Thursday, 2015-07-16

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sledgeslocusf: mal-: (for reference and for logs)06:30
locusfsledges: thx06:31
sledgesi have also come up with minimal manifest using lbt's script (untested yet, most likely too much got removed):06:32
sledgesrepo init -u -b refs/tags/android-5.1.0_r506:32
sledgescurl -o .repo/local_manifests/hybris.xml
sledgesrepo sync06:32
sledges(mkdir .repo/local_manifests should be there somewhere :P)06:33
sledgesyou will then just add .repo/local_manifests/$DEVICE.xml for your device and repo sync again06:33
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sledgesit's just PoC, we might not change the process so radically (vanilla manifest and curl into local_manifests a dirty one with <remove-project), we could continue the old way and cleanup manifests by hand - what do you think fellows?06:43
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sledgeslocusf: mal-: (FIY, for refrences and logs :P)07:11
sledges(it's under my repo as possibly it'll need more patches)07:12
sledges^^^ aproach won't work due to local_manifests ignoring <remove-project on device repo and repo cursing about fatal: duplicate path device/lge/hammerhead in /home/sledges/aosp5/.repo/manifest.xml07:14
sledgeslbt: would you have time to rewrite your script that it just comments out original manifest?07:15
sledgeshmm although the vanilla manifest would need just few mods, we could probably pull this off.. let's see how it looks when build is done07:30
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sledgeslocusf: do you know how to get rid of this (i.e. build kernel in-tree)?08:01
sledgesmake: *** No rule to make target `device/lge/hammerhead-kernel/zImage-dtb', needed by `out/target/product/hammerhead/kernel'.  Stop.08:01
locusfsledges: hmm, sony has that in device config08:01
sledgeslocusf: device config?08:02
locusfbut umm no I don't know how that could be fixec for hybris08:02
sledgeslocusf: in what dir is your kernel source residing?08:03
sledgesit's standard aosp behaviour what you see above08:03
sledgesit expects a prebuilt kernel image08:03
sledgesi can always build kernel separatelyt08:03
locusfsledges: $ANDROID_ROOT/kernel08:04
sledgeslocusf: which file have you just pasted? ^^08:05
locusfsledges: the aosp build file for aries08:06
sledgeslocusf: i mean, path and filename08:06
sledgeson your disk08:06
locusfsledges: afaik this is sony specific behaviour08:07
sledgeslocusf: what's the filename?08:07
locusfsledges: aosp_d5803.mk08:07
sledgesperfect, thanks, found needed one08:07
locusfthat build_kernel true triggers the kernel source building08:08
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sledgesno such thing here :(08:09
sledgesonly ifeq ($(TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL),)08:09
sledgesin device/lge/hammerhead/device.mk08:09
locusflemme dig up the pull request that did it08:10
lbtsledges: I thought it did that ?08:10
sledgesstrange, how come in aosp s not an option08:10
sledgeslbt: it just generates a local_manifest08:10
sledgeslbt: original kernel stays intact, but i may find a way around it, hold your horses08:10
* sledges goes afk for a bit08:10
carepackmal-: after one night on my windows seat 21 satellites detected. gps info shows full output! great08:12
locusfsledges: ^08:12
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mal-carepack: nice08:22
carepackprevented me from going outside ;)08:31
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vakkovmal-: sledges:
mal-vakkov: is that with the latest version?09:03
vakkovthis one, right?09:04
vakkovyes it is09:06
vakkovbuilt it yesterday09:06
mal-looks like it might crash for some reason, sorry but I don't have time to debug today09:06
vakkovdbus sas that the gps i s powered09:06
vakkovookay, i will investigate later :P09:06
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sledgeslocusf: thanks, but minimising number of patches is the goal09:32
sledgesjust wondering how aosp mandates building kernels, probably will end up with an extra lines in hadk like make kernel crosscompilation and copying zImage to needed place09:33
sledgesaosp's canonical way of building kernel looks strange atm, need more digging09:34
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zGrrmoin :)09:37
sledgesah ofc
sledgesmoin zGrr :)09:38
brobostigonguten morgen zGrr09:39
zGrrguten, guten :)09:39
locusfsledges: okay09:40
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dr_gogeta86good morning10:24
