Tuesday, 2015-06-16

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carepackmorning. fb account closed long time ago.06:08
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carepacknokius: no fb = no party06:20
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sledgesyep, no framebuffer(or ofono) = no porty08:09
carepacklol. morning sledges. fit?08:19
sledgesto hit :p08:27
carepack;). Was a few days offline and you ill. Any news about missing mobile network?08:38
sledgescarepack: so it's a 100% regression? you could put new rpm to old update and see if it breaks it there. this way we'll know that rpm is at fault and then see which commit broke it08:42
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sledgescarepack: on new update: devel-su zypper install -f --download-only jolla-settings-networking09:09
sledgesit will then reside within /var/cache/zypp/packages/09:10
sledgesmove .rpm to old update and force install it09:10
sledgesi hope you're using multirom ;)09:10
carepackno. but only have sfos on my mako09:15
sledgescarepack: ok then, which version do you have now?09:17
carepackbut 1.1.4.* flashable zip is already on device. I'm going throught the steps and we will see09:20
sledgescarepack: wait09:21
sledgescarepack: on 1.1.6:09:21
sledgesssu ar older https://releases.jolla.com/releases/
sledgeszypper ref older09:21
sledgeszypper se -s networking09:21
carepackseems to be easier int his direction09:21
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dr_gogeta86hi guys11:36
sledgescarepack: any luck?11:39
sledgeshoy dr_gogeta8611:39
dr_gogeta86how do you do11:39
sledgesdo you how how?11:39
sledges(my not-english-speaking father always says this:)11:39
dr_gogeta86still no luck with g311:40
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dr_gogeta86i've also built pure cyng11:41
dr_gogeta86nothing just precompiled boots11:41
sledgesdr_gogeta86: lg g3 d855 is cm1211:44
sledgeswhere did you take cm11 for it?11:44
dr_gogeta86built manually11:45
sledgesCM Support: 12, 12.111:45
sledgesit's not officially supported so may be dragons11:45
dr_gogeta86cm12 path is an hardpath atm11:45
dr_gogeta86or not ?11:45
dr_gogeta86I've seen many commits an PR onto libhybris side11:46
dr_gogeta86compatibility with android 5.x blobs11:48
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so prebuilt cm11 nightly works? but compiled doesn't?11:49
dr_gogeta86last cm11 is 4.4.211:49
dr_gogeta86is quiet old but at least everything wokrs11:50
sledgesstrange why they don't list it among officialy working versions then11:50
dr_gogeta86found it on xda11:51
dr_gogeta86the only one I know who built against cm12 / aosp 5.x is locusf11:51
locusfdr_gogeta86: I thought you did too with dory?11:55
dr_gogeta86was a mix of cm11 with 5.0 blobs11:56
locusfoh ok11:56
mal-locusf: did you make the needed patches for cm12 or just aosp? I was just thinking that maybe I could try to use cm12 as a base just for fun11:59
sledgesmal-: and a favour for everyone else;)12:02
locusfmal-: hmm well al the components I made patches to are essentially aops based12:03
dr_gogeta86sledges, funny fact ...12:03
dr_gogeta86cm11 from source doesn't boot at all12:04
dr_gogeta86sfos at least boot12:04
sledgesthey must be using some secret sauce in prebuilts, hence no official support12:04
dr_gogeta86with some rndis problems12:04
locusfmal-: so I could do it for cm1212:04
dr_gogeta86even cm1212:04
mal-locusf: do you want to do it or should I?12:05
dr_gogeta86mal-, locusf but cm12 or cm12.112:06
nh1402depends which is used in more phones12:07
mal-my device has both, so most likely I would go with 12.112:07
mal-looks like 12.1 has had more development activity of those repos12:07
locusfI am rebasing agaisnt 5.1, so cm12.1 it is12:19
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krnlyngnh1402: i am more confident now seems like we can do it after all, the renderer code contains a flag to use a tcp connection instead of a qemu pipe and i think we can just use the normal EGL, GLES1/2 libs in place of the "Translator" libraries, but i am not 100% sure about that, have to try...12:52
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nh1402krnlyng: excellent news12:53
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carepacksledges: sorry for that. Missing mobile network sems to be only in my latest 1.1.6.* build. I have one before also 1.1.6.* and with this mobile network looks like it should. But screen rotating seems to be wired inside apps from time to time. You can't rotate the app back to normal orientation13:07
