Tuesday, 2015-07-07

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dr_gogeta86good mornign guys07:59
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phdeswermorninf dr_gogeta8608:02
locusfgood morning dr_gogeta86 phdeswer and crew08:04
phdeswerhi locusf08:04
dr_gogeta86today I flash the g3 with new adaptation08:07
dr_gogeta86will it boot ?08:07
phdeswersounds like dr_gogeta86 has found a new meme (replacing will it blend?)08:17
locusfporters meme :)08:20
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dr_gogeta86phdeswer, to boot on lg phone you need a special souce and a special recipe otherwise BOOM08:25
phdeswerso boot or BOOM!?08:26
dr_gogeta86you need windows to flash phone and try again08:26
dr_gogeta86http://piratepad.net/Iu6kwOsS3o just say08:27
mal-why hasn't piratepad been working for several days now08:36
dr_gogeta86i dunno08:37
dr_gogeta86but I thin a mer supported is aprecieted08:37
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dr_gogeta86phdeswer, can you explain me why sometimes i got via dhcp08:52
phdesweron USB you mean?08:52
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: that depends usually on what the configured phone ip is.08:53
dr_gogeta86right after boott08:53
dr_gogeta86is a ported phone08:53
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: is it correct or not? I need a bit more info on what you are exactly seeing08:53
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: do you happen to have a* like ip on the kernel command line?08:54
dr_gogeta86and part two08:55
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phdeswerAh you're in the rescue shell...08:55
phdeswerNo usb-moded there.08:55
dr_gogeta86sometimes ago udhcp works08:56
dr_gogeta86since may doesn't work anymore08:56
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phdeswerGuess we'll need to look if something changed in the rescue shell08:59
dr_gogeta86root       535     1  0 20:44 ?        00:00:00 [systemd-readahe] <defunct>08:59
dr_gogeta86root       539     1  0 20:44 ?        00:00:00 [systemd-readahe] <defunct>08:59
dr_gogeta86root       540     1  0 20:45 ?        00:00:00 [udevadm] <defunct>08:59
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zGrrmoin :)09:13
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brobostigonguten morgen zGrr09:23
zGrrehlo brobostigon09:26
dr_gogeta86i don't know boot is slow as snail mail09:39
sledgesmal-: blueslee: is piratepad not working for you?09:48
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dr_gogeta86mal-, use this in case https://www.opennicproject.org/09:53
mal-sledges: it's not working, I always get "Piratepad.net is having some difficulties at the moment but should be back on track soon! Please try again or wait for the timeout below."10:00
sledgesmal-: probably "not available in your country" :)10:01
sledgesall works fine here10:01
mal-ok, then it's just finland, they block for example piratebay here, maybe that is collateral damage10:02
sledgeshmm but website is visible10:03
sledgesmal-: locusf: review appreciated: https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/pull/27710:03
sledgesand no, there is no OR in GNU/Make ;P10:11
mal-quite annoying missing feature10:12
sledgesasked since 2005..10:13
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fffuuuLAnyone here floating around with a Nexus 5 w/ SailfishOS port?10:27
dr_gogeta86fffuuuL, everyone :-D10:27
fffuuuLOh seriously? :P10:28
fffuuuLHow well does it perform on the N5?10:29
fffuuuLI would like to try it, but first i would like to ask other users how they think about it you know :)10:30
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nh1402_fffuuuL:https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris everything bar two are working on the sailfish port for Nexus 510:41
fffuuuLnh1402_: looks good, what does it mean that RTC alarms aren't working? Home and NFC10:42
fffuuuLIs that still the case?10:43
nh1402_Home isn't applicable on the Nexus 5, it doesn't have any capacitive buttons10:43
nh1402_RTC Alarm is the ability to wake the phone when turned off, such as an alarm, or another function. That and NFC are still not functioning but it's the most functional port according to the table.10:44
fffuuuLI see, does that work on N5@android ?10:45
fffuuuLI mean rtc alarms10:45
fffuuuLI never used that tbh10:45
fffuuuLI'm not even sure if it supports that10:46
nh1402_no, Android doesn't support RTC Alarms10:46
fffuuuLDo you see any change to that with sailfishos? That would be really nice10:46
nh1402_what do you mean by "change to that"10:46
