lipstick via cmdline10:34
stephg_oh but that's EGL_PLATFORM=wayland...10:34
sledgesthat's not cool10:34
Ford_Prefectooc, is there a port for falcon (Moto G)?10:35
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stephg_ok lipstick does what the test progs do:- starts, does its stuff, gets into the nanosleep loop waiting for something and then not exiting with a ctrl-C even though it says it does10:38
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sledgesstephg_: launch lipstick from cmdline and fiddle with env vars10:39
sledgesFord_Prefect: vgrade had genesis of that, if you want to take over10:40
Ford_Prefectsledges: good to know, will ping if I get to it10:40
stephg_sledges I had, EGL_PLATFORM=wayland and it segfaults, EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer and it does that hanging thing, what other envvars to try?10:41
sledgesstephg_: =fbdev10:41
stephg_(I'm doing all this as root btw)10:41
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sledgesstephg_: test_hwcomposer10:41
bluesleesledges: you did some command line magic for the new apps?10:42
bluesleesledges: epassi is the latest one since some weeks/months10:43
sledgesblueslee: thanks for re-testing10:48
sledgesyou're right10:48
sledgesi get latest apps only because i'm using my jolla account10:49
sledgeswhich has special powers :D10:49
sledgesi signed in with another account, and epassi it the latest10:49
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sledgesblueslee: so the only improvements are: app updates, and 'essential apps from jolla' view10:50
sledgesi'll adjust the bug10:51
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stephg_sledges: heres the strace for test_hwcomposer, I've also done the recompilation steps for the QCOM_BSP stuff and it still does this
stephg_so I'm kinda wondering where to go next10:57
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sledgesstephg_: getprop10:58
sledgesstephg_: is /system mouted ?10:58
stephg_sledges: and yeah it is10:59
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sledgesstephg_: ls -l /dev/socket/property_service11:02
stephg_srw-rw-rw- 1 root root11:02
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carepack_jolla store fixed. great news!!!11:09
sledgescarepack_: only essential apps11:09
sledgesand updates (check for updates for you, out of interest)11:09
sledgesbut progress:)11:09
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vtsingarasgood afternoon people12:52
vtsingarasso after rebuilding kernel and all RPMs it can mount /data and mount sailfishos on / just fine with the following log (
vtsingarashowever it soon reboots afterwards12:54
vtsingaraswhere can I find logs? Is this a known watchdog problem perhaps?12:55
vtsingaras(the above init.log was captured by telnet'ing to port 2323 just before it reboots)12:56
mal-how soon it reboots?12:57
mal-vtsingaras: there are some possibilities that can cause reboots, here on after line 57 are some of those
vtsingarasa few seconds after setting up telnetd on 232313:02
mal-vtsingaras: which device?13:02
vtsingarasyeah my bad it probably applies to jflte too since I'm using CM1113:03
vtsingaraswill try with it too. It would be nice if I din't have to go through the entire build process again and build just the kernel :P13:04
mal-kernel is enough13:04
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vtsingarasyeah but for some stupid reason I cant figure out it's not using the new image and have to build the rpms again to pick up my changes13:05
mal-vtsingaras: you can manually flash the new kernel13:05
mal-without flashing the whole sailfish image13:06
mal-how to do that depends on your device13:06
mal-vtsingaras: run "touch /init_enter_debug2" in 2323 telnet and reboot13:06
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vtsingarascan I just do that from recovery inside /data/.stowaways/sailfishos ?13:07
mal-does not matter where, as long as you'll end up with file named init_enter_debug2 in sailfish root13:08
mal-vtsingaras: that should halt the boot process so you can debug more, but if it still reboots then we at least know more13:08
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vtsingarasif its selinux related will it still reboot while halted?13:09
mal-not sure actually, I never had problems with selinux13:10
mal-could be13:10
sledgesdroid-hal-init causes reboot13:10
sledgessince you halt before systemd kicks in, dhi won't yet be started13:11
vtsingarasstill rebooted13:11
sledgesvtsingaras: touch /init_enter_debug13:12
sledgestwo have two halts13:12
sledgesis /diagnostics.log ok during first telnet?13:12
