Friday, 2015-05-29

MSameeri was wondering too but he left quickly00:58
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lpotterya, compass.. hmmmm...01:02
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lpottersledges: ping07:33
sledgeslpotter: pong07:57
sledgesall: it was nexus5 that itdoesntmatt_ had07:57
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stephgall things well?08:56
stephg(it's Friday and all that)08:56
sledgesignore me, screen session went bonkers :D (it -is- friday!)08:58
sledgesraining cats'n'dogs otherwise08:58
stephghehe yeah the heavens are about to open here and I work with idiots, but other than that life is also grand ;)08:59
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nh1402it doesn't sound like Google open sourced ARC :-(, anyone watch the event who can confirm?09:25
sledgesthey just mentioned iOS interop09:30
nh1402what does that mean :P09:34
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sledgesthey didn't even mention running android apps via chrome, unless i missed that09:41
nh1402I'm watching the event now, so I have no idea. I did check the googlesource page and they did make one huge commit to arc, but the document still says only a small set of objects is available currently.09:43
locusfthat sucks09:51
nh1402looks like we have to make it ourselves09:52
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nh1402locusf you're the one whose making the aosp5 thing for lg g3 right?, I was thinking we could start by modify surfaceflinger to write to a wl_surface instead of using opengl09:53
locusfnh1402: not for g3 no, for sony stuff09:54
nh1402right my bad. Would you think surfaceflinger would work if we made it write to a wl_surface instead?, or would it just crash09:55
locusfI have no idea, since I don't know wayland or surfaceflinger09:57
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morphisMSameer: with
morphisseems like its not picking up droidmedia for the camera10:37
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ruthenianboyHi all. Returning to porting after longer time. Looks like i will need to start from begining :(10:44
morphisMSameer: so after dropping the v4l2 camera plugin gst doesn't pick up the droid one and complains that it can't find any suitable one10:50
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BBXTRHola Homres11:28
BBXTRAnyone worked with the Sailfish OS 2.0 on Nexus 5 yet?11:29
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locusfBBXTR: we gotta wait till July11:34
sledgesruthenianboy: welcome back aboard11:41
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MSameermorphis: which app are you using?12:02
MSameermorphis: ah ok. sec!12:03
MSameermorphis: export QT_GSTREAMER_CAMERABIN_SRC=droidcamsrc12:03
BBXTRJuly it is? Meh, I would hope the battery life's fixed by them ... R U having the same issue? The battery drains too fast on Alpha 11 SF?12:11
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klopsi-u3maybe i will try building sfos for droid 4 when 2.0 is released13:03
klopsi-u3i wonder, is there a possibility for hardware keyboard support?13:03
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tathhuAFAIK TOHKBD is somehow supported so why not?13:23
tathhuBut again, I have no idea why I'm even on this channel.13:23
dr_gogeta86locusf, did you have lg g3 ?13:31
locusfdr_gogeta86: no I don't have it13:32
dr_gogeta86but why change surfaceflinger ?13:32
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dr_gogeta86i didn't understand the period13:33
tathhuyolo? :D13:33
locusfhahhaha sure for yoloz13:33
dr_gogeta86I was stopped due work reason13:33
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locusftathhu: pester cxl000 and me to do n7 port?13:40
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tathhulocusf: yeah, make it work so I can use it :P13:48
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nh1402dr_gogeto86: I was saying to change surfaceflinger so it works on top of lipstick with no problems, for android app support, if Google aren't going to open source ARC then we can make our own app compatibility layer13:53
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ruthenianboySo still no support for android apps on non-jolla devices? I was not checking updates for long time14:53
nh1402ruthenianboy: well quicksilver (chromium for sailfish) is quite promising as we can get the ARC Welder or ARChon extension working on it, but we're waiting on Sailfish to support gcc 4.814:55
