Wednesday, 2015-07-08

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dr_gogeta86hi locusf07:17
dr_gogeta86Yesterday evening I've give up07:17
dr_gogeta8640 degrees07:17
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alinmal-: hi can you please add the configure script to the git repo07:53
alinmal-: also I added debug info and no luck07:53
alinmal-: seems like it never hit the community07:55
alinmal-: simply dies07:56
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dr_gogeta86alin, wich device ?08:14
sledgesqrosh: hi, intel architecture build targets and device-independent packages will be out together with the tablet08:15
sledgesalin: sure we can include it in the image08:15
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mal-alin: how is that possible, at least the log in the bug report shows that it starts08:24
mal-alin: which configure script? there is one already08:24
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sledgesi think i just broke 10.1 hybris-boot:
sledgeslet's see who is still using 10.1 (cc vakkov & carepack)08:41
sledgesreally couldn't figure out how to avoid splitting08:41
sledgesand totally forgot about 10.108:41
* sledges :facepalms:08:41
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sledgescarepack: hoy:) so you read the backlog;)09:53
carepackfrom that day? yes09:53
sledgeswhen i just mentioned your nick an hour ago;)09:56
sledgessaying that i broke your port09:57
* sledges runs09:57
carepackno resync, no prolbem then. lol09:59
carepackat least for a short time09:59
sledgeshaha yes that's true :P10:03
sledgesnot a solution;)10:03
dr_gogeta86sledges, we need al that external android bits on manifests ?10:03
sledgesdr_gogeta86: 21:30 < sledges> mal-: locusf: the full hybrised manifest: ; i still hope we could re-use this script for cleaning up unneeded repos:
mal-sledges: dr_gogeta86 this could be used as a base
sledgesdr_gogeta86: 22:28  * sledges goes afk for today, mal- locusf hope you can give a spin to aosp5.1 :) to see if it's sane, it's full build manifest, next up will be to sanitise it from bugs and then clean/minimise10:04
sledges22:33 < sledges> locusf: yep, will be huge:)10:04
mal-that manifest I have is enough to build cm-12.1 based hybris-hal10:05
sledgesmal-: if we re-use minimiser script, we can re-apply it to all existing/future manifests without re-inventing the wheel:
mal-sledges: ah, ok10:06
locusfwe really should10:06
dr_gogeta86Hi5 to lbt and his perl10:06
sledgesand keep hybris bits sanitised/isolated10:06
locusfits been +12 hours and still syncing10:06
sledgesno need to dig into perl, just replace xmls10:06
sledgeslocusf: lol10:06
locusfah its done now10:06
locusfjust in time10:07
dr_gogeta86sledges, just a quick look doesn't hurts10:07
locusfI'll do thde build now10:10
locusfand test once I'm back home10:10
sledgeslocusf: \o/ have you put your devices in?10:15
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locusferr not yet10:22
locusfthey till need flashing to 5.1.010:22
sledgeslocusf: i meant, devices repos10:24
locusfah no10:24
locusfnot yet10:24
locusfsince I still don't know the full config10:25
dr_gogeta86a stupid question10:25
dr_gogeta86if now we build aosp based ....10:25
dr_gogeta86we need to find aosp image for device10:25
dr_gogeta86for lg g3 begin to pray10:26
dr_gogeta86in KOREAN10:26
locusfthats a bumer10:27
dr_gogeta86i got just 5.1.110:28
dr_gogeta86made by google10:28
dr_gogeta86in some markets lg g3 got Play edition Variants10:28
dr_gogeta86i hope it works10:30
sledgesdr_gogeta86: mal- is working on 12.1, we'll have best of both worlds10:32
locusfmake hybris-hal on the way10:33
locusffingers crossed10:33
tehsuhope so10:34
dr_gogeta86knock on wood10:39
locusfah that expression isn't just finnish :)10:39
locusfsledges: did you remember to patch busybox?10:41
sledgeslocusf: Stskeeps remembered ;) give me two moments10:42
locusfsledges: okay10:42
sledgeslocusf: nice catch ;) thanks10:44
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locusfhmm you didn't include it to manifest10:45
locusfits ok, little steps10:45
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sledgeslocusf: still needs some grunt work, and thanks to you we got round to it quick;)10:49
dr_gogeta86still repo sync10:52
locusfsledges: my pleasure :)10:56
dr_gogeta86kexec hardboot by default10:58
locusfsol then10:58
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sledgesmal-: locusf: dr_gogeta86: should we externalise lbt's perl script into generic package and use as submodule?11:12
sledgesof manifest generation11:12
* lbt agrees - it is/was still at the PoC stage ... but tools package rather than a submodule ?11:13
sledgeslbt: sdk-utils ?11:16
* lbt tries to recall what's in there11:18
