Sunday, 2015-08-16

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maikooolmal-: i'm out of clues, the first image is aleady the android one, not the hybris one :(00:26
maikooolMaking initramfs : /home/huashan12/mer_root/android/droid/out/target/product/huashan/obj/ROOT/hybris-boot_intermediates/boot-initramfs.gz00:26
maikooolthat's the first reference to a initramfs i get00:26
maikooolwithout your patch that's the sailfish one00:26
maikooolwith using custom that seems to turn into the default android one00:27
maikooolor maybe recovery ramdisk00:27
maikoooleven though i stripped my to the point that it almost does nothing anymore00:27
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maikooolk, so i stipped out all your changes, except for the one around $(MKBOOTIMG)00:30
maikooolthat seems to work00:30
maikooolprobably requires a rewrite of the cm custombootimg00:31
maikooolbut that's np imo00:31
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mal-maikoool: you mean the one that comes from make bootimage?01:19
maikooolthere was a warning about a circular dependency in there01:20
maikooolthat's now gone01:20
maikooolmy recovery is still broken, but the hybris-boot.img works without modification now01:21
maikooolwhich is very cool01:21
maikooolthe recovery selector works, but recoveyr initram is broken atm :(01:21
maikoooli'll upload the patch, so you can see what i changed01:21
mal-did you compare the recovery ramdisks to the one included in cm?01:22
maikoooli just replaced it with a known working recovery ramdisk ;)01:22
maikoooli like twrp better anyway01:22
mal-but what is the difference to a working one? on my system some files are missing01:23
maikoooldunno, havent yet looked into that01:23
maikooolmal-: here's what's left of your diff atm:
maikooolmal-: here's what i needed to change in my cm build file:
maikooolbut i may have been a bit 'wild' with my changes01:27
maikooolstill. this allows at least for making flashable hybris-boot.img (with recovery or not, better than fastboot denying the file, or recovery failing because of that)01:28
maikoooland would probably also be useful with my other sony device, which uses another special mkqtcdbootimg01:28
maikooolcause atm that's not upstreamable01:29
maikooolat least cm12 based build worked out pretty ok01:31
maikooolbut modem is a problem01:31
maikooolthere must be some kind of general change between rild from 4.4 and 5.0, that conflicts with sailfish or something01:31
maikooolcause on cm11 this device modem worked out of the box01:32
maikooolcm didnt change much afaik01:32
maikooolbut it could be coincidence, more cm12/aosp5 rild test should be done to confirm01:32
maikooolhopefully someone makes a fix for that :P, i have no idea what to do about broken rild01:33
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mal-I'll take a look tomorrow01:36
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maikooolmodem is fixed02:30
maikoool./setprop ctl.start qmuxd02:30
maikoooldid that for rild and netmgrd too02:30
maikooolthen i was asked to unlock sim02:31
maikooolrestarted ofono02:31
maikooolthen connectivity icon shows up in ui02:31
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ZuccaOh man. I was too tired yesterday.07:27
ZuccaSo here's my fix on the open telnet port issue:
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BluesLee_sledges version --dup results in Error: cannot install both pattern:jolla-configuration-hammerhead-0.0.8-10.13.1.jolla.noarch and pattern:jolla-configuration-hammerhead-0.0.8-10.13.1.jolla.noarch07:48
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vakkovBluesLee_: i am not sure about that but since nexus 5 has modular and the standart droid-hal-configs you might have built them both08:11
vakkovMSameer: for some reason /usr/include/droidmedia is not getting included in the makefiles when configure is run (in gst-droid) and that results to gstdroidmediabuffer.c:30:33: fatal error: droidmediaconstants.h: No such file or directory08:20
vakkovMSameer: my bad, it gets added to libgstdroid_la_CFLAGS; still shouldn'it it also be in GST_CFLAGS08:24
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vakkovMSameer: nvm,  the problem was with me :P08:34
mal-maikoool: ping08:35
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vakkovanyone who knows if the media app is still using gstreamer-0.10 while playing music in 1.1.7? mal- ?09:06