fffuuuLactually i got another hot question: would it be possible to run Android 5.x and SailfishOS in dual-boot somehow?10:47
tathhuIsn't that done on hardware on jolla?10:47
tathhuYes AFAIK10:47
fffuuuLnh1402_: I mean, is it possible that RTC alarms will be added by software10:47
fffuuuLor does the N5 just lack the HW to support this10:48
fffuuuLI don't exactly know how this feature works tbh,10:48
nh1402_fffuuuL: As far as I know the Jolla phone supports it and that too has a Qualcomm SoC, that and some HTC phones have it enabled so I'm guessing it can be possible10:49
nh1402_Camera and GPS was a hard port and both of them are now working. GPS very recently thanks to mal-10:49
nh1402_can be done*10:50
fffuuuLIs it stable?10:50
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fffuuuLor do you expierence crashes/reboots (just like on android sometimes for "reasons")10:50
nh1402_vgrade has been using Sailfish on his nexus 5 as a daily driver for some time now and has had no problems.10:50
nh1402_as far as I know.10:51
fffuuuLthat all sounds promising :)10:51
mal-gps still has issues, like it does not follow the setting whether gps should be allowed or not10:51
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fffuuuLnh1402_: Do you develop applications for sailfishos for the community / yourself10:52
*** tanty_off is now known as tanty10:52
nh1402_as long as you're not testing experimental things like apkenv then it should be stable.10:52
fffuuuLmal-: is there a workaround?10:52
nh1402_I don't personally develop applications for sailfish yet, still need to learn QT10:53
mal-fffuuuL: currently not, I'm going to add that support soon10:53
fffuuuLI see, cool :)10:53
mal-I'm just thinking whether it would be enough to check that setting only at startup of a program or also during the operation of a program10:54
mal-not sure how jolla phone does it10:54
mal-I'll check that10:55
nh1402_fffuuuL: http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/development/rom-sailfish-os-alpha-t284126610:56
fffuuuLnh1402_: yeah i've been there :) I will have to look into that whole topic soon and pimp my N5, i'm still running stock10:57
nh1402_fffuuuL: how are you with openGL?11:03
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fffuuuLfffuuuL: Not good, i want to learn it though :P11:16
nh1402_fffuuuL: and how do you feel about android apps on Sailfish?11:19
mal-sledges: I'm now rebuilding cm12.1 port with the new patches, I'll even test it today11:20
sledgesmal-: ok, we'll be merging Stskeeps' aosp-5.1 work upstream as well, so we get the best of both worlds in the end (pass patches around of what's missing)11:21
sledgesmal-: how did that PR look to you?11:22
mal-looked reasonable11:23
mal-although the parts about hooks and stuff are beyond me11:26
Stskeepsmal-: the libhybris work is why i can collect a very nice consultancy fee11:26
Stskeepsit's really bizarere11:27
locusfok good, sorry I missed the pr review11:34
mal-sledges: btw, there is also an aosp-5 version for my device :)11:35
mal-or 5.1 actually11:35
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fffuuuLnh1402_: I have no expierence with that, but the more applications - the better right? ;) If that includes permission management for those android and sailfish apps that would be wonderful11:43
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locusfStskeeps: so you're done now? I'll try to get the sony aosp code up to date and retest12:53
dr_gogeta86locusf, last news12:53
dr_gogeta86fist time boots12:53
dr_gogeta86the second panic12:53
dr_gogeta86I've asked invisblek from lg-irc channel to help me12:53
Stskeepslocusf: coordinate with sledges12:54
sledgeslocusf: i'm pushing things out to mer-hybris/*/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r512:54
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, why are you using AOSP rather then CM12.112:55
Stskeepsdr_gogeta86: working with vendors12:56
dr_gogeta86I'm a vendor too :-D12:57
locusfStskeeps: sledges: ok12:57
dr_gogeta86locusf, if he works on aosp I can retry to meet dory and nemo12:58
locusfdr_gogeta86: ok cool13:00
dr_gogeta86at this point ...13:01
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sledgesNokius: ril logs needed from your oppo find5 during incoming phone call (logcat -b radio)13:21
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sledgeslocusf: mal-: i'll be pasting as i trod along, so you could have a look13:31
sledgesfirst blood: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_bionic/commits/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r513:31
