Saturday, 2015-08-01

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carepackIs somebody working on this branch?08:53
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carepackand compiled the kernel succesfully?08:54
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mal-another person reporting the gps bug on hammerhead09:14
alinmal-: cool09:17
alinmal-: who wherewhen?09:17
merbotNemo bug 839 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha12][gps] gps does not work properly due to a wrong gps status" [Normal,New]09:19
alinmal-: I see that one I didnot read my email at the time09:38
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mal-now I have found the reason for the wrong compass value, sensorfw uses the wrong sensor, there are two orientation sensors and it picks the one reporting raw values10:09
mal-finally I found a way to fix orientation10:51
alinmal-: which compass do you use? lpotter?10:53
mal-alin: my device uses this
mal-it reports two orientation sensors, one scaled and one with raw values, sensorfw took the latter10:57
mal-I changed sensorfw to always use the first sensor of a type10:57
mal-lpotter: do think of a better way, of course the best would be make that selectable from a config file10:58
mal-sensorfw current always rewrites the previous sensor if there are several of a specific type10:59
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dr_gogeta86MSameer, at all11:59
dr_gogeta86there is any hadk faq for camera ?11:59
maikooolmal-: latest libhybris doesnt work, still huge memory usage and then phone crashes12:03
maikoooli did a completly clean build12:03
maikooolreverting to that commit 'just works'12:04
maikooolbut, i didnt need to copy over hwcomposer, so at least that works12:04
maikooolwithout that no image is shown on screen so that was easy to verify12:04
mal-maikoool: odd12:06
mal-maikoool: maybe the memory leak on your device is some different problem12:06
mal-dr_gogeta86: the faq in the topic has instructions how to enable camera12:07
dr_gogeta86mal-, you compile droidmedia from ubuntu-chroot12:12
dr_gogeta86or mer sdk12:12
mal-dr_gogeta86: only libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice are built in HABUILD_SDK12:15
dr_gogeta86how to build droidmedia by hand ?12:28
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dr_gogeta86mal-, did you have droidmedia-devel12:43
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mal-dr_gogeta86: I made it with this copy that to $ANDROID_ROOT as droidmedia.spec and build there with mb2 normally12:50
dr_gogeta86mal-, tnx12:58
dr_gogeta86is a bit triky12:58
mal-I'm trying to fix pin query on boot13:00
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sledgesmaikoool: but you have a libhybris commit whith no mem leak?13:50
maikooolyes, this one:
sledgesmaikoool: could you blatantly bisect and find offe ding commit?13:52
maikooolwith this:
maikooolalso: it is enough to just build libhybris rpms only and zypper in those?13:57
mal-maikoool: did you reboot?13:57
maikooolafter testing the latest hybris?13:57
mal-it should be enough13:57
maikooolyes, first boot sometime is buggy13:58
maikooolbut then nothing is shown on screen13:58
maikoooleven with working commit13:58
maikooolbut with latest it crashes when the loading spinner is shown13:58
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sledgesmaikoool: yes, libhybris rpms only is enough14:20
sledgesor at least should be first thing to try14:20
sledgesworks most times14:20
nh1402_anything you'd like me to test?14:21
mal-my devices ril does not support the needed response type14:42
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sledgesnh1402_:monitor logs for losing touch after calls?14:55
sledgesdidn'4 read backlog how far it went yesterday14:56
mal-I was once again wrong, it does send those, something is still wrong with initialization14:58
mal-ofono is not fun14:58
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alintworaz: ping15:14
tworazalin: pong15:14
alintworaz: so I think the best is to build all the offending packages...15:15
alintworaz: I suspect all of them are public?15:15
alintworaz: was the browser, xul15:15
alintworaz: and two more can you point me to?15:16
tworazgecko-dev, emedlite-components, qtmozembed, sailfish-browser15:16
alintworaz: about xul which one do you recomment there are so many branched15:16
tworazwell we normally use embedlte_31 branch for daily work15:16
tworazit should work fine for you15:17
tworazembedlite_components uses master branch, same for qtmozembed15:17
tworazall repos are in nemomobile-packages github repo15:17
alintworaz: ok let us start rolling15:18
tworazonly sailfish-browser is somewhere else15:18
tworazmaster branch is also what you're interested in15:18
tworaznext is technically what we currently use, but it may not be compatible with current stable lipstick-jolla-home15:19
alintworaz: thereis an embed 31.7 and a refactoring15:20
tworazskip it15:20
tworazthis is what I use
