Monday, 2015-08-03

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YngvarrHey, miakoool! I've done some tests, so voice calls work very well.05:28
YngvarrBut I have a problem with pkcon. When I try "pkcon install-local <package>.rpm" it says that ti can't find
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carepackYngvarr: try pkcon install -y libsailfishapp07:12
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Yngvarrcarepack: could not find package.07:15
carepackexecuted pkcon refresh or zypper ref?07:17
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Yngvarrcarepack: oops... I forgot about it.07:24
YngvarrWell, that works! Thanks!07:32
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alinsledges: Ii was looking into the image about changing the owners for radio09:19
alinsledges: shall I do it in post?09:19
sledgesalin: yep09:25
tathhuBack in the Jolla ship... soonTM09:28
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alinsledges: I see another thing... we so a source $VERSION_FILE10:04
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alinsledges:   84 sed -i "/%post --nochroot/a chown -R radio:radio /etc/lib/ofono" $KSFL10:08
alinthis does not look good tome10:08
alinlbt: I looked into the fortran thing again... if I try to build it as a separate package rebuilds c/c++ again10:10
alinso we do not get too much of a benefit...10:10
alinlbt: whom shall I convince to get it build with the rest...10:10
alinlbt: in terms of time is close to nothing since all the deps are build there10:11
sledgesalin: it's /var/lib/ofono10:12
alinsledges: yap... too early.. but correct otherwise?10:13
alinsledges: also I would like to remove telnet what do you think?10:14
alinsledges: I mean on this side the image is mature enough not do need telnet10:14
spiiroinanybody online having a device with touch not working after display power up?10:17
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tathhui like to use my touchscreen display off10:18
tathhuok sorry, i'm out.10:18
sledgesalin: lgtm; you can't disable telnet easily from hybris boot, and if we keep breaking zypper dup, telnet is still needed ;p10:19
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sledgestathhu: ?10:19
sledgesspiiroin: iirc nh1402_ had over the weekend10:20
alinsledges: what do you mean you cannot disable easy? is just in one place in init-debug10:20
tathhusledges: ? i have no idea what i'm talking about, no irc for me10:20
sledgesspiiroin: 14:07 < nh1402_> logcat output: I removed the majority of the "layer handle is NULL" errors. Not sure if it's going to be of any use to find why touch stops working.10:20
sledgesalin: too early to disable telnet10:21
nh1402_yep I have that problem10:21
spiiroinsledges: I found a glitch in mce evdev handling, might affect some devices - depends on how they report touch end10:21
alinsledges: I am not comfortable at all... supplying an image with telnet open... especially since quite few people claim to use it daily10:22
alinspiiroin: maybe we shall put a big notice10:22
tathhusledges: if you're asking what i did to my jolla, I sold it and now I'm ggetting used one :D10:22
sledgestathhu: lol ok, welcome back aboard:)10:23
spiiroinalin: I'll prep a fix anyway, but might be interesting to see if it makes any difference for someone who had reproducible problems10:23
sledgesalin: hmmm and public ip on mobile data..10:23
alinsledges: yap... that is the thing...10:25
alinspiiroin: prepare a fix for what?10:25
spiiroinalin: depending on how end-of-touch was reported -> might have blocked touch perpentually10:25
spiiroine.g. touch not working after display power up10:26
alinspiiroin: ok... I have never seen that one.. I have seen the one where you get access to notifications but you cannot start anything10:26
sledgesi also saw edge swipes work, but nothing else10:26
alinsledges: yap that one10:27
alinsledges: but nothing working after power up never seen10:27
spiiroinyeah, that is something else - but IIRC someone mentioned using two fingers makes a difference -> could be related to what I found10:27
sledgesalin: fair play, let's try to disable that telnet -- add option to sfa-mer? (in two places - 23 and 2323 telnets)10:27
alinsledges: found only in one place10:28
alin $EXPLICIT_BUSYBOX telnetd -p $TELNET_DEBUG_PORT -l /bin/sh10:28
sledgesmeans PORT changes, ok10:28
sledgesnh1402_: what was your touch freeze? total or edges still work?10:29
alinsledges:  sed -i "s|\$EXPLICIT_BUSYBOX telnetd|#EXPLICIT_BUSYBOX telnetd|g" /init-debug10:29
nh1402_edges still work10:29
dr_gogeta86hi guys10:29
alinsledges: this will do it in post10:29
alinnh1402_: spiiroin ok so is the same as us10:29
alinsledges: iirc in early stages starts on 2310:31
alinsledges: then later if things are cosher get on 232310:31
sledgesspiiroin: 13:29 < nh1402_> edges still work10:31
alinsledges: the issue is only with 232310:31
sledgesalin: fair10:31
sledgesdr_gogeta86: hi guy10:31
locusfah MINT, brings back memories when it was MEEGO Integration Tools :)10:32
dr_gogeta86back in the days10:32
sledgesgood old times! happy to say that new times are also good :D10:32
locusfyeah :)10:33
locusfheh old10:34
dr_gogeta86i hope in new stint for sailfish os10:34
locusfit was just 5 years ago :)10:34