vtsingarasbuilding with selinux bootparam atm13:12
vtsingaraswill check13:12
vtsingarasit didn't wait, it went straight to telnet 2323 stage13:15
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mal-vtsingaras: can you check if /system is mounted in 232313:19
vtsingarasi just built new kernel with selinux=0 will flash and test both13:19
vtsingarasI soo want SFOS on my device..... :/13:20
vtsingaraswill /system be mounted under /system ?13:21
mal-yes, just look if /system is present and has some content13:22
vtsingaras(I mean /dev/block/....../by-name/system under /system)13:22
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vtsingarashmm /system is missing13:25
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mal-just looked at the device repos for your device and saw that to get display working you'll need some modifications, but that can wait till you fix the reboot issue13:25
vtsingarasyeah :P13:26
vtsingarasdo I need to include all partitions for my device in fixup_mountpoints?13:26
vtsingarasHADK only mentioned /data and /boot13:27
mal-if you have system then it could be useful also, just look what partitions others have added13:28
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mal-for comparison, it depends a lot on the device what you have13:29
yangmnh1402, ping13:29
vtsingarasbut would that introduce a problem with rebooting? does it need  /system before systemd?13:30
mal-systemd runs droid-hal-init which needs /system13:32
vtsingarasaha so that must be it then13:33
mal-but if you have /init_enter_debug2 it should not go that far into boot process13:34
vtsingaraswhen editing hybris-boot fixup_mountpoints do I need to also edit any RPMs?? I would assume no but I'm not sure. I mean can I just flash the resulting kernel?13:34
mal-you will actually need to do it because the /system mounting is done by systemd if I remember correctly13:35
vtsingarasaww :( :P13:35
vtsingarasthanks, will get back to you13:35
mal-vtsingaras: did you flash hybrid-boot or hybris-recovery?13:36
mal-kernel I mean13:36
mal-please try hybris-recovery, it at least has the first halt by default13:37
*** maikoool_away is now known as maikoool13:39
vtsingarasok, rebuilding rootfs with new droidhal and will test13:39
mal-you can also manually fix the system mountpoint into systemd files if you want to13:40
mal-so you don't need to rebuild everything for testing13:40
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mal-vtsingaras: but that requires that you can access the sailfish root on the phone somehow13:41
sledgesflashing hybris-recovery is equivalent to touch /init_enter_debug13:43
sledgesonly userdata and boot are needed in fixup-mountpoints13:43
sledgesother points like /system are autogenerated by RPMs, and placed as .mount units for systemd13:43
mal-but it fails to mount /system somehow13:44
sledgesso it's not visible in 2323 until systemd starts13:44
sledgesas mal- pointed out13:44
sledges*it's not mounted yet13:44
mal-ah, ok13:45
mal-but I would assume that is some of the first ones to be done?13:45
mal-or maybe not13:45
sledgesthis .target should have all mounts done13:45
sledgesthen come the rest of .services13:45
sledges(e.g. droid-hal-init depends on
vtsingarasso I shoudl edit the local-fs unit and see if anything is wrong?13:46
sledgeson init_enter_debug2 it's adviseable to mount /system by hand and execut droid-hal-init by hand13:46
sledgesto tap into any problems13:46
vtsingarasinit_enter_debug2 didn't work13:46
mal-sledges: vtsingaras says that even with init_enter_debug2 it reboots13:46
vtsingarasdon't know why13:46
sledgesmean's the problem is elsewhere13:47
sledgesas not even droid-hal-init has started yet13:47
sledgesvtsingaras: flash hybris-recovery (with selinux for better measure), and get halted in first telnet13:48
sledgesif your telnet skips straight to 2323, means the first one cannot create network interface13:48
sledgesyou should read the correct name of your if off cwm/twrp recovery with ifconfig13:48
sledgesas it seemingly differs from 2323 environment (just like mountpoints differ) - all thanks to udev i guess13:48
vtsingarasI could connect to 23 telnet previously (had stupid mountpoint errors so it it couldn't continue)13:52
sledgesand now not anymore?13:52
vtsingarasplus I see the notification for link up13:52
vtsingarasnow it goes to 232313:52
vtsingarasand then reboots13:52
nh1402yangm: So it looks like touch input is still being read by Sailfish when in CM. I'm going to use the unmodified init.rc file, stop lipstick and mce, start ueventd, media, netd, zygote, windowmanager, inputmanager etc. manually and see if that does it. I think I tried something similar before but it wouldn't boot.13:57
