Wednesday, 2015-06-10

_inte_according to, it should run quite ok already00:00
_inte_even though the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro  seems to be the device with the best hardware support to date00:01
_inte_it seems there are no images for download, though?00:01
_inte_i only found
_inte_are there further sources from where i could get the corresponding image?00:02
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intewhere can I find images for android phones and which models are best for playing around with sfos?06:59
intei have a galaxy s3lte06:59
intewhich seems to be supported quite well according to
intei thought of buying a used and cheap xperia pro to play around with the keyboard07:00
intebut where are the images?07:00
intezhxt: yes sure07:01
intethe xperia pro seems to be the model which has the best support07:01
intebut the s3 lte seems also fine07:01
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krnlyng|mobile_woho petalsredux + apkenv displays graphics :), but touch input doesnt work vakkov_07:04
intei found
intebut there are no images for either the xperia nor the i930507:05
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intecan i just use any image on those models?07:08
zhxtinte, yes, seems no pre-build image for them. But you can build one if you want. follow this guide:
intemh i guess thats a bit out of my capability (and time)07:10
inteit only surprises me there is no image for the s3lte even though there are a couple of vids on youtube showing it running sfos07:11
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zhxtmorning, carepack :)07:22
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carepackmal-: mako produces the same output on cm1107:31
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sledgesinte: as you can see, i9305 modem is barely working, so port stopped at that point07:42
sledgesxperia pro is done by mal- and he's in progress of upstreaming it07:43
sledgesi'm sure he can already share a dev image07:43
sledgesinte: i have super old i9305 from last year, if you want a taster preview:
sledgesyou'll need to flash official android ROM 4.2.2, then CM10 10.1.3, then sailfishos .zip07:49
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alinsledges: ok ball is rolling now08:21
alinsledges: I will ping you for sr if all goes to plan08:21
sledges\o/ alin08:22
mal-sledges: I have a hunch what the problem might be with my latest images, only thing related to graphics/hwcomposer that I updated was libhybris08:39
sledgesmal-: regardless sfos version?08:40
mal-both 1.1.4 and 1.1.6, haven't tried 1.1.208:40
mal-inte: I currently in the process of building a working image for xperia pro, that does not need user hacking to work properly08:42
sledgesmal-: time to bisect libhybris then08:45
mal-after I make it's the problem by building an image with older version08:46
stephgmorning guys08:49
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mal-sledges: do you happen to know if there are several conf files included in a service file, which order are those included in, for example this has
intesledges thanks i will play around with it!08:53
mal-sledges: so if I want to override that how should I name the conf file08:53
inteI dont have a xperia pro yet08:54
mal-sledges: service file has EnvironmentFile=-/var/lib/environment/usb-moded/*.conf08:54
intebut since those devices are pretty cheap on ebay and have a hw keyboard i was just thinking of buying one to play around with it08:54
sledgesmal-: one way to find out;)08:54
intei have a genuine jolla, though :-)08:54
intemal-: are you about to publish your image when ready or should I check in here from time to time?08:58
mal-inte: yes, I'm going to publish it when ready, but I might be a little perfectionist with the quality of the image so asking here might be good for getting a image for testing :)08:59
intemal-: At first I would need to get a device anyways:-)08:59
intethere are pretty many sony devices in the hw adaptaion table09:00
intehope sony will become jollas next hw partner09:01
inteeven though i doubt they will09:01
intebut i remember they were playig around with ffos some time ago, obviously they seem somewhat open to alternative OS09:02
mal-sledges: looks like it might be alphabetical order, at least it work now09:04
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alinsledges: I think you have broken some stuff09:43
alinsledges: dhd modular cloned from here09:44
sledgesalin: no longer need for dhd2modular, as repos are upstream09:48
alinsledges: I do not understand...09:49
alinsledges: so there is not need to build? the dhd?09:49
sledgesalin: no need to run dhd2modular anymore09:50
sledgesjust adjust the manifest09:50
sledgesin fact09:50
sledgeslocal_manifest needs to be done09:50
sledgesto contain dhd dhc dhv repos09:50
alinsledges: ok you lost me...09:51
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sledgesalin: well, i just asked for dhd rpms :")09:53
sledgessorting out the rest of repos is another task09:54
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alinsledges: indeed probably09:54
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alinsledges: this I have
