Wednesday, 2015-07-22

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locusfgood morning06:41
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Nokiussledges: i will take a look tonight07:18
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:31
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dr_gogeta86mal-, are you using cm12 ?08:42
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mal-dr_gogeta86: not yet, still waiting for the next release so it should be easier to build08:43
dr_gogeta86you say the new toolchain ?09:01
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mal-dr_gogeta86: yes09:17
gabriel9mal-, new release of sailfish?09:17
mal-yes, that should match the dependencies of the middleware09:18
gabriel9Should Sailfish 2.0 be released in this month?09:20
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gabriel9Maybe i missread it somewhere...09:21
nh1402The sailfish 2.0 video said in a few weeks time.09:25
nh1402in early access of course.09:25
nh1402in my book "few weeks" means 3 weeks, not sure if others think the same way. But that does mean August09:29
gabriel9I think you are right about 'few weeks'09:35
gabriel9Does development for sailfish works on Nexus 5?09:35
gabriel9My Sailfish installation does not work because i use CM12 :/09:36
sledgesgabriel9: did you read my answer/question to you in channel logs?09:36
gabriel9sledges: sorry i did not see them09:38
gabriel9I disabled logging on local machine for IRC(problems with disk)09:38
sledgesgabriel9: this channel is logged09:38
sledgescheck topic09:38
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gabriel9Ah i see it now :)09:40
gabriel9So it should work.09:40
gabriel9I installed CM, then MultiRom Then used Advanced options to install Sailfish09:40
gabriel9Tried 2 times. No errors, but it hangs at Google logo09:41
sledgesgabriel9: what is your primary rom?09:41
sledgeswhich version did you provide in combination to when installing secondary rom?09:41
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sledgessf doesn't run on top of cm1209:43
sledgesyou can have you primary rom anything you want09:43
sledgesbut you have to give sf-compatible cm in multirom as secondary installation09:43
sledgesyour primary rom will be unaffected09:43
gabriel9Ahaaa, i was thinking this will affect my primary rom09:43
gabriel9And i used same version.09:43
sledgesnope, multirom works that way09:43
sledgesand sailfish needs cm1109:44
gabriel9It is confusing, but makes sense.09:44
gabriel9Also, this is my first Android phone :D, so everything is new to me.09:45
gabriel9Nokia 5100 -> Nokia N9 -> Jolla and now Nexus509:45
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sledgesand sailfish on it :))09:46
sledgeswelcome aboard then:)09:47
gabriel9Thanks :)09:47
gabriel9On this video i read: Take a look at Sailfish OS 2.0 and the latest design from Jolla on LG Google Nexus 5. This is only a preview. Final images will be available soon!09:47
gabriel9Is this official port, or you guys are working on it?09:48
gabriel9That part about 'Final images will be available soon!' images are ROM's?09:48
sledgesit's community's effort, but sailors help if porters submit logs for not working hw bits09:49
sledgesjust like any other port09:49
sledgessailfish 2.0 will be available with all ports09:50
sledgesjust like any other sailfish update09:50
sledgesit's the UX that goes 2.009:51
gabriel9And maybe dev tools will be updated also(out of beta version)09:52
nh1402sledges: will it be available as a OTA update?, or is it too big of an update.09:52
sledgesdev tools?09:52
sledgesnh1402: nexus5 doesn't support reliable OTA09:52
gabriel9QtCreator and components09:52
sledgesgabriel9: sdk will add new device support - jolla tablet. are you not happy with tools ? ;)09:53
gabriel9I need tab component :D09:53
gabriel9for silica09:53
sledges-> #sailfishos ;)09:54
gabriel9I am there :)09:54
sledgesdesign is kept under control, to prevent fragmentation/maintenance headache - scaling across form factors is involved process09:54
sledgeshence limited set of controls - finnish minimalism;)09:55
sledgesbut i smell a flame, so let's not go there:))09:55
gabriel9But, but tabs are minimal :D09:55
sledges15 tabs?09:55
gabriel9OK, back to work. Thanks for explanation sledges, when i get home i will try to install Sailfish again with correct CM ROM :)09:58
sledgeshave fun09:58
gabriel9ofc, all is fun when i sit at my PC :D09:58
gabriel9And stil i cant belive people pay me to sit at PC and do some stuff :)09:59
* carepack deadlocks, semaphore, tsl and so on....10:42
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maikooolhas anyone done a successful aosp5 build yet?11:25
mal-maikoool: any progress with your porting?11:27
maikooolnot really11:27
maikoooli was busy trying to make a new port for z3, cause thats my new phone11:28
