Wednesday, 2015-05-20

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spiiroinsledges, mal: while dsme did rpm/systemd depend on usb-moded it caused other issues, so the links were cut here:
spiirointhe timing issue could be solved also by increasing the timeouts at dsme side04:58
spiiroinmal-: have you more details on the "dsme timed out before usb-moded" part? dsme waits 30 secs, can it really take longer than that?05:03
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mal-sledges: I have no idea why jolla-actdead-charging is not displaying anything, it reports the basic info for hwcomposer it found like lipstick etc do but after that I get nothing from jolla-actdead-charging in journal log, unless there is some other way of getting more output from it source would be practical for debugging08:31
mal-spiiroin: I find it interesting that all requirements for usb-moded were removed from dsme when it is actually needed for actdead mode08:35
spiiroinmal-: It can't be expected that act dead is supported by all device08:36
mal-spiiroin: I was also wondering why the 30 seconds wait is not enough, I will get some logs from that failure08:37
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mal-I think it was not really waiting for 30 seconds08:37
spiiroinmal-: another issue is that we really need to get dsme running asap as it has the hwwd kicker etc -> it should not wait for as few components as possible08:37
spiiroinmal-: originally (maemo times) sysv init + dsme ~ what systemd/upstart do in desktop -> dsme was started even before dbus and some of that still shows08:39
mal-it does wait for 30 seconds but nothing much happens in that time08:42
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spiiroinmal-: is usb-moded even starting?08:43
dr_gogeta86 good morning08:43
mal-spiiroin: not at that stage at least08:44
spiirointhat might be the reason, I mean if the usb-moded is not wanted by the systemd target08:45
spiirointhe 30 secs is here:
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spiiroinyou might try to compile custom dsme with longer timeout and see if that reveals anything interesting08:45
spiiroin... or add a clock alarm, that should keep it in act dead too08:46
spiiroin... or faking emergency call after mce is up: mcetool --set-call-state=active:emergency -B08:47
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mal-spiiroin: I'll try that longer timeout maybe tonight08:49
mal-spiiroin: /lib/systemd/system/ has usb-moded.service08:50
mal-assuming that target is run08:50
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mal-spiiroin: any ideas why usb-moded is not starting even though the target wants it, the boot process is very slow on my port so maybe it does some stupid things during it09:02
spiiroin... and it worked if you had dsme start after usb_moded?09:04
spiiroinshould mean that usb_moded would have started with longer timeout09:05
spiiroin(another reason for not having after usb-moded in dsme was that then you could not have device without usb-moded)09:06
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phdeswermal-: are you sure it is not starting?09:09
mal-phdeswer: at least that part of log is not showing usb-moded and dsme is not getting info from it09:15
mal-and if I force usb-moded to start before dsme it works09:15
phdeswerWell it should normally start before dsme anyway (and it is not really a heavy process to start)09:16
mal-is there a way to get the starting order from systemd?09:16
phdeswerI think there is systemd-analyze or something. But even then the start-up order is still kind of random...09:19
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spiiroinIIRC systemd-analyze uses systemd stats i.e. once the thing boots you can see in which order09:20
mal-spiiroin: I installed it, is there any configuring needed?09:21
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mal-spiiroin: I got stats from normal boot process, that's a svg file09:35
mal-spiiroin: looks like usb-moded is started much later09:36
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spiiroinmal-: I'll take a look later, bit busy for next few hours09:41
mal-spiiroin: ok09:41
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mal-spiiroin: phdeswer looks like it actually takes about 35 s from the beginning of dsme startup to the beginning of usb-moded startup in normal boot, so almost in time before timeout10:09
phdeswermal-: any clue what it is doing in that time?10:12
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jusa_jcbjoe: hi. regarding voice call volume issues10:23
jusa_I suspected the problem was float params in HAL, but took a while to check. audio HAL audio.h needs to be patched so that float arguments pass properly through libhybris, I don't know why, but recent droid-hal-mako-devel packages contain unpatched audio.h10:25
jusa_jcbjoe: the patch needed for hardware/audio.h is something like:
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dr_gogeta86finally I boot d855 without problems10:36
dr_gogeta86but apart vibrator and usb nothing works10:37
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alindr_gogeta86: perfect... you can charge it and let it vibrate10:41
dr_gogeta86I can boot it10:41
