Wednesday, 2015-06-24

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alinsledges: what we need today with all this talk about ubuntu a jolla tablet news10:19
nh1402fight fire with fire10:21
alinnh1402: nope I doubt there is a fight... I have played with ubuntu on my hammerhead and is a lost cause... two much a desktop/tablet os rather than a phone10:23
alinnh1402: one thing they do pretty well at ubuntu... the noise and in this noise people may like to know there are other alternatives10:24
nh1402I briefly tried it too. I agree, the UX is not designed for a phone at all imo.10:24
nh1402that dock is too prominent10:25
alinsledges: I had a good bad experience with the sensors... they stopped working... the chat and email were in landscape mode...10:25
alinthis happened in the past too... I needed to restart10:25
alinthe phone... but today restarting the apps was enough... to make them start in landscape... but the sensors are still dead10:26
alinnow... before I restart do you want any debug info?10:26
alinspiiroin: ^^^10:26
nh1402alin: what information do you think Jolla should release about the tablet?, some more about Sailfish 2.0?, battery life and some other stuff?10:27
alinnh1402: nope... distribution reinforcement... start of the developer programme shipping10:27
alinnh1402: whatever is needed to prove the existence and excite the neurons10:28
nh1402and start a countdown for mainstream release10:28
alinnh1402: yes we used to have a button people could put it on their sites at opensuse10:28
alinnh1402: we still have10:28
alinnh1402: the problem you need to be sure you do it in that day10:29
nh1402we could also try and get apkenv working on non-jolla phones, get people talking on that front too10:30
alinnh1402: not a big fan of android10:37
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nh1402but other people are, there are numerous people who would like android apps working on Sailfish. But aren't helping to make it happen.10:39
Stskeepsnon-jolla1 sailfish, to be specific10:40
nh1402it is a small thing, but how come the Sailfish logo isn't available in multirom, is it a trademark thing?10:43
Stskeepstrademark thing probably10:43
Stskeepssome things we do to ensure a proper community ability while at same time being able to license10:44
alinStskeeps: but you can license for free or for a confidential non disclosable sum for multirom10:47
nh1402did you hear about this in the news today
nh1402I wonder how much better it would run with Sailfish :P10:56
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Stskeepsalin: usually you'd say commercial sailfish comes with patent permissions, trademarks, etc10:57
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alinStskeeps: ok maybe we need a community logo sailfish inspired11:05
Stskeepswe had a bit of discussion about it in meego days that community could utilize some kind of sub-brand11:06
Stskeepslike sailfish R&D11:06
spiiroinalin nh1402: might be nice to know if any sensorfwd related errors are in the journal; also instead of rebooting the whole device might be worth checking if restarting sensorfwd.service is enough11:12
mal-just a note related to trademarks, it would be nice to be able change the Jolla logo that appears during shutdown even on ported devices, since it's not really a jolla phone but a sailfish one11:12
Stskeepswe'll probably sort that out11:13
nh1402mal-: that's a good point11:13
spiiroin... and since there has been problems with mce/sensorfwd restart while display is off -> display on/off might make a difference while restarting sensord11:14
mal-not sure which process shows that logo11:15
alinspiiroin: no idea... but now the sensors started working without restarting after a while... the only event I had was a wireless disconnet and a connect back11:18
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spiiroinalin: I have no idea how something like that might affect the sensors. Some odd dbus block cascade perhaps, but that should cause other issues too. Was the ui responsive?11:25
alinspiiroin: yes11:28
alinspiiroin: all worked except the rotation sensor was not working... and the compass was showing zero11:28
alinwent to get a tea and lost the wireless connection... double checked when back and all was working11:29
alinthe phone was in my pocket if that matters11:29
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Vae_DuckZhello, I read on this page that the galaxy nexus can run sailfish os12:56
Vae_DuckZI need to get a new phone for a second simcard I have, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on it, so a 2nd hand galaxy nexus seems reasonable12:57
Vae_DuckZcan I expect it to make calls and send/receive text messages with sf? I don't have internet access on that sim, so calls and messages is all I need12:58
Vae_DuckZor are there better alternatives?12:58
nh1402if you click on galaxy nexus on that table then you'll get instructions to download and install13:00