dr_gogeta86this noon i'll going to convert yet another n9 user10:34
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tathhulinux mint? :P10:42
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alinmint? boys get on something stronger... other grass is available10:51
dr_gogeta86spiiroin, can you tell me more about mce glitch11:01
spiiroindr_gogeta86: mce assumes SYN_MT_REPORT events will be sent on touch release; some devices might use BTN_TOUCH=0 instead -> if that happens, touch can remain blocked under some circumstances11:05
dr_gogeta86quiet often11:06
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spiiroinit most likely would not explain any random problems, but new ports where touch just does not work could be because of this11:10
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dr_gogeta86spiiroin, my huawei is waiting for a decent working touchscreen11:11
dr_gogeta86even cameras works :D11:11
tathhuhuawei? .o11:11
dr_gogeta86a very cheap one11:11
dr_gogeta86dual sim but qcomm11:11
spiiroindr_gogeta86: you don't happen to have evdev trace from tap on the screen?11:12
spiiroinreview appreciated
mal-spiiroin: I found this from logs by dr_gogeta8611:28
alinspiiroin: all we can do it to add it in some image and test it11:28
spiiroinmal-: that has SYN_MT_REPORT, so should be ok even without the patch11:30
dr_gogeta86spiiroin, there are problem11:34
spiiroindr_gogeta86: hmm... it reports coordinates on release too. that might cause issues too11:36
dr_gogeta86help me11:37
spiiroindr_gogeta86: and tracking id that is != -111:39
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spiiroindr_gogeta86: also BTN_TOUCH=1 should be the 1st thing to report, not the last (some legacy requirement, no idea if it really needs to be so)11:58
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alinspiiroin: so that mce12:30
alinspiiroin: can I simply take it form your branch and put it in the image?12:30
alinspiiroin: so we can check if the crap appears back12:30
alinspiiroin: I see sledges gave you some lgbt so I will wait for merge12:32
spiiroinalin: merged & mce 1.58.1 tagged12:38
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alinspiiroin: cool12:41
alinspiiroin: I will build and image with it and let us see12:42
alinwe still have to see what makes the sensors to get all the energy12:42
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alinspiiroin: mce-dev is ok 1.17 or shall I get a more recent one?13:02
spiiroinalin: 1.17 is the latest13:02
alinspiiroin: good then... I roll the things13:03
sledgesalin: let's take this in : ?13:06
sledgesfor mtp13:06
alinsledges: ok I need to rebuild the dhd13:09
alinsledges: why is that not merged?13:09
sledgesuntested kernel panic13:10
alinsledges: ok then we do not take it in this image...13:10
sledgesunlikely, but happened during first versions13:10
alinsledges: the one after13:10
sledgesalin: what's the rush?13:10
alinsledges: none just to get the 1.1.7 out of the way... we get more people complaining about sensors13:11
alinsledges: maybe we get them sorted... the same with the gps13:11
sledgesalin: ok, let's see13:13
alinsledges: thought you want 1.1.7 out of the way13:13
alinwho is user 474?13:14
sledgesalin: all i said is that 1.1.7 should be released together with public sfos release13:14
alin474 and nemo are the ones that it complains about existence13:15
sledgesalin: another faf (frequently asked feature) is #16 from
alinsledges: yap and 7 was on 25?13:15
sledgesalin: i still see only early access13:15
alinsledges: ok I see then I got fouled by .2513:16
alinsledges: that I do not thnk it can be scripted ini13:17
mal-sledges: alin that patch has been confirmed to work on two different ports, so unlikely to fail on n5, of course testing is needed to verify13:17
sledgesalin: all can be scripted into .ks for now13:18
alinsledges: in the post?13:19
alinsledges: ok I will do it then...13:19
alinsledges: let me test that patch13:19
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sledges(btw, we could bring back 1.1.6 RPMs to droid-hal-hammerhead and build that only for _latest, and then create droid-hal-hammerhead-next where we'll be building for dev preview 1.1.7 repos only)13:21
sledgesin this way we wouldn't break gcc switchover etc in dhd bits13:22
sledgeseverything else shouldn't break zypper dup13:22
sledgesin most cases13:22
alinsledges: not going back to 1.1.613:23
alinsledges: 1.1.7 has all the bugs we had in 1.1.6 no point13:24
alinsledges: my issue is mce now13:24
alinkeeps pulling mce-1.55.1-10.4.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm despite 1.58 in common13:24
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alinsledges: phdeswer I do not see where exactly this applies
alini see two android.c in my tree13:28
sledgesalin: im talking about current 1.1.6 users who do zypper dup13:29
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sledgesalin: to kernel/lge/hammerhead13:29
alinsledges: too many things to be fixed with zypper dup... so I will not get into that now...13:30
phdesweralin: yep in the kernel tree hopefully13:30
alinsledges: proper install13:30
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alinsledges: my idea is to get 1.1.7 out and after that to worry about bugs and zypper dup13:45
