Tuesday, 2015-08-04

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BluesLee_sledges, alin: hi, i read the logs and the dup discussions. get a stable 1.1.7 out asap as i broke 1.1.6 as i dupped for r & d purposes :-) and there should be a clear strategy regaeding system upgrades in future..05:57
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carepackhi locusf!07:21
locusfheya carepack07:21
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carepackyou're everyday one of the first here ;)07:23
* tathhu wants to pick up jolla today :-(07:24
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alinsledges: ping07:56
sledgesalin: pong07:57
alinsledges: did you see my email on mounting?07:57
alinsledges: posted you the .mount07:57
alinmal-: I have a theory on the gps...07:58
alinmal-: is it possible that the low bits we wuse on hammerhead cm11 are different from the ones you use?07:58
alinsledges: no mail... was a paste07:58
sledgesalin: didn't get07:59
sledgesalin: found now08:01
sledgesalin: page not found: http://paste.opensuse.org/5252788808:01
alinsledges: ok I will post again08:01
sledgesalin: to add user to media_rw, you need to use oneshot08:02
sledgesit's run on first boot, and then never again08:02
alinsledges: ok08:02
alinsledges: http://paste.opensuse.org/6962504908:03
alinsledges: I will have to see how this oneshow can be done08:03
mal-alin: that's my guess also, however the api should be the same08:07
alintbr: ping08:09
tbralin: pong?08:11
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tbr"meh", done09:57
mal-sledges: I tried using sd-utils (with a modification to tell it the correct device path) but it won't index10:01
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spiiroinreview/testing appreciated MER#85910:21
spiiroin^ leds for yuga, i9300, vision and ace devices -  I can myself only test that it does not break jolla phone10:21
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alinphdeswer: when U try to use as usb storage... with the patch I get qtn_usb_mount failed10:59
phdesweralin: that usually means remounting fails when disabling it11:00
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phdesweralin: so you need to check your mount point config11:01
alinphdeswer: that meaning?11:03
phdesweralin: well the partition you try to export. It needs to be mounted/unmounted somehow cleanly. So for usb-moded to work the two following commands need to work11:04
phdeswer  # umount <path-to-partition> and # mount <path-to-partition>11:04
alinphdeswer: on device or on host?11:05
phdesweralin: Well on the device. That is where you are trying to do some magic11:06
sledgesphdeswer: is usb storege == mtp ?11:07
phdeswersledges: nope11:08
phdeswerusb-mass-storage is like the usb stick stuff, MTP is pc-suite11:08
phdeswerand is of course using the MTP protocol11:08
sledgesalin: ^11:11
alinsledges: yap... that I knew...11:12
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sledgesalin: i was under impression from earlier, you were testing mtp with usb storage mode, so just doublechecked11:13
phdeswerJust a note. To be in line with the USB spec, charging mode is a fake empty mass-storage profile.11:14
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phdesweralin: Just a note. To be in line with the USB spec, charging mode is a fake empty mass-storage profile.11:14
sledges14:13 < sledges> alin: i was under impression from earlier, you were testing mtp with usb storage mode, so just doublechecked11:15
dr_gogeta86spiiroin, you know leds works out the box on the huawei11:16
alinsledges: nope... I was a little bit surprised you were asking me to use mtp-toolto debug it11:16
alinsledges: anyhow that is not workign either11:18
sledgesalin: because i don't have windows, and mtp-detect is a linux tool to verify11:19
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alin_phdeswer: which partition shall be that?11:23
phdesweralin_: well which partition/path to device are you trying to export?11:23
phdeswerIt is something you have to define yourself11:24
alin_phdeswer: n511:24
alin_phdeswer: ok maybe that is why is not working11:24
phdesweralin_: well n5 is a device. And yes that is why it is not working ;) You need to decide on an export path. I put some sdcard path in there in the default config, and that might sometimes work if an sdcard is in the device11:26
phdesweralin_: here https://together.jolla.com/question/10002/alternative-to-mtp-usb-mass-storage/ I have published a tutorial to do it on the phone. Of course the fake device etc are not needed if you have some partition or sdcard that can be unmounted and remounted easily11:27
alin_phdeswer: ok we need to look at the conf and add it in sparse... I will add it on my list for later11:27
phdesweralin_: no prob ;) Just hope that the example there + the doc in the git tree are clear enough11:29
alin_phdeswer: no worries I will ping you ...11:32
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BluesLee_alin: you sorted out the youtube issue, tethering too, what is the issue you are hunting currently, mount issue when on usb?14:27
alin_BluesLee_: sensors and gps14:28
BluesLee_sledges: assume you do not see wifi in your settings at all, what would you do?14:28
