Saturday, 2015-06-20

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Roukoswarfhello, i was wondering if there was any progress on pulseaudio on oneplus? been fiddling with it, but i figure its more than just a pulse problem?01:26
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alin_sledges: about store added a workaround on here
alin_MSameer: hi.. the bad news is that with the gst-droid from main the hls streams are dead again06:43
alin_MSameer: did you miss the patch when you got rid of the old branch?06:44
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* Roukoswarf looks at clock07:54
Roukoswarfoh, its 4am07:54
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:36
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dr_gogeta86PSA: Asus ZenFone 2 unlocked .... another x86 target on sight08:47
brobostigonmorning Nokius08:48
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mal-syncing cm-12.1, patches already applied, hopefully it won't fail too much08:57
Roukoswarfi just lurk here to see if i can catch some oneplus one love.09:02
* brobostigon has been reading source code, to see how to get ota's working, sortof.09:03
mal-Roukoswarf: what is the problem with pulseaudio on oneplus?09:08
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BluesLee_alin: good morning09:15
BluesLee_alin: should i migrate to alpha12 or wait? workaround for store using zypper is okay, maybe better than installing directly when migrating as one can drop a list of installed apps from alpha1109:17
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BluesLee_alin: okay, i see alpha 12 is officialy out09:40
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alin_mal-: so you moved to cm12.1 as base?09:59
brobostigonand it works?10:03
mal-alin_: trying at least, mostly not for myself but for others10:08
mal-my device has enough support on cm11 but some other devices don't have cm1110:08
alin_mal-: I see10:10
locusfmal-: good to know, hope it works10:27
mal-syncing is quite slow, eventhough I disabled quite many repos from manifest10:28
alin_lbt: you see another one that needs fortran
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carepacksomebody knows where supported camer resolutions stored?10:37
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brobostigonhow do i install an rpm from terminal again please.?11:27
mal-brobostigon: zypper in packagename11:28
brobostigonthank you, do i have to be root?11:28
mal-yes, devel-su is needed11:29
brobostigonok, thank you, mal-11:29
mal-if you give the whole filename then youcan install local packages11:29
mal-hmm, why doesn't breakfast find my device11:31
* brobostigon makes a note of it this time, so he wont forget.11:31
MSameeralin_: which patch?11:39
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mal-locusf: building..11:43
locusfmal-: cool11:43
mal-most likely there will be some problems11:44
locusfI haven't remembered to commit my libhybris changes11:45
locusfdifficult to do with just tohkbd11:47
locusfdamn I committed to master and not to separate brranch11:47
locusfcould have been easier just to rebase11:47
mal-I seem to have removed too many repos from manifest11:47
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nh1402krnlyng: how's it going?, kicking back for the weekend?12:52
zhxtbuild for mako, but no .zip file was generated.
zhxtfound the error: cp: cannot stat `/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-3aUMBk/install_root/etc/sailfish-release': No such file or directory12:55
krnlyngnh1402: i am giving up12:55
krnlyngneed to study12:55
nh1402no problem, good luck with the degree.12:56
zhxtFrom the build log, the package sailfish-version was already installed.  Any help?12:59
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krnlyngnh1402: you could try and figure out why this: does not show a window, while this does:
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nh1402krnlyng: was the first link supposed to be a log, or a c/c++ file to compare against the second one.13:14
locusfmal-: you may cotribute to that, just pr and I'll merge that13:16
krnlyngnh1402: the first one is the renderer output, most egl calls printed and all wayland calls printed and the second one is a test application with all egl calls printed and all wayland calls13:17
nh1402will look into it.13:18
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krnlyngnh1402: thanks13:20
krnlyngnh1402: this is the source of the test app, if you need it:
krnlyngnh1402: this is the WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 output of the test application:
locusfmal-: its quite pivotal to use that latest libhybris13:23
