Tuesday, 2015-07-28

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Sagesledges: well that user/account disussion is something we need to revisit soon but currently not sure how it should be done03:11
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stephg\o/ broken washing machine keeps tripping the power06:48
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:40
dr_gogeta86locusf, huawei is on07:40
dr_gogeta86with apps07:40
locusfdr_gogeta86: yeah I noticed :)07:41
locusfdr_gogeta86: good job07:41
dr_gogeta86tnx to mal- nokius sledges and all the crew07:44
dr_gogeta86you know nemo better then me07:45
dr_gogeta86but why mce hookup touchscreen ?07:45
dr_gogeta86I think introduce some bugs and worning07:45
dr_gogeta86while i launch lipstick07:45
dr_gogeta86says evdev already used for input0 ( touchscreen device )07:46
dr_gogeta86today I wanna deal this crap07:46
sledgesdr_gogeta86: lsof | grep input007:46
dr_gogeta86hi sledges07:48
dr_gogeta86time to pay for pebbled and I'm back07:53
dr_gogeta86here we go07:55
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faenilsledges: hahah :)08:12
faenil(re friday's song)08:12
sledgesfaenil: congrats on engagement! well done man!08:16
dr_gogeta86congrats faenil08:17
locusffaenil: congrats!08:17
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stephgooh congrats faenil really must do those beers one day08:53
stephgnow that you're settled08:53
dr_gogeta86sledges, http://pastebin.com/TBpc3mSY09:05
mal-dr_gogeta86: how big is the precision problem with touchscreen?09:07
dr_gogeta86you need two fingers09:10
dr_gogeta86one touch somewhere else09:10
dr_gogeta86and one for real point09:10
dr_gogeta86but gestures are pretty precise like pinch09:11
mal-very strange09:13
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mal-dr_gogeta86: what does evdev_trace -t say for the touchscreen device when you press it the first time?09:14
mal-it should show any events09:14
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sledgesmaikoool: did you solve your compositor filling up memory problem?09:19
sledges(forgot which device that was)09:19
dr_gogeta86sledges, i've fixed with older libhybris and qcom_bsp09:21
mal-sledges: just a though, did maikoool also have QCOM_BSP, maybe he has some libhybris problem also, a little different but still could be09:21
mal-maybe trying older libhybris would be a good idea09:22
dr_gogeta86mal-, in the middle of the screen09:24
sledgesthanks  guys09:27
mal-dr_gogeta86: that BTN_TOUCH look odd09:29
dr_gogeta86i've got also button on touchscreen surface09:29
dr_gogeta86android odds09:29
dr_gogeta86seems like09:30
dr_gogeta86command twice09:30
dr_gogeta86one with button09:30
dr_gogeta86one without09:30
dr_gogeta86here is more cleaneer09:30
mal-dr_gogeta86: what happens in that, you press the screen once?09:31
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faenilsledges: are you kidding me?09:33
faenilor were you ironic? :D09:33
dr_gogeta86faenil, the baremetall provider for openstack :-D09:35
faenilsledges: stephg locusf I posted an update on facebook a few days after the event just to specify that it was NOT engagement...but it seems the people it was written for still managed to miss it :D09:35
dr_gogeta86btw welcome to the club09:37
faenilwhat club xD09:37
sledgesfaenil: then social pressure has just upped :D09:40
stephgwhat's a facebook :)09:41
faenilit was gf's master degree graduation day, chill out guys :D09:44
Nokiuswhat there still user in fb assumed it dead09:46
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Stskeepzfaenil: i thought you were already engaged10:00
dr_gogeta86Stskeepz, master10:02
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nh1402|mobilealin: Been testing now and then since 9:52pm yesterday, and brightness is still working, maybe your phone was in the shade10:09
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faenilStskeepz: it depends on how wide the meaning of "being engaged" is :D10:12
faenilI love my girlfriend and we've been together for almost 6years, if that is part of the definition then yes :D10:12
Stskeepzfaenil: time to put a ring on it then10:13
faenilhaha, relax, relaaax :D10:13
faenilall in due time :)10:13
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dr_gogeta86faenil, this foreineer are fast as hell10:24
nh1402|mobilealin: brightness still working, maybe your phone was in the shade10:26
dr_gogeta86Stskeepz, in your experience10:26
dr_gogeta86got sometimes strange touchscreen events on evdev ?10:26
alinnh1402|mobile: yes... this is exactly what I discovered last night10:30
alinto dark in the room10:30
nh1402|mobileI also couldn't install warehouse10:35
