Friday, 2015-07-17

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soundtoxinI'd like to put Sailfish OS on my OnePlus One. I've found some old news articles and a blog post on the sailfish site saying there's an alpha build available, but I'm wondering how out of date this stuff is.05:07
soundtoxinAre there newer alphas and/or more stable builds now? where do I find these builds?05:08
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zhxtsoundtoxin,  but seems there is only alpha1.05:22
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alinlbt: this is epic
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* lbt sees normal build-in-OBS stuff :)07:46
alinlbt: adding a patch to a service with a prechekin... not the usual normal obs07:54
lbtalin: ?  all I saw was conditional spec stuff - maybe need more context07:56
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alinlbt: ok... I sorted out I mean the gcc... in the git version I added the packages in the .spec07:59
alinlbt: reun prechekin and generated the diff07:59
lbtyeah ... the precheckin stuff is a bit 'action at a distance'07:59
alinlbt: so... let us start like this... can I fork from merproject?08:00
alinthis is the one used in the _service file08:01
alinlbt: blmey I can fork08:01
alinlbt: good I noticed the icon of gitlab...08:04
alinlbt: ok last question... before I hit the build08:04
alinlbt: do I need to run the precheckin myself or the service does it?08:04
lbtyou must run it08:04
alinlbt: cool thanks now is hitting the obs... excluding the usual mistake shall be fine08:10
lbtgood stuff08:17
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alinlbt: at least builds
alinlbt: we will see later what else dies08:23
alinlbt: ok... something built but I suspect is not the proper build08:24
alinunless things changed since last time I built gcc and now is fast like hell08:24
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idejhello porters :)09:32
sledgesahoy idej!09:33
ideji'm stuck and this is probably rather stupid. I am trying to port sailfishos to the Motorola Moto G. Unfortunatly i can't download the /device tree. It tries to download the device tree from cm10.1 but only >11 is available. How can i convice breakfast to use e.g. cm 12.0? setting $ROOMSERVICE_BRANCHES does not work09:39
Ford_Prefectidej: good to hear! Let me know if you need testers.09:40
sledgesidej: you need to start from scratch, repo init ... -b hybris-11.009:40
sledgeswill download cm-11.0 based tree09:40
Ford_Prefect(or limited dev help)09:41
sledgesidej: moto G/4G/2014 ?09:41
idejMoto G09:41
sledgesmoto g has >=11 support09:41
Ford_PrefectMine's the older xt1032/103309:42
idejand i probably need testers, cause the touchinterface is broken. I might repair it if i can get sailfishos to compile and boot09:42
sledgesFord_Prefect: yes that's the one of idej's too:
Ford_PrefectSweet, I have a 1032 and 1033, as it happens, to test with09:47
Ford_PrefectWas doing some pulseaudio porting to them09:47
alinlbt: anything else I need to do?10:01
maikooolHi all, I saw someone mentioning the z3c, is that working?10:02
maikooolI got one a week ago and it's already itching to try sailfish on it10:02
sledgesmaikoool: pretty sure you can do this since couple of days aosp5.1 base is being polished10:06
alinsledges: so we move to aosp?10:09
sledgeswho's we?10:10
alinsledges: N510:10
sledgesif it works, sure!10:10
alinsledges: for sure it runs aosp10:10
sledgesmultiple bases can be maintained in parallel, if one explodes10:10
alinsledges: anyhow first fortran10:11
maikooolwhen i tried aosp 5 two weeks ago, libhybris wouldn't compile, was that fixed in the meantime?10:11
sledgesmaikoool: you'll need 1.1.7 sdk target10:11
sledgeswhich is out when 1.1.7 update gets out for everyone10:11
maikooolhmok, so i can't try sailfish on my z3c right now10:12
maikooolbut have to wait until 1.1.7 is out10:12
Ford_PrefectOoh, when's that scheduled for?10:17
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carepackgutem tag ;)10:46
sledgeswir wuenchen euch:)10:47
carepacklol. lgtm10:48
sledgeslet's merge then10:49
carepacksomebody around who's using mosh on a qnap nas?10:53
sledgesi just became a mosh believer10:56
sledges(way too late, but now i miss backscroll...)10:56
