Thursday, 2015-06-11

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locusfohai filippz05:03
filippzlocusf: how are things at your end?05:04
locusffilippz: all good, last field testing day before vacation :)05:05
locusffilippz: how about you?05:05
filippzlocusf: been really busy at my dayjob, and spent all of my free time with Arduion+SIM900 sideproject05:06
filippzlocusf: now back to Nemo/Sailfish just for fun :)05:07
locusffilippz: cool, great minds think alike :)
filippzlocusf: nice, but I wonder if we'll ever grow up :)05:24
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zGrrmoin :)06:06
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:58
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klopsi-u3hello nh140208:19
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dr_gogeta86sorry sledges08:29
dr_gogeta86I'm a bit sick08:30
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: get better soon!08:38
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sledgescarepack: try this: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono / org.ofono.Manager.GetModems09:20
sledgesthis is what settings do if they want to determine whether you have a modem09:20
sledgescarepack: ok, this change is not in 1.1.609:23
carepacksorry. which change?09:23
sledgesthe one above09:23
* sledges digs09:24
sledgescarepack: zypper se no-cellular09:24
carepack  | jolla-settings-layout-no-cellular | Jolla's Settings layout for devices without cellular hardware | package09:26
sledgescarepack: zypper se settings-layout09:27
carepacki | jolla-settings-layout             | Jolla's Settings layout                                       | package09:27
carepack  | jolla-settings-layout-no-cellular | Jolla's Settings layout for devices without cellular hardware | package09:27
sledgescarepack: that was clear from pasting, thanks09:29
carepackwithout jolla-settings-layout the mobile network shortcut is still missing. So shouldn't be related to this09:33
carepackshortcut on first settings page09:34
sledgesyou can always add shortcut later09:36
sledgescan you see mobile network in settings menu list?09:36
sledgescarepack: ^09:36
sledgesthat is the main issue, not the shortcut09:38
carepackthought it depends on it09:38
sledgesshortcut depends on the menu item09:39
sledgesnot the other way round09:39
carepackbut shouldn't be related on the jolla-settings-layout if the mobile network on off toggle still missing without or with the package installes. Other toggles present without the package.09:43
sledgesjolla-settings-layout provides mobile network menu item in settings. shortcut is just a shortcut to that item (or a toggle setting within it)09:44
sledgesif whole item is missing, shortcut toggle is useless09:44
mal-ha, I think I might be able to get some debug output from my failing recovery, log is written to "/cache/recovery/last_log"09:45
mal-assuming it reaches that far09:48
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krnlyngvakkov: fruit ninja renders now too :) and probably other glesv1 games too, need to try14:20
krnlyngyup trg2 renders too :)14:23
nh1402so apkenv is now compatible with sailfish14:25
krnlyngnh1402: yes :)14:28
nh1402nice :)14:29
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mal-I'm not familiar with android software, how large part of android games or other programs use glesv1 or 2? so what does apkenv support14:31
nh1402Android games either use Android Canvas, gles directly, Unity or some other frameworks.14:33
krnlyngmal-: apkenv supports applications for which most party are mostly composed of arm machine code and it is necessary to have a module for every specific game or engine to support individual games14:33
krnlyngmal-: there is a short list:
krnlyngso not many but still :)14:34
krnlyngand the list is not accurate because doodlejump for example works too14:35
