Friday, 2015-06-12

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stephgit's FRIDAY06:33
locusfyes and its my VACATION06:34
locusfalthough got a job interview today06:35
stephggood luck06:36
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locusfthanks :)06:40
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carepackmorning. locusf: good lock!! let's rock ;)07:38
carepacksledges: moin. any news about cellular?07:40
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locusfcarepack thanks08:03
nh1402locusf: good luck, mine went well last week and got the job, now it's your turn.08:08
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locusfnh1402 thanks08:34
dr_gogeta86hi locusf08:38
locusfwhats up08:39
dr_gogeta86i'm feeling better08:40
dr_gogeta86now i'm trying to compile a fresh cm11 for lg g308:40
locusfcool  hope it  works08:40
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dr_gogeta86if not i sell device08:52
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nh1402dr_gogeta86: out of curiosity if you do end up selling it what will you replace it with?09:08
dr_gogeta86lg g3 isn't my daily driver09:09
dr_gogeta86buyed just for porting fun09:09
nh1402ah right09:11
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krnlyngsledges: oh nice, thanks for the hint09:35
krnlyngnh1402: hows your input code progressing? i am fetching the android source currently and i am gonna build the emulator target09:36
nh1402haven't changed it, don't know what to change it to, and currently at work (well working from home).09:37
krnlyngnh1402: change it to reading from /dev/input/event* :P, well then have a nice work-day :)09:38
nh1402do you still need to build the emulator target, there is a snapshot here
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mal-spiiroin: a question related to my device which has a separate device for keyboard switch, how to determine which type a device has like EVDEV_KEYBOARD etc?09:51
mal-I'm looking into solving the availability issue09:52
mal-ah, found the code that determines those09:54
krnlyngnh1402: hm yeah i could use that, but i need the source tree anyways because there are most likely things which need to be patched09:54
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mal-spiiroin: what do you think of this kind of idea the code is completely untested, just to show the idea10:02
mal-looks like a small mistake on line 3410:02
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mal-fixed that
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nh1402krnlyng: would input just work with it being in a chroot environment, seeing as it's an emulator and it gets the input from the host. Or would patches be needed?10:10
spiiroinmal-: I'll take a peek10:11
krnlyngnh1402: the graphical application should have touch input which gets sent to the chroot environment10:11
krnlyngmaybe it needs patching though, because it expects a mouse10:12
nh1402I have a touchscreen laptop, I believe it worked with the emulator.10:12
krnlyngthen it might work at least for X11 targets, on wayland idk10:13
krnlyngthats why i want to start with the n910:13
krnlyngbut it won't power on unfortunately.. trying since 3 days now10:14
spiiroinmal-: 1st comment: the pointer arithmetic looks really suspicious; using struct for user_data would be clearer10:18
spiiroinmal-: I'll check the surrounding bits too to actually grok what it does ...10:19
nh1402krnlyng: you think the battery is finished?, or the power button is broken?10:20
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krnlyngnh1402: battery is dead, and flasher won't revive it10:20
locusfgive it time10:21
locusfit should wake up10:21
krnlynglocusf: flasher stops after a few minutes with: "ERROR: Unable to get SU_PARAM_BATTERY_LEVEL" and stops... i could do a bash loop :D10:22
krnlyngthe highest it got so far was 2%10:22
locusfah ok10:22
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spiiroinmal-: from logic point of view, I suspect it would work to some extent10:24
spiirointhe problem is that it would effectively control all keyboards; the slider we want to control + bt/usb keyboards we would not like to disable10:25
spiiroinmal-: can you pastebin "evdev_trace -i" somewhere? (is there already a bug for this? we need bug ref for merging a fix)10:27