yangmyou tried doing a startup script instead of a modified init.rc, right?13:58
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)14:00
sledgesvtsingaras: in recovery, pls do ls -l /data/.stowaways/sailfishos14:00
nh1402I didn't, I just ran the commands in the terminal14:00
nh1402brb lunch14:00
vtsingaraswill do, currently flashing build with system and selinux fixes14:01
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:01
vtsingaraswill tackle this again tomorrow, thanks for all the help sledges and mal14:06
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)14:06
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:07
vtsingaras(have to talk to our HSM vendor..... ^_^)14:07
*** vtsingaras <vtsingaras!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)14:07
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)14:13
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:22
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
nh1402yangm: back14:42
yangma bit off topic but what distro would you use for a minecraft server? thinking about either centos or debian14:44
stephgso sledges, mal- thought that /dev/socket/property_service was a red herring? is that right mal- ? I just need a pointing in the right direction14:44
stephgyangm: anything that has a modern java14:44
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)14:45
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:45
mal-stephg: I don't know much about the property service stuff14:46
nh1402yangm: On a related note there were either plans or rumours of Minecraft having it's own java runtime or something.14:46
vgradehi stephg14:47
vgradedoes getprop return a list of properties14:48
nh1402yang: btw I can't really test android/sailfish stuff till around 2/3 hours time, could be getting calls from potential employers and don't want to miss them if they do happen.14:48
stephghey vgrade, yes14:48
yangmnh1402, kinda interesting, since java on linux is somewhat... you know14:48
stephgvgrade: at this stage I still reckon it's most likely I've missed a step in the HADK or got something wrong14:49
stephgI just don't know what14:49
nh1402also I have to do a technical test which is to create a roman numeral parser. I can either do that now and get it out of the way, or if you would like some assistance with something then I'll do it later.14:49
stephgnh1402: ah so they bundled it; for me that's kinda worse :)14:51
stephgonus is now on them for security patching, I'd rather let my distributor do that :)14:51
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)14:51
yangmI'm going out, will be back at the evening/night14:51
nh1402sorry if I was a bit in and out yesterday and today, but after the technical test I *should* be free.14:52
yangmI wish this philanthropic Microsoft would hug OpenJDK and use it as the default java windows runtime14:53
yangmso oracle's crappy java can peacefully die14:53
nh1402stephg: Providing they've also have it built-in on the linux version wouldn't it be possible to run it on Sailfish?, as a technical demo kind of thing14:53
vgradestephg: properties look ok. remind me where you are stuck. I recall se14:53
nh1402yangm: I was expecting Microsoft to port it to C# and use .NET runtime14:54
yangmnh1402, d'oh!14:54
vgradestephg: I recall seeing a log output but I've slept since14:55
stephgvgrade I have no display, just bootsplash left over from boot. test_hwcomposer hangs rather than segfaults, ditto the minimer qmlscene test14:55
stephgso I did the QCOM_BSP changes as in the FAQ but still no dice14:55
sledgesstephg: vgrade: getprop is using other means than property_service, welcome to a hell of an android :)14:55
sledgesstephg: minimer also dies with property service refusals in strace?14:56
vgradestephg: ok, sec14:57
stephgsledges: vgrade well it doesn't die: check
stephgthat's one with and without the strace14:58
stephgbut taht's what it does14:58
sledgeswell, but no dice in singular (pun intended:D)14:58
stephgit's entirely possible that I've messed up the FAQ changes14:59
sledgestry /system/bion/surfaceflinger15:00
vgradestephg: these devices all have their little ways15:00
stephghehe so do I though that's the problem ;) my stupidity >> theirs ;)15:01
stephgsledges: seems to just hang, let me strace that15:01
vgradestephg: do you have this in your init.rc,
vgradestephg: and your built version of servicemanager in that path15:02
stephgsledges: ^^15:03
stephgvgrade: checking both now15:03
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:03
