Saturday, 2015-05-30

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BB_Hola hombres01:05
BB_zhxt_afk: hello01:06
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sledgesmorning carepack08:03
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carepackmoin moin08:37
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bbxtrHola Hombres09:57
bbxtrSailfishin' on Nexus 5, anyone knows how to help with the poor battery perf?  I am on Alpha 11.09:59
sledgesbbxtr: change cpu governor09:59
bbxtrAlso Nexus 5 being much better specs performs almost same speed as Jolla, is there some hidden bottleneck?10:00
bbxtrSledges: is there a package to install?10:00
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sledgesbbxtr: for i in `seq 0 3`; do echo interactive > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu$i/cpufreq/scaling_governor; done10:05
sledgesrun on every boot10:05
bbxtrsledges: does it work on Sailfish OS or only on Android/CM?10:06
sledgesbbxtr: you just asked about sailfish battery life10:06
bbxtrsledges: yes on Sailfish Alpha 1110:07
sledgesso i gave you an answer10:07
bbxtrsledges: Thank You.10:08
sledgesalso worth experimenting with other power saving options:
bbxtrThank You, will give it a try.10:08
sledges(it's for sailfish on oneplus one, but can be applied to nexus5 too)10:08
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bbxtrsledges: Thank You again for pointing me to the solution. Amazing.10:22
sledgesbbxtr: can you already tell it helped?10:22
bbxtrI will be able to tell after I have the Nexus 5 runfor some time, but the link contains some exciting infos10:23
bbxtrsledges: is there a way to make it run at everyboot permanently?10:24
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sledgesbbxtr: create a set of files like this (rename where appropriate):
sledgesand put everything into the .sh10:27
bbxtrsledges: thank You .. i just wish I came here sooner without spending 3 days trying to find the hooks ...10:29
sledgesyou're welcome10:30
sledgesim sure you learned about the system particulars nevertheless:)10:30
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sledgesif you notice improvement and no side-effects, please contribute those files back10:30
bbxtrsledges: definitely. I was tempted to try the cm12.1 and the sailfish alpha11 but then went to cm11 to install it ... I wish I had more time to spend on it ... gotta make myself more time for the tinkering10:35
sledgesmultirom supports any primary rom, and side-flashed cm11+sfos10:35
bbxtrsledges: somehow itchy to be android free *8)))10:36
sledgesthen what did you expect from cm12.1 as a bse?10:37
bbxtrsledges: yeah i do prefer adb sideloading10:37
sledgesadb sideloading has nothing to do with what i said above:)10:37
bbxtrIf I had to use the Nexus 5 w Android I would prefer more granular sec settings10:38
sledgeswhat do you mean?10:38
bbxtrCM 12.1 has the control afaik10:40
sledgessailfish reuses only low levels of cm10:40
sledgesco on nexus5 cm11 base is as good as cm1210:40
bbxtrI heard with earlier Alphas there were BT/Wifi issues10:41
sledgesyes, but they are not due to underlying cm10:41
sledgeswhat works on booted cm, should be made work on sfos10:41
bbxtrI thought that was the reason somehow10:41
sledgesonly of cm itself introduces new hardware improvements in 12, then it's worth porting base over from 1110:42
sledges(i think in the past we had some modem firmware improvements in other devices, so it was worth the switch)10:43
bbxtrcertainly so.10:43
sledgesyet nexus6 leaves us no choice10:44
sledgesbut make an effort to port hybris-12 branch10:44
sledgesand other new handsets10:44
bbxtrsledges: has anoyne got a chance to check out the SFOS 2.0 already?  I saw the SFOS 2.0 on You Tube and it seemed - at least the UI - was performing so much faster10:44
sledgesfor me they are both fluid10:45
sledgessfos1 and 210:45
sledgesbut probably im biased :D10:45
bbxtrwel I am still positive the big brother will release a new Nexus 510:47
bbxtrheld the N6, but it's just tooo big10:47
bbxtrwell there are "new" swipes and a new screen with all the relevant updates/infos ... sorta like originally intented with MeeGo10:48
bbxtrif I may what's your view of the performance N5 v JollaPhone?10:49
