Sunday, 2015-08-02

maikooolmal-: just using upstream doesnt compile, am i missing something here: hooks.c:52:22: fatal error: sys/auxv.h: No such file or directory00:23
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dr_gogeta86hi carepack08:02
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf08:10
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mal-maikoool: it does not compile on my system either, auxv.h should be added to extract-headers.sh08:29
dr_gogeta86hi mal-08:31
mal-dr_gogeta86: hi08:31
dr_gogeta86i'm near to give up08:31
dr_gogeta86touchpad is a mess08:31
mal-dr_gogeta86: I didn't quite understand the log last time, could you make a log that should annotation for the following, the first touch of the screen anywhere and multitouch08:35
mal-dr_gogeta86: since you say that it need to have multitouch to work?08:35
mal-and that first touch should quick so it will be only a single event08:38
dr_gogeta86evdev got right info08:38
dr_gogeta86but on compositor results may vary08:39
mal-what? evdev always should the touch correctly?08:40
dr_gogeta86in correct position08:40
mal-pastebin some output08:41
dr_gogeta86evdev inputs are ok08:45
dr_gogeta86somethin happens into composer08:45
mal-that does not make any sense08:45
dr_gogeta86i've still some firmware loading problems08:45
dr_gogeta86i've got a wifi driver with firmware loading wich require init patch to android to run08:46
dr_gogeta86and under mer ?08:46
mal-maikoool: but since the developers have it working maybe the next sailfish release is needed?08:46
mal-maikoool: this should be working
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Nokiushaha alin :-s09:01
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dr_gogeta86hi Nokius09:27
dr_gogeta86MSameer, you rocks09:47
* dr_gogeta86 PSA: huawei got camera too09:48
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mal-dr_gogeta86: nice10:04
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nh1402_is the swipe down from top to close app removed in the latest test image as to slowly transition into the new UI for SF 2.0?10:40
Stskeepzit's not removed, it's a setting somewhere?10:43
mal-nh1402_: in shortcuts settings10:44
dr_gogeta86Stskeepz, any possible cause of touchscreen inprecision ?10:45
dr_gogeta86evdev is ok10:45
Stskeepzdr_gogeta86: check if it's inprecision or stuck touches10:45
nh1402_ah right, thanks.10:50
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nh1402_logcat output: I removed the majority of the "layer handle is NULL" errors. Not sure if it's going to be of any use to find why touch stops working.11:07
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MSameerdr_gogeta86: thank you, what happened now? ;)11:58
dr_gogeta86jolla-camera still not works but with all problems with this crap12:02
dr_gogeta86touchscreen not works well12:02
dr_gogeta86wifi need some kind of sorceress to load firmwares12:03
dr_gogeta86sensors are in triage12:03
dr_gogeta86ril got two modems12:03
mal-dr_gogeta86: have you looked at how hammerhead does the firmware loading12:06
MSameerjolla camera will not work before the gst 1.x support branch gets released12:06
dr_gogeta86mal-, is a huawei specific crap12:07
dr_gogeta86MSameer, tnx12:07
dr_gogeta86Dazzozo, i think is the only person who can really help me12:08
dr_gogeta86for wifi and sensors12:08
mal-the idea should be similar I think12:08
* dr_gogeta86 Need to track this
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YngvarrHey, guys! Had somebody tried to port Sailfish OS to Sony Xperia SP?14:32
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maikoooli'm working on that14:43
maikooolas we speak Yngvarr14:43
maikooolYngvarr: progress is documented here:
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maikooolYngvarr: i can roll you a 'working' zip if you want to try it out14:46
maikooolthere's some features missing and it needs a specific libhybris commit but it works14:46
maikooolmobile data and texting works, wifi works, i partly fixed the backlighting issue, so it's pretty ok14:46
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Yngvarrmaikoool: That would be great.15:09
maikoooli need to revert my latest changes first15:12
maikooolwill take ~15 minutes or zo15:12
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maikooolYngvarr: i'm flashing it on my xperia sp now, to check if it still works, in the meantime it's uploading so it'll be done in ~5 minutes if all goes well15:36
Yngvarrmaikool: Nice!15:37
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maikooolYngvarr: note this not a finished image, there are some rough edges, also it is not official jolla phone, your warranty is now void etcetera etcetera15:49
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maikooolif you experience issues, just let me know, i'll take a look at it15:50
Yngvarrmaikoool: Of course! I'm ready to help you in any way I can.15:52
maikoooli'd recommend doing a full backup with trwp since i provided an image with twrp in it that always works15:53