sledgescarepack: step a at a time13:08
sledgeswe're now dealing with mobile network (most important issue)13:08
sledgesdid you do the zypper steps i asked, on 1.1.6 ?13:09
carepackit seems that the problem isn't a problem. I have two 1.1.6.* builds. one of them is missing mobile network the other not. So I would first generate a third build to confirm if it's really a problem or not. You know if others also affected by this?13:11
sledgesi missed the word "also" in your prev line, sorry:)13:13
carepacknp :-)13:13
sledgesnexus5 is fine13:13
carepackok. maybe a failed build only. I bake a new one ;)13:14
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yangmnh1402, I hope they are going to fix my Nexus 5 before Nexus 5 2015 is released16:16
nh1402there is the off chance that they can't fix it and since they don't make anymore, give you a nexus 616:16
yangmbut Nexus 6 is made by big M16:19
yangmI don't think they are that awesome in Brazil16:20
nh1402considering the violently high import tax probably not.16:21
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yangmit's not even sold officially here16:25
nh1402yangm: have you been checking the logs lately?16:30
yangmnope, it's been a long time I don't log in16:30
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yangmthinking about setting up a irc bouncer though16:31
nh1402there's some good news and some bad news on the android compatibility front.16:31
nh1402good news: apkenv now works on Sailfish16:36
nh1402bad news: it doesn't work on the nexus 516:36
yangmcan you give me some links?16:37
yangmI wonder how well would sailfish run on a 1st gen moto e16:38
nh1402yangm: here's the spec file you can use to build it. https://github.com/thp/apkenv/tree/master/platform/sailfish/rpm16:38
nh1402krnlyng: how's it going?16:40
krnlyngnh1402: crashes over crashes, i stopped for now, because i have do do some uni stuff16:40
nh1402krnlyng: no problem, anything you'd like me to look into, any code you've been working on or something?16:41
krnlyngall the code i am using is in the android sources...16:45
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nh1402I'll have another look at the renderer code and see if I can understand how it works.16:48
nh1402yangm: if you're wondering what we're talking about it's about chroot-ing into the android emulator image, while also using the emulator's renderer so we can see things. For the moment the renderer in linux uses x11 so work would have to be done to get it working for wayland.16:51
yangmit actually works?16:52
nh1402but since n9/n950 run harmattan which uses x11 and not wayland we can at least use that to test it16:52
nh1402not yet. krnlyng has been looking at building the renderer and the emulator image and getting it working for his n9 but no luck as of yet.16:53
krnlyngactually i have been using xwayland + jolla, but i am gonna try it on my n9 some time...16:57
nh1402ah right16:58
situsledges: time for bug triage ?17:06
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Nokiuscarepack: u are right have no fb since 5years sledges wa is fb so i don't have it17:08
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Nokius<-- for ever alone17:11
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yangmnh1402, in the meantime, I installed El Capitan on my macbook17:12
yangmcan't believe I used to live with Yosemite17:12
nh1402I can't believe you have a macbook17:14
sledgessitu: still around? sidetracked again soz17:35
sledgesanyone else up for bug squashing? vgrade nh140217:36
nh1402sure why not17:36
sledgesPSA: @#mer-meeting17:37
yangmnh1402, I used to have a hackbook, an asus running OS X17:41
yangmthis OS is too damn good17:41
krnlyngnh1402: on the n9 it does not crash (after a few hacks) but i fear it will not work because i had to do some bad stuff...17:42
sledgescarepack: ping17:45
nh1402krnlyng: what bad things17:45
Nokiuscarepack: check #mer-meeting17:45
sledgescarepack: could you create a mer bugzilla account pls? (i can't find your user there, even though you have one on obs, strange)17:46
Nokiusone question about mako17:46
carepacksledges: ok17:47
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carepackhttps://bugs.merproject.org/report.cgi   ?17:50
carepackaccount exists already17:51