sledgesbbxtr: app launch time and performance nearly twice as fast10:51
sledgesi haven't used browser extensively though10:51
bbxtrsledges: my main concern it the browser ... \10:52
sledgesit's opensource - welcome to run profiling and optimise:)10:52
bbxtrIt is indeed. Luckily for us10:53
bbxtrI wonder how long will it take for me to be as comfortable in SFOS as I am in Maemo 510:54
bbxtrCouldn't not bear to wait for the Neo900 materialising, so made the jump to N5.10:54
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Stskeepsbbxtr: quite short10:55
bbxtrStskeeps: I'd wish that.10:57
Stskeepsdid you know sfos's chief designer was behind maemo 5 ui?10:57
bbxtrI had no idea, but I am not surprised if it is so.10:58
bbxtrJust played with the idea ... Apple bought back NeXT and shined, what if Nokia joined forces & resources with Jolla? would we finally have the long deserved and dreamed about open source HW and OS?11:01
bbxtrsledges: so you did use the SFOS 2.0 already?11:02
StskeepsNokia is a very different companys11:06
bbxtrthat's why it could work, the ms team's gone11:06
bbxtrso are some of the old *arts11:08
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elfioHello porters! How difficult would be to make a port to a moto g / falcon without any experience in this matters? I'm a linux user for about 8 years but I've never touched thigs related to android and so. Also the moto g is my only device and I don't know if it would be too much risk try a port.11:18
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sledgesbbxtr: i used yes, at MWC11:32
sledgeselfio: read the guide and stick around, ask twice if unsure you'd brick anything :)11:32
sledgesvgrade and others had some falcon genesis already11:33
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bbxtrsledges: enjoyed our talk, thanks12:15
sledgesbbxtr: anytime!12:16
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elfiosledges: I gave a quick read a few days ago and it didn't look hard to do, but there is a drawback and it's that HADK ask for CM10 for the port but there is only CM11, CM12 and so on for falcon. It's is doable?12:25
sledgeselfio: sure, just subsitute hybris-10.1 with hybris-11.0 on repo init12:25
elfiosledges: Oh and I would like to know how much time in terms of dedications needs a port and if I need a powerful pc :)12:25
sledgeselfio: requirements are also on pdf ;) 64bit as minimum:)12:26
sledgesram-wise you can get by12:26
sledgesas only small subset of android is made12:26
elfiomy tiny ssd is running out of space12:27
elfioI'd have to clean out12:28
elfiosledges: what's this genesis from vgrade and others you talked before12:28
elfiofirst steps?12:29
sledgeselfio: first steps won't differ from any other device12:35
sledgesso go bravely ahead12:35
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sledges^ 64bit cpu as minimum hw part required, i meant (not that we have 128bit cpus already :D)12:36
elfiosledges: I have arch 64bits so that should work12:36
carepackhow big is your ssd? Had to change for the vms etc. after some time to external hard disk12:52
elfiocarepack: 128gb12:54
carepackuhh. I had 256gb and space went out. Maybe a hintful tip -> use lvm in the vm. Advantage is you can resize the virtual hd12:55
carepackhad to do this mutliple times12:56
elfiocarepack: well I'm not aware for now of what I'll need :p12:57
elfiocarepack: thank you for the tip12:57
carepackI was doin something on the port and then -> oh no have first to reconfigure my system. That was bugging me12:59
elfiovirtualbox for vm is ok, right?13:03
elfioWell I wiped 20gb from my ssd and making some space in my external hdd. That should be enough because I have no more space xD13:04
elfioSomething else to checkout besides hadk?13:05
carepackto start? no. Doin the steps in the pdf should be enough13:08
elfiook. Another question: in your experience the power management is better, worse or aprox equal between android and sailfish?13:09
carepackdefintely in sailfish in my opinion. But it's subjective13:10
elfioI had 7 sot in the last cicle with android kk13:11
carepackif you lay down you device once with android an once with sailfish there is a huge difference. I don't know if screen on time the point in this. sailfish uses so less energy when it's in idle mode. Here is the advantage about android. About screen on time I can't say13:12