krnlyngand pvz is supported 100% now14:35
nh1402If it's mostly composed of arm machine code that apkenv supports then surely some apps could work if the ART runtime is included into apkenv, and more work would be needed to get others to work.14:35
sledgeskrnlyng: let's ship it then :)14:35
nh1402keyword being some14:36
krnlyngsledges: i'll let thp do that :P14:36
sledgeskrnlyng: he's not even on this chan :P14:36
sledges#sailfishos would be14:36
krnlyngsledges: he knows about the status of apkenv :P14:37
sledgesis he in the loop at all? (via github PRs i presume)14:37
tathhugj ^^14:37
tathhueven if I only know this is somehow related to android support xD14:37
krnlyngi am in contact with him through another channel14:37
sledgeslast time i remember him touching apkenv was ... i can't remember :D14:37
sledgeslet's put pressure then:))14:37
sledgeswell done krnlyng !14:37
krnlyng:D will do14:37
krnlyngthanks :)14:37
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nh1402I think his last apkenv commit on github was about 2-3 months ago14:38
mal-krnlyng: maybe a new supported games table for sailfish specifically could be useful14:39
mal-but not very critical thing to do14:39
krnlyngyeah, maybe i'll make one, just have to find the correct versions of every game :)14:40
nh1402mal-: krnlyng: I could also make a thread in the Sailfish General section on XDA, for the compatiblity list.14:40
krnlyngnh1402: sure, i would not have anything against it14:41
krnlyngpvz works to, although same as fruit ninja, the screen is rotated, have to see what i can do about that14:45
nh1402which way is it rotated?, to the left?14:47
krnlyngit is in portrait stretched instead of landscape14:47
nh1402that's strange.14:48
sledgeskrnlyng: maybe this hack will help? 06:34 < OrokuSaki> in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/ApplicationWindow.qml... property bool _transpose: (screenRotation % 180) != 270.....  property int _defaultPageOrientations: Orientation.InvertedLandscape14:48
krnlyngnh1402: if you make the list you'll have to include that for pvz the resources have to be located in ~/.apkenv/<apkname>/ and not in a subdirectory of that folder14:49
krnlyngsledges: hm apkenv doesn't use qml14:49
krnlyngbut we have a gles rotation hack in apkenv, just don't know why it doesn't work14:49
krnlyngsledges: very hacky :P
sledgesthis is however for a global rotate of the whole lipstick14:51
sledgeskrnlyng: true, then just ignore me ;)14:52
krnlyngoh i think i know what the problem is, the rotation hack transforms landscape to portrait because that was necessary on the n9, but on sailfish we need portrait to landscape... i think14:54
nh1402I'll create the thread once I install apkenv along with some games so I can say how to install it etc. I should be free to do it in about 2 hours time.15:00
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krnlyngyup orientation works now too, just have to fix input to match the orientation...15:46
nh1402krnlyng: you're on a roll!15:48
locusfapkenv and tohkbd at the same day15:49
nh1402I say we should have a crack at replacing the fake dalvikvm with (a fake or full) ART.15:51
locusfbut apkenv is a great start15:51
locusfkrnlyng: amazing work :)15:51
krnlynglocusf: anyone could have done it :P15:51
nh1402krnlyng: you're the only one who took the initiative.15:53
locusfindeed :)15:53
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sledgesalin: when have time, could you please test `repo init -b nemo829`  then local_manifest/hammerhead.xml will have contents from
sledgesyou'll need to run `repo sync --fetch-submodules` instead of plain `repo sync`16:42
alinsledges: ok... your lucky day16:43
sledgesyay:) thanks16:44
alinsledges: fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/nemo82916:44
alinsledges: this needs to be clean?16:45
sledgesalin: one way to find out:)16:45