sledgeslbt: android-tools probably better11:20
mal-sledges: well that script is not very often needed but still it would be nice to have is somewhere11:20
lbtyes, android-tools11:20
lbtandroid tools needs refactoring too IMHO11:21
sledgesmal-: that script could sanitise current 11.0 to say the least11:22
sledgesalso to that script (or to remove-projects.xml) i could then easily contribute deleted projects from tablet manifes11:22
sledgesto give more insight11:22
sledgesapplying the same strategy for future versions too11:23
mal-sledges: yes11:25
locusfmake completed successfully \o/11:31
locusftook the old busybox11:31
mal-I need figure out what is missing from my manifests because I cannot build hwcomposer currently11:34
sledgesmal-: what's the err?11:45
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mal-is says that no target to build some library, the library is there11:49
sledgesmal-: paste?11:49
mal-I don't have it right now but the library was libnbaio if I remember correctly part of frameworks/av11:50
mal-I need to figure out what I need to build before building hwcomposer to get that11:55
sledgesmal-: well we clearly need all these for droid media:
mal-sledges: so maybe I need to add that library to that list?11:57
sledgesmal-: no it's the other way round11:58
sledgesall those must be present11:58
mal-sledges: I have those11:59
sledgesok, so that's checked fine12:00
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sledgesat least tried to narrow down your sought12:01
mal-sledges: but if I would add the of the library that is not found to that list then it would be built and later on found when building hwcomposer?12:02
mal-I will try that later today12:02
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, i hope isn't a mediatek chipset12:04
dr_gogeta86your last tweet12:04
sledgesmal-: but you said library is there (so is its .mk, no?)12:06
mal-sledges: yes12:07
mal-I have no idea how the android build works12:07
sledgesmal-: let's see error name first:)12:09
sledgesthere are nice things to try such as mmm12:09
sledgesand i don't mean
Stskeepssure you do12:10
mal-I have to go now, I try later today12:12
sledgeslocusf: boom!
sledgeslocusf: mal-: pls check sanity:
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dr_gogeta86sledges, thx12:34
sledgesdr_gogeta86: yw12:36
sledgesthanks goes to Stskeeps :p12:36
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sledgesmal-: misread you earlier ^^^, yes that's worth a try in case your library got excluded from build during trimming12:39
sledgesbut that's only <12.012:39
dr_gogeta86too many people to sync from aosp12:43
dr_gogeta86i need to use repo sync -j1 for reliable operation12:43
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sledgesis that was aosp is reporting?12:46
dr_gogeta86connection reset by peer12:47
locusfsledges: Stskeeps thx12:51
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sledgeslocusf: dr_gogeta86 found a bug in manifest on bb, fixing12:57
dr_gogeta86I'm still download other parts12:57
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sledgesoh look he just fixed it:
locusfhmm my mer bootloader goes directly to 232313:02
locusfwon't load initrd13:02
locusfI know why, but I've forgotten why13:02
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Stskeepslocusf: no reason to stop?13:03
locusfwell its recovery image13:03
locusfwhen did init_enter_debug2 happen?13:15
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sledgeslocusf: git blame :p13:19
sledgeslocusf: that *should*'ve been backwards compatible :")13:21
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locusfsome late night coding I see13:22
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locusfsledges: I can't see the mer boat loader debug output on Arch, just that the RNDIS interface has been created13:27
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dr_gogeta86you did it togeter ?13:38
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sledgeslocusf: that's way better than nothing13:50
sledgeslocusf: so telnet then?13:53
locusfsledges: yeah telnet is ok13:53
locusfbut its post initrdd13:53
locusfI would have wanted to see that whether it works or not13:53
locusfapparently it does since it moves directly to post13:53
locusfor not13:53
locusfbut yes it seems that it is backwards compatible13:56
sledgeslocusf: if it doesn't stop in initrd, probably it doesn't create rndis there13:59
locusfsledges: yep14:01
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locusfdid someone complain about version numbers one day? :)14:22
locusftake a look at what sony does with its unified kernel: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_LA.BF64.1.2.1_RB1.
