Thursday, 2015-05-21

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Stskeeps morn06:19
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mal-sledges: if you want to try to see if my patched systemd works on n5 it's available at
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Stskeepsmorn SfietKonstantin08:52
SfietKonstantinevening Stskeeps08:52
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junnuvianyone has idea why..
junnuvi(grouper, sfos
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junnuviminimer works fine but lipstick/hwcomposer gives segfault10:34
carepackjusa_: sledges: the fix should increase the volume or make it adjustable?10:37
junnuviyup, already read that one10:37
jusa_carepack: make it adjustable10:41
mal-junnuvi: does gdb backtrace show anything useful?10:42
carepackok. because it doesn't work right now.10:42
mal-junnuvi: what do you have in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf ?10:43
carepackcherry picked the commit that corrects the manifest / repo. synced and builded android bits and packaged the droid hal. Somebody around with mako who is able to recheck?10:43
carepackjusa_ nedd some logs? Which one can help?10:44
jusa_carepack: logcat output10:44
carepackok. mom10:44
jusa_of changing volume during voice call10:44
junnuvimal-: EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev10:48
junnuviLIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap10:48
mal-junnuvi: looks ok, how did you run minimer?10:49
mal-which EGL_PLATFORM ?10:50
mal-has EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer ever been reported to work on that device?10:51
junnuvihwcomposer yes10:51
junnuviand fbdev worked as well10:52
mal-have you tried lipstick with EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer i.e. putting that to droid-hal-device.conf10:53
junnuvino I havent yet10:58
junnuvihmm, or maybe I did yesterday. I will test again10:59
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junnuvimal-: just checked from my another nexus7.. It has working lipstick (sfos and EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev / QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer11:05
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mal-junnuvi: ok, interesting11:06
junnuvianyhow didn't work with EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer either11:12
mal-does gdb give anything useful?11:13
junnuvijust trying it again, i'm not so familar with it..11:16
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junnuvihopefully I did it correctly :)11:23
mal-that looks like a null pointer somewhere11:28
locusfremembered to set the env vars in gdb?11:40
mal-locusf: at least the command seems to have it11:41
locusfwhy test_hwcomposer?11:43
locusfmal-: yes11:43
mal-junnuvi: get a backtrace from lipstick, you can find the commandline from .service file11:44
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junnuviok, I will test littlebit later11:55
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junnuvimal-: hmm, when running lipstick from teminal there is littlebit more information than I found from journalctl..
mal-try backtrace12:14
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junnuvihwcomposer_window.cpp: No such file or directory :o12:19
mal-quite normal12:21
mal-that fails12:22
mal-junnuvi: how does lipstick backtrace look with EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev12:22
WntAnyone interested in porting sailfish to BQ's Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition? I could loan my device for an interested developer for few months12:24
mal-Wnt: that device does not seem to have cyanogenmod available (at least not yet) which is currently needed for porting, but since that runs ubuntu the needed drivers might be available somehow but not sure how much work it would be to get it working12:27
mal-actually that device is using libhybris in ubuntu so it could be possible to somehow make it working12:28
Wntubuntu touch already uses libhybris like sailfish. I guess the porting work would be a quite different compared to other devices12:29
Wntbut also it might be possible to use the readily available libhybris to get a lot of work for "free"12:30
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mal-odd, it fails in qt12:32
mal-junnuvi: are the devices you have identical?12:33
junnuviYes, and I have tested image on other device too12:34
mal-junnuvi: to me that fbdev version looks like something related to bluetooth, not sure how it could be if the previous sailfish version works12:34
mal-QQmlPrivate::createInto<BluetoothSession>(void*) () and a little later there is abort12:35
junnuviI had done some tweak on bt with previous version. But it didn't cause lipstick to fail earlier12:35
junnuvimy hardisk failed after making image so it's fresh start. Maybe I have just done something wrong this time12:36
junnuvimaybe it's good idea to try rebuild image for older sailfish version and make sure it's working?12:37
mal-junnuvi: yes, that would at least rule out versio related problems12:38
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nh1402Wnt: Something similar to keeping the low-level stuff (although you would have to replace Ubuntu's screen compositor, with lipstick) , and replace Ubuntu with Sailfish12:41
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locusfif a snappy image with sailfish could be fabricated then it could boot if the kernel is supported by mer13:42
locusfWnt: ^13:43
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Nokius|mobiledid foubd hybris source for bq14:05
