Saturday, 2015-06-13

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mal-annoying that my phone does not seem have an input device for the audio jack detection, I can't figure out how to detect the connection, dmesg does show a log entry for that but parsing that would not be practical08:27
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sledgesmal-: haven't you traced where dmesg comes from09:18
mal-I know the file09:19
sledgesand relay to evded by patching kernel yourself?09:19
mal-that could be09:19
sledges(chances are some already done that in newer versions)09:20
mal-it comes from this file
mal-although that code looks like it should create a switch device09:34
mal-or maybe that part is not called at all09:42
mal-now I found the /sys device for that switch09:45
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mal-sledges: could you tell what evdev_trace -i reports for the jack switch on your device?10:06
mal-stupid me, of course jolla phone can also tell that10:11
* sledges is under the weather, will take it easy on today10:18
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brobostigongood morning, i just installed beta7 onto my nexus 4, and was going to install warehouse to get the app for my pebble and it failed to install, so i went and grabbed the rpm directly from openrepos same result, install failiure, where could the issue be?10:50
mal-brobostigon: how did you try to install it?10:52
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brobostigonmal-: i opened up downloads in the browser, and clicked on it, and then an install dialog came up, with an install confirm button.10:53
mal-try installing from terminal with "zypper in filename.rpm"10:54
brobostigonzypper *.rpm10:54
mal-brobostigon: the "in" has to be there10:55
brobostigonmal-: that worked, thank you. :)11:03
mal-brobostigon: np :)11:04
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mal-sledges: added the missing input device and now the jack detection works, happy again :)11:23
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mal-fixing kernel drivers is always fun11:26
locusfive been lucky so far on the kernel side11:33
locusfbut gotta pop that cherry at some point11:34
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mal-locusf: does your kernel support functionfs? that's needed for mtp support, looks like many need that patch11:37
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locusfmal- which device11:40
locusfi got plenty11:41
locusfgnote1 gtab2 p6 z3c rpi211:42
mal-heh, no specific device in mind11:43
locusfhave yet to test mtp tbh11:45
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brobostigondoes anyone have informaiton on OTA's not working?12:12
mal-as far as I know, nobody has even looked into those yet12:13
mal-so many more important things to fix12:13
brobostigonyes definatly, was just curious.12:13
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brobostigonanother question, when a new version is made, can i simpl flash that new version over the top, or do i have to wipe and start from scratch?12:16
mal-brobostigon: the install script will empty the target before installing12:18
brobostigonah i see.12:18
brobostigonty mal-12:19
mal-remember that we are still in alpha or beta stage12:19
brobostigonyes, i just have loads of questions i havent asked before.12:19
mal-sure, no problem12:19
brobostigonmy day job is designing car control systems. i will get a copy of the code, and have a look.12:21
mal-I'm a chemist :)12:22
brobostigonwe have spent the last 7 years designing a new prototype, and i am getting abit fedup with it.12:23
brobostigonbut we have made progress.12:23
mal-wow, that's a long time12:25
brobostigonit has been yes,12:26
sledgesbrobostigon: welcome aboard!
brobostigonthank you sledges :)12:28
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krnlynghm has anybody got some experience with the android emulator on 64 bit linux (arch)? the guys in #archlinux and #android-dev are silent12:35
brobostigonwhich android emulator?12:38
krnlyngthe one included in the android source code development/tools/emulator iirc12:39
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mal-hmm, looks like I cannot get camera working currently, haven't used it for a long time so not sure what is causing the problem13:28
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Antarticamal-: reading the logs of past days I see that you were intending to "complete" the keyboard mapping for the xperia pro13:55
mal-Antartica: yes, trying13:56
Antarticamal-: I have a pm8058-keypad.kcm and pm8058-keypad.kl files for CM10/CM11 adapted for command-line usage13:57
mal-Antartica: very nice, please share those on pastebin or something13:58
Antarticamal-: I edit with vi using the xperia pro, so I have control, esc mapped to their own keys, and added a lot of symbols in key combinations as to be able to program in C (and script in bash) with that keyboard.13:58
mal-currently the blue key (Alt I think) is not doing anything useful14:01
