Thursday, 2015-07-09

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carepackmoin moin08:21
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brobostigonguten morgen.09:26
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mal-sledges: preliminary support for gps setting monitoring, I'll need to clean up the code a little before pushing it to github09:54
locusfhmm upgraded kernel didn't work either ...10:00
locusfquite odd, still no initrd boot10:01
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locusftrying with old initramfs10:02
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locusfhmm not even that worked10:04
locusfdoes the initrd require /system stuff?10:15
locusfoverwrote my userdata10:18
sledgeslocusf: not required10:21
sledgeslocusf: just debugging blind - mount a fs and try to log to it10:22
locusfsledges: nope too late now10:23
locusfsledges: I gotta update the manifest10:23
locusfsledges: overwrote my userdat -> /data so it no longer boots with regular kernel, since it can't go to /data/init10:23
locusfsledges: how do I update the manifest to latest?10:24
locusfthis one doesn't have rpm dir10:24
locusfgot it now10:32
locusfthis was just probably something that needed to be done in the first place10:32
sledgeslocusf: rpm dir is in local manifest10:39
sledgesonce repo sync just realised there is manifest update, and updated it10:39
locusfsledges: ah ok10:42
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locusfoh noes10:55
locusfthats kinda required now, unless it isn't 3.10.x kernel source breaks10:56
locusfhrhm I'll do a quick patch10:58
sledgeshm, and mer-kernel-check explicitly forbids it as-is10:59
sledgeslocusf: does kernel source break "warning: passing argument 2 of" "fw_load_from_user_helper"11:00
locusfsledges: yes11:01
sledgeslocusf: i patched the kernel instead11:01
locusfsledges: as did I11:02
locusfI don't know if sony accepts the patch upstream though11:02
locusf <- status for this?11:04
sledgeslocusf: oh look Stskeeps just updated that PR :)11:19
sledgesso if all's good, i'll merge11:19
locusfI just remembered that I don't have the bloody toolchain updated ..11:22
sledgeslocusf: we should hold off merging it until next update11:27
sledgeslocusf: feel free to cherry-pick that PR if you sort toolchain on your part for now11:30
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sledgeslocusf: we need to find out our current strategy with this toolchain transition, very interested in your findings tbh11:42
sledgeswhether updating toolchain in mersdk is sufficient or we'll need more tricks11:42
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locusfsledges: err well Stskeeps already did it12:29
locusfsledges: its not that hard btw, you just need a separate mer sdk, point its mer-core to, zypper ref + zypper dup, exit sdk, re-enter sdk, fix sb212:37
locusfcross-armv7hl-gcc is 4.612:45
Stskeepsthe toolchain isn't going to be the problem12:45
Stskeepsthe glibc is12:45
locusfoh yeah12:45
locusfits 2.19 right?12:47
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locusfhmm yeah12:56
locusfand if I do a sailfish build, the rest of the binaries are the previous glibc version12:56
locusfthis is a little hairy to do now12:56
Stskeepssooon it should be easier..12:57
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sledgeslocusf: Stskeeps did it to upstream only :P13:09
locusfsledges: ah ok13:10
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locusfsledges: I've been using just upstream ..13:18
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sledgeslocusf: ok, understood the situation from you last chat above with Carsten13:21
locusfsledges: its ok :)13:22
sledgesat least now we know what to anticipate..13:23
sledgesalso, possible to carve out with ...13:24
sledges(checks logs with Stskeeps )13:24
sledges...#if defined(GLIBC_2_16) or the likes in libhybris13:24
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Stskeepsbest to just use the upcoming glibc 2.18 that comes with next sailfish release13:24
Stskeepsso have a cold beer and wait a few days13:24
sledgesso we're up for long wait :P13:24
Stskeepsor work on other stuff13:24
sledgesyea, how much is libhybris a blocker for aosp5?13:25
sledgespretty much i guess :P13:25
Stskeepspretty big13:25
locusffortunately I said to jerpelea that expect more news in coming _weeks_ :)13:26
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mal-sledges: now the gps setting is finally working correctly, even the initial setting, now the provider is not terminated when disabling gps but it just stops the actual gps through hal13:29
sledgesmal-: that's awesome! will it fix life for alin and blueslee though? sorry if asking something obvious, but iirc they didn't flick the toggles, just tried to get a fix from fresh bootup13:31
mal-I still need to find out why exiting the provider is so ugly, the dbus errors in log are not nice13:31
mal-sledges: most likely not13:31
mal-there is probably something really wrong in my code13:32
sledgeshmm ok13:32
mal-I just wanted to make this missing feature since I still don't have any idea why it fails for alin and blueslee13:34
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dr_gogeta86sledges, if you add this14:20
dr_gogeta86you can fetch the all manifest behind proxy14:20
dr_gogeta86           fetch="" />14:20
mal-sledges: I think I managed to fix dbus problems during shutdown14:49
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mal-annoying, either I get dbus errors or "free(): invalid pointer"16:21
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: thanks noted16:24
sledgesmal-: strange16:24
mal-if sledges actually the pointer error does not show if I add some log output from certain places16:31
mal-maybe some timing issue?16:31
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sledgesmal-: something tells me only version --dup would pull in new -community package and supersede old one18:00
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sledgeshence why we're encouraged to use pkcon to zypper :P18:00
* sledges goes afk18:01
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nh1402kraemera_: hello18:06
kraemera_nh1402: hi, just following this channel to see what's new :)18:09
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locusfnow switch_root doesn't work19:06
locusfwell now it works19:06
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* Nokius the ips screen is in da hut :D 20:24
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locusfdamn firmware loading20:57
locusfnot even the kernel cmdline param helps21:13
locusfloads now21:45
locusfnow its adreno egl not loading21:47
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