stephgvgrade: not exactly, I don't have the old line but have this instead of the new (at line 460):
stephgvgrade:  /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/servicemanager is from droid-hal-m7 0.0.615:05
vgradestephg: ok, thats good, just need to check you have the correct source for servicemanager with the patch to allow nemo user access15:07
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
stephgvgrade not seen that before15:09
vgradestephg: you should have picked that up from the manifest15:10
stephgmaybe, one sec15:11
vgradedepends how you generated our manifest. If you took mer-hybris/anddroid one you should have it15:11
sledgesvgrade: he's running minimer and test hwc as root..15:12
sledgesstephg: did you try as user btw?15:12
stephgthink so but still no tice15:12
sledgesthink so?;)15:13
stephgthat was last week15:13
sledgestry this week:)15:13
stephgdoes the same this week sadly15:13
sledgessame strace?15:15
sledgeson props15:15
stephgsledges: connect(15, {sa_family=AF_LOCAL, sun_path="/dev/socket/property_service"}, 31) = -1 ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)15:16
stephgsledges: every time before that line it opens /system/build.prop then closes it. what is it looking for?15:17
stephgline before tries to write to /sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/product_description?15:18
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
stephgvgrade: I have that yes15:22
vgradestephg: ok, good , sledges was right thats only in play when running as nemo15:23
sledgesall in all, stephg you need to make surfaceflinger work first15:24
sledgesstephg: is your backlight on?15:24
sledgeson the phone i mean15:24
stephgbacklight on buttons no, display yes15:25
sledgeslcd still might not be initialised15:25
stephgjust the bootsplash of the, er, bootloader15:25
stephghtc logo powered by android15:26
sledgestry surfaceflinger as user15:26
stephgok sec15:26
stephgEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer or is that unneeded?15:26
stephgsledges: if you're interested
sledgesstephg: i never tried, but does surfaceflinger work from cwm/twrp?15:34
vgradeso looks stuck in same way15:34
sledgesstephg: otherwise, touch /init_enter_debug2 and reboot15:35
sledgesthen mount /system manually15:35
sledgesand launch surfaceflinger again, as root15:35
stephgsledges let me try the debug before I put cm11 back on15:36
stephgrebootifying :)15:36
sledgesno need to put cm11 back on:P15:36
stephgoh sorry I read recovery as CM15:37
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:37
vgradefrom line 1846,
vgradeSimilar part of nexus 5 log, property service working and qservice qdhwcompoer interactions15:40
stephghm why's it writing hammerhead...15:40
stephginstead of m715:40
stephgoh that's your log15:40
stephgsorry vgrade I'm super slow15:41
vgradestephg: was just trying to compare yours with a know working path15:41
vgradeso something fishy with property service15:42
sledgessurfaceflinger doesn't even use property service15:42
sledgesso more isolated case15:42
vgradesledges: was just going to say but that may not be the root cause15:42
stephghm sledges it's mounted /system itself, unless there's some timeout I missed15:43
sledgesstephg: do you stop user session before anything, as per faq?15:44
stephgI hadn't15:44
sledgesvgrade: that may as well, yes15:44
stephglet me do that15:44
stephgsledges: same behaviour15:45
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:46
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)15:47
vgradestephg: what about logcat output from surfaceflinger runs15:48
stephgstill rebooting:- does seem to take a long time to start15:49
sledgesstephg: scratch running surfaceflinger from twrp/cwm15:51
sledgesjust try with init_enter_debug215:52
stephgright so I've touched that twice now and both times it's mounted /ssytem for me on it's own is that a problem?15:53
sledgesdoes it indicate to echo continue on login telnet?15:54
sledgesls -l /15:55
stephgso I briefly see a 192.168.0/24 on my usb0 but then eventually drops that and gives me 192.168.2/15:55
stephgis there a timeout and what's the address in 192.168.0/? is it .2? it's been a while...15:55
sledgesit's usb-moded dhcp maybe15:56
sledgesno idea about .015:56
stephglet me reboot again, I remember 192.168.0 from something way back when15:57
phdeswerstephg: there was a time where the developer ui would set invalid usb addresses. However I think usb-moded should fall back to the default in that case.16:05
phdeswerNeed to check.16:05
stephgright so it boots, dhcp on the phone from hands out an address to my usb0 at 192.168.2.something and then it's like the network bounces, and then hands out an address in 192.168.2.whatever16:05