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nh1402|mobileBattery dropped from 36% to 8% overnight, but maybe that was because I turned logging on for the brightness sensor10:39
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krnlyngwhen and by whom are the /dev/alog/* files created?10:52
nh1402krnlyng: shashlik video http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/kde/extrafiles/akademy/2015/videos/shashlik-dan-leinir-turthra_jensen-198.webm10:55
krnlyngnh1402: thanks!10:55
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dr_gogeta86krnlyng, https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_bionic/commit/461ccc840d41c04e1235e0762aa5880071b91ab811:27
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dr_gogeta86Nokius, are you here12:41
alinnh1402: apkenv shall be on that image12:51
alinnh1402: you shall be able to test12:51
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alinsledges: so any idea which branch shall we try today?13:19
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maikooolsledges: mal-: no, i haven't been busy with that device, and yes, it was QCOM_BSP device, do you have a specific commit/branch in mind which i could try?13:28
dr_gogeta86how did you fix headphone13:30
mal-maikoool: try using this commit https://github.com/mer-hybris/libhybris/commit/b981d65d17f6ffa8c3aa031d17eaf463d1c7d13b13:30
maikoooladded to todo list13:31
maikooolwill try tonight13:31
sledgesalin: get logs and then ping Mohammed13:31
alinsledges: logs of what?13:32
alinsledges: the default?13:32
alinsledges: or the foolab branch?13:32
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alini wonder what happened with the 31.gst1 branch on geeco13:33
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dr_gogeta86sledges, devices.c is used for firmware loading in mer-hybris13:37
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dr_gogeta86hi qrosh13:43
qroshhi dr_gogeta8613:43
qroshyou guys know there is kernel-sourcesishish stuff for the sony xperia phones, right? would it be feasable and in comparison to other ports, be straight forward to port sailfishos to those phones?13:45
Ford_Prefectqrosh: I believe maikoool's been looking at that for a Z3 compact13:46
Ford_Prefectqrosh: and there was a recent announcement of success on an Xperia Pro (https://twitter.com/sledgeSim/status/625235917486338048)13:47
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qroshFord_Prefect thank you will check that out13:50
mal-qrosh: which device are you thinking about?13:50
qroshI currently have a Z3 lying around, assuming my brother will not steal it.13:50
energycsdxqrosh: https://github.com/sonyxperiadev13:51
Ford_Prefectz3 compact -> z3 should be pretty easy to go to13:51
qroshmal: I am thinking about getting the z3c as the z3 is just too big for me.13:51
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maikooolqrosh: Ford_Prefect: me and locusf are working on a port for the z3c, it's going well but you need sailfish target 1.1.714:11
maikoooland as far as i can see, the z3 and z3c share the same base, so that's good14:12
maikooolif anyone knows how to activate the modem service on the z3c, please let me know ;)14:12
maikoooland yes, it can be done with the aosp stuff from github/sonyxperiadev, no cm required14:17
maikooolif you want the manifest send me a pm14:19
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: I'll hopefully look at modem stuff for myself next week14:20
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: at least the audio part of it14:20
qroshmaikoool so are you doing it the cm way or the raw one?14:21
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maikooolaosp way14:26
maikooolno cm12 hybris tree afaik14:26
mal-that's also waiting for 1.1.7 target :)14:27
maikooolFord_Prefect: you were the one running firefox os in the xperia sp, right?14:27
maikoooli mean z3c14:27
dr_gogeta86mal-, how did you deal ril ?14:28
maikooolFord_Prefect: we already have the 'normal' audio working, no bluetooth audio support yet though, but the UI sounds and ringtones are there already14:29
mal-dr_gogeta86: ril and ofono worked out of the box, except for mobile data14:30
maikooolbut there's a problem with the ril accessing the modemst partitions, because those partition seem to be provided by a quallcom daemon that doesnt work on sailfish (yet)14:30
dr_gogeta86mal-, he says works14:30
maikooolif you had that issue on FFOS and solved it, please let me know how ;)14:30
dr_gogeta86but nothing14:30
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: yep, that's me (I'm doing a PulseAudio port, though)14:32
Ford_PrefectOh, it's the dratted libcsd thing again?14:33