maikooolbut it's aosp5 only11:28
maikooolalso i've filled up all my diskspace w11:29
maikooolthat's not helping11:29
mal-maikoool: could you recheck for the device with oom problem the of qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin for DEFINES += QCOM_BSP?11:30
maikooolit does11:31
mal-hmm, your problem is really strange, I think the similar problem went away on my device when I got QCOM_BSP correctly used11:33
maikooolsetting QCOM_BSP and recompiling the modules has gotten me this far11:34
maikooolthe display wouldnt do anything without it11:34
maikooolyour device uses BSP too?11:34
maikooolyours running 1.1.6 as well?11:35
maikoooli still want to give cm12 a try on it11:38
maikooolcm12 seems to have refactored the display caf repositories quite a lot11:39
maikooolmaybe there's a fix in there somewhere11:39
mal-maikoool: quite odd, I don't see BSP on 12.1 boardconfigs for your device, I've seen similar for some devices11:43
maikooolno not on 12.111:44
maikooolbut on 11.011:44
maikooolit's there11:44
mal-looks like 12.1 is not using caf anymore11:44
sledgesanyone who could test something for me with nexus5 ?11:44
maikooolmal-: but the display-caf repo is still in manifest:
maikooolthere was only one display-caf repo11:45
maikooolnow there is one per board it seems11:45
maikoooland the repo it now uses has recieved a lot of commits since 11.011:45
mal-maikoool: maybe it defaults to caf now11:45
maikooolso that's why i wanted to try cm1211:46
mal-but the manifest always contains unused repos11:46
situsledges: I am busy, may be when I get back home.11:46
maikooolmy device is a msm8960 though11:46
maikooolwhat's that mal-?11:48
maikooolyou've got any idea?11:48
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maikoool(i just found that by complete coincidence)11:48
maikoooli recognise the top three modules11:48
maikooolmemtrack -> oom killer -> seems relevant?11:48
mal-but that's for 12.111:48
maikooolcommit is also in a PR between cm10 and cm1111:49
maikooolit's there too for cm1111:50
maikooolcould that be the last piece of the puzzle?11:50
maikoooljust make memtrack.msm8960 and copying the outputted files to /system/lib/?11:50
mal-that should be on your device already11:51
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mal-unless there is some incompatible versions of those libraries11:52
maikooolbut why would that one be ok, but hwcomposer and gralloc not?11:52
maikoooli needed to manually make hwcomposer, gralloc and copybit and copy them11:52
maikooolthey are also in that list11:53
mal-maikoool: from what date is the prebuilt cm11 you use on the device?11:53
maikooolso why are those not on the device already?11:53
mal-I only needed to replace hwcomposer11:53
maikooolbuilt it myself11:53
maikooolthere's later version out11:53
mal-maikoool: those are part of cm always, we just need to fix hwcomposer because of the bugs11:54
maikooolhm last cm is from cm-11-20150712-NIGHTLY-huashan.zip11:54
maikoooli'll flash that, see if that helpt11:54
maikoooljust in case11:54
mal-but rebuilding just one might sometimes break if there is some significant changes to some of those11:54
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sledgessitu: ok thanks12:02
mal-maikoool: after you flash the new cm11 remember to replace the hwcomposer library12:12
carepackI'm actually playing around with aosp and the mako kernel. I'm on this tree atm:12:21
carepackkernel compiling is producing compiling errors. Some others around who doin first steps on this already?12:22
carepackwill create a pastie with concrete error messages12:23
maikooolmal-: the library and all the .so files mentioned in buildlog with Install target right?12:23
maikooolso not only hw/hwcomposer.msm8960.so12:26
dr_gogeta86sledges, back to a year a go12:26
dr_gogeta86ERROR: MSMFB_MIXER_INFO12:26
dr_gogeta86E/overlay (  848): ERROR: MSMFB_MIXER_INFO ioctl failed12:26
mal-maikoool: normally  hw/ should be enough12:26
sledgesdr_gogeta86: what?12:26
dr_gogeta86huawei g525/c8813q12:27
dr_gogeta86you need the chipset ?12:27
sledgescommand line?12:28
sledgesi mean12:29
sledgeswhen do you get this:12:29
sledges15:26 < dr_gogeta86> E/overlay (  848): ERROR: MSMFB_MIXER_INFO ioctl failed12:29
dr_gogeta86also test_hwcomposer do the same12:31
carepackthe pastie:
sledgesdr_gogeta86: surfaceflinger?12:37
sledgescarepack: did you modify defconfig in any way already?12:38
dr_gogeta86i dunno12:43
locusfdr_gogeta86: minimer?12:46
locusfdr_gogeta86: try eglfs12:47
carepackno. It's untouched12:47
dr_gogeta86i didn't remember how to do it12:47
sledgescarepack: then your kernel tree is broken. perform these: cd to_where_your_kernel_source_is; ctags -R; (longwait); vim arch/arm/mach-msm/lge/mako/board-mako-misc.c; (navigate to line 394, position cursor under dvdd_power); (press Ctrl+] )12:51
locusfdr_gogeta86: just install it, its a qt qpa plugin12:57