alinsledges: this is in a clean ANDROID_ROOT16:49
alinsledges: no idea about that error16:51
alinsledges: ok now I see.. my ubuntu does not have gpg..16:52
sledgesalin: means you didn't HABUILD_SDK ;p16:54
sledgesthis is why we provide chrootable images so everyone's equal:)16:55
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alinyap... silly me.. forgot the chroot16:57
krnlyng still requires testing :)17:22
alinsledges: shall I expect less data?17:26
sledgesvakkov: krnlyng \o/17:28
sledgesalin: no improvements, just paving way to modular hadk217:28
alinsledges: ok... then it still downloads17:28
alinlet us hope finishes soon17:28
sledgesyes, no nexus5 kernel;)17:28
sledgesduring first command;P17:28
alinsledges: ok I did not expect it17:29
alinsledges: thought shall appear after repo sync17:29
sledgesif local manifest is in before repo sync17:29
sledgesyes it will17:29
sledgesbasically, no difference17:29
sledgesall this job simply enables multiple devices support17:29
sledgesnot straightforwardly, but first step is to cleanup manifest17:30
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alinsledges: ok.. I started a clean mer ubu17:33
alinsledges: so nothing was there17:33
alinwe will see in 10GiB17:33
alinor so17:33
sledgesalin: it's enough just mkdir new; cd new; repo init ...; ...17:37
alinsledges: ok done17:39
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alinsledges: no hammerhead17:40
sledgesalin: can't read your mind;P17:46
alinsledges: [17:40] <sledges> alin: when have time, could you please test `repo init -b nemo829`  then local_manifest/hammerhead.xml will have contents from
mal-sledges: has there been any investigation to the cause of reboot when selinux is enabled?17:50
sledgesalin: create it17:50
alinsledges: create what?17:50
sledgeswith contents from link17:51
alinsledges: I see.. now I come from home17:53
alinsledges: ok looks good17:57
sledgesalin: awesome17:58
alinsledges: fatal: duplicate path rpm in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-June-t3/.repo/manifest.xml18:00
alinsledges: now I try to do a full thing18:00
alinsledges: my bad18:01
sledgesalin: your goal is to use those manifests and make hybris-hal successfully18:03
alinsledges: there is an error18:04
alinerror: rpm/: mer-hybris/droid-hal-device checkout 33e37d15fdf27085e60e5093c79005f63bd4d56918:04
alindoes not like a rerun18:04
sledgesalin: repo sync --fetch-submodules?18:06
sledgesthis is wrong18:06
sledgesalin: you're using manifest not from -b nemo82918:06
sledgesdouble check via .repo/manifests/default.xml18:06
* sledges goes afk a bit18:07
sledgesoh wait18:07
* sledges comes back18:07
sledgesthis is my fault :P18:07
sledgessec, fix coming18:08
sledgesalin: do this now:18:10
sledgesrepo init -b modular18:10
sledgesrepo sync --fetch-submodules18:10
sledges(in the same directory)18:10
sledgessorry bout that18:10
sledgesthis cold is running my nose :~P18:11
* sledges goes to breathe fresh air into what's so far known as hottest day of the year in UK18:11
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nh1402krnlyng: Shall we start here
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nh1402I'll look into that, but for now how would one get the latest copy of apkenv and run it.18:43
locusfyou need to build it with your target in sb218:44
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nh1402unfortunately I still don't know how to do that.18:47
locusfif anyone else doesn't do it I got saturday to build my vm host and do it18:48
locusfI don't have your target18:48
locusfnh1402: its n5 right?18:49
nh1402yes thats right18:49
locusfwill need to get a hybris-11.0 tree for that18:50
locusfwhich sfos?18:50
nh1402urm, I believe I have the latest one18:51
nh1402for the n5 that is, let me check18:51
nh1402and our survey says
locusfok good18:53
locusfwill take till sunday I guess18:53
