Thursday, 2015-07-02

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krnlyngStskeeps: i was bored, so i recreated the mupen64plus, gles2n64 picture on the jolla:
Stskeepsa bit stride-ish isn't it07:30
Stskeepsmaybe rgba8888 vs rgb565 ?07:30
krnlyngmaybe, i am currently studying gles to get an idea of what is going on07:37
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sledgesalin: interested in trying out mal-'s gps? ^^^ ;)07:46
alinsledges: of course07:50
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alinsledges: I need to restart the phone the stupid bug hit again07:50
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alin_sledges: mal- ok now I am ready08:17
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mgrovermorning, when internet sharing with the nexus 5 for some reason it was stuck not identifying the network, both on windows and linux, what fixed it for me was setting the DNS to and the gateway to the phones ip09:17
mgroversome maybe issues with dhcp?09:18
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tathhumgrover: with jolla windows didn't even knew there was network09:23
tathhu*/not related09:23
mgrovertathhu: well thats how to fix it anyway lol09:23
tathhui used my tablet for it, i'm lazy. :D09:24
mgroverfair enough :)09:24
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mebasAny active ones here?09:27
mebasHave some bug in Sailfish OS on Nexus 509:28
mebasSim is either not found or wont connect/find any carrier09:28
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mebasAny one not AFK to help me out? :)09:31
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tathhuDoes it work on android? :P09:33
mal-alin_: have you compiled geoclue yet?09:34
mebasYes. Its in multirom's secondary rom09:34
mebasPrimary rom - 5.1 android09:35
alin_mal-:  no09:35
mebasSecondary - SailfishOS09:35
alin_I need to go now.. we speak in the afternoon09:35
mebasAndroid has sim working, but sailfish not09:35
mebasBuuut, when I install SailfishOS as main rom, it has sim working09:36
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mebasTathhu from LTU? :)09:38
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mebasLietuvis busi?09:39
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tathhumebas: nej09:46
mebasOkay, then could you helo me with my little problem with SIM not being found? :)09:47
tathhuno, sorry :C09:49
tathhudon't know that much09:49
mebasHmm, sad. Am, do you at least know something about radios and etc for sailfish?09:50
carepackmebas: about the radios etc. is no information provided on the xda thread?09:52
mebasThere is. I used the same from the cm11 on which we put SailfishOS port. But the question is - how to make that radio work, cuz Multirom only adds custom radio to cm11 rom, and sailfish ls still using the one from 5.1 main rom09:54
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carepacktried to downgrade you're radio from main 5.1 rom?09:54
mebasI have no idea how to do that :D I have radio file for android 4.4.2. (Radio.img) but dont know where to put it and etc10:01
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carepackmal-: I compiled and installed the geoclue package on n4. will provide logs later. ahoi13:06
mal-carepack: it does not log anything :)13:06
mal-except errors13:06
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Stskeepslocusf: ok, i have some degree of environment up on n5+5.1 now13:23
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locusfStskeeps: woah cool :)13:23
Stskeepslocusf: no libhybris yet13:24
locusfStskeeps: okay, are you waiting on mal-'s lollipop linnker?13:26
Stskeepslocusf: i'll probably take my own swing since i did the original patches..13:26
locusflemme get home and rebase my stuff on 5.113:27
locusfStskeeps: ok13:27
sledgeshi Enjolras13:27
EnjolrasI'm about to buy a new phone, and i would like to try sailfishOS. Do you have any advice on a model for wich the porting effort would be "minimal" ?13:27
sledgesif you want it "ready-made"13:27
Enjolrasyes, i've seen that, thanks :) Not much choice in here though13:28
Enjolraswell. I'm not afraid to hack a bit, but i must admit i don't have many smartphone hacking experience13:28
Enjolraslast time was some linux/netbsd porting on an archos at the time of android 1.613:29
locusfStskeeps: let me know if you need any help13:29
EnjolrasI was considering sony xperia Z3 compact, and i was thinking that, maybe, since it is supported by cyanogen, it would be possible to port mer on it13:29
sledgesEnjolras: then you'll feel yourself at home, at least half-ways13:29
