Sunday, 2015-06-21

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krnlyngwhat can cause this: ?06:42
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Roukoswarfcomplete guess here (not familiar with the codebase) but it looks like if it cant get the framebuffer for the display.06:48
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Roukoswarfinits buffer, tries to get it registered, if cant get registered, blows up.06:49
Roukoswarfif you have no more gpu memory to allocate a buffer for a window, then it probably would be "caused" then.06:50
sledgesRoukoswarf: vgrade's lab notes as you go through the porting:
Roukoswarfoh joy07:32
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krnlyngvakkov: i have seen in the logs you had this issue too: "E/NetlinkListener( 5379): recvmsg failed (I/O error)" what was the cause and how did you fix it?07:44
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dr_gogeta86droid-hal rpm spec this morning is going nuts08:46
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alin_sledges: once when we were young we added a config file so  lot of fancy things worked in carema08:55
alin_cameraplus... like flash and effects... I think this is gone. any reason08:56
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sledgesno PR09:06
dr_gogeta86sledges, i think is going too loop it self09:14
alin_sledges: ? thought we solved it [Thursday, 30 April 2015] [11:59:11 BST] <sledges>      alin: put under
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:23
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brobostigonmorning carepack09:28
alin_sledges: ok I see now you said you done it.. but in reality it did not make it09:29
alin_ok I need to go now... maybe droidmedia shall install that09:30
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brobostigondo the agps stuff, come with the ports?10:11
mal-no gps support on ports yet10:12
brobostigonah, ok, that explains it, i was just trying to work out why it wasnt working.10:13
brobostigondoes that apply to networklocation as well?10:16
mal-no sure about that10:20
brobostigonhow would i find out?10:21
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mal-don't know that either10:24
brobostigonis there a program that shows what the phones thinks its location is on the basis of both those factors, and see any error output?10:26
sledgesyou should get a fix, if it's yellow status in the adaptation table; but glue to ui is not yet available, it's nt straightfrward10:29
brobostigonwhat output should i be seeing?10:30
mal-brobostigon: test_gps it will output everything it receives, at some point it will report the location if it's found10:31
mal-I tested it a few days ago and got a accurate location on my port10:31
brobostigonsoo nmea output of timestamp etc?10:31
mal-something like that I think10:32
krnlyngdoes somebody have a simple example for wayland touch input?10:32
brobostigonits definatly getting location then, so gps does seem to be working.10:32
mal-brobostigon: does it show the location values there10:33
brobostigonmal-: its showing degress of latitude and longitude values.10:34
brobostigonso that means then, if i use an app, which wants gps it should work?10:35
mal-no, since the needed middleware is missing10:35
brobostigoni see.10:36
brobostigondefine middleware?10:36
mal-something that connects the ui programs to the lower lever stuff10:37
brobostigoncant those be added?10:39
mal-jolla has not released the code so no way to build it I think10:40
brobostigoncant we use something that exists on another linux based platform? to do it?10:41
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mal-sledges: which part is actually missing? geoclue is there (the one with ui programs actually talk to via dbus) so is the stuff giving information to geoclue missing?10:44
mal-looking at what is installed on jolla phone, geoclue-provider-hybris is missing10:46
brobostigoncant we just extract the rpm then, and add it onto our existing ports?10:58
mal-that could be device specific, usually the hybris-packages need to be built for each port11:01
brobostigonmakes sense, yes.11:02
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sledgesmal-: it needs to be worked internally first before geoclue hybris becomes redistributable11:06
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mal-sledges: yes, I know11:08
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nh1402-mobilekrnylng: I understand you got some garbage output rendered, and are now in a similar situation to how i don't get touch input by "booting" into Cyanogenmod11:13
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krnlyngnh1402-mobile: almost :P i also don't have input yet11:25
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: i found your error:
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: try to figure out why this happens11:25
locusfmal-: could you pastebjn your __set_errno.c?11:26
nh1402-mobilekrnlyng: does ssb stand for Server Side Buffer?11:26
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krnlyngnh1402-mobile: seems like it does11:29
locusfhave you guys read the the blog series by Stskeepz? krnlyng nh1402-mobile11:31
krnlynglocusf: no, which?11:31
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locusfmal-: thx11:32