carepackis the point13:13
carepackmy mako can lay around multiple weeks without usin it. This wasn't possible with android13:13
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elfiowow that's great13:18
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elfioCould I use the binary device drivers from stock rom instead of cm?13:22
carepackcm shoukd use the binary blobs whit shipped with the device13:26
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carepackno other choices. device drivers aren't opensource13:27
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elfioAs I see here: I can run the sdk on a vm or my own linux installation.  Should I build a vm so I won't mess up my SO?13:36
sledgeselfio: ignore that link to vm, it's mean for ui development13:38
sledgesif you want to run thing in vm - just create one13:38
sledgesand then do all hadk installation within13:39
elfiosledges: but I'm in the right wiki, right?13:39
sledges is just 10 lines of code, don't go below that13:39
elfioI'm absolutly noob on this13:39
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elfioAfter the last command  '$ sdk'  I suppose I'm in chroot, right? How do I quit chroot?14:03
elfioI mean from there14:03
elfioOh ok, it's just in that shell14:04
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Nokiussledges: is it a good idea to add "libsailfishapp" to this pattern?
piggz_has there been any changes to the low level libhybris/gralloc etc lately that might fix my crashing problem on msm8255?14:50
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sledgeselfio: ctrl+d15:00
sledgesNokius: not really, all you need is to run zypper ref15:00
sledgeswith connectivity on15:00
sledgesbut if adding that to pattern works for you, can't see what could go wrong15:01
sledgesonly one way to find out:)15:01
sledgespiggz_: libhybris fetched upstream state a month ago, depends when you last tried15:02
piggz_sledges: what android version do you test on, 11, 12 or 12.1?15:03
Nokiussledges: okay for some reason UI way is not installing running zypper is (have jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa)15:03
piggz_there has been a bunch of commits for htc ace android for 12.115:03
sledgespiggz_: 1115:04
sledges12 not been rebased to15:04
sledgesNokius: not installing what?15:04
sledgeszypper resolves deps15:04
Nokiussledges: one of my ambiances e.g.15:05
sledgesNokius: you have to run zypper ref15:05
sledgesfor UI to work15:05
piggz_im fancying a new phone ... want something 'unlike' others ... pref sfos, but ubuntu has more devices...jolla needs some more hw partners15:07
Nokiussledges: :-/ mh refeshed zypper but still no ambiance15:11
Nokiusthere is not the install wheel in the application view15:12
Nokiuspkcon local and zypper installing it via cli15:16
sledgespiggz_: when is ubuntu's meizu available in europe?15:36
sledgesNokius: follow journalctl for errors, when installing from ui15:36
piggz_sledges: not sure ... apparently some android mx4's have boot loader locked so unflashable15:37
Nokiussledges: information is soon (what ever soon is haha)15:39
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Nokiussledges: looks like store-client is stopping the install15:44
sledgesNokius: looks like you're out of luck because you can't add jolla account15:57
tathhuIsn't it possible from cli?15:58
Nokiussledges: :,(16:02
Nokiussledges: my IMEI is not allowed16:02
Nokiuscheck it16:02
sledgestathhu: 18:16 < Nokius> pkcon local and zypper installing it via cli16:02
sledgesNokius: your device is not allowed16:03
Nokiussledges: oky so work a round is cli ...16:03
sledgesor warehouse16:05
sledgesas usual16:05
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Nokiussledges: yes this is working so I have to "hack" the .ks16:06
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sledgesNokius: with tablet comes the store support for other devices16:15
Nokiussledges: :) okay good to know I can't wait to touch it (btw. also a few ofans from meetup order one)16:16
sledgeswell done on bringing yourself all the way to frankfurt!16:17
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locusfsledges: \o/16:44
