Wednesday, 2015-08-05

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locusfwtf kernel lives in /dev/block/pci/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/by-name/BOOT03:15
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oh1jtysonyericsson mk16 status page should be updated: camera is not working properly (sometimes viewfinder works and camera picture is visible, but it wont take pictures)04:56
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locusfmal-: ready when you are for cm12.106:09
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Nokiusbeidl: gps should work to mal-  made glue for us if u have issue with BT let me know I have there a fix to07:17
Nokiusbeidl: yeap vgrade notes are pure gold :D07:17
* Nokius afk07:17
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sledgesmal-: i didn't know xperia pro was also alled mk16 :) ^^07:21
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sledgesoh1jty: welome back! :D07:21
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oh1jtysledges: thanks :D07:35
oh1jtyi'm still working with the moto xt897, but in meantime playing with xperia pro sailfish port :D07:36
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sledgesoh1jty: and how is it going with the good old moto?07:37
oh1jtysledges: display problem still exists :(07:39
oh1jtybtw. I tried device lock on xperia pro, worked fine till I decied to boot the phone, now it asks for lock code but does not accept it :D07:40
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sledgesoh1jty: did you go through faq to address display problem?07:42
sledgesoh1jty: if you still have telnet, you can clear your code via cmdline07:43
sledgesoh1jty: /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/devicelock/encpartition --clear-code 1234507:44
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oh1jtysledges: of course I have still telnet enabled :D07:51
oh1jtysledges: what faq do you referer ?07:51
oh1jtysledges: does not help to clear the code, I think there is a bug in device lock07:51
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sledgesoh1jty: did you run it as root, and reboot?07:55
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oh1jtysledges: yes as root, will do an reboot08:13
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oh1jtysledges: I will check that faq thru to see which things I have allready tried08:14
oh1jtysledges: no reboot did not help08:15
oh1jtysledges: as my first code was correct, as I changed few settings before reboot and the system asked for the locking code accepted it and made the setting changes08:16
oh1jtybut after reboot it jst says incorrect code, there must be some problem with the encrypted partition08:16
oh1jtyhow is the device lock made, is there a encrypted partition somewhere ?08:17
sledgesoh1jty: the package which handles with non-jolla devices is called jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfe08:18
sledgesdo you have it? and has it ever worked? i don't know more intricacies of that one i'm afraid08:19
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oh1jtythis was the first time i tried device lock on this mk16 port08:24
oh1jtyyes it's there:08:24
oh1jtysh-3.2# rpm -qa | grep jolla-device08:24
oh1jtydoes devicelock have any log ?08:25
oh1jtyso it's an encrypted container of some sort:08:26
oh1jtysh-3.2# cd /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/08:26
oh1jtysh-3.2# ls -a08:26
oh1jty.  ..  .devicelock.enc  .devicelock.time  .sfa_lock.enc  devicelock.conf  devicelock_settings.conf08:26
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oh1jtyIt worked, I deleted the .devicelock* and .sfa* files08:30
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sledgesall's well:)08:39
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alinspiiroin: lock was back08:51
alinspiiroin: I do not remember if I rebooted last night08:51
spiiroinalin: device lock? Jonni knows more about that08:54
alinspiiroin: touch screen lock08:54
alinspiiroin: the one you asked to test with the mce08:54
spiiroinaa.. ok, you mean touch-does-not work flavor issues?08:55
Jonniin sfa lockcode uses wlan0 mac as seed, so in ports you need to make sure that mac doesnt change between reboots. Or you get incorrect code error.08:56
spiiroinalin: can you still log in to the device?08:57
alinspiiroin: nope I could not last night08:58
alinspiiroin: but yes I can... but since I restarted there is no log08:58
spiiroinalin: and now that you could log in, the touch works?08:58
