Wednesday, 2015-07-01

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zGrrmoin :)06:13
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mal-MSameer: we noticed yesterday that gst-droid does not read those /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcamsrc-[01].conf files which are said in the mk-cam-conf instructions09:24
sledgesmal-: it was MSameer himself who told me that09:30
sledgessorry i wasn't overly specific09:31
mal-sledges: ah, ok09:32
* tathhu *back to hadk.pdf* :o09:33
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sledgeshas anyone got time and disk space to test a special repo sync for me?10:54
zhxthow large space?11:03
sledgeswhat i'm trying to test is
zhxtmy VPS have 20G totally. I can have a try.11:05
sledgeszhxt: it should fail immediately, if it doesn't work11:05
sledgesbut it think it will work11:05
sledgeszhxt: please execute:11:05
zhxtok, then, how to do ?11:06
sledgesmkdir test4sledges; cd test4sledges; repo init -b hybris2-11.0; repo sync11:06
zhxtok, wait a little11:06
sledgeszhxt: sorry11:06
sledgesmkdir test4sledges; cd test4sledges; repo init -u -b hybris2-11.0; repo sync11:07
sledgeswas missing -u11:07
zhxtseems down loading now...11:08
sledgesyes, ok let's wait11:09
sledgesthanks for doing that!11:09
zhxtmy pleasure :)11:09
zhxtstill downloading ...  29% (103/354)11:14
mal-sledges: a small comment about this, that would cause that one cannot build several devices using a single source tree? not sure if that's supposed to be possible or not11:19
sledgesmal-: correct, that's no longer possible when gone modular11:20
sledgesand there's nothing we can do about it11:20
sledgesit's mostly about
sledgesit has to be called rpm/11:21
sledgesso if you're keen on multiple devices on same tree, you'll have to write your own mv script11:21
sledgesmoreover, with the dawn of x86 devices, it's also non-sensical anymore11:21
sledgeseven aosp/cm base is the same11:22
sledgesas $ARCH bits will start to change too11:22
sledgesso it's maintenance nightmare to support this11:22
mal-I was just thing about the xperia 2011 devices11:22
sledgesbetter buy a bigger HDD11:22
sledgesand have one-device-one-tree11:22
sledgesmal-: oh yes11:22
sledgesi forgot to come back to your chat bit last day11:23
mal-those are so similar that only trivial changes would be needed11:23
sledgesbut it's only with sony that you're that lucky11:23
sledges(also sony keeps the same spirit for other years devices)11:24
mal-which is nice11:24
sledgesmal-: so if you introduce a "renamer script", patches welcome! :)11:24
mal-hmm, I have to think about how to do that11:24
sledgesmv rpm-$DEVICE rpm11:25
mal-yes, and then also that hybris/droid-configs11:25
sledgescould be done exploiting current hadk command11:25
mal-yes, I'll try that at some point11:26
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mal-sledges: actually just a symlink could be enough11:27
sledgescrumbs, i just realised this idea is impure
sledgesit will need to be more granular11:27
sledgesmal-: yes, cool, i just had nightmares about symlinks11:28
sledgesand android repo tool11:28
sledgesadd rpmbuild to that11:28
sledgesyes, repo doesn't like symlinks11:28
sledgesso be careful ;)11:28
sledgesbut try for sure:)11:28
sledgesmal-: will repo sync ALL ported devices' (their kernels being biggest loads)11:28
mal-does it remove those if additional symlinks are present?11:28
sledgesso branc name will have to be hybris2-11.0-hammerhead11:29
sledgesi thought repo sync goes through .repo/local_manifests only when lunch is run, but of course, why would it! (stupid repo :D)11:29
sledgesespecially when talking about multiple devices on one tree :PPP11:30
hypeany news on sailfish-os for nexus 7 (2012)?11:30
zhxtsledges, uhmmm...11:30
zhxtfatal: Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 440363704 bytes), 395.34 MiB | 4.73 MiB/s11:30
sledgeshype: the porter is gone, the port (old but good) is there :) - should be easy to revive it11:31
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sledgeszhxt: probably just about filled up :(11:32
sledgeszhxt: but like i said, i need to purify the idea a bit11:32
hypeI have already installed the old one from XDA...11:32
sledgeshype: ok, you should be able to recreate development environment by following hadk pdf11:33
sledgesand then bake the latest sailfishos image11:33
sledgeshmm it was junnuvi who worked on latest images11:34
sledgeshe has gone ahead with builds11:34
sledgesbut didn't publish them iirc11:34
sledgeslets ping him :)11:34
sledges!seen junnuvi11:34
merbotsledges: junnuvi was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 5 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours, 45 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <junnuvi> Ok, no problem. I might have seen some fuse errors on startup. Have to look again, maybe it's related.11:34