maikooolunless this is a spare phone and you dont care about your data :P15:53
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energycsdxmaikool: any idead how to display boot animation?16:09
maikooolno idea, mine doenst have that too16:09
maikooolenergycsdx: mal- did got it working, maybe he knows16:09
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alinsledges: ping16:21
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sledgesalin: pong16:45
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alinsledges: ok so youtbe is sorted...16:48
alinsledges:  we needed to build few browser stuff in common16:48
alinsledges: xul embed qtmoz and browser16:48
alinsledges: now there is one step that needs to be done and I do not know how to do it..16:49
alinsledges: lock to some version... let us say today master... and then for browser and qtmoz the versions from github seems to be lower thn the ones coming from jolla...16:49
alinsledges: so you may need to up them somehow... I remember you did it before16:50
sledgesalin: fork, and tag in the fork. if 1.1.7 version is 0.1.2, we tag the needed old commit as
alinsledges: jolla ships
alinso.. I tag 37?16:58
alinsledges: ok done and pushed... not I ship this?17:02
alinsledges: or I sr back?17:02
sledgessr to common17:02
sledgesdon't touch upstream17:02
alinsledges: what do you mean sr to common?17:03
sledgessr is submit request17:03
sledgesin obs17:03
sledgespr is pull request17:03
sledgesin git17:03
sledgesso, what do you mean? :p17:03
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* sledges greetz Ztzkeepz17:04
alinsledges: ok so you do not a pr... I will change common to use my fork17:04
sledgesalin: yes17:04
alinsledges: how do I specify the tag?17:04
sledgesin <revision>17:04
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alinsledges:  vblabla or just blabla17:06
sledgesno v17:06
sledgesit's git revision17:07
sledgestag, sha1, they're all the same17:07
alinsledges: ok you can check on common to see if I broke a lot17:10
sledgesalin: 20:06 < sledges> no v17:17
alinsledges: was too late... I fixed it now17:17
alinsledges: fixed now .45 was already tagged I tagged .45.117:18
alinsledges: so we have only sensors and gps left broken17:19
sledgesalin: specify branch17:19
sledgesnow it's dirty:
alinsledges: I do somethign silly17:20
alinsledges: can you double check17:20
sledgesalin: token nemo perhaps?17:22
alinsledges: no idea what is that17:22
sledges there17:24
sledgesin case upstream has lots of commits with [tags]17:25
sledgesnot browser's case17:25
sledges(also tags, not only commits)17:25
mal-maikoool: I don't have boot animation, just a custom boot image17:27
energycsdxmal-: so you cat to framebuffer logo.lre?17:28
alinsledges: done I thin we are fine17:28
alinI will do an image later tonight and release it tomorrow17:28
alinsledges: apkenv/gps/sensors the things one needs to keep an eye on them17:29
mal-energycsdx: I just added a custom initlogo.rle to ramdisk17:31
mal-no need to do anything else17:31
Yngvarrmaikoool: It works pretty well.17:33
alinsledges: I wonder if I shall tag tge other ones too17:33
maikooolyeah, the backlighting is ugly17:33
alinsledges: xul and qtmoz17:33
maikooolbut the rest of it so far is pretty ok17:33
maikooolit's a lot more responsive then cm11 (at least on mine)17:33
maikooolexcept for settings menu, that has some strange issues17:34
maikooolYngvarr: did it work on first boot btw?17:34
sledgesalin: depends how new17:35
Yngvarrmaikoool: yep!17:35
alinsledges: master17:35
maikooolYngvarr: you happen to have a simcard with 4g data?17:35
Yngvarrmaikoool: yep, but I prefer WiFi connection/17:36
maikooolYngvarr: could you test for me if 4g is working, you can activate it by creating this file:
maikooolsince i dont have a spare 4g card lying around17:38
maikooolthx :D17:40
sledgesalin: no need, they're clean and equal or newer than in 1.1.717:44
alinsledges: newer17:45
alinsledges: so it updates properly when we do the image17:45
sledgesanything but older17:45
alinsledges: mal- any progress on the permissions?17:45
Yngvarrmaikoool: how can I get root access from sailfish's terminal?17:46
mal-Yngvarr: enable developer mode from setting by setting the password and the on terminal use devel-su17:47
maikooolYngvarr: if you ever want to build that image yourself, give me a ping cause the gist doesnt contain everything you need17:50
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sledgesalin: needs long thoughts, for now just hack in .ks18:04
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sledges(hm. maybe we could extend mic/.ks to specify the order of some, but i think that's in libzypp)18:37
Yngvarrmaikoool: well, it connects only with 3G, but I think it's because I'm outside of LTE zone now.18:41
maikooolah okay18:41
maikooolyou're using your SP as a daily driver Yngvarr?18:41
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Yngvarrmaikoool: do you mean GPS?18:46