alinsledges: I will upload them to see09:57
alinsledges: 85910:01
sledgesalin: against update13?10:02
alinsledges: ye10:02
alinsledges: ok.. thought I did a mess10:02
alina pitty we cannot test10:03
sledgesalin: accepted10:03
alinsledges: good let us step back and watch the things fall apart10:03
sledgesalin: where are the rest of RPMs? :P10:04
sledgespls upload them all10:05
alinsledges: this is the problem10:05
alinsledges: I told them they were failing10:06
alinsledges: but I was running the dhd2modular build10:06
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alinsledges: I am builgind by hand to see10:10
alinsledges: ok... configs is failing... so where shall I add that repos to be pulled?10:19
sledgesalin: i'll tell you in a bit. are you uploading the rest of RPMs in the background?10:20
sledges(as separate task)10:20
alinsledges: but I need to generate them10:20
alinsledges: this is the problem10:20
alinsledges: mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$ARCH -s rpm/droid-config-$DEVICE.spec build fails10:20
sledgesalin: only dhd10:20
sledgesdhc not needed10:20
sledgesyou gave me only tools10:20
alinsledges: aaa blimey10:21
alinsledges: yes I have10:21
alinsledges: I was thinking of something else.. thought I adlready added the dhd10:22
alinsledges: sr 86010:22
alinsledges: what a numpty I am..10:23
sledgesnumpty physics is best game ever (on N9)10:26
sledgesand i should've seen those missing too :P10:26
alinsledges: ok... did you accept the sr?10:26
sledgesalin: it worked10:28
sledgesmuch thanks10:28
alinsledges: ok.. if you say so.. I do not know know what it worked...10:29
alinsledges: I see gst-droid is still not happy10:29
sledgesthat needs seperate love10:29
sledgesfirst we should sort out local builds10:30
sledgeswhen you're ready10:30
sledges(once obs is built, you can make an image in no time)10:30
alinsledges: ok... one note... I think the fingerterm from jolla is newewr than the one in our repo10:30
alinsledges: in principle yes... but I miss the gst-droid10:31
sledgesgst-droid will use its old version10:31
sledgeswhich looks good already10:31
sledgeswe'll resurrect that too, later10:31
alinsledges: let me take a tea10:34
alinand we will see10:34
sledgeswait for me10:34
sledgesi'm a bad poet10:34
mal-sledges: is there way to bake in the android recovery (cwm) thingy to sailfish kernel10:35
mal-since my device does not have a separate kernel for recovery10:36
sledgesmal-: can't think of why not10:37
mal-ok, I'll have to look into that then10:38
mal-It's quite annoy to have to fastboot flash first a android kernel to be able to install the zip and then reinstall sailfish kernel10:39
sledgeshell yea10:39
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locusfyep its a sony quirk :p10:47
mal-sledges: it's now verified, most recent libhybris breaks my device10:49
mal-fun debugging ahead10:49
sledgesmal-: but only suw?10:49
mal-sledges: not onyl that, most programs10:50
mal-settings, fingerterm etc10:50
mal-only few programs worked10:51
mal-but the "isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL" is still in logcat but doesn't cause any problems10:52
sledgesmal-: that error is seen on most devices, and not causing issues10:52
sledgesjust polluting log10:52
mal-there was other errors with new libhybris10:52
sledgesstill would be nice to get rid of (but that happened  since long time)10:52
sledgesmal-: you can bisect which commit broke your case10:52
sledgesby just overwriting mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris folder10:53
mal-I will do that10:53
sledgesfrom upstream10:53
sledgesand running mb210:53
sledgesthen deploy on device using -Uvh --oldpackage10:53
sledgesno other rebuilds needed10:53
sledgesthat's the quickest way10:53
sledges(only rpm/ packaging errors in %files sections come across, rarely)10:54
mal-indeed, I was not planning to build a new image everytime :)10:54
mal-next is figuring how to fix setting pixel ratio on build10:54
sledgesmal-: by going modular ;p10:56
mal-ok :)10:56
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mal-first I need to find out what is the correct pixel ratio10:57
alinmal-: not too many choices10:59
alinmal-: 1.5 2.0 or 1.010:59
mal-1.0 is totally wrong, onyl two icons per row11:00
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alinmal-: uau...11:01
alinsledges: got an image11:01
alinno time to test11:01
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mal-sledges: there is no suitable pixel ratio for me, 1.0 shows 3 icons per row, 1.5 shows only 2 icons11:19
mal-have I done something wrong11:19
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carepackmal-: no. same problem on mako. Can'tt get the pixel ratio to a value where everything fits11:21
sledgesmal-: try <1.011:21
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mal-sledges: better, with 0.75 it shows 4 icons but the icons are slightly too small11:25
mal-have to find some value between 0.75 and 1.011:26
sledgesmal-: any value not in 1 1.5 2 will fall back to 1.0 icon pack, and only scale ui elements11:29
sledges(later in more iconpackgs will be provided, and closest value will be mapped , e.g. 1.25 so 1.13 maps to 1.25 and so on)11:29
