Monday, 2015-07-06

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cxl000Nokius_, I had not touched deb for a long time. Had a spontaneous bootloader corruption which Asus eventually replaced. I did have sailfish running and could use data and SMS. I believe you would be looking for an image from early last year.00:19
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aironeous1sailfish os mentioned on linux action show again at in discussion about alternatives because of how privacy invasive Android is01:30
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dr_gogeta86Greetz from Florence05:40
locusfmorning dr_gogeta8605:41
dr_gogeta86hi locusf05:44
dr_gogeta86yet another trip abroad05:44
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dr_gogeta86i didn't understand why using mka hybris-hal this directive is ignored05:46
dr_gogeta86BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK := $(LOCAL_PATH)/mkbootimg.mk05:46
locusfoh :)05:46
locusfhmm I don't really know either05:48
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dr_gogeta86I need to find how to compile kernel image not make zImage but zImage-dtb06:08
Nokiusmuppis: check cxl000 post from last night06:09
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Stskeepsmorn sledge06:48
sledgesNokius: congrats on tohkbd06:49
sledgesdr_gogeta86: line 11:
Stskeepslocusf: sledges: so i have a booted 5.1 sailfishos but libhybris for sure has issues, and there's a bit of init.rc fiddling needed for sure06:49
Stskeepsas rild doesn't seem to go up06:49
sledgesStskeeps: cool and ok:)06:51
Stskeepsi consider my job done once we have a ui showing up06:51
sledgesunified hwc would be good to have06:52
Stskeepsyeah, but not my job06:52
Stskeepsin this context06:52
sledgeswouldn't it make your job easier?06:53
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* Stskeeps looks at jb/ directory07:04
Stskeepswell this should be fun07:04
sledgesi take it it's not jellybean :p07:07
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Stskeeps19 hunks failed07:08
Nokius|mobilesledges: thanks its's awesome07:08
sledgesStskeeps: you take one down, toss it around, there are 39 hunks failed07:09
Stskeeps out of 1907:09
sledgesNokius|mobile: indeeed! typing from? ;)07:09
Nokius|mobilesledges: yes :-)07:11
Stskeepswth google07:15
Stskeepswhy u drag in complex c++ shit from bionic07:15
sledgessuch as?07:16
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mal-Stskeeps: the linker was quite terrible in lollipop08:31
Stskeepsmal-: well, i think we don't necessarily need to port it.. let's see08:31
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locusfStskeeps: alright, good to knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww09:39
locusfdamn tohkbd09:39
sledgesfamous fingerterm stuck key09:39
locusfbut it happened in messages too09:40
sledgeshmm never occured here09:47
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* Stskeeps glances at the amounts of things blowing up10:22
Stskeepshmm, maybe it's a good time to become a farmer..10:22
kimmolilocusf: what version of daemon?10:44
kimmolithat should _not_ happen with 0.3.9+10:46
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Stskeepswidth: 1080 height: 192011:21
Stskeepsgetting closer..11:21
Stskeepsi see graphics with valgrind11:22
locusfkimmoli: latest from last night + urjamans scandic stuff11:22
locusfStskeeps: wohoo11:22
kimmolilocusf: ok, that should include the fix. did the repeat last for 2 sec?11:24
locusfkimmoli: hmm maybe less than11:24
Stskeepsah, it doesn't actually need valgrind11:31
Stskeeps... minimer11:31
Stskeepssailfish startupw izard but no touch.. moment11:32
Stskeepssledges: ping11:35
sledgesStskeeps: pong11:35
Stskeepssledges: remind me how to turn the damn PS off..11:35
Stskeepsin mce11:35
Stskeepswithout mcetool11:35
sledgesStskeeps: /etc/mce/20no-proxim.conf: /system/osso/dsm/proximity/ps_enabled=false11:36
Stskeepsnothing else in the file?11:36
sledgesStskeeps: nop11:41
Stskeepsstartup wizard works and animates11:41
Stskeepsbut lipstick won't come up11:41
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Stskeepslocusf: sledges: UI up.13:15
Stskeepsi'll gather all the bits together tomorrow but for now, my mind is really fried13:16
Stskeepsneeded patches in libhybris, qpa at least13:18
Ford_Prefectooc, what hardware is this, Stskeeps?13:18
StskeepsFord_Prefect: nexus 5 on android 5.1 adaptation13:18
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, +113:31