alinspiiroin: yes after you reboot it works08:59
alinspiiroin: the problem with not being able to log was cause I had it on always ask... and could not connect it via usb08:59
alinspiiroin: as far as I know we have the network persistent09:00
alinspiiroin: the wlan09:00
JonniI was thinking of updating sfa lockcode handling after my holidays, so it would cope the situations of changes in wlan mac.09:00
spiiroinalin: you could enable persitent journal, so you would not lose the logs if you need to reboot09:01
sledgesJonni: oh1jty: we should address wlan mac changes - as that should never happen (otherwise it never remembers APs it connected to before)09:02
Jonniah yes connman doesnt like changes in wlan mac eiher.09:02
spiiroinalin: and perhaps change mce.service to be a bit more verbose: ExecStart=/usr/sbin/mce --systemd -v09:02
sledgesis way more annoying for every user than a device lockout for those few who used devicelock (not saying latter is unimportant though:)))09:03
spiiroinalin: any chance you have ps-can-block-touch enabled? or the default=disabled? mcetool | grep blocked09:04
spiiroinTouch can be blocked by ps:          disabled09:04
spiiroinif it is enabled, proximity sensor hiccups can cause problems on bootup09:05
alinspiiroin: of course no mce-tool installed by default09:09
alinspiiroin: and I have no inet access on the bloody phone09:09
alinspiiroin: is there any config?09:09
spiiroinalin: try this: grep proximity_blocks_touch /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values /etc/mce/*.conf09:10
spiiroinno hits = good09:11
alinspiiroin: no hits...09:11
alinspiiroin: no *.conf in /etc/mce09:11
spiiroinalin: no conf is ok too, just means there are no overrides for built-in defaults09:12
spiiroinalin: with verbose mce it should be possible to determine from logs if mce is blocking touch when you have issues or not09:14
spiiroinalin: so we would know at least if it is mce or ui side issue09:14
spiiroinalin: even better if you can log in to the device when it happens: use evdev_trace / something that reads touch evdev node -> if it gets the events, ui should too09:16
mal-oh1jty: is the problem reproducible? resolution dependent or something?09:16
spiiroinalin: evdev_trace is in mce-tools.rpm too, so if you can get that installed it would be helpful09:17
alinspiiroin: I will try but rarely happens when at computer09:17
alinspiiroin: yes I will once I get a connection09:17
mal-sledges: yes, all sony devices have also another codename09:19
oh1jtymal-: which problem are you referring ?09:29
oh1jtysledges: went for 1hour nap and now lock is on again09:33
oh1jtyfile .devicelock.time is back in the folder09:33
oh1jtyafter reboot, the screen is wihtout lock and if I go to devicelock settings it says there is no devicelock activated09:34
oh1jtyi think it enables devicelock after 10minutes (that was default setting when I first activated the lock)09:34
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mal-oh1jty: the camera problem09:36
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oh1jtysledges: yes there is clearly big problem with the devicelock, I enabled the devicelock via gui with code 12345, all went fine it accpted new code, after that closed settings, went back nad tried to remove the code did not work complained that it's wrong code :D09:39
mal-oh1jty: the camera problem in mk16i I mean09:41
oh1jtyclearly this feature should not be used atleast on this port09:41
oh1jtymal-: did not change resolution, tried with evertyhing default09:41
oh1jtymal-: it complained seomthing about the resolution in the log the first time09:42
mal-oh1jty: yes, it's missing the default resolutions, I forgot those09:42
mal-oh1jty: so you are using that port, good to know that people are interested :)09:43
mal-oh1jty: try to set the higher 16:9 resolution from the program and see if the problem continues09:44
oh1jtymal-: okay, I will try if that helps09:44
oh1jtymal-:  yes I think there is going to few others that are going to try this port on their mk16, as the phone is very nice only has slow default OS :D09:45
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mal-oh1jty: what your opinion on the usability of sailfish on the device?09:46
oh1jtyregarding the devicelock problem, I got it solved by deleting .devicelock.time file and changing nemo\devicelock\automatic_locking=10 -> nemo\devicelock\automatic_locking=-1 in devicelock_settings.conf after reboot it did not anymore create the .time file and seems to work09:47
sledgesoh1jty: could you file a bug then?
