Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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zGrrmoin :)05:23
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vindelschtuffenmorning, carepack07:14
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carepacksoembody knows if there is an additional package for mobile networking? In mobile network shortcut is missing and also the entry in settings.11:24
carepackbut able to enter pin and doing phone calls11:24
Stskeepsthe real option is in mobile network?11:25
carepackno. No option mobile network11:28
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carepackStskeeps: ?12:15
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krnlyngpotentially run android apps on sailfishos with this? https://github.com/vladikoff/chromeos-apk12:57
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sledgescarepack: jolla-settings-layout13:05
carepackis installed. pulley menu entries are correct since then. But mobile network is completely missing13:05
Stskeepsmodem up?13:05
carepackyep. entered pin and can make calls13:06
Stskeeps /usr/lib/ofono/tests/list-modems ?13:06
Stskeepsors omething like that13:06
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carepack? could'nt find soemthing like that13:12
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Stskeepsok, might need to install package13:13
Stskeepscarepack: what device?13:13
carepackwhich package is missing for list-modem13:24
carepackok. modem up and running. status registered13:37
carepackweired. Indocator shows me 2g connection but no internet connection. Can't browse any page13:40
sledgescarepack: could you show screenshots of missing item in settings?13:41
Stskeepscarepack: it's possible to have 2g without GPRS13:42
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carepacksure. moment please13:53
Stskeepsthat shows me a big penis..14:00
Stskeepsas in, the ads surrounding that image14:01
* sledges uses adblock+14:01
sledgesso came across very unexpected:D14:01
carepackshitty site14:02
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sledgescarepack: contents of /var/lib/environment/ofono/noplugin.conf ?14:06
mal-sledges: is jolla-settings-layout need by anything else than the settings menu?14:09
sledgesmal-: nah14:10
mal-hmm, then I still don't have any idea why the startup-wizard did not start14:11
mal-I'll have to see what happens with a new image since I cannot see logs due to lack of connectivity and because fingerterm is not working14:12
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Stskeepsalterego: i knew it14:18
alteregoStskeeps: I shouldn't go to internet cafe's with this friend .. Everytime I swear ..14:19
alteregoMy home internet is being "upgraded", well, it stopped working yesterday. So have to work from cafe -_-14:19
locusfkrnlyng: this requires qtwebengine + arc14:38
locusf(or rather chromium)14:38
krnlynglocusf: somebody ported chromium to sailfishos but it doesn't support chrome extensions yet and requires a patched qt14:39
locusfkrnlyng: yeah and doesn't have nacl support, which is required by ARC14:39
locusfkrnlyng: I'm doing an email to sailfish-devel now with my view of the situation14:40
krnlynglocusf: which view?14:40
locusfkrnlyng: sorry, opinion14:40
krnlynglet me know what they say :)14:41
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nh1402locusf: I'm not quite doing that ARC thing, I'm trying to connect Android input with Sailfish. So when you boot in to CM from Sailfish it gets input. From there I was going to look into getting Surfaceflinger to work on top of lipstick, (so you can switch between Sailfish and Android), and after that I was going to port the package installer from J15:04
nh1402ava to C++ so the apps installed can be shown in the Sailfish launcher and activated from there.15:04
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nh1402waiting on someone (or two weeks time when fibre broadband is installed) to check the modifications and build libinput from android and then test to see if my modifications work.15:05
locusfI forgot your current way15:07
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nh1402I'm hoping by the end of it, to be portable enough to work on all the ported devices, and an AOSP add-on library or something for Jolla devices15:10
nh1402and for any other wise OEM that natively runs Sailfish15:11
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sledgescarepack: use top-bottom approach: find which Qt translation string ID is for "Mobile network" (take exact name from your jolla phone), and which file contains that ID, and which package it belongs to15:18
sledgeshint: loads of greppint /usr/* ;)15:18
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situsledges: Meeting today ?16:49
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sledgessitu: yep16:54
sledgescc nh140216:54
sledgesPSA: bug triage in 5mins @ #mer-meeting16:54