BluesLee_alin: both are buggy on 1.1.6 too14:28
sledgesBluesLee_: install jolla-settings-layout14:29
sledgesnh1402_: alin_: is it confirmed that touch lock-out is still present in 1.1.7 ?14:29
BluesLee_alin: and the first one is complicated i think, too many different bugs around sensors14:30
nh1402_It hasn't locked out for me yet14:30
nh1402_but I'm not currently in Sailfish atm as I'm working on my app right now14:30
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BluesLee_alin: assume that the layout package is installed14:31
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mal-alin_: you are using that debug enabled version of gps provider from here https://build.merproject.org/package/show/nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead/geoclue-provider-hybris-community14:32
alin_mal yes14:32
alin_mal-: debug enabled.. I have a -g14:32
mal-have you provided me logs of the crash from that version? so I can see where it happens14:33
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BluesLee_sledges: what is the correct wifi module ro be loaded?14:37
mal-alin_: ^14:40
alin_mal-: yes... but you said you have already seen it14:41
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sledgesBluesLee: bcmdhd.ko14:45
locusfgtab 3 recovery building14:48
mal-alin_: I can't remember at all what was in it14:51
mal-alin_: can't find it in logs, could you give it again14:52
alin_mal-: sorry not time now I will ping you some time later after I finish the other things I promised to do14:53
mal-alin_: ok14:55
mal-alin_: is the output always the same if it fails?14:56
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sledgesalin_: can this be because the latest droid-hal-hammerhead-kernel-modules provides -dirty? does 1.1.7 wlan work for you? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62176445&postcount=45616:43
alin_sledges: I did not try As I do not have a wireless to connect to16:44
alin_sledges: yes seems to work16:45
alin_sledges: connected to one of these networks that redirects in browser16:45
sledgesalin_: and if you do ls -l /lib/modules/ ?16:46
sledgesalin_: i think it's -dirty because you hand-patched kernel instead of pulling it from Philippe's branch, but it shouldn't cause a big issue though16:50
alin_sledges: no idea... nm went astray I cannot ssh into the mchine but seems to connect to wireless...16:54
sledgesalin_: what's under /lib/modules ?16:55
alin_sledges: 3.4.0---blabla-dirty16:57
alin_sledges: but I checked there  is no porn in it16:57
sledgesnh1402_: ping16:57
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nh1402_sledges: pong16:58
sledgesnh1402_: forgot that you and Ford_Prefect can't test this week :) when you can, could you boot to 1.1.6 and do ls -l /lib/modules pls?16:58
alin_sledges: can-t we just unzip the zip and check?16:59
sledgesalin_: i will want to perform zypper dup on there too16:59
alin_sledges: I told you I did it already...16:59
nh1402_I can test (after 6pm GMT), I already have tested yesterday evening.16:59
alin_sledges: it breaks the system..16:59
alin_sledges: due to gcc17:00
alin_sledges: I have an 1.1.6 installed that probably I will not use anymore I can check on that17:00
sledgesalin_: it doesn't matter what gcc version kernel was compiled in17:00
sledgesnh1402_: thanks:)17:01
alin_sledges: without -dirty on 1.1.617:03
sledgesalin_: this could've broken things17:08
alin_sledges: broken what?17:09
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nh1402_sledges: https://bpaste.net/show/d9f915833c6017:11
sledgesalin_: wlan on 1.1.617:12
sledgesnh1402_: rpm -q droid-hal-hammerhead-kernel-modules17:12
nh1402_sledges: https://bpaste.net/show/8a41c3aa34f117:12
sledgesnh1402_: means you ran zypper dup on there recently17:14
sledgesnh1402_: does your wlan work?17:14
nh1402_i ran those commands via ssh over wifi17:16
nh1402_also touch just seized up for the first time17:16
sledgesnh1402_: which version are you now on?17:16
nh1402_5ghz wasn't connecting somce booting but 2.4GHz is/was can't tell since touch froze.17:17
sledgesnh1402_: it sounds like you're on 1.1.7, could you multi-reboot into 1.1.6 ?17:17
nh1402_I believe I am on 1.1.7. I will try but will take a while have to transfer the image back to the device and install it17:18
sledgesif you're on 1.1.7, means we still have touch lockups, what sequence of actions made them lock?17:18
sledgesnh1402_: are you not on multirom or just saving space/backing up?17:18
nh1402_all I did was go into settings, and switch from 5ghz to 2.4ghz ssid, and then ran those commands via ssh17:19
nh1402_saving space17:19
nh1402_still have space to save image and install, after doing some cleaning up17:20
sledgesnh1402_: let's see if it will be faster for alin_ to quick check dup on 1.1.617:28
alin_sledges: no is not faster... I will need to go home first17:28
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nh1402_I've booted into alpha1217:33
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:34
nh1402_sledges: would you like me to run the same commands17:38
sledgesnh1402_: check for dirty first to doublecheck with alin17:38
sledgesnh1402_: yes, and then that rpm -q17:38
nh1402_check for dirty?17:39
