Thursday, 2015-05-28

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jusa_mal-: btw quickly looking I think it fails on your device when input source is used, when with your particular device it doesn't want the input source, but just the input route05:59
alin_sledges: ok shall I do a sr with the new dhd  to the obs?06:23
alin_sledges: I see you play with the gst-droid in there06:23
sledgesalin_: what's changed since last dhd?06:46
sledges(build against u13 target?)06:46
alin_sledges: yap06:46
alin_sledges: and wiill have the missing droidmedia i hope06:46
sledgesalin_: for gst-droid? nope, that one's to be completely reworked06:54
sledgesfor now we'll settle with a good old gst-droid that's there from the past06:54
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carepacksfos 2.0 completely open source?07:58
Stskeepsnow that'd be something wouldn't it07:58
* Stskeeps looks for coffee07:58
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carepackstskeeps: Haven't found a decision for me on this topic...08:06
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alinsledges: ok I will cook a new image08:17
alinsledges: you say gst-droid from sailfish is a no go for the moment08:17
mal-jusa_: yes, it only wants the routing, but also the default value for input routing 0x80000004 is not accepted08:23
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sledgesalin: correct08:38
sledgesstephg: bangles!08:38
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alinsledges: did you find anyone to wonder about the data roaming bug?08:40
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sledgesalin: waiting for radio logs from you still08:44
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alinsledges: blimey now I am not roaming... or I am maybe you are lucky09:15
alinI have a romanian seem09:15
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sledgesalin: like i said, one log from cyanogenmod, another from sailfish, gave you syntax on how to logcat specifically radio logs09:26
alinsledges: bad luck the stupid sim is not acticated09:26
alinfor roaming09:26
sledgesno wonder, same with lithuanian sim09:26
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alinsledges:  can you add the instuctions to the bug maybe someone else is faster than me09:30
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ikozzzsledges, alin : Hi! Ping me also if you will need help with testing09:37
alinikozzz: once I do an image09:38
carepackgiucam: ping09:39
giucamcarepack: pong09:40
carepackHI ;). I captured another log. Haven't seen this before. Could you have a look on this please:
carepacksome parts in german. Hope understandable anyway09:41
giucami don't remember what the problem was09:41
carepackah. mako with cm1109:41
carepackapp crashing09:42
carepacktwo scenarios. Soemtime app is disappearing. Other is that lipstick is crashing09:42
giucami guess the layers error could be relevant09:43
giucambut i don't know more09:44
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alinsledges: did you updated the sensorfw-qt5 version number last night?11:34
sledgesalin: wut?11:35
alinsledges: remember we said needs to be updated from 0.8.7 to 0.8.1311:35
sledgesonly for cosmetic purposes and only for mb2ers11:36
alinsledges: and for zypper sake...11:37
sledgesis what i mean11:38
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sledgeslpotter stopped bumbing versions there, so we'll just wait for obs to wake up11:40
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alinsledges: ok we wll need to build two specs for sensors then11:48
alinsledges: shall I sr the new dhds once I tested them?11:48
sledgesalin: put main sensors backport to :common ?11:55
sledges(no sense to use :experimental anymore, let's move away from there to :common)11:55
sledgesalin: sure11:55
alinsledges: yes.. but we need gst-droid11:55
sledgesthat still remains to be built locally11:56
sledgesgst-droid is per device11:56
alinsledges: yes we build it with the middleware11:56
sledgesit was a miracle it worked on oppo (it's hammerheads in experimental :P)11:56
sledgesit's not middleware11:56
sledgesi already moved it to hw:11:56
sledgeshence :common is gst-droid free as it should be11:57
alinsledges: gst-droid needs dhd11:58
alinsledges: why can't we just build it there?11:58
sledgesdefine there11:58
sledgesyou  can't build anything on that obs project while its broken11:59
sledges14:56 < sledges> that still remains to be built locally11:59
sledgesworking on the fix behind the scenes11:59