krnlyngvakkov_: dude, i got apkenv working (well almost) it doesn't crash anymore on hybris devices but fruit ninja gives me a black screen17:09
locusfwoo \o/17:11
krnlyngthe reason was: apkenv shadowed some variables from libhybris with function pointers in them, which caused libhybris to call the apkenv functions... which is very bad :D17:15
nh1402now I don't need to do anything! kidding17:15
krnlyngnh1402: well you could try and figure out why fruitninja only has a black screen :P maybe i have the wrong version...17:16
nh1402is there sound?17:17
krnlyngnh1402: nope :(17:18
nh1402any form of output?17:18
krnlyngnh1402: no only a black sdl window17:18
krnlyngi wrote the sdl2 part so it is probably because of me :D17:19
krnlyngalthough i think vakkov_ said it worked on the n917:19
nh1402did you initialise SDL beforehand17:19
krnlyngnh1402: yes, this is the sdl stuff: https://github.com/thp/apkenv/blob/master/platform/sailfish.c17:23
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nh1402that is the code my code was based off17:23
nh1402is the sdl library stuff all set up17:24
krnlyngnh1402: what do you mean?17:33
nh1402well you're importing SDL in order to use it, was the SDL Library a part of apkenv when you built it17:34
nh1402in the SDL folder as the include statement suggests17:34
alinsledges: the sync was solved after update 11 or so17:34
nh1402alin: I believe you're in the wrong channel ;)17:35
alinnh1402: ?17:35
nh1402are you referencing a bug from the triage in #mer-meeting17:36
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jerpeleahi all17:36
alinnh1402: probably I never go to that meetings17:36
nh1402well its going on right now17:37
sledgeshey jerpelea , welcome back17:37
krnlyngnh1402: i really don't understand what you mean, sdl2 is included, it exists and we link against it17:38
nh1402alright that's not the problem then17:38
jerpeleasorry for being off17:40
jerpeleaa lot of things have happened and i was mostly traveling17:40
sledgesgood good17:41
jerpeleasledges: is hybris now upto lp?17:42
nh1402krnlyng: I'm running out of ideas of why it doesn't show anything. Do you have any?17:43
sledgesjerpelea: locusf did major part, but got held by bionic issues17:44
locusfno longer17:44
krnlyngnh1402: not yet, but there is a bug in SDL which causes a black screen when using SDL_CreateRenderer maybe other sdl functions are also affected, i have to test it once the patch gets merged and shipped (thp)17:45
sledgeslocusf: jerpelea: that's right, bionic was solved, until locusf's PC stopped working:)17:46
jerpeleathis is super nice17:47
jerpeleacan i have a stupid ideea ?17:47
krnlyngi'll try plants vs zombies, i understand it's module best and know which version should work17:47
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locusfjerpelea: sure, shoot :)17:49
jerpeleawhich parts of sailfish actualy use libhybris ?17:49
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krnlyngvakkov_: ping17:50
krnlyngok pvz fails horribly :(17:51
nh1402what happened, did it just not load17:52
krnlyngsegmentation fault somewhere in pvz...17:53
vakkov_krnlyng: gotta go :( tell me how you did it  and what you get17:55
vakkov_might be something familiar17:55
sledgesjerpelea: https://sailfishos.org/about/ (bottom of page), but either plugin can be either via hybris, or natively17:56
krnlyngvakkov_: black screen in fruit ninja, i am currently trying other games17:56
sledges(e.g. ffmemless is native alternative to android's vibra)17:56
krnlyngvakkov_: long story short, libhybris called apkenv functions because of some shadowed variables17:56
krnlyngvakkov_: renaming stuff helped :)17:56
jerpeleathen why do we still use hybris?17:57
jerpeleaand not switch to native ?17:57
vakkov_krnlyng: pls commit it somewhere :D i will paly with tit later17:57
vakkov_bye for now17:58
krnlyngvakkov_: https://github.com/thp/apkenv/pull/5817:58
krnlyngvakkov_: bye :)17:58
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sledgesjerpelea: closed source blobs for peripherals resort to hybris as only option17:59
jerpelealets go to priv18:01
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krnlyngwould be interesting to know why libhybris variables/functions get shadowed by apkenvs functions in the first place... and if there is a better way to tell it (the linker) not to use the apkenv functions18:09
mal-sledges: just curious about this PR, have you retested it after my comment https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/pull/918:13
mal-I have used that on my device without problems18:13
sledgesmal-: this fell through the cracks18:14
sledgesim on a kernel task now, will be able to test that too18:14
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mal-I was just looking at the bug list during the meeting and notice the bug for which that is the fix18:16
mal-also noticed that https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777 is already fixed18:18