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sledgesalterego: ls -l /lib/modules17:40
nh1402_sledges: https://bpaste.net/show/742a626537fc17:44
sledgesnh1402_: thought so17:45
sledgesjust what alin saw17:45
sledgesnh1402_: now the rpm -q bit17:45
sledgesi already see from a date you haven't zypper dupped yet17:45
sledgesnh1402_: thanks, now if you do zypper ref; zypper dup and paste the output? (don't press Y yet)17:49
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BluesLee_sledges: is this a wlan repair workshop? i am in17:49
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BluesLee_sledges: same issue as described on xda with 1.1.617:50
sledgesBluesLee_: lol yea! if you already broken it, i posted a oneliner to try on same xda ;)17:51
BluesLee_sledges: i don't see initial issues with 1.1.717:51
sledgesmal-: pressure is mounting about cm12.1 status from htc desire z porter ;)17:51
nh1402_sledges: https://bpaste.net/show/0f938b28b61117:51
hamptinAnyone know: If I port sailfish to an unactivated phone (e.g. not on a phone plan), would I then have trouble getting it activated? Should I activate it first while the device has an android rom?17:53
mal-sledges: I am planning update the patches for cm12.1 repos from aosp5.1 branch tonight17:54
sledgesmal-: yoohoo!17:54
locusfmal-: \o/17:54
mal-I already have the patches ready17:55
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BluesLee_sledges: invalid module format17:55
sledgesBluesLee_: ah! the kernel didn't get flashed during dup, because it's in multirom17:59
sledgesso a very good catch, thanks for trying that oneliner:)18:00
BluesLee_sledges: you are welcome, let's move forward with the repair workshop :-)18:01
BluesLee_sledges: i guess this is not easy as there is no one liner18:03
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sledgesnh1402_: pls download this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cgeg17vcdielw6/bcmdhd.ko?dl=018:11
sledgesthen do rmmod bcmdhd; insmod bcmdhd.ko (to where you have downloaded the new one)18:11
sledgeslast two commands - as root18:11
sledgesi'm just checking which revert to do18:11
sledgesthis .ko is from https://build.merproject.org/package/show/nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead/droid-hal-hammerhead?rev=2218:12
nh1402_in which rom18:12
sledgesif rmmod fails, then we'll need to do a bit differently18:12
nh1402_do I press y or n for the previous command18:13
sledgesnh1402_: n18:13
nh1402_rmmod: command not find18:18
sledgesnh1402_: devel-su rmmod...18:18
nh1402_rmmod: ERROR: Module bcmdhd is in use18:20
nh1402_and yes wifi is turned off18:20
sledgesnh1402_: no worries, devel-su mv /lib/modules/3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g8184f29/bcmdhd.ko /home/nemo/bcmdhd.ko.orig18:21
sledgesdevel-su cp PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED/bcmdhd.ko /lib/modules/3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g8184f29/18:22
sledgesdevel-su reboot18:22
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sledgesnh1402_: then tell if you still got wlan18:22
alinsledges: connected to wireless properly on a clean image18:24
sledgesalin: problem found18:25
sledgesworking on the fix18:25
sledgesit's not gcc18:25
alinsledges: is libc or something18:25
sledgesis kernel upgrade not working on zypper dup on multiroms18:25
sledgesso we'll revert dhd and make dhd-next for now, if you agree18:25
sledgesis good blueslee found that out, so that's one step closer to ota (at least identified the hurdle for now)18:26
nh1402_its still working, but you have to select from scanned networks and connect again, doesn't seem to connect to the saved networks from before18:27
nh1402_sledges: ^18:30
sledgesnh1402_: one more reboot?18:30
alinsledges: is a waste of time at this moment to debug zypper dup crap18:30
alinsledges: you will get with a variety of bugs... my opinion is to concentrate on features working and once we have them18:30
alinwe can start zypper dup18:30
sledgesalin: i'm fixing the broken wlan, if other bugs pop up that won't be critical18:30
sledgesin future it will break again like this, and is also on the ota path18:31
sledgesthis situation is also ideal to inject a fix into 1.1.6 to see a kernel upgrade correctly on mrom, i already have ideas for that18:35
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BluesLee_sledges: thanks, works18:40
sledgesBluesLee_: you took the .ko? good, but now we need to fix for the rest of peeps18:40
sledgesBluesLee_: does it reconnect to old APs automatically after reboot?18:41
BluesLee_sledges: for me it did, i copied the module to both folders, dirty and not dirty18:41
sledgesrighty, ok, thanks!18:42
sledgesalin: permission to do the magic?18:43
alinsledges: you can do whatever you want zypper dup is simply something i have zero interest in18:47
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nh1402_sledges: working now, don't know what happened before18:54
nh1402_must have just been my connection18:54
sledgesnh1402_: probably timing18:54
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
sledgesnh1402_: when dust settles, i'll ask you to zypper dup soon18:54
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sledgesnh1402_: pls do (you can paste the output of zypper ref; zypper se -s droid-hal-hammerhead; zypper dup)19:01