locusfrepo sync and all18:53
nh1402no problem, thanks you.18:53
krnlyngnh1402: what do you want to do with that?18:55
krnlyngi forgot to tell you another method how we could run android apps, and i think this is the easiest one18:55
locusfits just that its jni only apps18:55
nh1402what's the other method.18:56
nh1402dex2oat converts the dex files of the app into native machine code.18:56
nh1402krnlyng: ^18:58
krnlyngnh1402: android has an emulator, which uses a qemu pipe to translate gles calls to host calls. we could run the goldfish target (the emulator target) in a chroot (without actually emulating it - but running it natively) and compile and run the emulator renderer on the device18:58
nh1402locusf: I'm aware that apkenv is limited to jni only apps, for now.18:58
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krnlyngand i think it might run reasonably fast, depending on how well the qemu pipe is implemented...19:03
krnlyngwhen i have some time i might try it on my n9 (because the renderer uses x11 and the n9 does too) but i doing it alone is boring :P19:06
nh1402interesting, we could give it a go.19:06
krnlyngwe would need to understand how the renderer works first19:06
locusfok good idea19:07
krnlyngor at least figure out how to compile it, and make a makefile for it19:07
locusfisnt  it surfacefliger19:07
vakkovkrnlyng: Using GLES version 119:10
vakkovPlatform initialization failed.19:10
vakkovda fAQ19:10
krnlyngvakkov: oh hm where does it fail?19:11
sledgeskrnlyng: imagelib/loadjpeg.c:35:13: error: conflicting types for 'jpeg_mem_src'19:11
sledges//usr/include/jpeglib.h:1008:14: note: previous declaration of 'jpeg_mem_src' was here19:11
sledgesafter zypper in libjpeg-turbo-devel19:11
krnlyngsledges: edit and set PLATFORM to sailfish19:11
vakkovkrnlyng: omg, i am running as root :D19:12
vakkovnew error19:12
krnlynglocusf: surfaceflinger will run inside chroot and the gles call will be pushed through the qemu pipe to the host renderer which is an x11 application19:12
locusfkrnlyng hmm ok qemu would need  wayland then19:14
krnlynglocusf: qemu not, but the renderer:
krnlyngvakkov: which game?19:15
krnlyngvakkov: if it fails in strlen or something similar run it directly from the device and not through ssh... sounds weird but it helps (at least for petals redux)19:16
vakkovkrnlyng: fruit nija19:16
krnlyngvakkov: which version?19:17
sledgeskrnlyng: any known apk files?19:17
sledgesto dl from19:17
locusfi got some untested on my nemojolla19:18
mal-it seems HABUILD_SDK did not build a working recovery ramdisk, I built the kernel with unmodified config and it still did not work so I compared the contents of the ramdisks and some files were missing and some parts were differenr19:20
krnlyngsledges: or fruit ninja 1.5 or plants vs zombies 1.3.16 (you need to download the data files for pvz too and put it in ~/.apkenv/<apkname>/ but be sure that is in the <apkname> directlry)19:20
vakkovmine should be 1.519:21
vakkovruns on harmattan19:21
vakkovand on n9 sfos19:21
vakkovi think it is something with the gles renaming and mapping19:21
krnlyngi downloaded a zip file with the datafiles in a subfolder called files, but you need to "mv files/* ."19:21
krnlyngvakkov: what does gdb say?19:21
krnlyngwhere does it segfault?19:22
vakkov#1  0x402a1568 in glClearColor (n1=0, n2=0, n3=<optimized out>, n4=<optimized out>) at glesv1_cm.c:3519:22
vakkov#2  0x0002b218 in my_glClearColor (red=0, green=0, blue=0, alpha=255) at compat/gles_wrappers.c:9719:22
krnlyngvakkov: do printf("%p\n", functions.glClearColor); in my_glClearColor19:23
krnlyngor no it calls it right? hmm19:23
sledgesi got segfault too with petals19:23
krnlyngsledges: try to run it from the terminal on the device, it doesn't work through ssh - i know it is weird19:24
sledgeskrnlyng: been doing that ;)19:24
krnlynghm okay19:24
krnlyngsledges: this?