maikoooloh btw, mal-: does your custom boot img (with the recovery built in) use the cyanogenmod way?:
maikooolwould be nice to make hybris buildsystem understand this convention if not already done13:02
dr_gogeta86locusf, done13:05
dr_gogeta86now the cmdline13:06
locusfdr_gogeta86: just change platform=hwcomposer platform=eglfs in compositor config13:08
mal-maikoool: something like that13:11
mal-maikoool: I just included a modified version of that kind of script to hybris makefile to be built only on sony devices13:15
mal-the code is not very clean yet13:15
mal-especially because the recovery image that gets built with hybris is missing some files13:16
maikoooli temporarily have a script that extracts bootimage from .zip, unpacks the bootimage, and repackages it with the special sony mkbootimg tool, then adds that to zip13:17
maikooolwhich is obviously not a good solution13:17
maikoooland i'd rather use twrp than the cm recovery13:17
maikooolmostly because i have all my backups in twrp format13:18
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carepacksledges: like with non present mako_defconfig before you provided it's the same behaviour now. I have only board-8960.c13:49
sledgescarepack: error says arch/arm/mach-msm/lge/mako/board-mako-misc.c , from the source that you are compiling13:50
sledgesmeans file is there, where you build your kernel13:50
dr_gogeta86sledges, locusf i dunno how we got ui running13:55
locusfdr_gogeta86: but you did get it working earlier?13:55
dr_gogeta86this time is cm11 base13:55
dr_gogeta86now is time to fix touchscreen13:56
locusfuse getevent for that13:56
locusfto find the correct device13:56
dr_gogeta86is not spot on13:56
locusfuse rotate, if necessary13:56
dr_gogeta86touch event aren't in right place13:56
dr_gogeta86i think is ok13:56
locusfyeah, happened in p311013:57
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dr_gogeta86locusf, also via vnc14:11
dr_gogeta86same problem14:11
carepacksledges: tag not found14:20
sledgescarepack: then you need to backtrack with your kernel version14:20
sledgescarepack: see where that line got introduced via git blame and backtrack to nearest tag before that14:24
carepackok. found this:
dr_gogeta86why pulseaudio doesn't see any mixer ?14:34
dr_gogeta86possible hint ?14:34
sledgescarepack: this doesn't show where the line that error happens got introduced14:42
dr_gogeta86locusf, sledges this time test_glesv2 works like sharm14:43
carepacksledges: right. Now it does:
sledgescarepack: nope14:44
sledgeslook back at your error14:44
carepackyes. reminded a wrong line14:45
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locusfdr_gogeta86: good14:58
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idejafter painstaking usb debuging i found the reason why network via usb was not working15:19
idejthe init-script initialised usb0 and rndis0. Both were up and i suppose created a network conflict. So arping was working but nothing else15:20
mal-idej: ok, that is known to happen sometimes15:21
idej... is there a wiki for those things? Might have saved me a couple of hours :)15:21
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mal-idej: seems that the faq is missing that one15:23
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idejtheres a faq? the one in hadk?15:25
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mal-idej: in the topic
maikooolmal-: flashing latest cm11 didnt have any effect15:26
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mal-idej: which one did you comment out?15:28
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mal-idej: I think in the previous case the usb0 was removed15:35
sledgesidej: good job! so unluckily your device has both..15:35
sledgesone more (possibly un)related bit:
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mal-sledges: maybe we should add a check to the init-script so it only attempts to use rndis0 if usb0 fails?15:49
idejmal-, sledges: in my case i had to comment usb0 out15:49
mal-hmm, then my solution would not work15:50
mal-unless we change the order of those15:50
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idejor give them different ips?15:56
mal-that would make life more difficult for users15:56
sledgeswhy are there 2 for falcon?16:01
sledgesare there two also in its cwm/twrp?16:01
sledgesand cm itself16:02
sledges(netcfg would show)16:02
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carepacksledges: can you explain me what the goal (of course resolving errors) is of this insoection. Do we want to go back to something?16:25
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carepackor ontacting the author?16:29
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shmerlCan anyone recommend a good case for Nexus 5 that would make using sideways swipes (from the edge) comfortable? Many cases aren't suitable for that, and Sailfish relies on them quite a lot.16:31