vakkovlocusf ^09:06
locusfvakkov: I don't know, not sure09:07
vakkovalin ^^09:07
alinvakkov: yes09:08
alinvakkov: is still using gstreamer 0.109:08
vakkovthat explains a lot :D thanks alin09:08
alinvakkov: he he... i wonder how difficult is to port it since is pretty basic09:08
alinvakkov: to be honest would have been open source done by now09:09
vakkovalin: i so much want to stay on 1.1.7 and have everything working :D09:09
alinvakkov: on wich port?09:09
alinvakkov: I am on n5 and the only thing which pisses me are sensors eating a lot of battery09:10
vakkovalin: can you play mp3s?09:10
alinvakkov: yes09:10
vakkovda hell? maybe i am missing the 0.10 plugins then09:10
alinvakkov: i need nothing special for that gst-droid09:10
alinvakkov: you shall neednothing for them09:10
alinvakkov: or maybe you do not have hardware?09:11
vakkov-fullscreen[1015]: [W] QGstreamerPlayerSession::processBusMessage:1211 - Warning: "No decoder available for type 'audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, mpegaudioversion=(int)1, l...oolean)true'."09:12
vakkovAug 16 12:11:39 Jolla -fullscreen[1015]: [W] QGstreamerPlayerSession::processBusMessage:1232 - Error: "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in."09:12
vakkovalin ^^09:12
alinvakkov: strange... bad ugly good09:12
vakkovalin, do you need the old libav to play mp3s on 1.1.709:13
alinvakkov: nope...09:13
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mal-sledges: maikoool found the reason why my recovery ramdisk is not working in hybris, android_build is too old10:51
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YngvarrHey maikoool! How is your work on Xperia SP port going on?12:21
maikooolhey Yngvarr, it's going quite well, yesterday i tried basing the port on cm12, that worked out pretty well12:23
maikooolprobably not much has changed since last time you checked12:23
maikooolYngvarr: did you have any issues with touchscreen sentitivity?12:23
Yngvarrmaikoool: Yep, it works like gloved mode in Xperia.12:26
maikoooli have that as well, but also in cm and recovery, so doesnt seem that sailfish related12:27
maikooolYngvarr: could you try out this: (in terminal?)12:29
YngvarrIn cm11 my touchscreen works well without this issue.12:29
maikooolthe values should be finger_treshold 20 and signal_disparity 1 for glove mode12:29
maikoooland 100 and 0 (respectively) for glove mode off12:29
maikooolyep, that's whay i though12:30
maikoooli'm afraid my xperia has been to hot at a given time, it's been like this for a few months (way before i started playing with sailfish)12:30
maikooolthat's why i got myself a new phone, otherwise there would be no need12:30
YngvarrI'll try, when I'll flash back to Sailfish.12:31
maikoooli'll look into the camera today12:32
maikooolthats one of the bigger challenges left12:32
maikoooland bluetooth and gps still need work12:32
mal-maikoool: have you tried the most recent gps code?12:34
maikooolmost recent?12:35
mal-maikoool: I updated the middleware a few days ago12:35
maikoooli havent tried that at all yet12:36
maikooolwill do :D12:36
mal-ok :)12:37
maikooolthe pacakge is in obs already, but my obs project doesnt work properly12:37
maikooolit's 1.1.7 only, and the patterns are still missing12:37
mal-maikoool: that is device specific12:37
maikooolah you're right12:38
maikoooli didnt add it to my obs project12:38
maikooolokay, well, reverting to cm11 then, and work on camera and gps starts :)12:39
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mal-maikoool: does test_gps work on your device?12:56
maikooolit returns output12:56
maikooolnot sure if useful output12:56
maikooollemme come back to that in 15 minutes or so, a build is running and im flashing cm11 now12:56
maikooolcause wouldnt be cool for yngvarr if all new progress is made on 1.1.7 cause isnt public :(12:57
mal-maikoool: I make some modifications to my patch, I still don't understand why you had to make some of the changes you made12:57
maikooolneither do i to be honest12:57
maikooolafter i removed some stuff it did stop warning me about a circular dependency12:57
mal-maikoool: do you remember if there was any information about what causes that?12:58
maikooolsomething with recovery image12:58
maikooolnot sure12:58
maikooolno logs ;(12:58