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krnlynglocusf: thx11:36
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nh1402-mobilei believe I've read that some time ago11:38
locusfmal-: I guess I'd need a cm12.1 tree as well ...11:40
mal-locusf: which parts of it?11:46
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: thats something different...11:47
nh1402-mobilelooks like fbmem isn't the right size for the nexus 5 with a 1080p display11:48
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: your error message comes from libhybris not gralloc11:48
locusfmal-: entire11:49
mal-locusf: ok..11:49
mal-locusf: what are you looking for11:49
locusfmal-: hmm well I should really be rebasing to aosp but I guess cm and aosp have converged too much11:50
nh1402-mobilebut it looks like libhybris uses gralloc11:50
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: can you recompile android? then check what wsb->m_gralloc->registerBuffer does11:58
krnlyngor check the source maybe you see something...11:58
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: also check logcat, maybe show it to me too, (logcat from sailfishos not the chroot)11:59
krnlyngerr logcat from the host android rather...12:00
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: if you think it is a size issue, do pull the latest changes of android_renderer and set the correct resolution in test.sh12:06
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: thats the header not the definition, you need to look for something like registerBuffer = foo;12:06
nh1402-mobilethat is surprisingly difficult to find, will have a look in about 2 hours time12:09
dr_gogeta86i can't build libhybris rpm anymore12:14
krnlyngnh1402-mobile: which version of android/cyanogenmod is used on the n5 for sailfishos?12:54
nh1402-mobilekrnlyng: CM11 M912:55
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krnlyngis there something other than wl_display_dispatch(the_wl_display); that has to be done in a wayland application? the ui always says that my app is unresponsive14:30
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nh1402krnlyng: invalid gralloc handle15:33
krnlyngnh1402: ?15:33
nh1402that's the error from logcat when I run test.sh15:33
nh1402having changed the screen resolution15:34
nh1402test 2 doesn't run, but test 3 failed to create Context 0x300515:35
krnlyngtest3 is nonsense15:36
nh1402krnlyng: test1 log
krnlyngtest1 is the same just with gdb, have you entered run?15:38
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nh1402Stskeepz: I'm trying to run the android_renderer on my nexus 5, but I keep getting the "failed to register buffer" error. here is the log from logcat any ideas as to why that happens and how to fix it?15:53
Stskeepznh1402: 'android_renderer'?15:53
Stskeepznh1402: i'm not totally at liberty to discuss these kind of things since i have been too tightly involved with alien dalvik source :/15:54
nh1402a way to render the android emulator image natively with wayland.15:54
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nh1402the android emulator draws to the host via a qemu bridge. On linux it uses X11, since sailfish doesn't use that we had to change it to get it to work with wayland instead. Running it on the Jolla phone does not get the error, but on the nexus 5 it does.15:56
Stskeepzso it's ?15:57
krnlyngStskeepz: yes15:58
krnlyngnh1402: not qemu, tcp :)15:58
Stskeepzerr.. wait a moment15:58
krnlyngfor now anyways...15:58
Stskeepzthe android emulator draws to the host, and the register buffer effort is on host side?15:58
Stskeepzrpm -q --info libhybris ,, or do you knowingily have a custom libhybris?15:59
Stskeepzbecause register buffer is a bit weird unless you also have server side buffers15:59
nh1402I just have the standard one that comes with the sailfish image for nexus 515:59
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Stskeepz2564 your host side?16:00
nh1402host side16:04
Stskeepzokay.. here's a theory16:04
StskeepzWAYLAND_DEBUG=1 your-host-side16:04
mal-I had some spare time and decided to try to make geoclue hybris provider, it already reports the position on dbus but it does not seem to reach programs, is there some other part missing also, I thought geoclue providers should be automatically used if available?16:08
mal-Stskeepz: ^16:09
Stskeepzmal-: the hybris provider will proably be oss'ed along a lot of other stuff during july-august16:09
Stskeepzi've just been tardy16:09
Stskeepznh1402: tell me more about the host side, got any code to refer to?16:10
mal-Stskeepz: should the data reach programs if it's sent using gc_iface_position_emit_position_changed16:11
Stskeepzmal-: i don't know16:11
nh1402Stskeepz: ^16:13
nh1402I did have to change the library path for the test script for GLESv1 and v2 to so.1 and so.2 respectively to even get it run16:14
Stskeepznh1402: LD_DEBUG=libs16:16
locusfwould hybris trace help?16:17
Stskeepznh1402: 0000c56c T property_get16:18
Stskeepzin carsten@buildbox:~/android_renderer$ nm -D ./emulator/opengl/host/renderer/emulator_renderer16:18
Stskeepzthat may very well cause some reasonable havoc16:18
Stskeepzbecause it may be that libhybris prefers yours instead of it's own16:18
Stskeepzmy bet is that it picks up the goldfish gralloc cos of that16:20
