Friday, 2015-07-31

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Ford_Prefectsledges: soundcloud and youtube both, so presumably all of them03:31
Ford_Prefectsledges: the colorconv element is misssing (gstreamer0.10-colorconv) from what I could see03:32
Ford_Prefectsledges: I'll probably flash back to the stock images in a few hours (kind of hard for me to use as the daily driver in the current form). Let me know what information I can provide to help debug this and then I'll do that.04:05
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Ford_Prefectsledges: oh, another bug I noticed -- the backlight does not get switched off on proximity during a call04:11
Ford_Prefectsledges: the screen does blank, but the backlight remainso n04:11
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Ford_PrefectGood morning05:44
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stephgnorming! sdegles!06:12
sledgesit's Froyday! Go!
sledgesFord_Prefect: thanks for debugging! you saved a lot of time for MSameer! we switched to gstreamer1.0, but i'm still not sure why exactly the regression happened that youtube videos cannot be played anymore on 1.1.7 - try to install gstreamer0.10-colorconv out of interest?06:13
stephgha excellent06:13
alinsledges: that were the repos from plasma mobile...06:14
alinsledges: quite few from mer...06:14
alinsledges: from the obs06:14
sledgesalin: yes, Pier is working with them06:14
Ford_Prefectsledges: so a zypper refesh asks me for store credentials06:15
Ford_Prefectsledges: is that normal?06:15
sledgesFord_Prefect: paste?06:15
sledgesfor store06:15
sledgesnot to store06:15
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sledgesFord_Prefect: paste ssu lr06:18
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sledgesFord_Prefect: where did you flash 1.1.7 from?06:20
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Ford_Prefectsledges: the onedrive link you'd posted a while back06:20
sledges ?06:20
sledgesFord_Prefect: perform this:06:21
sledgessed -i -e 's|^adaptation0=.*$|adaptation0=|' /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini06:21
sledgesand then paste ssu lr again06:21
Ford_PrefectYup, the link is righ06:25
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Ford_PrefectHuh, did that even do anything06:28
sledgesFord_Prefect: it appears it hasn't :(06:30
sledgesalin: ^06:30
Ford_Prefectthere's no adaptation0= line in repos.ini06:30
sledgescould you grep /etc recursively for chat?06:30
sledgesthings have changed06:31
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Ford_PrefectThat's in repos.ini06:31
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sledgesFord_Prefect: store is fine06:37
sledgesFord_Prefect: grep for adaptation0 in /usr/06:37
sledgesFord_Prefect: /usr/share might narrow bit down06:39
Ford_Prefectsledges: Only meaningful thing that turns up is:06:40
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Ford_PrefectLooks fine?06:47
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sledgesFord_Prefect: what did you do? :P however it's not good enough: it has to be the URL from sed command ^06:57
sledgesFord_Prefect: ok so that is constructed06:59
sledgesyou can see how by examining ssu source code06:59
sledgesif you changed maintainer to nemo i don't think that's sufficient, or? ;)06:59
Ford_Prefectrepos.ini actually seems to have the bits that are needed06:59
sledgesi'll be glad if you worked them out:)07:03
* sledges is afk today later on07:03
Ford_PrefectI'll try to take a look, but can't spend too much time on this today (and I probably need to flash my phone back to Android soon :/)07:04
locusfmal-: morning, I'll be doing a x86 version of cm12.107:10
sledgesFord_Prefect: what are the showstoppers out of interest?07:11
sledgeslocusf: \o/07:11
locusfsledges: I'm gonna need some fingers crossed :)07:12
locusfsledges: gtab 3 10.1 wifi07:12
locusf+ special request for gps07:12
locusfumm I'm gonna need i586 target I suppose? Its atom07:13
Ford_Prefectsledges: occasional touch screen not working (2/3 times when a call ended, needed to reboot), whatsapp/telegram seem to need to be kept open, no soundcloud/rdio/youtube/feedly apps (some of this might be better with the store, and using the browser is a no-go because of the crasher, and no music because the apps don't work and USB mount seems to be nonfunctional to allow a sync from laptop)07:14