maikooolno, i mean it as in is the Xperia SP the phone in your pocket during the day?18:46
maikooolif people call you, is it the Xperia SP that rings18:47
Yngvarrmaikoool: Yes.18:47
nh1402|mobilealin: if you swipe from the top even on the lock screen you get an option to lock the device, which locks and turns off the display. How long has that been there, never noticed before.18:47
maikooolthats a nice experiment then18:48
maikoooli'm not even sure if calling works properly18:48
maikooolif you need a stable phone, it's probably the best to flash back to cm and check back here in a month18:48
maikooolbut if you like living on the edge i wont stop you ;)18:49
Yngvarrmaikoool: I can use another phone instead and I'm a bit sick of android =)18:50
maikooolthen you're in the right place :D18:50
Yngvarrmaikoool: I will try to call someone tomorrow18:51
maikoooli just remembered, i disabled the proximity sensor so calling should work properly18:51
maikoooli dont know if you've ever used sailfishos before, but you can install openrepos warehouse to get an app store18:52
maikooolthat should contain stuff like a telegram and whatsapp client etcetera18:52
nh1402|mobileAlthough the WhatsApp client may eventually get you banned.18:53
maikooolgood reason to ditch that crap altogether18:53
maikooolwhatsapp is rubbish18:53
Yngvarrmaikoool: it's my first experience with Sailfish OS, so I will google about openrepos18:54
nh1402|mobileMy app is coming, but p2p messaging will take a while.18:54
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Yngvarrmaikoool: a'lright. There's a trouble with connecting to PC as storage device/19:02
maikoooltry again after disabling developer mode19:02
mal-Yngvarr: which mode did you select? mass storage or pc connection?19:05
Yngvarrmal-: mass storage19:05
nh1402|mobileI'd prefer people to ditch all of those and come to my messaging app.19:05
mal-Yngvarr: that tries to share the sdcard, it might fail due to wrong device19:06
maikooolwhat's wrong with telegram then nh1402|mobile?19:06
nh1402|mobileIts not my app :p19:06
maikooolwell, but at least you could write an app for it19:06
maikooolwhich is what i like about telegram19:06
nh1402|mobileMine has text formatting, sarcasm, italic, bold and underline, and will add strikethrough soon19:06
mal-Yngvarr: pc connection shares the /home/nemo/19:07
maikooolis it decentralized nh1402|mobile?19:07
maikooolthat'd be awesome19:07
maikooolcause if it is19:07
maikoooli'd drop all others19:07
maikoooland install yours right away ;)19:07
nh1402|mobileAt the moment its released as an alpha on the google play store. Only works through SMS atm, but once SMS is stable then I'll add p2p for server free online IM19:08
mal-Yngvarr: you can try to fix the mass storage by changing the device path in /etc/usb-moded/mass-storage-jolla.ini19:08
maikooolbut sms is why everyone now uses whatsapp, cause sms (used to be) idiotically expensive19:08
mal-it should point to the device that is sdcard, assuming you have one19:08
maikoool(i havent tested sdcard on xperia sp :P)19:09
Yngvarrmal-: I'll try.19:09
maikoool(so it might not work)19:09
mal-maikoool: I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work19:09
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maikoooli'm just saying it's not guaranteed to work :P19:11
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maikooollol: /dev/vda1: 263G in use19:12
maikoooli've become an android tree hoarder19:12
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Stskeepsmaikoool: i collected 1.4tb.19:15
Stskeepsdecided as part of my vacation to just stow the whole thing away on my backup server19:16
alinnh1402|mobile: as far as I know19:19
alinmaikoool: you telegram is on the common repo so mal if uses it can install it19:20
maikooolyou must have 30 devices :P19:20
* maikoool amazed19:21
YngvarrCU, guys!19:22
maikooolcya :)19:22
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nh1402|mobileStskeeps: How's your vacation going?19:25
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
Stskeepsnh1402|mobile: home for a ta19:27
Stskeepsthen onwards again19:27
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nh1402|mobileSounds good.19:33
Stskeepsyeah.. really good to get my batteries recharged19:34
nh1402|mobileEnjoy the rest of the summer, and the rest of your vacation!19:56
vakkovquestion: is there a native soundclound client for sfos20:08
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vakkovnh1402_mobile: yeah, i know about that; i was asking for something published :P thanks though20:27
nh1402_mobileIf that's the case I think the answer is not yet20:28
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nh1402_mobileBut I have no idea, not really into listening to music20:29
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Nokiusvakkov: someone was working on on e called soundfish20:35
Nokiusbut I don't remamber the name of the person on irc20:35
energycsdxsledges: where i can report bug in mic?20:40
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