stephgimportant s/192.168.2.something/192.168.0.something/16:06
phdeswerstephg: can you try a manual config, with something like dhclient or so?16:06
phdeswerMaybe the network manager you're using is going bonkers16:07
stephgI'm just trying to plumb usb0:0 to  when I get the 192.168.0 address on usb0 to see if I can quickly get into the telnet16:07
phdeswerAh telnet... recovery mode?16:08
stephgthe 2323 telnet I presume16:08
phdeswerAh then I know the problem. I think this still has not been integrated :
merbotNemo bug 780 in Hybris-ing "dhcp server in init-debug does not set route" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:09
phdeswerIt causes all kinds of sillyness without that fix16:09
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)16:14
sledgesstephg: does it start happening after touch enter debug2 only?16:14
stephgsledges no, this is unrelated and AFAIK has always done it16:15
sledgesbut if you see system mounted, that touch is ignored....16:15
stephgwith the debug2 touch will it wait forever for input or will it carry on with a boot after x seconds?16:15
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:16
stephgphdeswer: sledges fwiw:
stephgsledges: by the time it gets to the last address reassignment telnet on 2323 is up and /system is already mounted16:18
sledgesstephg: ls -l /16:19
* sledges afks a bit16:20
phdeswersounds like network manager not handling things well.16:20
stephgphdeswer: it's ubuntu 14.04 fwiw16:20
sledgesstephg: you're using old hybris-bot16:21
stephgam I?16:21
sledgesstop in recovery (23) and copy init-debug over16:21
sledgesthis is equiv to debug2 touch16:21
* sledges now really afk16:22
stephgcatch you later16:22
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:25
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:25
stephgreally stupid question for everyone; what does sledges mean by stop in recovery (23)? that's hybris-recovery right? how do I boot to that? I'm searching the hadk and coming up blank16:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:30
stephgignore me I think I found it16:35
mal-hybris-recovery goes to that by default16:37
mal-you can also enable it in hybris-boot16:38
stephgI don't fastboot it over?16:38
mal-no sure what you are now doing16:39
stephg'stop in recovery (23) and copy init-debug over'16:40
stephgI presume I need to boot into hybris-recovery to do that, I don't know how to boot into hybris-recovery16:40
stephgI presume I can copy hybris-recovery.img with fastboot and have it boot that way16:40
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)16:41
sledgestouch /init_enter_debug16:42
sledgeswill do the same16:42
stephgoh riight :D16:42
stephgthat's easier :)16:43
stephgsledges: no this doesn't want to go nito the first debug16:49
sledgesother ip addr, 2.1, 2.1516:51
stephgso I get that 0.whatever address but if I plumb 2.14 to it I can't see 2.1 nor 2.15, and when I do get a 2.x address then it's already booted and my telet is on 232316:52
sledgesfastboot boot hybris-recovery.i
sledgesfastboot boot hybris-recovery.img16:53
stephgroger lets try that16:53
krnlyngwhat do non Jolla Phone devices have in the ID parameter in /etc/hw-release?16:54
stephgkrnlyng: I think it's an optional field?16:56
stephgthey may not have it?16:56
krnlyngis there another field i can check?16:56
stephgsection 7.2 of the hadk says MER_HA_DEVICE or MER_HA_VENDOR16:57
krnlyngwhats the best way to check if a device is using libhybris? test if /usr/lib/ exists? (the application i am working on needs special cases if running in Sailfish OS + libhybris)16:59
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
*** cloanta_ <cloanta_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
stephgffs my hybris-recovery.img copies but then seems to hang, no usbnet...17:02
stephgsledges: you said I was using an old hybris-boot; I'd just pulled the cm-11 branch of hybris from github, should I have been using a different fork?17:03
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)17:04
vgradestephg: hybris-boot only has hybris-10.1 branch which is used for all ports17:05
stephgyeah so I see that now17:05
vgradestephg: does device reboot after fastboot boot17:05
stephgno, again appears stuck in the bootloader menu; i.e. when the device is in fastboot mode the volume keys work until I issue the fastboot boot command17:06
vgradestephg: something required in the kernel commandline ? you can pass with -c "selinux=0" on fastboot line17:08
stephgI tried -c bootmode=debug but that didn't do it17:09
stephglet me try without selinux17:09