merbotNemo bug 777 in Hybris-ing "hybris-boot mountpoint perl script loops infinitely if wrong conditions met" [Major,New]18:18
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mal-maybe I should comment that18:21
sledgesmal-: cleaned up :)18:21
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sledgesthanks! PSA: one last habit to develop(sic): create bug for every PR, and refer to that bug in commit message (Fixes nemo#xxx)18:22
mal-indeed, good to remember that18:22
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sledgesit's all bugzilla driven, and easy to do changelogs, relnotes, once proper ci/qa system is up (stemming from jolla practises)18:23
mal-I'm a little lazy in creating bug reports, usually I just fix those if possible18:25
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sledgesyou're not the only one;)18:26
sledgesbut i had to retrain myself after realising that release engineers won't be able to tell what has been fixed otherwise:) (and what to test, etc)18:27
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krnlyngStskeeps: do you know, why on libhybris devices, when running apkenv the linker mixes up apkenv's linker functions with libhybris's linker functions? libhybris calls apkenv's functions and uses apkenv's variables if they have the same name, renaming is one option but is there a better way to avoid such conflicts?18:32
Stskeepskrnlyng: ELF symbol clashes?18:33
Stskeepsbad namespacing?18:33
krnlyngStskeeps: and another issue: sometimes we get a segfault when a mapped function (like strcasecmp or strdup) tries to access data from a apk game as if we had no read permission on those memory locations18:35
Stskeepsthat i don't know18:36
Stskeepsbad mmapping?18:36
krnlyngthought the same18:36
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krnlyngbut that seems horror to debug18:38
krnlyngin the case of strcasecmp we fixed it by rewriting the function in apkenv, but at least for petalsredux (there the problem is strdup/strlen) rewriting it does not work18:39
mal-sledges: if I change the pattern do I have to rebuild some or is it enough to process_patterns.sh and then rebuild the image?18:42
sledgesmal-: process_patterns.sh processes droid-hal-*-patterns*.rpm ;)18:47
sledgesso updated pattern needs to get in there first (rebuild dhd)18:47
nh1402krnlyng: isn't there are more universal way to get android native apps working?, without the need for modules for specific apps.18:48
krnlyngnh1402: i experimented with various methods but never got far...18:48
krnlyngnh1402: one option would be to use dalvikvm and rewrite the android classpath which is far too much work i think18:49
mal-sledges: ok18:49
krnlyngnh1402: another option would be to spawn surfaceflinger within apkenv, but that requires all gles processes to be spawnd in a similar manner18:50
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
krnlyngnh1402: thp got it working in a chroot, with some hacks (transfering the graphics through network) but that didn't support gles apps and was slow18:51
nh1402would you think using ART instead would be too much work, or less, or the same as apkenv18:55
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krnlyngnh1402: i think with art we most likely have the same issues, running android applications is not hard, but getting them to draw in a window is hard18:57
nh1402how about if we modified surfaceflinger to draw in a wl_surface18:58
krnlyngnh1402: i tried to do that with surfaceflinger through apkenv (but it was X11 instead of wayland on the n9), you can find my patch on github, but for that to work it requires us to run everything through a similar layer18:59
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:00
nh1402wouldn't the layer just be surfaceflinger drawing straight to a surface19:01
krnlyngnh1402: other android processes access gles functions from the android gles libraries... and surfaceflinger would then access the gles host libraries, and that would be bad because how should we transfer the buffers from one library to the other? (note that i am not a graphics guy so you probably have to verify this with someone more familiar with gles)19:03
krnlyngand such)*19:03
nh1402I'm not a graphics guy either, didn't think it would be a game of hot potato19:04
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*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!~phdeswer@91-159-55-220.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
nh1402krnlyng: whats the similar layer19:09
*** itdoesntmatt_ <itdoesntmatt_!5d244e61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:11
krnlyngnh1402: basically mapping gles functions to the correct libraries19:11
itdoesntmatt_hi , is there any news about next alpha of nexus5's sailfish rom?19:11
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:12
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: you can try a very early preview build: http://1drv.ms/1C6QRWM19:14