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mal-I was looking into the proximity sensor issue on my port and found an oddity, /proc/bus/input/devices lists Phys=/sys/devices/i2c-12/12-0054 for proximity sensor but that does not exist13:55
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dr_gogeta86sledges, mb2 doesn't compile libhybris again14:02
dr_gogeta86i've got this error in the past14:02
dr_gogeta86upgraded everything14:02
dr_gogeta86but nothing14:02
sledgesdr_gogeta86: i don't mindread, paste pls:P14:04
sledgesmal-: you do i2cdump ?14:04
sledgesmal-: some i2c devices don't show up through that tool14:04
sledgesthey need to be talked to explicitly, and they do respond14:04
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mal-sledges: never heard of i2cdump14:07
mal-sledges: I was just manually looking at /sys/devices/14:08
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sledgesmal-> ... proximity sensor but that does not exist14:09
sledgeshow do you mean?14:09
sledgesdr_gogeta86: rpm -q sdk-tools14:09
mal-sledges: the path /sys/devices/i2c-12/12-0054 does not exist14:10
mal-sledges: but /sys/devices/i2c-0/0-0054 does exist14:10
sledgesmal-: /sys/devices might be in uevent device path notation14:10
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mal-I was looking into sensors more thoroughly and the values for z orientation and compass are totally wrong14:13
sledgesand yet it's weird how that -0 vs -12 gets mixed in, kernel code check in order14:15
mal-looking into that already14:15
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mal-sledges: also the wrong value for only one orientation is strange14:17
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mal-the value is something like -4000 -> -1200014:18
dr_gogeta86sledges, not found14:23
sledgesdr_gogeta86: sdk-utils, my pardon14:25
dr_gogeta86already there14:26
dr_gogeta86begin with  sudo zypper ref --force14:26
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mal-sledges: looks like the faulty path is not a problem, the sensor still works after reboot but stops working at some point14:38
dr_gogeta86sledges, is ok14:42
mal-sledges: it seems it breaks after turning display off and on again, something to do with the suspending sensors14:42
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ?14:44
dr_gogeta86i've manually upgraded from
dr_gogeta86stable still run 1.514:46
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: that one's just a build number, hmmp maybe some dependencies15:30
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dr_gogeta86that fixed the whole thing15:40
dr_gogeta86btw lil OT I'm not proud about Hacking Team15:40
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bluesleesledges: hi, can you post the content of
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sledgesblueslee ?17:34
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SazpaimonI'm curious why apkenv is the focus for android compatability. Isn't the scope of apkenv limited to non-dalvik apps?17:35
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Sazpaimonhas something changed in apkenv that I'm not aware of?17:35
sledgesSazpaimon: youtube video description says: Once that's done, a similar to Apkenv approach is being developed to run full Android apps!17:37
Sazpaimonyeah i get that17:37
Sazpaimonis that not related to the chroot effort?17:37
sledgesit is17:37
sledgesbut rendering is done like apkenv17:37
Sazpaimonah, I get the connection now17:38
Sazpaimoni just personally never liked how apkenv worked, what with having modules for different types of games17:39
Sazpaimonit just seemed hacky to me17:40
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sledgesSazpaimon: whatever paves way for chroot17:41
sledgesit's PoC17:41
Sazpaimonandroid compatability has always been a blocker for me, as i actually just switched to an online bank that only has an android/ios app17:42
sledgesdevelopment is on #apkenv, whether you like it or not ;P17:43
Sazpaimonas long as it ends up being a more general solution, I don't care what we end up with17:44
sledgesfair enough:)17:45
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nh1402_blueslee pong17:56
nh1402_Sazpaimon: apkenv is just the beginning, there is a seperate project underway for full android app compatibility.17:57
