Friday, 2015-07-03

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sledgesmal-: alin_: i tried to play with OBS to make users switch automagically from old geoclue provider hybris to the split one:
sledgesbut zypper dup wouldn't budge00:02
sledgesstill says 'Nothing to do' there00:03
sledgeseven though we have this lot here:
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alinsledges: identical version03:56
alinsledges: the version is the issue04:10
alinsledges: the community has lower version04:11
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bluesleemal, sledges: hi. there is a bug stopping gps, one has to kill geoclue-master and geoclue-hybris from command line, deactivation from app or settings is.not possible07:30
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krnlynghi, i am trying to use "repo init" in the mer sdk, but it fails because gpg is not installed (and i cannot find a package for it), so i tried upgrading as described here: but that fails because sdk-upgrade is missing, what do i do?07:37
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alinkrnlyng: is gnupg07:54
alinkrnlyng: the name of the package had the same thing07:54
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alinkrnlyng: provides gpg208:00
krnlyngalin: gpg2 is there08:01
alinkrnlyng: anyhow I can bet the issue is from somewhere else08:04
krnlyngi deleted ~/.repoconfig and now it runs (gave me a warning about missing gpg)08:08
mal-sledges: maybe I would add a new version tag to community version?08:14
mal-sledges: maybe the xda post should be changed to reflect the new package name08:17
sledgesalin: community has .1 at the end, so it's greater version08:26
sledgesmal-: we can always do that08:27
sledgesnews from #opensuse-buildservice:08:28
sledges03:20 < sledges> i'd like to have geoclue-provider-hybris-community to replace currently installed geoclue-provider-hybris-, but zypper dup still says "Nothing to do". repo is here: ; the magic sauce i use is here:08:28
sledges03:20 < sledges> i have a feeling i'm not doing it the right way 'round08:29
sledges03:25 < darix> you probably just want to zypper in geoclue-provider-hybris-community08:29
sledges03:25 < darix> if your geoclue-provider-hybris-community conflicts with geoclue-provider-hybris08:29
sledges03:25 < darix> it will ask you to uninstall the geoclue-provider-hybris-
sledgeslooks like there is no automagic way to get a new package superseding an old one..08:29
sledgesbut i'd prefer digging a bit more08:29
* sledges needs to pop out for a bit08:29
sledgessince i'm fairly sure it's doable in some way ^^08:31
mal-sledges: how about obsoletes with a specific version number?08:32
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mal-sledges: what is the version number of the jolla version?08:32
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alinsledges: why did you break gst-droid?09:11
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sledgesmal-: I've done that:
sledgesmal-: 0.0.2811:13
sledgesalin: from #mer channel:11:14
sledges19:23 < sledges> lbt: webhook seems to've stopped working:
sledges19:24 < sledges> forgets tar_git11:14
sledgesi re-triggered webhook - it broke itself11:14
sledgesi nuked the whole package and created new webhook -- the same11:14
mal-sledges: does that obsoletes work or not?11:14
sledgesi think zypper is unaware about new provide somehow11:15
sledgeswe should do something explicit to geoclue-provider-hybris to obsolete itself11:15
sledgesit's just a small training on how we should gracefully handle package superseeding11:16
sledgesi'll ask obs experts11:16
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mal-sledges: you were too quick to push the package to public :)11:21
alinsledges: ok I see... it was not you11:23
sledgesmal-: 11:31 < sledges> since i'm fairly sure it's doable in some way ^^11:23
sledgeswe've done that many times in jolla11:24
sledgesthe whole provides obsoletes are meant for such use cases11:24
mal-it should yes11:29
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dr_gogeta86sledges, just see firefox rpm specs12:29
dr_gogeta86in fedora12:30
dr_gogeta86or epel12:30
dr_gogeta86is superseeding not upgrade12:30
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lbtsledges: looking at it the webhook it appears not to end in ".git" ... not sure if this is a problem12:52
lbtdid it used to work ?12:52
sledgeslbt: yes, when i used to follow instructions :D retrying with .git now ;P12:56
sledgesalin: it's not you, it's me :"D12:57
sledgeslbt: thanks, working:)12:57
sledgeswith .git :P12:57
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ok will have a look, thanks!12:58
mal-sledges: if you find a way to fix the dependency problem please send a PR12:59
sledgesmal-: sure will13:01
lbtsledges: cool - I was just tweaking it too13:09
sledgeslbt: i never ever used .git for urls, just saying ;)13:13
sledgesbecause some git web services wouldn't even work with .git in URLs13:13
sledgesso i stopped appending those altogether13:13
* lbt goes afk - I think today is a write-off :D13:16
sledgeslbt: i hope you're not talking about the car (yn)13:18
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mal-I think it's time to start my summer holiday13:21
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sledgesmal-: planned anything nice?13:26