sledgeskrnlyng: same segfault19:28
sledgesim running on Jolla-
krnlyngsledges: weird, where does it segfault?19:28
krnlyngsledges: are you using the code from my latest pr? (it is not merged yet)19:28
sledgesalso i had to do this earlier, unsure about correctness: cd /usr/lib19:29
sledgesln -s libGLESv1_CM.so19:29
sledgesln -s libGLESv2.so19:29
sledgeskrnlyng: compiling from the commit you pasted, sailfishos_part319:29
sledgeswait, will confront with target19:30
sledgesseems a legit mod19:30
sledgeswill try something extra.=.19:31
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sledgeskrnlyng: signal 11 (Segmentation fault), address is (nil) from (nil)19:36
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sledgeskrnlyng: my target is 1.1.219:43
sledgesif that can cause api/abi problems19:43
sledgesi could compile natively on-target19:44
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krnlynghm weird that it crashes in the gles functions for you both...19:45
sledgeskrnlyng: where do you take SDL1 from?19:45
krnlyngsledges: SDL2 from the official repositories19:46
sledgesand sdl119:46
krnlyngsledges: it uses SDL2 not sdl119:47
sledgescompiling natively19:48
sledgeskrnlyng: here's the recipe:
sledgesso nothing's missing19:53
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Nokiussledges: so some now on the find5 saw today a screenshot from a hammerhead without bt mac so I was catching a wrong gost19:56
mal-sledges: now cwm recovery works on my device with the same kernel image as sailfish :)19:58
sledgeskrnlyng: what hw are you running on?19:58
mal-there is one happy person here19:58
krnlyngsledges: jolla phone
sledgesNokius: there was a bug about n5 ui missing a bt mac, but bt works;)19:59
sledgesmal-: make it at least two people;) \o/19:59
sledgeskrnlyng: ah maybe i should try 1.1.6 then19:59
mal-sledges: I still have to figure out why HABUILD_SDK build a faulty recovery ramdisk20:00
mal-also I started migration to modular, I'll build the next image with that20:01
sledgesmal-: cool, you can see from today's n5 effort of how it will all look like wrt manifests20:01
nh1402krnlyng: looks like there is only one line of code related to X11 in the renderer from what I can tell and it is: XInitThreads();20:02
nh1402in  renderer/main.cpp file20:02
krnlyngnh1402: there are other files too which belong to the renderer20:03
mal-sledges: yes, looks nice, I also should finally create the needed configurations for sfa-mer script20:08
Nokiussledges: there was so it's fixed?20:08
* Nokius eating cheers fresh picked from the tree 20:08
sledgesmal-: leave sfa-mer for last, as it will have to go through modularisation still20:08
sledgesNokius: not fixed20:08
sledgesbut is not critical20:08
sledgesas bt works20:08
mal-sledges: oh, ok20:08
Nokiussledges: :)20:08
sledgesmal-: modular sfa-mer has crash landed in alin and mines branches ;)20:08
sledgeswill have to get from the ashes:)20:08
mal-heh :)20:08
mal-so many things to hack but which one to do next20:08
sledgesmal-: reproducibility by others;) and alpha release;)20:08
sledgesso ecosystem is shook abit;)20:08
mal-I think it starts to be ready for a release, will have to update some parts, since I still need local patching of gst-droid for camera support and I haven't updated that for a while20:09
sledgesgst-droid now wants all tree headers exposed20:10
sledges(latest one)20:10
mal-maybe I should make a better patch that would be accepted upstream20:10
mal-sledges: how does that affect things, at least if I remember correctly obs building had problems?20:11
sledgesmal-: yes20:11
sledgesif you can build latest gst-droid locally, nothing to fear on your part20:12
mal-I usually build it locally20:12
mal-btw, is anyone else interested in zram swap?20:13
mal-I basically need that because of the small amount memory20:13
sledgesiirc it was on jolla phone until got reverted?20:14
Nokius:D reboot bt mac correct so weekend task upstream chages and new Alpha :) looking for cellular20:14
mal-sledges: I think jolla still has it20:15
mal-at least on my phone it shows up in systemctl20:16
mal-I needed a custom script for that20:16
sledgesmal-: i thought it's just a setting away in that case20:16
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mal-I think I'll try to get the hw keyboard to have a better layout before a release, now it has problems like the secondary layout is not working, I mean the one with numbers and stuff20:20
vakkovi am using the sailfishos_part2 branch20:21
mal-no idea how to fix that, the blue extra key which does the selection is not work working20:21
nh1402krnlyng: unfortunately I have no how to get the renderer to work with wayland instead of X1120:29
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nh1402no idea*20:44
nh1402good night20:52
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nh1402could we not just get an X11 server for arm on Sailfish and see if we can chroot into it, then look at getting it working with Wayland directly.21:08
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sledgeskrnlyng: you should be able to run from ssh with LC_ALL=C in front21:24
sledgesthanks thp for the hint21:26
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nh1402looks like thats not going to happen21:40
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