mal-now I have to figure out how to use those14:05
mal-Antartica: any hints on using those?14:05
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AntarticaThe instructions:
mal-Antartica: I have no idea how to use those on sailfish, or even how to change the layout14:12
Antarticamal-: I don't mind modifying whatever layout sailfish uses.14:15
Antarticamal-: But I would love some pointers as to what file is it14:17
AntarticaI suppose that it is whatever libinput uses, right?14:18
mal-maybe, I'm very new to these kind of things14:19
locusfthis could help tohkbd14:19
locusfif you guys manage to modify sailfishos's layout using these files14:19
AntarticaIn it mentions that weston 1.0 used xkb rules for the keymap, but mentions ebdev keymap rules...14:24
AntarticaIs there a rootfs of sailfishos I can download to search for the right file? Any rootfs would do, I don't mind for which device it is.14:26
mal-there is one14:27
AntarticaThank you :). I will study it. I'll be back when I have something to test (or to ask!)14:30
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mal-Antartica: thanks!14:31
AntarticaTill next yime. Bye!14:32
locusfmal-: I recall you had discussion about hw keyboards with kimmoli at some point?14:32
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locusfon rpi2 the normal usb keyboard doesn't work eithee14:33
mal-locusf: yes14:33
mal-locusf: doesn't work at all?14:33
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locusfnothing when catting the input device14:34
mal-that's odd14:35
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locusfmouse works14:37
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nh1402krnlyng: how's it going?14:46
krnlyngnh1402: i cannot get the emulator to work on my desktop unfortunately and i am fighting with chroot14:46
nh1402in linux?14:47
nh1402I have an 64bit opensuse VM I could try loading it on, I also have some android projects to get the emulator to load with.14:48
nh1402krnlyng: is it just loading the emulator on your desktop that's the problem, the standard one that comes with android studio?14:50
locusfnh1402: it was quite tough interview but fingers crossed :)14:50
nh1402fingers crossed. :)14:51
krnlyngnh1402: i built the android emulator manually, it only shows a black screen, maybe i have the wrong parameters...14:53
nh1402is there any form of debugging enabled, logs and such14:54
krnlyngi don't know how to enable debugging, yet14:54
nh1402what parameters did you set?, any way of checking it against the pre-built one?14:57
krnlyngoh now it works14:58
nh1402what happened14:58
krnlyngi used the wrong kernel14:58
nh1402krnlyng: anything you'd like me to do that's not that dev/event* thing15:02
krnlyngnh1402: the dev event thing is not that hard ;)15:03
nh1402I don't even know what to "#include" import or whatever you want to call it.15:04
krnlyngnh1402: works on my desktop15:15
krnlyngnh1402: no need to link against anything, this only uses the c stdlib15:17
nh1402wow didn't think it would have been that easy, I thought you would have had to jump through hoops to get access15:18
krnlyngi said it was easy15:19
krnlyng(it needs root privileges)15:19
krnlyngthe hard part is probably converting it into the right format :P15:20
krnlyngbut shouldn't be too hard15:20
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krnlyngnh1402: okay i found out what i was doing wrong with the chroot.. i can now successfully chroot into android but /init reboots the phone16:02
nh1402I believe someone mentioned that would happen, one of the sailfish services (systemd maybe ?!?) takes pid 1 after init.rc16:04
nh1402krnlyng: how about modding init.rc to run some of those services on boot of the jolla phone, and then writing a script that runs the rest (kind of like how I managed to boot into Cyanogenmod).16:05
nh1402except the only thing I had to run to boot into Cyanogenmod was "./start surfaceflinger"16:06
nh1402after modifying the init.rc file of sailfish.16:06
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nh1402krnlyng: any luck?16:23
krnlyngnh1402: i disabled a few things and now it does not reboot anymore but the screen flashes black every now and then16:23
krnlyngsystem_server and zygote seem to be running though16:23
krnlyng(and the aliendalvik ones are stopped)16:24
krnlyngbut surfaceflinger does not seem to work16:25
nh1402how's the renderer linked to surfaceflinger?16:25
krnlyngno idea :D16:26
nh1402is surfaceflinger conflicting with lipstick?16:26
nh1402i had to kill one to get the other to draw16:26
Stskeepsprobably yes16:26
nh1402draw/composite or whatever16:26
Stskeepslipstick uses hwcomposer, so does surfaceflinger16:26
krnlyngStskeeps: the emulator target does not seem to use hwcomposer16:29
krnlyngat least i cant find it in system/lib/hw/16:29
nh1402krnlyng: did you disable windowmanager?, that's linked to surfaceflinger, so you'll need it16:30
krnlyngnh1402: no16:31
Stskeepskrnlyng: it doesn't, the qpa is usually part of hw adaptaiton16:31
nh1402krnlyng: is the boot logo showing?16:32