carepackmmmhh.compiled iton qnap?10:59
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idejhow big is the libhybris-11 Branch? and why is it called libhybris, hybris sounds wrong somehow? Sounds like some deity might get upset :)12:20
sledgesidej: there is no such thing as libhybris-11 branch12:20
sledgesthere is hybris-11.012:20
idejthat's the one12:21
idejHybris is a solution that commits hybris, by allowing us to use bionic-based HW adaptations in glibc systems12:27
idejthat's my answer right there :)12:28
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idejso, i synced with repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.0 but breakfast uses version cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b. Can i somehow force breakfast to use cm-11.0?12:50
idejbecause that specific verison has no cm build for motog-falcon12:52
sledgesidej: does your local_manifests specify branch/tag for falcon device repo?12:53
idejso far .repo/local_manifests/ is completly empty13:02
sledgesidej: did you not follow section 14 of hadk pdf?13:04
idej That one? Where is Chapter 14, i am currently stuck in Chapter 5.213:07
sledgesidej: section 2.3 takes you to 1413:08
sledgessorry for jumpiness, that's being fixed13:08
idej..well actually not. Must have overseen that. Thanks for the hint13:11
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idejsledges: i created the local manifest and synced everything with revision="cm-11.0" (trying to use hybris-11.0). breakfast still tries to use cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b as default13:53
sledgesidej: so in your local_manifest now it says cm-11.0 ?14:01
idej<project path="device/motorola/falcon" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_falcon"14:05
idejrevision="cm-11.0" />14:05
idejsyncs fine as well14:05
sledgesidej: do you mind homing it under your github (pardon the pun)14:06
sledgesyou might need to mod bits here and there anyway14:06
sledgesidej: also for now, try lunch instead of breakfast14:07
sledgesit is more aosp-ish ;)14:07
sledges(as i learned recently)14:07
ideji would, but my understanding of github isn't quite extensive :/ But so far i've only synced and created the local manifest. Nothing relay to share14:13
sledgesidej: sure, i'm trying different angles to attack your problem ;)14:13
sledgesforget github for now, just try lunch ;)14:13
idejwhat's the exact parameter for lunch? lunch $DEVICE doesn't work :)14:14
sledgesand see the options14:14
sledgesshould be something aosp_falcon-userdebug14:14
sledgesor cm_falcon14:14
idejaosp_arm-eng is my option :)14:14
idejwhat should the name of the manifest be?14:15
sledgescertainly not arm:)14:15
sledgesit should say device name14:15
idejI've just named it falcon.xml14:16
sledgeshave you run repo sync14:16
sledgesafter adding local_manifest ?14:16
ideji have. and it synced what i have defined in the maifest14:16
sledgeshmmmp, then lunch should pick up something falcon-ish14:16
sledgeswhat's whole output of lunch, could you somewhere?14:16
idejbut after lunch, breakfast starting complaining about not beeing able to find device/motorola/msm8226-common/msm8226.mk14:19
idejso it did something14:19
sledgessudo apt-get install bsdmainutils14:19
sledgesbash: column: command not found <- was your problem14:19
sledgesjusa_: if you're around: :)14:20
idejnow there are some devices.. but no falcon14:21
sledgespls paste14:22
sledgesidej: ok, what about if you type breakfast only?14:23
idejfull ranged.. but i have synced before the manifest so i might have just downloaded everything14:23
sledges(without param14:23
idejno falcon either14:24
sledgesidej: run lunch falcon14:26
idejinvalid lunch combo14:26
idejbreakfast complains as well about missing device..14:26
ideji could try starting from scratch. But this time with the correct manifest14:27
sledgesmy mind's a toast today :p14:27
sledgesidej: you started ok, it's allowed to do repo init ... hybris-11.0; repo sync; then create local_manifests/falcon.xml and repo sync again14:27
sledgesidej: breakfast falcon says about fallback branches - have you set those14:28
sledgesas environment variable14:28
ideji have..14:28
idejstill tried to use the subversion one instead of cm-11.014:28
