Friday, 2015-06-26

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SfietKonstantinWsledges: heya09:40
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dr_gogeta86hi sledges did you know this10:06
alinMSameer: ping10:06
alinMSameer: this is the stream that works on my machine gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=
alinbut... not on sos anymore:
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: mouthwatering!10:24
dr_gogeta86is coffe not cocoa10:24
sledgesi'll have latte macchiato decaffeinato intenso10:27
* brobostigon will just have a large espresso please.10:29
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krnlynggophix: hi gophix, i heard you have issues with my chroot file?12:14
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ed|winwhere can i find news on the latest sailfish os ports?12:43
ed|winI'm in the market for a new device, and since i can't buy a jolla (I live in the US), I want to buy something that I can at least dual boot sailfishos on12:43
gophixhi krnlyng.12:43
ed|winI've done so with a nexus 4 some time last year12:43
gophixtried to run chroot android and the android renderer on i386 desktop12:44
gophixboth stuck.12:44
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gophixdoes it make sense to debug on the destkopPC or is it related to run on sailfish?12:45
krnlynggophix: the chroot is built for arm, you cannot run that on x86, you have to compile android for x8612:46
krnlyngto do that12:46
krnlyngyou might be able to run it with qemu-user12:46
gophixchroot with qemu emulation12:46
krnlynggophix: what does logcat say?12:46
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krnlynggophix: and can you chroot into a shell session? you might need to copy qemu-user and the libraries it requires into the chroot for it to work12:49
gophixatm I have less time. I'll try logcat in the evening.12:49
krnlynggophix: sure :)12:49
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gophixqemu-static was copied. It seems to run. I can see a process with the init.goldfish.rc12:50
gophixthere are no programms from /bin, ie ls, cd ...12:51
gophixGL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if internalformat is not compatible with the color buffer format.12:53
gophixso maybe a wrong initialized buffer.12:53
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MSameeralin: works fine hete13:07
MSameeralin: works fine here13:07
alinMSameer: strange which image?13:07
alinMSameer: these are my packages
MSameeralin: latest packages13:10
MSameernot testing on n513:10
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alinMSameer: i have retriggered I will see13:17
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alinsledges: triggered a rebuild of quite few things in common...13:23
alinsledges: gstreamer stuff to test the hls13:23
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sledgesalin: cool stuff13:35
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krnlyngGodGinrai: thats already fixed :)13:42
krnlyngi started to read the docs :P13:42
GodGinraikrnlyng: ?13:42
krnlynggophix: ^^13:42
krnlyngGodGinrai: sorry13:42
GodGinraiah, ok13:42
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gophix_2adb -e logcat gives me: waiting for device14:30
krnlyngit seems like aliendalvik's servicemanager is who becomes service manager on the jolla phone and not the base one, but i am not 100% about this yet14:32
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gophix_2do you still get invalid operation?14:33
krnlyngi thought i fixed it but now i still get it...14:34
krnlyngin updateTexImage14:36
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alinMSameer: no success14:37
alinMSameer: the same...14:37
alinsledges: lbt can we build this on obs
sledgeswhat licence?14:38
krnlyngbut not after glDrawArrays anymore so thats good14:38
alinsledges: License:     LGPLv2+14:39
alinsledges: but anyhow does not seem to have any source...14:39
gophix_2do I need to install a build-environment on sailfish? I think it is better to develop on the device.14:40
MSameeralin: feel free to debug it ;)14:41
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gophix_2compile on Sailfish os, but no GLES/gl.h header. I can't install libhybris-libGLESv1-devel, mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv1-devel or qt5-qtopengl-devel15:52
krnlynggophix_2: whats the error?15:53
gophix_2Fatal error: mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv1-devel-9.2.5+git2-1.4.2.armv7hl requires mesa-llvmpipe = 9.2.5+git2-1.4.2, but this requirement cannot be provided15:53
gophix_2Fatal error: libhybris-libGLESv1-devel-0.0.5-10.2.1.jolla.armv7hl requires libhybris = 0.0.5-10.2.1.jolla, but this requirement cannot be provided15:53
gophix_2I have a Nexus 515:54
gophix_2Fatal error: qt5-qtopengl-devel-5.2.1+git14-1.22.3.armv7hl requires pkgconfig(Qt5Gui), but this requirement cannot be provided15:56
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mal-locusf: are you around?18:16
locusfmal-: yup, whats up?18:21
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon18:22
mal-just some things I noticed about your patches, the sync include is missing in other platforms than hwcomposer (and from common), also the linker is not activated (not sure if jb linker works anymore)18:23