Nokius|mobilewas just a quick one14:05
locusfNokius|mobile: what about kernel?14:07
mal-locusf: this maybe
locusfmal-: okay thanks14:08
mal-there seems to be a different branch for ubuntu edition14:09
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sledgesPSA: sailfish collab meeting @ #mer-meeting in 9mins14:21
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mal-anyone interested in provinding systemd-analyse plots/info for system and user on some other ported device for comparison?16:21
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sledgesmal-: sorry bit busy, what does your systemd backport fix?16:47
sledgesmrkz: pong :)16:47
mrkzjust a question for someone who want Salfish OS running in a device (but cannot get a jolla phone) Which is the best option to install into? I've seen that Nexus5 but just want to ask in channel to be sure what you recommend to get ;)16:51
mal-sledges: it fixes some accelerator related bug which only occurs on some devices (I assume) just wanted to be sure it does not break anything on other devices16:52
mal-before I send a PR on github for that16:53
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mal-sledges: no hurry16:53
sledgesmal-: which github repo? ;)16:54
mal-that contains some patches for systemd16:55
sledgesmal-: does it occur on your device?16:55
sledgesmrkz: go with nexus5 :)16:55
mal-sledges: yes, with the patch from upstream I managed to get about 1 minute off from boot time16:55
mal-sledges: my fork of that is at
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mrkzsledges: thank you :)16:57
mal-sledges: do you know if any other ports have experienced very long boot times?16:58
mrkzalso, do you know why jolla phone cannot support 3G in America? Firmware/Hardware issue? I know it's because of the 3G protocol, but dunno why is not supported?16:58
mrkzyeah, unsupported band, but that "unsupported" issue is due to hardware in jolla phone or... ?17:00
* mrkz wants to know if buys a jolla and then might get support for that17:01
tbrmrkz: could be any of those: lack of antennas, lack of certification for those bands, lack of testing, lack of firmware...17:02
tbrmrkz: the bottom line is, the phone will never work on other bands than those specified.17:02
tbraccept that as a given17:03
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Nokiusuh ipv618:52
Nokiusphdeswer: ping18:53
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phdeswerNokius: saw your logs last night19:05
phdeswerWeird thing is that on plugin in the first log, you get a disconnect first. And in the other log there are no disconnect messages from the power supply19:06
phdeswerNokius: if you have the kernel tree for that device I can look at the driver (which I know is broken in several different ways)19:07
Nokiusphdeswer: sure I have it in my github19:09
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:10
Nokiusphdeswer: I have to check if all if pusched I hope so19:11
phdeswerNokius: ok. I'll have a look. See if I can find a bug.19:11
Nokiusphdeswer: I will be back on the weekend in my apartemnt so I can setup a ssh jumper (housesiting)19:12
Nokiusphdeswer: thanks :)19:12
phdeswerNokius: no problem. It's usually the same kind of things that are broken...19:13
phdeswerIt is actually a miracle that not more devices go up in flames given the sorry state of charging drivers19:13
Nokiusphdeswer: :o19:13
Nokiusit will break ?19:14
phdeswerNo it won't don't worry19:14
phdeswerIt is just that so often they are only half finished or rushed.19:15
Nokiusvgrade: look like I have the same issue with calls lie your one+ build19:15
Nokiusphdeswer: mh19:15
phdeswerNokius: yep, then you get weird behaviour as you see on your device now. It just does not really matter due to the fact android does certain things related to USB/charging so they don't bother doing it right19:16
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mal-did some comparison of systemd startup sequence on jolla and my port, some clear problems with some parts that take way too much time19:22
*** tathhu <tathhu!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:28
mal-like 15 times more time than on jolla for on service19:28
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mal-Nokius: just curious how long does it take for sailfish to start on your port?19:35
Nokiusmal-: I joind in June last year iirc after I finished my apranicenship and I was work less we tried a lot till August/September then I paused the procces and since Stskeeps and vgrade found a way to get the screen working I'm back now for 6x days19:38
Nokiusand we done a lot since that19:38
mal-Nokius: I didn't mean that, I meant when you now boot your phone how long does the boot process take19:39
Nokiusmal-: ah sorry19:39
mal-Nokius: you can also check that from journal log19:40
Nokiusmh never used a timer after fashing rellay long reboot also long19:40
Nokiusmal-: ah okay19:40
Nokiuslet me get the device not at my desk today19:41
mal-Nokius: if you have interest you can install systemd-analyse package and after that you'll get nice statistics19:41
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Nokiusah here we go wifi pasword19:42
mal-Nokius: if you install that package then just reboot the phone and you can use for example "systemd-analyze time" to get total and "systemd-analyze blame" to where the time went19:43
Nokiusokay i will install it tomorrow at work we have nice PW for the guest wifi the one here is to crypto and I have no intrest to break stuff here I'm a alien here19:45
