Sunday, 2015-05-31

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dr_gogeta86good morning07:59
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Nokiuso/ morning08:18
dr_gogeta86hi locusf08:19
Nokiuselfio is gone :(08:19
Nokiusmay he reads backlogs08:20
Nokiusthere is no repo lbt/android_kernel_motorola_falcon check your manifest08:20
dr_gogeta86i've touched the g3 just 15 days ago :-(08:23
Nokiushave to go have good day fellas && happy hacking  :)08:25
dr_gogeta86i've got some non working 3 days08:25
dr_gogeta86i was just come back from openstack land08:25
Nokiussledges: have a save trip to "arctic circle"08:26
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: never touch this but sounds interesting08:26
dr_gogeta86a strange place08:26
dr_gogeta86i'd find mer more interesting ... openstack is more interesting on the business plan08:27
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sledgesmorning all08:50
sledgesNokius: thanks!
sledges(name of the airport :P)08:51
sledgesi wish i could understand a word more :D08:51
sledgesdr_gogeta86: my compatriot pinged you on g3 status ;) gathering interest!08:51
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dr_gogeta86sledges, is not easy machine08:57
sledgesyou bet08:57
dr_gogeta86now i've recompiled with QCOM_BSP flag09:00
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elfioGood mornin!09:01
elfioI read the logs, Nokius09:01
elfioI'll take a look into that. Thank you!09:01
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dr_gogeta86sledges, i've got many requests on nexus S09:03
dr_gogeta86and galaxy nexus09:04
dr_gogeta86i didn't remember the codename09:04
sledgeswe have maguro09:04
dr_gogeta86how it works ?09:05
dr_gogeta86i don't wanna ask to much due current business rumors09:06
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elfioGuys the manifest for my device shouldn't be the one of page 42 of HADK? I took this one and replaced bn for motorola and encore for falcon but the sync doesn't work09:11
sledgeselfio: just like Nokius said, entries in manifest should point to existing github repos ;)09:11
dr_gogeta86if you write paragraph is better09:12
* sledges tries not to give direct answer so elfio learns09:14
elfiosledges: :) Thank you :)09:14
elfioI'm just looking into
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elfioEy yesterday I downloaded a ton of files from cm repos and many things are from other devices. I have no so much free space on my ssd, is there a way to clean part of this stuff (I assume other devices files are not necessary for me)09:26
elfioBTW it's seems working now. Thank you for teaching me :)09:27
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sledgeselfio: you can remove this safely: kernel/lge/hammerhead09:31
sledgesand device/lge/hammerhead09:31
sledgeswhat others do you see? (shouldn't be there, or they are falcon's deps)09:31
sledgescommon and generic are needed09:31
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sledges(or not big anyway)09:32
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elfioI have device/{common, generic, google, lge, motorola, sample}09:34
elfioand kernel/{lge, motorola}09:34
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dr_gogeta86elfio read carefully port a new device to sailfish09:38
dr_gogeta86ence your device isn't supported from mer-hybris repo09:38
elfioSo there is nothing I can do? dr_gogeta8609:38
sledges12:31 < sledges> elfio: you can remove this safely: kernel/lge/hammerhead09:39
sledges12:31 < sledges> and device/lge/hammerhead09:39
dr_gogeta86there is a lot to do09:39
sledgeselfio: then lge will be empty in  both09:39
sledgesso you can remove lge too09:39
elfioI though since there is a branch of mer-hybris for cm11 maybe a port could be made09:39
elfiosledges: ok09:39
elfiodr_gogeta86: so a port for falcon can't be made right now?09:41
sledgeselfio: you're using hybris-11.0 branch and just adding your device to it via manifest, job nearly done09:41
elfiosledges: yes, this is what I'm doing right now09:41
sledgesjob of adding new device ;)09:41
sledgesso all good09:41
elfiooh ok!09:41
elfioI mean, this I'm doing right now will be avaible for others to try a port?09:42
elfiosledges: perfect09:43
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elfioI cannot get pass 14.3 Building relevants bits of cm. I don't know I skip a step or what but the only I can get is  if I set roomservices_branches to cm-11.0  or this if I set roomservices_branches to stable/cm-11.0. If I don't set that variable, the stout suggest to set it to some branch10:10
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locusfyou probably need to do a off-tree build10:18
locusfah no10:19
locusfits probably due to a repository not existing10:19
sledgeselfio: add msm8226-common to local_manifest10:24
sledgesalso do the rm roomservice bit10:29
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piggz_i noticed that the ACE has its own fork of bionic .... what does the mer bionic have on top of CM ?11:16
elfioI'm still trying. Now I'm getting a 403 http error. Any idea why is this?11:16
locusfelfio: api limit11:16
locusfelfio: see hadk for solution11:16
elfiolocusf: thanks :)11:17
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elfiolocusf: machine should be just, right?11:27
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locusfelfio: well try that first but if it doesn't work then api.github.com11:28
dr_gogeta86default kickastart passwords for nemo11:31
