Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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sledgestathhu: changing meta-inf to deb *should*:) enough to be able to install it07:46
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sledgeshi pykape, welcome aboard:)08:45
alinsledges: hi08:45
alinsledges: where is the link for hadk?08:45
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pykapecheers sledges08:48
zhxtalin,   under step 1.08:58
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alinzhxt: is the old one...09:00
alinsledges: so you did not publish yet the june version?09:01
zhxtalin, aha,  there is a newer version now?09:01
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nh1402one interesting side note, nothing has been committed to the open source ARC repo for 5 days.09:26
nh1402could mean nothing though09:27
sledgesalin: can't remember saying june :P09:41
sledgesalin: (mal-), anyway first priority is gst-droid happy build09:41
alinsledges: I could have sweared I read on g+ about a new hadk...09:47
sledgesalin: maybe you had a nightmare? :)09:56
mal-sledges: maybe we should create a script for making the missing droid-bin-src-full package?09:58
sledgesmal-: i have a script in front of me10:00
sledgesneed to decouple from tablet ha and push it out10:00
sledges(also means making modular)10:00
mal-sledges: ok10:00
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alinsledges: mistery solved... the same mistake twice... read sdk... thought hadk10:27
alinsledges: I have grown some filter in brain it seems10:27
sledgesalin: can be you're awaiting for it that much (obviously subconsciously:))10:30
alinsledges: good one...10:40
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Nokius|mobilevgrade:  so u are working on the remote car control =) just saw the jla news12:57
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tathhusledges: i thought that too, but nope. and error was soo awesome "installation failed" LOL13:06
tathhudamn :(13:07
sledgestathhu: if it's during .zip install, it will be in meta-inf13:07
sledgestathhu: easy to catch13:07
sledgestathhu: you can add debug info, and most important - check that you zip the .zip back together using the same cmd line linux zip command13:08
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carepackhi all!13:38
carepacksledges: new build -> mobile network in.13:39
sledgescarepack: false alarm then13:43
sledgescool we got to the bottom of that13:43
carepackyou're healthy again?13:44
sledgesyes, again :D13:45
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tathhusledges: will check that again13:59
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bbxtrsledges: ahoy, have been trying to fix the power consumption on nexus 5 following the suggested fix for OnePlusOne hw, but I am getting err msgs and I am stuck, I wonder if there's any news or further development that would help14:22
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sledgesbbxtr: our hopes of further development were on you;)14:27
mal-what kind of fix?14:27
mal-what causes the high power consumption?14:28
bbxtrstill researching, but only getting about 7-8 hours of Wifi w/o GSM14:30
mal-bbxtr: you mean when everything else is idle?14:31
bbxtrmost of the time only 3-4 apps are running and power saving is on14:31
sledgesps: install SysMon from open repos14:33
sledgesvery good tracker14:33
bbxtrsledges: will do, thank you14:33
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sledgesi have it running, and without sim and no wlan it went 40% down in 24 hours14:34
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sledgesit's 1.1.4 though14:34
sledgesah bbxtr left14:35
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mal-sledges: is it really that bad on n5 even without wlan, I get something like 7 days of idle with sim and no wlan14:36
mal-on my device14:36
mal-basically the same as I got with stock android14:37
nh1402how about doing the required changes to a custom kernel (with a custom CPU governor) to make it compatible with sailfish, and see if that makes a difference14:39
nh1402I recommend ElementalX14:39
carepackbut rotation seems buggy. I boot up the device and opening the messaging app. I force rotating. The the layout is switched and never go back. bottom is on the left. Top on the right. right on bottom etc. and it stuck there. If I start lipstick from commandline rotation is broken with following output:
sledgesmal-: it looks like it went bad, i'll boot to 1.1.2 to doublecheck14:41
sledgescarepack: use latest hybris-sensorfw14:41
mal-sledges: did you mean system monitor? could not find sysmon on warehouse14:45
sledgesmal-: yes, it's .desktop called SysMon (facepalms)14:46
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mal-not very practical to have different name on warehouse and device14:49
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nh1402krnlyng: did you post that?, it sounds an awful lot like your idea and your progress15:02
alinsledges: any luck on getting u16 on obs?15:02
krnlyngnh1402: yes it is from me15:02
nh1402I'll put send a link from the xda thread I made about android app compatibility to it15:03
krnlyngcan you link me that?15:05
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nh1402krnlyng: one problem I see about using the emulator image is that it simulates sensors as you won't find them on a laptop, but that's the least of our problems at the moment.15:16