Stskeepslocusf: so my current plan is to public it all in raw form to you and locusf and go on vacation.13:30
Stskeepser, you and sledges13:30
Enjolrasbut maybe i'm a bit naive. Well, at least there is an opensource driver13:30
Enjolrasthe state of previous xperia models on the status page is not too engaging13:30
sledgesEnjolras: that's because we didn't have mal- ;) his xperia pro is now shaping better than nexus5 itself:)13:31
SfietKonstantinWsledges: better than the Nexus 5 ?13:31
Enjolrascool. I just wanted to know if it was something against sony that would make the porting hard of it was lack of time13:31
sledgesEnjolras: i can't see z3 among cm supported devices:;13:32
Enjolrasif it is lack of time/manpower, i'll just buy one and see what i can do13:32
Enjolrassledges: no, it's not officially supported yet. But wip13:32
sledgesEnjolras: all sony attempts were made before we discovered how to bring graphics up on that particular GPU family13:32
sledgesso new breath of life i needed, should be much more successful13:32
sledges*is :P13:33
Enjolrasit's a snapdragon 801 SoC from qualcomm, with a adreno GPU which, in theory, is supported by freedreno drm driver13:33
mal-yes, graphics should not be a problem anymore in most cases13:33
sledgesbut mal- found the fix to gpu stacks13:33
sledgesand locusf tried several sonys on lollipop base13:33
mal-sledges: I think it was someone else13:34
Enjolrascool. i'll place an order, and check back when i have the phone, thanks13:34
sledgesmal-: it was Stskeeps about QCOM_BSP, but you found errors in caf code13:34
mal-that's true13:34
sledgesEnjolras: that's the spirit! \o/13:40
sledgesmal-: could you please tag as nemo/ ? is how we track upstream and avoid conflicts during updates13:47
locusfStskeeps: alright, thanks13:49
sledgesmal-: otoh the dirty version will work just as fine i think13:50
sledgeslemme try13:50
sledgesEnjolras: you can start hacking way before you get the device ;)13:54
locusfumm z3c is the only sony right now, even though I also got z1c,z2,m213:57
SfietKonstantinWsledges: a version number with 5 entries ? are you serious ?13:57
locusfnothing but base builds done for them13:58
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t1mz0ranyone working with the shield13:58
*** maikoool_away is now known as maikoool13:58
locusfbut I hope Enjolras can help me replicate the success13:58
locusferr progress14:00
locusfstill :)14:00
sledgesSfietKonstantinW: if tar_git didn't have +master-TIMESTAMP-gSHA1 tagging feature, we would end up with infinite number of entries for version numbers, in an utopian theoreticall world14:00
sledgeslocusf: what do you mean "is the only sony right now"? :)14:00
sledgesSfietKonstantinW: even with that tar_git feature, exploding entries are inevitable, and equal to number of tracked upstreams14:01
SfietKonstantinWsledges: :(14:01
sledgesSfietKonstantinW: there's no other way, suggest better?;)14:02
locusfsledges: whre theres hardware testing done14:02
sledgesin most cases it's fine, max 3-4 entries, this case is already special14:02
sledgeslocusf: ah ok14:02
SfietKonstantinWsledges: na, just random funny rant. It is the first time I see 5 slots for a version number :)14:03
sledgesah lol ok:p14:03
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Enjolrassledges: right, but I'm a bit busy right now, i'm about to move at the opposite side of the world14:07
Enjolrasi'll wait for dust to settle a bit :)14:07
alin_mal-: bacj now I can try14:10
sledgesalin_: mal- told all what we have to do :P14:11
alin_sledges: I missed that14:11
sledgesEnjolras: unbelievable, i think i can count at least 5 people here who are relocating :D14:11
mal-alin_: install geoclue and geoclue-provider-hybris14:11
mal-then it should work14:12
alin_mal-: ok I see is done in obs already14:12
alin_sledges: got the ubuntu phone... nothing to worry about the os... is wll ubuntu14:12
alin_sledges: the hardware is cool14:12
sledgesalin_: mal-: i'm fixing the build errors atm14:13
sledgesalin_: like many people already told you - good luck unlocking bootloader ;)14:13
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alin_sledges: that is a detail14:24
tathhuspend time with your phone - unlock bootloader, do not use it!14:25
sledges17:11 < mal-> alin_: install geoclue and geoclue-provider-hybris14:26
sledgesyou should update geoclue with zypper dup14:26
MSameersledges: mal- tagget gst-droid 0.20150702.0 which now loads the per device config file14:27
sledgesMSameer: \o/14:28
vrutkovstathhu: hey, you're the one who tried running SialfishOS on Nexus 7 Deb, right?14:30