Stskeepzok, maybe i asked the wrong question .. :) HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug16:24
Stskeepzand if that doesn't yield the right thing, strace -fF 2>&1 | grep open | grep gralloc16:26
Stskeepzand if that doesn't yield the right thing, strace -fF your_renderer 2>&1 | grep open | grep gralloc16:27
Stskeepzyeah, need the latter16:28
Stskeepz open("/system/lib/hw/", O_RDONLY) = 516:33
Stskeepzls -al /system/lib/hw/gralloc.default.so16:34
Stskeepzls -al /system/lib/hw/ in general16:34
locusfthat was me16:37
locusfI told them to mv the grallocs16:37
locusfsince it was not loading the goldfish :p16:37
krnlynglocusf: we didn't :)16:38
locusfoh good :)16:38
Stskeepzeither way that's wrong gralloc16:38
Stskeepzfairly sure it'd be or the likes16:38
krnlyngon the jolla it loads the correct one :S16:39
Stskeepzpure luck, perhaps16:40
Stskeepz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   14148 Aug  1  2008 gralloc.msm8974.so16:40
Stskeepzit should load16:40
Stskeepzand the reason it doesn't, is because of your property_get16:40
krnlyngrenaming functions it is :)16:40
Stskeepzok, i'm off the hook now?16:40
krnlyngthanks :)16:41
krnlyngif it doesn't help, we might get back to you :)16:42
locusfgood luck guys16:43
locusfyou're so close :)16:43
Stskeepzit'll be 140+ eur per hour of consulting16:43
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krnlyng:D then maybe not :P16:47
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Stskeepzmoo Sfiet_Konstantin16:50
Sfiet_Konstantinmoo Stskeepz16:51
locusfwoop Sfiet_Konstantin16:52
Stskeepzwhy am i z16:54
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locusfok z3c image cooking16:57
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krnlyngStskeeps: you're my hero :)16:59
Stskeepskrnlyng: that helped?16:59
krnlyngyes :)16:59
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krnlyngnh1402: now we can start testing the chroot :)17:00
Stskeepskrnlyng: got ui?17:00
krnlyngStskeeps: no not yet, but at least it doesn't crash anymore on the nexus 5, we still need to setup the chroot on the nexus 5 and see how far we get,.. on the jolla i didn't get far unfortunately, surfaceflinger doesn't crash but it displays garbage17:02
krnlyngi wanted to test it on the nexus 5 to see if it might be a driver bug on the jolla... because i stumble upon them a lot17:03
Stskeepsnot impossible17:03
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Stocco Guys, someone could help me with the playlist. With both Jolla Media Play as the QuasarMX giving this error continue to playlist when the display is turned off. Once you click on any button (Volume or Power) the music continues. Someone there have been through similar problem? Is there any solution?17:09
locusfStocco: try #jollamobile17:10
krnlyngStskeeps: seen stuff like this for example: i would have sent you my own picture but i cannot find it right now17:10
Stskeepskrnlyng: doesn't that look a bit like stride issues?17:10
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Stskeepsthat's a jolla device? curious about the verizon on it17:11
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: App terminated!)17:12
Stskeepsstride is my best bet17:13
krnlyngStskeeps: no it is not a jolla device, but i have seen the same on the jolla (mupen64plus with gles2n64), well it might be a bug somewhere in the code, i am no gl expert... but it works almost everywhere else17:13
krnlyngStskeeps: this is the corresponding article, i trust these guys,.. but my trust might also be misplaced, i don't know17:14
Stoccolocusf: So. I'm using SFOS Alpha 12 and had this problem in Alpha 11. I believe that the same problem does not occur in Jolla. It must be some configuration of pulseaudio or something related to hardware events.17:17
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krnlyngoh i forgot to ask, is servicemanager started on SailfishOS on android devices?17:36
krnlyngthat might screw things up17:36
Stskeepscan't say how we solved it in dalvik, sorry17:37
locusfstill the same backtrace17:41
locusfnothing useful17:41
locusfthose hooks look weird though17:41
StskeepsHOOKS hooks.c:1596 (get_hooked_symbol) DEBUG: _ZN7android7gltrace12GLTraceState12safeSetValueEPbbP16pthread_rwlock_t -417:41
Stskeepsthat looks totally weird17:41
locusfz3c aosp 5.0.217:42
locusfsony z3 compact17:42
locusfwhat should that be?17:43
locusfbtw this is my upstream rebased libhybris17:45
locusfwith 5.0.x fixes17:45
krnlyngin apkenv we have these functions: shows a little less ?? in gdb, don't know if this might be relevant17:46
mal-locusf: why are you using fbdev?17:52
locusfmal-: for fun and profit17:52
locusfits the usual plugin which works17:52
Stskeepsdoesn't post 4.4 normally17:52
mal-at least on my sony it does not work17:53
locusfno change17:55
locusfwith EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer17:56
locusfand -platform=hwcomposer17:56
locusfdroid-hal-init also fails17:58
mal-no wonder display won't work18:02
locusfalso no gralloc loading18:04
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locusfthat debug should be from hwcomposer18:09
locusfnot eglfs18:09
krnlyngandroid chroot <-> tcp enc <-> tcp dec <-> host renderer <-> libhybris <-> android graphic blobs, pretty ugly, now that i think of it18:16
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