Sunday, 2015-06-14

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locusfdr_gogeta86: yeah I did, to extract the correct headers from aosp tree04:43
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dr_gogeta86good morning locusf07:17
locusfmorning dr_gogeta8607:17
dr_gogeta86i've built cm from scratch for desperation07:20
dr_gogeta86in this way I have the same source on the sf side07:20
locusfI've resorted to scrubbing the zfs pool07:20
locusfhad write errords07:20
dr_gogeta86good luck07:20
locusfdamn spinning rust07:21
dr_gogeta86did you marked bad blocks ?07:21
locusf30h to go07:21
locusfI couldn't do anything once it locked up07:21
dr_gogeta86vms on top of zfs07:24
dr_gogeta86linux or joyent forks07:24
dr_gogeta86i didn't like the zfs version isn't mature enaugh07:26
dr_gogeta86is quiet a while i didn't try it07:27
dr_gogeta86but working with the Hat ... i simple can't07:27
locusfit reached stable some time ago07:27
dr_gogeta86i know but get some trust hitachi arrays and do some serius testing is better07:28
locusfbetter than my 9211-8i and six disks07:29
dr_gogeta86sas raid + zpool07:29
dr_gogeta86for home is a beatiful beast07:29
dr_gogeta86I'd remember those days with Sun JBOD metadm + zpool with sunos 1007:30
dr_gogeta86I begin to be "old"07:30
dr_gogeta86have lunch on terminal and breakfast on the table07:30
dr_gogeta86see later07:30
locusfok see ya07:31
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf cyano finally finished09:20
dr_gogeta86I hope it works09:20
locusfdr_gogeta86: ok good :)09:22
dr_gogeta86is not good enough09:24
dr_gogeta86actually hybris-hal is such a pain09:24
dr_gogeta86i'm speaking for my self09:25
dr_gogeta86but also lg g watch09:26
dr_gogeta86and huawei09:26
dr_gogeta86I'm still stuck with an old cm10.109:26
dr_gogeta86with that crap09:27
dr_gogeta86yesterday I saw an 10" tablet at 49,99 euro09:29
dr_gogeta86less then a raspberry with 7" touchscreen on top09:30
dr_gogeta86something like this09:31
brobostigonsounds abit cheap and cheerful to me.09:32
dr_gogeta86locusf, i was tempted but i've desist ... blackbery playbook is still arround home09:33
dr_gogeta86and i've lost my nexus 7 201309:34
dr_gogeta86jtab is still on his way09:34
* brobostigon has a nexus 7 2012 woth droid 5.1.109:34
dr_gogeta86better then 7 201309:34
dr_gogeta86for sure09:34
brobostigoni have not tried that newer model.09:35
dr_gogeta86very good strange format09:35
brobostigonit not too big, not too small, just like the size of my kindle.09:35
dr_gogeta86display form factor is strange09:36
dr_gogeta86better go with pure 8 inch09:36
dr_gogeta86too strech in landscape09:36
brobostigonah i see. maybe.09:36
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NorthestHello. Do you think port sailfish to samsung galaxy s5 (klte) device ?10:33
dr_gogeta86try yourself10:35
mal-Northest: it could be possible to port, however some carrier have restricted the boot images
mal-I think those problematic ones are sold in US10:36
nh1402there are also 3 different SoCs for the S5, Snapdragon 801, 805, and the Exynos 5422 depending which version you have.10:38
Northestklte is using Snapdragon 801. Thanks for advices.10:40
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dr_gogeta86locusf, no luck12:10
locusfdr_gogeta86: oh :/12:11
dr_gogeta86even flashing sfos upon12:12
dr_gogeta86telnetd give out
mal-dr_gogeta86: manually set the ip on host with ifconfig usb0
mal-it often gives the wrong ip for host12:14
dr_gogeta86doesn't work12:15
mal-which address and port did you try to connect with telnet12:17
dr_gogeta86no one12:19
mal-so no usb0 interface at all?12:21
mal-or what?12:21
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dr_gogeta86fixed in a strange wat13:10
dr_gogeta86fixed in a strange way13:10
mal-dr_gogeta86: how?13:11
dr_gogeta86console=ttyS0 ;-D13:11
dr_gogeta86<qeglDrvAPI_eglCreateWindowSurface:1074>: EGL_BAD_MATCH13:11
dr_gogeta86this is worst13:11
locusfold error?13:12
dr_gogeta86no new13:12
mal-dr_gogeta86: which device?13:14
dr_gogeta86lg g313:14
mal-dr_gogeta86: so this source ?13:17
mal-did you set QCOM_BSP when building?13:18
mal-dr_gogeta86: any other errors in logcat or journal log?13:21
mal-or dmesg13:21
mal-does the display work at all?13:21
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dr_gogeta86every n times turn of13:28