dr_gogeta86and for an lg g3 isn't something easy10:41
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mal-phdeswer: no idea, there seem two batches of services starting, first (which contains dsme) starts only after sdcard.mount is over and the second (containing usb-moded) start only after systemd-udev-settle is over (systemd-udev-settle takes more than a minute)10:44
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phdeswerAh makes sense usb-moded technically needs udev.10:47
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mal-phdeswer: should systemd-udev-settle take that long?10:49
carepackjusa_: thx from my side too. Goin to apply the patch, build image and goin to test10:49
phdeswermal-: I would expect it to finish sooner, but well can't exclude bugs....10:50
mal-phdeswer: do you happen to know how to debug that?10:50
phdeswerNot really. Also it's a very old systemd due to systemd pulling in all kind of crap kernel requirements constantly... So I doubt you'll get help from systemd guys10:51
mal-ok :/10:52
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mal-phdeswer: I'll try with debug mode to see if it gives any information10:54
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phdeswermal-: was just reading the systemd mailing list. Turns out there are more bug reports about systemd-udev-settle taking enormous amounts of time11:17
mal-ok, I saw something that could cause something maybe, one input device timeouts11:19
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mal-phdeswer: that timeout correlates with the abnormal "idle" parts in the boot graph11:35
phdeswerIt's a good canidate11:40
mal-phdeswer: could be this
phdeswermal-: sounds like a valid canidate11:42
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nh1402dang this ARChon thing is too trippy to understand11:47
mal-phdeswer: I'll try to recompile systemd with that patch tonight and see what happens11:48
phdeswerIf it helps let me know!11:49
mal-phdeswer: this is a good example in the logs of that timeout
mal-look at the timestamps11:50
phdeswerIndeed could be it11:54
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klopsi-u3downgraded my github account13:23
klopsi-u3was bad advice to set one up13:24
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nh1402klopsi-u3 you could always use bitbucket13:47
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Smitty_Hello, been reading a little about the Sailfish OS. Is it possible this can be ported to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?13:59
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GodGinraipossible: yes. likely? probably not for a while14:06
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sledgeslocusf ported Galaxy Note, he also (is) working on aosp5 port14:08
nh1402I take it that's because of the SoC used.14:09
nh1402similar problems will arise with the Kirin SoC from Huawei14:11
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jcbjoehi jusa_14:25
jcbjoesledges: or anyone how do i apply a patch on sailfish ?14:26
Smitty_@sledges: Would it do any good contacting locusf about a port for the Note 4?14:26
locusfSmitty_: I'd need the device14:26
dr_gogeta86can you help me with this shitty g3 if you can14:27
locusfdr_gogeta86: QCOM_BSP?14:28
sledgesfirst rule of irc: don't ask to ask, ask :P14:28
sledgesjcbjoe: patch14:28
jcbjoewhat does that mean ?14:28
dr_gogeta86I respect too much locusf14:29
dr_gogeta86so I ask14:29
dr_gogeta86QCOM_BSP is for ?14:29
jcbjoesledges: is that a command ?14:29
sledgesjcbjoe: yes14:29
jcbjoepatch patchfile ?14:29
locusfdr_gogeta86: you said something about it a couple of days ago14:30
sledgesjcbjoe: there are many ways to do it, depends what your are patching and where14:30
dr_gogeta86I've asked but I see in android gerrits.... help there with media formats14:30
locusfdr_gogeta86: I don't remember how was it activated14:30
dr_gogeta86and is the only way to work with 1+14:30
Smitty_locusf_: okay. Is it something I could and try and port myself?14:31
jcbjoesledges: <jusa_> jcbjoe: the patch needed for hardware/audio.h is something like:
locusfand my build system has been down for a month now and I can't do much14:31
locusfSmitty_: sure, are you fluent in using Linux systems?14:31
locusfSmitty_: many people in this channel have done it14:31
Smitty_@locusf_: I mean I have debian installed but that's about it. Would i start by reading over the Sailfish OS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit?14:33
locusfSmitty_: yes thats how it starts14:33
jcbjoesledges: can't i install patchmanager-ui-0.4.0-10.10.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm and upload a patch to it and it does the work for me ?14:34
Smitty_locusf_: I'll read over that PDF, is Sailfish OS a nice replacement to the Android OS?14:36
dr_gogeta86see ya14:36
locusfSmitty_: it sure is :)14:37
sledgesjcbjoe: which cm/hybris branch are you working on?14:38
nh1402sledges: seeing as locusf is working on an aosp build, once it starts working couldn't we bundle it together with Sailfish, and just flash one zip or would you still have to flash it separately.14:38
GodGinraiSmitty_: It's a different replacement.  Whether you find it nice is up to you.14:38
jcbjoesledges: i don't know but im on a nexus 4 with sailfish