stephgapols for this everyone I'm feeling really rather clumsy today17:10
vgradeselinux not set to 0 usually ends up with the revice rebooting17:10
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:11
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection refused)17:11
vgradestephg: so your port went straight into 2323 first time? so you have never been here before17:12
stephgvgrade correct17:12
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
*** cloanta_ <cloanta_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)17:13
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:13
*** MickeyVirus <MickeyVirus!~karan@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:14
stephgbah that also hangs hard as my computer logs now don't see the usb event when I unplug/replug it17:14
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)17:16
vgradestephg: your kernel command line may be found in BoardConfig.mk17:17
stephgso it is17:19
stephglets try that17:19
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:20
stephgbooo nada17:21
vgradefastboot says dowloading then , does fastboot screen clear17:22
vgradebut nothing reported on host usb17:23
stephgbit disconcerting that it keeps thinking it's boot.img but other than that that looks ok?17:23
stephgonly other event is the usb unplug when I do it, but no event on replug17:23
vgradeyea ,17:23
vgradeany hub between host and device17:24
vgradedo you have a boot.img in that dir17:25
stephgI did have, I moved out out of the way and it behaves the same17:25
stephgdon't know where it gets boot.img from17:26
stephgactually let me copy hybris-recovery.img to that17:26
stephgsee what it does17:26
stephgam tempted to rebuild the whole lot17:28
stephganyway with that it's home time!17:28
stephgthanks for the help vgrade and hopefully catch you later this eve17:29
stephgall of you bbl!17:29
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:31
vgradestephg: I'm out for a few beers tonight catch you later17:33
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:37
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:50
*** r0kk3rz_ <r0kk3rz_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:50
*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz17:50
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:58
tathhucxl000: sailfish already booting on deb?18:04
tathhuor better, working :P18:07
*** aeg0n <aeg0n!3d5a1425@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
aeg0nHola hombres18:17
aeg0nanyone can advise how useable is Sailfish 2.0 on Nexus 5 and 7?. Can it already be used as a daily driver ?18:19
vgradeaeg0n: Sailfish 2.0 does not exist outside Jolla hands18:20
vgradeaeg0n: fyi, I've been using Sailfosh for the last month or so as my daily driver. Old miss is gps18:21
vgradeonly miss18:21
vgradethis is on Nexus 518:21
aeg0nI am considering the switch from N900 to Nexus 5 w Sailfish OS since it looks promissing, but not sure if the time's right.18:26
aeg0nvgrade: Is that the latest alpha?18:27
vgradeaeg0n: no, 1 back I think18:27
vgradesorry two back now18:28
vgradealpha9 I'm on and alpah11 is latest18:28
aeg0nso You would say it's stable enough?18:28
nh1402I would say so18:29
aeg0ndoes it auto update or is it necessary to do manual reflash?18:29
nh1402manual reflash18:29
nh1402for the time being18:30
vgradeaeg0n: for me yes. bugs tracked at
aeg0nany idea when we can see the beta? From what I saw on MWC, the 2.0 was a treat.18:30
vgradeaeg0n: only Jolla hands can answer18:31
aeg0none more thing, is FHR18:33
aeg0nI mean is cm installation necessary to install sailfish if I have Ubuntu touch 15.04 r2 installed?18:34
vgradeaeg0n: yes HADK devices need access to the cm drivers. Not sure if anyone is dual bootng UT and sailfish. Multirom may help here18:37
*** maikoool is now known as maikoool_away18:43
*** aeg0n <aeg0n!3d5a1425@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:44
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:53
*** taryn <taryn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
*** taryn is now known as Guest6533919:06
*** yangm <yangm!~yangm@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:20
nh1402yangm: I just finished testing, with no results, in fact the sailfish rom I had specifically for testing stopped booting into CM completely and the power button just wouldn't turn off the display.19:22
yangmdid you see my system ui crash video?19:25
*** Nokius__ is now known as Nokius19:25
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
yangmand remember the "strangeness" the Sailfish faced after initial cyanogen setup?19:25
nh1402yes, not sure why thats happening19:25