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krnlynglol now it went from 3% to 2%...10:35
mal-spiiroin: no bug yet, I'll create one, here's the evdev_trace -i output
nh1402set SU_PARAM_BATTERY_LEVEL to 100% manually :P10:38
spiiroinmal-: the idea I had long time ago was: create link from "pm8xxx-keypad" to "gpio-slider" via config, make that mean: while inspecting keypad device, get slider state from the gpio device10:39
mal-spiiroin: where would that config be and what parts would be modified?10:40
spiiroinmal-: roughly: an ini file, when applicable the same where SW_LID mapping already is; parsed in evdev probe; used in the iterator function you patched too10:43
spiiroinand some structure changes to allow the link to be stored/checked10:43
sledgescarepack: no news yet, got some more ideas to try10:43
sledgesmorning all:)10:44
mal-spiiroin: ok, I can think about how to do that10:44
sledgesa song for friday
sledgeslocusf: good luck at the interview!;)10:44
locusfsledges: thx :)10:45
sledgesnh1402: cool, so you'll be working for southwest company;)10:45
sledgeskrnlyng: so with LC_ALL now works for you from ssh on jolla phone? hammerhead still segfaults..10:45
mal-spiiroin: I think that should not be very difficult to make, I'll try this weekend10:46
nh1402there was just a business meeting there, I'll be working in the south east.10:46
nh1402sledges: any known X11 server app for Sailfish?, or one that could work on an arm device?10:47
spiiroinmal-: I have an hour or so now, I'll take a closer peek too10:48
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sledgesnh1402: javispedro worked for one, but looks like you're coming closer to onion architecture:)10:51
sledges*on one10:51
nh1402sledges: just want to use it as a proof of concept for the emulator, then we can look at replacing the X11 stuff with wayland10:54
nh1402krnlyng: I would give it a stab on my n5, but don't actually know how to chroot11:05
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nh1402I know the command is something like "chroot [chroot folder/image] [initialisation script] but don't know how one would boot into it, or get it drawing.11:10
krnlyngnh1402: "chroot android-path /init"11:13
krnlyngnh1402: oh xwayland nice, might give that a try on the jolla11:14
krnlyngnh1402: yes petals redux works with LC_ALL=C11:20
krnlyngthe n9, it lives :D11:20
krnlyngand it has the doodlejump version which works with apkenv still on it yeah :D11:23
krnlyngaaand it died...11:24
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mal-spiiroin: I added the bug report
merbotMer bug 1100 in mce "Correctly report the availability of hardware keyboards with separate switch device" [Normal,New]11:26
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spiiroinmal-: had to reboot, and forgot to start irc again11:27
spiiroinmal-: totally untested (I do not have any kbd devices at hand right now), but something like this:
mal-spiiroin: ok, I'll try to compile that on obs, since I don't have my own environment with me11:31
nh1402krnlyng: at least its progress, kind of.11:31
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mal-spiiroin: the code works12:07
mal-spiiroin: thanks!12:08
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nh1402krnlyng: any luck?13:01
krnlyngnh1402: doodlejump starts up but it displays wrongly... input seems to work though13:02
nh1402on apkenv?13:02
nh1402or via chroot13:04
nh1402krnlyng: a contrast to "booting" into Cyanogenmod from Sailfish provides the opposite result. Displays correctly, but no input.13:11
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spiiroinmal-: Nice to know. I found a bt keyboard from box of odd stuff, so I can do some testing myself too and then prep a pr out of it13:14
alinsledges: what is spotify?13:15
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* sledges sighs..13:19
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sledgesalin: i don't use spotify, but everyone around seems to:)13:25
krnlyngnh1402: apkenv13:33
krnlyngnh1402: as for android, have not had time yet13:34
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krnlyngnh1402: thats cool :), are you able to switch bach from android ui to sailfish ui?13:34
nh1402krnlyng: I'll have some time in 2 hours when I get off work, I'll try and chroot into the snapshot image then. You could just close surfaceflinger and restart lipstick and all would be well, but I can't remember if that was still the case once I finally managed to get past the bootscreen.13:37
