Thursday, 2015-06-18

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sledgesMSameer: ok we'll see which branch deems more stable06:31
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stephghey guys10:52
klopsi-u3hi stephg10:54
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brobostigonhi stephg10:56
locusfhey stephg10:56
stephgohai guys (locusf how'd the interview go?)10:57
locusfstephg: it was good :)10:57
stephggood stuff :)10:59
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nh1402vakkov: do you have any ideas about the eglContext problem krnlyng is having?11:51
nh1402the latest post in this thread
sledgesspiiroin: i'm now having nexus5 stuck at lockscreen (halfway up showing batteries, running stock 1.1.4) - any forensics you'd like me to collect, or just try your commit and see if it ever repeats?11:52
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krnlyng|mobile_nh1402: which device are you using for sailfishos again? can you test something for me?13:12
nh1402nexus 513:13
nh1402yh sure13:13
krnlyng|mobile_cool, i need you to test the chroot + renderer, because adreno is simply to buggy13:14
nh1402well nexus 5 also has an adreno gpu13:14
krnlyng|mobile_i am shortly at home then i will give you the instructions13:14
nh1402but I'll try it anyway see if there's any difference13:14
krnlyng|mobile_it has? hmm hopefully more recent blobs then13:14
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nh1402well the SoC was Qualcomm's flagship at the time, it has an adreno 330 GPU significantly faster than the 305 in the Jolla. Capable of running a 2k display (although just barely).13:17
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krnlyngi see13:19
nh1402although the 305 with the qHD display will probably run similarly to the 330 with a FHD display.13:20
krnlyngnh1402: it will take a while to upload the chroot13:22
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nh1402no problem, but it will also take me a while to download13:24
krnlyngno problem :), once you have downloaded it once i can give you differential updates later on if required will be much faster :)13:29
spiiroinsledges: noticed a bit late, but you mean the sensor ipc fix? it might help in situations where sensord freezes on restart temporarily, but recovers along with lipstick. without the fix  mce might have lost ps&als status -> brightness / proximity blanking issues13:30
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spiirointhe potential freeze was already fixed in sensord side, so in reality it probably does nothing unless something similar happens later on13:31
sledgesspiiroin: ah ok, my case is homescreen stuck on swipe, time is advancing, might be more of this bug:
merbotNemo bug 825 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha11] random crashes on lockscreen" [Major,Needinfo]13:36
sledgeslol can't telnet into nexus5, because usb mode is set to always ask, and ts is not responding :D13:42
sledgeswill have to call it a day and reboot13:42
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sledges(no wlan before you ask:p)13:43
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krnlyngnh1402: previously developer mode failed (connection over usb & ssh) when starting the chroot, only wlan was possible but i think i know how to fix it (comment out import /init.usb.rc in init.rc) you need to do that if you want to connect via usb to the phone13:56
krnlyngit is not yet included in the archive i am uploading now13:57
krnlyngnh1402: for now you can clone this: and build it13:58
nh1402I'm not sure how to build it.13:59
krnlyngnh1402: install gcc, g++ and make, then do "git clone; cd android_renderer; make"14:01
nh1402krnylng: i'm using windows.14:02
nh1402or shall i build it from sailfish on nexus 5 itself.14:04
krnlyngnh1402: yeah you can do it on your device, will be a bit slower though14:04
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krnlyngnh1402: do you have some ssh application for windows and are able to use it with the phone?14:08
nh1402krnlyng: yh, I use putty works just fine.14:09
krnlyngokay :)14:09
elfiohello everybody14:09
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nh1402krnlyng: fatal error: zlib.h: No such file or directory. when trying to make it from phone14:19
krnlynginstall libz14:20
krnlyngthe devel package14:21
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nh1402zypper and pkcon can't find it.14:23
nh1402typo my bad, installed it14:25
nh1402now it can't find -lwayland-client and -lwayland-egl. Is that some xwayland stuff?14:26
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nh1402krnlyng: installed xwayland and still getting the same error. /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwayland-client /usr/bin/ld:cannot find -lwayland-egl14:33
krnlyngyou don't need xwayland14:38
krnlynglibhybris-sbj-libwayland-egl, i hope this is the correct package, but why it doesn't find wayland-client, idk14:38
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nh1402so what would you like me to do14:40
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krnlyngnh1402: does it work now?14:44
nh1402how do you mean, do you want me to install libhybris-sbj-libwayland-egl?14:45
krnlyngnh1402: this would be the chroot:
nh1402zypper and pkcon can't find the package to install it14:45
nh1402krnlyng: the link itself says undefined XD14:46
krnlyngnh1402: do "pkcon search name wayland-egl"14:46
krnlyngdamn the upload failed...14:46
krnlyngnh1402: ah the sbj was wrong obviously... install libhybris-libwayland-egl14:48
krnlyngnh1402: oh it is installed... check if you find the wayland libraries anywhere on your device14:49
nh1402krnlyng: looks like the wayland libraries are in usr/lib14:53
krnlynghow are they called?14:53, etc14:54
krnlyngnh1402: git pull; make14:59
krnlyngi updated it to use pkg-config14:59