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krnlyngnh1402: this is the renderer output with *all* egl calls printed and WAYLAND_DEBUG=1
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mal-locusf: latest libhybris does not work on my device with cm1113:27
mal-zhxt_: read here
locusfmal-: ah ok, although there could be fixes to it from this week13:57
mal-locusf: I'll look into that later, now I'm trying to get the build to go though with cm1213:59
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zhxt_mal-: thx, but I have saw that yet.  and  that "cp" cmd was already there in the .ks file.14:00
mal-hmm, I had that same problem before and at some point it just went away14:01
zhxt_mal-: yes, I have that problem in previous version, too.  but this time , it's a bit strange.14:03
zhxt_It seems no sailfish-release file in package : saillfish-version.14:04
zhxt_I'm not sure if there is a postscript generate it.14:06
zhxt_where can I get the spec file for sailfish-version ?14:08
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BluesLee_alin: thank you, so far the latest hammerhead build seems to be stable14:11
zhxt_mal-: got it, there is a .template file, so I can try to copy from it.14:15
zhxt_haha, that did the trick. \o/14:22
MSameernexus5 recording and play back are horribly broken :/14:30
zhxt_ got a boot loop...14:38
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krnlyngnh1402: found something?14:47
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MSameersledges: video recording was working at some point. has anything changed recently that broke it?16:53
nh1402krnlyng: those files are literally identical minus the extra cout statements16:59
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mal-locusf: I can't get hybris-hal to build, I get "bionic/libc/arch-arm/syscalls/ioprio_get.S:13: error: undefined reference to '__set_errno'"17:23
locusfmal-: did you check my changes?17:24
mal-locusf: yes17:24
mal-I use those17:24
mal-at least I hope I have taken everything, I have been comparing my code with your code but can figure out what is wrong17:25
mal-locusf: ioprio_get.S is the only one that calls __set_errno, all others call __set_errno_internal17:29
mal-ah, also ioprio_set.S does that, no idea why those two do it17:31
locusfmal-: yeah I did fix that17:31
locusfbut didn't remember to commit the final fix17:31
locusfI did a clobber + rebuild to make sure it still works17:34
mal-locusf: I can't figure out how to fix that so I'll have to wait for your fix, and I need food :)17:35
locusfmal-: yeah no problem17:35
tathhuoh deb17:42
locusfmal-: did you cherry-pick my commits or did you do it by hand?17:55
locusfI got a clea build of bionic17:55
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BluesLee_MSameer: Not a big regression as video recording has no audio yet and its still working sort of, only crashing at the end18:20
MSameerBluesLee_: all the enablers for audio recording from my side are in place18:23
MSameerBluesLee_: the question I have is: did video recording ever wotk without crashing?18:23
BluesLee_Msameer: let me check it with alpha11, will be back in some minutes18:24
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MSameerwith cam+ from git master, audio recording works18:25
mal-locusf: I got the patches from github and applied then if they went without problems, if there were problems then I did it y hand18:30
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locusfmal-: alright just checking18:30
mal-locusf: I'll try to revert the changes and do it again18:30
BluesLee_MSameer: Unfortunately i cannot tell you as i probably broke my alpha11 with an 'pkcon update'18:32
locusfmal-: ok, lets continue this tomorrow, sorry about this :)18:32
mal-no problem18:32
MSameerBluesLee_:  with cam+ from git master, audio recording works18:32
BluesLee_MSameer: for me its crashing with alpha 11 too but if i switch off the preview it does not crash anymore18:33
MSameerwhat do you mean by "switch off the preview"?18:33
BluesLee_MSameer: preview photo and video after capturing in the settings18:34
MSameerit stopps it from crashing? strange as they do not do anything18:34
BluesLee_MSameer: sorry, dont know why it did not crashed in one case, trying to reproduce18:38
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BluesLee_MSameer: forget my comments, i cannot reproduce it. do you have an rpm to test the latest git?18:46
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BluesLee_MSameer: or alin and sledges did some voodoo afterwards for the ports?18:48