krnlyngnh1402: chrooting into the snapshot will probably work and all, but you won't see anything without the renderer.. i am gonna try and build that later today13:38
nh1402I'll wait until you can get the renderer going then. I wouldn't be able to do anything without it anyway.13:40
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krnlyngwell you could still chroot into it and see if something goes wrong which needs fixing13:42
nh1402I still wouldn't know what to do with the snapshot.img13:45
nh1402I'm guessing I would have to mount it first (which I don't know how to do either)13:47
krnlyngnh1402: i think it is yaffs iirc13:49
krnlyngnh1402: or this
krnlyngdepending on what fs type it is13:51
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off14:27
ahjolinnais there any good progress with Sony Xperia Z -series phones? I just pre-orderd z3+ but I was thinking of ordering an other xperia phone to try port sailfish to it, maybe z1 compact or M4 aqua (just for fun)14:30
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ahjolinnanh1402: yeah I know that one, but how up2date is that? (at least on sony part)14:38
sledgesahjolinna: the original yuga is in much better shape than when jolla first ported it before MWC 201414:39
sledgeslast porter to have done things: oleid: but he's busy with studies, here's his heritage to anyone else:
nh1402ahjolinna: Are you aware that the Z3+ has a smaller battery than the Z2 and Z3? and some reports of overheating problems due to the Snapdragon 810.14:41
sledgesahjolinna: xperia pro is also being worked on. good idea to look into newer models too14:42
nh1402sledges: the Z3+ has a 64bit arm SoC, wouldn't that cause some issues, along with it coming with Android 5.114:42
sledgesdr_gogeta86: your problems with lg are most probably due to cm11 44S tag already being too old14:43
sledgesan update+rebase to newest cm11 would be in order14:43
ahjolinnanh1402: little bit smaller, and about the overheating...well its been mostly with heavy usage and z3+ has v2.1 of the 810 that should have improved thermal management  compared to the orginal/first one14:45
nh1402it's the first in the Z series to drop below 3000mah (not really a big deal, since the OS can be fiddled and changed outright I tend to focus more on the specifications).14:46
nh1402rather than all the software optimisations that the OEMs do to match the previous flagship. I hate it when they do that, increase the battery size or keep it the same with improved efficiency or don't do anything at all.14:47
nh1402I would have rather had them keep the battery of the Z2, with the Z3/Z3+ screen with the S810 and ddr4 ram14:51
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ahjolinnanh1402: if the battery change doesn't affect overall daily usage...I don't care, okay U maybe want a bulky/thicker phone if that means u get bigger battery, but you are minority14:57
ahjolinnaI dont think the phone should be thinner & thinner, but every manufacturer is trying to find the middle ground...and I think z3+ is about there14:59
nh1402There are 2 problems with manufacturers, thickness competition, and disgusting phone body to battery capacity ratio. Although Sony are pretty good on that front. The Z2 has the same battery size as the Note 315:02
ahjolinna810 is a 8 core (4+4) so it should be more energy efficient, so from sonys point of view there is no need to have that huge battery if smaller can give also the "2 days of battery life"15:06
ahjolinnaabout the overheating thing..well we have to see (i think it can be fixed with an software update)
nh1402one of the reasons why Qualcomm were better than the other ARM SoC manufacturers was due to their custom ARM SoC's being better  (faster and more efficient) than the competition, while the others all used standard ARM CPU's. Now that the 810 uses standard ARM CPU's the optimisations and speed improvements are thrown out the window.15:09
nh1402the software update would thermal throttle the phone and as a result slow it down.15:09
nh1402whether or not its a noticeable difference is another thing.15:10
ahjolinnaalso I wonder how much is android 5 affecting this, because after the update my uncles phone is way hotter, oh and memory management issue has been resolved yet15:10