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locusfok got latest kernel now14:49
locusfcompiling resulted in errors so fixed config as minimal14:49
sledgeslocusf: that version numbering looks very much like codeaurora & Co. )15:06
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locusfsledges: ok so you're familiar :)15:28
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sledgesblueslee: mal-: alin: i had gpsinfo for hours in the window sill, at last it got the fix17:47
locusfI hate to debug kernel stuff I don't understand17:48
mal-sledges: I really am lost why you don't have any problems but alin and blueslee have17:50
mal-sledges: does toggling active in gpsinfo work ok on your phone?17:51
sledgeslocusf: google knows :)
locusfsledges: not in this case :/17:56
locusfits bcmdhd17:58
sledgeslocusf: but the cause is known17:58
sledgesmal-: flicks between inactive and active17:59
sledgesmal-: sorry i wasn't following latest developments17:59
sledgeslocusf: you took too new kernel that no-one else has built with that wlan chip? (at least publicly)17:59
locusfsledges: sony guys have, I guess18:00
sledges!seen jerpelea18:00
merbot`sledges: jerpelea was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 4 weeks, 0 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <jerpelea> lets go to priv18:00
locusfjerpelea has committed that bcmdhd thing18:00
locusfI just mailed him18:00
locusfbut not about this though18:00
mal-sledges: but does the geoclue-hybris go away when you disable it in geoclue?18:01
mal-sledges: or does journal log show the correct log messages when you restart it18:02
mal-sledges: if it works for you then there might be some issue with faulty data from gps maybe?18:03
sledgesmal-: it says ERROR:dbus-gobject ... assertion failed (dead == oe->object)18:03
sledgesupon active->inactive18:03
mal-sledges: yes, I think I also get that18:04
sledgesupon inactive->active: open: unknown error -1229566168 (twice)18:04
locusfmal-: did you already unpack that target?18:04
locusfmal-: I suggest you do a clean new mer sdk for this cm12.118:04
mal-locusf: not yet, just got home a while ago18:04
locusfjust copy that android root18:04
locusfmal-: ah ok :)18:04
mal-sledges: I get also that ERROR:dbus-gobject ... assertion failed (dead == oe->object) but not the open: unknown error -122956616818:06
mal-sledges: I think the way I stop the provider is not entirely correct18:06
sledgesmal-: blueslee also had a fix at some point18:07
sledgespossible from fresh bootup we can ignore stopping issues18:08
sledgesand just wait18:08
sledgesonce that's confirmed, we can look at other things18:08
sledgesso far i had fix 3 out of 3 tries, from different parts of UK18:08
sledges(100miles apart)18:08
mal-sledges: the problem blueslee and alin is that hybris provider seems to crash18:08
mal-but then it starts when they disable it from gpsinfo18:09
mal-which does not make any sense18:09
mal-sledges: the older version seems to work for them18:13
sledgesmal-: kill me, i'm using old version too18:17
sledgesstill stuck on that provides/obsoletes, but will address that asap18:17
mal-sledges: oh18:17
sledgeslast thought i had to try is Provides: geoclue-provider-hybris >= VERSION18:18
sledgesbit busy with other stuffs atm18:18
mal-I believe the problem might be in the satellite info code18:18
mal-sledges: coudl you tell me your opinion, should the hybris provider monitor the settings menu gpg toggle only during a program startup or also during operation, so that it would stop gps tracking if its changed?18:26
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alinok let us have a look18:44
mal-alin: ok18:44
mal-alin: could you grab some log from test_gps so I can see the data is ok, just the first satellite info etc18:45
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alinmal-: andthis is the header19:00
mal-alin: why doesn't that contain the satellite callback info?19:01
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alinmal-: in test_gps?19:02
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alinmal-: do you get them if you use my fork?19:04
mal-alin: in test_gps I get continuously the positions and stuff for all satellites19:05
alinmal-: aaa I get something but I did not paste19:06
mal-the first info after starting is what I want19:06