sledgescarepack: Ctrl+] over anx7808_platform_data still no tag found?16:32
sledgeshi shmerl , good point!16:32
sledgessamsung galaxy edge case?:))16:32
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shmerlsledges: I was thinking some notebook style one, but it's already big enough as is and would be bulky to hold.16:34
shmerlsledges: Do you use any casing, or just use it as is?16:34
carepacksledges: ahhh. cool. ctags are powerful!!! tag found -> slimport_device.h16:34
sledgesshmerl: im using jolla as daily ride, still no case16:35
sledgesjust swap covers when in a garage:)16:35
shmerlNexus 5 doesn't look as sturdy. More like weak plastic. A far cry from aluminum N950.16:36
shmerlI.e. one drop - and it will be gone ;)16:37
sledgescarepack: what does the struct say?16:37
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shmerlsledges: I posted some points in the kernel about continuous splash btw, but my IRC disconnected. Did you see those?16:39
carepacksledges: ? The line struct line? struct anx7808_platform_data16:40
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sledgesshmerl: yes, just take the olunge and try yourself16:42
shmerlOK :)16:43
shmerlAre there some instructions for building that kernel?16:43
sledgeshadk pdf16:44
sledgeswhen you reach make hybris-hal, just do make hybris-boot instead16:44
sledgesuse hybris-11.0 manifest in repo sync16:45
sledgesfinal bit will be to try your new kernel with fastboot boot hybris-boot.img16:45
shmerlsledges: I wrote it down :)16:47
sledgeswith ink?:)16:52
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:52
shmerlNah, in my Kolab notes ;)16:59
locusfkolab sounds cool17:02
locusffree software and all17:02
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mad_fittersledges: sailiors got most of the problem sorted out with mms :)17:12
sledgeshow's that?:)17:16
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mad_fittersledges: had to use an actual IP in place of the written mms proxy. Now sending is solved, but still a small bug with recieving17:30
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sledgesmad_fitter: how did you figure that ooi?17:38
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shmerllocusf: I'm using Kolabnow - pretty decent service.17:42
shmerlbtw, did anyone try building openconnect VPN client for Sailfish?17:44
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sledgesshmerl: search on build.merproject.org17:46
shmerlHm, it appears in mer-core:
shmerlBut it's veeery old.17:48
shmerlCurrent one is 7.06.17:48
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shmerlopenconnect happens to work with juniper VPN (with various level of success), but only in 7.05 and higher. So having a new one in Mer can be useful.17:52
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mad_fittersledges: got an email from a sailor this morning :)18:16
sledgesshmerl: inspect _service file , will point you to git repo18:16
sledgessee what's in devel18:16
sledgesmad_fitter: awesome!18:17
mad_fittersledges: indeed. But now we have to figure out a bug with recieving. It downloads the attachment fine and automatically,  but I cant view the picture. Just comes up as a paperclip icon.18:18
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dr_gogeta86for the huawei series ...18:31
dr_gogeta86hwcomposer not works ...18:31
dr_gogeta86run test_glesv2 ... works18:31
dr_gogeta86minimer with hwcomporser works like a sharm18:31
dr_gogeta86and also apps ... but not lipstick18:32
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idejshould i be worried because of these warnings?:
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Ford_Prefect(unlikely, afaik)18:46
sledgesmad_fitter: can you locate the attachment on the rootfs somehow? does it receive text/formatting/whatever else mms can have?18:47
sledgesidej: they might pop even in cm18:48
mad_fittersledges: picture and video mostly. I'll dig around and see what I can find.18:48
idejwell.. warnings seem to exist since 2008 and i hade one or two in cwmr as well18:48
sledgesdr_gogeta86: root vs user?18:48
dr_gogeta86as root obcourse18:49
dr_gogeta86if i use nemo user session begin lipstick starts ... something goes wrong and device reboots18:49
dr_gogeta86any hint18:50
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dr_gogeta86sledges, but the error is the same18:57
dr_gogeta86QPA-HWC: There can only be one window, someone tried to create more.18:57
dr_gogeta86i've seen this also in logs18:57
dr_gogeta86about one year ago on exynos18:57
dr_gogeta86but this one is a qcom18:57
dr_gogeta86for reference18:59
idejokay, i managed to boot the Device till the ssh daemon becomes available... waht is the username for nemo?19:03
idejor root19:03
dr_gogeta86password is set on first boot19:04
