Friday, 2015-07-10

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dr_gogeta86morning guys07:04
dr_gogeta86anyone know any from EuphoriaOS07:04
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dr_gogeta86last day in milan07:19
dr_gogeta86I've bringup n9 again07:19
dr_gogeta86and stil rocks :'-)07:19
dr_gogeta86hi sledges07:31
dr_gogeta86A friend of mine after seen mine07:31
dr_gogeta86bought one07:32
dr_gogeta86and now is looking for a cheap jolla07:32
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sledgesit is contagious:)07:33
sledgesand captivating :evil laugh:07:34
sledgesthe reason i'm here is because i sniped N9 at ebay on December 2011 :) (whilst parked in a middle of nowhere on my way home from work on 2G)07:35
locusfI got mine 2 years ago :)07:42
dr_gogeta86you need to create  a niche in your home07:47
dr_gogeta86mine is also signed by zzste07:47
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carepacksoembody wants to increase additional 3,5GB dropbox space?08:23
sledgesto put early sailfish images and targets :P08:24
carepackonly want to share the trick. I ran out of space08:25
sledgessame here08:25
carepacklol. Ok. do the following. take a movie with 3,5GB and copy it to a phone or tablet (android or ios recommend -> lol)08:26
sledgessounds like work, no thanks :DD08:27
carepackcomplete it anyway :-) then download the dropbox inc carousel app. After installing it imediately checks you're media files. It will find you're and want to sync to dropbox but allocates the space before. Uninstall the app and you're fine. Space stay's08:28
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alincarepack: thought that is illegal...08:33
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alinsledges: apk seen proof of concept08:35
alinsledges: does it run google play?08:35
sledgesalin: games games games08:38
alinsledges: who cares about games08:39
alinsledges: thought is all about tinder08:39
alinsledges: and music and books08:39
sledgeswho cares about reading youtube video descriptions;P08:39
alinsledges: youtube? who is using that08:40
sledges11:35 < alin> sledges: apk seen proof of concept08:41
alinsledges: seen a post on g+ saying someting about running08:44
sledgesok, i'll word all important info all over the place next time08:45
sledgesYou can already run GLESv2 Android games on a Sailfish OS device (Jolla, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, ...) using Apkenv! Community needs your help to fix GLESv1 games (think Fruitninja, Angrybirds, and many others!)08:45
sledgesOnce that's done, a similar to Apkenv approach is being developed to run full Android apps!08:45
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nh1402alin: Are you technopathic?10:09
alinnh1402: what do you mean? no idea about that word10:12
nh1402if you can talk to technology and it does what you tell it to do10:13
alinnh1402: not really but sometimes I can programme it10:13
alinnh1402: why?10:13
nh1402you could try and talk to your phone to get it to run the google play10:13
alinlbt: fortran?10:42
lbtalin: realistically I'm not going to be doing it :/    if you want to have a go then I can offer advice if you get stuck10:43
lbtjust too much on my plate right now10:43
alinlbt: in principle all I need is the spec and enable=fortran10:44
lbtI think so, yes10:45
alinlbt: point me to the .spec for gcc you use10:46
alinlbt: and I will try to hack my way10:46
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alinamazon is insane when on jolla shop in 249 euro10:51
alinlbt: thanks10:52
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lbtalin: np - sorry I never found the time10:52
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alinlbt: something is funny... that is version 4.8 but on my phone I have version 4.611:02
alinlbt: are you sure you did not pass me the wrong one?11:02
Stskeepsgrab a older sha11:05
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minimecHi. I read on the hardware adaptions/libhybris page, that GPS is now supported on the Nexus 5. Is that feature included in the alpha12 release of the sailfishos hammerhead images? GPS doesn't seem to work here...11:44
minimecsledges: THX. I will test that today ...11:51
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sledgesminimec: have fun:)12:33
mal-minimec: just a little warning, that version will not stop gps tracking automatically, so it might cause battery drain, newer version exists but for unknown reason won't work properly on n512:48
mal-sledges: it seems you have updated those instructions12:53
mal-sledges: which version is that?12:55
mal-sledges: looks like that is the newest version, is it really working now on n5?12:57
sledgesmal-: oops, is latest version a regression as compared to the one within geoclu?12:58
mal-sledges: according to alin and blueslee12:58
mal-minimec: ignore what I just said12:59
sledgesmal-: i thought it never worked for them properly regardless of versions13:00
sledgesmal-: should i revert xda post?13:00
mal-sledges: have you tried that on your n5?13:00
sledges(i also thought separation from geoclue is just introducing packaging differences, do you mean that it introduces bugs as well13:00
sledgesmal-: will try now13:00
mal-sledges: the original geoclue-provider-hybris did not know stop if gpsinfo was stopped without first stopping the gps from menu, the community version however should13:04
mal-even the initial commit of that13:04