tworaz31.7 was a temporary branch used during 31.7 rebase15:21
tworaznow it's merged to embedlite_3115:21
alintworaz: yap that I did15:23
tworazbtw If all goes well I should be able to release new quicksilver version for sailfish soon :)15:25
alintworaz: embedlite I suspect I need to build for .specs15:25
tworazwell embedlite uses some headers from xul15:25
mal-looks like I have again a problem with the ril-wrapper15:25
tworazand since we changed some in latest xul versions you kind of need to recompile embedlite to be binary compatible with latest xul15:26
alintworaz: ok... so I will rebuild... question is gst1.0 now in these?15:26
alintworaz: ya p obvious15:26
tworazalin: In gecko-dev repo check embedding/embedlite/config/mozconfig.merqtxulrunner15:27
tworazit should contain --enable-gstreamer=1.0 line15:27
tworazif the 1.0 part is missing it'll use 0.1015:27
alintworaz: yes is cosher15:28
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nh1402_tworaz: ooh nice one15:58
tworaznh1402: it's been brewing for a while, unfortunately I only have weekends to work on the project :/15:59
tworazI just need to finish implementing IME support and figure out why pulse audio integration does not work on sailfish16:00
nh1402_is it not working for the device you're testing on, or in general16:03
tworazfails on tablet so far16:03
tworazI do see it being connected to the server but I still get no sound16:04
tworazworks fine on desktop, though16:04
tworazhehe, problaby some stupid bug somewhere16:07
tworazlast saturday I spend like 2 hours figuring out why double tap gesture doesn't work16:07
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tworazturns out somebody forgot to add ET_GESTURE_DOUBLE_TAP enum to list of events recognized as gestures :P16:08
tworazandroid port doesn't use aura so far so it worked there16:09
nh1402_I hate it when that happens. Spend hours and hours trying to figure out why the code. figuratively tearing your hair out wondering why it doesn't work, then realise its just one small thing.16:11
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tworazI'm kind of used to it16:14
alintworaz: ok xul is building all the packages put in the pipe we will see what happens16:15
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alinmal-: so what is the conclusion with respect to the sensors?16:16
mal-alin: they work now, maybe I should create a bug report somewhere so it will be either fixed the way I have done it or in some better way16:18
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mal-the proximity sensor is still a question16:19
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alintworaz: almost there...
alintohtoris: do I really needto buld both the components and the -qt5?18:12
alintworaz: ^18:13
tworazWell if you use some version build against older xulrunner it'll most probably crash18:19
alintworaz: ok... some progress18:23
alintworaz: if I start it by hand from console works18:23
alintworaz: from the screen it does not just crashes18:23
alintworaz: the point... do I need to build embed without qt5?18:23
tworazalin: what do you mean by embed without qt5?18:24
alintworaz: check the link... I have tried to build both spec files18:24
alintworaz: one wants xulrunner-devel but I have build only qt5 version18:25
alintworaz: I do not see any other xulrunner installed so I conclude I do not have to build embedlite-components.spec but only the -qt5 one18:26
tworazalin: I didn't even know embedlite-components has two spec files18:26
tworazalin: I don't build rpms for it myself18:27
tworazalin: my guess is you only need the -qt5 version18:27
tworazalin: the non -qt5 spec looks like an upstream one which we don't use for sailfish18:27
tworazas for why it does work from you from console, but not app launcher I don't have a clue18:28
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alintworaz: sorry my inet is crazy... keeps kicking me out18:33
alinsledges: ping18:34
tworazalin: so as I said you only need to -qt5 version from what I can see18:35
tworazalin: the non-qt5 seems to be the upstream spec file we don't use18:35
alintworaz: yap my suspicon thanks for confirming18:36
tworazalin: I don't have a clue why your build works from command line, but not the app launcher18:36
alintworaz: all works do your suggestions were spot..18:36
alintworaz: i applied the ms solution and works18:36
tworazalin: great18:36
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alintworaz: there are some funny things... for qtmozi... and browser the versions from master seem to be smaller than the ones from 1.1.718:37
tworazalin: the binary size is smaller?18:37
alintworaz: I did not check that18:38
tworazalin: We did improve GPU memory usage a bit for 1.1.9 release18:38
tworazalin: All the fixes should be on the embedlite_31 branch18:38
alintworaz: ok so we are a little ahead on n5 then18:38
tworazalin: well the real improvement comes with browser from next branch18:39