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locusfyo dr_gogeta8610:25
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locusfnh1402: hey11:12
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nh1402locusf: hello11:13
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alinsledges: ping14:05
alinsledges: do you have any ideas about the issue with the proxy in sb2?14:05
alinI think that is the last I need to sort out but somehow I am stuck at it14:05
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sledgesalin: ping lbt?14:06
lbtproxy ?14:06
dr_gogeta86you need to install rpm behind a proxy14:07
dr_gogeta86got a shell and do it manually14:07
sledgeslbt: alin's behind a proxy14:07
sledgeshe managed to get connected inside mersdk, but sb2 still curses14:08
dr_gogeta86sledges, support is poor also on mer/nemo/sailfish14:08
dr_gogeta86behind proxy almost nothing works14:08
dr_gogeta86updates works behind proxy but for example you don't see the new release image14:09
dr_gogeta86done it yesterday14:09
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alin_spiiroin: lbt sledges any of you know how to add a proxy for sb2?14:36
sledgesalin_: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-build14:39
sledgesand try to get out from there14:39
alin_sledges: I found I have problems with the mer too14:41
alin_sledges: does not want to do what I think shall do14:41
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alin_ok I went to find this15:52
alin_qemu: Unsupported syscall: 37415:52
alin_when I curl15:52
alin_th ething gets downloaded manually by curl but fails when zypper tries15:52
sledgesin sb2?15:53
alin_sledges: yes15:53
dr_gogeta86 sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-build15:53
dr_gogeta86export http_proxy=http://proxy:port15:54
dr_gogeta86export https_proxy=http://proxy:port15:54
alin_dr_gogeta86: is done15:54
dr_gogeta86export ftp_proxy=http://proxy:port15:54
alin_sledges: that error is after15:54
dr_gogeta86zypper ref15:54
dr_gogeta86run fine to me15:54
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: inside sb2?15:55
dr_gogeta86inside scratchbox env of cours15:55
dr_gogeta86I've download manually deps15:55
sledgesalin_: is your fs without nodev and nosuid ?15:55
alin_sledges: no idea let me check is a defuailt install like on my laptop15:55
alin_            /dev/sdb4 on /home type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)15:56
sledgeslocusf: mal-:
sledgesalin_: but zypper on mersdk works with http_proxy vars?15:57
sledges(i.e. what made it work onder mersdk?)15:57
dr_gogeta86sledges works to me15:58
locusfsledges: okay15:58
alin_sledges: variables plus aliasing of sudo16:03
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bluesleesledges: should an app as wifi analyzer work on ported sfos?16:11
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alin_I think I will try something more copy the checkout git and just implant it on my copy16:12
bluesleealin: i read there will be no 1.1.7 / alpha13 release before the official one, right?16:12
sledgesblueslee: depends how hw-dependent it is16:12
alin_blueslee: yap16:12
bluesleesledges: it uses wpa_cli16:13
Nokiusalin_: I sorry I missed that I have a dinner today so no new build this night16:13
sledgesblueslee: one way to find out16:13
sledgesNokius: you apologise too much (chuckle)16:13
bluesleealin_ do you still have the gps issues?16:14
sledges(you should now say "i'm sorry" :))16:14
bluesleealin_ for me its broken16:15
Nokiussledges: u toke the word out of my mouth16:15
sledgesNokius: ohh i'm sorry :D16:16
locusfsledges: hmm  extract_headers required something else too16:20
locusfat least for me16:20
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* Nokius have great one 16:21
sledgeslocusf: i have this patch too ;)16:23
sledgesbut not pushed out16:23
sledgesbecause mb2 dhd worked16:23
locusfsledges: okay16:23
sledgespossibly it broke later?16:23
locusfurr yeah16:23
sledgesfor you16:23
sledgesah ok16:23
locusflibhybris compilation16:23
sledgesi'll push it out then16:23
sledgesperfect ok16:23
sledgesalso noted /tmp ;) thanks!16:24
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locusfnp :)16:24
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sledgeslocusf: vgrade: do you think i could deploy aosp5.1 by compressing aosp's vanilla /system into another .zip, and passing to multirom as secondary roms, whereas primary rom being cm11.0 ? (i can loop mount firmware later)16:28