vrutkovsany luck with 3G?14:30
alin_sledges: zypper dup may be periculous... zypper in geoclue=version14:31
alin_may be another safer method14:31
sledgesalin_: why?14:32
sledgesgeoclue is now branched under adaptation014:32
sledgesjust like any other package14:32
sledgeswhat we keep under our wing14:32
sledgeswhen upstream version advances, we'll lose our geoclue14:33
sledgesbut that's life14:33
sledgesi hasn't advanced for last 10months14:33
sledgesand once things upstream, we stop worrying altogether14:33
alin_sledges: any app in which we can test it?14:35
mal-alin_: gpsinfo14:35
tathhuvrutkovs: yes, no. thought i just flashed it, no wifi etc14:36
sledgesmal-: quick fixes:
sledgesthe 3rd one is redundant obviously14:36
alin_mal-: where from?14:36
vrutkovstathhu: ah, crap. Apparently wifi works on my device only :/14:36
sledgesalin_: warehouse14:36
sledgesit's even in harbour also14:36
mal-sledges: I'll add those later14:37
sledgesmal-: well, we can't add them:)14:37
sledgesupstream won't want to become device-dependent14:37
sledgesalin_: yes...14:38
mal-sledges: then how should we do things?14:38
alin_sledges: cool I will put it in my repo14:38
sledgesmal-: split off, just like jolla did14:38
sledgesmal-: but it's perfect as temporary solution14:38
mal-hmm, of course it should be possible to build the current code separate from geoclue, just are dependencies14:39
mal-so just the provider in a separate tree14:40
mal-I'll try that at some point14:40
sledgesmal-: ok, so you're saying that some modifications to geoclue itself will still be needed or not anymore?14:41
sledgesI GOT A FIX!! \\o//14:41
* sledges hugs mal- 14:41
sledgesit took like 10minutes, as it's raining cats&dogs outside14:42
sledgesfeels like back in 2009 :DDD14:42
sledgesbut it's AWESOM!14:42
sledgesgpsinfo showing longtitude and latitude correctly now ^_^14:42
mal-sledges: there are no modifications to geoclue, just to configure and etc14:43
sledgesmal-: ah yes, cool14:43
mal-it is indeed slow, I'll add agps at some point14:43
locusfwohoo \o/14:45
sledgesisn't agps under some IPR?14:45
mal-not sure14:45
mal-at least test_gps also has is14:46
mal-I just dropped it to make debugging easier14:46
sledgesok we'll see:)14:46
alin_lbt: hi...14:48
alin_lbt: question can you build a package directly from .yaml in obs?14:48
alin_lbt: can I add the spec file as a separate file?14:50
lbtthe yaml idea was that for new developers and most simple packages you can use an easy-to-write and easy-to-automate file - a yaml file14:50
lbtit's then converted to a spec and OBS uses that14:50
lbtso yes14:50
alin_lbt: yes i know the yaml to spec but I wondered if can be done automatically in obs or I need by hand14:51
lbtby hand14:51
lbt'could it be done' ... yes... "will it be done" .... no14:51
alin_mal-: sledges does not lock for me14:53
alin_gpsinfo shows no lat long14:53
mal-alin_: any errors in journal log14:54
sledgesalin_: wait15:00
sledgesput near window15:00
alin_sledges: I am in the attic already window in front window above15:01
sledgesalin_: i had to wait 15mins15:02
alin_sledges: uau.. but test_gps seems to give some info15:02
sledgestest_gps will spam once fix15:03
mal-alin_: there is no mention of the hybris provider in the log, are you sure it's installed15:03
alin_lbt: ok got the spec and I have my service how can I glue them15:03
alin_mal-: do I need to restart?15:04
lbtalin_: what service ? webhook ?15:04
lbtif so then your spec should live in the rpm/ dir of your package in git15:05
alin_lbt: ok I see... no magic15:05
lbtideally not15:05
mal-alin_: kill geoclue-master and try again15:05
mal-it might not have noticed the new provider15:06
alin_mal-: noluck15:09
mal-then try a reboot15:10
alin_mal-: ok I will15:11
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phdeswermal-: the test_gps agps relies on google supl servers and might or not work.15:32
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* phdeswer wonders what the whole n5 gps thing is exactly about, as test_gps worked already 6 months ago afaik15:33
mal-phdeswer: the gps was missing the middleware part15:34
phdeswermal-: ah ok :)15:34
phdeswerGeoclue might need changes as it defaults to the here SUPL afaik. But just changing to the supposedly public Google SUPL server might work (depending on what happens in the background and if it needs authentication)15:37
phdeswerOtherwise you'll be stuck with regular non assisted gps15:37
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nh1402phdeswer: That doesn't sound bad for those with a limited data plan.16:07
mal-I've never even used agps16:09