mal-sledges: as far as I know the original version worked for alin and blueslee but the community does not13:07
sledgesmal-: i'm isolating the use case - reboot, launch gpsinfo, wait13:07
sledgesbefore we start stopping anything13:07
sledgesmal-: i'm getting 0 / 0 satellites13:07
sledgesfor last 5mins13:08
sledges-community version13:08
mal-sledges: please check whether geoclue-hybris is running?13:09
sledgesmal-: yes, along with -master13:09
mal-sledges: does journal log show any problems?13:10
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mal-sledges: quite interesting that it won't see any satellites13:14
sledgesmal-: 2 / 2 :)13:14
sledgestook a while13:14
sledgesso needs one more for a fix, in theory13:14
sledgesall indoors, probably this doubleglazing is not helping either ;)13:15
mal-yes, I get similar indoors sometimes13:15
sledgesmal-: no errors in journal13:15
mal-sledges: then I'm lost why alin and blueslee have problems13:16
sledgesmal-: maybe they do something extra than just reboot+gpsinfo+wait13:16
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mal-sledges: so log does not show anythign like this "dbus-daemon[930]: open: Unknown error -1229148376"13:18
mal-during startup of hybris-provider13:18
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sledgesmal-: nope13:21
sledgesnot this time13:21
sledgesmaybe if i fiddle with on off switches, it will13:21
mal-try to see what happens13:22
alinmal-: I have never seen lat and long in gpsinfo13:23
sledgesalin: reboot+gpsinfo+wait13:23
sledgesfirst count the satellites13:23
sledges(ensure locations is on, in settings)13:23
mal-sledges: settings does not matter, yet13:24
sledgesmal-: i can deactivate gps from gpsinfo app pulley, from its cover, and in settings - pick your poison13:24
alinsledges: yes this is that I did I will do once again13:25
alinsledges: usually I do not get any satelite shown13:25
* sledges just removed phone from windowsill - 1 satellite remaining13:25
alinthe only time when I have seen satellites was when above the irish sea13:25
mal-sledges: from gpsinfo or cover13:25
alin31 one them13:25
sledgesalin: but no fix?13:25
alinbut at 700km/h no lock13:25
alinsledges: yap at that speed I think is tough13:26
mal-settings is only supported on my local development version13:26
sledgesi had lock with openmoko once, tracked all landing on excel xyz plot later on from trace file:)13:26
sledgesthose were the times13:26
alinsledges: now I reboot13:26
alinsledges: gpsinfo and put it next to window13:26
alinin my office we have plenty of stuff but no em waves for cell phones13:27
mal-alin: check that geoclue-hybris is running13:28
alinmal-: then I cannot put it on window13:28
alinsledges: mal- yes is running this time13:29
alinsledges: and 12 in view13:29
alinno lock13:29
sledgesthere there13:30
alinI suspect this is where the agps may come in place13:30
* sledges takes hand of a "revert all" button13:30
alinmal-: I am using the community fork I did is like yours but with a lot of printing13:30
mal-sledges: is geoclue-hybris runnign after that second starup?13:32
sledgesmal-: positive13:32
mal-sledges: and it's seeing satellites?13:32
alinmal-: sledges1 in use13:33
alinstill no info13:33
sledgesmal-: yes, back to 213:33
mal-sledges: looks like you cannot reproduce the bug13:35
mal-sledges: that log looks quite normal for that version, except for "dbus-daemon[945]: open: Unknown error -1228759256"13:38
mal-I know a way to get rid of that "dbus-daemon[945]: ERROR:dbus-gobject.c:2371:signal_emitter_marshaller: assertion failed: (oe != NULL)" but it introduces another error13:39
sledgesmal-: 5 / 18 satellites, no fix yet13:41
mal-I never takes that long for me13:43
alinmy battery is dead14:00
alinand I need to go we speak later14:00
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sledgesmal-: aand we got a fix14:06
sledges(happened sometime during last 20mins)14:07
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sledgesi think alin&blueslee just need to wait a little longer14:08
mal-sledges: good, but still that's a long time to get a fix14:08
sledgeswell it's indoors and who knows facing what in what part of the world i am ;p14:08
mal-sledges: but alin and blueslee also had a problem that gpsinfo and geoclue were out of sync about what is the current state of gps14:16
sledgesmal-: ok, probably more toggling needed then14:20
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bluesleesledges: the async behaviour is the issue for me, once it was in sync and i get a fix within 2-3 min15:16
bluesleemal- thank you for digging to the root of the issue15:17
bluesleebad battery life with sensors, talk to you later:-)15:18
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sledgesblueslee: have you got an older update? has 10% CPU consumption by sensors started with 1.1.6 out of interest?15:21
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bluesleesledges: unfortunately i tried out ubuntu touch and had to delete alpha1116:01
bluesleesledges just stopped sensors for some days and the battery life was better, i am using alpha1216:03
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lanodanIs there a newsletter/mailing-list ?16:22
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ahoneybunhey all17:57
ahoneybunI wanted to know the process with porting to the OnePlus One17:57
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nh1402_this is one minor change however related to using Cyanogenmod 11 instead18:08