nh1402anything green in that table means it's working, so yes calls and texts will work on the galaxy nexus as well as a lot of other things13:02
Vae_DuckZok, also I have no idea about what phone does what, is "samsung galaxy nexus I9250" the same galaxy nexus thing in that table?13:05
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nh1402I'm guessing yes13:10
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Vae_DuckZok thanks!13:25
nh1402out of interest do you know OpenGL?13:26
Vae_DuckZhm? the graphic library?13:28
nh1402I'm taking that as a no then13:29
Vae_DuckZI know I little bit, I just didn't expect the question13:29
nh1402work is being done to add android app compatibility to sailfish via a renderer and chroot, but are currently having OpenGL related problems, and due to lack of knowledge in the area, further progress can't be made.13:30
Vae_DuckZhmm aside of compiling shaders and sending vertices to the pipeline, I don't have any special knowledge13:33
Vae_DuckZevery time I tried to learn opengl a bit more, I've been confronted with the wrong/obsolete documentation you find around, even in the red book13:34
Vae_DuckZbut maybe you can find some real expert on #opengl?13:34
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nh1402they don't seem to respond13:42
nh1402at least about my questions13:44
Vae_DuckZhmm it was ##OpenGL, not sure if you were redirected right13:45
Vae_DuckZwait a little bit maybe, idk :(13:45
Vae_DuckZsome channels tend to be slow13:46
nh1402I did ask in the right one yesterday.13:46
Vae_DuckZwhat's the question btw? I don't think I know the answer but I might give you a hand looking for one13:47
nh1402I am getting this error: "W/Adreno200-ES20( 2560): <qgl2DrvAPI_glCopyTexImage2D:240>: GL_INVALID_OPERATION"13:49
alinnh1402: ther eis no way to make it spit more info?13:54
Vae_DuckZ"GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if the texture array has not been defined by a previous glTexImage2D or glCopyTexImage2D operation or if the internal format of the currently bound texture is not compatible with the color buffer format."13:54
Vae_DuckZit's telling you what the error is, no?13:55
nh1402krnlyng is actually the one getting that error, me trying it on the Nexus 5 I don't even get that far.13:55
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alinVae_DuckZ: not really... three possible causes...13:56
Vae_DuckZif it works on other platforms, likely it's the latter13:57
alinnh1402: while I suspect one checked the usual suspects... seems to need some internal buffers13:57
Vae_DuckZbut still, 3 causes is better than not having a clue ;)13:57
nh1402he said he will be back tomorrow, so can get the specifics of his error then, and see what we can do from there.14:01
nh1402is anything supposed to happen when you run "chroot android /init" android being the folder the extracted android image is in.14:08
nh1402it doesn't change the root directory, doesn't print anything, doesn't draw anything14:09
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nh1402I'm sure something else is supposed to happen, right?14:18
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locusfwell init takes pid 1 and if it can't it quits14:24
nh1402well if I run strace it looks like its doing something14:28
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gophixI would like to emulate android renderer and the android chroot environment on i386 before running it on nexus 5. The chroot gives me running qemu but it is not working. The android_renderer stops with a segnetation fault - maybe wrong ABI.15:10
gophixDoes it make sense to run/emulate on i386 or should i switch directly to the Nexus 5 with sailfish?15:12
nh1402gophix: did you get it from here?
nh1402are you trying this on sailfish15:12
nh1402on either phone15:12
gophixyeah the maemo ant XDA-thread (openGL invalid op)15:13
nh1402whats the error with the android_renderer15:14
gophixatm i compiled the renderer on my Desktop (needed some changes). So I did not trie it on sailfish. I need the nexus as my normal phone and would like to emulate it first.15:15
nh1402I believe you'll have to change and have it point to the right GLES files15:15
gophixa very early SegFault. GDB starts but after run it segfaults ('break main' isn't reached)15:16
gophixI let them point into the chroot environment (edited &
nh1402yh you'll need to change the file to point to the right GL libraries for v1, and v215:18
nh1402change it from .so to so.1 for v1 and from .so to so.215:18
nh1402what do you mean by point into the chroot environment15:19
gophix[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]15:19
gophixUsing host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/".15:19
gophixTraceback (most recent call last):15:19
gophix  File "/usr/share/gdb/auto-load/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/", line 63, in <module>15:19
gophix    from libstdcxx.v6.printers import register_libstdcxx_printers15:19
gophixImportError: No module named 'libstdcxx'15:19
