Saturday, 2015-06-27

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tathhulocusf: good morningg04:47
tathhui hope04:47
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locusfwell depends, grandfathers funeral day04:57
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krnlyngwhich signal does the low memory killer use to kill processes?08:48
Stskeepsuncatchable usually08:50
krnlyngi dont want to catch it, i just want to figure out why my app is crashing in malloc :)09:03
brobostigondoes anything show in dmesg for example.?09:08
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krnlyngvalgrind inside the chroot hmm09:11
krnlyngi have to check dmesg if it happens again, does not happen always09:11
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krnlyngnh1402: howdy :)10:56
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phdeswervakkov: well at least we are making progress :)13:34
mal-vakkov: are you sure your device does not need -a or something like that for usb-moded?13:40
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Nokiusalin: so u had luck gave up after first few days17:17
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mal-locusf: finally managed to build the lollipop linker, a lot of hacking due to various problematic includes and missing c++11 features17:51
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locusfmal-: wow good job :) have you been able to test it yet?18:38
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mal-locusf: not yet, I started hacking gst-droid again :)18:46
mal-since testing would mean repartition of phone etc18:47
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locusfokay no problem :)18:55
locusfI could test your preliminary results on Monday afternoon/evening18:57
mal-I'll hopefully try that tomorrow, I need to update the patches for gst-droid before I completely mess up my phone19:00
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sledgeshi tathhu19:40
sledgesand t1mz0r :)19:41
t1mz0rhow's it going?19:48
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sledgesvery well and for you?:)19:57
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t1mz0rpretty good20:24
t1mz0rjust starting a port20:24
mal-t1mz0r: which device?[D[C[C[C20:27
t1mz0roneplus one20:33
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t1mz0rgetting an error in the mer sdk20:39
t1mz0rsudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?20:39
t1mz0ranyone else run into this?20:39
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mgroverhow do the porters know what to do? maybe a dumb question, but for example for the Nexus 5 the NFC doesn't work, where would you start looking to solve the problem?20:43
mal-t1mz0r: there are at least two possiblities that can cause something like that, either your mer root disk is mounted with nosuid or you did not follow when setting up mer root20:44
t1mz0rfollowed that instruction set closely20:47
t1mz0rand set MER_ROOT=$HOME/mer20:48
mal-is your mer root on an external disk? check the mount options for whatever disk it's on anyway with mount20:49
t1mz0rchecking if $HOME is mounted with nosuid or nodev20:50
t1mz0rdoesn't look like it20:57
sledgesmgrover: come to porters channel:)21:05
mgroversledges: isnt this it?21:05
sledgesmgrover: yes, that's what porters do first:)21:06
mgroversledges: I mean the general knowledge, how did people learn this21:06
sledgesmgrover: learned from those who created this21:07
sledgesmgrover: also channel logs21:07
mgroversledges: fair enough ill start reading21:07
sledgesmgrover: grepping is better:)21:07
sledgesmgrover: every hw feature can come from android side21:08
mgroversledges: am going to bravely attempt to get a cm12 SFOS port21:08
sledgesmgrover: then booting cm and comparing logcat with sfos21:08
mgroversledges: I see21:08
sledgesmgrover: nfc just like haptics might be straight from kernel21:09
sledgesyet best is to have working device and learn from there21:09
sledgesfor working sfos nfc best study candidate is jolla phone21:09
mgroverI see, that does indeed work close to perfectly21:10
sledgesyou can ask anyone in thic channel to test/check, if you don't have one yourself21:10
sledgesmgrover: which device? sfos cm12 is under works by mal- atm21:10
mgroversledges: nexus 521:10
sledgesmgrover: what gains do you expect on n5 cm12 sfos, as opposed to cm11 as base?21:11