Ford_Prefectsledges: battery seems to be a bit quick to go, but not enough time to say that for sure. And the backlight staying on during a call can get annoying at night :)07:15
sledgesFord_Prefect: great feedback! thanks!!07:16
Ford_PrefectNot to pile on with the ranting though -- I quite like the UI and experience, perf is broadly really impressive07:16
Ford_PrefectI do intend to help with the Z3C enablement and hopefully get rid of Android again at some point07:16
sledgesthere's ytplayer for youtube, and possible to play audio sttrams via gst-launch, but 1.1.7 is just dev preview. thanks, now it's known what sore points should be addressed first07:18
sledgesyou have z3c too?:)07:18
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Ford_PrefectIt's for working on at the moment, and since the moto g has gotten to the point of unusable, I figured it made sense to get the N5. That way, I can swap between using one of them as my main phone, and one to owkr on.07:19
Ford_Prefectwow, I managed to get every character in 'work' in the wrong place07:20
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alin_Ford_Prefect: so you have n5 did you try the 1.1.7 image?07:25
sledgesalin_: sed line in .ks no longer works as before in 1.1.707:27
sledgesread all what Ford_Prefect said in last hour07:27
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Ford_PrefectManaged to get my SIM out (didn't have a SIM tool), so I can help debug more stuff through the day as alin/others are around.07:39
alinFord_Prefect: use any safety pin07:39
alinFord_Prefect: or unsafety pin07:39
Ford_PrefectDidn't even have those, but managed to get one of those little rings that comes with sets of keys, open it up a bit, and push out the SIM tray07:40
alinFord_Prefect: which skills are you good at?07:40
alinFord_Prefect: the other option is to open the back case and unlock it from there... after you remove the 6 screws07:41
Ford_PrefectManaged to get it out now, so it's all good07:41
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alinsledges: can we find a pair of fresh eyes to look on mal-'s geoclue-hybris? we seem to have a heisenberg bug in it...08:04
alinmay be something silly08:04
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nh1402|mobilesledges: I had the same problems as Ford_Prefect08:23
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nh1402|mobileAnother thing to note, the touchscreen not working thing happened when I was testing apkenv with krnlyng I thought it was because of all the patches and things I had to do while testing, but turns out it's still there08:24
alin_nh1402|mobile: yes from time to time happened no idea why08:25
alin_nh1402|mobile: if is blocked tap on it few times gently and works08:25
alin_if you can access notifications... foget about it a reset is needed08:25
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nh1402|mobileYh whenever touch stops working the only thing that still works is seeing notifications08:27
nh1402|mobileI believe touch stops working after you've used an app for the first time and then you lock the device08:30
nh1402|mobileA certain app*, used messwerk several times when I was checking the light sensor08:31
nh1402|mobileWith no problems08:31
sledgesnh1402|mobile: Ford_Prefect: alin_: need guidelines from spiiroin on how to catch this bug, he already mentioned how to increase mce verbosity08:32
alin_nh1402|mobile: I had it in many situations...08:32
nh1402|mobileIt's something to do with the libhybris patch for apkenv I think.08:33
sledgeshere's how to verbose mce:
merbotNemo bug 820 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha11][sensors] random crashes" [Major,Needinfo]08:33
sledgesmce -T -l event-input.c:evin_input_grab_iomon_c08:33
alin_sledges: there are no random crashes with sensors anymore... we have random high usage...08:34
spiiroinsledges: if led is working this might help too "mcetool --enable-led-pattern=PatternTouchInputBlocked" -> blinks blue rapidly if display is on and mce is sitting on touch input08:43
mal-locusf: when are you planning to start that port?08:46