maikooolit seems you know more than me :)14:33
Ford_PrefectI had to deal with that when doing the Nexus 4 port14:35
maikooolinteresting, there's a sailfish nexus 4 port as well, not?14:35
Ford_PrefectI thought they'd hidden all that away in the Nexus 5 (and I was hoping all subsequent things)14:35
Ford_PrefectThere is, yes14:35
maikooolthe nexus4 also a msm8974 device?14:36
maikooolmaybe if we got .rc scripts working the modem will also magically turn on...14:36
maikooolstill need some kind of debugging method for those things, strace isnt very helpful at times14:37
Ford_PrefectThe Nexus 5 is 8974, Nexus 4 should be 8960, iirc14:38
energycsdxmailkoool: RIL on Xperia L works well14:38
Ford_Prefectthe libcsd stuff won't be debuggable at all, if that's what you're talking about14:38
Ford_PrefectNo debug symbols14:38
Ford_Prefectmodem has some really weird and extremely sensitive state machine14:38
Ford_Prefectget the order of calls wrong -> hang the modem until reboot14:39
maikooolno, i was talking about init, that stops way before services related to modem are started14:41
maikoooland wifi for that matter14:41
maikoooli'll write a debugscript this evening, maybe that'll help14:41
maikooolbasically reimplement android init :P14:41
locusfI don't have a nano sim card to test ril14:41
Ford_PrefectI should be able to pitch in next week, if I can get all the current paid work done this week14:42
maikooolyour provider doesn't hand out free new ones?14:42
maikooolcause if they do and have these pop-out style simcards, you can still use it as normal or mini sim14:43
* Ford_Prefect got a nano SIM and uses and adapter for mini/full14:43
locusfmaikoool: dna only has them down to mini14:43
maikooolyep, same here14:43
locusfI had a adapter for nano14:43
locusfbut I lost it14:43
maikooolgot a nano sim but kept the littile adapter pieces14:43
maikooolgetting some random prepaid nano card not an option?14:44
locusf+ I don't have any credit on the prepaid14:44
maikooolnot sure how cheap those are where you live14:44
locusfI messed up and took the daily cost ones14:44
locusfnot the cost by usage14:44
maikooolthat stuff exists?14:45
* maikoool amazed14:45
maikooolif thats also applicable for 4g data14:45
maikoooli'd like a daily cost one14:45
locusfno its data limited14:45
maikooolseeding all day :P14:45
maikoooloh well, will resume trying tonight14:46
* maikoool afk for now14:46
locusfah I do have a nano one there14:49
locusffor prepaid14:49
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mal-sledges: I have a workaround for the libhybris problem17:58
mal-I have narrowed down the problem to a new feature17:58
sledgesnew feature?:)17:59
mal-I disabled that by adding --disable-wayland_serverside_buffers to spec18:01
mal-I'll going through the code to see if I can spot something18:01
sledgesso for some platforms it's a no-go18:01
mal-look like it18:02
sledgesmal-: so only recent mer-hybris/libhybris got that April's commit in18:02
sledgespossible, as we had a updateless gap18:02
mal-sledges: yes, Feb 24, 2015 is the last working and the next update was Apr 27, 201518:03
mal-I don't remember when I first noticed the problem18:04
situsledges: no meeting today ?18:04
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mal-sledges: I noticed the bug on June 10, I didn't rebuild my image very often so it's quite possible there is a one month gap in libhybris update18:07
mal-I usually just built the parts I was hacking18:07
sledgessitu: not again :)18:08
sledges(punctuation missing somewhere:)18:09
sledgesshmerl and all: http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg01557.html <- PSA18:09
sledgesthanks lbt for hard work!18:10
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locusfyeah thanks lbt this is huge news now :18:19
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*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin18:31
alinmal-: ping18:34
alinmal-: so today again same story once I got satellites in view no crash all was nice18:35
mal-alin: pong, strange18:37
alinmal-: I do not know... is obvious an heisenberg bug18:39
alinmal-: so it may be just wishful thinking from me18:39
alincorrelation without causality18:39
mal-alin: if you have time try to find out what function it fails in18:40
alinmal-: thought you found that already18:41
mal-alin: did I?18:42
alinmal-: you said fails down in android by passing invalid data18:42
alinmal-: valgrind?18:42
mal-alin: that was a guess18:42
mal-hmm, my problem with libhybris does not make sense, I get "ION_IOC_ALLOC failed with error - Operation not permitted", why would that be "Operation not permitted"18:43
alinmal-: not enough memory?18:45