mal-might cause some problems18:23
mal-or is the linker used in some other way18:25
mal-locusf: also the need for defining HAS_ANDROID_5_1_0 does not exist since HAS_ANDROID_5_0_0 is defined as greater or equal to 5.018:26
locusfmal-: ok18:28
mal-locusf: what do you think about that linker?18:29
locusfwell tbh I just wanted to make it build :)18:29
locusfI didn't know that the linker might actually be necessary18:29
mal-locusf: you said you had problems with hooks or something18:29
locusfthats the culprit'18:30
mal-the linker is related to hooks so not sure if could have some influence?18:30
mal-or is it?18:31
locusfI don't know actually18:31
*** vrutkovs_ <vrutkovs_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
mal-lollipop has a different linker but looking at the code18:34
mal-maybe I'll add it and see what happens18:35
locusfokay thanks18:37
locusfI owe you18:37
mal-looks like the code is directly copied from bioni18:38
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krnlynghow if it wouldn't just render garbage...18:58
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mal-locusf: I think this patch is not needed anymore after using the correct linker
mal-locusf: in that you were fixing the jb linker to work with lollipop19:02
mal-locusf: you did have a linker active, I was just stupid no to see it19:04
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mal-locusf: since 5.0.0 also enables the HAS_ANDROID_4_0_0 condition19:04
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locusfmal-: ah ok :)19:09
mal-looks like some additional headers need to be extracted from android tree19:28
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locusfhmm I can't recover my mersdk vm shell19:37
locusfwhich is inside a screen19:37
sledgeslocusf: how come?20:03
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vakkovphdeswer, good evening! I seem to experience a little issue with n9. When i connect a usb cable for the first time after a reboot i get the device detected by the host and i also have ssh access. However, if i disconnect the cable and plug it back the phone is no longer detected by the pc. ifconfig from the terminal (with the cable plugged in) shows usb0 with address. sledges suggested that the rndis module does not get re-introduce20:11
vakkovd the second time20:11
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phdeswervakkov: the ifconfig in the terminal shows usb0 with the ip on the phone right?20:12
phdeswerSounds like an issue on the pc end. Or ssh does not work.20:13
vakkovphdeswer, the device has jolla-rnd package installed and a usb-moded with a removed --enable-meegodevlock config20:13
vakkovphdeswer, no problems with my other devices though; one of them is running on sfos20:14
vakkovnever had such an issue with the n9 before20:14
phdeswerWell if on the device there is an usb0 and ip configured, I would assume stuff is ok on the device end. As there would be no ip/usb0 device otherwise.20:14
vakkovbut i can't ping from the pc20:15
vakkovand i usually can20:15
phdeswerWell the phone ip is
phdeswerCan you show your pc dmesg?20:15
vakkovphdeswer: disconnected the galaxy nexus and connected the n9 -
vakkovit gets detected the first time after a reboot but after that it needs to be rebooted :D20:18
phdeswer[110304.475238] cdc_ether 3-4:1.0 usb0: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-0000:00:14.0-4, CDC Ethernet Device, f2:ab:25:7e:5f:7420:18
phdeswerThere it the n920:19
vakkovand i have ssh now20:19
phdeswerSo if it does not work now you're looking at a network issue20:19
vakkovit won't work if i now unplug the cable and plug it back20:20
phdeswerWell can you do it and show me your dmesg then?20:20
vakkovi have the feeling that something is broken with the image i am using :D20:20
phdeswerWell you said that when the problem occurs the phone has usb0 and an ip, so unless it has a kernel bug or the pc side goes bonkers it should work20:21
vakkovphdeswer: it didn't detect the cdc_ether again20:21
phdeswervakkov: Can you show if it detected a USB device at all? Please give me the log20:22
vakkovworth to check if filippz has made any changes in the kernel since the last time i used it :P20:22
vakkovi gave you the dmesg :P no, it hasnt detected anything. lsusb also doesnt show it20:22
vakkovphdeswer: <vakkov>
phdeswervakkov: you gave me a dmesg where it works, I need the one where it fails also.20:23
vakkovyes, that's it  :D :D20:23
phdeswerAh you updated it :)20:23
vakkovjust one new line ... showing that i disconnected it20:23
vakkovand it never gets detected again20:23
phdeswerOk. So on the phone you have a usb0 now right?20:24
phdeswerAs you stated earlier?20:25
vakkovifconfig in the terminal shows it20:25
phdeswerSo usb-moded is working correctly. If you unplug it goes away?20:25
vakkovphdeswer: yes20:26
vakkovit does go away20:26
phdeswerSo the setup on the phone side is being done, but the pc seems to fail to detect it at all.. Sounds like there is some kernel bug there. Or something is missing.20:27