mal-locusf: because I'm trying to get my cm12.1 repos cleaned up during the weekend08:46
spiiroin... also noteworthy: mce blocks touch only when display is turned off (or "lpm" state) -> unblocking should happen at display on and once that happens it is not blocked again until the next display off time08:47
* sledges afks for the weekend o/08:47
sledgeshappy porting!08:47
sledgesand thanks Simo!08:47
spiiroini.e. if touch works at all after powering up the display, mce will not grab it again while it stays on08:48
alin_spiiroin: you go too? is there some party?08:50
alin_sledges: ^^08:50
vakkovsledges: need to get this on 1.1.7 -
alin_spiiroin: wrong name08:51
vakkovshould be my issue08:51
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locusfmal-: when 1.1.9 comes09:07
nh1402|mobilespiiroin: you can access notifications, but other touch input doesn't work09:08
locusfmal-: I can only do mer bootloader now09:09
mal-locusf: ok09:09
mal-maikoool: dr_gogeta86 QCOM_BSP bug in libhybris should be fixed now, could you try to use latest version09:36
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Ford_PrefectWhere does mcetool come from? I can't zypper install anything atm :/09:55
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spiiroinFord_Prefect: mce-tools.rpm from mce.git10:06
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Ford_Prefectalin_: spiiroin: did you see my messages from earlier about not being able to zypper refresh etc.?10:27
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nh1402_mobileHi kskarthik11:30
MSameersledges: what's with youtube?11:42
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sledgesmal-: lihybris tagged12:08
sledgesMSameer: just crashes, same gecko-dev branch from your repo. 31.0.7 iirc ones don't even start on 1.1.712:08
sledgesMSameer: ask logs from alin nh1402_mobile or Ford_Prefect12:09
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sledgesMSameer: unloading fix by yiu now in libhybris devel12:09
MSameersledges: did gecko work before?12:10
mal-sledges: at some point the libhardware fix needs to be merged also12:10
sledgesmal-: it's in12:10
sledgesMSameer: yes, from foolab, alpha12 nexus5 1.1.6 enjoyed its youtuby benefits12:11
sledgesin 1.1.7 it broke12:11
mal-sledges: I meant this one
sledgeskskarthik: hi!12:11
sledgesmal-: merged12:12
dr_gogeta86 is it down ?12:12
* sledges goes back to his cave12:12
MSameersledges: so debug what changed (bisect)12:12
mal-sledges: thanks!12:12
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dr_gogeta86my fault12:18
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mal-I update faq for devices using display-caf (or in some cases display-legacy), no need to copy files any more to /system/lib/ manually, the files will be automatically copied to and used from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/12:32
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maikooolthat's awesome13:12
mal-maikoool: also libhybris is fixed13:18
maikoooli noticed that13:18
maikooolvery awesome indeed13:18
maikoooli'll try tonight13:19
mal-maybe I'll also fix qt5-qpa-hwcomposer this weekend so it won't need manual QCOM_BSP define13:20
mal-trying to make things easier13:20
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spiiroinFord_Prefect: zypper refresh problems is not something I'd know too much about13:21
spiiroinFord_Prefect: for the touch issues it would be nice to know if it was totally unresponsive, or if something like side swipes were still working13:22
maikooolFord_Prefect: assuming the zypper issue is on your phone, try zypper rr adaptation0 (unless that's linked to OBS, then it shouldn't be slow), then zypper ref --force13:22
spiiroinFord_Prefect: and after call: did the display turn on? if it stays off, it is most likely something proximity sensor related. doing a triple-power-key-press (3times/1sec) fakes proximity uncover -> if that helps with display stuck off, then it is proximity13:24
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lbtmaikoool: done - please let me know if it works for you13:26
maikooolvery cool, thx lbt13:26
maikoooli assume _patterns will appear then packages are rebuilt?13:27
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Ford_Prefectspiiroin: touch was unresponsive, the lock screen would come on when I hit the power, and the main screen when I double-tapped power13:45