dr_gogeta86btw you got a telnet backdoor on 232319:04
dr_gogeta86use it to reset nemo19:04
dr_gogeta86and root password19:04
idejconnection denied for telnet (and the screen is still dead)19:05
dr_gogeta86screen can be dead due not working hwcomposer ...19:06
dr_gogeta86did you tried 23 and 2323 ?19:07
idejor can i set the password within a debug session?  i just bootet straight up and i figured it is easyer to fix screen issues with the rest working or should i fix this first?19:08
dr_gogeta86you need to19:15
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sledgesidej: passwd nemo in telnet19:22
sledgesroot login disabled for ssh / root has no password19:22
idejdid that.. trying to fix the screen first then :)19:22
sledgesdr_gogeta86: try qtcomposer iirc19:23
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idejare there any repositories available for zypper or do i need to use the local one as described in hadk?19:27
sledgesidej: what are you afer?19:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
idejand some editor which is no vi19:27
sledgesidej: ssu lr shows available19:30
sledgeszypper se strace19:30
idejso i could technicaly use on the device?19:31
idejeven though the certificate seems to be invalid for https://download.jollamobile.com19:33
idejahh. no i am living in the past19:33
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ideji am getting a plain EGLFS: Failed to open /dev/fb0 error19:46
idejand there is no fb019:46
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shmerlDid anyone try running some JRE / JDK on Sailfish btw? May be Debian one for armhf?19:51
shmerlWith ActiveSync missing on Nexus 5, Davmail can be a workaround (it has some server mode), but it requires the Java mess.19:52
carepackis the exchange client in the jolla store not an active sync client?19:57
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mal-sledges: yay, camera button is working :)20:04
shmerlcarepack: I was told it's not available on non Jolla devices. I can't check - the store is broken on Nexus 5 currently.20:05
mal-some small bug still, it repeats the keypress when holding the button too long20:06
sledgessalvo mode!20:06
mal-in this case too long is a very short time20:07
mal-but it seems that the half pressing focus in not going to be possible, the keycode is not accepted by kmap2qmap20:08
shmerlcarepack: Did you manage to run it on non Jolla installations somehow?20:08
idejcan anyone enlighten me about that sentence?     "if #ifdef says QCOM_HARDWARE, substitute QCOM_BSP below with that one". Just substitute? what below?20:09
dr_gogeta86sledges, how ?20:11
mal-idej: most likely you don't have to care about that20:14
mal-idej: in some very rare cases the libhardware gralloc.h contains QCOM_HARDWARE instead of QCOM_BSP and in that case line 37 in faq should be #define QCOM_HARDWARE 1\20:16
idejwas not the case.. but i am trying recmpliling qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin with DEFINES += QCOM_BSP added20:17
idejbut i suppose that won't help when the actual device is not there.20:18
idejNow when i think about what qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin actually does20:18
dr_gogeta86good night20:18
mal-idej: device is not there?20:18
sledgesdr_gogeta86: /usr/lib/qt5/examples/qtwayland/qml-compositor/20:19
sledges./qml-compositor -platform hwcomposer20:19
sledgesqmlscene -platform wayland20:19
sledges(^ qmlscene with the rest of params from minimer)20:20
idejmal-, no /dev/fb devices at all20:20
idejnor /dev/graphics20:20
mal-idej: which device do you have?20:20
idejfalcon (aka Motorola Moto G, 2013 version)20:21
idejqcom-adreno305 as gpu chipset20:22
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Nokiusgood news for mad_fitter :D Nice thanks Sailor!20:43
Nokiussledges: sorry I'm to tired to patch things to night20:45
mal-if any one wants to try the hardware camera button support for cameraplus the package can be found at
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:50
mal-to make that work the droid.qmap has to replaced with a version containing something like this in the kmap file "keycode 212 = Camera"20:51
Nokiusmal-: :( have no camkey20:51
mal-not sure how many recent devices have that20:51
mal-most likely not many20:51
Nokiusmal-: Sony is doing it but the rest dropped the idea20:52
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* Nokius gn820:58
sledgesrest well Nokius :)21:00
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mad_fittersledges: Nokius: No need to reply tonight. Just wanted to let you know that I sent logs and screenshots off to the sailors to investigate this new mms bug. When you are awake, let me know if either of you would like more info. I'll happily supply you with it :) Rest well.22:52
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