nh1402_the reason why we got apkenv working for Sailfish was a proof of concept. krnlyng got it working on Sailfish, then started working on a chroot alternative for full android app support. Hit a rendering related problem and then switched back to apkenv to see why it wouldn't work on the nexus 5, and got that working (kind of). Once the render problem is fixed on apkenv then it *should* be fixed on the renderer as well and work can commence on18:00
nh1402_getting the chroot image booting18:00
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sledgeshi Lovsan :)18:06
Lovsani have my n9 and id love to try the sailfish on it18:06
Lovsanand friend is interested on testing it on his nexus 418:07
sledgesLovsan: all images are here: (including N9)18:07
sledgesNexus 4 is mako18:07
Lovsancheers :)18:07
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sledgesLovsan: table from topic shows status (except N9), and installation instructions:
bluesleesledges thanks for the paste but can you provide an rpm?18:08
sledgesLovsan: for n9 instructions are here (more complex): (N9 should be among other devices in that table really..)18:09
sledgesblueslee: sure i can upload it to dropbox18:10
sledgesit has some weird path to rpm/ build dir (platform/sailfish/rpm/), so might not go on obs oob18:10
Lovsanlooking forward to this :)18:11
Lovsanhave you guys gotten this to work on n918:11
Lovsanall radios and stuff18:11
Lovsancan make calls, camera etc =18:11
Lovsanlast time i was playing with my n9 was Nitroid like years ago18:12
sledgesLovsan: N9 hw support kernel status is here:
Lovsandont think ive turned it on for almost year and half18:12
bluesleesledges: thanks18:13
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sledgesN9 needs more love to keep up with latest sailfishos updates, but original porters are now less active18:13
Lovsanwell i just got bored on modding and been way too busy18:14
Lovsani was just talking about sailfish on other channel and tought to try it finally18:14
Lovsani was gonna try when it was releeased but when i was going to try it, i just read abou it and noticed too many things not working18:14
Lovsansome nokia devs should have helped u guys :D18:14
sledgesthey're busy with jolla tablet ;)18:15
Lovsancool :)18:21
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nh1402_hello zuh19:04
*** keithzg_vacation is now known as keithzg19:07
carepack3~3~3~good evening19:08
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alinmal-: hi20:07
alinmal-: ok got the chance to test at 10km incredible how many satelites are20:07
alinbut I could not get any lock20:07
mal-it's more difficult to get a initial lock when moving20:21
mal-alin: ^20:22
alinmal-: I got it... especially when we were moving at 700-800km/h20:23
alinphdeswer: hi now I have access to my tizen again20:24
alinphdeswer: interested to see how they do the tethering? wifi and usb?20:24
phdesweralin: sure20:24
alinphdeswer: ok let me get the card in20:25
alinphdeswer: and install sdb20:25
phdeswerOk :) I am mostly curious about kind of interface do they expose on the USB?20:25
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phdesweralin_: looks like a regular usb network interface.20:37
* phdeswer needs the cheat sheet again for the insane and useless systemd network interface naming scheming20:37
alin_phdeswer: yes looks like20:38
alin_phdeswer: tomorrow I wil activate internet on my british sim and try in sailfish os20:38
alin_phdeswer: incredible it does not allow data roaming20:38
alin_especially now when in europa data in roaming is cheaper than at home20:39
phdeswerWell telecom operators are weird20:39
phdeswerMaybe the Tizen guys use ipv6 directly or so, hence no NAT...20:40
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phdeswerAnyway let's see tomorrow.Goodnight!20:45
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mal-sledges: found what the incorrect orientation z value really is in messwerk output, it's the unscaled compass direction, no idea why, does it show correct values on n5?21:53
mal-I mean the rotation values21:56
mal-well, basically that value is correct, just not scaled for some reason21:57
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mgroveri got a kindle hd x today, its a bad bad tablet21:58
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius22:35
NokiusSUG liked SFOS on the find5 :)22:35
Nokiustime for bed backlog looks nice :D22:36
Nokiussledges: looks like also 3G is giving up I change today the cell and it was not working22:40
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