itdoesntmatt_thank you!19:14
sledges(using of multirom strongly encouraged, as that image is just to test any fixes, and don't report bugs from there pls:)19:14
sledgesnew image is in the works19:14
itdoesntmatt_ah ok it isnt needed to report bug from that?19:15
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: about your audio recording problem with whatsup - this app hasn't been tested well, and many things can happen. can you try some other recorder? (like callrecorder to record phonecalls)19:15
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
itdoesntmatt_sledges any news of problem of audio recording?19:15
sledgesim sure it will be some codec problem19:15
nh1402krnlyng: how about we stick with using android apps through CM, and replace the launcher with a modified Sailfish launcher, which takes you back to Sailfish when swiping back to the homescreen via a script.19:15
itdoesntmatt_i tryed with recorder19:15
krnlyngnh1402: CM?19:16
itdoesntmatt_when i open recording app with jolla it works, and shows me list of records19:16
itdoesntmatt_indeed on nexus 5 it doesnt do even that!19:17
krnlyngdon't know how that could be done19:17
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: are you talking about callrecorder?19:18
nh1402we could try closing surfaceflinger and restarting lipstick19:18
itdoesntmatt_no im referring to Recorder, an app on openrepos19:18
nh1402most of the time it goes back with no problems, some times it requirs a restart.19:18
itdoesntmatt_anyone can try to record an audio file, to test if its only a problem of myself or not?19:19
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:19
nh1402it's just the input isn't working yet. Need someone to look over the modifications I made to libinput, and see if it needs fixing, and then would be time for testing.19:19
itdoesntmatt_sledge thats the app19:20
krnlyngnh1402: do you have the source code for that to look at?19:21
nh1402krnlyng: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wz2nkvvsia10a1c/input.cpp?dl=019:21
krnlyngi meant the sf/lipstick part19:22
mal-sledges: any idea why mic build gives "Error <repo>: Could not run transaction."19:23
nh1402its libinput from android19:23
nh1402krnlyng: Oh do you mean the modified init.rc file?19:23
sledgesmal-: repo reachable?19:23
krnlyngnh1402: yup :)19:23
nh1402krnylng: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ht90lmtubbm7g7w/Modified%20init.rc?dl=019:23
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off19:24
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: recorder doesn't work for me either19:24
sledgesmal-: what's the lastest with audio recording in droidmedia?:)19:24
mal-sledges: at that point it has everything downloaded already19:24
sledgesmal-: does it error out?19:24
mal-it dies after that19:24
nh1402krnlyng: which device do you have?, I'm using nexus 519:25
itdoesntmatt_sledges: so, whats the problem with recording? have you understood it?19:25
krnlyngnh1402: the input stuff, i see you get the input from sdl but doesn't sdl require an actual window to get inputs from?19:25
krnlyngnh1402: i have the jolla phone :)19:26
krnlyngbut i like the idea of having an alternative for aliendalvik :P19:26
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: you need to launch a recorder app from command line, and pastebin the output19:26
itdoesntmatt_what i have to digit? i'm completely ignorant about it19:27
nh1402krnlyng: I'm not sure, never really used SDL before. This was for touch input only, didn't think it would need a window. Does it?19:27
krnlyngnh1402: you could try to read from /dev/event* directly :D but thats a hack19:28
mal-sledges: my bad, too little space on disk :) it seems mic was smart and noticed before it tried to build that there is not enough space19:28
itdoesntmatt_For all: maybe i'm the only who is experimenting this but When i receive a call and then i stop it , sometimes the phone got stucked and i have to reboot.19:28
nh1402krnlyng: there would then be 3 things trying to read from /dev/event* , sailfish, android, and the hack.19:29
mal-sledges: well, it depends on what encoder is used, what does that program use19:29
itdoesntmatt_sledges: i have just tryed with call recorder, it records something but i cannot hear it.19:32
krnlyngwell if it works? what other ways of getting input are there?19:33
alinsledges: do you still need the rpms?19:34
alinsledges: finished teaching tomorrow I can do them19:34
krnlyngnh1402: if it works then fine, someone else can figure out a better way of doing it :P19:34
sledgesalin: yes pls19:35
nh1402krnlyng: what are you proposing, if it works then yh, let's do it.19:35
itdoesntmatt_what i have to insert in terminal to open an app??19:35
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: ssh into your phone and launch harbour-recorder (or whatever name it is)19:36
nh1402krnlyng: or we won't stop hacking till it works ;)19:36