alinsledges: define locally11:59
sledgeson your build host PC11:59
sledgesvia mb211:59
alinsledges: ok... using the foolab12:00
sledgesyou can't build dhd on obs12:00
sledgesas configs are broken12:00
sledgesso not much sense if you SR it nowÄ—12:00
alinsledges: yap that was my next question12:01
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alinsledges: ok.. so you add sensorsfw-qt5 to be built in common?12:02
alinsledges: so I do not torture my computer with?12:02
sledgesalin: if you replace experimental with  common12:03
sledgesthat would be great12:03
sledgesalin: added you as maintainer, have fun!12:03
sledgesto :common12:03
alinsledges: ok.. let me see12:04
alinsledges: one thing.. revision in spec pulls certain revision or simply uses that string as version?12:09
alinsledges: as I see uses the branch master12:09
sledgeswrite tag for revision12:11
sledgesalin: ^12:11
morphisMSameer: which qtmultimedia should I use with gst-droid nowadays?12:14
MSameermorphis: github/foolab/qtmltimedia mer-stable12:15
morphisMSameer: ok12:16
alinsledges: ok I am building the master of gst-droid from foolab12:16
alinthat is the last known to work iirc12:16
MSameeralin: sailfishos not foolab12:19
alinMSameer: that does not build as far as I understand12:19
MSameerit does for me12:20
alinMSameer: ok let me see12:20
MSameerit needs droidmedia-devel12:20
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MSameerthe packaging is sucky but I will fix it one day12:20
alinMSameer: but that droidmedia-devel seems to exist nowhere... sledges says it tries to fix it12:21
alinsledges: sensors done12:21
alinsledges: and picked by image12:22
MSameeralin: you get it when you build the droidmedia rpm12:23
carepackmal: ping12:24
alinMSameer: I am confused12:24
alinMSameer: do you have a link?12:24
MSameeralin: and why is that?12:24
alinMSameer: but from sailfish?12:25
MSameermorphis: I am currently moving qtmultimedia to 5.5 beta1 (in master branch) but it's not been completed yet12:25
MSameeralin: ??12:25
mal-carepack: pong12:26
alinMSameer: is that the right that needs the build?12:26
MSameeralin: that is the repos12:26
alinMSameer: ok so I build the spec from that repo... that was my question12:27
alinMSameer: I know you work in many places and many branches12:27
morphisMSameer: what is the advantage over the modified 5.4 variant?12:28
morphiscloser to upstream?12:28
MSameermorphis: there was never a modified 5.4 variant12:28
sledgesalin: it won't build because of
MSameeralin: master branch please12:28
alinsledges: MSameer ok I see bin in it... does not sound kosher... patents?12:29
MSameerwhat bin?12:29
morphisMSameer: ah I see, mer-stable is 5.2 based12:29
morphisthought it would be 5.412:30
MSameermorphis: mer stable is a snapshot of devel12:30
alinMSameer: droid-bin-src-full12:30
MSameeralin: that is something you provide which contains the subset of android source tree used for building12:30
alinsledges: ikozzz image any of you curious to test?12:31
morphisMSameer: hm, ok12:34
alinikozzz: all shall work as before12:36
alinseens some issues with the wireless but they seem solved... maybe was my airport12:37
* sledges didn't know alin owns an airport12:40
ikozzzalin, what's new or fixed?12:40
MSameeralin: maybe sledges can help with that12:40
sledgesMSameer: alin: i'll get there eventually12:41
alinsledges: wathers is the name of the thing gives you internet over the air12:42
alinikozzz: update 13 as build and update 1512:43
alinok I will get to eat then12:43
morphisMSameer: so video decoding should work with gst-droid and that qtmultimedia version, right?12:44
MSameermorphis: yes12:44
morphisMSameer: getting
morphislooks like something isn't setup correctly12:51
MSameermorphis: do you have the nemo-qtmultimedia plugin?12:52
MSameermorphis: which git repos?12:54
MSameerthat should work12:57
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MSameerNo accelerated IMDCT transform found13:09
MSameerFailed to start video surface due to main thread blocked.13:09
MSameerFailed to start video surface due to main thread blocked.13:09
MSameerwhere do those come from?13:09
MSameerqt spits those13:09
MSameerhave never seen them really13:10
morphisnot sure13:11
morphisMSameer: ok, I forgot to start playback13:12
morphisnow I am just getting
morphisaudio is there but no video output13:13
morphisusing this
MSameermorphis: try with an H264 mp4 video13:15
MSameer_and_ aac audio (grab a random youtube file)13:16
morphisMSameer: using
morphisand there the h264 variant13:17