gophixThis is my ANDROID_WINDOW_SIZE=960x540 ANDROID_EGL_LIB=../android/system/lib/ ANDROID_GLESv1_LIB=../android/system/lib/ ANDROID_GLESv2_LIB=../android/system/lib/ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. gdb ./emulator_test_renderer15:20
nh1402replace the GLESv1 and GLESv2 to this ANDROID_GLESv1_LIB=../android/system/lib/ ANDROID_GLESv2_LIB=../android/system/lib/
gophixstill same segFault15:25
nh1402paste the output into bpaste15:29
gophixI think I linked against Ubuntu System openGLES1/2 libs, and run with Android libs, that should be supposed not to work.15:29
gophixbtw I have no ./android/system/lib/ and only .so15:38
gophixthese libs are form the maemo thread post (chroot.tar.bz2)15:39
nh1402you're not supposed to be pointing the libraries to inside the chroot, it's supposed to be to your host machine15:40
gophixfor me misleading const names ANDROID_*15:41
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gophixok I changed the libs, but the result is still: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.15:48
gophixldd tells me that there are no linker dependencies to openGLES.15:55
gophixhmm, catch some sun and will try it later. Thanks nh1402.15:56
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krnlyngare there any gl functions which might internally call other gl functions? i am still wondering why i saw the error from glCopyTexImage2D, but glCopyTexImage2D isn't called in my host renderer, even after patching tls18:29
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nh1402alin: ^18:36
alinkrnlyng: nh1402 no idea18:38
alinkrnlyng: do a bt or strace18:39
alinkrnlyng: bt shall give you more info18:39
krnlyngalin: how would i use bt? because the call doesn't get through, i don't know where i should set the breakpoint18:40
krnlyngi could break on every gl call maybe...18:40
krnlyngalin: are you good with gles? nh1402 said you might be, i am trying to run android in a chroot with the egl/gles libraries sending calls over tcp to a renderer application (from the android emulator) but all i get is a mostly black screen with some artifacts, i was wondering if you could take a look at the source18:43
alinkrnlyng: I am not... last time I used opengl was in 200018:53
krnlyngokay :'(18:56
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nh1402i just had a call on the latest alpha 12, and once the proximity sensor is covered the screen goes black, but not off.19:13
nh1402and tried lowering call volume but didn't seem to work.19:14
alinnh1402: he he.. you still use your phone for calls?19:15
nh1402well not often, but it is the primary function of a phone.19:15
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alinnh1402: to be honest thought always the proximity dims19:29
MSameeralin: the latest tag from gst-droid should fix hls (I hope)19:29
alindoes not shutdown the screen... no idea about volume19:29
alinMSameer: cool which git repo?19:30
alinMSameer: I can in principle test fast19:30
alinMSameer: now we build almost everything in obs19:30
MSameeralin: sailfishos/gst-droid is where you should get it from19:31
alinMSameer: yap cool....  I will see if sledges wants to trigger a rebuild19:31
MSameeralin: I can add a hook to the repos for you if you want19:33
MSameersledges: ^19:33
alinMSameer: what do you mean add a hook?19:33
alinMSameer: retriggered19:34
MSameerwhen I push a tag -> trigger a build in obs19:34
alinMSameer: maybe not for the time being19:34
alinMSameer: but that is a good thing19:35
alinMSameer: we will need to see how sledges wants it19:35
alinMSameer: one thing that I always forget to say19:36
alinMSameer: cameraplus does not seem to close on sweep if activated close on sweep19:37
mal-MSameer: just a little thing I noticed, droidmedia fails to build against cm12.1, I think that is to be expected anyway19:37
MSameeralin: what is close on sweep?19:37
alinMSameer: in settings19:38
MSameermal-: haven't tried to build it against cm12. do we have any phone that uses cm12?19:38
alinMSameer: system shortcuts close on swipe19:38
MSameeralin: I have no idea what that is. I don't recall having a "close on sweep" setting19:38
MSameeralin: aha19:38
alinMSameer: n5 can run cm12.119:39
MSameeralin: swipe from the top of the app not the top of the phone (app is in landscape)19:39
mal-MSameer: not yet, my phone has also cm12.1 available, I'm trying to use cm12.1 as base out of curiosity19:39
MSameeralin: yes and 1+ too but do we have/plan to have builds for that?19:39
MSameermal-: the only thing I can say is either give me a tree with cm12 and hope I will fix it soon or submit a PR19:40
alinMSameer: merdre you were right... with the landscape19:40
alinMSameer: not that I know19:40
alinMSameer: about cm12 for n5 I see no real reason19:40
MSameeralin: I want to support portrait but it's damn hard to implement :/19:40
locusfmal-'s work will tremendously aid me on my aosp 5 quest once I get something running19:41
alinMSameer: ok hls is not working unless I need to trigger some other rebuild19:42