krnlyngnh1402: disabled pbuffer, disabled gles217:51
sledgescarepack: carepack i can't find it :(17:52
carepackcan  you search via email?17:52
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sledgescarepack: i can search via real name too17:54
sledgespm me your username17:54
sledgesor email17:54
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SkyFallHello, I have Xperia Z2. Its specs are: Snapdragon 801 SoC, Exmor 20,7MP Camera, propertary modem, etc. Is there any possibility to build Hybris and HAL for this right now?18:03
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sledgesSkyFall: yes, there is cm11 support for it ( http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Sirius_Info )18:07
sledgesand hello :)18:07
sledgescarepack: pls login to bugs.nemomobile.org - looks like you never have18:08
sledges(same credentials)18:08
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SkyFallHi sledges :3 From what I read on mer wiki and XZ porter's blog there was some problem with getting modem working with GUI18:09
SkyFallOkay, logging into nemo bugtracker18:09
sledgesSkyFall: that message was for carepack ;)18:09
SkyFallay, this was for carepack, now I can see it. Sorry sitting in front of CRT with kinda tired eyes >.<18:09
sledgesSkyFall: maybe eyes are tired because of CRT? ;)18:10
SkyFallToo. Hybris can be based on CM11? Most ports I seen were based on CM10.118:10
sledgesSkyFall: there will always be challenges after you get to GUI, we're here to help (also extensive knowledge in links in topic, especially dev faq wrt your concern)18:10
sledgesSkyFall: currently 11.0 is main choice (also best -released- port so far is nexus5)18:11
* sledges eyes mal- 18:11
sledges(nexus5 - on 11.018:11
sledgesSkyFall: XZ porters?18:11
SkyFallNexuses always get best ports. by XZ i meant Xperia Z18:11
SkyFallsource of that info: http://piratepad.net/hadk-yuga18:12
sledgesah, well sometimes even same model variant has completely different modem18:12
sledgesSkyFall: are modem chips identical on z and z2?18:12
situsledges: I was having dinner.18:13
nh1402-mobilewell Z series has Sony AOSP project thing18:13
sledgesoleid (yuga porter) got carried away with his thesis, his last info that modem was poorly even on 4.4 androids (cm11), and yuga is much more aged than z218:14
SkyFallThey're similiar in terms of software propably, but chips can't be identical, I think as Qualcomm has its chips built into SoCes in most of devices18:14
sledgesif talking about yuga, given cm11 hickups there was an idea to try cm1218:14
SkyFallAOSP for Z2 is active only under lollipop18:14
sledgesbut we're not ready with 12 base yet, so z2 would first go on 1118:15
sledgesnot much effort to later jump onto hybris-12 bandwagon18:15
sledgesSkyFall: pretty sure most phones since that release date are most active on aosp5 and related offsprings18:15
SkyFallWell, I think I will try with FXP build as they have more stable build than the CM's buildbot outs18:16
sledgesSkyFall: yuga (oleid) also used fxp18:16
sledgesfor porting18:16
sledgeslast info from him: I noticed rild behaving strangely even on Android 4.4, e.g. 3g network18:16
sledgesdoesn't work for me while LTE does. But it seems to work on android 5.x.18:16
sledgesand he didn't test much on 4.2 (he reflashed straight on 4.4)18:17
SkyFallWell, lollipop's kernel is shit IMO. My device got so hot with CM12 and CM12.118:17
SkyFallAnd CM12 is still in development, so I guess things may get better in time18:17
sledgeswell, each kernel to its own device ;)18:17
SkyFallYup. I wonder how well can Exmor blobs work with hybris18:19
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sledgessitu: my bad i was away afk :}18:24
situsledges: No problems.18:25
SkyFallOne more question. hadk builds include dalvik?18:27
sledgesSkyFall: nope18:27
sledgesonly android HALs are needed18:27
SkyFallBut android apps won't run on it then as they do on jolla phone.18:28
sledgesSkyFall: jolla phone has android ACL from myriad, separate project/build , unrelated to hardware adaptation18:28
sledges(it still ties into particular hw though, but not from same tree)18:29
sledgesyou can even have 4.4 hadk port with 4.2 aliendalvik in theory18:29
SkyFallOkay. I'm kinda newbie here.18:30
sledgesSkyFall: http://bit.ly/port-faq and nh1402-mobile & friends on here have lots of progress in that are recently18:30
tathhuanyone knows if there's any progress on nexus 7 2013 (i care more about lte version..)18:31