oh1jtymal-: it's my wifes main phone (only phone) and it's getting better every day, almost everything needed is working, only one android app is missing (blogger) if I get that working somehow then it's going to stay with sailfish09:48
oh1jtymal-: it sometimes little slow and sometimes some apps hangs for while, but 80% time it's faster than the default android09:49
sledgeswow oh1jty ! mal- well done!09:50
oh1jtymal-: how do I change the resolution :D09:50
mal-oh1jty: swipe from left to right and you'll get settings in the camera program09:51
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oh1jtymal-: aahh, last time tried it crashed on swipe left/right so I did not try it again :)09:52
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oh1jtymal-: megapixel was 7.5M before change viewfinder worked but was lagging and could not take pictures, now it's 5.9M dfoes not lag and takes pictures :D09:54
oh1jtymal-: thanks for the help :)09:54
sledgesoh1jty: does it take pictures with 7.5M set again?09:55
mal-oh1jty: I remember seeing similar problem before09:56
mal-oh1jty: no problem, good that problems are solved this easily :)09:57
mal-next version will have proper fix09:57
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oh1jtysledges: yes it takes!, but it's somewhat slower than 5.9M which is very fast you can point and shoot photo after photo10:02
oh1jtymal-: heh yes this was easy fix :)10:02
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oh1jtyso now google mail works via native sailfihs email app, google talk (hangouts) works very nicely via hangish, google contact sync works also very good10:09
oh1jtyeven the qwerty works very good, this has made me think of ordering a brand new sony ericsson mk16 for myself also, this works so good :D10:10
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sledgesoh1jty: thanks for reporting the bug on devicelock10:16
oh1jtysledges: no problem :)10:17
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mal-oh1jty: you can fix hiding virtual keyboard by running zypper ref iyokan; zypper dup --from iyokan10:27
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oh1jtymal-: okei thanks, i will try12:30
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oh1jtyit works, had some error on rpm installation ja text input interface was little laggy13:04
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mal-oh1jty: can you remember whsat the error was?13:19
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mal-oh1jty: btw, if after update (via zypper dup) the device seems very laggy, reboot the device, I have noticed that sometimes systemd goes crazy and will consume a lot of cpu, when shutting down in that situation the device might not turn off but instead the led is red for a long time, then just remove battery13:21
mal-oh1jty: you might have that situation now if there is some lag13:22
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oh1jtymal-: I rebooted the deivce but it hanged so I forced shutdown14:29
oh1jtymal-: Installing: mce-1.58.0-10.12.1.jolla ................................................................................................[done]14:29
oh1jtyAdditional rpm output:14:29
oh1jtyFailed to issue method call: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.14:29
oh1jtynothing serious14:29
sledgesthat's non-error14:29
mal-oh1jty: that sometimes happens also when systemd goes crazy14:31
mal-oh1jty: does it work better after reboot?14:31
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alinspiiroin: mce-tools installed so let us have a look16:00
alinsledges: so you added in patterns dhd-next?16:03
sledgesalin: doesn't matter how obs project is called16:04
sledgesthey both produce droid-hal-hammerhead RPMs16:04
sledgesjust into different repos16:04
sledgesno change in patterns needed16:04
alinsledges: ok you have provides... all over the place16:05
sledgesi didn't write/modify a single code line16:05
alinsledges: iirc they are already there... I remember wanted to say they are useless... but I am used with one package the same name as the provides16:05
sledgesalin: that is never a rule, e.g.