zhxtsledges, seems memory is not enough. error: index-pack died11:34
zhxtsledges, I forgot my vps just have only  512M memory... just used for VPN.11:35
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sledgesmal-: but if i purify my idea, then it will shut doors for multiple devices under same tree, regarless if you make that script or not :))11:36
sledgesi think i have to bite the bitter pill and do e.g. curl -o .repo/local_manifests/hammerhead.xml
mal-sledges: how are planning to do that11:38
mal-I mean in the manifest11:38
sledgesthere will be nothing in manifest then11:38
sledgesthen instruct porter to not forget to upstream upstream upstream :)11:38
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mal-hmm, trying to think if there would be any way to still have some kind of support for multiple devices11:39
sledgeszhxt: ok no problem:)11:39
sledgesmal-: with curl ^^ it will11:40
sledgesis what i'm conveying about bitter pill11:40
mal-who would run that curl? some script?11:41
sledgesby hand11:41
sledgesone curl per device11:41
sledgesof your choosing11:41
sledgeswe'd basically keep the old way11:41
sledgesjust introduce a repository to store local_manifests (finally:P)11:41
mal-yes, that would work11:41
sledgesso ok then, job done :D11:42
sledgesi'll just have to write all that into hadk211:42
zhxtsledges, sorry, doesn't helped.11:42
sledges(btw PSA: hybris2 means modular layout, and instructions for that will come with hadk2 - version 2 ;))11:42
sledgeszhxt: no worries mate;) how are you getting on, any ports under way?:)11:43
mal-you could of course made a repo init script that will check if device is available on github and automatically add it to local_manifests, if not it woudl tell the user to manually define it or run a custom curl command11:43
sledgeshmm complications and hiding things in a script/macros11:43
sledgesis what we're trying to avoid11:43
sledgesto guide people of how things work11:44
sledgesis the aim11:44
mal-that's also fine, just an idea11:44
zhxtsledges, I have built sf for Nexus4 :)11:44
zhxthybris 10.1 , seems a little older now.11:45
sledgesit's grey area - #scriptallthethings is not ok, but #documentallthethings is also not ideal, hence we have - where if any errors or modifications - we won't have to re-release PDF, shout to everyone to read it, instead it will just work once they resunc11:45
sledgesbut i'd avoid other less mutable areas to land inside scripts11:45
sledgeszhxt: ah yes, now i remember:)11:46
sledgeszhxt: do you have some hwcomposer knowledge? that's what's blocking mako from going 11.011:46
zhxtsledges, I'm afraid that's a little out of my knowledge.11:48
sledgesfinding someone who does is also resourceful;)11:48
alinsledges: hi11:49
alinsledges: what did you do with 3/11:50
mal-too many projects so I haven't yet looked into the tbj branch of the hwcomposer plugin11:50
sledgesalin: payg11:50
alinsledges: payg?11:50
zhxtbut I can have a look at it when I have time,11:51
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sledgesalin: pay-as-you-go11:56
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* tathhu boots live ubuntu with jolla 12:09
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itdoesntmattHi there13:27
itdoesntmatt@msameer @sledges i ask to cepi for whatup; he said it uses qtmultimedia, ogg file , because aac format is not supported by sailfish13:28
MSameeritdoesntmatt: aac is supported by sailfish13:31
itdoesntmatti have said that to him13:32
itdoesntmatt Cepi scrive: <Yes, it uses qtmultimedia. Sailfish doesn't support aac, so I'm using ogg format.  Regards >   Question:> Hi cepi i m talking with sfos porters ib order to solve problem of recording with nexus 5. Does whatsuo use qtmultimedia? What kind of tool is used to encode? Gstream 0.1 or 1.0? What extension are used?13:35
itdoesntmatthowever i have installed gstreamer 1.0 like suggest but it still doesnt work. neither whatsup nor recorder. it shows file not found when i try to play it13:36
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MSameeritdoesntmatt: my word vs cepi's word13:56
MSameerI am saying it does, he is saying it does not13:56
MSameergo talk to him or bring him here13:56
MSameerand I can talk to him13:56
MSameerthere is nothing I can do more really13:56
itdoesntmattno sure, i am not giving against your word.14:01
itdoesntmatti think he simply doesnt know that possibility, i' ll try to say him to come here14:01
itdoesntmattdone, i will wait for a reply14:03
MSameerwell, I might be mistaken but I have no idea how to check it because I cannot find the source code for whatsup14:03
MSameerand I do not use that app (I don't use whatsapp at all)14:04