idejbut breakfast stopped working entierly14:29
idejurllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden might be the reason for the traceback14:29
idejuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/falcon/]]: "device/motorola/msm8226-common/" does not exist.  Stop.14:30
sledgesthat's progress14:31
sledgesadd that repo to your local_manifests/falcon.xml14:31
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idejwhich repo? I searched on github for "msm8226" but there are no repos. Shouldn't taht file be in the device repo anyway?14:36
idejtried that as well14:39
idejmagic ^14:40
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Nokius|mobilevgrade: thanks  for sharing the fairphone event i will stop ther let's see if the like communitys14:45
idejeverything vendor specific i need to pull from some other roms, right?14:46
idejso the /vendor tree?14:46
sledgesidej: don't need /vendor tree14:47
idej"vendor/motorola/msm8226-common/" does not exist.14:48
sledgesdamn then yes14:48
sledgesusually this should be avoidable14:48
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alinlbt: ping15:26
alinlbt: ok... can you help or comment on the gcc thing?15:34
alinlbt: seems to have built but does not look good to me15:35
lbtwhere is it ?15:37
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alinlbt: if you tell me how I can build all the packages will be fine... it seems now did only stage 115:57
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lbtthis isn't to replace gcc, just a fortran only build - take a look at the gcc-c++ package16:09
lbtso maybe remove all the languages except fortran ?16:09
alinlbt: fortran will need too many other things... gcc bits quadmath/omp16:11
alinand some other things16:11
alinso I do not know if it can be built so in isolation16:11
lbtthe more isolated the better - you'll need to do some packaging to just build the extras16:12
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lbtI mean package the extras16:12
alinlbt: this is the thing except libgfortran and gcc-fortran all the rest are already there16:13
lbtok - so your challenge is to only package the delta in this build16:13
alinwill mean to replace all the rest that overlaps16:13
lbtnope, that's the point16:13
lbtwe'll retain a stripped gcc in mer-core16:14
lbtand you can build a fuller gcc16:14
lbtbut you only package the fortran specific stuff16:14
alinlbt: stripped? I seen objectivec++16:14
lbtit doesn't matter what you build but it makes sense to not build objective c++16:14
lbtyep - probably either needed by something in mer-core or just a fast build16:15
alinlbt: anyhow regardless of what at the moment I am not able to build the gcc16:15
alinlbt: whatever it build at the moment is not what is expected16:16
alinand I have no idea why16:16
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jfredis it still the case that GPS on non-Jolla devices doesn't work due to proprietary bits?19:25
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mal-jfred: only standalone gps, non-assisted19:56
jfredoh sweet... still, even just standalone GPS is welcome19:57
jfredwonder if that's been rolled into any images yet19:58
* jfred should get off his ass and play with the HADK19:58
mal-I doubt it, for n5 it's available from a repo19:58
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jfredthink the same packages would work with n4?19:59
carepackthx to mal-: :-)19:59
mal-I'm planning to try to add assisted gps, I have some ideas to what is wrong in test_gps20:00
carepackhmm. My knowledge isn't enough to understand why the problem is in test_gps20:01
carepackThought test_gps ääähhh is only for testing purposes20:01
alinsledges: ping20:02
mal-carepack: if I understand there on command in the wrong place, I looked at the android gps code20:02
carepackah. understandable ;)20:02
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carepackso if it works in test_gps it will work somewhere too20:03
*** keithzg <keithzg!~keithzg@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:03
alinsledges: i reactivated the statefs things in common20:04
mal-carepack: yes, with some additional code to hybris provider20:04
jfredtakes *forever* to compile stuff on this old laptop20:04