mal-going back to Finland13:27
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sledgesno place like home:)14:29
alinsledges: ok so you got into the 3 mantra I see14:29
sledgesalin: out of time, i'll probably get that payg 4g next week14:30
sledgesgot a dormant sim, will use that14:30
sledgeswon't even have to call around their centres14:30
alinsledges: cool14:31
alinsledges: I got a filemanager shall I push it to common?14:31
alinsledges: so we have it by default in next image?14:31
sledgesalin: cool, from author?14:31
alinsledges: github14:31
sledgesalin: so it seems we're to now maintain a list of frequently used apps, and ship it with the alpha image flavour14:33
* sledges has a flashback of amount of linux desktop distro flavours ^_^14:34
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UmeaboyI was just wondering...... why do you need to build and install both Android and Cyanogenmod to build and install Sailfish OS if it's not using the same lib?14:40
stephgsledges: it is!14:41
UmeaboyI mean...... Android doesn't use libhybris.14:41
UmeaboyI don't think Cyanogenmod does it as well.14:41
UmeaboyJust curious.14:42
sledgesit's friday aftern00n quiz time! who's gonna answer to Umeaboy ? :))14:45
krnlyngbecause libhybris requires some parts of android?14:47
sledgescorrect! one point to krnlyng's team14:47
sledgesnext question please! :)14:48
UmeaboyYes, but if Jolla wants to be different by making Sailfish OS an alternative to Android and IOS, shouldn't they avoid using stuff already used in other systems?14:55
Umeaboy"we are unlike" is their motto.14:55
UmeaboyUnlike to 99% yes.14:55
vrutkovsCyanogenmod _is_ Android14:56
stephgUmeaboy: it's a necessary evil14:56
UmeaboyBut can you find anything totally/completley14:56
vrutkovsand android is 'unlike' in terms of a usual linux distro14:57
Umeaboyvrutkovs: Yes. That's not being different.14:57
vrutkovsas they use bionic, not glibc14:57
UmeaboyIt's like saying...... Hey, I made a new car that runs on this and that when cars themselves have existed a long time.14:57
vrutkovsthis is why libhybris was born - translate bionic calls to glibc14:58
UmeaboyI hope you get my point.14:58
vrutkovsits oranges and apples - doesn't really matter which one comes first or generally better14:58
vrutkovslibhybris closes the gap, but android doesn't need it - bionic is obligatory there14:59
UmeaboyI'm not mad. Just wondering why Sailfish OS doesn't have plans to make something entirely different from what's made now.14:59
sledgesquestion is still unanswered ;)14:59
vrutkovsin order to use hw properly AND qt15:00
krnlyngUmeaboy: if you want SailfishOS without android parts buy a n9 and flash it15:00
UmeaboyDoes Sailfish OS have the ability to run Java?15:00
UmeaboyAs most desktop-systems do.15:00
locusfessentially pure adaptations are quite difficult to make, it requires hardware support (drivers and kernel), which i turn would require vendors to do that15:01
krnlyngJava as in android apps or Java as in desktop java?15:02
locusfI was asked once why we won't use thigs like freedreno and just then use normal Linux with Mesa15:02
vrutkovsfreedreno requires 3.10 kernel for a proper rendering15:03
vrutkovstried freedreno on 3.4 - and it was a major pain15:03
locusfwell if qualcomm (or whoever makes Adreno GPU's) was that nice to support it, we really wouldn't have to15:03
sledgesfind me an affordable ODM who has non-android pure-linux BSP (board support package), i'll go with that15:03
locusfon both sledges and vrutkovs15:04
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vrutkovssledges: ifc6410 (or ask guys on #freedreno)15:04
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vrutkovsyeah, we're generally stuck on qualcomm15:04
vrutkovsjolla's hardware is a3xxx, right?15:04
vrutkovsat least we got a chance15:05
sledgesor you referred t Adreno15:05
vrutkovsadreno 30515:05
vrutkovsthe chances are qualcomm will release 3.10 kernel, afaik they did that for nexus 6 and 9, right?15:06
krnlyngvrutkovs: but you got freedreno to work?15:06
krnlyngon the jolla?15:06
locusfwe are still stuck with rest of the hw15:06
vrutkovskrnlyng: on nexus 7 flo via kgsl, but yes15:06
vrutkovstechnically its possible on jolla too15:07
locusffreedreno is just graphics15:07
krnlyngah nice15:07
sledgeslast linux bsp was by TI - hence the reference to go and install on Nokia N915:08
sledgeshmm but what about Freescale i.MX (e.g 6, if not newer) ?15:09
locusfhmm not a really mobile platform afaik :)15:09
locusfbut still they should have decent linux support15:10
sledgesthey had ltib (fun times), and now yocto15:12
sledgesnvidia has gone into gaming and IVI world..15:12
tbrlook at automotive SoCs. But there you might get the interesting BSPs only after a pile of NDA15:12
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UmeaboyI was thinking about running SAilfish OS on the Neo Freerunner.15:16
UmeaboyIt's not modern, but still open source design.15:16
sledgesno go, it's armv415:18
mal-and too little ram15:18
sledgesi have two dusting in my drawer here..15:19
sledgeshow's doing?15:19
sledgeswow pre-orders!15:19
UmeaboyBut it's not even guaranteed that the 900 will ever be sold.15:30
UmeaboyAnd there's no complete phone to pre-order.15:30
locusfand its likely to run Replicant15:31
* Umeaboy googles Replicant15:32
Umeaboy ?15:32