morphisMSameer: but doesn't look like it's loading gst-droid:
MSameergst-inspect-1.0 droid13:22
morphisbash-4.3# gst-inspect-1.0 droid13:22
morphisNo such element or plugin 'droid'13:22
morphisbut it is installed correctly:
MSameerrm -rf .cache/*gstreamer*13:23
alindid you give it a spin?13:24
alinikozzz: and?13:25
ikozzzi like it13:25
alinikozzz: cool no issuses?13:25
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alinikozzz: you can install lpotter compas13:28
alinlpotter: now works13:28
MSameermorphis: do you have droidmedia installed in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib?13:28
ikozzzalin, from store or openrepos ?13:29
alinikozzz: store of course13:29
morphisMSameer: does it try to load it with /usr/libexec/droid-hybris prefix?13:30
morphisor does it have a fallback to /system?13:30
morphisok, then that is the problem13:30
MSameeryou can override it in hybris.c13:30
MSameercheck the top of the file13:30
MSameerif you find a better solution then patches are welcomed ;)13:31
morphislet me check that13:31
morphisMSameer: ok, it loads now but still no video output:
morphisbut I see minimediaservice running and doing some work rather than being idle13:33
MSameerthat should work13:33
ikozzzalin, indeed!! I checked with my pocket compass, looks awesome13:33
alinikozzz: and is properly calibrated or you calibrated yourself13:33
morphisMSameer: it's 4.2 I am on here so I expect some problems if you only tested it with 4.4 so far13:34
MSameeri tried with 4.1 and 4.413:35
ikozzzalin, i'm not sure about perfect calibration of my pocket compass but they are both N5 and pocket shows me same results +\- 5%13:37
morphisMSameer: ah13:37
ikozzzalin, on N5 i just install and run13:38
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MSameermorphis: but in theory it should work13:38
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alinikozzz: ok so you have two n513:39
ikozzzalin, no) i have 1 n5, and 1 hardware compass13:40
alinikozzz: i see13:40
MSameermorphis: maybe logcat output will help13:40
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lukino563i have a little problem if i run command to build droid-hal- configs i get error No provider of 'droid-hal' found. No provider of 'droid-hal-devel' found. No provider of 'droid-hal-kickstart-configuration' found. No provider of 'pkgconfig(android-headers)' found. error: Failed build dependencies: ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla is needed by droid-hal-configs-1-1.armv7hl pkgconfig(android-headers) is needed by droid14:46
lukino563can anyone help <14:49
alinlukino563: which device?14:59
sledgeslukino563: looks like you didn't go through chapter 7.1.215:01
sledgesif you did, then this should help: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-build zypper ref15:01
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alinsledges: ok the image is nice and seems good for testing15:12
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sledgesalin: good stuff. any issues we could workaround like parallax?15:26
alinsledges: yes that is still there...15:29
alinsledges: the workaround is the same15:29
alinsledges: now I will test sound and video15:29
alinsledges: the wifi issue turns out may have been our hotspots seems one of the sys admins decided to update the merdre15:30
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morphisMSameer: ok, got it fixed15:46
MSameermorphis: what was the issue?15:46
morphisnot sure but after I disabled the qtwayland window decorations things worked15:50
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dr_gogeta86hi guys16:24
dr_gogeta86how do you do?16:24
locusfhey dr_gogeta8616:24
lukino563at processing patterns gives me Exception AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0xf70b944c>> ignored16:25
locusfits ok16:25
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sledgesalin: i mean, preload custom ambiences into the image, maybe do rootfs diff16:29
alinsledges: I did and I seen absolutely no difference16:29
alinsledges: then how to preload them I did not find16:29
dr_gogeta86locusf , near to me i've got a italian sammy rappresentative , may i ask some s6edge for porting purpouses?16:29
dr_gogeta86i'm kidding of course ;-)16:30
sledgesalin, probably configs16:30
locusfdr_gogeta86: hahaha :)16:30
dr_gogeta86got even a prototype16:31
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locusfdoes that even have cm12?16:32
dr_gogeta86of course , i'm coming back from milan seen many jollas in rh milan office16:33