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mrkzso I read in FAQ that android apps cannot be runned in ports, is still that the same?19:53
Nokiusmrkz: yes19:54
Nokiusmal-: thanks for the hint I will try it tomorrow  :)19:54
Nokiusnight night19:55
mrkzNokius: but dual boot (e.g. nexus 5) would be possible between SalfishOS and Android, Am I right?19:55
Nokiusmrkz: yes multirom is working no n519:55
mrkzNokius: cool, thanks a lot! :)19:56
Nokiusmrkz: some here had ideas to get android apps support also in ports19:56
mal-Nokius: I'm very interested to know tomorrow since you say your phone is very slow to boot, maybe it has same problems as my phone19:56
mrkzNokius: right, I dunno how that works :(19:57
Nokiusmrkz: but I didn't followed this topic19:57
Nokiusmal-: also bootin Android takes ages I remember some one toled me uh that's slow alot the cm10 boot logo hang .. I didn't care about it personaly my jolla is rebooting just for systemupdates19:59
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mal-Nokius: ok, still interesting to know19:59
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mal-the possible (and very likely) slowing services are quite difficult to debug, first is mounting /system and second is timed-qt520:01
Nokiusmal-: sure it's but for daliy useige I don''t care if it takes 10min or more okay than I will but before it's okay20:01
mal-those are the ones still not solved on my device20:01
Nokiusokay we can have a look20:01
mal-Nokius: yes, most people don't care if their phone is slow to boot20:02
phdeswerAarrgh oppo has its own rewrite of the pm8921 charger... Why!?20:02
NokiusI will be afk from Sunday till Thuresday I will try to say hi but I will enjoy a few days off20:02
mal-Nokius: good to stay away from porting sometimes20:03
Nokiusphdeswer: may cos the have this  super fast charger? so no idea20:03
phdeswerNokius: no idea either. Just means I will spend a lot more time looking at this driver than I expected.20:04
Nokiusmal-: NO I really like it even if it's frustrating some times20:04
mal-Nokius: yes, but brain still needs rest sometimes20:05
Nokiusphdeswer: sorry hope if u did it ones we have solve it for other device too (one is in the pipi)20:05
Nokiuso/ night20:05
phdeswerNokius: will try to find the problem anyway. And goodnight!20:06
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* phdeswer breaks Oppo kernel devs fingers... those guys should be banned from doing any programming20:59
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mal-my problem with slow mounting of /system might be caused by failure to properly unmount it, log always says "Unit system.mount entered failed state." when unmounting /system21:37
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stephgumount shouldn't do it slowly, it's should just fail hard, no? mal- ?21:58
stephgcan you get any lsof | grep /system just before it umounts to see what (if anything) has it open?21:59
mal-stephg: I don't know how the unmounting should be done, but anyway during boot it takes 15 seconds for /system to mount22:01
mal-stephg: how can I run that during shutdown?22:02
stephgmal-: hack the systemd entry?22:02
mal-ok, I'll see if I manage to do that22:03
stephgmal-: it seems strange to me though that that would be the cause of the delay though22:03
mal-stephg: do you have other ideas what could make mounting that slow22:03
stephgliterally just a case of prepending 'lsof | grep /system;' before the umount job22:03
stephgso I'm only speculating: but the mount should be quick unless it wasn't cleanly unmounted but a) I thought /system was static or read-only for us and b) if it forced a fsck it should have logged that somewhere22:05
stephgi.e. it should be obvious22:05
stephgyou'd also be able to check the state of the fs from recovery I suppose as well22:05
mal-I also though that because of ro it should not be a problem22:06
mal-stephg: how to do that?22:06
stephgso I wonder if you have a race or a timout with another service or something22:06
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stephgmal-: don't know:- don't know how recovery works (or whether it needs the /system mount) but if it doesn't and if there's a fsck there you could shutdown, fastboot to recovery and start poking around the mountpoint22:07
stephgsee if it's clean or not22:07
stephgmal-: is it reproducably 15 seconds every time?22:07
mal-stephg: yes22:08
mal-15-16 s22:08
mal-stephg: I did a test, entered init_debug2 and manually mounted /system, it took quite long also22:08
stephgbut not like 4s, 12, 13, random22:08
stephgin init_debug2 if fsck is there22:08
stephgthen you can try and fsck before the mount22:09
stephgthat'll answer the question...22:09
stephgor at least rule out the no umount22:09
mal-does fsck support yaffs222:09
mal-so is it just because of the filesystem?22:10
stephgsorry didn't realise/know that this was yaffs22:11
mal-I didn't think it would be very important22:11
mal-anyway, now I manually unmounted it and rebooted normally, I'll see if there was any effect22:12
stephgoh that'll be interesting22:12
mal-still the same 15.976s system.mount22:13
stephgdon't know enough about how these things boot I'm afraid :(22:14
mal-maybe yaffs2 is just slow to mount, would be interesting to know if other ports have that filesystem in use22:15
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mal-but still 15 s seems very slow22:16
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stephgyeah something is not right22:17
stephganyway I have to run, mal- good luck! :)22:19
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