dr_gogeta86sledges, locusf Stskeeps vgrade tbr and all board lover13:34
dr_gogeta86few ram13:35
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sledgeshad some dragonboard few years back at ex-workplace, wanted to put mer/nemo on it, but even team in US knew only how to activate fastboot from some scribble on a piece of paper they got from somewhere:)13:38
sledgeshope situation improved:)13:38
dr_gogeta86you got plain ubuntu13:39
dr_gogeta86is also supported by freedreno13:39
sledges"Linux Android"13:44
dr_gogeta86qcomm things13:45
dr_gogeta86sledges, how to use the last blood ... ?13:48
sledgesmal-: locusf: 2nd blood: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_frameworks_native/commits/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r513:49
sledgesdr_gogeta86: all in good time13:49
sledgesjust review process now13:50
mal-Stskeeps: when I try to build libhybris I get this error "../common/.libs/libhybris-common.so: undefined reference to `getauxval'"13:52
Stskeepsmal-: ugh..13:53
Stskeepsrpm -q --info glibc13:53
mal-Stskeeps: http://pastebin.com/54hGLVEX13:54
Stskeepser, well..13:54
Stskeepsit comes in glibc 2.16 which you'll get in the toolchain upgrading release.. :)13:55
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mal-Stskeeps: when will that be?13:55
locusfor just use mer toolchain13:56
Stskeepsmal-: soon(TM)13:56
locusffrom mer-core13:56
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mal-locusf: how do I install that?13:58
dr_gogeta86locusf, how to force repos to be aosp-5.1.0_r513:58
locusfmal-: lemme get home so I can package you a target13:59
locusfmal-: you also need to upgrade yuor mer sdk to point to mer-core:devel13:59
mal-locusf: ok. thanks14:00
dr_gogeta86locusf, bleading edge14:00
dr_gogeta86I like it14:00
nh1402_so Jolla is splitting into seperate software and hardware companies. Interesting, does that mean the Jolla tablet is the first product of the hardware company?14:00
locusfdr_gogeta86: use repo with new manifest or go in the dir, add remote, git fetch, git checkout ...14:00
locusfdr_gogeta86: you catch my drift?14:05
locusfmal-: sorry, don't have it anymore14:07
locusfumm no14:07
locusfno I got it14:08
locusfit was not under the usual targets14:08
dr_gogeta86locusf, mirroring in progresss ;-D14:09
tbrdr_gogeta86: I have one sitting on my desk since yesterday. still need to fashion a power supply, as it wants >6.5V and has some weird intermediate size barrel connector14:20
dr_gogeta86tbr, let me know14:24
sledgesmal-: locusf: last but not least https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/tree/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r514:32
sledges(modular) manifest coming up14:32
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locusfoh modular14:53
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sledgeslocusf: all change needed from you is local_manifest looking like https://github.com/mer-hybris/local_manifests/blob/hybris2-11.0/hammerhead.xml15:08
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dr_gogeta86sledges, so this night I broke internet connection at the hotel15:15
locusfsledges: + sony device projects15:16
dr_gogeta86locusf, you see any dory onto asop 5.1 ?15:19
locusfdr_gogeta86: nope15:19
dr_gogeta86but still be there15:23
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dr_gogeta86locusf, dory kernel comes from a branch15:42
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sledgesmal-: locusf: the full hybrised manifest: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android/tree/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r5 ; i still hope we could re-use this script for cleaning up unneeded repos: https://github.com/lbt/android/tree/android-ia18:30
* sledges goes afk a bit18:30
locusfsledges: \o/18:31
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bluesleemal- hi, this one is for you:-) bug 83918:56
merbot`Nemo bug 839 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha12][gps] gps does not work properly due to a wrong gps status" [Normal,New] https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83918:56
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mal-blueslee is always too fast19:01
alinmal-: what is too fast? I have the same issue as blueslee19:02
mal-alin: does gps start when you start gpsinfo? does the geoclue-hybris process exist just before you turn off gps from gpsinfo?19:03
alinmal-: only nemo     11727  0.2  0.1  14344  3064 ?        Sl   20:04   0:00 /usr/libexec/geoclue-master19:04
mal-alin: that's when you have killed geoclue-hybris and geoclue-master before starting gpsinfo?19:06
