Saturday, 2015-07-04

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mal-sledges: found a bug in my port, display won't turn on when there is an incoming call08:11
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mal-which makes it impossible to answer the call08:23
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mal-sledges: this is the first message is journal log when there is an incoming call "telepathy-ring[746]: GLIB CRITICAL ** default - dbus_g_proxy_add_signal: assertion 'g_datalist_id_get_data (&priv->signal_signatures, q) == NULL' failed"08:37
sledgesmal-: but if all is fine when display is on, probably some mce related things? cc spiiroin08:55
mal-sledges: yes, it works fine when display is on08:58
mal-but since power button is used for mute when there is an incoming call I cannot turn it on if it was off09:00
mal-sledges: looks like that same error is shown when display is on, not sure what that causes09:01
sledgesmal-: do other events wake up phone fine, e.g. an alarm?09:05
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mal-sledges: no, alarms won't turn on display either09:16
mal-interesting that I never saw this problem before09:17
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krnlyngit is kind of funny that sailfishos comes out of the box without glesv1 installed and android uses it all over the place10:02
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aironeousHi guys. I follow the logs daily. I will be buying the Jolla tablet when it comes out. I'm considering getting a nexus* to play with sailfish before I get the tablet but I keep running across all these interesting kickstarters. I don't know/understand code and I hope it is not too off topic but..10:54
aironeoushere is a python browser
aironeousand interestingly he gives a shout out to a new OS on his kickstarter called
aironeousok bye that was my 2 cents.10:57
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nh1402why is there a number of websites saying yota have announced that sailfish is replacing android on their phones, when there is nothing about it on their website11:05
Stskeepsnh1402: the internet is made for rumours11:06
nh1402exactly its almost always the exact same article on each of websites with no source11:07
alinStskeeps: or bad marketing?11:10
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mal-sledges: did some testing related to display problems when offline charging, even minimer won't display anything in the act dead mode11:48
mal-dmesg shows "binder: 903:903 transaction failed 29189, size 0-0"11:56
mal-also logcat shows "init: failed to instantiate idleInvalidator object"11:59
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bluesleemal maybe, we are doing something wrong to get gps running12:13
bluesleemal: at least on the n5. do i need to activate gps from the settings? i guess no. what about those two packages geoclue-provider-hybris and geoclue-provider-hybris-community, what's the difference?12:15
bluesleemal: besides gpsinfo, can i assume that other gps apps work too, for instance jolla maps?12:15
bluesleemal: in some cases i observe asynchronous behaviour between the gps status icon and the gps status in gpsinfo.12:17
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bluesleemal- a lot of questions, i know:-)12:18
brobostigonso we can install those two packages now, and have working gps?12:19
bluesleebrobostigon: that's the message, agps is not supported yet, a gps fix needs time12:24
bluesleebrobostigon: for me it did not work out yet12:24
brobostigonblueslee: yes so we need something like nokia here, or google maps agps packages, for it to work.12:25
bluesleebrobostigon for me gpsinfo gives no fix but it should12:26
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mal-blueslee: I think gps need to be enabled in settings12:44
mal-blueslee: geoclue-provider-hybris-community is an updated version with fixed shutdown etc12:44
mal-blueslee: all programs using gps should work with that12:45
mal-blueslee: brobostigon remove geoclue-provider-hybris and install geoclue-provider-hybris-community12:45
brobostigonmal-: whrere will i find that package?12:46
mal-for n5 it should be in the same repo as the other12:46
brobostigoni am on nexus4.12:46
mal-brobostigon: then you need to build it using this source
brobostigonok, thank you mal- :)12:47
mal-that is device dependent so build like you do with other middleware12:48
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exadeciHello, didn't meant to do that, I wanted to know if you are still working on the bacon port ?14:03
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sledgesmal-: iirc, haven't you had actdead displaying charge icon once before?15:06
sledgesblueslee: i got a gps fix just fine, had to wait but afterwards it worked even walking around the house15:06
mal-sledges: yes, I got charge icon randomly15:10
mal-bluszcz_: did you get my answers to your guestions?15:12
sledgesexadeci: t1mz0r was to rebuild development environment over this weekend, to continue with the port15:23
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exadecisledges: Ok thank you16:23
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mal-sledges: satellite info mostly implemented17:22
mal-not yet on github17:23
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bluesleemal- weird behaviour. if i deactivate gps from gpsinfo it starts geoclue-hybris, if i activate gps it stops that process, is that intended?17:33