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Nokiusgot a sim17:49
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krnlynghow do i tell android to use instead of
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locusfor mv18:22
klopsi-u3wrong window?18:22
klopsi-u3oh i see18:22
locusfI speak from experience on forcing the correct gpu driver for android :)18:22
krnlynglocusf: thanks, works :) now i have to debug it :D18:23
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locusfkrnlyng: no problem, hope you get it working :)18:24
locusfrings a bell18:25
locusfah emulator gpu drkver18:26
locusfno I have seen this inside a device18:26
krnlyngits the gralloc module from the emulator which talks with the host renderer18:27
locusfjust a random flashback18:27
* Nokius we life in world with automatism but a sim activation takes hours :(18:36
krnlyngfound the correct property :) ro.kernel.qemu.gles=118:36
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krnlynghow do i set properties in android? i added ro.kernel.qemu.gles=1 to default.prop but that didn't change it (i did a reboot of course)18:54
locusfto which default.prop?18:54
locusfthe devices?18:54
krnlynglocusf: /default.prop18:55
krnlyngor how do i query it? getprop does not output anything18:55
locusffind / -name "default.prop"18:56
locusfdoes it query any other properties?18:56
vgradeNokius: remote control of Landrover not part of our Infotainment unit, don't have access to those CAN busses ! Probably for the best18:56
krnlynglocusf: no it does not output anything :|18:57
locusfkrnlyng: ok :/18:57
locusfwhat about that find18:57
Nokius:) so I will spider car blogs again18:58
krnlynglocusf: seems like there is no find in the build i got18:58
locusfwtf ...18:58
locusfits apart of mer18:58
krnlyngi did that inside the chroot18:59
krnlynginside android18:59
krnlyngis geprop supposed to print something? or does it store the property in the return value?19:00
krnlyngah on the jolla it prints stuff19:02
krnlyngbut not inside the chroot :(19:02
Nokiusvgrade: so it is realty now days
vgradeNokius: limited to 4mph, so no quick get aways19:05
Nokiusvgrade: I know19:07
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vgradenot sure I'd want to trust my 50 grand car to an external RC19:09
dr_gogeta86hi guys how do you do19:10
vgradedr_gogeta86: evening19:10
locusfdr_gogeta86: heya19:11
dr_gogeta86vgrade you know there is an hack on bluetooth CAN in VAGs to neuter immo ?19:11
Stskeepsholiday season: when you start getting really pissed off at the shit payment systems of hotels..19:11
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Nokiusvgrade: :D yeap it's a feature but I don't see a use case ok in offroad car it can make sens to have a remote but the show care was a bit to expensive to use offroad or use it to cross rivers19:11
krnlyngyay gralloc goldfish now works as it is supposed to :), just need to figure out why there is no output form the renderer...19:11
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, come to sicily where pos are not exsistent19:12
dr_gogeta86locusf, and to all veteran19:12
dr_gogeta86who is rockwatch developer for n9 ?19:12
locusfdr_gogeta86: huh veteran?19:13
Nokiusvgrade: looks like the find5 has the same calling issue as the bacon19:13
Nokiuswill debug on the weekend hope the sim card is working then19:14
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dr_gogeta86locusf any way to switch branch19:17
locusfdr_gogeta86: git checkout -b local -t origin/remote19:19
dr_gogeta86i giveup19:20
dr_gogeta86i wanna build also for my other phones19:20
dr_gogeta86i've no luck with ports19:21
vgradeNokius: if it has the same issue keep an eye on your payg sim. I burned lots of credit debugging this19:24
Nokiusvgrade: bought a new prepaid card today just for that19:33
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dr_gogeta86repo sync from scratch .... I wanna die19:38
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dr_gogeta86near to the end20:19
dr_gogeta86but for find520:22
dr_gogeta86witch hack you did20:22
dr_gogeta86i say in general20:22
Nokiuswhat u mean with hack?20:22
Nokiusit was a try and error20:22
NokiusStskeeps: have great time traveling20:23
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: biggest hack was to get the ui up rest is "easy"20:24
Nokiusoky mal- sledges vgrade & co helped a lot20:25
Nokiusgn8 o/20:32
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dr_gogeta86what did you do ?20:47
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sledgeshi Rinma21:35
Rinmai will port sailfish os for my note 2 and in the hadk i am at the step where i use the breakfast $DEVICE command. Now the command is searching for "hardware/samsung/" and i found a exynos5420 project on github from cm. Is this the right project for this file? I ask because in this project is only a exynos4x12.c file. Can someone help me with this?21:37
sledgesRinma: are you following chapter 14 (port to new device)?21:38
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Rinmai am on chapter 5.2. Do i have to follow chapter 14 first?21:39
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sledgesRinma: yes, it will take you through chapters in needed order for brand new device port21:39
sledgesRinma: also will give you extra info (exactly about setting up device's projects)21:39
RinmaOk then i will do this. Thanks for the hint21:39
sledgessorry about the jumpiness in the guide, that's being rectified21:40
hedayatkrnlyng: hi! a question about the ACL idea. The EGL/GLES problem with N9 you mentioned is with N9 itself or with Harmattan? (will it work on SFOS port on N9?)21:40
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nh1402hedayat: I'm going to go out on a limb and say harmattan21:46
hedayatnh1402: thanks. It'll be better! :)21:47
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