mgroverhonestly, I have no idea, for all I know the cm11 base is perfect, but i was going with "newer is better"21:11
mgroverit was more of a learning experience tbh21:11
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sledgesbase will bring only hw support changes. so if cm11 works fine wrt hardware support, no need to cm12 for sailfish21:12
sledgesmgrover: but sure perfect way if you want to understand how hybris works21:13
mgroversledges: well from what I understand all hybris does is take from android hal and give to middleware21:13
mgroversledges: how do people know the calls in the android HAL? or is it documented?21:14
sledgessource is open21:14
mgroveri see okay21:15
mgroverI mostly wanna learn because my nexus 5 is my daily driver (running only SF) and I assume the more people helping the faster it catches up to the Jolla in terms of performance21:15
sledgesvery well thinking21:16
sledgesmgrover: i'm now running battery consumption tests on n521:17
mgroversledges: well if you need a hand am happy to help21:17
sledgeson different sfos versions, to see where drain gotten introduced21:17
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sledgesmgrover: what's your itch to scratch?21:18
sledgeshey jcbjoe !21:18
mgroversledges: whatd you mean? what I want fixed? currently the media player doesn't play music continously, it pauses after one track21:19
sledgesmgrover: yes, that's a pain, but it pauses only when asleep?21:19
mgroversledges: when the screen is off yes21:20
sledgesim using n5 as in-car ipod recently, got really annoyed i had to doublepress power button to get next track:]21:20
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sledgesthere was a bug about that21:21
sledgesif you could get logs on what's being printed between songs21:21
mgroverwhere would someone start looking into that do you know?21:21
sledgeswhen screen on or off21:21
mgroverwhat logs? normal journald or?21:21
sledgesthat would be a great start, half job done; as they say back home:)21:22
alin_sledges: bloody hell... just got hit by the next today21:22
sledgesjournal for starters21:22
mgroverokay ill see if i can get a log for that21:23
alin_sledges: the battery started to drain after sensors started working21:23
alin_sledges: I do not know if that is the price of progress21:23
mgroverfor me battery drain isn't so bad, not sure if its just me though?21:23
sledgesGST_DEBUG="*:4" jolla-mediaplayer; if nothing in journal21:23
sledgesalin_: hit by the next?:)21:24
mgroversledges: the task seems to go to paused according to the logs, would I just attach the logs to the work item?21:26
sledgesmgrover: paste in channel first, let's polish a bit21:27
sledges(via pastebin)21:27
mgroverlet me get it in a nice file first21:27
sledgesalin_: what did i miss? sensors?21:28
alin_sledges: the battery on n5 started to drain faster than we were used when the sensors started working21:32
alin_sledges: by the way you shall do a dup... I rebuilt gst-droid21:32
mgroverhmm cant seem to get the GST_DEBUG to output to a file via >21:33
alin_mgrover:  &>21:34
mgroverwhats the & mean?21:34
mal-I'm trying now to build a new gst-droid and droidmedia but the latter is causing a headache21:34
mgroverohh run and outputyeahh21:35
sledgesmgrover: so nothing in journald?21:35
alin_sledges: the next issue started when gst moved from various branches were moved to sailfishos on github21:35
alin_mal-: what is the issue with droidmedia?21:36
mgroversledges: nothing inside the /var/log/journal folder21:36
alin_mal-: see what MSameer commited lately and revert21:36
alin_mgrover: journal -xlf21:36
alin_as root21:36
sledgesmgrover: devel-su journalctl21:36
mal-alin_: ok, so I have to revert some of the changes to build it?21:37
alin_mal-: in the past this is what I have seen21:37
mgroverahh lots in journald ::21:37
alin_mal-: I can tell you the last that I know it builds21:37
alin_mal commit cc909c28ea264014637410624d36e46adcf4ed4e21:38
mal-alin_: that's quite annoying, maybe I'll make a custom for that to get the needed headers21:38
sledgesalin_: ah 'next' track, ok21:38
mgroverhmmm aside from the whatsapp and orientation logs, the only thing i could see that could relate is this: Jun 27 14:13:10 Jolla mce[687]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c: cpu_keepalive_set_timer(): cpu-keepalive ends at T-7521:38
mgrovernope its not that, thats from wayy before the test lol21:38