mal-but it works with wayliand client buffers, it only fails with server buffers18:46
mal-alin: and it would tell if it's out of memory18:47
alin    if(ioctl(iFd, ION_IOC_ALLOC, &ionAllocData)) {18:47
alinthat is the line? 99 in ionalloc?18:48
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*** Niju <Niju!~pi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:52
alinioctl magic... but there are only 3 params to check18:52
NijuHi guys, how out of date is the libhybris page? Any ports for moto G 1st gen?18:54
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mal-alin: I have some idea now hwat variable is the problem19:06
alinmal-: ok... now the bloody thing does not fail anymore19:06
alinany idea how to test the nfc?19:07
mal-alin: does test_nfc do anything?19:07
alinmal-: yes aaborts19:08
alinhe does not get the hw module19:09
alinanyhow let us gps19:09
alinwhich variable you have in mind?19:09
mal-I was talking about my libhybris problem19:10
alinmal-: I see19:11
mal-but in gps my guess would be to add here https://github.com/mlehtima/geoclue-provider-hybris-community/blob/master/geoclue-provider-hybris-community/geoclue-hybris.c#L53119:11
alinmal-: I think the nfc problem may be the way they get the pointers back19:11
alinmal-: can you do me a peasure?19:12
mal-a check of sv_info->num_svs <= 0, if it's true then return19:12
alinmal-: and initialise to 0 all view and used satelites19:12
mal-but that should not happen19:13
alini really do not feel comfortable with all that crazy numbers19:13
mal-alin: that could be useful indeed19:13
alinmal-: the thing is like this... if you have none in view you get crrazy number19:14
alinbut all that test rely on values19:14
mal-I was thinking about that earlier19:15
mal-alin: how old version of gpsinfo do you have? assuming you are using that?19:18
alinmal-: is not old from yesterday19:19
alinmal-: why?19:19
mal-in gpsinfo changelog there is Fixed: Initialize the number of satellites with zeros19:19
alinok we shall have that one19:20
alinmal-: I have that one... send him a pr too fixed his spec19:22
mal-alin: what was wrong with it?19:23
*** Antartica <Antartica!~Antartica@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:23
alinmal-: had an extra yaml file in .spec19:25
AntarticaGood afternoon. Time for a report (about mal-'s iyokan port (Xperia Pro))19:25
alinAntartica: use piratepad19:26
Antarticamal-: The yes process didn't show again. The battery consumption was normal.19:26
Antarticaalin: one of the user-faqs?19:27
mal-Antartica: good, I have never notice that problem so I cannot help unless if happens again and you get some information what has called it19:27
Antarticamal-: I'll investigate a little If I find that problem again19:28
mal-Antartica: thanks19:28
mal-Antartica: so how's the user experience otherwise in your opinion?19:29
Antarticamal-: Today I tested the gallery/video player. An 720p mp4 downloaded from youtube player perfectly (impressed you managed to ged hw accel!)19:29
mal-yep, it even works in web browser19:29
mal-you can watch youtube videos :)19:30
Antarticamal-: will have to test that :-o19:30
Antarticamal-: but I tried with some avis and althoug it made the thumbnails, it couldn't play them19:30
mal-hmm, I haven't tried avis that much, only with h264 encoding19:31
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!~M4rtinK@ip-89-177-124-246.net.upcbroadband.cz> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:31
mal-alin: at least on my device satellite numbers are 0/019:32
mal-with the new version19:33
Antarticamal-: Only tried two files at different resolutions (encoded with xvid+mp3, pretty low resolutions, 480p)19:33
alinmal-: yes seems so on mine too19:33
Antarticamal-: The user experience is great.19:33
Antarticamal-: Starting apps is slow (specially cameraplus), but navigating the interface and using already opened apps is fast. Faster than in CM11, IMHO.19:35
mal-Antartica: try installing gstreamer1.0-libav and check the avis again19:36
Antarticamal-: Using zypper?19:36
mal-starting programs is indeed a little slow, but that is to be expected with old hardware19:39
Antarticamal-: With  gstreamer1.0-libav the result is the same (avis dont play)19:40
mal-ok, were those from some public source so I could try?19:40
Antarticamal-: It is slow but usable (I've used the fastest card I could find, a Samsung Pro 16G, AFAIK it is a lot faster than the internal flash)19:41
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!~tassadar@ip4-83-240-20-212.cust.nbox.cz> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)19:43
AntarticaThey are not public (well, grey zone, fansubs from tv captures...)19:43
mal-ok, I will try to find some public files with xvid+mp319:44