nh1402_using hybris 11 maybe, don't quote me on that18:09
nh1402_if you go to that link, then you'll find the process of how to port sailfish to your device18:10
tathhuahoneybun: check thread on opo forums?18:11
ahoneybuntathhu: there has been no new build since Mar18:11
ahoneybunstuck at Alpha218:11
nh1402_read through that document18:12
ahoneybunasking me to port nh1402_?18:13
nh1402_ahoneybun: You wanted to know the process with porting, that pdf goes in to detail of how to port sailfish to android devices18:14
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ahoneybunnh1402_: process/progress18:14
ahoneybunmy bad18:14
nh1402_they mean two different things18:16
nh1402_Well the person (vgrade) who ported sailfish to the Oneplus One has been busy with his day job etc. so has had no time to port18:16
lanodanBtw where is the repository of the OnePlus One port ?18:18
minimecsledges: mal-: Just to give you an update: GPS works on my Nexus 5. I will try to test it during a dogwalk the next two days.18:18
mal-minimec: nice to hear18:24
lanodanUh google link ;w;18:25
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ahoneybunlanodan: ?18:26
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lanodanahoneybun: I was talking about the repository(git, mercurial, svn, …) not the source / ROM18:26
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*** Nokius__ is now known as Nokius19:28
* sledges just came back from minions the movie19:29
Nokiussledges: how wass it I never saw I but I heared it is funny19:30
sledgesNokius: just keep your expectations realistic and you'll be delighted ;)19:30
sledgesNokius: how's radio logcat? ;)19:31
Nokiussledges: I on it now19:31
sledgesahoneybun: main showstopper is gsm not working after first call, ofono/ril expert needed, or just someone to reproduce the build and i could ping a jolla sailor or two re that issue19:32
Nokiussledges: was trying the ips screen last night and now I have a phone to call so as we speek I working on it19:32
sledgesNokius: ips screen?19:32
ahoneybunsledges: the porter working on the Ubuntu Touch port is hitting that as well19:32
ahoneybunbut it sounds like he is pushing though it a bit19:33
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ahoneybunsledges: weirdly:
sledgesahoneybun: yes it works, you are allowed one call per reboot :D19:34
Nokiussledges: for the digital frame procjet I was talking about it a few weeks back but the post service strike delayed the arriving of the screen :(19:35
Nokiuswondering if it's see tem issue I have19:35
Nokiussaw nothing  in logcat19:45
NokiusI will reboot19:45
Nokiussledges: noting shows up19:54
Nokiussledges: what I see for incomming
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sledgesNokius: so it does show up20:02
sledgesNokius: wonder why the 13= permission errors..20:03
Nokiussledges: yes I see somting the '-' is before I call the the phone20:05
Nokiusjust rebooted and will try to call someone an see what is in the log may we can see here an event20:05
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NokiusIs see Jul 11 22:06:51 Jolla ofonod[1082]: dialing "01xxxxxxxxx" logcat is empty and phone (01xxxxxx) rings ui freez20:09
Nokiuswhen call get canceled logcat shows events also ofono20:10
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Nokiussledges: logs
Nokiusif I call again after ofono stopes with dialing and I redial the number I see Telepathy event in the logs as well as logcat events20:19
Nokiussledges: where do u see the permission error20:26
NokiusI see20:27
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mal-yay, I think I finally fixed all of the problems with shutting down hybris gps provider21:58
mal-an extremely stupid mistake21:58
mal-sledges: new version pushed to github and tagged22:20
Nokiusmal-: git pull return fatal for me :s22:26
mal-try again22:26
Nokiuslooks like my box is broken *cry*22:28
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Nokiuspuh relogin sove it 0.o22:33
Nokiusmal-:  I will try it later today22:34
mal-Nokius: ok, thanks22:34
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:47
Nokius_mal-: if I toggle in settings the lacation support I see in the log stopped and started but I don't get a fix atm I inside22:49
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)22:50
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius22:51
Nokiusmal-: I just saw 2 satellites and I toggel and GPS was off acording to the logs \o/22:52
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mal-Nokius: very good22:56
NokiusI will check it after some sleep a bit more22:59
mal-hopefully that fixed the n5 problems also22:59
Nokiuswe will see, crossing fingers :)23:00
NokiusI see this in the logs 'dbus-daemon[1211]: open: Unknown error -1228675480'23:03
mal-interesting, I don't get that23:05
Nokiusmay it's not realted if I disable and enabel gps again it is not popping up23:08
mal-could be23:08
mal-Nokius: does it always show that it exists successfully23:09
Nokiusmal-: what exit successfully?23:10
mal-log should say hybris-provider: Terminated successfully or something like that23:11
Nokiuslet me check23:11
Nokiusmal-: I see 'dbus-daemon[1200]: Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Providers.Hybris'23:15
mal-Nokius: not that, it should be shown when you exit gpsinfo or stop it from gpsinfo menu23:16
Nokiusgeoclue-hybris[2334]: Terminated successfully23:19
Nokiuscu later23:19
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