alinsledges: now we have more or less all we need in13:45
sledgesjust saying for future cases13:45
alinsledges: makes little sense to invest all the time in working around gcc changes... 4.8 is here to stay... I do not see jumping to 5.0 soon13:46
sledgessfos2 might also introduce api changes13:46
sledgesim giving gcc ver as an example for breakages only13:46
alinsledges: but I doubt that will break zypper13:47
sledgesanything breaks the system through zypper dup what changes its api/abi13:47
alinsledges: if we do not update the dhd13:51
alinsledges: but if we update it shall not13:51
alinsledges: as long as we do not tell people update and we break we are fine13:52
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alinsledges: ok building now the new dhd13:58
sledgesalin: i told everyone to update14:14
sledgeson xda14:14
sledgesso they can test gps etc14:15
alinsledges: good to them not to many did it as I seen not complaints...14:15
alinsledges: oen thing I have learnt in more than 10y or linux... fixing a borked upgrade is much longer than a clean install...14:16
sledgesalso zypper dup is playground for OTAs14:19
alinsledges: yes but I think we shall concentrate on more important things14:20
alinsledges: oTA is a fancy thing for ubuntu people...14:20
sledgesOTA is daily blocker14:20
sledgesand also beta-blocker14:21
sledgeshowever, i agree - low hanging fruits first14:21
alinsledges: the problem with zupper dup at the moment is that so many packages in the distro were not created with that in mind14:21
alinif a user changes a config... zypper [d]up will wipe it out if the pakcage is involved14:22
sledgeswell, jolla uses version --dup - from packagekit14:22
sledgeswhere we'll switch to too14:22
sledgesif you spot a bug with zypper dup - report it in bugzilla14:23
sledgesthen we either switch to pkcon faster, or investigate the bug more closely14:23
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mal-sledges: still a question about libav, there is always the basic libav installed on sailfish, then there is the libav1 available on common and then there is the gstreamer1.0-libav, if the first is always present what makes the latter ones non-redist?15:26
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mal-sledges: and even cameraplus includes libav libraries inside the package15:46
*** mgrover <mgrover!5ad886c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:51
sledgesmal-: cam+ uses libav for thumbnails15:52
sledgesmal-: there should be no libav on sailfish non-jolla devices, or need to find what pulls in15:53
alinsledges: there is none installed by default15:54
mal-zypepr lists tracker and nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer-qt5-libav15:55
mal-and those are both needed by the base system15:56
alinmal-:  i think sledges has in mind gst-libav15:57
alinmal-: did you check what other users have problems?15:57
mal-I don't quite understand the gst-libav15:59
alinmal-: that is the gstreamer bunch which suppose to play mp3 and other fancy formats16:02
alinsledges: so it seems nothing works in post today16:10
sledgesmal-: MSameer explained what gst-libav does (in the logs)16:11
sledgesalin: /block/ ?16:11
sledgesalin: radio user should be available as dhd is already installed, add more debug info there16:12
MSameersledges: video thumbnailer for sailfish needs libav16:12
MSameersledges: and tracker too16:12
MSameermal-: gst-libav a plugin that uses system libav16:13
MSameermal-: libav1 is a newer libav that cam+ needs and sledges decided to put it in common16:13
sledgesjust like cam+ in common16:13
alinsledges: I think they are simply put in the wrong place16:13
alinsledges: in the live system they look ok16:14
sledgesalin: post --nochroot should be ok, if not, try %post16:14
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mal-so basically the ported images are always problematic in terms of licencing16:25
sledgesmal-: tracker doesn't produce/playback media per-se16:26
mal-then there is for example gallery which uses libav for thumbnails, so it will decode videos16:27
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sledgesmal-: for gst1 hw codecs are used, before that nothing could've ever been decoded unless gst-libav is installed, which wasn't16:30
mal-but it has to decode the video for thumbnails and it won't use hardware decoding for that16:31
mal-if I have understood it correctly16:32
sledgesnever gotten around to consider thumbnails, actual playbacks not working used to be centre of attention:)16:39
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alinsledges: ok I got an image17:01
alinsledges: the radio worked17:01
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:02
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:07
alinsledges: here it is
alinthis is a new build shall have in it all the goodies17:09
alinand no telnet17:09
sledgesnh1402_: Ford_Prefect ^ ?17:13
alinsledges: there is a bug in my telnet disabledment but the bug still disables the telent17:14
alinso we are cosher17:14
alinusb storage does not work17:14
alinphdeswer: ^^17:14
nh1402_downloading now17:14
alinnh1402_: the android magic is there17:16
alinbut does not work17:17