sledges;) locusf , subscribing to bugs is one good way staying on top of things :)16:47
locusfsledges: yup I really should :)16:48
Nokiuslets see if "hack" is doing what I will17:01
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Nokiusmal-: my "great" idea to remove sensorfw to improve the boot was not the best :P17:16
Nokiussledges: do u know if there is a fix for the alphabetic password lock?17:24
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tathhu(that would be cool with tohkbd :D)17:25
Nokius\o/ YEAH!!17:27
Nokiusalpha-II with warehouse :D17:28
sledgesNokius: not that i know of17:29
Nokiussledges: okay hope to see it on tablet wondering if coderus has a patch for this he asked me ones to test it :-/ did break iirc17:30
sledgesdevicelock is a sensitive area17:31
Nokiussledges: yes it is thats why I was reporting the bug asap17:32
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Nokiusmh looks like I should try to put it into the pattern (manuell refresh is not so great for the user experience)17:57
sledgesgo for it18:03
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Nokiusah this time it was libsailfishapp-launcher I all ready was wonderig how warehouse is working without libsailfishapp18:05
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Nokiushope to get a R7 the N9 like display (nice round display edge) will make a great experience18:32
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:59
Nokiusgood try but refresh is needed anyway18:59
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sledgesNokius: for warehouse to work?19:10
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Nokiussledges: I tried to install gpodder it fails cos the python dependinces zypper ref solved the issue warehouse is only updating the openrepos repos not the others19:11
sledgesgood catch19:12
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Nokiussledges: I won't open a issue again there (basil is a good guy) but this issue is a "porter" issue19:16
Nokiusso 1.1.6 will fix the fingerterm and I have no problem :D19:17
Nokiusso we have a bit alpha feeling19:17
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sledgesNokius: without working store account, there is no automatic way to refresh repos19:29
sledgeseven on devices with working jolla store (nexus4/5)19:29
sledgesdownloading from warehouse won't work, until a user downloads at least one app from store19:30
sledges(during which happens the refresh)19:30
sledgesi'm pondering on how to address this problem19:30
sledgess/at least one app from store/at least one app from jolla store/19:30
*** egrep is now known as egrepnix19:33
*** egrepnix is now known as egrep19:33
Nokiussledges: I added a hint to my forum post19:33
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sledgesNokius: you forgot to write the pkcon refresh bit19:48
Nokiussledges: thanks19:48
sledgesNokius: you can always recompile your own fingerterm19:49
sledgesand bundle it in19:49
sledges(it's time for you to have find5 added to obs, and plug yourself into the backports repo)19:50
sledgesso you need to compile way less locally19:50
Nokiussledges: It's on my list to push find5 to obs but I a bit scared about this step19:51
Nokiussledges: the finger term is fix in 1.1.6. iirc u sad this a few weeks back so I can wait but yeap may I should do it19:52
Nokiusmh may the thread is messy19:54
sledgesNokius: nothing costs to try, you'll have your present dev env untouched19:57
Nokiussledges: I will check the hammerhead repo and will try my best then :) I can learn any way even I will fail19:59
sledgesthis is what you'll have to do: clone hammerhead repo20:04
sledgesosc copypack comes in handy20:04
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Nokiussledges: okay I will have a look promised20:10
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Nokiussledges: git has 1.2.2 device is on 1.1.1320:21
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sledgeswhy do i have to know this? :p20:24
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Nokiussledges: U don't have to it was just my interested and just underline that u are right may I should build it :D20:29
sledgeswell git version should be the last thing on your mind :)20:31