sledgesalso they provide packages with mixed prefix names too16:07
alinsledges: he he... try to do that in opensuse... does not work...16:07
sledges(dhd->droidmedia; dhc->ssu-kickstarts etc)16:07
sledgesthen you lose out on encapsulation16:07
alinsledges: droidmedia is in there... just because I could not find any other place to throw binary blobs16:08
alinsledges: anyhow tat worked fine16:08
sledgesalin: that is just one among many examples, used and abused in the past16:08
alinsledges: today got pissed of with git again... now I hit some other insanity... sys admins... you can create branches... but you cannot delete them16:09
alinsledges: like having to use force to do anything on a tree was not enough16:10
sledgesalin: locally: git branch -D NAME16:10
sledgesalin: remotely: git push :refs/heads/NAME16:10
sledgesalin: remotely: git push REMOTE :refs/heads/NAME16:10
alinsledges: yes i know16:11
sledgesyou force push only during pull requests, where you fix according to other's comments, and keep history clean16:13
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alinsledges:  this was on some other git provider...16:34
alinsledges: nope you have to -f to any push that involves remote stuff... even for amend which looks to me silly...16:35
sledgesalin: amend is also a fix16:36
alinsledges: the -f is my ire16:38
sledgesalin: use the --force16:41
sledgesit's wednesday afternoon quiz time! quizzitty quiz!16:51
stephgeveryone loves a quiz!16:51
sledgesQuestion 1 out of 1: what do you think this post means:
stephgthe hamster is going on holiday?16:52
stephgthe hamster is being replaced?16:52
stephgOMG TWO HAMSTERS???!16:52
sledgesi believe two of your sentences are wrong16:53
stephgheh, well at least I didn't write 'holiday' the hamster going on 'holiday' would be rather sinister :/16:54
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alinstephg: store being available soon16:57
sledgesalin's team wins a point!16:58
sledgesmal-: store is also available for your device (and others), but until they properly behave (send constant same unique IDs such as IMEI or a MAC address), they are treated as generic and get only device/architecture independent apps (such as python or pure qml)16:59
stephgthat's great news sledges!16:59
stephgdidn't know that that was in the pipeline for the porting folks, v. cool16:59
sledgesstephg: what kind of port without a store?:)17:00
stephgduty free!17:01
sledges(hardware adaptation)17:01
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tathhu:D lol17:10
tathhu(now it's time to have a proper sailfish port for nexus tablets :P)17:10
sledges(why now? :p)17:11
tathhu(umm...... why not?)17:12
sledgestathhu: the time has always been, just look at all-working mal-'s port17:15
sledgesif you mean tablets as UI, that will shine best during sfos2 UX release17:15
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mal-sledges: nice to hear17:25
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alini think we shall try a port for ubuntu phone17:26
locusfall hails for store \o/17:26
alinto show them how a proper os shall look like17:26
locusfI was thinking N617:27
alinlocusf: to expensive crap...17:27
*** Thaodan <Thaodan!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:28
sledgesafter aosp5 is shaped up, all new nexus can jump ships(sic)(sic)17:32
mal-sledges: what do you mean constant IMEI? isn't the TAC part of the IMEI enough to identify the model?17:35
sledgesmal-: if i login to and click "devices", i see mako and hammerhead full imei numbers17:35
sledgeswas same case for jolla phone17:35
mal-hmm, but shouldn't imei be individual?17:35
sledgesmal-: that's the point, a pair identifies a unique device - codename and serial number (which is imei or mac)17:36
sledgesmal-: otherwise if you login with your account on another same model phone, it will start pulling/updating all apps which never existed there17:37
sledgesand i have had several makos and hammerhead on my desk, so i see multiple lines there in accounts section, as it should be (same for each jolla phone i had)17:39
mal-sledges: maybe I'm missing something, previously there was some kind of whitelisting on jolla store17:39
sledgesmal-: this is completely revamped store now, to handle tablet17:40
sledgesand i.e. - multiple devices17:40
sledgeswhitelist is still there - only if your device codename is not in whitelist, it'll still get apps17:40
sledgesonly generic ones though17:40
mal-how do I find out if my device is sending the wanted information?17:41
sledgesmal-: check your jolla account17:41