mal-alin: could you check if the prn-values are ok19:07
alinmal-: they seem ok19:08
mal-that's a lot of satellites19:08
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alinmal-: nope19:16
alinmal-: I updated a little bit19:16
alingive me few minutes I need to buy some plane tickets19:16
mal-alin: not even the normal startup messages?19:17
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alinmal-: pkill geoclue and started the messages correspond to my source19:37
mal-alin: is the geoclue-hybris dead after that log19:38
alinmal-: yes until I close the app19:39
alinJul 08 20:39:28 abbaton sensorfwd[863]: Invalid interval requested for node ' "compasschain" ' by session ' 10 ':  2019:39
mal-alin: so the process does not exist before you close the app?19:39
mal-alin: I get that same message19:40
alinmal-: the process exists before I start... dies during and starts again19:40
mal-alin: kill it before you start gpsinfo19:40
alinmal-: I did that too19:41
alinpkill geoclue19:41
alinmal-: starts dies in callback19:42
alinclose the app starts again19:42
mal-alin: btw, I have no idea why the log does not show those syslog messages from the callbacks19:44
sledgesmal-: since you're asking, i guess it's difficult/inpractical to monitor toggle change via polling. do you see any dbus message firing out, i guess all toggles in sailfish are dbus driven19:48
mal-sledges: nothing in dbus19:49
mal-sledges: I understood that in qt the variables can be monitored nice not sure if it applies to settings from a file19:49
sledgesmal-: so a system-wide qt setting (like gps) change only qt apps can monitor? no dbus fired?19:51
mal-sledges: we can of course use the actual settings file to check it19:52
alinmal-: it shows them19:52
alinnh1402_: sledge yes a strange cryptic error19:53
sledgesmal-: file monitoring, like inotify, sure, yet last resort..19:53
mal-alin: I only get the initial log messages19:54
mal-sledges: I verified again, nothing in dbus when I toggle the gps setting from settings menu19:56
sledgesconverting geoclue-provider-hybris to a qt app?...19:57
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mal-sledges: I was wrong, sorry, now I can see it19:58
alinmal-: for what?19:58
mal-it was in system dbus, dbus-monitor monitored only session by default19:58
alinJul 08 20:42:32 abbaton dbus-daemon[930]: open: Unknown error -122914837619:58
alinthis is some error you get in the middle19:59
mal-alin: no19:59
mal-sledges: so now we have a way to stop the gps whenever the setting is changed20:00
mal-I just need to create some dbus proxy to capture that signal20:00
mal-this is shown: signal sender=:1.6 -> dest=(null destination) serial=11015 path=/net/connman/technology/gps; interface=net.connman.Technology; member=PropertyChanged string "Powered" variant       boolean false20:02
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nh1402_alin: ? I don't see why I was ping-d20:23
alinnh1402_: did i?20:24
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mal-alin: does that "Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'" really come only after initializing the provider like is in the log?20:33
alinmal-: must be I did not do anything to it20:34
mal-I get these before anything20:36
mal-Jul 08 23:32:30 Jolla dbus-daemon[2902]: Activating service name='org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'20:36
mal-Jul 08 23:32:30 Jolla dbus-daemon[2902]: Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'20:36
mal-right after Jul 08 23:32:30 Jolla [6740]: [D] GPSDataSource::setActive:79 - activating source...20:36
nh1402_alin "strange cryptic error" is where you ping-d me20:39
alinnh1402_: sorry not for you20:39
alinmal-: now they seem to be somewhere in the mifle20:40
nh1402_no problem20:43
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mal-alin: if you compare that to the previous log you can that it stops at different place, this means it's random20:47
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alinmal-: akwats dies after this         syslog(LOG_INFO, "GPS session started");20:52
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius21:29
Nokiussledges: sorry I can't keep the promise, just back home and no power to debug to night had 10 long hours behind me21:30
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