sledgesonce again19:01
sledgesbefore pressing y19:01
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nh1402_sledges: https://bpaste.net/show/7b1521b9989e19:03
sledgesnh1402_: press Y19:03
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sledgesnh1402_: reboot19:07
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nh1402_and I'm back in, wifi still works19:10
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sledgesnothing else matters ;) (i.e. some bugs might pop due to this upgrade, but wlan was our aim)19:12
sledgesi'll tell xda the good news, thanks nh1402_ for testing!19:12
nh1402_any time (providing it's after 6pm on weekdays, or if I'm free on the weekend)19:13
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sledgesmal-: locusf: fiy: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84519:20
merbotNemo bug 845 in Hybris-ing "[aosp5] patch "allow nemo to register services"" [Normal,New]19:20
mal-sledges: I updated some of the cm12 patches, haven't yet tried to build due to some repo sync issues19:25
sledgesmal-: oki19:27
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mal-sledges: btw, my kernel works again after reformatting the internal partitions with the new kernel and updating also cm19:32
nh1402_sledges: so now we're one step closer to OTA's?19:37
sledgesnh1402_: yes19:38
sledgesalin: pls push 1.1.7 dhds to https://build.merproject.org/package/show/nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead/droid-hal-hammerhead-next19:40
sledgesmic will automatically pick those up19:40
alinphdeswer: ping19:45
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phdeswerhi alin19:53
alinphdeswer: ok so the android file you speak in the post is specific for each device19:54
alinphdeswer: which is cool but what do I need to put in it19:54
phdesweralin: well for mass-storage you need something you can export as a full fs. So a partition on the device, an sdcard or a fake filesystem like in my post19:56
phdeswerYou have anything like that?19:56
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alinphdeswer: sorry my inet is crap like hell... let us hope now will be better... finished with proxy and vpn20:07
phdeswerno worries alin20:08
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piggzlo *20:32
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off20:33
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux20:34
sledgeshi piggz20:35
*** ernesti <ernesti!~ernesti@hib2.kyla.fi> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
sledgesmal-: that's the man who wants to take hybris cm12.1 on holiday with him:)20:38
piggzsledges: may not get it synced tonight tho...still packing!20:43
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sledgespiggz: we may not be able to give anything syncable either through tonight;)20:52
piggzsledges: thats fine ... i get wifi in the hote complex :)20:54
piggzsledges: the ace is packed in my laptop bag20:54
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* stephg has chocolate21:22
sledgesthat might help21:26
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*** beidl_ is now known as beidl21:43
beidlhello hello, fine folks. long time no see.21:44
sledgeslocusf: mal-: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_build/commits/hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r5 (for logs and references, should build better on trimmed manifests)21:49
sledgesbeidl: ohoy! long time no c/cpp :D21:49
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beidlsledges: o/ rather: long time no undefined reference in vtable :D21:50
sledgesbeidl: oh that's a nasty error to fix, might take time :D21:50
beidlsledges: one would say those problems are literally "virtual" haha21:51
sledgesi'd love to stay and chat, but's been a long day without you my friend, and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again21:52
beidlhow's porting going? I might take a stab at fixing oneplus one related issues :)21:52
sledgeserm, i meant to say - retiring to the dreamland for tonight :))21:52
sledgesbeidl: stab that blastard for good!21:52
beidlhaha no problem, I'm going to be here more often now21:52
sledgesbeidl: vgrade's 1+1 lab notes: http://pastebin.com/QKWsRXP521:53
sledgescan take off from hybris-11.0 repo init, that one's stable enough21:53
beidlholy cow, a lot of notes21:53
beidlok, awesome, thank you!21:53
sledges= a lot of not upstreamed ;P21:53
sledgeshave a lot of fun!21:54
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off21:54
beidloh my god haha, that's going to be fun vacation time haha21:55
Nokiusbeidl: I assume wifi fails cos the script has wrong exit status check my find5 repo i fixed the script :)22:06
beidlNokius: awesome, thanks for the hint!22:07
beidlNokius: find5 and bacon should be pretty similar, how's ofono/calling doing there?22:07
Nokiusno find7 but I have to less time to build SFOS for it :,(22:08
Nokiusbeidl: waiting for sailor feedback22:08
* Nokius gn822:19
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alinspiiroin: bad news... no touch again..22:46
alinspiiroin: and the worst.. I cannot connect into the phone to see22:47
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