sledgesmal-: looks like several apps just try to record and fail (we'll see if they are requesting a specific codec or not)19:36
mal-I'm still building my most recent image so cannot try myself yet19:37
krnlyngnh1402: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5060710/format-of-dev-input-event19:38
itdoesntmatt_sledges: i will wait for news about it i'm useless in developing app or coding19:40
itdoesntmatt_but if i can test something for help let me know19:40
nh1402krnlyng: we have to do it in python?, I don't know that, yet but shouldn't be too hard to learn.19:40
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: it's just testing:) but thanks for reporting!19:40
itdoesntmatt_you are also testing that?19:41
krnlyngnh1402: no you don't need to do it in python, you can hack it into input.cpp i only showed you this to see how to read the input :)19:41
itdoesntmatt_for me you guys are speaking aramaic19:41
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: i will test in a minute19:41
itdoesntmatt_ah ok19:41
itdoesntmatt_however bug i found are : 1) recording 2) got stucked when ends call without waiting it disappear by itself 3) sometimes i cant input anything, it simply doesnt respond to swipes19:43
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: 2) and 3) might worth retesting with 1.1.6 - do you have multirom?19:44
itdoesntmatt_i installed sailfish with multirom19:46
itdoesntmatt_its the deepest hack i could reach aahahahaha19:46
sledgesdownload that 1.1.6 then and hack away;)19:47
itdoesntmatt_ok, sir. It will be done!!19:47
nh1402krnlyng: oh right, I'll try. But not really all that proficient with C++, just had some exposure to it.19:50
itdoesntmatt_another info, guys...i want to start to learn coding. i'm just a noob, i only has got some java lesson at school. What language do you suggest, in order to develop on linux/sailfish and maybe other platforms?19:52
itdoesntmatt_i have to study anything else about linux organization (or of an OS in general) before applying to coding, right?19:53
nh1402itdoesntmatt_ QT/C++ for Sailfish, Java or C++, (technically C# too) for Android, Objective C/C++ for iOS19:54
nh1402just use the relevant API's for each platform. QT is kind of available for all platforms but not able to access everything for all of them. eg getting contact list may not be possible to get from Android with QT19:55
itdoesntmatt_so if i learn c++ i could program to every platform?19:55
itdoesntmatt_its good as starting language? thank u,so kind19:57
nh1402yes, but any platform specific code you'll need to use the main language of choice Objective C for iOS, Java for Android19:57
itdoesntmatt_ok, but i have to star with one of them19:57
ptr2ptrstart w/ c++19:58
itdoesntmatt_ok, and for other question, i need to start with some manual about organization of OS i suppose, i'm right? i only have some information by school19:59
sledgessimple sailfish app can be written in QML only (experiment with sailfish SDK/QtCreator https://sailfishos.org/develop/20:01
sledgeswithout need for c++ at first20:02
nh1402QML being close to javascript20:02
nh1402where javascript is probably the easiest to get into.20:02
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*** schiggn <schiggn!~quassel@p5B3662DF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:03
itdoesntmatt_ok,so i will start with c++ or javascript.20:06
itdoesntmatt_i suppose c++ is more difficult but more complete20:08
itdoesntmatt_Sledges: i'm installing 1.16 to test it, i will have to redownload everything and set up it..but ok20:09
nh1402javascript is more forgiving, if you into the right (or rather wrong) things, you could royally mess things up with C++.20:11
nh1402by accessing and modifying things in RAM.20:11
itdoesntmatt_uhm ok..so you suggest javascript20:12
itdoesntmatt_wich is not java right?20:12
nh1402eg. assigning values to an array in a loop, and the loop goes longer than the array.20:13
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nh1402yes, JavaScript is not Java, but the syntax is pretty similar, well the syntax is also similar to C++ too.20:14
itdoesntmatt_ok, i know basis of java20:18
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itdoesntmatt_thanks to all for precious suggests20:21
itdoesntmatt_see you soon here :)20:22
itdoesntmatt_you have all been so kind and patient!20:22
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itdoesntmatt_sledges: language choosing in 1.16 alpha doesnt work yet20:23
*** cxl000 <cxl000!~cxl000@c27-253-5-120.brodm4.vic.optusnet.com.au> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
itdoesntmatt_choosing italian20:24
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nh1402itdoesntmatt_: If you need programming help with Sailfish apps then #sailfishos is the channel for you, if you need help with porting, flashing, or low level stuff then that is usually what this channel is for.20:26
itdoesntmatt_after two reboots it works, sorry20:26