sledges23:21 < Nokius> sledges: git has 1.2.2 device is on 1.1.1320:34
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Nokiussledges: Okay I will rolle a new Alpha :D looks great btw.20:50
sledgesNokius: the fingerterm?20:57
Nokiussledges: yeap just build it local and installed it is working and looks okay (okay diffrent and may I will miss the old one )20:59
* Nokius just found a death pixel on the jolla21:01
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sledgesNokius: no idea what changed in fingerterm21:01
sledgesno changes since march
Nokiussledges: keyboard is mallit now, ui is diffrent21:02
Nokiussledges: I build this branch
sledgesyou mean that master doesn't work?21:04
sledgesyes, then that's some other issue21:04
sledgesi hope your /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf doesn't have HYBRIS_.. bug EGL_.. instead21:05
sledgesbecause that's the reason master fingerterm failing21:05
sledgesapologies since hadk pdf has wrong info21:06
sledgesin 14.4.221:06
Nokiussledges: I did new master I build silica branch21:07
sledgesi know what you did21:07
sledgesbut it's all caused by compositor file21:07
sledgesbuilding silica is workaroudn21:07
sledgesdo proper fix in .conf file and you'll have your master fingerterm back21:07
sledgesi wish i asked you for more info on that bug earlier21:08
Nokiussledges: I have HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer21:10
Nokiussledges: no probs21:10
sledgesit's wrong21:11
sledgesit needs to be changed to EGL_PLATFORM21:11
Nokiussledges: let's see device is rebooting21:12
Nokiusif it works may we can add it to the pp21:13
sledgesit's on my todo list, but not on pp :) pls do21:14
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Nokiussledges: done21:22
Nokiuslbt screenshot application is only in harbour :(21:27
sledgesNokius: :)21:28
sledgesbundle up! :)21:28
tathhuisn't screentapshot on openrepos? ;)21:28
Nokiussledges: last time I ceck it was a old version21:31
Nokiustathhu: only the version from coderus last time i tried it lipstick gave up21:31
sledgesNokius: you're right..21:33
Nokiussledges: 0.6-1 is in harbour21:34
Nokiusobs has 0.221:34
tathhuNokius: daamn21:35
Nokiusnight night cu tomorrow21:42
Nokiustathhu: screentapshot works there is a u12/u13 update21:46
Nokiuslipstick gone time for bed21:47
tathhuNokius: ?21:49
Nokiustathhu: first try all went good secound breaks21:50
Nokiustathhu: :)21:53
sledgesNokius: zypper in lipstick-qt5-tools-ui21:55
elfioHi I'm getting some issues while preparing all sdk and so. There is a step in the HADK where I have to execute a command like ' $ breakfast $DEVICE', where the device is in my case falcon. It found the repo but get an error that seems related to openssl missing. Any idea what's happening here? My OS has openssl installed.21:57
sledgeselfio: use pastebin for full error pls21:58
Nokiussledges: nope crashs after start21:58
sledgesNokius: zypper in lipstick-qt5-tools21:59
sledgestoo ;)21:59
sledgesyou'll then have ~5seconds to navigate when you want to screenshot22:00
sledgesthen you'll see notification that screenshot has been saved to ...22:00
Nokiussledges: :D22:00
elfioHere you have the pastebin :)22:02
sledgeselfio: you need to go throught chapter 1422:03
sledgessection 14.3.1 is missing in this case22:03
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elfiosledges: ok thank you :)22:12
elfioI get 'fatal: duplicate path hardware/ti/wlan in /home/pablo/Proyectos/sailfishport/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml' but in that file there is no ti/wlan duplicated22:29
elfiothere is a ti/wpan, but it's different!22:29
elfioI get this error when I try '$ repo sync'22:30
elfioafter writing my own manifest.xml22:30
elfioI got it, I have to look common pitfalls22:33
elfioWell common pitfalls doesn't solve my issue22:35
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elfioWell I commented two lines: the one of external/wpa_supplicant_8 and the one of hardware/ti/wlan. Then it syncs22:56
elfioIt doesn't finish the sync. I got this
elfioI don't know if this two lines are important or not, but without comment them it doesn't even start to sync23:00
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