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krnlyngnh1402: yeah, for now it should only work :D15:17
nh1402for rendering to wayland could we not use SDL again, or will that just another unnecessary layer of abstraction again.15:18
mal-sledges: btw, forgot to mention that the problem that I had with user session startup timeout is no longer a present, maybe the solving of the problems that caused slow bootup also fixed that15:19
krnlyngnh1402: we can use sdl for window creation, the test renderer does that already, but i had to swap out sdl1 -> sdl215:21
nh1402krnlyng: what about actual rendering15:22
krnlyngnh1402: that would complicate things, it is better if we just let it use egl and gles for that15:23
nh1402krnlyng: where does rendering to wayland come in then, if egl and gles renders it directly.15:25
krnlyngnh1402: we need to create a wayland window which we can render into, and subwindows but i am not sure how that works in wayland15:25
nh1402krnlyng: I believe it is called a wl_surface in wayland15:26
nh1402but there is very little information that I can find on how to actually use it.15:26
krnlyngyes but i am not sure how subwindows work, thats what i ment15:26
nh1402krnlyng: I'm not sure if that actually works since it's a test but its the first c code I could find on it.15:31
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sledgesalin: ping lbt :)15:38
sledgesmal-: cool!15:38
* sledges afks15:38
alinsledges: lbt_away he is away15:40
krnlyngnh1402: just for clarification, if we would use sdl we would have to translate every egl and gles call to an sdl equivalent which i am not even sure if that could ever work15:46
krnlyngnh1402: thanks for the link, i will look into it15:46
krnlyngnh1402: btw in host_stuff.tar.bz2 i marked everything i changed with krnlyng (or krnylng)15:49
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krnlyngwhat could be the reason that the commented out version segfaults?
nh1402maybe fb->m_eglContext is null16:02
krnlyngthis is before: so it should be valid16:03
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nh1402maybe the if statement is missing a condition16:35
nh1402and shouldnt the first bpaste be in an else statement16:37
krnlyngwhy in an else?16:41
nh1402it might not be printing anything, so if it delete's fb in the if statement then your trying to use fb after it.16:42
krnlyngnh1402: "return false;"16:43
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nh1402is that supposed to do something in C/C++?16:44
nh1402like stop the program?16:44
krnlyngit will exit the current function and set the return value to false16:44
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nh1402ah right, didn't know that.16:45
krnlyngthe renderer works now, kind of, but i am haveing troubles with sdl window creation, the window is not shown16:46
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Nokiuscarepack: ping17:23
nh1402krnlyng: there is some activity in your thread regarding using TCP over UDP17:28
nh1402Unix datagram*17:29
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sledgesalin: yes forgot to say lbt will be away for cpl of days, anyhow that's not critical, lots of other things to iron out ;)17:48
krnlyngnh1402: hm surfaceflinger is still crashing...17:51
Nokiusis there some where some documentation about ofono / tart / Telepathy17:53
nh1402krnlyng: does it eventually start?17:53
Nokiusor may my registration fails  is miss function but it looks like it is working correct17:54
mal-Nokius: do you have pin enabled in your sim card?17:55
Nokiusmal-: no I lazy :P17:56
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mal-Nokius: ok, on my device ofono fails if pin is enabled17:56
NokiusI need a secend sim card all my sparte ones are deactivate so I can't check Jolla and find517:57
Nokiusmal-: I belive this is a "know" bug17:57
mal-Nokius: yes, it is17:58
carepacknokius: pong17:58
Nokiusmal-: u need to deactivite it on other phone and swap then17:59
Nokiuscarepack: :) how u slove the calling issues on mako18:00
carepackincome volume?18:00
Nokiuscarepack: no, I have isusse to make a call first try makes a call partner get's a incoming call but my phone "crashes"18:02
carepackhaven't this bug18:02
krnlyngnh1402: yes?18:03
mal-Nokius: I know, I have disabled pin because it fails18:04
nh1402krnlyng: you might be able to pin point the reason of the crash, a conflict maybe18:04
Nokiuscarepack: I assume it's not a bug , my device needs some configs tweeks18:04
Nokiusmal-: correct18:04
nh1402krnlyng: does the log message say "permission denial"18:05
krnlyngnh1402: i have the sources on my computer :P18:05
mal-Nokius: I just wanted to make sure you have tried that also18:06
nh1402krnlyng: does it say anything in logs?, anything at all.18:06
Nokiusmal-: :) yeap sure18:08
Nokiuschecking jolla with China mobile sim18:09
krnlyngDisplayHardware* const hw = new DisplayHardware(this, dpy);18:10
krnlyngthis is where it crashes18:10
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nh1402krnlyng: is this because of the sdlwindow?, or libhybris maybe18:12
Nokiusmh registure fails ahhh18:12
krnlyngi think it might again be something with tls18:12
nh1402I'm afraid I don't know what tls is18:14