carepackmal-: would be great!20:05
mal-we'll see what happens20:06
jfredoops... I just zypper dup'd my nexus 4 and now the scaling is all off :<20:19
jfredand rotation doesn't work... hrm20:21
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nh1402once both are working there should be an option to turn off assisted gps if you're running low on mobile data20:31
jfredwelp, now that I have two working devices I might as well give the HADK a try :)20:32
mal-nh1402: naturally20:32
nh1402at least someone agrees, Android doesn't have the feature20:33
jfredwouldn't that be more the job of the frontend rather than the geoclue provider?20:34
mal-I just found out a few days ago that I actually have an unlimited mobile data, they added that by default to all old subscriptions20:36
mal-a slow one but still20:36
jfredI've got 5GB of data for $30/month20:38
jfredcheapest GSM plan I could find20:38
mal-mine is 2 €/month20:38
jfredwhy is europe so much better at connectivity :<20:38
mal-finland has quite cheap mobile networking20:39
tathhumal-: kt/s? :p20:39
mal-tathhu: 256 kbit/s20:39
mal-slow but enough for irc etc20:40
jfredI only ever use my phone for messaging really, 256 kb/s would be more than enough for me20:40
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jusa_sledges: k..20:49
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alinmal-: you are finish too20:54
mal-alin: yes20:54
alinmal-: ok do not move to uk that is expensive like hell20:54
mal-although currently I don't live in Finland, just here for a vacation20:55
alinmal-: back .ro I have seen the cheapest internet20:55
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius21:04
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piggz_lo *21:05
nh1402well in 2017 I believe they're removing roaming charges, so european networks might start mingling into new countries21:06
maikoooljfred: it's not troughout all of europe ;)21:12
maikooolhere in the netherlands 5gb of data is 30-40 euros per month21:12
maikooolwithout a phone that is21:12
* Nokius learned yesterday that the price different in mobile plans (postpad) in germany is only the amount of GB :s21:14
maikooolhere also with some of the providers21:15
Nokiusand of coursce no phone / phone / 12month a phone21:15
maikooolfrom 3gb and up most plans come with 'unlimited' calling and texting21:15
jfredmaikoool: that's still fairly good compared to most US providers21:15
maikooolbut if you use 3gb a month, why would you even text21:15
Nokius1,5G 32€ wtf unlimited calling/SMS21:16
Nokius5€ more 3GB21:16
maikoooli must say that the 30 euro 5gb plan is on the nr.1 network here21:16
maikooolwhich means you have connectivty in every corner of the netherlands21:17
maikoool4g connectivity that is even ;)21:17
maikooolbut most providers will do you a deal, especially if you've been customer there for some time21:18
maikooolwhich will save you 10 euros, or get you a 'free' phone21:18
* jfred buys all his phones off ebay anyway21:19
maikoooljfred: is your 5gb usable in the whole country?21:19
maikooolthats not that bad a deal then21:20
jfredtrue, though I don't travel much so it doesn't matter as much to me21:20
maikooolkeeping in mind the netherlands is very small, so the investment costs are low for phone network providers21:20
maikooolwhich still makes it quite expensive21:20
jfredI'd gladly pay $10/month for service that only works in my state and the few surrounding it :P21:21
piggz_i know its just out ... but when will sfos get qt 5.5? i want qtlocation :)21:21
maikooolmost people here take a very small service and try to use wifi as much as possible21:21
jfredI just hope people at some point realize that there's nothing super special about voice/text that justifies carriers charging extra for it21:22
maikooolmost dsl/cable providers have free and hotspots for customers in the whole country, through other customers21:22
jfredit's all just data21:22
Nokiusalin: looks like sailorgram is getting usable soon21:22
piggz_maikoool: as i have no dsl/wifi ... im taking my 'unlimited' data plan, and hammering it ... even tho im not supposed to tether :)21:22
maikooolmwah, if they wouldn't maintain three networks everywhere, but only had one, that would obviously be much cheaper21:22