itdoesntmatt_ah ok, perfect20:27
itdoesntmatt_i will come here only to report bugs, ok?20:27
itdoesntmatt_and for other question join other channel20:27
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sledgesitdoesntmatt_: you can backup20:33
sledgesand restore on new install20:33
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!~phdeswer@91-159-55-220.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:33
sledgesinstant setup;)20:33
*** USailor_ <USailor_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
itdoesntmatt_sledges: with backup on jolla or other procedure??20:34
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: on nexus520:34
sledgesdo backup20:34
sledgesthen copy vault file over to new install20:34
sledgesdo restore20:34
sledgesi'm curious what happens if you do that from jolla to n5 :D20:34
sledgesbut here are the details: #13 http://bit.ly/port-user-faq20:34
itdoesntmatt_i mean backup with option in sailfish settings?20:34
sledges(since there is no sd card, you have to see that faq)20:35
itdoesntmatt_ah ok i have heard something about brfs or .value in a discussion on tmo20:35
itdoesntmatt_sure i cant do backup from jolla phone , right? :D20:36
itdoesntmatt_audio recording on nexus 5 with 1.16 doesnt work . it create little file (1.7 kb) wich is too much small for being recorded call20:36
itdoesntmatt_just for report to you.20:36
itdoesntmatt_phone seems more fluid without stucking20:37
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mal-sledges: now I got telnet into my device, I get errors from various programs "failed to register buffer"20:40
mal-and still no first boot tutorial or account stuff20:42
mal-it segfaults20:43
sledgesmal-: this is what harbour-recorder produces on nexus5: https://pastee.org/hfnw920:54
sledgesitdoesntmatt_: you might as well risk and do backup from jolla:) after all it's only messages, media, and other high level settings20:55
mal-sledges: any ideas what could cause "failed to register buffer"20:55
sledgesmal-: re suw: you know what to do ;) (they are all compositors, launched same way as lipstick; can be that some boot race is upon us, but wouldn't bet on it)20:55
mal-sledges:i get the first one with the language selection and then it runs the ui without ambience of course because the selection never appeared20:57
mal-sledges: so I have to stop lipstick before trying to run the suw?20:58
mal-it seems not21:02
mal-backtrace is useless21:02
mal-sledges: it suw the one with color theme selection etc?21:09
mal-and what is the first one with language selection21:09
mal-I think that might be jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session21:10
mal-sledges: looks like there is some problém with hwcomposer21:17
Nokius_carepack: so it's working21:17
itdoesntmatt_but even before you were talking about fixing audio recording? i thought you were talking about others problem (android compatibility and other stuff).. i have neither understand what you are talking about, oh poor me!! ahahaha21:19
nh1402that was me, there are ideas being thrown around on how to bring android app compatibility to Sailfish21:21
sledgesmal-: looks like you're on a good way21:22
* sledges says gnite21:22
mal-sledges: I think it could be my "fix" for hwcomposer plugin21:23
itdoesntmatt_what?? gnite?21:23
itdoesntmatt_ahahaha however this let me feel better!!21:23
sledgesmal-:) see also that n5 had suw problems with 1.1.621:24
mal-sledges: oh21:24
mal-what kind?21:24
sledges23:23 < itdoesntmatt_> sledges: language choosing in 1.16 alpha doesnt work yet21:24
sledges23:26 < itdoesntmatt_> after two reboots it works, sorry21:24
Nokius_oh :(21:24
sledgesmight be different cause though21:24
mal-that worked for me21:24
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius21:24
* sledges is knackered, talk to you all tomorrow!21:25
itdoesntmatt_yes but after rebooting now works21:26
* Nokius have to find some time to get BT working correct but not to night 21:26
itdoesntmatt_night to all!!21:27
mal-doesn't work, will have think of something else, why would hwcomposer suddenly start to have problems21:30
mal-logcat is flooded with "E/qdhwcomposer(  673): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL"21:31
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!~phdeswer@91-159-55-220.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
mal-I'll build 1.1.4 just to see if it will work21:35
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Nokiussledges: ikozzz toled me that he has a 1.1.6 build from alin which was working may this helps to find out which part breaks (I don't know how old the build is)22:05
alinNokius: arounf 2 weeks22:07
alinNokius: Thu May 2822:08
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_inte_i have an a galaxy s3 lte (i9305) and i saw it running sailfishos on some vids23:59
_inte_however, i quite dont understand how to install sf23:59

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