sledgesmgrover: you need to catch log between two tracks play21:39
alin_mal-: I did already that21:39
sledgespressing enter key helps21:39
alin_mal-: give me a second and I give you my spec and script21:39
mal-alin_: thanks21:40
alin_mal-: this in android root
alin_mal-: is called this pack-source.sh21:42
alin_mal-: this is bigger to build an entire rpm
alin_needs executed as exec-mer21:43
alin_mal-: and this is the .spec
mgroverfound it, although not much here21:44
MSameermal-: alin_ what is the issue with droidmedia?21:45
alin_MSameer: none on 19th21:45
alin_MSameer: I think the issue is more to build gst-droid...21:46
MSameerand on the 28th?21:46
alin_MSameer: is 27 still in here...21:46
MSameerwhat is the issue with gst-droid?21:46
MSameeralin_: :)21:46
alin_MSameer: mal knows21:46
MSameerif there is an issue, we can fix it together. if you revert then 1) it won't be fixed 2) you will miss latest fixes21:47
alin_sledges: told you ordered the ubuntu phone.... let us hope oncethey come with a method to dual boot21:47
alin_sledges: we can test sos on that21:47
alin_MSameer: reverting to find which is bad... but is unclear for me too21:48
MSameerfeel free to ask me when you know :p21:48
alin_MSameer: but be without fear... we will ping you21:48
sledgesMSameer: with mgrover we're now hunting why mediaplayer doesn't advance to next track when in suspend, on n521:49
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alin_sledges: do you have a collection of short mp3?21:50
alin_4-5 s each21:50
MSameersledges: probably audio stops, no wake locks so app sleeps21:50
sledgesany upfront long shots before mgrover gets logs?:)21:50
sledgesMSameer: ah21:50
sledgesalin_: i just seek to end of track21:50
MSameersledges: not entirely sure but sounds like it21:50
sledgesworks on jolla phone21:51
sledgeswonder where jphone sets and what, possibly under /sys/power/wake_lock21:52
MSameersledges: check with jusa_21:52
MSameersledges: and tanty_off21:52
sledgesalright, thanks!21:52
mgroverI am seeking to the end of the track, but being thoroughly, although not much is here: this is the display on
alin_sledges: maybe unlock21:53
mgroverDisplay Off then On,
alin_sledges: blimey now it works...21:56
alin_sledges: ok display was just dimmed not off21:56
alin_Jun 27 22:56:02 abbaton -fullscreen[20574]: [W] QGstreamerPlayerSession::processBusMessage:1302 - Warning: "received more decoded frames 1 than provided 0"21:57
mgroverthats just me skipping21:57
MSameersledges: could be a decoder deadlock or something. need gst logs for that: droidadec:5 at least21:58
mgrovergot the GST logs, gimme a sec21:58
alin_mgrover: you san install susepaste, check merobs for it21:59
alin_mgrover: and you can upload directly21:59
alin_MSameer: Jun 27 22:59:42 abbaton mce[676]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c: cka_session_renew(): long session active after 220004 ms; id=338/undefined name=:1.19 pid=988 cmd=/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start -n --file=/e22:00
alin_before the silence22:00
MSameersledges: make sure you are using the latest gst-droid22:01
MSameerbbl (1h)22:01
alin_one more when i start Jun 27 23:00:47 abbaton mce[676]: modules/cpu-keepalive.c: cka_session_finish(): long session lasted 284305 ms; id=338/undefined name=:1.19 pid=988 cmd=/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start -n --file=/e22:01
alin_MSameer: is the last from yesterday22:01
mgroverthis I think is the issue:
mgroverits the only difference between a display on and display off22:03
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mgrovernope its not, that happens during display on play back as well22:04
alin_mgrover: sledges MSameer did s strace on mediaplayer... with screen of makes a futex(0xb8c2dd94, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 221, NULL22:07
mgroveralin_: what does that mean?22:07
alin_mgrover: a lock22:09
mgroveralin_: ive started reading lol22:09
alin_with screen on polls but with screen of does not22:10
mgroveralin_: cant we just send out a WAKE?22:10
alin_mgrover: aparently no22:15
mgroveralin_: tbf that sounds a very hacky way to do it since i assume it should automatically call the WAKE22:16
sledgesi'm cat`ting /sys/power/wake_lock every 1 second now22:22
sledgeson jolla phone and on nexus522:22