GodGinraiSmitty_: However, don't expect it to run Android apps like the Sailfish OS on the Jolla phone14:39
sledgesjcbjoe: it's already applied:
GodGinraiSmitty_: that part is proprietary and can't currently be ported by any of us14:39
sledgesnh1402: yes, one can mic create .img files and flash them like any other android - selectable in .ks14:40
jcbjoesledges: what audio patch did jusa_ give me then ?14:40
sledgesjcbjoe: the same14:40
jcbjoesledges: so my audio should work now or what ?14:41
sledgesaudio works anyhow14:41
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jcbjoesledges: its very teny muted when im on a call thats what i was trying to get fixed14:41
Smitty_GodGinrai_: are running android apps something they will look at in the future for other devices?14:42
nh1402Smitty_: If you'd like to work on getting Android app for Sailfish then there are some people here (such as myself) that are willing to help.14:42
sledgesjcbjoe: you'll need to contact carepack about that: 13:25 < jusa_> I suspected the problem was float params in HAL, but took a while to check. audio HAL audio.h needs to be patched so that float arguments pass properly through libhybris, I don't know why, but recent droid-hal-mako-devel packages contain unpatched audio.h14:42
sledgeshe should check which version of libhardware he has checked out when making mako releases14:42
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jusa_sledges: I thought I checked correct one but..14:46
Smitty_nh1402_: I bookmarked that and will follow for now.14:47
sledgesjusa_: he=carepack ;) he might have synced a wrong branch14:47
sledgesjusa_: where did you obtain droid-hal-mako-devel packages from? as they are on carepack's build PC :)14:47
sledgesah, they are also on the image: droid-hal-mako-devel.armv7hl 0.0.6-20150419131414:48
jusa_sledges: heh.. looked at suspecting looking ones in mer obs.. but then again the logcat output looks exactly like bogus floats14:48
* sledges fires up mako14:48
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jcbjoejusa_: sledges whats going on ?14:52
sledgesjusa_: yes, on image they are without that patch14:55
nh1402Smitty_: There are a number of possible solutions, one of the most probable ones being ARC (providing they make it fully open source) which we may soon get an update on at the Google I/O keynote next week.14:55
sledgeseyes on carepack :)14:55
sledgesjcbjoe: we found the problem, will just need to wait for carepack , thanks for your and jusa_'s efforts!!14:56
jcbjoesledges: ok can you ping him or something14:56
sledgeswell, we just did14:56
sledgeslike 3 times :D14:56
jcbjoesledges: so i can't add the patch manually ?14:57
sledgesjcbjoe: just copy this file over and try:
sledgesto /usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers/hardware/14:58
sledgeson mako14:58
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jcbjoesledges: i don't github don't know how but do i turn it into raw format then save it ? or can i save it from github ?15:07
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sledgesjcbjoe: raw is the way in this case15:10
jcbjoei did raw then wget15:10
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sledgescarepack: totally my fault, not yours :")
sledgespls resync:?16:31
sledges(only hybris-10.1 branch affected)16:31
sledgesall sane in 11.016:31
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yangmnh1402, ping17:48
yangmmy only keyboard is malfunctioning (from d to l), so I think I'm going to enter "read only mode"17:50
yangmit's awful to type the missing keys using virtual keyboard, but I can surely read some docs17:51
yangmif you think there are any relevant doc, send me17:51
nh1402that might be a language setting17:52
yangmproblem persists across os x, windows, linux, etc17:53
nh1402maybe something got underneath the keyboard, might be a tiny bit less annoying but you could try doing the keyboard shortcut for the unicode characters d and l17:55
yangmit is from d to l, I mean, d, f, g...17:56
yangmbut I'm going to try the shortcut thing17:56
yangmhope it's possible to do in OS X...17:57
nh1402what exactly is it doing for that row?17:57
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
yangmonly a and s works17:57
yangm; and ' work too17:58
nh1402otherwise you could get an app for your phone that allows you to use it as the keyboard for your computer17:58
yangminteresting thing is fn key died ages ago, but only now these keys died18:01
yangmuseless eject button works perfectly still18:01
nh1402well since its apple they'll probably make you pay a fortune to fix the keyboard18:03
yangmI never let anyone put it's dirty hands on my electronic crap18:04
yangmhad bad experiences in the past18:04
krnlyngi got a question from a friend, has anyone tried porting (experimented with) sailfishos to the onda v975i?18:08
Nokiusmal-: ping18:09
krnlyngwhat does it imply if rtc is not supported? no automatic sleep and wake up?18:10
mal-Nokius: pong18:11
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Nokiusmal-: I read in the backlog baout usb-moded is that relatet to my issue?18:15
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)18:16
mal-Nokius: no, my own problems18:17
Nokiusah okay did't catchup so Iwas guessing that18:18