alinthe mount and usermod or not executed17:20
sledgesalin: android sdcard mount works?17:21
alinsledges: nope17:22
sledgesalin: you mean, mtp? you should use mtp-detect to test that17:22
sledgesand set to pc connection, iirc17:22
sledgesnot usb storage17:22
alinsledges: I can mount it by hand but then Android subfolders say no permission17:22
alinsledges: and mtp does not woek either17:22
sledgesalin: mtp, the patch is in the kernel?17:22
alinsledges: yes17:22
sledgesalin: ok, then could you pls update that ffs (functionfs) PR with test results?17:22
alinsledges: later tonight after I get a chance to phdeswer to debug.. maybe I did something stupid17:23
sledgesalin: the permissions have been added (media_rw)17:24
alinsledges: anyhow after i mount by hand I can see all the things in /android it simply in the image is not nice enough17:24
alinsledges: thought we may need some systemd service for that17:24
alinsledges: also the user does not seem to be in the media_rw group17:24
alinthere is no mtp-detect17:24
sledgesalin: then something not done till the end in .ks, yes a systemd script is much better :thumbsup:17:31
sledgesalin: mtp-detect is on your host, install on your linux17:31
mal-alin: check from usb-moded output if there are any problems related to mtp in there17:32
alinsledges: I checked the ks file seems to be done...17:33
alinI need to go in 15 min so I will check tonight when home17:34
Ford_Prefectsledges: probably won't get to test it this week or next (using the phone as my primary driver, and spent ages setting up stock Android on it)17:36
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:42
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux17:44
nh1402_sledges: While I have it installed, if there's anything specific you'd like me to test then let me know.17:50
sledgesnh1402_: provoke sensors to lock out?17:52
*** flyser <flyser!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:55
*** flyser <flyser!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
nh1402_hasn't seized on me yet, but the gps icon is flashing when it's off in the settings18:14
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:26
alinphdeswer: [ 1235.834609] scsi 8:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Linux    File-CD Gadget   0000 PQ: 0 ANSI: 218:47
alin[ 1235.835416] sd 8:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 018:47
alin[ 1235.838786] sd 8:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk18:47
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*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off19:04
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux19:10
alinsledges: ok looked into it19:31
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sledgesalin: is output above when choosing usb mass storage? tried PC connection?20:01
alinsledges: yes20:01
alinthe android issue is given by mount and usermod somehow failing20:02
alinall the rest is create in post20:02
alinanyhow for mount I can bet the correct solution is the systemd20:03
sledgesalin: then a .service would be best solution, and icely reside in hammerhead configs sparse20:03
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: relocating)20:03
alinsledges: now I do not know how to add the user to another group20:03
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stephgeveningles portipeeps20:48
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:55
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sledgesalin: that was in faq, #1621:18
sledgesstephg: ahoj!21:18
stephgsledges ohai!21:19
*** ganatronic <ganatronic!~ganatroni@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:19
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stephghows tricks sledges? it's summer, you should be on holiday and stuff!21:21
sledgesstephg: what's summer? :P21:21
sledges(i'm in UK :D)21:21
stephghaha you get used to it :D21:22
stephg*this* is summer :)21:22
sledgesbest is to go on holiday where summer's all year round (and i mean, summer summer:))21:22
sledgesso one can freely choose a holiday time ;)21:23
stephgholiday time is a state of mind :P21:23
* stephg excuses himself, has had a couple of beers21:23
alinstephg: if one executes by hand that... works21:24
alinsledges: ^^^21:24
stephgin any case, shirley summer is going to be here s00n?21:24
alinsledges: in the .ks is the problem to get it right21:24
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:28
* Nokius has summer in Berlin 32C today now 28C 21:28
Nokiusgn8 o/21:30
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*** tehsu <tehsu!~tehsu@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:38
sledgesstephg: no excuses, my mind is on holiday :P21:38
sledgesalin: so to put in a .service?21:38
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stephgbedtiem, catch on the TUESside, my porticles :D22:22
*** alin <alin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
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alinsledges: this is the systemd23:27
alinsledges: all we need is to put it in sparse... and needs enables23:27
alinno idea how to create the user to be in media_rw23:28
alinthough for read only is not needed23:28
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