Thursday, 2015-06-25

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spiiroinhmm.. oleid is not here. anyone else who would be able to test yuga led fixes for mer#859 ?06:13
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:48
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spiiroinnh1402: that proximity blanking issue - what version of mce you have?10:05
nh1402urm, the one from alpha 12, how would one check the specifics10:06
spiiroinnh1402: "mce -V" or "rpm -qa | grep mce"10:06
spiiroinnh1402: thanks, there were couple of proximity blanking issues lately. there is one fix in 1.55.2 that you're missing. but I'm not sure if that would have caused the backlight to stay on10:16
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maikooolmal-: i read in the logs you were making a cm-12.1 build of sailfish, can i find your manifest and sources somewhere and give it a try?12:33
nh1402tworaz: nice work on the ytplayer and quicksilver12:58
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tworaznh1402: thanks, quicksilver probably won't go anywhere :P13:03
nh1402understandable, we were thinking it could be used as a way for android app compatibility, but due to QT can't really progress with it. But there is another solution krnlyng thought of, chroot into the android emulator image and have a renderer to draw it to wayland. But due to lack of knowledge in OpenGL it is proving difficult to pull off.13:06
tworazI doubt the performance of running android compat layer in chromium would be acceptable13:08
tworazMy goal is to get a better engine for the browser and maybe support xwalk in the future13:09
tworazand I've been working on writing an ozone backend implementation based on qt13:09
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tworazthis is probably a simpler solution than the quicksilver POC13:10
nh1402getting chromium working on an ARM device with a wayland compositor is a lot of work, just getting chromium alone isn't all that straight forward from what I can tell.13:11
nh1402I've not heard of xwalk before.13:12
tworazwell not really13:13
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tworazI got it running via ozone-wayand around may 201413:13
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tworazgetting it integrated with qt quick efficiently is a bigger problem13:14
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tworazxwalk === crosswalk-project.org13:14
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mal-maikoool: the repos I have on github are missing some crucial fixes, I will update those later today after work and I'll let you know when I do that13:15
mal-maikoool: I have not yet built a complete image so I don't know if the fixes are enough or not, I'll see if I finish building the image tonight13:17
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nh1402tworaz: How's your OpenGL?, for the moment we're having problems getting the chroot image to draw via the renderer. It connects to the renderer via TCP but some of the calls are by passing the renderer and are going directly to libhybris. Finding someone who knows OpenGL and is willing to help with the Android App compatibility project is proving v13:30
nh1402ery difficult to find.13:30
tworaznh1402: I wouldn't call myself an OpenGL expert, I know a bit about it, but I doubt I could be of any help13:32
tworazalso to be honest I'm not that interested in android compat layer13:33
tworazO my phone I only have one android app (firefox) which I still use from time to time13:33
tworazand this is only for cases where sailfish browser fails13:33
nh1402no problem13:34
sledgeslike logging into ;p13:34
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mal-locusf: about your libhybris patches, maybe it would good to enable also HAS_ANDROID_5_1_0, which I assume cm12.1 is, not sure if same fixes work though15:26
locusfmal-: yup, it could probably be HAS_ANDROID_5_X_0 as well15:29
alin_boys I sinned15:30
alin_got an ubuntu phone...15:30
alin_paid it when comes we put sailfish on it15:30
alin_locusf: yes15:30
locusfgood luck with the locked bootloader15:30
alin_locusf: locked is a matter of time15:31
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maikooolmal-: thx. Will try when updated for my xperia sp16:30
maikooolcm11 on that is rubbish, but cm12 works smooth and good, so i want to base sailfish on that and not 1116:30
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maikooolnice mal- thx: will build right now ;)19:33
mal-maikoool: with that manifest hybris-hal builds but no idea if it works on sailfish19:33
maikooolwe'll see ;)19:34
mal-I will do first test tomorrow or this weekend19:34
mal-I removed a lot of repos from the manifest, not sure if it will build for all devices19:39
maikoooliirc you have a sony device as well19:39
maikoooldoes yours use hboot or does it also use the
mal-no idea, most likely no19:40
maikooolyour fastboot is the one with the androids on skateboards?19:44