mal-sledges: \o/ I built the hybris provider separately from geoclue16:10
sledgesthat -was- fast :D16:11
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*** enesutku <enesutku!58e558c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:34
enesutkuHello, Can you help me?16:35
enesutkunasıl port yapabilirim?16:36
enesutkuHow do I make port?16:36
enesutkuI have searched but not helpful.16:37
enesutkubuna baktım ancak olmadı.16:38
enesutkuI looked at it but did not.16:38
sledgesi'm sorry, i don't understand you16:39
enesutkuı dont know english16:39
sledgesand please speak english on this channel16:39
enesutkuDo you have a video or a picture expression?16:40
sledgesthis is the guide:
sledgesonce you follow it through, you'll have a starting port16:41
sledgesit can't be expressed in pictures or videos, it's an involved process16:41
sledges says what experience is required to attempt a port16:42
sledgesif you have a device that already has a port16:42
sledgesyou can check here:
sledgeshow to install existing port16:42
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*** taaeem <taaeem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:52
locusfalin: sledges:
alinlocusf: cool... the faster we get rid of ubuntu the better....17:02
alini see heating issues in hardware...17:03
alinstarted the console and is asking me for a password...17:03
taaeemlocusf: do you have an image for the huawei ascend p6? just to check out how it looks17:11
locusfhurr durr17:11
locusfI'm not 100% sure17:11
locusfif I do its quite ancient17:11
locusftaaeem: hmm nope sorry I don't have it anymore17:12
locusfI could just extract the nemo I got on it17:12
locusfsfos is gone17:12
taaeemso no chance?17:14
locusfI don't even have the old trees synced anywhere17:14
taaeemokay no problem17:18
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:23
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*** taaem <taaem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:33
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:37
mal-sledges: I have some kind of fix for the stopping issue, not sure if it's pretty17:38
mal-the first reference added to the provider is always geoclue itself I store that id and if it's removed then I stop the provider completely17:44
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
*** taaem <taaem!> has left #sailfishos-porters ("WeeChat 1.2")17:58
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*** taaem <taaem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:59
taaemlocusf: that means you also won't pick the port up again in the future?18:08
locusftaaem: I might but its improbable18:08
*** taaem <taaem!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.2)18:29
sledgeslocusf: alin: good stuff!18:43
sledgeslocusf: taaem: weren't there some obstacles with that ascend porting?18:43
sledgesmal-: hm interesting18:43
* sledges goes afk a bit18:43
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:47
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nh1402locusf: Nadal is out of Wimbledon18:47
*** mispp_ <mispp_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:47
alin_nh1402: great18:48
locusfnh1402: argh them stupid TV companies won't broadcast it here anymore :/18:48
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:48
alin_nh1402: thanks for the good news18:48
nh1402by a qualifier18:49
alin_nh1402: yap that was the cherry18:49
nh1402now if he can just humiliate Murray worse than he did with Nadal then I'll be happy.18:49
alin_nh1402: in any performance thing... if the brain does not complement the body... the fall will be pretty spectacular18:50
locusfsledges: yeah its the gpu18:50
nh1402locusf: you could watch it on bbc iplayer. It does require a tv license to watch it live, but technically if you watch it on catch up you don't need the tv license18:51
nh1402but it's not quite the same18:51
nh1402there's also some more good news coming shortly (not tennis related)18:51
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:56
alin_nh1402: cameron died19:00
nh1402well no, and it may not matter to much people here.19:04
nh1402speaking of Cameron have you heard about his obscene wish to ban encryption?, it's completely insane.19:05
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius19:05
tathhuheeey, that's awesome!19:06
Nokiussledges: I have to test again last time I was naot able to here a ring19:06
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has quit IRC ()19:06
locusfI dunno if its gonna come to Finland as well, unless Sweden adopts it too19:07