tworazalin: but you need lipstick-jolla-home 2.0 for that18:39
alintworaz: I did not use that one18:39
tworazalin: good18:39
tworazalin: it wouldn't work for you18:39
alintworaz: to be honest I do not use the browser on phone18:40
tworazalin: Well IMO it's one of the most important apps :P18:40
alintworaz: i use th echat and the sms in case the bank decides to ask me to confirm some transaction18:40
tworazalin: And IMO it's not as good as it could be18:40
tworazalin: UI is nice, but the engine part needs a lot of work18:40
alintworaz: you have a jolla phone? now I am curious of somethine browser related18:41
tworazalin: Yep, I have two :P18:41
alintworaz: if you get a google map and have location activated18:41
tworazalin: I also have the tablet ;)18:42
tworazalin: pinch zoom is broken ?18:42
alintworaz: i am under nda I cannot tell you anything about that18:42
alintworaz: you and sledges are going on about having a tablet18:42
alinnext I will hear MSameer saying he has one too18:43
tworazhehe :P18:43
tworazpersonally I'm not a big fan of tablets18:43
alintworaz: anyhow my question till I can test myself... is can you get the position on google maps from browser?18:43
alintworaz: as long as they run fortran I am fine18:44
tworazwell, kind of18:44
tworazI'm indoors so I doubt the GPS will get a fix18:44
tworazbut it does manage to get my position somehow18:44
tworazprobably some IP based location18:45
tworazI'd say the position is off by ~40km18:45
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alintworaz: ok but works does not crash18:47
alinmal-: ^^^18:47
mal-alin: ?18:47
tworazalin: Yep it does work18:48
alintworaz: pinch zoom works18:48
tworazalin: It works, barely :P18:48
alinmal-: the gps in principle shall work in browser too18:48
mal-alin: ok, I'll try when I go out now18:49
alinmal-: enjoy18:50
tworazalin: One thing though, we do have a bug in Jolla bugzilla about a GPS related crash18:50
alintworaz: so jolla mediaplater is still gst0.118:50
alintworaz: for jolla?18:50
tworazalin: No idea18:50
alintworaz: was a statement not a question18:50
tworazalin: I generally don't track which apps still use gstreamer 1.018:51
tworazalin: browser so far is my main area of interest18:51
alintworaz: ok..18:52
mal-tworaz: but we have different gps provider on ported devices18:52
tworazmal-: I'm not saying the crash you get is the same18:52
tworazonly that we did get some GPS related crashes on Jolla phone18:52
tworazfrom what I see only one person got them so far18:53
mal-tworaz: and it seems to device dependent, I have no crashes, only n518:53
mal-only n5 has crashes18:53
tworazpossible, can't tell you much without some sort of info where it crashes18:53
tworaza stack trace would certainly be useful18:54
mal-tworaz: I made the code so I think I should be the best person to debug :)18:54
mal-appears to be some sort of memory related problem, which is quite annoying18:55
tworazwell, I have never been to gecko GPS integration layer so far18:56
tworazI did write GPS integration for chromium on Tizen, but this was a while ago18:56
mal-the problem is not in there, in the actual lower level provider18:56
alintworaz: you worked on tizen?19:08
alintworaz: i have the z1...19:08
tworazalin: Yep, Prior to joining Jolla I worked for Samsung19:08
tworazalin: Not a big fan of the platform, though19:09
tworazalin: How do you like your Z1?19:10
mal-alin: gps worked well with browser and gmaps19:38
alinmal-: when?19:38
mal-just now, came back from a run19:39
alinmal-: on your port?19:39
alinmal-: blimey...19:39
mal-although there was some issue when starting it from browser19:39
mal-it stopped it the first time I tried19:40
mal-no crashing just clean exit19:40
MSameeralin: what do I have?20:00
alinMSameer: tablet20:01
MSameeralin: which tablet?20:01
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alinMSameer: jolla20:01
MSameeralin: of course I have a jolla tablet as I am a jolla employee20:02
MSameeralin: in fact I have 3 :P20:02
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mal-alin: I did some debugging of gps and I still don't understand what the problem is, the code that I have in thread wrapper is ok, the valgrind errors come from android gps hal21:19
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NokiusMSameer: all good thinks are 3 :D21:35
alinNokius: not true... tits and cojones come in 221:56
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maikooolsledges: mal-: i did the git bisect sledges asked for, git tells me 3f8b65bf1ccf05c9869dace29351955d4bce742b is the first bad commit23:22
mal-maikoool: it think you should have taken the upstream manually using the mer-hybris libhybris does not contain the whole history23:31
maikoooli'll try that tomorrow then23:33
mal-just replace the libhybris subfolder with upstream23:34
maikooolok, and then i'll just use the upstream commit linked to my known working commit as the starting point23:35
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