SkyFallsledges Okay, mate. Thanks for now, i will try to build something during weekend and share my results.18:33
sledgesSkyFall: cheers! and welcome aboard:)18:33
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* Nokius likes feh 18:38
* sledges likes too18:41
sledgesand mupdf18:41
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Nokiussledges: thanks will check18:50
sledgesand gnumeric18:50
* Nokius so just the screen and some wires hahaha18:50
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just486hai guys! I'm just here to ask, how is Sailfish developement going for Nexus 5? Is there a new version excepted in the near future? I heard that there is not going to be another alpha, so beta images are coming.19:06
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sledgesjust486: developer preview image is already available for quite a while for testers (using latest sailfishos release)19:10
sledgeswould be nice to iron out one stability bug19:11
merbotNemo bug 820 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha11][sensors] random crashes" [Major,Needinfo]19:11
sledgesjust486: wanna try it out?19:18
just486i see. unfortunately with android 5, google took away the easy way to root my phone, so i didn't plan to install Sailfish again for some time.19:22
sledgesjust486: sailfish doesn't need root on any phone19:22
just486i have always installed it as a secondary rom with Tassadars Multi ROM, thats why I need root19:23
sledgesjust486: what you're saying is that android 5 deprived you from using multirom?19:24
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alinsledges: and fortran19:28
just486no, not at all19:28
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sledgesjust486: then you lost me19:29
sledgesalin: minimum:)19:29
alinsledges: do you have a link for the sdk?19:29
just486before 5.0 i was able to root my phone with towelroot (so i did not lose any userdata with rooting) and then i could install MultiROM manager from play store19:29
sledgesalin: http://releases.sailfishos.org/sdk/latest/targets/targets.json or #sailfishos type of question? ;)19:30
just486now, with 5.0 rooting isnt as easy as installing one apk, i have to unlock the bootloader (that wipes userdata) and then flash super su, to acquire root privileges19:30
sledgesjust486: oh crumbs, didn't know that  thanks for info; so i reckon you installed aosp5 and went on with it:)19:31
sledgesjust486: no way to get nandroid's help into the picture?19:31
spiiroin_review/testing appreciated: some mce-sensorfwd ipc error handling fixes - might help with some obscure problems https://github.com/nemomobile/mce/pull/29319:33
alinsledges: hadk... sorry...19:33
alinspiiroin_: ok... the only one I have seen lately was stop working after a while19:34
carepacksledges: Logged in19:34
just486yes, there are backup solutions, to presevre user data, but my point is, that with towel root and MultiRom Manager it was fast ant painful to get Sailfish on board, now it's a bit more complicated19:35
sledgescarepack: you got mail ;)19:35
sledgesjust486: yep, although multirom is worth every penny/pain/drop of blood :) you can test multiple versions of sfos (like dev preview), and keep an eye on other cool projects (webos, ffos, is ubuntu touch available via multirom?)19:36
tathhujust486: that's why i always unlock bootloader before doing anything19:36
sledgestathhu: just486: yes, i didn't and locked myself out for a year until they cracked hboot of htc wildfire back in the days :D19:37
sledgeslbt: could we have 1.1.6 on Mer OBS pls? already jumped one version ;)19:39
just486sledges yes, ubuntu touch is available via MultiROM, but the OS itself is a struggle to use19:47
sledgesi heard it had an update today, on nexus5 too19:47
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just486you mean ubuntu?19:52
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just486yea, i don't know much about that, im not really interested in ubuntu touch20:02
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just486at first i got really excited, but using ubuntu touch isnt the experience i expercted20:04
tathhuwebapps, webapps everywhere20:05
just486anyways, isn't anybody else considering, that sailfish for nexus 5 operates with somehow too slow animations?20:05
sledgesjust486: here's the early dev preview of sfos: http://1drv.ms/1C6QRWM if you decide to take a plunge, otherwise check back often:)20:06