mal-locusf: I reverted the changes and applied your patches just as they are (no problems applying) and still I get the errors18:53
MSameerwhat can I do if the damn encoder does not return all the buffers back :@18:55
BluesLee_MSameer if i use the volume keys for capturing cam+ does not crash it freezes:-)19:04
BluesLee_MSameer: if i put cam+ to the background it does not freeze in some cases, somehow weird behaviour19:05
BluesLee_MSameer shortly, i see random behaviour here19:06
dr_gogeta86nuntio vobis gaudium magnum habemus fully working cm11 base for d85519:15
dr_gogeta86locusf, step 1 of hadk19:16
dr_gogeta86have a working d855 cm1119:16
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* dr_gogeta86 hybrising in progress hope well19:55
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locusfmal-: its probably due to somethig changing i 5.1.x20:08
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Roukoswarfmal-: you around still20:41
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Roukoswarfi havnt been able to get sound running one the oneplus, i saw some video of it working from vgrade, but a new update for it never came out i dont think, pulse cant start properly, when i tried to get it running20:43
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Roukoswarfi could be doing something wrong, too.20:45
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mal-Roukoswarf: yes20:46
Roukoswarfever since the beginning, any volume rocker movement would show it at "muted", and alsamixer shows 100% volume, but crashes with perm denied when i change to the card audio controls20:47
mal-Roukoswarf: the volume shown as muted is normal when pulseaudio is not working20:48
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Roukoswarfyes, i figured that much out20:48
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mal-verbose output from pulseaudio would be useful, check the .service file for the parameters (and /etc for the included ones), then start from commandline with additional -vvvvv and pastebin the output20:51
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Roukoswarfalright, i should be able to get you that20:56
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Roukoswarfmal-: for the service file, i see conflicting info on how it SHOULD be run21:43
Roukoswarfsome using systemd-user, some not21:43
Roukoswarfeither way, i cant find a service file for it21:43
krnlyngnh1402: i have now copied the whole test application into the renderer and tried that, also doesn't display a window oO21:45
sledgesMSameer: video recording now has audio, just retriggered cam+ on obs \o/21:46
MSameersledges: has video recording ever worked reliably?21:46
sledgesMSameer: let me boot 1.1.221:47
Roukoswarfnot-found (Reason: No such file or directory)21:47
Roukoswarfthe pulseaudio binary is there21:47
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Roukoswarfeven though the journal says pulseaudio failed to start, no logs under the service name21:48
*** vrutkovs <vrutkovs!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:48
sledgesRoukoswarf: ls /{usr,.}/lib/systemd/*/pulseaudio*21:48
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:49
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
Roukoswarfwhen running pulse -vvvvvv as a user21:51
Roukoswarfsledges: as expected: zsh: no matches found: /./lib/systemd/*/pulseaudio*21:52
*** Sazpaimon__ <Sazpaimon__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:52
sledgesMSameer: yes, 0.0.29+droidmedia.20150406131810.86.gc6dced0-10.11.3 video recording works fine21:52
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
MSameersledges: which git commit?21:56
sledgesRoukoswarf: zsh?21:56
sledgesRoukoswarf: bash, and with curly brackets21:57
sledgesMSameer: c6dced021:57
mal-Roukoswarf: check /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio for the information about the parameters21:58
mal-Roukoswarf: and then run /usr/bin/pulseaudio -vvvvv parameters_you_found21:58
Roukoswarfsledges: zsh is fully compatible with that statement21:58
mal-the service file is at /usr/lib/systemd/user/pulseaudio.service21:59
sledgesRoukoswarf: ^21:59
sledgesis what bash finds21:59
Roukoswarfyep, i see that21:59
sledgesif you forget where things reside21:59
Roukoswarfthe zsh must be configured wrong/differently on this21:59
Roukoswarfmy normal zsh config would take that22:00
RoukoswarfCONFIG="-n --file=/etc/pulse/"22:00
Roukoswarfthat... looks wrong22:01
Roukoswarfthis isnt "hammerhead"22:01
mal-Roukoswarf: doesn't matter, the content of that file is usually the same for all devices22:01
Roukoswarfor is the audio chipset the same as hammerhead22:01