nh1402whichever comes first, making one my/ourselves, fully open source ARC, gcc4.8 on sailfish, or input working on CM from within Sailfish14:57
locusfwhat about 4.8?15:08
locusfwe can use mers toolchain for that15:09
nh1402you need gcc 4.8 to get a version of chromium that's compatible with ARC15:10
locusfI do have the toolchain enabled in one of my targets15:11
locusfbut the vm it sits on is on a broken host15:12
locusf(power button not working lol)15:12
sledges-> donations to repair locusf build host? :D15:12
nh1402the other thing with quicksilver is that NaCl is not currently enabled, and will need some work to get it working15:13
locusfsledges: :D no need, already ordered a better chassis :)15:13
sledgesah right, you have you thesis valuated soon;)15:14
locusfyep on monday15:14
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locusflast thing I need to do (hopefully)15:14
nh1402and the main repo being here:
locusfpatching qt :/15:18
locusfJolla moving to 5.5 will take years15:18
locusfnh1402: oh yeah nacl15:19
nh1402and I have no idea about that qt stuff, or the work needed to get NaCl working.15:21
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nh1402yangm: it's as if you're reading the log and saw that we were talking about android app compatibility15:25
yangmnh1402, hehe15:25
yangmwhat are the news?15:25
nh1402back, well nothing new on the quicksilver front, ARC was NOT fully open sourced yesterday at the keynote so there's nothing new there either, and nothing new on the CM on Sailfish front either15:40
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nh1402I was saying we should try and modify surfaceflinger so it draws to a wl_surface instead of directly to opengl so it can work on top of lipstick15:42
alinlocusf: Monday is INternational Children's Day tell them to be nice to you15:44
locusfalin: hahahah :D15:44
nh1402yangm_: once I can figure out how many different c++ files need changing to get it drawing to wl_surface then I need to figure how to build it and test to see if it even works. we could try extracting surfaceflinger from gentroid as that seemed to have drawn the android app to the weston compositor15:50
yangm_nh1402, do you think it's better than messing with drivers/roaming between both WMs?15:55
yangm_I was thinking about creating an emulated display that would forward to android15:56
yangm_like an Xforward, vnc, etc15:56
yangm_but that may be laggier15:56
nh1402well if we do it via modifying surfaceflinger, then we'll need to find a new way of getting android input, possibly borrowing from ARC and such, and then creating our own android package installer so it works with ART.15:57
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nh1402so essentially it'll be something like how alien dalvik works15:58
nh1402so better integration between Sailfish and android apps.15:58
nh1402I think the easiest part of that would be porting the android package manager to C++ for Sailfish16:03
nh1402but is anyone actually willing to help with programming?16:14
nh1402yangm_: or at the very least we could try and make an input abstraction layer which gets input from sailfish and gives it to inputmanager/eventhub16:18
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nh1402sledges: yep you were right, no mention of ARC at the keynote17:10
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yangman input abstraction layer would be the best implementation I think19:44
yangmsorry was afk19:44
Stskeepsjust hack libinput19:44
nh1402android side?19:46
tathhulocusf: but what about n7 :319:46
Stskeepsandroid side.19:46
locusftathhu: hh19:48
nh1402Stskeeps: this file specifically, or the whole folder
Stskeepslooking in wrong place19:53
Stskeepsthere's a concrete libinput19:53
Stskeepsit's not jni19:53
tathhulocusf: x)19:59
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nh1402Stskeeps: kernel level?, finding libinput for android specifically is very hard to find20:03
Stskeepsit's in frameworks/native i believe20:04
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nh1402Stskeeps: Now I believe I have found the correct location (link above), but I can't make much sense of it.20:13
Stskeepslibinput is what gets tied into inputmanagerservice20:14
nh1402it looks like it only contains code for the touchscreen and a hardware keyboard20:16
Stskeepsgood start?20:16
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nh1402possibly, but would need to find out how to get input from wayland and inject it into the methods20:28
nh1402the other problem is how to build it20:29
Stskeepssame way you'd build a aosp tree20:29