Ford_Prefectmaikoool: the issue is that it's trying to pull from the jolla store, and it gets stuck in a loop on authentication13:46
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mal-wohoo, automatic virtual keyboard hiding works on my port! just needed to rebuild some packages on obs14:07
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locusfmaikoool: they form inside repodata folder14:17
locusfmaikoool: see your drod-local-repo/<device>/repodata for an example14:18
maikoooli was assuming it would show up as _patterns, just like with the hammerhead on obs14:19
locusfindeed, its done that way14:23
maikooolyeah, i went modular14:24
maikooolto put up stuff on obs14:24
sledgesmaikoool: click on repo name and the Wipe binaries14:24
sledgesrebuild will trigger, and patterns update in repodata/HASH-patterns.xml.gz14:24
locusfpatterns only work when modular?14:24
locusfthat way is pure xml vs the patterns from a yaml14:26
locusfback when nemo:devel:mw was a thing14:26
locusfI guess the old way got too painful to maintain14:27
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sledgeslocusf: modular or monolithic, no difference17:28
sledgesas long as one of the packages Provides: package-groups17:28
sledgesgets picked17:28
alinsledges: thought you left17:29
mal-sledges: saukko said +1 for this
sledgesMSameer: can't bisect, because same gecko worked in 1.1.6, yt breaks in 1.1.717:30
sledgesgst versions remained the same17:30
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sledgesalin: could you doublecheck that?17:30
alinsledges: double check what? that in 1.1.6 I have youtube?17:33
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sledgesalin:gst versions and other concerned packages17:34
sledgesdroidmedia etc17:34
sledges1.1.6 vs 1.1.717:34
sledgesbefore MSameer can then help us17:34
sledgesotherwise we 1ould just find an offending commit, if there were diffs17:35
alinsledges: xulrunner does not build on 1.1.6 for a reason17:36
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alinsledges: now I leave the office I will look into it tonight when I go home17:36
sledgesalin: yes, it built before..hmmm17:37
sledgeswe need to go back to version in alpha1217:37
sledgesalin: also best to do such experiments somewhere in your home dir17:38
sledgesas we now broke 1.1.6 for those who dup17:38
alinsledges: makes no sense in 1.1.6  sine the versions iirc are fixed17:38
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BluesLee_sledges +117:44
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BluesLee_sledges: regarding devel and testing repositories17:46
MSameersledges: I am sorry but I cannot help you like that17:46
BluesLee_sledges: otherwise you have to tell people not to dup, never ever17:46
BluesLee_tassader: any hints how to do a complete backup of sfos (2nd rom)?17:48
BluesLee_sledges: if those updated packages behave much better with 1.1.7 then alin might be right as we have to move on but i think there are new issues introduced besides the existing ones17:50
BluesLee_MSameer those big icons with cam+ are not bad, we cant miss them;-)17:51
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Nokiuscool the bug i found isse the root course of alin's roaming issue :D18:24
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alinMSameer: here are all the rpms on the working version
alinMSameer: and this is the strace on the failing version18:29
alinand now these are the versions
MSameeralin: you seem to be missing some plugins?18:34
alinMSameer: maybe18:39
alinMSameer: i have bad good base and libad18:42
alinlibav... libav is notneeded18:42
alinMSameer: at least the hls streams seem to work18:43
MSameeri don't know18:43
alinMSameer: I know... just tested them18:43
MSameerit worked before so someone needs to check what has changed18:43
MSameerI have no idea what goes into n5 releases18:44
alinMSameer: anyhow seems to be soe craziness in gstreamer18:44
alinMSameer: Ihave posted you above.. usually the things indicated by you18:44
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MSameeralin: and I told you I have no idea. feel free to debug it19:20