AntarticaI can try to make a 20s clip from some public source (any of the blender foundation films) and encode with that19:45
mal-I have used those blender films as test sample19:45
Antarticamal-: But before that, I almost forgot: I couldn't find the way to access the FAT partition in the sd card so I modified the /etc/fstab19:46
AntarticaAdded "/dev/mmcblk0p1 /storage/sdcard0 vfat    uid=100000,gid=100000,defaults  0 0"19:46
mal-Antartica: currently it's not accessable by default, I'll look into that19:46
AntarticaWith that it is accessible at /sdcard (symsink to /storage/sdcard0)19:47
mal-Antartica: indeed xvid avi shows thumbnail image but not the video19:48
AntarticaYou got one? perfect19:48
mal-I'll try to see if I can fix that somehow19:50
mal-audio does play from the file19:50
Antarticamal-: One last thing for today, what was the startup script to modify to change the wmap for the keyboard?19:50
Antarticamal-: It seems it is the video part. I've also tested an own-encoded .mp4 with h264+mp3 and it played perfectly19:51
alindoes anyone know where is this test_nfc.c:(.text+0x550): undefined reference to `hw_get_module'?19:51
mal-Antartica: there is no startup script for that, just replacing /usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap with a new file manually19:52
mal-Antartica: if you mean the hardware keyboard layout19:53
Antarticamal-: Yes that is it.19:53
alinfound it19:53
Antartica: But Im pretty sure that there was a startup script (the one that launched lipstick, it was a parameter to lipstick...)19:53
mal-Antartica: ah, yes that's another way to do it19:54
mal-Antartica: that would be /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf19:55
mal-maybe even easier/nicer way19:55
Antarticamal-: Perfect. It seems cleaner that way. Thanks19:56
Antarticamal-: Ok. So I will experiment with the keyboard layout tomorrow.19:58
Antarticamal-: Here I leave you guys, back to "work" :)19:59
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alinspiiroin: hi ping20:07
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alinsledges: ping20:16
alinstore is back20:20
alinwhat the hell20:21
alinJul 28 21:20:47 abbaton sshd[12758]: Failed password for root from port 58402 ssh220:21
alinany idea why my jolla will want to connect to that?20:26
maikooolit says from20:27
maikooolmaybe it's the other way round20:28
alinstill connection20:28
maikooolssh: connect to host port 58402: Connection refused20:30
maikooolthere's nothing there20:30
maikooolit's the other way round20:30
maikooolsomeone's connecting to you20:30
alinmaikoool: i know.. but why20:31
maikooolprobably just the nsa20:31
maikooolalways blame the nsa20:31
alinmaikoool: from hong kong?20:31
maikooolow those guys20:31
maikooollol i once had a ssh server on public itnernet20:31
maikooolforgot to change the password20:31
maikooolit was root:asdasd20:31
maikoool8 hours later20:31
maikooolit was a ddos box20:31
maikooolalso from chinese ip20:31
maikooolthey just scan the internet and try to attack20:31
alinmaikoool: blimey I have public ip on the phone20:32
maikoooljust make sure you have a proper password20:33
alinmaikoool: i have20:33
maikooolunlike me20:33
alinmaikoool: there is worst than that20:33
maikoooli just checked20:34
maikooolseems rootlogin isnt disabled by default20:34
alinmaikoool: is worst... try telent20:35
sledgesalin: pong20:35
maikooollol telnet is open for public ip?20:35
maikoooli dont believe that20:35
sledgesstore back?!20:35
alinmaikoool: yap20:35
alinsledges: yes and someone is trying to hack me20:35
maikoooliptables man20:35
sledgesgreat news!!!20:35
alinsledges: which one?20:35
sledgesguess ;p20:35
alinsledges: someone hacking me20:35
sledgesby all means!20:36
sledgescould you update the bug pls if not busy being h4xor3d?20:36
alinsledges: I am trying to disable the telnet20:36
mal-maikoool: have you tried libhybris test yet? sorry for asking but I'm interested to know if your problem is related to mine or not20:38
maikooolno was busy with z3c20:38
maikooolalin: just use iptables to block ALL incoming traffic20:42
maikooolthen whitelist your lan ip range for debugging at home20:42
alinsledges: which bug?20:43
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~nh1402@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
maikooolan iptables helper app would be nice though20:44
maikooolwith sensible defaults included, that'd be cool20:44
alinmaikoool: your chance20:45
maikoooli dont even have a working device to test it on yet20:46
alinmaikoool: you are computer scientists?20:46
alinmaikoool: you are computer scientist20:46
maikooolalso vagrant doesnt work on my box20:46
