Thursday, 2015-07-23

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gabriel9|worki installed sailfish on N5 and it works so nice :)08:39
gabriel9|workIt works better then on my jolla :(08:39
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gabriel9|workShould i try OTA update? :)09:16
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alinsledges: ping09:58
alinsledges: back... shall we try again?09:58
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maikooolsh-3.2# droid-hal-init > Segmentation fault10:50
maikooolis there a way to debug this?10:50
maikoooland see on which line it's failing?10:50
alinmaikoool: gdb it10:50
alinstrace it10:50
maikooolshould i get gdb to print me a bt?10:51
maikooolor do i need to use another gdb function10:52
alinmaikoool: just a bt at the end10:52
alinok run it throught it10:52
maikooolnot very helpful, gdb10:54
maikoooljust prints out some memory addresses10:54
alinmaikoool: no symbols10:54
alinmaybe more luck10:54
maikooolit's unable to execute any line in this style11:00
maikoooleg: default.prop and build.prop11:00
maikooolit seems11:00
maikooolthat's odd11:00
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Ford_PrefectThere's way to get symbols with gdb11:08
Ford_PrefectAt least for android, it's something like this11:09
Ford_Prefectset solib-absolute-prefix out/target/product/aries/symbols11:09
Ford_Prefectset solib-search-path out/target/product/aries/symbols/system/lib:out/target/product/aries/symbols/system/bin (add any other directories with object files there)11:10
maikooolhey, you're building for the z3c :P11:10
maikooolyou've got your repos on github?11:11
Ford_PrefectThis is the firefox os build11:11
maikooolah cool11:11
maikooolbased on aosp5?11:11
Ford_PrefectThey have both11:11
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dr_gogeta86sledges, tried qtwayland ... but i've tried run something but nothing ...11:20
idejanyone any ideas why i could miss the framebuffer in /dev? i compared the dmesg for my build and a working one. Might have something to do with this L 312 ( )? Where there any changes for hybris-hal compared to hybris-hal in that area?11:28
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mal-idej: my guess is log lines 313-33411:41
idejmal-, i thought l312 might have caused that11:42
idejothers roms don't have that error11:42
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mal-idej: missed that one, could be11:43
maikooolmal-: does the fence leak normally cause W/Adreno-ES20( 2685): <gl2_surface_swap:43>: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY in logcat?11:43
maikoooland is this normal?: E/qdhwcomposer( 2656): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL11:44
mal-"isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL" is normal, that hasn't been fixed because it doesn't cause problems11:45
maikooolk so that's np11:45
mal-I don't know much about the fence leak11:45
maikooolany idea what vmalloc=400M does?11:47
maikooolin cmdline?11:47
maikoool400M is quite much imo, since device has 1gb (800 usable)11:47
mal-no idea what that does11:48
sledgesdr_gogeta86: if you ran qml-compositor correctly, it should've given you the same error as lipstick12:01
sledgesas you're now down to a compositing error, since minimer or stand-alone apps work12:01
sledgesidej: do other roms have /dev/fb just to be sure?12:04
sledgesmaikoool: fence leak exposes itself by all graphics running fine, then apps start crashing, eventually the whole lipstick12:04
sledgesmaikoool: you can find fence leaks by ls /proc/$(pidof lipstick)/fd/ | wc -l12:05
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sledgesalin: pong12:05
idejsledges, is called /dev/graphics/fb01, but they have it12:11
sledgesidej: ok, since you see warning during kernel early dmesg, i suggest backtracking some config flags you introduced, and see which of them caused that warning12:12
idejmostly what the kernel-checker has introduced.. so revert them and see when the device disapears?12:13
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sledgesidej: another possibility is that kernel tries to read a property when userland is already available - check kernel src code for that error12:26
sledgeswhich would be a ridiculous way to develop a kernel12:27
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mal-sledges: I've been thinking about the hardware keyboard usage and there is an inconvenience with that, for android there is a Sym which would bring up a symbol virtual keyboard but I doubt that there is possibility to make similar thing happen in sailfish, unless it would be somehow possible to enable virtual keyboard when that button is pressed12:47