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locusfsledges: fingers crossed16:29
sledgeslocusf: still far from there, im just pondering atm16:30
locusfI can do all other hadk stuff except device testing until next wednesday16:34
sledgeslocusf: ok:) thanks, did you manage to quickly test modem/sound/others on your sonys?16:35
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locusfsledges: not yet no16:41
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sledgesok no worries16:43
locusfmoved to z2 too fast16:45
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locusfit still doesn't work16:45
locusfz3c is ok16:45
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alin_Nokius_: if blueess comes back the answer is no... now I do not even get sattelites... I may try again when out of office17:14
alin_vgrade: situ tempted to hack an ubuntu phone?17:15
situalin_: I don'th have one.17:15
alin_situ: I have one...17:16
situalin_: Hack on!17:17
alin_situ: yap.. but you see this is the issue17:17
alin_situ: I do not know how the early bits17:17
alin_situ: I can grab the android they use17:17
alin_seems to be an lxc container17:17
alin_that contains all the stuff17:18
alin_and I can get the partition table17:18
alin_then I need to see how I can get the flashign tool17:18
situhmm I don't know much about lxc stuff.17:18
alin_situ: i think we need more the content to see what android they used17:21
alin_and do merhybris on top of that17:22
alin_situ: in principle that shall be pretty opensource at least this is what they claim17:23
situalin_: You have bq 45 ?17:25
alin_situ: no meizu mx417:25
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sledgesPSA: apkenv is now in :common:
sledgescarepack: if you install it and launch with any compatible android game apk, it should work on nexus4 out of the box17:52
sledgesnexus5 will need to wait until next release though17:52
sledges(which states that 10.1 ports apkenv works already now, and 11.0 not yet ;P)17:53
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sledgesgame compatibility (you'll need to download apk exactly the version indicated)
sledgestested games list in video description:
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carepacksledges: cool!17:59
carepackgoin to try18:00
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dr_gogeta86sledges, thp apkenv as key for native gaming ?19:32
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dr_gogeta86huawei in rework with 4.4.4 base19:44
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Nokiusalin: I got a fix quit fast20:05
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alinNokius: I did not I think even blueslee got one20:10
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alinlbt: I see now 4.8 will be in the new release... so I will try to enable fortran on that20:19
alinlbt: what I wanted to ask you... the .spec files are updated by hand?20:19
alinStskeeps: some time ago you said something about looking into how to change the image for shutdown from jolla to something else20:26
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Nokiusalin: let me check I know which file it os20:38
Nokius* is20:38
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alinNokius: cool20:38
alinNokius: so now we need just a way to replace it in image20:38
alinNokius: not a wya... another image20:38
NokiusI made once a bad script for it20:39
Nokiusalin: all u need
Nokiusalin: I don't recomend the script it's bad and old one of my first ever20:40
Nokiusalin: it's the shutdown one not the one u see during boot20:40
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alinNokius: during the boot we see none20:42
alinNokius: yes that is the good info20:42
alinwe will need an image now20:42
Nokiussorry it's not on github and the files are not proper saved :(20:43
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alinNokius: sorry for what?20:45
Nokiushave this bad source of information20:46
Nokiusu have to dig a bit to get the wanted information20:46
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alinNokius_: i think may be in the right direction20:53
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:58
Nokiusalin: the file is there try your luck :)20:58
Nokius /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/graphic-shutdown-480x854.png20:58
* Nokius gn820:59
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