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)20:46
maikoooltechnically i'm more of a software engineer20:47
maikooolbut whatever20:47
maikoooladded to todolist20:47
alinmaikoool: then you do not get bother by some details as the existence of hardware20:47
maikooolbut i must make selfies every 10 seconds20:48
maikooolhow is this possible without device?20:48
maikooolno just kidding, but being able to be called would be nice before spending time on an app20:49
alinmaikoool: good I had passwords disabled20:51
spiiroinalin: pong20:56
alinspiiroin: a quesition about nfc20:57
alinspiiroin: is that contolled by mce too?20:57
alinsledges search in store seems to be funny20:57
spiiroinalin: nope, tohd uses it (and assumes nobody else does), but nobody really controls it20:57
alinspiiroin: ok cause i try test_nfc and I get a big abort at trying to get the hwdevice pointer20:58
alinsledges: search is borked20:58
alinsledges: apps are thre20:58
spiiroinalin: strace might be useful, some of these blobs do not check return values too well -> i've seem failing fopen cause crash that could be "fixed" by adding empty file21:00
spiiroinso that fopen does not return null anymore21:01
alinaccess("/vendor/lib/hw/nfc.default.so", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)21:01
spiiroinwell, missing plugin might require more than an empty file ;-/21:02
alinspiiroin: yes21:02
spiiroinis there some other nfc*.so there?21:02
alinspiiroin: access("/system/lib/hw/nfc.default.so", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)21:02
alinin the /system21:03
spiirointhere might be some config file that defines what plugin gets loaded21:03
spiiroinalso, using a dummy dso might get the code to run a bit further and maybe report symbol lookup failures21:04
spiiroincould give some clue what there is supposed to be in that plugin21:05
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alinspiiroin: ok letu break it21:11
alinspiiroin: http://paste.opensuse.org/6719125021:14
alinnot too much success21:14
alinare these android crap?21:14
alinseems so checked the cm but none they are looking after is there21:18
spiiroinis there /system/build.prop -file?21:19
alinspiiroin: where?21:19
spiiroinon the device21:20
alinthe file is21:20
alinno nfc in it21:20
spiiroinhow about "default"21:20
spiiroinor "platform"21:20
alinspiiroin: ro.telephony.default_network=1021:20
spiiroinon jolla phone ro.board.platform=msm8960 & there is /system/lib/hw/nfc.msm8960.so21:22
alinspiiroin: and in english?21:23
spiiroin... I wonder if creating symlink nfc.msm8974.so -> nfc_nci.hammerhead.so would do anything sane21:23
spiirointhen again the trace shows loading of nfc-nxp and that might be != nfc_nci ?21:24
alinspiiroin: http://paste.opensuse.org/5830060221:26
alinsome progress21:27
mal-alin: what is that /vendor/lib/hw/nfc.msm8974.so21:28
alinmal-: some crap nfc is trying to open when i run the test_nfc21:29
mal-why wouldn't that be correct file?21:31
alinmal-: no idea21:33
mal-alin: there are some nfc configs https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_device_lge_hammerhead/tree/hybris-11.0/nfc21:34
alinmal-: I wonder if one need to turn the thing on before21:35
alinmal-: no idea about confs... is greek to me21:35
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)21:36
mal-alin: those have something about firmware files21:37
alinmal-: yes they are thre21:37
alinmal-: that is the only bit I understood21:37
mal-alin: did you try the symlink21:37
alinmal-: yes21:38
alinspiiroin: there are two devices nfc and nfc_nci21:45
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alinmal-: I see the device is ok shall be nfc_nci the test si wrong22:28
alinthereis a note on nfc.h22:28
alinmaybe for other devices is like that22:29
sledgesalin: for me N5 store works just like before - only android apps shown22:31
alinsledges: cli works22:33
alinsledges: the interface is funny22:33
alinsledges: totally borked... now i see android only22:34
sledgesalin: cli has only handful of apps, as before (zypper se harbour)22:41
sledgesbut there might be some disturbance in the water ;) stay tuned!22:41
alinsledges: for sure there is22:43
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maikooolmal-: you're a hero23:19
maikooolthat specific commit of libhybris23:19
maikooolit works23:19
maikooolwow, sound works out of the box23:22
maikooolmodem is detected out of the box23:22
maikoooldamn this is going well :P23:22
maikoooli should note this is the Xperia SP23:23
maikoooland yes sledges, i will try to upstream this one too, as soon as the custom boot image creation is in mainstream hybris-boot23:24
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