maikooolbut then you'd get the south park cable company scene everywhere ;)21:23
maikooolalso: why would they even disallow tethering21:23
maikoooldata is data, right?21:24
jfredeverything is data21:24
maikooollike if it matters if you watch that video on your pc via 4g via your phone, or directly on your phone21:24
jfredbut they want you to think more data is more special than others21:24
piggz_yeah, youd think ... but 'tething' is a £5/mo addon21:24
maikooolnow that's just retarded21:24
jfredit's usually more expensive than that here21:24
piggz_yeah...tethering in uk is very limited21:24
piggz_that 5/mo is for only 1gb .... my umlimited mobile data is £3/mo only .... handy that android apps can bypass the restriction21:25
maikoooli guess the speed isn't that great for 3 pounds a month21:26
piggz_the speed is whatever the network speed is, hsdpa or 4g ... fast enough21:26
piggz_atleast on tuesday i will get dsl again!!21:27
maikooolexcept for the tethering, thats a pretty good deal21:27
piggz_(just moved house)21:27
jfredenable ip_forwarding, use iptables masquerade... boom :P21:27
Nokiuswondering if pulling latest libhybris will break some achievements21:27
maikooolyeah, there are rules here preventing providers from charging extra for that kind of stuff21:28
maikooolthey tried that in the us IIRC, there it was called net neutrality21:28
maikooolbasically stating data = data here, and they're not allowed to block or charge extra for certain services21:29
maikooolis the dsl/cable there metered as well?21:29
jfredcable in my part of the US generally isn't metered21:32
maikooolshows the average download speeds per country/isp as measured by steam21:32
jfredthough I've heard if you use more than some unspecified amount you'll get a nasty letter21:32
maikooolthat's retarded21:32
*** ikozzz <ikozzz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
maikooolhm well here the 2 prominent and only cable providers just merged21:32
ikozzzHi there!21:32
maikooolunder the liberty global flag21:32
maikooolwhich as far as i can work out has nothing to do with liberty at all ;)21:33
jfredactually scratch that, comcast now has a set 300GB limit21:33
maikooolholy shit21:33
maikooolthat's just 20 repo sync's :P21:33
maikoool(initial that is)21:33
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)21:33
maikooolthat confirmed it for me, i'm never gonna move out of europe ;)21:33
jfredverizon reportedly has it capped at 10TB for fios, though it's not public info21:33
maikooolhm yeah i heard that data limits are pretty common21:34
maikooolwhich is a shame21:34
* jfred is still jealous of network connectivity in europe21:34
maikooolmove here21:35
maikooolunmetered 200/20 mbit ;)21:35
maikooolcomes with free television reception21:35
maikooolwhich is rubbish anyway21:35
maikooolnot because of the reception21:35
maikooolbut because of the content21:35
jfredhaha that sounds amazing21:37
jfredI'd move there in a heartbeat if it weren't for all the friends I have here21:37
maikooolthere's nothing else here though21:39
maikooolyou need that fast internet because otherwise you've got nothing else to do ;)21:39
maikooolok, thats not true21:39
maikooolbut anyway21:39
* maikoool never thought i'd learn about the world on irc ;)21:40
alinNokius: good I think I have all the packages done21:40
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)21:41
Nokiusalin: for what? bit lost21:41
alinNokius: sailorgram21:41
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:42
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:42
Nokiusah ok21:42
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:42
maikoool:O a working telegram client?21:42
maikooolThat's awesome21:42
alinNokius: we will see if works last time did not21:44
Nokiusalin: u can help with translations btw.21:44
alinNokius: translate in what? I speak only english21:44
alinNokius: ok .ro too but if they do not speak english bad luck21:45
alinNokius: and they want me to create an account oo21:46
alinNokius: what arses21:46
Nokiusalin: oky never mind :P21:46
alinNokius: and idiots too... federated with github... they say hello Alin and then they ask my name... who the fock designs software nowadays...21:47