sledgesnothing suspicious: mce_cpu_keepalive is there when mediaplayer is playing, both on jolla phone and nexus 522:26
sledgesalso other relevant locks are present when needed22:26
sledgeslet's wait for MSameer see what he says22:26
alin_sledges: yap I  may go to sleep... the forever waiting futex is the only issue22:28
sledgesand 01:02 < mgrover> this I think is the issue:
*** mgrover <mgrover!502f6164@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:29
alin_sledges: [23:04] <mgrover> nope its not, that happens during display on play back as well22:29
alin_sledges: maybe22:29
alin_sledges: off topic slightly do you know if the tablets for devs were sent?22:30
sledgesah you're right22:30
alin_sledges: good one...22:33
sledgescredits to Stskeeps22:33
alin_sledges: he wrote faulty towers?22:35
alin_sledges: i find it funny that jolla has an origami swan and ubuntu used origami too for their invites22:36
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mgroveri have such an awesome internet connection...22:43
alin_mgrover: which country?22:43
mgroveralin_: UK22:44
alin_mgrover: ok... third world of internet...22:44
mgroveralin_: it actually is :(22:44
alin_mgrover: do not remember me... I move in 10 days there22:44
mgroveralin_: to which part?22:45
alin_mgrover: warrington22:45
mgroveralin_: ah youll have manchester and liverpool nearby, I live in Leeds22:45
alin_mgrover: i know leeds used to have a gf there...22:46
mgroveralin_: ah so you live in the UK now/22:47
alin_mgrover: ireland... i will move to uk first week of july22:47
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mgroveralin_: am moving house to headingley july 1st, virgin internet, its "better"22:48
alin_mgrover: found that internet in UK&Ireland is a joke if you are outside universities and labs22:49
sledgesvirgin here in Bristol, 100Mbps can't complain:)22:49
alin_sledges: how much do you get our of that?22:49
sledgesfrom tbr's devaamo server - 7MB/s22:50
mgroveralin_: sledges, thats pretty good, right now I get 4.5MB/s max22:50
sledges#firstworldproblems :)22:51
mgroverrecently i saw googles attempt at world wide wifi, this way they can monitor the world22:51
sledgesi thought they already do:)22:52
mgroverwell this will make it very easy :P22:52
MSameeralin_: sledges we need a gdb bt22:53
MSameerthread apply all bt22:53
MSameeri fixed one deadlock upon shutdown in the audio decoder and there might be more22:53
alin_sledges: yap... bloody hell.. when I visit my brother in bucharest I want to cry... for 12 euro you can have 1000Mbps22:54
MSameerand how long is the mp3?22:54
alin_MSameer: normal  3-4 minutes22:54
MSameeri need a gdb bt22:54
sledgesMSameer: whole two of mine mp3s are 4-5mins22:54
alin_sledges: and the slowest you can get is 100 for 4 euro22:55
mgroverthats just heartbreaking22:55
alin_MSameer: but I think it does not matter22:55
mgroverhow can I run gdb?22:56
alin_mgrover: zypper in gdb22:57
alin_mgrover: start it as user gdb jolla-mediaplayer22:58
MSameeralin_: it does matter. if I try to playback a very short mp3 file it will give an error (bug I just realized now)22:59
MSameermgrover: gdb jolla-mediaplayer `/sbin/pidof jolla-mediaplayer`22:59
mgroverits not happy at the lack of debugging symbols23:00
mgroverand there is no provider for the debug symbols in the repos23:01
MSameerjust pushed a fix for a bug that caused short audio files to not play correctly23:04
sledges( mgrover: i got above paste by running )23:04
sledges( mgrover: i got above paste by running /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat )23:05
mgroveroh also, siren music player doesnt have this issue23:06
mgroverbut it cant seek23:06
sledgesMSameer: that logcat error happens also when display on, just carries on to next track23:08
sledgesand same like mgrover, not much use from gdb, even when sourcing
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: getting on later)23:09
MSameeroh crap23:11
MSameeri reproduced something worse23:11
mgroverhaha, what is it?23:12
MSameerlaunch media player, start playing a song and seek towards the end23:12
MSameerit willjump to the next song23:12
MSameerseek that next song -> freeze23:12
MSameersledges: ignore logcat. I need gdb23:13
mgrovernothing happened?23:13
mgroverplay song -> seek to close to end -> seek next song to halfway -> enjoy ACDC23:13
mgroverthats what happens to me23:14
sledgesMSameer: can't reproduce your scenario23:14
sledgesno freezes23:14