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alinsledges: strangely... even if I downgraded the browser looks for /usr/lib/xulrunner-qt5-31.7.0/libxul.so19:50
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sledgesalin: browser too new?20:54
sledgesor bound?20:54
sledgesmaybe tworaz_ could consult?20:55
tworaz_which package did you downgrade alin? just xulrunner or also sailfish-browser20:58
*** tworaz_ is now known as tworaz20:58
alintworaz_: just xul runner20:59
alini | xulrunner-qt5       | package | | armv7hl | mw20:59
alini | xulrunner-qt5-devel | package | | armv7hl | mw20:59
tworazWell, this might be your problem20:59
alinfor a reason something pulls the devel.. i suspect a packaging bug20:59
tworazbrowser is built against specific xulrunner version21:00
tworazIt is a packaging bug, I think it's fixed in :devel already21:00
alintworaz: strange in the past worked.. .maybe we were just lucky21:00
tworazyou might try sumlinking xulrunner-qt5-31-5.0 to xulrunner-qt5-31.7.021:01
alinsledges: do you add the browser to common or I add it?21:01
alinsledges: would be better to have the same version21:01
tworazbut it might not work21:01
alintworaz: did already.. breaks other things21:01
tworazthere have been some changes in recent xulrunner builds21:01
tworazbasically newer browser uses some APIs which were not available in previous versions21:02
tworazmy guess the only option is to also downgrade qtmozembed, embedlite-components and sailfish-browser21:02
tworazunfortunately I don't know matching package versions from the top of my head21:03
alintworaz: sledges will sort it out.. in 1.1.6 was ok... he can use that versiona21:03
tworazand what is the main problem with the new one?21:04
alintworaz: you tube crashes21:11
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tworazalin: on some specific video? I just tried a few random ones and it seems to work21:15
alintworaz: on n5 port?21:15
tworazcould you try to get a coredump/stacktrace from the crash?21:16
tworazI don't have n5 to try myself21:16
alintworaz: which version?21:17
alintworaz: the official?21:17
tworazalin: If you can capture the stack trace from the crash on n5 I can take a look at it21:18
alintworaz: yes I can get you an strace21:19
tworazalin: Version doesn't matter much21:19
alinr0kk3rz: this was the end earlier21:19
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tworazalin: seems empty21:29
alintworaz: got tires I upload again21:33
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alin_tworaz: sorry my net is merdre... and the file is to big to paste22:22
tworazalin_: you can just load it into gdb and paste the output of backtrace command22:24
tworazI don't need the whole core file22:24
alin_tworaz: ok I will do a gdn too22:24
alin_tworaz: so is using gst 0.122:28
tworazlooks like it22:29
alin_but  have none installed22:29
tworazwhich xulrunner version is this?22:29
alin_tworaz: i | xulrunner-qt5       | package | | armv7hl | apps22:29
tworazok, it should be still using gstreamer 0.1022:31
tworazwe switched to 1.0 a couple of commits later22:31
alin_tworaz: ok... but I have none installed22:32
alin_and I see none in the repos22:32
tworazdid you use gdb on the device or your desktop?22:32
alin_tworaz: device22:32
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tworazso you must have some gstreamer version installed22:33
tworazotherwise I doubt the browser would even start22:34
alin_r0kk3rz: 1.022:34
alin_0xa2139f32 in gst_pad_set_element_private () from /usr/lib/
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alin_tworaz: ^22:36
alin_tworaz: I go mad I do not see where that rpm is coming from22:36
tworazalin: anyway you'll need to install some debug packages to get the full trace22:38
alin_tworaz: yap this is what I was trying22:38
alin_tworaz: I have no plugins for 0.10 so the crash is kind of normal22:38
tworazwell my guess xulrunner depends on it22:39
tworazyou probably got it when you installed the package22:39
alin_r0kk3rz: yes.. I have them called gst...22:39
tworazyou can always try to rebuild it with --enable-gstreamer=1.022:39
alin_perillamint: xulrunner?22:41
alin_perillamint: or the browser?22:41
alin_tworaz: ok we will continue tomorrow this... I am dropping to sleep now22:44
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