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dr_gogeta86now is into apipa13:49
mal-has anyone used bluetooth contact sync on some ported device, for example hammerhead?14:09
krnlyngnh1402: my n9 lives :) this time really, it seems to charge and i am in harmattan14:38
nh1402krnlyng: excellent news14:49
dr_gogeta86locusf, got some minute to do some tests on this beast15:01
locusfdr_gogeta86: ping me in an hour15:16
dr_gogeta86ok but i wann throw away15:17
locusfok .. lets see about it anyways15:18
dr_gogeta86i'm tempted to switch to lollipoo15:19
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nh1402krnlyng: in related news I modified your example cpp file about eventX so it went straight to event2 which should be the touch input, but not sure how to compile and run it on Sailfish15:25
krnlyngnh1402: do you need to know how to compile libinput or my program? mine would simply be "gcc main.c -o something"15:28
nh1402c, I thought it was c++15:28
nh1402g++ wouldn't install on Sailfish, but gcc does. If it's just c then yh I know how to compile it.15:29
nh1402I don't know how to compile libinput though.15:29
locusfthe package is gcc-c++15:30
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nh1402krnlyng: this was what I modified it to, it compiles but get some weird output when I run it.
nh1402this is the output
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krnlyngnh1402: can you show me the command line you used15:43
nh1402how'd you mean, the command I used to run it? gcc -o touchinput touchinput.c, gcc touchinput15:44
nh1402i removed the code about about the command line arguments and made it take event2 directly15:45
nh1402locusf: thanks, didn't know about that15:45
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krnlyngnh1402: why do you run it with gcc touchinput? simply run ./touchinput15:55
nh1402if I do that then nothing happens, doesn't exit, doesn't print anything it's just running15:57
krnlynghm you sure event2 is the correct one?15:57
nh1402from the research I've done it certainly looks like it, for android at least. It should be the same for Sailfish too, right?15:58
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locusfhave you run getevent?16:02
nh1402that's an android thing isn't it?16:03
locusfyes but works for sailfish as well16:03
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NokiusMSameer: hi the issue with the front camera on ported devices is know right?19:10
MSameerNokius: what is that issue?19:11
NokiusThe app crashes when switching from main camera to front cam (
MSameerNokius: backtrace is required19:15
NokiusMSameer: I will trace it tomorrow I have to clean my apartment now, did some research for a other project wich eat alot of time :(19:16
Nokiussure I will do it19:16
MSameerand make sure you are using _latest_ master branch of droidmedia and gst-droid (both from
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NokiusMSameer: oh may this can be an issue ...19:18
NokiusMSameer: I will sync with the other tomorrow and will have a look at the trace19:19
MSameergood luck19:19
MSameerkeep me updated19:19
Nokiussure I will no proms hear that tomorrow is "tomorrow" ;)19:21
MSameerwhenever you have a gdb backtrace from latest master please ping me19:21
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Nokiusenjoy the rest of the weekend19:22
sledgesNokius: heads up: you'll encounter some packaging problems19:24
mal-MSameer: I didn't understand yet how to build te latest gst-droid, the dependencies are a problem19:24
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sledgesmal-: it needs guts from android tree in an RPM (droidmedia-devel)19:25
sledgesto successfully build on OBS19:25
mal-I was trying to build locally19:25
sledgescan be worked-around locally by altering those deps and going back to old way19:25
Nokiussledges: ok atm I use the hammerhead obs packages don't break them plz19:26
sledgesNokius: i'm talking about droidmedia ^19:26
mal-sledges: is there a script to make the RPM?19:26
sledgesyes, i need to dig it out into the open19:26
sledgeslbt did it19:27
MSameermal-: what is the problem?19:27
sledgesMSameer: droid-bin-device not available for SFE devices19:27
MSameersledges: droidmedia-devel is the only thing needed for gst-droid. no android guts19:27
sledgesconsequently - droidmedia-devel19:27
MSameersledges: create it :P19:28