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elfioWhy it says 'fatal: duplicate path device/motorola/falcon in /home/USER/Proyectos/sailfishport/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml' if there isn't even a line inside this manifest that says something about falcon?11:41
elfioI also have another error: 'build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS. "vendor/motorola/falcon/" does not exist.  Stop.'11:44
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sledgespiggz_: that you can read from hadk and github13:55
sledgeselfio: it's a buggy message, should disappear after removal of roomservices file as per hadk13:56
sledgeselfio: you'll need to add motorola falcon vendor repos too to local manifest13:56
elfiosledges: you mean it'll disappear if I delete roomservice.xml?14:01
sledgeselfio: it should, but if not, it's just a warning iirc14:02
elfiosledges: ok. About adding motorola falcon vendor repos to local manifest, I'm not sure how I should do this.14:07
elfioI think I have to add a line to local_manifests/falcon.xml similar to this '14:07
elfio<project path="vendor/motorola/falcon" name="CyanogenMod/android_kernel_motorola_falcon"14:07
elfiorevision="cm-11.0" />14:07
elfioBut how I could figure out what I need to write in that line?14:08
elfioI'd like not to be asking all the time but I don't get the procedure of this14:08
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sledgeselfio: here's the repo (google revealed:
sledges<project path="vendor/motorola" name=".....14:40
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maikoooli was so happy after my device finally showed the language selection screen, finally the display does something14:48
maikooolbut now it's stuck in a bootloop :(14:48
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sledgesmaikoool: great progress, usually people come here way before anything shows on screen ;)15:10
sledgeswhich device?15:10
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maikooolit took me some time :P15:18
maikooolHTC sensation15:18
maikooolaka 'pyramid'15:18
maikooolneeded to build cyanogenmod myself first, as is down :(15:19
maikooolit shows the language selection screen, then i choose english (uk), as that is the most appropriate for me, it asks me to confirm, says 'Please wait' in the middle of the screen and then: bootloop15:20
maikooolI got access to ssh, but 2 secs after i'm in, it reboots15:20
maikooolvery, very annoying that :)15:20
maikoooljudging by /proc/last_kmsg, it has something to do with watchdog15:21
maikoooli found a comment from piggz in the channel logs, suggesting that pulling the battery would solve this, but i tried and it didn't work15:22
piggzmaikoool: well done15:33
sledgesmaikoool: so you ruled out ofono already?15:37
maikooolno, cause I can't get in15:37
sledgeswell done indeed!15:37
sledgesmaikoool: well you got to dmesg; anyway you can try to mask ofono.service just via symlink (can be done from recovery)15:38
sledgesln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/ofono.service15:38
maikooolokay, will try15:39
maikoooli did note some messages about ofono in journal15:39
maikooolMay 31 15:23:55 Jolla ofonod[629]: create_ril: can't connect to RILD: Connection refused (111)15:39
maikoooland stuff about exluding what seems like devices15:39
maikooolbut nothing about it causing a reboot15:40
maikooolbut will try, thx :)15:40
sledgesjust a known cause15:40
locusfwhat about disabling the watchdog from kernel?15:40
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maikooollogs tell me ofono is successfully masked, so that workd15:46
maikooolbut the bootloop still exists15:46
maikooolsubsystem_fatal_8x60: Watchdog bite received from Q6!15:46
maikooolsubsys-restart: subsystem_restart(): Restart sequence requested for lpass15:46
maikoool[K] Going down for restart now15:46
maikooolafter that it's a big, big stacktrace15:47
maikoool - starting at line 384515:48
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sledgesmaikoool: then try what locusf suggested16:00
maikoooli did, using fastboot16:00
maikooolfastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c 'msm_watchdog.enable=0'16:00
maikoooldidn't work either16:01
maikoooli'm now trying to figure out wether /system is mounted16:01
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sledgesdid the flag get picked? did you appendn the rest of /proc/cmdline ??16:01
sledgess/??/?/ (on a bus :p)16:01
maikoooli did not check that16:01
sledgesalternatively you might hav eto recompile kernel flags16:01
sledgesthe watchdog bit16:01
maikooolthe NOWAYOUT config param?16:02
maikooolcause trying to disable all of watchdog failes to compile16:02
gena2xtrying to learn qt/qml on my jolla (know c++ quite well already). Want to do some stuff with controls from C++ code, want to invoke C++ code by timer. What's the simplest way? As main app is SailfishApp::main(), where to find widget data?16:04
locusfgena2x: check #sailfishos16:05
gena2xThere is only #SailFish, but somehow I guess that is kind of user-oriented?16:07
locusfit is #sailfishos16:08
locusfwhich is the development oriented channel16:09
locusfthis is for device porting oriented work16:09
locusfalthough I think there are people here to help on development too :)16:09
locusfbut the critical mass is in #sailfishos16:10
gena2xOh, for some reason my x-chat can't find that channel, but explicit join is fine.16:10
locusfnp :)16:11
maikooolhboot seems to enable the watchdog for me :(16:20
zhxtanyone tried 1.1.6 on mako?16:29
zhxtThe submenu of "Settings" doesn't show correctly.