Nokiusalin_ locusf so the MX4 is a possible next tagret? :D19:07
tathhulocusf: :D19:07
alin_Nokius: tathhu why not?19:08
* Nokius I should change to English keyboard at home 19:08
alin_tathhu: are you spying for them? or for us?19:08
locusferr sarcasm19:08
tathhualin_: kgb19:09
nh1402maybe he wants cameron to give "voluntary" bank transfers to us as soon as someone grabs his bank details from shopping online19:09
alin_nh1402: yes and since then I started to encrypt all my messages...19:09
tathhuor was it fsb19:09
tathhucan't remember19:09
alin_nh1402: anyhow in uk is almost banned... they can ask you for encryption key and you shall give it to them...19:09
alin_otherwise jail is writeen on you19:10
alin_tathhu: I do not know I have seen you in the other channel19:10
tathhualin_: #ubuntu-touch maybe19:10
nh1402but the whole point of encryption is that the key is secure, and is sent securely.19:10
alin_tathhu: yes...19:11
tathhualin_: :319:11
alin_nh1402: yap but you encrypt your emails and someone from security services wants to read your messages19:11
alin_nh1402: you suppose to give them the key... they already have the power to ask19:12
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:13
Nokiusalin_: if the power is to waterboard me let they do I will not share the key19:16
* brobostigon has his encryption keys on hw like the yubikey, you cant extract them, without my passcodes for it, 19:17
tathhubrobostigon: how much?19:17
brobostigontathhu: i think the neo is something like £4519:18
Nokiusbrobostigon: prefer gnu smartcard but I had no luck yeat to buy one offline :(19:19
nh1402which neo, Sony Xperia Neo, Sony Xperia Neo V, SG S3 Neo, SG Pocket Neo, SG Grand Neo, Neo 90019:20
brobostigonNokius: the yubikey neo does the same thing, it can act as an openpgp smartcard like the gnu smartcard.19:20
brobostigonnh1402: yubikey neo.19:20
Nokiusbrobostigon: I know, neo has nfc which I heard has a bug :(19:20
brobostigonNokius: that has been fixed with a newer openpgp applet version, which yubico offered to replace for those affected by that bugged openpgp applet.19:21
Nokiusbrobostigon: ok19:22
brobostigoni got mine replaced because of that bug, they did it for free.19:22
brobostigonwiped my yubikey first though.19:23
*** Roukoswarf <Roukoswarf!root@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:23
brobostigonie, i reinitialised all the applets.19:24
locusfapplet? like java?19:30
locusfor has that been redefined :)19:31
brobostigonyep, still javacard applets.19:32
locusfah ok19:32
alin_now that encryption is in19:33
alin_any of you used jollagram/telegram?19:33
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
tathhujollagram suck19:33
tathhuatleast it did last time i used o19:33
Nokiusisn't there a new appliation for teleram19:53
alin_Nokius: great give  me the link for source19:55
alin_Nokius: tathhu my question was more about trust19:58
alin_then there is no gpg on sailfish for the moment how the hell do they encrypt?19:58
Stskeepsthere's gpg on sailfish?19:59
tathhumaybe i need moar tinfouil20:00
Nokiusalin_: I have gpg on my find5 :P :o20:00
Nokius[root@Jolla nemo]# which gpg220:01
Nokius /usr/bin/gpg220:01
alin_Nokius: ok indeed was looking for a different thing20:03
Nokiusalin_: ok20:03
alin_Stskeeps: yap indeed was my fault looked in packages expected the same names as in opensuse20:03
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* Nokius gn820:17
Nokiussledges: I will grep a phone for some test calls tomorrow my main phone runs on 0.xx €20:17
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)20:17
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:18
brobostigonnight Nokius20:19
*** Ford_Prefect <Ford_Prefect!arun@unaffiliated/ford-prefect/x-6767531> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:21
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alin_in yaml how does one specify /sbin/ldconfig needs to be run21:09
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Quit: Odcházím)21:09
sledgesmal-: great!21:19
sledgesi'm just thinking what to do about the name clash21:19
sledgesjolla's one is also called the same21:19
sledgesand has different version21:19
sledgesbut is not available for non-jolla devices21:19
sledgesso one day (if) it becomes, we'd have to choose21:20
sledgesalso thinking the other-way-round conflicts and confusion for those who look at the packages21:20
sledgesthey won't know which binary came from which source21:20
mal-I can rename that if necessary21:21
mal-any ideas for a better name?21:22
sledgesdr_gogeta86: people are crying for you :)
sledgesmal-: geoclue-provider-hybris-ng21:23