UmeaboyLooks like a custom rom for Android.15:33
krnlyngon the comparison page it says debian15:35
locusfI tested its capabilities to run as a base system for sfos/nemo, but the graphics stack won't work because of the missing hw acceleration15:35
UmeaboyWhat about the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro?15:41
UmeaboyPretty nice specs.15:41
Umeaboy4721 SEK :)15:42
UmeaboyCheaper than the SG SIII when I bought it.15:43
UmeaboyAnd still better.15:43
UmeaboyDual SIM-cards.15:43
mal-but no cm currently15:43
UmeaboyFor previous models they made it does exist.15:46
UmeaboySo it shouldn't be THAT hard to make one for the Note Pro.15:46
sledgeslocusf: neo900 likely to run android!?15:58
sledgesthat defeats its purpose:)15:59
Umeaboysledges: Do you know the phone maker called Vega?16:01
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locusfsledges: ah ok, must have imagined then :)16:10
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sledgesUmeaboy: nope16:16
locusfarr yeah it was gta0416:18
locusfwhich had replicant16:18
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alinsledges: on ubuntu phone... unclocked bootloader...16:39
alinsledges: and they use some android 4.4.216:40
alin# Use hybris to control WiFi in urfkill16:41
UmeaboyUnlocked you mean.16:41
UmeaboyHTC and Sony offers users to unlock the bootloader.16:42
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UmeaboyGotta go.17:02
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sledgeslocusf: i think neo900 considering many options for OS17:17
sledgesyet mainly they'll refurbish fremantle17:18
sledgesalin: woo17:19
alinsledges: woo17:19
alinsledges: yes... so except adb shell is broken now...17:19
sledgesbrake things to make things17:19
alinsledges: hope nobody hears us... looks like more or less the same we do17:19
alinsledges: yes this is what I want to see how to reflash it and crap like this17:20
sledgesneeds to have good brakes17:20
alinsledges: got a chance to look in mount more or less the same17:20
alinsledges: with nice indications where the android crap is17:21
alinsledges: plus I think they have releases a public kernel17:21
alinsledges: anyhow more curious about the gps not working on the n517:24
alinsledges: fixed one more17:26
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bluesleehey alin, i was not able to get a gps fix17:43
alinblueslee: with test_gps?17:44
alinblueslee: so the same as me..17:44
alinI need to go now...17:44
bluesleealin: no with gpsinfo17:44
alinblueslee: ok the same for me then17:45
alinblueslee: but testgps is fine?17:45
bluesleealin: best weather here but no fix17:45
alinok... I will need to go17:45
alinsee you later17:45
bluesleealin: did not checked it yet, ok bye17:45
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mal-quite odd that some poeple don't get a gps lock18:30
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chachigohi everybody :)19:27
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AlexCzarHi all, I've got an old battered nokia n900 with package inconsistencies, dead repositories, etc. Want to try and install sailfishos on it. Is there a way to do that? Where can I get the necessary info?20:52
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sledgesat least vakkov tried n900 port20:59
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alinsledges: good news... tizen tethering has absolutely not issue with 3 paranoia on tethering21:05
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alinphdeswer: I think this is your chapter21:09
AlexCzarsledges, are there any published results? I can't seem to find any.21:10
phdesweralin: : what's 3 paranoia? And what exactly are we talking about?21:10
alinphdeswer: 3 kills the internet if they detect tethering21:10
alinphdeswer: sledges and I were wondering... if will work on sailfish21:11
alinphdeswer: I got tested a tizen phone and works... usb tethering.21:11
phdesweralin: Ah ok.... well do you have any more info on how tizen does the tethering? Is it a modem or NAT as in jolla.21:12
alinphdeswer: I do not have more info... but next week I will get the phone back and we can debug if needed21:12
alinphdeswer: we still need to see if sailfish works21:12
alinphdeswer: thought you may already know how is done in tizen21:13
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phdesweralin: No idea.21:13
alinsledges: phdeswer "bad" news usb tethering in ubuntu touch is a joke...21:13
phdesweralin: as in, it does not work?21:14
alinpractically once connected via usb for tethering I cannot call21:14
alinphdeswer: works but not the phone calling21:14
phdeswerAh ok...  :)21:14
alinthe sooner we put sailfish on it... the sooner we liberate that hardware21:14
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phdeswerWell I guess in the USB tethering case they turn the phone in a modem, which might be why you cannot make phonecalls21:17
sledgesalin: no slating and mudslinging pls; also circumventing operator's tethering checks is illegal21:25
alinphdeswer: it may be... as you need to do some enable rndis21:35
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alinsledges: illegal is a point of view...21:43
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sledgesfrom offtopic's point of view:)21:48
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