mal-0.875 looks reasonable on my device11:32
sledgesmal-: also test 4 apps making 2x2 grid11:32
sledgesand 9 - 3x311:32
sledges(if you can launch apps :P)11:32
sledges(>=5 apps -> 3x3)11:32
mal-it only shows 2x211:33
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mal-sledges: does that mean the pixel ratio is still a little wrong?11:36
sledgesyes that would mean that11:37
mal-the sizes of those relating to the screen size are to my eyes identical when comparing to jolla11:39
sledgesjolla1 is 1.011:43
sledgeshave you pulled in the icon pack?11:43
mal-I have all of the packs11:44
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carepacksledges: I've found the qml also. But ho should this solve the problem?11:59
sledgescarepack: like i said, use rpm -qf to see which package this qml comes from12:00
mal-sledges: maybe there is some complications from the wrong icon sizes? I made the pixel ratio smaller and still only 2x212:06
sledgescarepack: perfect. tell me which qml file it is, and i will check its source code here12:09
sledgesto see what causes it to disappear on your device12:10
carepack "source": "/usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/mobilenetworking/mainpage.qml"12:10
locusfmal-: did you have adreno gpu on sony?12:11
mal-locusf: yes12:12
locusfok so the new libhybris might not also work my sony device12:13
locusfgood to know, thanks12:13
nh1402adreno 205 iirc12:13
mal-yes, 20512:15
mal-locusf: I have to check one more thing, made a stupid mistake, normally it only affect fingerterm, maybe the new version is so different that it also affect other parts12:17
locusfmal-: ok12:18
mal-i.e. I had HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM instead of EGL_PLATFORM12:18
mal-that could explain things12:19
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mal-locusf: just checked, EGL_PLATFORM does not help14:02
locusfmal-: ok14:09
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krnlyngnow there is sound in apkenv :D but glesv1 games still don't render (glesv2 ones do - at least the one i checked)14:20
krnlyngvakkov: ^^14:20
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mal-krnlyng: nice14:24
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nh1402krnlyng: so what was the problem?14:42
krnlyngnh1402: we had to use libaudioresource to support audio output14:43
krnlyngabout the rendering problem, i still don't know what the issue is14:44
nh1402so it's still not drawing, at least some form of output is working now, if not input.14:46
krnlyngnh1402: input works too14:48
krnlyngit didn't work because the code was using mouse events instead of touch events :)14:48
nh1402so if touch events are working with sdl would you say I should stick with SDL for the libinput modifications?14:50
krnlyngnh1402: the only game that actually renders is petals redux which is a glesv2 game, so maybe the issue is glesv1 related14:50
krnlyngnh1402: hmm, you should ask some sdl people if you can sdl input without an sdl window14:50
krnlyngif it works then you could stick to sdl14:51
krnlyngbut i fear it doesn't14:51
krnlyngnh1402: maybe you can try the putenv command and spawn a dummy window... but i fear it will still try to read input from the dummy video and not from the screen14:59
krnlyngnh1402: but i would really first try the method that really works, to have something to test and show as a proof of concept15:01
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krnlyngdo you have the pointer to the native window in libinput?15:18
nh1402urm, I'm not sure.15:19
nh1402it doesn't look like it15:20
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mal-has anyone else had problems allowing installation of untrusted software downloaded from web to ported devices?15:51
sledgesmal-: you have to run zypper ref once prior to that15:53
sledges(or pkcon refresh)15:53
mal-sledges: ok, is the problem due to mising jolla store or something else?15:57
sledgesmal-: not really, because if jolla store was working, you would still need to download something from it at least once (so it does the refresh for you)16:01
sledgeswhich brings us to a potential bug on jolla phone: flash fresh, skip jolla account creation, enable untrusted, try to download rpm from web16:01
sledgesi guess the fix is to be implemented in the UI launcher which spawns rpm16:02
mal-sledges: not working, log says "runPlugin:44 - DeviceLock: no plugin configuration set in /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/devicelock.conf"16:06
mal-sledges: ok jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa missing16:07
mal-still no installing, but not complaining anything anymore16:11
sledgesmal-: journalctl -f, pkmon16:13
sledgeszypper ref don?16:13
mal-yes, it's done, also pkcon refresh16:14
mal-pkmon tells nothing after pressing install on ui16:14
mal-sledges: journal log
mal-complains about jolla store16:16
mal-well account16:16
sledgeshmmppp i think you're tripping on the same mine as Nokius_16:20
sledgesno jolla store enabled - no luck, only resort - warehouse16:20
mal-yes, I noticed this because first I was trying to install warehouse :)16:21
mal-forgot to add it to my image16:21