mal-blueslee: which version are you using?17:35
mal-blueslee: I'm currently implementing satellite info support which would be helpful for debugging17:36
bluesleemal- i guess the latest via zypper dup17:36
bluesleemal- gpsinfo from warehouse17:37
mal-blueslee: geoclue-provider-hybris-community?17:37
bluesleemal- yes, that package instead of geoclue-provider-hybris17:38
mal-blueslee: at least on my device stopping and starting gps from gpsinfo menu works correctly17:39
bluesleemal- both processes have to run to get a fix, right? geoclue master and hybris17:40
bluesleemal- than there is a bug that something is remembered even after a reboot17:41
bluesleemal- gpsinfo shows inactive, gps icon is blinking, and both processes are running17:42
mal-I just can't understand how that could happen17:44
bluesleemal- how i can change this behaviour, tried killing processes, reboot etc17:44
bluesleemal- let me purge the packages, reinstall and come back after a reboot17:46
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vakkovsailfish is coming to yota phone? is that true17:48
brobostigonseems so, shame it will set you back 600 euro.17:50
nh1402the update suggests otherwise17:51
nh1402that and the fact that yota never announced it on their website or anything17:51
mal-seems that my code has a memory leak18:00
vakkovi like the yota phone but now the US are going to dig through every bit in a try to find exploits that can enable them to spy on the russian government :P and that's a problem for the security of sfos :D18:04
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bluesleemal- same with the default provider package, something is wrong18:16
bluesleealin: do you have the same behaviour regarding gps?18:16
bluesleemal- activating / deactivating gps from jolla settings doesn't seem to have any impact at all18:18
mal-blueslee: ok, I haven't tried the jolla settings, not sure how it's supposed to work18:22
bluesleemal- my issue is independent of the jolla settings for gps18:25
bluesleemal: how you activate / deactivate gps? i have the exact wrong gps state when gps apps are started or stopped, thos explains why i get no fix18:26
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mal-blueslee: I have no idea what could cause that kind of behavior18:27
mal-blueslee: could you grab some output from dbus-monitor when you enable and disable gps from gpsinfo18:28
bluesleemal- there must be a gps state saved somewhere18:29
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* Nokius weather is HOT18:30
Nokiussledges: *sad face* nothing in journlctrl about incomming calls18:43
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mal-no more memory leak19:26
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spiiroinsledges mal- : incoming call and alarm should both turn display on - unless something keeps that from happening. generally speaking that would be either proximity sensor or lid cover19:44
mal-spiiroin: ok, I'll look into those19:54
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mal-spiiroin: looks like proximity sensor might be the reason, I checked the sensors with messwerk and it shows that proximity is detected all the time19:58
mal-it used to work19:59
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mal-sledges: I updated also started pushing tags20:39
Nokiusnh1402: they update the article21:10
nh1402which article21:16
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sledgesstill wonder how to obsolete geoclue-provider-hybris in favour of -community.. but needs more experiments/looking at other .specs, like dr_gogeta86 suggested21:23
sledgesa bit out of free time atm21:23
mal-sledges: I cannot test it easily since I don't build it on obs21:24
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mal-spiiroin: reboot fixed the proximity sensor and therefore turning on display on alarm, not very nice if it's that unreliable21:52
Nokiusmal-: got fix on the find5 \o/21:56
Nokiusjust back from a little walk21:56
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mal-Nokius: nice22:01
tathhusledges: no spots on jollas screen anymore o.o22:04
Nokiusmal-: last year I tried it :D
mal-I'm doing my testing indoors, still works22:06
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mal-Nokius: which version did you use?22:06
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Nokius_mal-: build is 0.12.99-122:10
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mal-Nokius: the version on local builds does not tell anything, I haven't updated that, so you are most likely using the initial version unless you built the package after 23:3922:21
Nokiusmal-: build is from 20:56 utc22:23
mal-Nokius: is that after I pasted the notice about an update?22:24
mal-does it show the satellite info correctly?22:25
Nokiusmal-: yes I cloned after u meantion the update22:32
mal-ok, good22:33
mal-sledges: do you have any knowledge how the jolla settings gps enabling/disabling should work? currently my code does not follow that setting, couldn't see anything in journal log or dbus when that is selected22:34
* Nokius gn822:39
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Nokiuswondering if -d for ofono is telling more22:52
NokiusI will check it later22:57
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bluesleemal- great, got correct gps state behaviour now and a fix on n5, jolla maps works well23:52
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