sledgesif that won't show things after tomorrow's maintenance, we'll work with store people17:42
mal-is it already now possible?17:42
mal-ok, tomorrow then17:42
sledgesmal-: but checking accounts.j.c is adviseable already now17:42
sledgesto see how/if it will change17:42
mal-there is only one device there17:43
mal-like it should be17:44
sledgesmal-: jolla phone?17:44
sledgesgood, then check back tomorrow17:44
mal-but before that I of course need to add the account to my ported phone tomorrow after maintenance17:45
sledgeshave you ever tried adding one?17:45
mal-I think a long time ago17:45
sledgessome prep is needed, like replacing non-existing adaptation0 repo to the one on your obs17:46
mal-ok, that's at least missing from my phone17:47
alinmal-: you can check how is done in sfa mer17:47
alinmy fork17:47
mal-obs building is still a wip17:47
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:47
mal-for my device17:47
sledgesmal-: it can be an empty repo, as long as it exists and doesn't bomb store out17:49
mal-sledges: ok17:49
mal-anyway, account login still complained about imei17:50
mal-sledges: you mean like this ?17:50
sledgesmal-: and you pass this there:
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
sledgesmal-: eventually they should end up in a proper clean place: (just created for ya)17:54
tathhusledges: no, i ment nexus tablets :P17:58
sledgestathhu: me too ;)17:58
locusfits great to have community based os upgrades18:01
sledgestoo much information18:10
sledgesif i say "wrong window", i'll be in trouble anyway :D18:11
tathhuMeh, optima won't just ship new jolla to me ":D"18:13
tathhuMobylife, sorry.18:13
tathhuOk didn't even ask aand i'm on  a wrong channel lol18:14
mal-very useful errors in repo sync "Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/master", it seems to be too much to ask for the line or repo that causes that18:23
sledgesmal-: -j118:28
mal-sledges: ?18:30
sledgesmal-: repo sync -j118:30
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mal-sledges: and that should help how? no effect18:33
sledgesmal-: should stop on erroneous sync18:34
mal-I cannot see any output from repo sync, except those errors18:34
*** transpARent <transpARent!~transpARe@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:35
mal-otherwise it would be easy18:35
sledgesmal-: but you know which repo?18:36
sledgesmal-: increase verbosity?18:36
mal-there is no verbose parameter18:37
sledgesit should say fetching..18:37
sledgesmal-: are you doing repo sync --fetch-submodules ?18:37
mal-no, just normal repo sync18:38
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sledgesmal-: if your default branch18:44
sledgesis master18:44
sledgesthen some repo which doesn't have master18:44
sledgesbombs out18:44
mal-that's my manifest18:49
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mal-I think I'll give up for tonight18:51
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mal-seems that I had somehow messed up the manifests local repo19:11
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faebeHej, does anyone have a link for the newest oneplus release os SF to install with multirom19:17
sledgesfaebe: here it is (quite old):
sledgesbeidl_ has set himself up to continue porting modem19:18
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stephgor the oddening20:41
stephgI like the latter actually20:41
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sledgesgood on ya mi'20:50
stephgspanking you!20:51
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sledgesspanks a lot21:01
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Nokiussledges: I sorry I have no time to test the patch21:03
sledgesNokius: remind me21:03
Nokiusbusy in other channel :( and :)21:04
Nokiussledges: with what?21:04
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sledgesNokius: what patch21:10
Nokiussledges: may not a patch but a way to fix the sensors on the find5 :)21:12
sledgesNokius: ah that has been already accepted upstream21:13
sledgesinto mer-hybris21:13
sledgesso if you do repo sync and build it should either work21:13
Nokiusah cool hope I will have some time over the weekend21:14
Nokiusbut no promise here21:14
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sledgestake it easy:)21:32
Nokiussledges: I will21:32
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stephgbedtiem, good night porters, happy sailing and catch you on the morrow21:57
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alinbloody cables one more dead22:33
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