Monday, 2015-06-15

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klopsi-u3hi carepack05:58
* carepack having last day in the office :-)06:07
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tathhugooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morningg06:32
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tathhuNot even TOHKBD. :D06:39
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mal-does any of the ported devices have a working double tap feature?11:05
brobostigonnot on my nexis4.11:05
mal-if some device would have it then I could try to see the kernel drivers about how it's done11:07
locusfmaguro has it11:08
locusfby beidl11:08
brobostigoni know some android devices have it, so maybe have a look there?11:08
sledgeslocusf: mal-: souren did that for maguro
mal-ok, I'll take a look in maguro kernel11:09
sledgesmal-: it wasn't integrated, follow link to souren's src in youtube desc11:10
sledgesmal-: most likely due to battery drain11:10
sledgesideally you want TS firmware to do it, everything else is suspended11:11
nh1402there are custom kernels on xda for the double tap feature for the Nexus 5, but it drains the battery a lot due to the way the touch panel is connected to the display.11:13
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mal-sledges: looks like there is no source that11:13
brobostigoni have seen in some kernels for my nexus4, that have the feature. but never managed to get it to work reliably,11:14
sledgesmal-: i think it landed somewhere in xda maguro11:14
mal-sledges: is there any way to modify the firmware?11:23
sledgesmal-: depends on TS, and all i've heard are strict IPRs11:24
sledgesusually you negotiat with OEM to pimp their TS for you11:25
mal-ok, so not likely11:25
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krnlyngnh1402: i managed to build the renderer part of the emulator, but it segfaults13:38
nh1402ah the null pointer exception of C++ (kind of)13:39
nh1402krnlyng: you think that some part of the renderer is not open-sourced, like ARC?13:48
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krnlyngnh1402: i just noticed, i need to compile more stuff13:58
krnlyngnh1402: btw i don't think it is going to work...13:58
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nh1402probably not, but could have enough code their to make our own version where we would have a better idea of how it works.13:59
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krnlyngnh1402: the translator libraries require glx...14:27
nh1402krnlyng: so it won't work in wayland then.14:31
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nh1402krnlyng: you think it's worth trying to make our own renderer loosely based off the emulator one?14:38
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krnlyngnh1402: right now i am more worried about getting the communication to work... i am not sure if we can use the qemu pipe14:46
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nh1402krnlyng: we're going to have to make it work. (in about 2 hours time I'll take another crack at the touchinput c file, and make that work too)15:31
mal-sledges: a little comment related to the obs builds you have made, faq mentions both your experimental and common and those have partially the same packages with different version, should some of those overlapping packages removed from the experimental, unless those are dependencies15:32
mal-for example statefs15:33
mal-and also others15:33
mal-or just put all in common15:35
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sledgesmal-: experimental is being superseded by common16:05
sledgesmal-: gst-droid should be in ha repos, per-device16:05
sledgesnot in exprerimental16:05
sledges(hence its absense in common)16:06
sledgeskept both repos on for transitory period16:06
sledgesfor backwards compatibility16:06
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Nokiuscan can't see my find5 with SailfishOS but e wearing the Porter shirt :P
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sledgeshehe nice!:)17:57
vgradeNokius: very nice.18:01
Nokius:) thx18:02
Nokius showing SFOS in action18:03
sledgeswas there an oppo guy too?18:04
Nokiusyes I show it at 1:22 Marton he is working for Oppo (host of the night)18:08
NokiusHe liked it18:08
Nokiusand asked me for my find7 plans18:08
Nokiusmy answer is clear find5 done --> find7 as next18:09
Nokiushope to have call function soon so basic are done rest is polish18:09
sledgesyep, call function sounds somewhat important :D18:10
Nokius^__^ yes it is18:12
Nokiusnext weeks i will be a bit afk working on a 7 inch ips photoframe  :P18:22
carepackgood evening porters18:45
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Nokiushi guys19:07
Nokiuscarepack: how was your last days?19:07
* Nokius my find detected the charger o.O19:08
carepackIt feels like not real atm. In german. Es gällt eine riesige last von mir ab. Thx for asking :-)19:09
Nokiuscarepack: verstehe19:21
carepackhow you're doin....?19:32
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Nokiuscarepack: fine thanks like to have more time for the porting :)20:05
sledgesor partying?;D20:06
Nokiussledges: I'm geting old can't remeber when i was parting last time :-/20:21
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Nokiusgn8 guys20:49
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carepackNokius: i know what you mean! Can understand you're conflict20:52
Nokiuscarepack: most probelm is I have no fb so20:54
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nh1402I'm assuming fb = Facebook20:58
Nokiusthe big blue social network20:58
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sledgesNokius: if you can't remember, probably those were one helluva parties;)21:10
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sledgesNokius: many people are slowly abandoning facebook (e.g. myself), whatsapp is now the "let's meet" app meh:)21:11
sledgesjust good old circle of friends don't need vibers to get out, in my opinion21:12
nh1402only problem being it's the same company now.21:16
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sledgeshaha true, not using either:)21:37
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