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krnlyngdoes anybody have a working glesv1 application for sailfish for which i can look at the source? i am haveing troubles with gl initialisation17:52
Stskeepsthp might17:54
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*** dc is now known as ptr2tr17:54
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mal-sledges: do you know if any other manufacturers than sony is using the same kernel for recovery and normal boot19:34
sledgesnever heard such troubles, only with sony19:35
sledges(simply they have only 1 kernel boot partition, and no recovery partition)19:35
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mal-ok, then I might make an exception for sony to the hybris-boot to include the recovery ramdisk also19:36
mal-it should be rather simple actually19:36
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Nokiussaw today that 1.1.6 has a new field in About device Device Adaption :D20:10
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mal-let's see if my recovery hack is working20:23
sledgesmal-: wow you're fast :P20:25
mal-like I said, should be simple20:25
sledges'should' :) i'm interested to see the commit20:25
mal-about 10 lines20:26
sledgesmal-: ah, it won't ship cwm or twrp (i think they are on separate partitions iirc), just will enable fastboot and idle there?20:26
sledgesupon certain key-combo bootup?20:26
mal-sledges: no, it will ship cwm or twrp20:26
mal-but the nice thing is that those are already build with hybris-hal20:27
mal-it first builds the normal kernel boot image anyway so I can reuse the already built parts20:28
mal-but just noticed a problem, I assumed the android kernel is already built20:29
mal-so this should work if hybris-hal is built, but if the user tries to build only hybris-boot or hybris-recovery it fails20:30
mal-and it goes to cwm if volume up or down is pressed during initial startup20:32
mal-I'm not quite sure how it does everything since the recovery cpio has a binary init20:33
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Nokiushm /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0/adress has also the wrong mac20:53
Nokiusmal-: if I check the sensor files is that oky under cm it is working there20:56
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mal-Nokius: sorry, what are you asking?20:58
Nokiusmal-: a few weeks back where talking about the issue that sensors are not working cas it looks for some file sensor-oem and u told me to check it in the stock ROM persenoly I don't liek to flashit the last time I did it was "ยง%$21:02
Nokiusso my question is is it okay to check it in cm21:02
mal-if the sensors work on cm then yes21:03
Nokiussome how it is working there so may I can see it there how it's made to get up21:03
Nokius\o/ oh correct mac but why now21:05
Nokius:( but not in Settings -> about21:06
mal-Nokius: the same problem with all devices I think, at least my device and hammerhead do not show bt mac21:08
Nokiusah oky good to know21:08
Nokiusmal-: u can be true I checked sledges hammerhead and it missed BT mac21:09
Nokiuschecked the settings about source code and did find a possibile answer why it fails21:10
mal-where is the source?21:12
Nokiusmal-: on the device /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/about/about.qml21:15
mal-ah, ok21:15
Nokiusmal-: i know bit dirty way21:16
Nokiusmal-: but I have no clue where it get the data from my there is the root couse21:17
Nokiusso tommorow night I will check onse again the mac after a reboot and then I will try to see what I can do to get calls up21:19
Nokiusmay I need to sync with sledges here21:20
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sledgesNokius: doesn't sound like very critical issue21:35
mal-finally the makefile works, conditionals are annoying21:36
Nokiussledges: what the missing bt mac21:37
Nokiussince it work I happy :D21:37
Nokiussince it works (BT is up mac adresse is correct) I'm happy like kid under the xmas tree :D21:40
mal-sledges: no luck yet, it tried to start recovery but fails and reboots to sailfish21:41
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mal-not sure if the kernel config flags are not compatible or something else21:42
Nokiusgn8 happy hacking21:43
sledgesNokius: bt mac is not shown in hammerhead, but bt works21:44
sledgesso about settings is not an indicator21:44
mal-hmm, maybe selinux could be the reason, ramdisk-recovery.cpio has sepolicy file in it21:45
mal-and I have disabled it21:46
mal-sledges: this the patch for
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mal-sledges: how can selinux even cause problems on devices since from what I understand it is automatically disabled with CONFIG_AUDIT=n?22:16
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sledgesmal-: well, all i remember are instant reboots on 11.0 branches22:27
sledgesdue to d-h-init looking for selinux and not finding it22:28
sledgesmal-: and AUDIT=n is optional
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mal-I'm rebuilding with audit enable (but disabled on commandline)22:31
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klopsi-u3night sledges22:52
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