mal-Roukoswarf: so run /usr/bin/pulseaudio -vvvvv -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_qualcomm_msm_8974_hammerhead_flattened_device_tree_000b.pa22:02
Roukoswarfwith how the systemd --user is done unstandard here, how do i pull the journal for the user units?22:02
Roukoswarfim used to the normal systemd way, not this weird alias22:03
mal-it should all go to the same log22:03
Roukoswarfi cant pull status on it, or find it in the journal22:03
Roukoswarfusually the user needs to check their own logs22:04
Roukoswarfbut nemo has no perms for that22:04
mal-user devel-su22:04
mal-and systemd-user22:04
RoukoswarfE: [pulseaudio] droid-util.c: Assertion 'pa_droid_input_port_name(cur_device, &name)' failed at droid-util.c:932, function add_i_ports(). Aborting.22:04
Roukoswarfis there a journalctl-user equiv?22:07
Roukoswarfsince i cant find any logs in the main journal with journalctl -u pulseaudio22:07
Roukoswarfsystemctl-user works though, as you said22:08
mal-Roukoswarf: please just run it from commandline, it should output everything to stdout, if not then add --log-target=stderr22:08
Roukoswarfi pasted the error above22:09
Roukoswarfill get the whole thing if you ned22:09
mal-I know in principle how to fix the problem but I don't know the exact name that is missing22:10
nh1402krnylng: programmers problems22:12
Roukoswarfi wish vgrade was around, someone posted a video of audio working, and camera working, then the dev went dead, and no other releases were made for months :(22:13
Roukoswarfif i was never shown it working, it would have been different, lol22:14
sledgesyacuken was also a dev; work stopped due to modem not cooperating22:15
Roukoswarfmodem "works" on current verson22:16
sledgesfor the first call yes22:16
Roukoswarfwifi sometimes need a few reboots to work22:16
Roukoswarfsmells of race condition22:16
nh1402krnlyng: is the code between the renderer and the chroot connected properly?, what about the tcp packets is it being received in a format that the renderer can then show22:16
sledgesRoukoswarf: probably reading MAC address from the separate partition (like "config" names on hammerhead)22:17
sledgesand times varies to mount it22:17
Roukoswarfmakes sense22:17
Roukoswarfany hope that they will start dev again?22:17
Roukoswarfor is it basically cooked22:17
krnlyngnh1402: the connection works fine, there is something else going on...22:18
sledgesthey got carried away by daily lives22:18
sledgesRoukoswarf: need a fresh blood;)22:18
Roukoswarfim already maintainer of arch for openvz :p22:18
Roukoswarfbut yeah, daily life is leaving me with little time currently22:19
sledgesthe other two devs also had excuses;p22:19
sledgesit's about priorities at the end of the day;)22:19
sledgesas simple as that22:19
Roukoswarfyer, my priority is affording me medical bills22:19
sledgesouch, sorry to hear that22:19
Roukoswarfinsurance kicks out in 2 weeks22:20
Roukoswarfgotta stack money22:20
sledgescrazy world22:20
Roukoswarfyer, diabeetus costs money22:20
Roukoswarfand no, im not the fatass kind22:20
Roukoswarfhow hard is rom building for sailfish22:21
Roukoswarflike, is it the same "gotta build it all at once" problem as android?22:21
sledgesnah, chopped in stages22:22
sledgesand flexible22:22
sledges70% can be offloaded to OBS, automated22:22
sledgessoon 100%22:22
sledges(after port is done)22:22
sledgeswe re-use only android hal, and never have to rebuild the whole thing22:22
sledgesthe rest are RPMs, simple speaking22:22
Roukoswarfi know android decently well, the issue is i dont know modem code22:23
sledgesnobody knows22:23
sledgesit's closed;)22:23
sledgesyou have working CM22:23
Roukoswarfi know, but people know how to interact with it22:23
sledgesis how we made many peripherals work on other devices22:23
sledgeslike samsung had a nasty /sbin/cbd tool22:23
sledgesto load modem firmware22:23
sledgesand sailfish didn't pick that up by default22:23
sledges(/sbin/ is on initrd)22:23
Roukoswarfugh samsung22:23
sledgesso closely following behaviour/logs/debug on CM vs SF22:24
sledgesmakes things work22:24
MSameersledges: we need to bisect then22:24
sledgesril can be at least partially debugged already22:24
krnlyngnh1402: there is something wrong with the libraries, as soon as i link the test apps against some of the libraries from the renderer it fails22:24
sledgesMSameer: dibs on problem withing cameraplus codebase?22:24
nh1402krnlyng: so we have to change the libraries, is that even possible?22:25
* sledges calls it a long day22:27
sledgesmal-: good work and good luck on cm1222:27
nh1402krnlyng: or do we change the header files22:28
krnlyngnh1402: i don't know yet22:29