sledgesor geoclue-provider-hybris-community21:23
sledgesmal-: but to keep status quo, please do Provides: geoclue-provider-hybris21:25
sledgesso when conflict strikes (i'm sure it will, whilst patterns advancing/merging), we'll spot it right away21:25
*** mispp_ <mispp_!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:29
alin_mal-:  sledges for me did not work on n521:29
alin_seems sometimes the view or the satelite they have insane numbers21:29
alin_like integer overflow21:29
mal-sledges: I'll keep the provider name as org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris21:29
sledgesalin_: all worked fine here, do you have location enabled in settings and have satellite icon blinking?21:29
sledgesmal-: runtime is less important, im more about conflicts21:30
sledgesduring installs21:30
dr_gogeta86sledges, nice to hear it21:30
dr_gogeta86i'm crying for myself21:30
dr_gogeta86another week abroad21:30
dr_gogeta86for now i need android on g321:31
dr_gogeta86i need an application that run from 4.4 or more21:31
alin_sledges: I will send you a pictures21:32
dr_gogeta86btw i didn't understand why too much time to fix21:32
dr_gogeta86not using ntp ?21:33
*** stephg <stephg!~stephg@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:33
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
sledgesdr_gogeta86: no agps21:36
sledgesalin_: is test_gps ever getting a fix? compass is working as i see (it's not showint 42 though :P)21:37
sledgesalin_: i have gozillions sattelites in view too, ignore that21:37
mal-alin_: those wrong numbers are normal for satellites, since satellite info is not yet implemented so it's using uninitialized values21:38
mal-sledges: the provides is not enough, it still installed both, maybe I need to add conflicts:21:41
alin_sledges: this looks to me like it gets the info21:41
mal-alin_: but it has not gotten a lock yet, at least that part of the log is not showing it21:42
alin_mal-: what do you mean it did not get a lock yet21:42
mal-it should show coordinates of your location21:42
alin_mal-: now you know where I am21:45
alin_do not send a rocket... you will hit the pub nect21:45
mal-yes, that looks ok21:46
mal-try to kill the geoclue-master and geoclue-hybris and try with gpsinfo21:47
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:48
mal-alin_: does journal log tell that it successfully activates hybris provider?21:48
alin_mal-: Jul 02 22:48:57 abbaton geoclue-master[16491]: GLIB WARNING ** default - GeoclueConnman was unable to get the current network status: The name org.moblin.connman was not provided by any .service files.21:49
mal-alin_: that's normal21:49
alin_mal-: Jul 02 22:48:57 abbaton dbus-daemon[919]: open: Unknown error -122925896821:50
alin_Jul 02 22:48:57 abbaton dbus-daemon[919]: Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'21:50
mal-difficult to say anything about that "open: Unknown error -1229258968"21:51
alin_mal-: yap21:51
alin_but that is the only crazy thing21:51
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:05
alin_harbour-sailorgram in my extra22:13
*** mgrover <mgrover!5215a909@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:16
dr_gogeta86alin_, still 0.5 ?22:16
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*** flyser <flyser!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:21
alin_dr_gogeta86: plus git is whatever I got from the github22:22
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off22:39
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mgroverwhen building hybris-hal is complains about the wrong jdk, i assume thats normal?23:07
mal-if it continues after that then it's ok23:10
mgroverit does not lol23:11
mgrovercomplains about frameworks/base/ libcore/ No such file or directory23:11
mal-does the manifest contain libcore?23:12
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)23:13
mgroverwhere would i find that :P23:19
mal-mgrover: just to make sute, are you using hybris-11.0 branch?23:20
mal-and manifest is located at $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/23:22
mal-I have to get some sleep, but if some file is not found then check the path of that and whether the manifest xml file contains something with that path23:27
mgroverah okay, thanks :)23:28
*** mgrover <mgrover!5215a909@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)23:33
mal-if it's missing from manifest then you need to add it manually23:33
mal-I mean to local_manifest23:34
*** Roukoswarf <Roukoswarf!root@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:34
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