mal-sledges: are you around?18:19
Nokiusphdeswer: I have no Idea if this can help for yellow usb port one time plug and unplug and for "normal" port several pulug and unplug
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
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*** Tassadar_ is now known as Tassadar19:06
* Nokius_ leaving hope to be back tomorrow sametime difftent place to hack on 19:06
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mal-phdeswer: the systemd patch works, almost one minute shorter boot time, also actdead mode works fine, now usb-moded is automatically starting before dsme and no long delay anymore for systemd-udev-settle19:14
mal-sledges: spiiroin ^19:14
mal-sledges: no idea why but now the jolla-actdead-charging is showing up on display19:16
mal-so everything is fine now19:16
mal-except for some other delay that might be related to /system mounting19:18
mal-but that's only 15 s19:18
mal-I think I can shorten the boot time even more if I manage to solve the timing problems when starting user-session19:22
jcbjoedoes anyone ever ignore a call and it says problem with the network and it beeps 3x ?19:23
jcbjoeanyway to fix this ?19:23
*** TheBootroo|work <TheBootroo|work!~TheBootro@2a01:e35:2e23:d5d0:c685:8ff:fe31:3774> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
nh1402yangm: how is the reading going? (press y for good, and press n for bad)19:32
yangmgonna try building when I come back home19:33
yangmwould like to see that JS file you talked about19:34
phdeswermal-: Great news! I guess Jolla/Nemo/Mer should backport it19:35
phdeswerDamn Nokius is already gone :(19:35
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:38
spiiroinmal-: great news19:38
nh1402yangm: and the rest of the repo19:39
sledgesmal-: brilliant news19:40
mal-sledges: it seems jolla-actdead-charging is not always showing up on display, only sometimes19:41
mal-maybe some further issues19:41
sledgesrace with dhi/system?19:42
mal-maybe, now I have even problems getting the normal ui up19:42
sledgesprobably same rootcause19:44
mal-now I cannot debug because I cannot connect to telnet19:44
mal-the phone appears as USB Mass Storage device19:45
sledgesis jolla-rnd-device installed?19:46
mal-don't know, maybe not19:46
sledgesif not, then just hardmask usb-moded for now19:47
mal-if I manage to get in at all19:47
mal-it seems I have a few seconds of telnet in actdead mode, so I have to be quick19:48
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)19:48
mal-I'll enable init_enter_debug219:49
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:50
phdeswermal-: Yep sounds like you forgot jolla-rnd-device19:52
mal-sledges: looks like it might be some timing issues with lipstick, it fails to start like it used to a long time ago19:58
sledgesmal-: after that patch?19:59
mal-well it did start also after that20:02
mal-not sure what happened a couple of reboot20:02
mal-sledges: actually now lipstick segfaults20:04
mal-sledges: now it works, timing issue, had to increase the timeout hack for lipstick20:17
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mal-sledges: jolla-rnd-device did not help20:32
mal-and it seems the timeout did not help either, timing issues are annoying20:32
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)20:32
mal-looks like it works randomly20:33
sledgesmal-: gut out usb-moded then for now20:44
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
sledgesmal-: find what's not yet initialised that's causing lipstick segfault (mount or service)20:45
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:45
mal-sledges: actually I think the segfault was when lipstick was stopping20:47
sledgesstopping as in?20:48
mal-it stops itself for some reason, then starts again20:49
mal-now I got "user@100000.service start timeout"20:49
mal-sledges: increasing the timeout in /usr/lib/startup/wait-session-to-start fixed the problem, also it made the boot process faster since it did not always fail to start user@100000.service the first time21:00
mal-still it was barely enough to increase it from 45 s to 60 s, it took 59 s for user@100000.service to start21:00
nh1402yangm: I tried having a look at the JS again earlier today but It just wasn't clicking for me again. Could you make sense of it?21:04
mal-sledges: there are odd things in journal log when user@100000.service is starting, some 10 second pauses when nothing seems to happen21:05
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*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
yangmnh1402, nope, looks like my JS skills are as poor as I imagined21:09
nh1402yangm: well this isn't your average JS21:11
nh1402yangm: If you want to get into programming I would suggest you start with JS, and then progress from there21:12
mal-sledges: any ideas why mounting /system takes 15 seconds?21:13
mal-ah it timeouts on first attempt and after that mounts correctly, the timeout is 10 s21:18
mal-sledges: could you check on n5 how long mounting /system takes?21:18
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carepacksledges: jusa_ jcbjoe: thx. I tracked the conversation. Really cool news. Look into it tomorrow. gn porters!21:35
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