maikooolcause mine is and doesnt even show display on fastboot19:44
maikooolthis would explain why i need more repo's because cm needs to build recovery into the main image19:45
maikooolcause the sony custom bootloader cannot boot a seperate recovery, instead you need to load a different initramfs after kernel load :(19:45
mal-I also have to have recovery in the main kernel image19:47
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mal-I even hacked that into the sailfish kernel but haven't published it yet, there is some problem that the recovery initramfs is faulty when build with hybris-hal19:48
maikooolyeah i did it manually every time i need it19:49
maikooolvery annoying that the bootloader cant just boot a image, you need to flash it19:49
mal-with my hack it can boot sailfish and recover with the same kernel image19:49
mal-it builds it automatically while building hybris-boot but you first need to copy the working recovery initramfs after first build19:50
maikooolbuild errors on mkbootimg19:51
maikooolthen starts compiling the kernel19:51
maikooolno wonder mkbootimg fails19:51
mal-maybe you had too large -j when building19:52
mal-it can cause problems19:52
maikooolwill try with 1 then19:52
maikoooli always use -j4 since i have 4 cores19:52
maikooolused to word19:53
mal-no idea why it causes problems sometimes19:54
maikooolcould it be ccache?19:54
maikooolhybris-recovery_intermediates/recovery-initramfs.gz  --kernel  --base 0x8020000019:57
maikoool--kernel is empty19:57
mal-yes, that is a problem19:57
mal-ye need to manually hack it for now19:57
maikooolso like, hack the --kernel in or do the command manually?19:58
mal-maikoool:  use this in hybris-boot/Android.mk19:59
mal-$(hide)$(MKBOOTIMG) --ramdisk $(RECOVERY_RAMDISK) $(addprefix --second ,$(INSTALLED_2NDBOOTLOADER_TARGET)) \19:59
mal-for both hybris-boot and hybris-recovery20:00
maikoooli removed the $(hide) so i can see what it does20:00
mal-no matter if it's there20:01
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maikooolnice, that worked20:04
maikooolit now also works again with -j420:11
maikooolthat's nice20:11
maikoool-j1 is so slow20:11
mal-it was quite fast on my computer20:14
locusf-j1 is quite mandatory20:18
mal-locusf: did you have any problems packaging droid-hal-device?20:24
mal-locusf: I get error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found20:26
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* Nokius lazy week 20:27
maikooolsame here:
mal-same files20:29
mal-I'm trying to find out where the included files are defined20:29
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mal-maikoool: change line 426 of to "rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/{proc,sys,dev,sepolicy,selinux_version} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/{file,property,seapp,service}_contexts"20:48
mal-I'll send a fix to that tomorrow20:51
maikooolnice, that did it20:58
maikooolnow trying to compile libhybris20:58
maikooollet's see how that goes20:58
locusfmal-: sure, I had the logo.rle file for me20:59
mal-maikoool: you need to use the patched libhybris from locusf with some additional patching21:00
locusfmal-: did you fix your error?21:03
mal-locusf: if you mean droid-hal-device, then yes21:04
mal-I had exactly the same files as maikoool21:04
maikooolmal-: do you happen to have a repository with those patches applied?21:08
maikooolnvm that21:10
mal-maikoool: I haven't made those yet, you are already ahead of me21:13
maikoooli was under the impression locusf's libhybris was a fork of mer-hybris/libhybris but it isnt21:13
locusfyyp its upstream21:14
maikooolthat explains much ;)21:14
maikooolhm, both the default mer-hybris and the master and lollipop_fixes2 branches of locusf generate the same error21:17
maikooolsync.c:24:24: fatal error: linux/sync.h: No such file or directory21:17
maikoooli have no idea what these 'additional patches' are though21:17
mal-maikoool: if you look at the patches by locusf you'll see that those are for 5.0.0 not 5.1.0 we are building21:20
maikoooli see now21:21
maikooolso we need to add the same statements for 5_1_0 ?21:22
maikooolif you're not doing that i will give it a try21:23
maikooolbut wont make much sense to both make those changes :)21:23
mal-well I'm not doing it today anyway, maybe tomorrow21:28
mal-it's getting late21:28
maikooolalready did it21:28
maikoooli have no idea what i'm doing though ;)21:28
maikooolaww didnt work21:29
maikooolsame error :(21:29
mal-I can help debug tomorrow21:30
mal-unless you want to try yourself21:30
maikooolyeah i just copy pasted the 5_0_0 stuff and replaced it with 5_1_021:30
maikooolbut as i said, i really have no idea what i'm doing21:30
maikooolit's probably best if someone who does (aka: not me) looks at it21:31
mal-it should be enough, maybe something else is missing21:31
mal-like I said I'll look into it tomorrow21:31
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