alinmal-: I did nto just started19:06
alinmal-: I checked none of them was runing19:06
alinmal-: then I started gpsinfo19:06
alinmal-: only master runs... closed gps info both are running now19:06
mal-hmm, very strange19:07
alinmal-: I start again... hybris is dead19:07
sledgesalin: blueslee: mal-: you shouldn't use geoclue-0..master..rpm version with -community provider19:08
sledgesthough that shouldn't break things19:08
sledgeseven if you do19:08
alinsledges: i | geoclue                           | package | | armv7hl | dhd19:08
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sledgesalin: not an issue, i should still make obsoletes/providers in order for those19:09
bluesleesledges: i did a first battery test with sensors deactivated, it seems to be clear that their consumption is too high. i19:09
alinsledges: but which geoclue?19:10
sledgesalin: 22:08 < sledges> though that shouldn't break things19:10
sledgessame codebase really19:10
sledgesblueslee: how did you disable them? i just did systemctl stop sensorfwd19:10
mal-sledges: but we haven't made any changes to geoclue itself so what ever version should be ok19:10
sledgesand battery consumption stayed the same19:11
sledgesalin: what mal- said ^19:11
sledgesthat -master- version tag just giving me shivers, ignore me :P19:11
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alinmal-: what is strange is that when I was in plane at least showed the satelites19:11
alinnow not even that19:11
mal-as long as you don't have the geoclue-provider-hybris, without the -community19:12
mal-to me that log looks like that hybris provider is crashing19:13
mal-this line: Jul 07 19:29:16 Jolla dbus-daemon[978]: Could not reference provider: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)Activating service name='org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'19:13
mal-"Could not reference provider"19:14
mal-I remember having that kind of problem during development19:14
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bluesleesledges: i did it the same way, i have about 40% left in a power usage mode, before it was about 15-20 % at the end of the day in a normal usage19:16
bluesleesledges: i am pretty sure that this was introduced with alpha1219:17
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mal-blueslee: does that dbus-monitor contain also the "stopping" gps19:18
mal-I mean the restarting of the hybris provider19:18
bluesleeslesges: some sensor  processes use a higher cpu for an unreasonable time19:19
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sledgesblueslee: yes, i did notice that 10% every other second19:23
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* sledges goes afk for today, mal- locusf hope you can give a spin to aosp5.1 :) to see if it's sane, it's full build manifest, next up will be to sanitise it from bugs and then clean/minimise19:28
locusfsledges: ok will check when repo sync is done19:29
bluesleemal- thats all i got, i did a ctrl+c after i closed gpsinfo19:32
bluesleemal- i.e. dubs-monitor output should be complete19:33
sledgeslocusf: yep, will be huge:)19:33
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off19:36
mal-blueslee: ok19:36
mal-blueslee: alin is either of you interesting in adding some debug output to hybris provider? for example to beginning of each function so we'll see where it crashes19:43
alinmal-: can I start it via gdb?19:43
alinsledges: since the apkenv is community work19:44
mal-not sure how, since it's a background process19:44
alincan we put it in the image?19:44
alinsledges: by the way... up to now no issues with 3 and sailfish os19:44
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piggzmal-: evening ... any joy with cm12 porting?19:55
locusflets see when the aosp 5.1.0 sync finishes19:56
mal-piggz: had some problems building libhybris due to dependency problems, I'll try with some help from locusf again soon19:57
mal-alin: blueslee did the older version without satellite info have the same problem?19:59
alinmal-: I do not remember19:59
mal-so the version without -community19:59
alinmal-: i do not remember the crash19:59
mal-I have a guess about in what function it fails20:00
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mal-because according to logs it starts up successfully so the next thing that can happen to it is that it get info about satellites20:01
bluesleemal- i switched those provider packages back to see if it helps me to fix the issue but it was the same behaviour20:02
bluesleemal- same without community version20:02