nh1402for those of you who would like to watch it unfortunately I won't be able to at this time.16:34
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dr_gogeta86Hi Tassadar16:44
dr_gogeta86locusf 293km/h16:44
locusfdr_gogeta86: ?16:44
dr_gogeta86right noe16:44
dr_gogeta86actual train speed16:45
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mal-sledges: if you have time could you pastebin verbose logcat when starting pulseaudio on hammerhead?18:06
carepackmal-: hi18:08
carepackmal-: I read i the backlogs and find that you had once a similiar problem to the one I have.18:09
carepackoverlay initialization fails with hwcomposer: E/qdoverlay( 2885): Failed to call ioctl MSMFB_OVERLAY_SET err=Invalid argument18:10
carepackhave you eyou ever solved tis?18:10
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mal-carepack: that happens when you try to start a program?18:12
carepackfirst catpture was without starting an app.18:13
carepackbooted system up and started logcat18:13
carepacksledges pointed to xda for a possible solution:
carepackI'm tryin this atm18:15
mal-carepack: what does that struct look before modification?18:18
mal-at least my system seems to have that same18:22
carepackAnd you haven't the bug anymory I think18:22
mal-I don't have the bug and looks like I haven't modified anything, no idea what I did before18:23
carepackok. tryin the suggested modigfication from xda. We will see ;) thx18:24
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morphisMSameer: and what is with camera support?18:41
morphisdoes that work through qtmultimedia as well or needs extra work?18:41
sledgesmal-: im going afk now, ask the rest of the n5 folk on here18:51
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mal-sledges: ok18:56
mal-actually any device with working audio is fine, carepack do you have working audio on your device?18:57
carepackyes on cm1019:00
mal-doesn't really matter which cm, I just want some logs to see what other devices do differently19:03
mal-because something is done in wrong order on my device and therefore I need a hack to solve the problem19:06
carepackhave to downgrade my mako. give me some minutes19:07
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mal-carepack: pong20:12
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carepackready to go20:15
mal-only the logcat during startup of pulseaudio is needed20:16
carepackwhen gets pulseaudio started? Du20:16
mal-run systemctl-user restart pulseaudio and monitor the logcat20:18
mal-I think logcat *:v should give needed info20:19
carepacksorry for the delay. Maybe you can help me out to be faster. switched to i3 currently. Here is the usb net not automatically mounted.20:24
mal-I'm not very good with networks20:31
carepacksolved by itself. unplug plug20:32
mal-hmm, looks like that is doing things very differently, not easy to compare20:40
mal-carepack: are you sure audio is working?20:41
mal-even microphone?20:41
carepackmic I had to retest. iirc yes20:42
carepackbut maybe it's the version where the income volume is not adjustable. But audio works20:43
carepackmaybe thats the reason?20:43
mal-that log has always "No valid input device: 0"20:45
carepackI saw. If you gave me another minutes I can flash the latest build from yesterday. That's definetely working20:46
mal-sure, no hurry20:48
tathhuNever try to open links with puttytray.20:50
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mal-carepack: thanks, although it might be that the audio system is too different on your device, I'll have to look more carefully later on21:47
MSameermorphis: why don't you try and ask questions if it does not work?22:06
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itdoesntmatt_hi to all!22:29
itdoesntmatt_my developing skills are near to 0, so unfortunately i'm not able to help you in this work. But i want to say thanks to all people that are working on it!22:31
itdoesntmatt_i'm here because i find out a bug (or maybe just my ignorance) on sailfish for nexus..22:32
itdoesntmatt_when i try to record file with whatsup it result in " file missing" and when i try to use recording app it simply doesnt work. it star recording but when i stop it, nothing appear (no registration in the list, neither in folder). i don't know what is missing, but microphone just work fine when i use it in calls.,.22:34
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sledges:) i wonder which nexus he meant, probably 5th :) (will confirm via email that he PMd me)23:32
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