alinMSameer: debug time19:42
MSameermal-: locusf that is all good but I also have a list of priorities = I won't get to cm12 in a long time19:42
MSameeralin: which stream are you using?19:42
alinMSameer: one of the bbc ones19:43
alinMSameer: ERROR: from element /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstHLSDemux:hlsdemux0: Not authorized to access resource.19:43
locusfMSameer: sure, this is just a curiosity on our part :)19:43
mal-MSameer: sure, no problems, just letting you know that there seemed to be some problems, I'll look into those at some point after I get the cm12 based sailfish running otherwise19:43
alinMSameer: Could not fetch the child playlist: Forbidden: gstsouphttpsrc.c(1558): gst_soup_http_src_parse_status (): /GstSoupHTTPSrc:souphttpsrc0:19:43
alinMSameer: let me test in on computer19:44
MSameeralin: nothing to do with gst-droid -> Not authorized to access resource.19:47
mal-alin: I really am doing the cm12 only for others, there is practically no point to use it on my device since cm11 works well19:48
MSameermal-: BTW how are the camera fixes going?19:48
mal-MSameer: one of the fixes is good but the other is still not19:49
MSameermal-: which one is which?19:49
mal-MSameer: I think the metadata patch should be good,
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mal-but the other with support for cameras without separate video-sizes is still in the same state as before, which you did not approve19:52
mal-in the first patch the GST_VIDEO_CAPS_MAKE_WITH_FEATURES_META_DATA could be moved to some header so it won't be defined twice19:53
MSameermal-: in general looks good but there are a few minor issues19:54
alinMSameer: interesting seems I cannot play any stream even on my computer19:55
alinthe yellow ones are international the others from uk19:55
MSameermal-: move GST_VIDEO_CAPS_MAKE_WITH_FEATURES_META_DATA to plugin.h for example  or even to a header in gst-libs/gst/droidmedia19:55
MSameermal-: do you want the comments here or do you want to submit a PR?19:56
mal-here is ok, then I can fix it before PR19:56
mal-moving that to header was already on my agenda19:56
mal-MSameer: also i think the metadata variable is useless19:57
MSameermal-: which variable?19:58
mal-no reason why I couldn't set it directly to the final variable19:59
MSameermal-: actually I was about to comment on it :)19:59
MSameermal-: is the bool exported an int?19:59
MSameerglib gboolean is an int19:59
MSameeris bool an int too?19:59
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MSameerthe structure field:  md.meta_data20:00
mal-I have to check that20:00
MSameerbool is a C99 extension20:03
MSameerBoolean type20:03
MSameer_Bool (also accessible as the macro bool) - type, capable of20:03
MSameerholding one of the two values: 1 and 0 (also accessible as the macros true and false).20:03
MSameerso in theory it could be a short or maybe a bit field?20:03
mal-that's possible20:04
MSameerin theory we can assign 0 and 1 to it but how does gst_structure_get_int() does the assignment?20:04
MSameer*value = gst_g_value_get_int_unchecked (&field->value);20:04
MSameernot sure where gst_g_value_get_int_unchecked is defined but it seems safe to me20:05
mal-we can cast it as bool also from the get_int20:06
MSameerthat might break on big endian :D20:06
MSameeractually no it should not20:06
MSameertry to pass &md.meta_data directly then20:07
MSameer+  if (!droid_media_camera_store_meta_data_in_buffers (src->dev->cam, true)) {20:07
MSameer+    gst_caps_set_simple (our_caps, "metadata", G_TYPE_BOOLEAN, FALSE, NULL);20:07
MSameer+  }20:07
MSameerbool foo = !droid_media_camera_store_meta_data_in_buffers ()20:07
MSameergst_caps_set_simple(..., foo, NULL);20:07
MSameermal-: other than those 3, I don;t think I have anything20:08
MSameermal-: don't forget to submit the PR to sailfishos/gst-droid20:08
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mal-MSameer: shouldn't the last be "bool foo = droid_media_camera_store_meta_data_in_buffers ()"20:12
MSameermal-: yes :)20:12
MSameermal-: I copied and pasted without noticing the !20:12
mal-and why use the temporary variable?20:12
MSameermal-: to set true and false cases?20:13
MSameermal-: of course you can do: gst_caps_set_simple (..... , droid_media_camera_store_meta_data_in_buffers()) but I don't like the looks of it :D20:13
mal-ok :)20:13
mal-not very readable20:14
mal-MSameer: this was the other patch, you complained that I need to make sure the negotiation is done in correct order20:15
mal-doesn't that come from here
mal-I'll think about that part20:25
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gophix GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if internalformat is not compatible with the color buffer format.20:45
MSameermal-: I need to dig through logs :/20:46
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sledgesalin: webhook on cameraplus or anything else is perfectly fine and encouraged21:38
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