bluesleemal- i can do it again in some minutes to be on the safe side for your analysis but my bash history shows that i tried it20:09
mal-if it's not that then there is something else wrong, adding output from each function would be useful20:10
mal-those Jul 07 19:29:12 Jolla dbus-daemon[978]: open: Unknown error -1228751064 errors look strange20:12
alinmal-: yes that is the one that is old20:12
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bluesleemal- i was wrong, the behaviour with the non community package is even more odd20:22
bluesleemal- after deactivating gps flash starts blinking and stays in that state when activating gps and closing gpsinfo20:23
bluesleemal- i will reboot and come back20:24
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bluesleemal- no change after a reboot weird20:27
bluesleemal- but it worked some days ago,i don't know how:-)20:28
mal-blueslee: the gps cannot be stopped in non-community version20:30
bluesleemal- okay, let ne switch back20:31
mal-blueslee: the more important thing is that does gps start when you start gpsinfo after killing both geoclue-master and geoclue-hybris20:31
bluesleemal- yes it does20:32
bluesleemal- at least its blinking20:32
mal-so the problem is most likely in satellite part of the code20:32
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bluesleemal- talk to you tomorrow, bye20:36
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alinmal-: ok I can fork and have a look20:38
alinmal-: where is the last code?20:38
mal-alin: if you could add output from https://github.com/mlehtima/geoclue-provider-hybris-community/blob/master/geoclue-provider-hybris-community/geoclue-hybris.c#L50820:40
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Nokiussledges: :) okay I will make some calls tomorrow to tired to night just back home20:50
* Nokius alot of news today most i like 20:50
alinmal-: line 53020:51
alinmal-: looks like a memory leak20:52
mal-alin: it's actually not20:53
NokiusStskeeps: today xda shared the Yotaphone2 kernel source is yota server :) so now we have this may soon cm haha20:53
alinmal-: is released in add?20:53
mal-alin: as far as I understand it is released in the other process that uses it20:54
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mal-alin: at least there is no visible memory leak then looking at memory consumption with top20:55
alinmal-: looks strange  to me but unknown are the ways of glibc... with top you may not see it20:57
mal-could be20:58
mal-I tried to release it after that but it just crashed the whole program20:58
alinmal-: yes you are right I see now what it does21:00
alinmal-: the release is in line 51621:00
alinmal-: your crash will be there...21:01
alinmal-: also all that i=9 outside the loops is useless21:02
mal-alin: yes, I noticed that i=0 is indeed useless21:02
mal-I forgot that I released the array in the call of the function21:03
mal-alin: can you see any problems in the code?21:06
alinmal-: no21:06
mal-did you try to add debug output, you can use this as an example to get the satellite info https://github.com/mer-hybris/libhybris/blob/master/libhybris/hybris/tests/test_gps.c#L18721:10
mal-alin: when you try with test_gps, does the satellite values look ok? could you pastebin some output21:11
alinmal-: the value is rubbish21:14
alinseems update is not called21:14
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alinmal-: exaclty wher eI inject21:18
mal-what value is rubbish?21:18
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alinmal-: none is printed21:28
alinmal-: have a look at the code I am somehow tired21:28
alinmal-: I may have done stupid stuff21:28
* Nokius gn821:31
mal-alin: what code?21:31
mal-ah, found it21:31
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mal-alin_: please add output to beginning of each function with syslog(LOG_INFO, ""), I think stdout should end up to journal but not sure21:34
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alin_mal-: are you reading my minf?21:36
alin_mal-: this is exactly what I did21:37
mal-alin_: if we add output from the beginning of every function in the hybris provider then we know what is called before is crashes21:40
alin_mal-: yap I know I will try to do it on the phone directly21:40
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qroshI have a feasability question. If I wanted to port SailfishOS to a x86 phone I should be able to use default kernel right? and just need to patch in all the sensor drivers. Or did I miss something?22:33
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