nh1402no idea about20:29
Stskeepsah.. well, that'll you need to know20:29
Stskeepsit's simple.20:29
nh1402I suppose its not as simple as using ndk-build20:30
Stskeepsbut still not too painful20:30
Stskeepsjust a lot of disk space20:30
nh1402I''ll be back after I have some dinner20:31
alinn5 dead20:33
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sledgesalin_: another one bites the dust?20:40
nh1402alin_: what happened20:47
Nokiusofans like Sailfish on the find5 \o20:48
alin_Nokius: I do not know changed the screen but does not seem to get signal... the rest seems to work20:49
alin_nh1402: ^20:49
alin_sledges: yap good I have two20:49
alin_sledges: by the way you were based in UK?20:49
nh1402maybe the ribbon cable is ripped/broken?20:50
alin_nh1402: I do not know I do not have another to try20:50
alin_there are two of them both can be funny... the one from the screen or the one from the phone20:51
sledgesNokius: awesome! send hello's from the porters channel!21:02
sledgesalin_: yes21:02
Nokiussledges: i did the ask for a find7 port :D I need longer days21:03
sledges:)) and more crew;)21:04
alin_sledges: ok I will move soon there... if the queen agrees21:04
sledgesalin_: where's that too?21:04
Nokiussledges: I have a good one here :)21:05
sledgesthen port in two days?;21:06
Nokiussledges: If I have two full days I will do atm I need sleep after I spend 3 days on holidays and went to work for 2 :D21:07
nh1402how would one get input from wayland?21:07
sledgesNokius: get some little helpers from frankfurt;)21:07
Nokiussledges: I tried to get Lky21:09
alin_sledges: close to manchester... some lab21:11
sledgesi hover around westmidlands occasionally, porters beer in order;)21:12
sledgesi wonder if next xda devcon will again land in manchester:)21:12
Nokiussledges: nope states
nh1402used to live in Northampton a long time ago, funny how that's in the midlands21:16
Nokiussledges: good think we have the find7 have done bacon is working so it's just a matter of me having time21:20
sledgesnh1402: are you too uk based? where abouts? south west here21:22
sledgesmidlands is the closest i can drive up as -far- as north west is concerned21:22
nh1402south east, just outside London21:22
sledges*usually drive up21:22
Nokiussmells like SUG :D21:23
nh1402I'll actually going to the South west on Wednesday for an interview21:24
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sledgesNokius: good find!21:24
sledgesnh1402: i'll be in finland that week21:24
Nokiusattending SUG Berlin in Monday:P21:25
Nokiussledges: have good time :)21:25
sledgesNokius: there's no other alternative :D21:25
sledgesnh1402: with possibility to relocate?:)21:28
Nokiusnh1402: good luck for u21:28
nh1402the position is actually rather strangely a work from home programming role, using remote desktop. The interviewer will be in the South west for business reasons21:30
nh1402Nokius: thanks21:30
sledgesworking from home - best of both worlds :)21:31
nh1402if i get this, it would be my first role and not requiring to travel (a part from the one step from my bed to the chair) would be a bit weird21:33
* Nokius cu guys night 21:34
nh1402good night Nokius!21:35
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nh1402in my case the horrible part of that comic is what would hit me hard21:39
sledgesnothing's unmanageable;)21:39
sledgesthe awesome part trades it all off21:40
nh1402but I've never experienced the awesome part. I have already experienced the horrible part.21:41
* sledges couldn't stand commutes of past 1021:42
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nh1402also have to get some code together to show to the interviewer. I have the two apps that I'm working on, but not really sure if my messaging app code is that presentable.21:56
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sledgesgood incentive to polish it:)22:08
nh1402well I did rewrite it back in February (the previous version was definitely not presentable)22:12
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sledgesgood you're following your dream into coding22:16
sledgespretty much how it started for me22:17
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tathhunh1402: cool ^^22:34
nh1402well thats me done for the day, will be busy tomorrow, so I will be back on Sunday22:41
nh1402enjoy your weekend, good night!22:41
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carepackworking from home would be great. i agree and wsh you good luck nh140223:39
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