sledgesMSameer: but we can't have droidmedia-devel on the first place19:28
sledgesuntil we gut trees19:28
MSameersledges: or patch the spec file with a conditional and send PRs if that helps more19:28
sledgesMSameer: is what i'm talking about last 5mins :P19:28
MSameersledges: why not?19:28
sledgesbecause it's not constructed19:28
sledgesno dbd in the open -> no droidmedia-devel in the open19:28
MSameersledges: why can't you construct it?19:29
sledgesbecause i was ill all weekend19:29
sledgesand still am19:29
sledgesit's on my todo list19:29
* Stskeeps quarantines sledges 19:29
MSameersledges: excuse :p19:29
sledgesensure your antiviruses are up :P19:29
sledgesespecially if you have a smartwatch :p19:29
mal-MSameer: yes droidmedia-devel is most likely the problem19:30
MSameermal-: no it's not a problem for me :P19:30
* Nokius gn8 cu tomorrow 19:31
mal-just seeing the dependency names is not always enough to know what tehy should contain19:31
sledgesmal-: they should contain build product of make libdroidmedia19:32
MSameermal-: the spec file %files section can guide you19:32
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MSameermal-: it contains hybris.c somewhere (check the spec) and droidmedia headers in /usr/include/droidmedia19:32
MSameersledges: no they don't19:33
sledgess/product/ingredients/ :P19:33
* sledges goes back to his cave19:33
MSameersledges: droidmedia-devel contains header files and c source code only19:33
mal-the depency droid-bin-src-full for example in droidmedia19:34
MSameeryou said that droidmedia-devel is the problem and now you are complaining about droidmedia itself19:35
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mal-MSameer: doesn't it build those both automatically?19:35
MSameeryes but you can cook your own -devel RPM19:36
mal-yes, but finding a way to build also droidmedia would be nice19:36
MSameerwell, the way it is done is the way that works for me. suggestions/patches are welcomed19:37
mal-but what should droid-bin-src-full contain?19:37
MSameerthe needed subset from android tree required to build droidmedia19:38
mal-how do you build that package?19:38
MSameeryou need to create it per HA19:39
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mal-yes, a script to build that would be nice to have, I assume a general script to grab the needed stuff from the android source tree could be made?19:43
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MSameeri don't have that really19:44
MSameerI created it manually for jolla phone :/19:44
mal-oh, ok19:44
MSameerbut i don't know if sledges or lbt can help with that or not19:44
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locusfI was doing the foss bits of the hardware adaptation for sbj at some point19:44
locusfwell actually they were quite general19:45
locusfthe problem is that sbj HA isn't open, so that didn't grow out too well19:45
MSameerlocusf:  the baseline is available from code aurora19:45
locusfMSameer: oh really? cool :)19:46
MSameerlocusf: it might not run on the phone though but it can help you build stuff19:46
MSameerlocusf: I mean that if you rebuild the binaries then you might brick the phone19:46
MSameerlocusf: but you can use that to build additional stuff and experiment19:46
locusfMSameer: yeah got it19:46
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locusfMSameer: which msm 8x platform is sbj? 8x30 or 8x74?19:54
locusfok thanks19:54
locusf empty repo .. ?19:55
MSameerlocusf: repo init -u git:// -b release -m M8930AAAAANLYA2217259.xml --repo-url=git://
locusfMSameer: alright, thank you very much :)19:57
Stskeepsand then wait a week for it to download19:57
MSameerlocusf: it'sa  huge download but you asked for it :)19:57
MSameerit's a19:57
locusfouch ... 8/1 adsl :p19:58
dr_gogeta86locusf, i'm still crying19:59
locusfdr_gogeta86: :/20:01
dr_gogeta86i hate that piece of crap20:02
dr_gogeta86precompiled cyng works from cm11 -> 12.120:02
locusfI wish I could have warned you20:02
dr_gogeta86home compiled doesn't work at all20:02
dr_gogeta86too strange20:02
locusfhmm weird20:02
dr_gogeta86i think needs some magic blobs20:03
dr_gogeta86size are similar20:03
locusfjelly bean ...20:04
dr_gogeta86i begin to hate all cm supporters20:05
dr_gogeta86write it very clear ... you need some blobs and obscure magic to work20:05
locusfmeh, copypasted build instructions20:06
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