Nokiussledges: u mean the camera shuter disable?19:26
Nokiusvgrade: thanks19:26
nh1402what part are you referring to when you say "strangeness"19:26
yangmI think it's because of conflicting config files19:26
yangmnh1402, after I first booted into CM and did the setup there were some android daemons messing with sailfish19:27
nh1402could you pin point which ones?19:28
yangmI remember the audio bug19:28
yangmand the Sailfish UI was clearly less responsive19:29
ikozzzNokius: Hi!19:30
ikozzzNokius: what is location of android "sdcard" on your oppo find5 ?19:31
nh1402yangm: just booted into a fresh install of sailfish is there anything you'd like me to test19:31
tathhuNokius: <319:31
* tathhu loves everyone19:32
yangmnh1402, basically, boot into cm, complete setup, open some apps (I opened settings app), maybe let screen time out and turn it back on using adb, that's it, the systemui should crash and sailfish should act strange19:34
Nokiusikozzz: u mean which partition?19:34
ikozzzNokius: no, is it some thing like /data/media/0?19:35
nh1402yangm: I don't even have the modified init.rc on it yet, and don't remember how you got past the setup, or get adb working19:35
nh1402yangm: brb, dinner19:35
NokiusMSameer: I booted into cm few days back and the camera didn't show an option for night modus (ui was really confusing)19:36
MSameeri don't remember why I asked you to check that19:37
MSameercould you please remind me?19:37
NokiusMSameer: cameraplus freezy when I selected night mode and u asked me if the anroidcamera has this option19:37
Nokiusikozzz: i have /data/media/0/ but it's empty19:38
Nokiusikozzz: do u have sdcard in your mountfix?19:38
yangmnh1402, also, try running the surfaceflinger from an untouched CM rom rather than the on Sailfish is running on top (let's try without chroot19:38
ikozzzNokius: i mean when you booted into Android not Sailfish, sorry19:39
*** Guest65339 is now known as ptr2ptr19:39
*** ptr2ptr <ptr2ptr!> has quit IRC (Changing host)19:39
*** ptr2ptr <ptr2ptr!~taryn@unaffiliated/nykac> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
Nokiusikozzz: oh let me check this when I boot into it I take a not to test it19:40
ikozzzNokius: sorry? what is codename for oppo?19:40
Nokiusikozzz: find5 for my device19:41
MSameerNokius: ic19:41
Nokiusikozzz: it's called X909 and codename is find5 but the marketing is also using find519:42
Nokiussledges: is it an good idea to add the to my pattern ?19:46
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:48
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:14f6:9200:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:51
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:53
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*** tathhu <tathhu!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:54
nh1402yangm: what do you mean by that20:01
yangmcopying the contents of an untouched cyanogenmod rom into a folder and running surfaceflinger from there20:02
nh1402I don't believe it's modified to begin with20:03
yangmso, why is it stopping working after some time on?20:03
yangm(see: system ui crash)20:04
nh1402did you check logcat?20:04
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yangmforgot about that one20:04
nh1402that would give you a better indication of why systemui is crashing20:05
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nh1402so do you still want me to get surfaceflinger from untouched cm then?20:07
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nh1402yangm: what are you trying now?20:23
yangmI'm not at home atm20:25
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Nokiussledges: wondering which of my .mk files I have to fix20:32
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Nokiusnight guys will get some more sleep tonight \o20:36
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sledgesNokius: is already package in, no need to pattern21:25
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cxl000tathhu, Booting yes, working no. I spent another 20 minutes on it. I changed debug-init as I was not getting network on boot into root.22:04
cxl000There are still some early startup errors. Looks like I need an additional kernel config22:06
stephgvgrade: yey for b33r, but for me \o/ for bed22:33
stephgg'night portiefolks, catch you all tomorrow hopefully22:36
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jcbjoecarepack_: or anyone else  will the volume ever be fixed in like i was saying earlier or the other day i've tried every radio and still volume is muted to very very low23:31
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