krnlyngnh1402: no it is not, obviously because i don't have the rendering part of the emulator yet16:33
krnlynghow is it determined which init.*.rc android uses?16:35
nh1402isn't it just a linux thing16:37
nh1402also have you installed xwayland16:39
krnlyngno i haven't started to work on the rendering part yet...16:40
krnlyngfor now i just have to see how far i get...16:40
krnlyngbad ...16:42
nh1402krnlyng: which did you disable?16:47
krnlyngsome fs mounting and such16:48
nh1402looks like something failing in activity manager16:55
nh1402you can run the emulator without testing an app inside it right?16:58
nh1402i can't even run the pre-built emulator from windows.17:04
nh1402you didn't use the android m image right?17:09
nh1402krnlyng: ^17:09
nh1402it fails at different places, and restarts, and then eventually loads.17:12
nh1402krnlyng: that would explain why the android emulator from google takes ages to boot, so it might just be normal.17:17
locusfphew 3 hours ...17:32
krnlyngnh1402: xwayland works with xclock but not with glxgears...17:41
nh1402krnlyng: so it's still experimental then, so it might not work17:44
krnlyngnh1402: yeah17:48
nh1402that's a shame, but if it can at least draw a frame every now and then we could at least know that it boots and runs.17:49
krnlyngnh1402: it doesn't draw :(17:50
vgradehere we go again,
nh1402krnlyng: I'm guessing using the n9 is out of the question, might just have to try and make it work with wayland and hope for the best.17:52
nh1402unless you're using an outdated version of xwayland17:53
krnlyngnh1402: when i get my n9 to work i will definately try it there...17:56
locusfits alive !18:00
locusfbuild vm18:00
nh1402locusf: nice18:01
nh1402krnlyng: what now18:01
krnlyngnh1402: on the n9 we have X11, more likely to get it to work there...18:02
nh1402krnlyng: look's like I have to do the dev/event* related modifications18:06
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bluesleekrnlyng: do you have an rpm for apkenv?18:54
krnlyngblueslee: no sorry18:57
krnlyngblueslee: which device would you like to try it on?18:57
nh1402blueslee: there's a spec file you can build it with18:57
bluesleekrnlyng: n518:58
krnlyngblueslee: unfortunately it doesn't work on the n5 yet18:58
krnlyngvakkov, sledges might know more18:59
Nokiuslets see if alpha IV has working BT19:02
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nh1402krnlyng: do you think the fedora link I posted about 10 minutes ago be any good?19:06
Nokiusare 1.1.6 builds working? or is there some issue so ports fails?19:06
Nokius:( ah why I didn't bet on this; conflict between two package19:08
krnlyngnh1402: sorry don't know what i should get out of this19:08
nh1402x11 server19:08
krnlyngwe have that already?19:09
Nokiusmy bluetooth.serivce with the removed debug fs condition breaks the build19:10
vakkovwas already tested on sfos i think19:10
vakkovby javispedro19:10
krnlyngvakkov: and it actually works :)19:10
krnlyngvakkov: but glxgears does not work19:10
nh1402actually that was just x11 server but this is xwayland19:10
krnlyngsomething with gles 1.0 and libhybris seems to be broken19:10
nh1402i thought it was xwayland that was the problem19:12
nh1402guess not19:12
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Nokiusthe xwayland repo from javispedro
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vakkovxwayland would only make sense here if we use it for some game from harmattan19:15
vakkovsomething that cant be ported because it is closed :D19:15
vakkovoh, and preenv :P19:15
Nokius mh Info19:16
Nokiusurrently, Xwayland launches, but no Glamor or input redirection is enabled.19:16
nh1402vakkov: we wanted to chroot into the android emulator image and the renderer uses X11 (which we would have to modify to get it working with wayland)19:18
vakkovi know :P19:18
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Nokiushm which line in the ks file is the best to remove the Condition with sed19:32
mal-finally I manually changed the hw keyboard layout to correct one, first I had to make the layout file19:33
Nokiusah may after ### end 70_sdk-domain19:33
locusfmal-: good work :)19:41
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locusfmal-: sync up with urjaman on #tohkbd19:45
vakkovkrnlyng: ^19:45
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mal-one thing that still needs to be fixed is keyboard backlight, it's not turning on automatically20:30
Nokiussed time && break time :-/ but test build with the condition brings bluetooth up o/20:36
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* Nokius crossing fingers 20:52
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Nokiussed at the right spot :D21:30
klopsi-u3wow there are bitcoin ATMs in slovenia21:32
Nokiusklopsi-u3: there a few in Berlin :P22:04
* Nokius added green box to Adaptations/libhybris22:05
dr_gogeta86hi porters22:11
dr_gogeta86extract headers with libhybris22:12
dr_gogeta86locusf, you tinkered with that ?22:12
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