alini think even a brain damaged person would manage better21:47
maikooolsee it as an opportunity to make up another fake internet alias ;)21:48
alinNokius: romanian is not on the list for sailorgram21:50
Nokiusalin: u can add it21:50
alinNokius: how?21:50
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: offline for now)21:50
Nokius Request language21:50
Nokiusupper right area21:50
Nokiusnot sure if u can work then or have to wait till the projec owner is allowing the language21:51
alinNokius: yap they need to approve it21:51
Nokiusone Romanian is enough isn't it?21:53
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
alinNokius: what do you mean/21:54
alinNokius: sailorgram is built in my extra if you want to try21:54
Nokiusalin: u request two language21:56
alinNokius: how can?21:56
Nokiussome did the same for German :S21:56
NokiusThe user Alin requested the language Romanian (Romania) for the project SailorGram.21:56
Nokius0 minutes ago21:56
NokiusThe user Alin requested the language Romanian for the project SailorGram.21:56
Nokius3 minutes ago21:56
Nokiusikozzz: o/21:57
alinNokius: strange21:57
Nokiusalin: may a feature haha21:57
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])21:58
alinNokius: seems to be still the same old one21:58
ikozzzlooking at translations for SailorGram21:58
Nokiusikozzz: your email adress on the link form github is broken :(21:58
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)21:59
alinNokius: no commit in the last two weeks21:59
ikozzzi'll check21:59
alinNokius: yes cause I forked21:59
*** Sequenced <Sequenced!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:59
Nokiusalin: last commit 6h ago22:00
alinNokius: yes I needed to fork it to fix a lot of packaging merdre22:01
alinNokius: I created a pr now let us see22:01
alinin general people do not like others improving their work22:01
alindo you know if I can pull in a fork repo?22:02
Nokiusalin: add upstream and fetch upstream and merge this22:05
Nokiusgit remote add upstream <repo>22:06
Nokiusgit fetch upstream22:06
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)22:07
Nokiusgit merge upstream/<branch>22:07
Nokiusas fare as I know22:07
alinNokius: done22:09
alinnow builds22:09
alincurious if one can setup an account now22:09
Nokiuslet's see22:09
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)22:17
Nokiusalin: the repo from sledges for gstreamer is upto date? it is working with libdroidmedia?22:19
alinNokius: nope use the common not that one22:20
alinNokius: that one shall be deleted22:20
alinNokius: what are you trying to do?22:21
Nokiusnew build 1.1.622:21
Nokiuswhich repo? can u provide url to hack ks22:21
Nokiusalin: ?22:25
alinNokius: why do you want new build?22:26
alinNokius: you can use the ks from the last alpha22:27
Nokiusalin: I ussed this
Nokiusalin: I have no 1.1.6 build and I will add GPS it's working on the find522:28
Nokius looks updated22:29
alinNokius: as far as I know shall not be used22:32
alinNokius: just rebuild22:32
alinuse the common is safer22:33
alinNokius: have a look at my .ks for n5 alpha1222:33
Nokiusalin: common ?22:33
alinNokius: nemo:devel:common22:33
alinNokius: gst-droid is mw stuff22:34
alinNokius: you need to build it22:34
alinNokius: you may need droidmedia-devel22:34
alinNokius: for that I can give you my spec to create a rpm22:34
* Nokius has pattern Waring and failing builds 22:36
ikozzzNokius: good to go)22:39
Nokiusalin: so no obs build :(22:42
alinNokius: nope you need dhd22:43
Nokiusmay I should try it22:45
Nokiusoky looks like i should get some sleep now22:48
Nokiusand try to fix it tomorrow22:48
Nokiusalin: thanks for the help22:49
* Nokius gn822:49
Nokiusalin: is it working?22:50
alinNokius: I will be on plane tomorrow22:52
alinI am back next wednesday22:52
*** ikozzz <ikozzz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:54
Nokiusalin: ok I have late shift next week so may we weill meet up23:01
Nokiusalin: have safe trip23:02
alinNokius: thanks23:03
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:35
*** glasserc <glasserc!~ethan@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)23:48
*** glasserc <glasserc!~ethan@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:48

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