itdoesntmattok maybe if he come here you can talk with him and trying to find a common point14:04
MSameerfine for me14:04
itdoesntmattif you prefer you can mail him, i can give his address.14:05
MSameerI really don't have enough time to do that. I am extremely busy :/14:10
itdoesntmattok, fine.14:17
itdoesntmattthanks for reply and have a nice day!14:17
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alinwhoever did this picture
alini agree with... uses the same theme as me15:23
alinboys is there any reason for which grabscreen makes pictures in the privileaged group rather than users?15:41
nh1402maybe you need above standard privileges to grab the whole screen15:53
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alin_nh1402: never mind16:30
alin_can anyone change the sounds in a ambience... I changed them appear like changed but after I set it16:30
alin_still uses the old ones16:30
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sledgesalin_: we port devices here, the only app we use is fingerterm :D17:15
nh1402Why do I keep thinking that the 4 icons on the settings app cover are toggles17:24
alin_sledges: but the fact it does not work may be a bug in port17:24
nh1402that would be immensly useful, just have a special app cover for the settings app17:29
MSameermal-: sledges I never said that the files are parsed or used17:30
sledgesMSameer: i know, but we both jumped the gun :D17:31
sledgesnh1402: you're not the only one:)17:31
sledgesalin_: that's pretty high level17:32
sledgesenough to test on jolla phone17:32
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sledgesalin_: do they still appear in settings? maybe they are of playback format not supported by ringtone player, don't be surprised if that still uses some gst0.1017:36
sledgesand in that case, it falls back to default17:37
sledgesyou can playback selected custom ringtone by tapping on it17:37
sledgesin settings17:37
sledgesin gallery that is :P17:37
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Nokiussledges: I'm wondering may ofono is working correct only telepathy fails some how (sms 3G are working correct so I was wondering)18:23
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Nokiusofonod is working with ussd correct18:35
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Nokiusso if I see it correct ofonod dials but tonegend is not hearing DTMFs so there is no replay or it is not establicheing  the call18:55
Nokiusso there is then no primary call18:56
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Nokiushere is the log from dialing a service number
Nokiusmh after that USSD is not working restarting ofono is like pulling out the sim19:07
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* Nokius me I sould go to get some sleep gn819:45
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sledgesNokius: what about incoming calls?22:31
*** hexo_ is now known as wrongosaurus22:31
tathhuHmm, anyone wants tohbkd + jolla? ":D"22:32
sledgeswat? :P22:33
tathhuThinking if I should send mine for care and then sell it..22:34
tathhuToo tired to all hw problems which seems to be on my device(s) :(22:35
*** haasn` is now known as haasn22:35
tathhusledges: or giev me discount code and I'll get another jolla :322:36
sledgestathhu: so you want to sell a possible still problematic device to someone else? :(22:44
tathhusledges: after it's replaced with another one22:44
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tathhunah, i'll get that replaced and keep tohkbding.22:57
sledgestathhu: what's the issue this time? i remember on twitter you got once bitten twice shy with them :{23:00
tathhuyellow spots on screen23:01
tathhuwhen it's warm.. hot?23:01
mal-nice documentation in geoclue, I couldn't find any place to explain the satellite info parameters so I had to dig into qt sources to find out which is the correct order for the parameters23:02
sledgesmal-: can we test it yet? ^_^23:10
mal-sledges: you got the link yesterday, my additional code is completely untested23:13
mal-still no fix for the stopping problem23:14
tathhu!battle hadk, uni23:17
merbottathhu: Error: "battle" is not a valid command.23:17
tathhuäyh, wrong channel23:18
tathhucool, everything seems to work23:21
tathhumanifest 0.023:23
tathhumaybe i can focus on reading tomorrow.. ^^23:32
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mal-if there's anyone interested in testing gps on ported devices here is a wip code for the missing part
mal-a warning about that code, it can leave the gps on depending on how the gps using program behaved, fix will come soon hopefully23:48
mal-after building that package geoclue and geoclue-provider-hybris packages need to be installed to the device23:51

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