phdeswerCan you get the last bits of the phones dmesg? You can cat it to a file before reboot so you can copy paste it after a reboot and working USB network20:27
vakkovsure, just a sec20:30
phdeswernp, debugging usually takes time ;)20:30
vakkovphdeswer: now that the ssh works again i can ping .1420:32
phdeswervakkov: of course, as your pc sets that up on its own end ;)20:32
phdeswerIf it does not see usb it does not have the interface. It's like pinging localhost now.20:33
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vakkovi ahve deleted a few "panel-nokia-dsi display0:" messages so that it is not flooded :P20:34
phdeswer[ 8798.532409] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready20:34
phdeswerSeems somehow it does not finish. As you can see a bit higher there should be a few more lines.20:35
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vakkovwell, that's all of it20:37
phdeswervakkov: looks like a kernel bug. Don't know if this delayed activation is still needed that there used to be20:38
vakkovinteresting, it was working before (with a previous release of sfos)20:38
phdeswerHmm the enabling was with g_nokia... so it should work unless the kernel is broken.20:39
phdeswerYou can see the differnce where it works just a bit earlier...20:43
phdeswerFor some reason enumeration does not seem to happen, which is because the PC does not notice anything20:44
phdeswerI guess you also tried to plug it into a different usb port when that happens right?20:44
vakkovofc i did20:44
phdeswerSo we're looking at some very subtle bug which most likely is in the phones kernel20:45
phdeswerGuess I will have to dig up my N950 from somewhere to figure out what it is.20:47
phdeswerMy guess is the twl driver, as this is not coming after the module loading: [ 8506.533599] twl4030_usb twl4030_usb: twl4030_phy_resume20:48
dr_gogeta86vakkov, still hybrissing ?20:51
vakkovdr_gogeta86: no :P20:52
vakkovbetter ideas came to my mind20:52
vakkovphdeswer: thanks for the info20:52
phdeswervakkov: you're welcome. I just wish we would have found some obvious fault that was easy to fix20:53
phdeswervakkov: one thing you could try, not sure if it makes a difference.21:03
phdeswerecho 1 > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/gadget/softconnect21:03
phdeswerI wonder if there is still softconnect support somewhere in those drivers21:04
vakkovNo such file or directory21:04
*** Sequenced <Sequenced!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:04
phdeswerNope no legacy of that left then  I hope.21:06
vakkovthe only change made in this kernel (if the image from devaamo is using it :D guess it is)21:07
vakkovthe only change related to twl3040_usb i believe *21:07
phdeswerI guess that could be the issue.21:07
vakkovit somehow tries to set the charging draw and doesn't get the link ready?21:09
phdeswerBut it has been there for a while..21:09
phdeswerWell it rather looks that the twl4030_phy_resume event does not come21:10
phdeswerworking: [ 8506.729827] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready21:10
phdeswer[ 8506.741912] twl4030_usb twl4030_usb: twl4030_set_power - mA: 10021:10
phdeswer[ 8506.871032]  gadget: high-speed config #1: CDC Ethernet (ECM)21:10
phdeswer[ 8506.871154] twl4030_usb twl4030_usb: twl4030_set_power - mA: 50021:10
phdeswer[ 8506.880401] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): usb0: link becomes ready21:10
phdeswerNot working:21:11
phdeswer[ 8798.532409] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready21:11
phdeswer[ 9103.163513] twl4030_usb twl4030_usb: HW_CONDITIONS 0x50/80; link 021:11
phdeswer^^ thinks it is a disconnect (unless you disconnected there)21:11
mal-locusf: this new linker needs a lot of headers :(21:12
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius22:07
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* Nokius this time post service strikes no hacking this weekend :"(22:10
*** mispp__ <mispp__!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)22:15
sledgesNokius: postman-the-hack0r is not coming?:)22:20
Nokiussledges: ? bit sad now no screen so not sure if my bday present will be ready on time22:22
sledgesNokius: what did i miss? :(22:23
Nokiusbut my sim card should work so let see what we will have at the end of the weekend :D22:23
Nokiussledges: nothing I still waiting for the screen to build a frame (feh)22:24
phdeswervakkov: maybe this will help with your issue (no device to test at hand atm though)
sledgesNokius: lost you there22:24
Nokiussledges: :D I will share my result soon :)22:25
sledgesNokius: alright:)22:25
Nokiussledges: hope I will get the calling done soon so I can enjoy the (Fosdem) Egg22:26
Nokiusthen the most parts are working of the find522:26
Nokiusso I ahve time to joy it22:26
* Nokius gn8 cu later 22:28
mal-libhybris porting is quite hard work22:38
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alinanyone curious for a ubuntu meizu invite?23:35
alinpm the email and is yours23:36
alinsledges: ^23:45
*** marxistv` <marxistv`!user@gateway/shell/gnu/x-leoeyyzuumrxusnc> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:49
vakkovphdeswer: tried it. unfortunately it doesn't work23:55
vakkovbut the phone seems to be charging23:55

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