ahjolinnadamn typos15:10
nh1402if you think the Android M update is going to improve battery life on Sony phones then you've got another thing coming. The new "Doze" thing is basically the Sony power saving mode.15:11
ahjolinnaI never did15:11
nh1402I was just stating it, for anyone who thought it.15:12
ahjolinnabut the android 5 has a lot of weird bugs15:12
ahjolinnaI hope Android M will be more stable15:12
nh1402rant over15:17
ahjolinnanh1402: well I have been using the jolla phone as my main one for ...over 2y? well from the start, and I had enough of the horrible screen and below average now when the Z3+ arrived I thought why not15:19
locusfso you want better hw but sfos15:22
ahjolinnawell I also need a normal android phone now...but yes15:23
nh1402well if krnlyng emulator idea come to fruition then we could be looking at running android in sailfish.15:27
ahjolinnawell when the jolla phone 2 arrives I will OC buy it...why stop now I already have the phone and waiting for the 64gb tablet15:27
ahjolinnasmart watch with sailfishOS would be really nice also15:28
locusfthere wont be jolla 2 as is15:28
krnlyngwill there actually be a second phone directly from jolla or will jolla target android devices from other manufacturers?15:28
locusfit somme other mf with sfos15:28
krnlyngah :D15:29
nh1402ahjolinna well there's nothing stopping someone from porting sailfish to android wear devices.15:29
locusfgogeta tried dory15:29
locusfwhich is a watch15:31
locusfbut it diidnt work15:31
nh1402locked bootloader?15:32
nh14023.10 kernel?15:32
locusfsomething  else dont remember now15:32
ahjolinnabtw. do guys now what kernel version will the tablet use? it the same old  3.4.x?15:33
nh1402that's a good question.15:33
ahjolinnaI heard something that the tablet wont use btrfs but ext4 with this true15:35
vgradethat you heard somthing?15:35
ahjolinna:) the one who told me, said that he wasnt 100% if this was true... I like to know if u guys have heard anything about this15:37
locusfsaid in fosdem15:38
ahjolinnahmmm...3.12-> is recommended for btrfs15:39
ahjolinnaI really dont understand what is the point of using so old kernel at least when sailfishOS gets monthly updates (well almost)15:42
ahjolinna3.18 would be nice, I would somewhat understand having 3.1415:43
ahjolinnatablet is intel based, so kernel version shouldn't be a problem, I understand the phone using 3.415:46
vgradeahjolinna: hopefully they will be ne Jolla imposed impediments to you installing any other kernel version15:46
ahjolinnabtw. it seems jolla is avoiding updating some apps that have changed their licence to GPLv315:46
vgradeahjolinna: more a mer/nemo decision15:47
ahjolinnaI wonder what Jolla will do with Qt5 when its using gplv3, or are they going to stay with 5.215:48
spiiroinreview/testing appreciated MER#110015:58
spiiroin^ mal- ?15:58
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nh1402just wondering has anyone tested 802.11ac on Sailfish with the Nexus 5?17:41
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sledgesnh1402: "Sorry. Could not connect so selected network"18:15
sledgesthe stack is open, should be easy to debug (pretty sure error is in software)18:15
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nh1402I'm quite sure the reasons my internet connection cuts off now and then is due to wireless interference, as part of the fibre connection I'll be getting in two weeks time, is a dual band router which arrived today, and was planning to test it out.18:30
nh1402reasons why it fails to load a page is probably because 5 people are sharing a 0.5 MBps connection.18:31
sledgesnh1402: i answered you, check backlog18:53
nh1402software error then.18:56
mal-sledges: since I found a way to add a custom boot logo on my device, I was thinking that is it allowed to use the Sailfish logo as part of the boot logo?19:20
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sledgesmal-: i'm sure hadk licence encompasses all logos that are used within sailfish os19:46
sledgesso if you add it to boot logo, is the same thing19:46
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nh1402locusf: how did the interview go?20:50
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Nokiussledges: night21:06
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