MSameersledges: try harder ;)23:14
mgroveryou must know AC/DC?23:14
MSameerwhich git sha are you using?23:14
mgroverive tried to reproduce 3 times now, no luck23:15
MSameerwhich git sha are you using?23:15
mgrovernot sure what you mean by that23:15
mgroverusing alpha11 if that helps23:16
sledgesnot latest23:16
MSameersledges: which git sha is he using :)23:16
MSameerthen please update to latest and try23:16
sledgesMSameer: will sure do, just saying that look like regression;)23:16
MSameer4b3c58318fc55e103a63f83063f21ed1f265f3e3 ?!23:16
MSameerthat IS ANCIENT :@23:16
sledgesMSameer: i'll retrigger gst-droid with your latest push23:17
MSameerDate:   Thu May 14 00:38:22 2015 +0300 ?23:17
MSameersledges: now I am angry23:17
sledgesMSameer: i stayed on alpha12, given that alin with latest pulls still gets 'next track' issue23:18
sledgeswhile asleep23:18
sledgesMSameer: will update now, just helping you in case you'll need to bisect :P23:18
MSameersledges: i cannot support anything but latest23:19
sledgesMSameer: alin is on latest, same problem so23:19
MSameeralin_: which sha are you using?23:20
mgroverisn't alpha12 the latest anyway?23:20
sledgesmgrover: latest release, but you can switch to dev channel ;)23:20
sledgesto be on bleeding edge23:20
sledgesand rolling23:20
MSameermgrover: latest release but not necessarily latest code. there is always code that is not released ;)23:20
mgroverwould that provide OTA updates?23:21
*** vrutkovs_ <vrutkovs_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)23:21
MSameermgrover: dev channel = faster bugfixes but also more breakages sometimes ;23:21
MSameermgrover: dev channel = faster bugfixes but also more breakages sometimes ;)23:21
mal-alin_: thanks for the scripts, now gst-droid and droidmedia both work with the latest versions, my patches also still worked23:21
mgroverI understand that, but I assume it means I can do a SSU rather than reflash an image?23:21
* sledges triggers build23:21
MSameerOK. latest gst-droid seeking is broken23:22
MSameerpfff :/23:22
mgrovertime to flash to alpha 12 then23:22
sledgesmgrover: OTA will break if there is new kernel and you're on multirom23:22
sledgesneeds extensive testing and work on there23:22
mgroverno dualboot here#23:23
mgroverhow would I switch to dev channel?23:23
sledgesmgrover: not on multirom?23:23
mgroversledges: no just plain SF ontop of CM23:23
sledgesmgrover: you can risk and do manual OTA23:24
mgroveri was planning to23:24
sledgesbut make backup first and copy .vault somewhere safe23:24
mgroverbackup first, then try and OTA to alpha 1223:24
mgroveror latest23:24
sledgesOTA to alpha1223:24
sledgeswith our guidance:)23:25
mgroveri assume its just not a nice, switch to dev and dup --version?23:25
sledgesmgrover: switch to dev is just a phrase, it's done very differently23:25
sledgesfirst just try OTA23:26
sledgesssu release
sledgesversion --dup23:26
sledges(backup first)23:26
mgroveri am don't worry, the important stuff ie contacts are on other servers23:27
sledgesdo you backup with nandroid?23:27
sledgesi mean, apps et al.23:27
mgroverno, theres no android on the system23:27
sledgesand jolla backup feature will backup just photos/texts/etc23:27
mgroverwell there is, but noway to boot to it23:27
sledgesmgrover: nandroid is backup inside cwm/twrp recovery23:27
mgroveri just copy my pictures, videos and books out23:27
sledgesdoes raw backup23:27
mgroversledges: oh I see, no I prefer clean installs23:28
sledgesOTA is mainly not to need to install needed apps23:28
mal-now that camera is again working I can continue building my first release23:28
sledgesmal-: \o/23:28
mgroveraway we go23:29
sledgesMSameer: my bad, i wasn't on alpha12 :(23:29
mgroveris there a "latest" mode? like the Jolla had?23:29
MSameersledges: i don't follow23:30
sledgesmgrover: i don't think that's done23:30
mal-next step is building an image with modular so I can get the correct pixel ratio23:30
sledges02:17 < MSameer> Date:   Thu May 14 00:38:22 2015 +0300 ?23:30
sledgesit's veeery old23:30
sledgesi was testing battery drain regressions23:30
sledgeswill switch to latest release, and then dup from there23:30
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)23:30
sledgesmal-: you can either use or just recreate repos yourself to match droid-* in
sledgesmal-: tell me which one looks preferred/easier to you23:32