zhxtThat menus with two '!' sign in front is blank page.16:32
zhxtand the homescreen can only display six running apps, even though I have more than six apps running.
zhxtanyone knows how to fix this? thx16:34
maikooolk, so i disabled watchdog :P16:51
maikooolby commenting the kernel code that executes the reboot16:51
maikoooli am now greeted by the terms of use16:52
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maikooolk, so that worked, i saw the homescreen and could do some stuff16:57
maikoooli'm so happy16:57
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maikooolthanks very much, locusf, sledges and piggz :D16:57
sledgeszhxt: carepack is your point of contact16:57
locusfmaikoool: np :)16:58
sledgesmaikoool: upstream pls or never happened ;)16:58
maikooolit's not fully working16:58
maikoooldoes that matter for adding to upstream?16:58
sledgessure, means anyone can help further16:59
sledgesyu reached first milestone16:59
maikooolnot fully working as in: it boots, the kernel hax is nasty, the touch-like buttons are broken but normal touch works, wifi is broken, cellphone is untested, camera crashes and the terminal app does nothing either16:59
sledgescheck yesterdays log on terminal. hint: EGL_PLATFORM17:00
maikooolmy phones needs to have it's wifi module inserted manually afaik17:00
sledgesjust label kernel commit as ugly hack :)17:01
maikooolbecause it searches for /vendor/firmware/bcmdhd.firmware17:01
maikooolso it needs that to be mounted first17:01
sledgesif you grep dhd repo for that .ko, you'll find other devices who already do that17:01
maikooolok, lemme rewrite all my commits17:02
maikoool'Your Name' is not a good name to commit with17:02
maikoooli was lazy17:03
maikooolit's all in a vm17:03
maikooolalso: the rpm files i needed to compile by hand, the middleware, i assume these are devices specific17:04
maikooolbut the guide mentions something about the openbuildsystem17:04
maikooolcan i add them myself to (my own if needed) openbuildsystem?17:04
maikooolthat would save me a lot of building :P17:04
maikooolalso: ofono seems to 'just work'17:09
maikooolMay 31 17:23:32 Jolla ofonod[1737]: No SIM card present.17:09
maikooolthat's true17:09
maikooolthere's no sim card present17:09
sledgesyes, chec how nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead's done17:10
maikooolok, and with that, is is possible to automate ALL of the building?17:11
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sledgesnot yet17:13
sledgesthough semi-unattended build script is in github dmt4 sfa-mer17:13
locusfthat would be nice17:14
locusfjust edit sources, push, tag, get latest image17:15
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maikooolmy pdf reader for some reason can't properly copy=paste the * characters17:17
maikooolwhich makes copy-pasting the commands in de hardware adaption pdf pretty crap17:17
maikooolthe pdf itself is very excellent though, maybe even the best guide i've ever seen17:18
locusfit sure is17:21
locusfthere are a couple of spots where it fails for me as well17:21
locusfmakes a newline17:21
maikooolyes, around the * character17:22
maikoooland ' is pasted as a backtick17:22
maikooolwhich doens't do much good :P17:22
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locusftry okular, it works17:23
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maikooolyeah, it's probaby got something to do with mozilla's pdf.js17:29
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: :D17:36
Nokiussledges: Vantaa is great airport17:37
Nokiussledges: sadly finair asia fligths are a bit price so I never had the change to use the Sauna before the flight :D17:38
Nokiuselfio: good :)17:38
sledgesmaikoool: backticks is a regression, my bad:) will be fixed in next release17:38
elfioNokius: sledges I'm still stuck somewhere, so when I have some free time I'll be back with more answers U_u17:39
elfioNokius: sledges of course I thank you all your help :)17:40
Nokiusmaikoool: pp line 154 to get the terminal up17:47
maikoooli'll try that, thanks17:48
Nokiuselfio: you are welcome I had to start 2 time to get the mainfest  part17:49
maikooolneed to do a fresh rebuild anyway17:49
Nokiusmaikoool: no problems17:49
Nokiusis it not posilbie to use obs to get fresh builds automatic ?17:50
maikoooli need to rebuild because i used a non-cm repo that hybris also forked, need to try the hybris version as well because of the one big manifest with all devices17:51
Nokiusmaikoool: pdf's in chrome / chromium are working17:53
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maikooolnot fully Nokius17:59
maikoool' is still pasted as another character18:00
maikooolbut it could well be my fault and not chrome/firefox/the pdf's18:00
Nokiusmaikoool: ah okay18:01
maikooolit's np though18:01
maikooolnow trying dmt4's buildscripts18:02
maikooolso no more copy-pasting  :)18:02
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Nokiusmaikoool: never tried this18:09
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* Nokius cu 18:23
* sledges boards the plane, lbt waves from next seat 18:23
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klopsi-u3have a nice flight18:39
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Nokius:D have save one19:25
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nh1402where is the source code for lipstick?19:49
nh1402locusf: thanks19:52
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nh1402trying to see if wayland has a getaxisvalue method. in libinput for android there's a getaxisvalue method with a parameter "axis". There is no information on how to tell which axis this is.19:55
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elfiogood night!22:04
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