krnlyngnh1402: first we have to find the exact cause...22:29
mal-Roukoswarf: the error you get does not make any sense, I check the sources and all of the input device names should be there22:30
Roukoswarfmal-: the version of this rom is very old, i dont know where youre checking22:30
Roukoswarfsince it stalled 2 months ago22:31
Roukoswarfcould it be it just needs to be released with an up to date merge?22:31
Roukoswarfthis is still
mal-Roukoswarf: ah, didn't think of that, the fix for your problems was included to pulseaudio-modules-droid on april 3rd22:33
Roukoswarfand dev died around then.22:33
mal-not sure if the image is before that22:33
Roukoswarfany way to pull build date?22:34
Roukoswarfperhaps from the kernel?22:34
mal-kernel can be older than the image22:34
mal-no need to rebuild kernel if there are no changes22:34
Roukoswarfstill used to android land for phones, usually the kernel is built with the system there22:35
Roukoswarfdoes the build date get stored anywhere?22:35
Roukoswarfsince thats pretty distro specific linux wise22:35
mal-maybe the files in the zip could tell you22:35
Roukoswarfwell, actually22:35
Roukoswarfthere was an issue on first boot that may tell me22:36
Roukoswarfthe initial notifications on boot said "3  months ago"22:36
Roukoswarfeven though it was first boot22:36
mal-ok, could be22:37
Roukoswarflast modified date here is 29 mar22:37
Roukoswarfwhich is where the zips came from22:38
mal-so at least we now know the audio problem22:38
krnlyngnh1402: as soon as we link against OpenglCodecCommon it breaks22:38
Roukoswarfaudio is the only showstopper for me, rest i can figure out, since i dont use phone (use sip), and have other cameras22:38
mal-should be easy to fix with a simple rebuild of one package22:38
Roukoswarfhow hard would it be to merge to latest sailfish version in the process?22:39
nh1402krnylng: can we link to another library that serves the same function22:39
mal-Roukoswarf: since you would need to setup the whole build environment then the new version would easily result from the build22:40
Roukoswarftempting, any other issues that have been merged but not built? like the working camera demo i saw?22:40
mal-camera is working on many ports, not sure if anyone tried on your device22:41
Roukoswarfi saw one video from one of the devs22:41
Roukoswarfbut i dont know if it was commited22:42
Roukoswarfbut if the audio was committed but not build... maybe?22:42
Roukoswarfdo i just follow the hardware adaptation kit guide?22:42
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:43
mal-not sure if the fix for audio was device specific22:43
mal-Roukoswarf: basically yes, some small changes from that, like basing the build on hybris-11.0 instead of hybris-10.1 repo22:45
Roukoswarfnot sure if ill have time to get the build set up this weekend, cause i got a lot of code to do, but i will definitely try and get through it.22:45
Roukoswarfthe tools built for arch? or is there some dirty distro dep?22:45
mal-just ask here if you run into problems22:45
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:46
Roukoswarffor the build env though, whats needed?22:46
mal-the build instructions includes an ubuntu chroot for some of the building so does not matter what distro you are using22:46
MSameersledges: I don't think it's cam+. either hal || droidmedia || gst-droid22:47
mal-Roukoswarf: HADK chapter 2.2 list what you need for the build machine22:48
Roukoswarfmal-: alright, well im heading off for now, ill let you know if i manage to get started on it soon22:50
MSameersledges: c6dced0 does not exist in droidmedia git22:50
Roukoswarfdefinately less of an obstacle than porting CM22:50
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*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7848@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:52
krnlyng nh1402 as soon as i link against utils it fails23:04
*** egrep <egrep!> has quit IRC (Excess Flood)23:05
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nh1402so two libraries then23:09
nh1402krnlyng ^23:10
krnlyngno it is just utils23:12
nh1402alright at least we've (well you have) found the reason why it fails. You can safely say your code was not the problem and is perfectly fine.23:19
nh1402and on that note that's me done for the night. will be back tomorrow. good night23:19
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7848@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)23:21
*** xkr47 <xkr47!xkr47@2001:14b8:141:5926:5358:9793:2384:6264> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:25
krnlyngit works :D:D (kind of, renders garbage)23:32
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