mal-sledges: I have used the dhd2modulat already but haven't yet built the image23:33
sledgesmal-: ok, so that script is somewhat useful:)23:34
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)23:35
mal-next I need to check if my updated kernel still works before building a new image23:36
mgroverwhat are the chances of this booting :P23:37
sledgesmgrover: 0 to none, but you're the first to try :D23:37
mgroversledges: I like those odds :P23:37
sledgesmgrover: it was breaking earlier due to bad /sbin/preinit, but now that's fixed23:37
sledgesmgrover: ok, beer bet? :D23:38
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: App terminated!)23:38
mgroversledges: sure :D23:38
MSameersledges: just pushed tag 0.20150628.023:41
MSameersledges: please try and see if it fixes mgrover's issue or not23:41
MSameermgrover: alin_ ^23:41
mgroverill try after this finishes updating23:41
mgroverand actually boots lol23:41
mgroveram so confident I haven't even bothered to dl the new image23:42
sledgesmgrover: you'll have to make changes to ssu if you boot well23:42
sledgesas that happened between alpha11 and 1223:42
MSameerhope it will work :)23:42
mgroverchange to what?23:43
sledgesmgrover: diff .ks files of the two23:43
mgroverahh I see23:43
MSameersledges: OTOH I have been wondering for +1.5 years why face detection does not work with cam+ on sailfish. Discovered the reason today's morning :D23:44
mgroverwell 95% done23:44
mgroverah shit forgot to disable patches23:44
sledgesMSameer: building23:44
mgroverah disabled, were good23:45
mgroveralso whats the reason for face detection not to work?23:46
MSameermgrover: of course a bug in my code :P23:48
sledgesMSameer: still doesn't advance to next track when sleeps :/23:50
sledgesMSameer: wow 1.5+ years:)23:50
mgroverbtw, would the list of packages updated be useful to you guys if i dont boot?23:50
sledgesmgrover: all pasties welcome:)23:50
mgrovertime to reboot :P23:51
sledgeslooks like there was no newer kernel23:52
* sledges puts money on beer23:52
mgroverI HAVE BOOOTEDD23:53
MSameersledges: do you mean when the screen is off?23:53
mgroveri was worried as well, it got stuck on google screen for a little bit23:53
sledgesMSameer: yes23:53
sledgesMSameer: that was mgrover's issue23:53
MSameersledges: but i told you that is an issue with wakelocks!23:53
mgroveralso, the garabage text on boot is no longer there23:53
mgroverlet me try another reboot23:53
sledgesMSameer: i checked /sys/power/wake_lock - all the same as on jolla phone23:53
sledgesmgrover: garbage is always there ;) unless there's a rapid animation of something drawing23:54
MSameersledges: why do you assume the decoder has anything to do with that?23:54
sledgesMSameer: from above tests by alin_23:54
sledgesMSameer: and wake_locks looking innocent23:54
MSameersledges: what did alin_ test and show?23:54
mgroversledges: it goes from the Google screen, to the jolla loading screen, no garbage23:55
sledgesMSameer: im not suspecting decoder, just unsuspecting wakelocks, and simply asking 2nd opinion from you23:55
MSameersledges: show me what alin_ used to conclude then please23:55
mgroverMSameer: your tracking bug now appears23:55
sledges01:07 < alin_> mgrover: sledges MSameer did s strace on mediaplayer... with screen of makes a futex(0xb8c2dd94, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 221, NULL23:56
sledges01:10 < alin_> with screen on polls but with screen of does not23:56
MSameermgrover: which tracking bug?23:56
mgroverseeking bug23:56
MSameermgrover: that is fixed already in git and sledges triggered a rebuild23:56
sledgesmgrover: you're not on latest23:56
MSameersledges: but we need gdb for that23:56
sledgesmgrover: update your ssu as per .ks diff, then zypper ref zypper dup23:56
mgroverokay, so whats latest version?23:56
sledgesMSameer: we did gdb - no symbols, only android libs loaded23:57
MSameersledges: excuses :P23:57
sledgesMSameer: possibly need symbols builds, but which .so? ;p23:57
mgroverdont we need debug symbols for the jolla media player?23:58
* sledges imagines MSameer replying with Arnie's accent: "all'ov 'em!"23:58
sledgesmgrover: the stack is way outside that23:58
MSameersledges: does playing resume if you unblank the screen?23:59
sledgesMSameer: yes23:59
MSameersledges: so the only thing I can think of is n5 audio hal releases wakelock earlier before it gets new audio23:59

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