Nokiusin general the journal -b was looking same for phone function18:15
krnlyngyes it was because of tls18:16
krnlyngnow it really does not crash anymore18:17
krnlyngbut screws up my phone :P18:17
nh1402screws up how?, doesn't draw properly?18:18
krnlyngnow the green light blinks and it is slow as hell18:18
krnlyngwhat does the green light blinking mean on the jolla?18:20
nh1402now that I have no idea18:21
Nokiusmal-: did u got the call function workingß18:23
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nh1402krnlyng: so the UI isn't responsive, is that because of the TCP connection and maybe RAM? if it doesn't have enough to do anything in android while also having sailfish services running?18:29
krnlyngi stopped aliendalvik and now it seems to work a little better18:30
krnlyngbut it does not render anything :(18:30
* Nokius afks for food18:32
nh1402does that mean input is working18:32
mal-Nokius: yes, calls are working18:34
krnlyngeglSwapBuffers is never called...18:35
nh1402that sounds important18:36
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nh1402is it back to that context problem ?18:43
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krnlyngdecoding seems to work at least18:46
krnlyngnope ^^18:46
krnlyngbut i think that will be a problem later18:46
krnlyngsilly me, obviously the decoding works if it displays the correct egl information...18:48
krnlyngsome output:
nh1402why did it output "accepted client" twice18:54
krnlyngno idea18:55
nh1402its setting windowcolourbuffer and then flushing it and occasionally bindingtexture. It sounds like it's missing something, like drawtexture or something18:58
krnlyngthe sdl window appears for a few milliseconds18:58
krnlyngnh1402: this is only the render control stream gles excluded18:59
krnlyngnh1402: i would have expected rcFBpost or whatever that is called19:00
nh1402what is the sdlwindow supposed to do?19:01
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krnlyngit is supposed to sit there and have stuff rendered in it19:06
nh1402you need to be more firm with it.19:08
nh1402maybe corporal punishment is in order19:10
nh1402krnlyng: did you look into the wl_surface/wl_subsurface?19:12
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krnlyngnot yet19:23
nh1402maybe its best and more stable to go directly to wayland than to go through sdl19:27
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Nokiusmal-: out of the box?19:33
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mal-Nokius: yes19:33
Nokiusmal-: ok19:34
NokiusHi Rinma19:34
Nokiusmal-: I will grep a simcard in the next days and see how it looks on the jolla and what can be wrong on my find519:35
Rinmai can't find a solution for following problem: MerSDK bash-3.2$ sudo zypper in android-tools createrepo zip -> sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?  I am in the MerSDK chroot and i follow the sailfish os hardware adaption development documentation. Someone an idea what i do wrong?19:36
mal-Rinma: is your mersdk/mer_root maybe on an external disk? check what mount options the disk that it's on has19:44
mal-Rinma: I think you need to remount the disk without nosuid option if it's set19:48
Rinmai have one disk with one partition19:48
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RinmaAccording to the fstab file my hard disk is not mounted with the option nosuid19:54
mal-Rinma: what does mount command tell for the options?19:58
Rinma/dev/sda6 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered)20:00
mal-Rinma: did you install mer sdk to your $HOME20:00
mal-Rinma: when you extracted the tar.bz2 of mer sdk did you use sudo?20:04
mal-like is said in mer wiki
Rinmano. i din't extracted it as root. i checked the folders and all belongs to my user and my group20:08
mal-there was a report in channel logs that without that exact command it messes up the permissions20:09
mal-Rinma: so please try and re extract the mer sdk with that command20:09
Rinmaso i have to run tar as root?20:10
mal-Rinma: yes, just like is in the link I gave20:10
Rinmaok i try it20:10
mal-do everything like in that link, with correct path of course20:10
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Rinmathanks mal- now it works20:48
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MSameersledges: home:sledge:gstreamer/ is preventing me from removing my old OBS repos20:54
MSameersledges: <- dependencies20:54
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mal-Rinma: good to hear, just curious what device are you porting?21:01
Rinmai want to try it for my Galaxy Note 2(N7100)21:03
mal-Rinma: just a hint, instead of using the hybris-10.1 branch like in HADK 5.1 use hybris-11.021:05
Rinmaok. Do i have Do i have to note something else when i use hybris-11.0 ?21:07
Rinmaok. Thanks for this hint :)21:08
mal-Rinma: so in the repo init command in HADK 5.1 replace hybris-10.1 with hybris-11.0, everything else goes according to HADK21:08
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RinmaBye everyone21:36
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sledgesMSameer: home:sledge:gstreamer nuked, anything else?(soz about that:)22:53
MSameersledges: thanks22:59
MSameersledges: I also merged all the droidmedia cam+ branch to master. there are a few issues (crash and ui glitches) so take care22:59
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