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!~chatzilla@host-78-146-170-6.as13285.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
sledgesthanks alin for the hard work20:07
sledgesjust486: if you compare to jolla phone, that might be because animations need to transition through physically more pixels due to resolution:)20:10
sledgesyou're the first to point out, then jolla tablet should suffer from such thing too20:10
sledgesbut no-one complained so far:)20:10
just486would it be a bad idea to scale up animation speed, to move faster?20:11
sledgesit should scale up proportionally to pixel density20:11
sledgesso yes, sounds like a good idea20:12
just486thats one of the things i cant get used to when using sailfish on my nexus20:13
sledgesjust486: i just benchmarked20:13
sledgesholding jolla phone in one hand20:14
sledgesnexus5 in another20:14
sledgesclick on "System" in setting app simultaneously20:14
sledgesnexus5 wins for page transition20:14
sledgesso maybe you're talking about some other animations i don't know20:14
just486anf what happens when you scroll form task view to apps page?20:14
just486that was the transition i mainly noticed as too slow20:15
sledgesjust486: enable FPS meter20:15
sledges(in developer mode)20:15
sledgesthere can be frames dropped20:15
sledgesscrolling is not perfectly optimised yet20:15
sledgesbut that's not an animation as such20:15
just486quick reminder: i don't have sailfish installed on my phone atm20:15
sledgesjust486: just remembered ;P20:15
sledgesframedrops in scrolling is a fact, but happens on jolla phone too; depends on system load20:16
sledgesnexus5 hwcomposer will also get some love this summer20:16
sledgesas that sometimes underperform even under light system load, as long as scrolling is concerned20:16
nh1402-mobilewell the jolla tablet has an x86 CPU, and i believe a powervr gpu , so it should be able to handle it20:17
just486i didnt notice any framedops or "lagas" that annoyed me20:17
Stskeepsnh1402-mobile: no, hd graphics20:18
just486animations were smooth enoug, just happened slow to my eyes/tasting maybe20:18
sledgesjust486: just benchmarked - transition is same speed jp vs n5 :)20:19
sledgesthen maybe can be blamed on screen size and einstein :)20:19
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nh1402-mobileStskeeps: they didn't really make it clear which comes with hd graphics and which come with powervr20:25
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just486have to go now, see you soon21:20
just486i always keep half of my eyes on Sailfish :D21:20
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krnlyngnh1402: i wrote a small app which listens on a port and displays how much it received and i've managed to patch libEGL_emulation.so such that it sends the command stream over tcp to the listening application21:30
*** nh1402-mobile <nh1402-mobile!~username@> has left #sailfishos-porters ("on pc")21:31
nh1402krnlyng: impressive, I don't even know how to do that, yet.21:33
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off21:35
nh1402krnlyng: does it still crash then?21:47
krnlyngnh1402: surfaceflinger does not crash anymore21:50
krnlyngnh1402: but the renderer still does21:50
nh1402some progress then21:50
nh1402does it say why the renderer crashed?21:51
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*** lbt is now known as lbt_away22:33
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tathhucxl000: any progress on deb?22:50
*** coltox <coltox!~dirk@ip253-248-210-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)23:06
cxl000tathhu, unfortunately renovations are taking up my spare time23:24
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tathhucxl000: well, good luck & have fun with that23:28
tathhuor somethin23:28
cxl000getting towards the end so I remain hopeful of getting back into it.23:30
tathhuyeah, don't know if that builded iamge for flo would work with "some editing" but..23:31
cxl000you could try unpacking it, change meta info to deb and check filesystems. extra modem fw partition before user partition23:33
cxl000other than that deb should be basicly the same as flo23:34
*** olafh_ <olafh_!~olafh@p4FF48C0A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)23:35
tathhumanaged to change meta info but that's it XD23:40
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