mal-since the hardware keyboard itself has very limited layout when it comes to symbols or other special characters12:48
sledgesmal-: so it would bring maybe a special symbol keyboard layout only?12:51
mal-that would be preferable but normal would be ok too12:52
sledgesmal-: you know whom to ask :P12:53
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mal-not sure which would handle that since the virtual keyboard hiding will be automatic13:05
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dr_gogeta86phone reboots ... need to get logs13:36
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sledgesalin: review appreciated:
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alinsledges: done15:55
sledgesalin: do we have sailfish-weather in sfa-mer ?16:00
alinsledges: yes16:00
alinsledges: double check it but yes16:00
sledgesgrep weath * -R16:04
sledgesreturns nothing16:04
alinsledges: where do you grep?16:04
alinsledges: has to be there as we put it on the image16:04
sledgessfa-mer]$ grep weath * -R16:05
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alinsledges: ok because probably I never pushed it16:15
alinsledges: appeared before alpha1216:15
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dr_gogeta86a driver looking for a firmware16:32
dr_gogeta86but where ?16:32
dr_gogeta86Nokius_, ?16:32
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mal-odd, my custom hardware keyboard layout is not working correctly in fingerterm, in other programs it works fine, alt-modified input is not shown at all17:08
mal-remapping alt to be altgr and changing modifier definition to match that seems to fix that17:14
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dwangoACI regret to say that when my wife's phone broke and I put her on SailfishOS on the Nexus 4 she didn't handle it well, citing buggy browser behavior with video playback and lack of Android apps...  I'm still holding out hope for a release I can pay for with Android support17:30
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johnyz89Hi all. Is there a special proceduer to build sailfish image for MultiRom ? When i installl my normal image as primary everything works ok, but when i install it as secondary room and pick it in rom select it loads rom and then just reboots.18:08
dr_gogeta86i've got many questions18:28
mal-johnyz89: it should work, which device?18:30
johnyz89galaxy note 2 (n7100)18:32
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mal-johnyz89: how does that port work otherwise? it's not listed on adaptations table18:37
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johnyz89ive never made an effort to put info there, but its hardware is like i9300, so it just works. I've built my own image from HADK and it works when i install it as primary rom (with some bugs, but works).18:45
johnyz89Maybe the problem is with mulirom, latest version for n7100 is v2918:48
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mal-maybe someone with more knowledge of multirom can help18:52
johnyz89ok, just wanted to know if there is special procedure to build rom, but ill try to find out whats going on18:55
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dr_gogeta86hi piggz19:15
dr_gogeta86anyone got this19:15
dr_gogeta86QPA-HWC: There can only be one window, someone tried to create more19:15
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mal-dr_gogeta86: what were you doing when that happened?19:20
dr_gogeta86any program19:22
dr_gogeta86only qmlscene an qtwayland works19:22
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alinsledges: ping19:25
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dr_gogeta86hi alin19:29
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piggzlo dr_gogeta8620:20
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dr_gogeta86in audio and video madnes20:21
dr_gogeta86now phone show just first frame20:21
dr_gogeta86after get a strange error about many windows20:21
dr_gogeta86how did you create .pa policy for ACE ?20:22
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: only first frame error is described in faq21:09
sledgestry this first:
sledgesif fails then line 43 in
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sledgesdwangoAC: buy her a nexus5 ;)21:22
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Nokiusdr_gogeta86:  ? pong22:01
* Nokius gn822:18
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dwangoACsledges: The Nexus 5 is what she killed, unfortunately22:48
dwangoACsledges: I bought her a Nexus 6 using Bitcoin22:49
dwangoACsledges: If I can get this Nexus 5 back up and running I may very well try SailfishOS on it, however - it seems like the Nexus 5 has received more attention as of late22:49
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