maikooolit got a bit late yesterday :P12:58
mal-yes :)12:59
maikooolmy guess is that cyanogenmod recovery needs cyanogenmod initrd and boot.img12:59
maikoooland that then overwrites hybris ones12:59
maikooolcause it went bad quite early in the build, replacing hybris initramfs with cm one12:59
mal-maikoool: but the scropt will move away the cm boot.img and ramdisk12:59
maikooolthat's what i assumed as well13:01
maikooolat the top of my initrd.gz is ungzipped, that already is wrong13:02
maikoool(the wrong initrd)13:02
maikooolmaybe recovery depends on boot initramfs for global android executables, and therefor overwrites hybris one?13:02
mal-I'm comparing of our devices13:03
maikoooli'll try your original patch this afternoon on cm1113:03
maikooolmaybe that makes any difference (probably not)13:03
mal-maikoool: I fixed building updatescript already13:04
maikoooloooh that error13:04
maikooolwonky paths13:04
mal-so building hybris-hal should work now13:05
mal-I replaced all LOCAL_PATH variable with HYBRIS_PATH13:05
maikooolbtw: does your device on cm11 have a bootlogo?13:05
maikooolcause mine only shows for a few seconds13:05
mal-maikoool: yes13:05
maikooolthen about 10 seconds blank screen before any lipstick action happens13:05
mal-I think I have it for the whole boot13:06
mal-I'll test13:06
maikooolhm. here it seems as soon as hybris init is called it dissapears13:06
maikooolcause it stays there while the cm script waits for user input about recovery decision13:06
maikooolthen dissapears afterwards13:06
mal-I just tested and it's visible the whole time13:08
maikooolhm strange13:08
maikooolyour' hybris initscript has a bootlogo defined?13:08
mal-it's the default13:08
maikooolmine is empty13:09
maikooolis empty the default?13:09
mal-I haven't changed initscript13:09
maikooolneither did i, but some variables are filled in by hybris-boot/Android.mk13:09
maikooolso its different per device13:09
maikooolmaybe for yours it detected usable bootimage13:09
maikoooland filled that in13:10
mal-maikoool: I think the one in early boot should stay there13:11
maikooolstrange, mine doesnt13:12
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maikooolmaybe lipstick just takes long to start13:12
mal-maikoool: how long does the boot process take on your device?13:12
maikooolabout 30 seconds or so?13:13
maikoooli shall measure precisely in a bit ;)13:13
mal-that's fast13:13
mal-maikoool: you can see that in journal log13:13
mal-maikoool: like this Startup finished in 12.073s (kernel) + 52.439s (userspace) = 1min 4.513s.13:15
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mal-maikoool: here the new version of my patch
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maikooolmal-: systemd-analyze :D13:24
maikooolthat'll even give you a tree processes in boot order with timings ;)13:24
SkyFallI dunno what just happened13:24
SkyFallbash: /home/skyfall/.hadk.env: line 5: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'13:24
SkyFallbash: /home/skyfall/.hadk.env: line 6: syntax error: unexpected end of file13:24
SkyFallEnv setup for13:24
maikooolSkyFall: probably your pdf reader doesnt paste some characters properly13:25
maikooolcommon issue13:25
SkyFallokay. VENDOR was wrong13:25
SkyFalltrying hadk function once more13:25
maikoooltry pasting it in a text editor, and check if it looks the same there as in the pdf, or it has newlines inserted that shouldn't be there13:25
maikooolnvm then ;)13:26
SkyFallWrote these env files myself and had made a mistake13:26
SkyFall' instead of "13:26
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mal-maikoool: I know about systemda-analyze, I used it to debug my boot delays13:31
maikooolthe graph options is pretty cool :P13:31
mal-sure is13:31
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maikoooli should write an app for that some day :P13:32
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mal- review appreciated13:40
mal-sledges: ^13:41
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SkyFallAre mer servers slow or my download is shit right now?13:54
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SkyFallCan't use chroot14:10
SkyFallat all14:10
SkyFalldoesn't init variables14:10
maikoooldoes it say14:10
maikooolunused ubuntu version?14:11
SkyFalldoesn't init variables14:11
SkyFalland I can't use ubu-chroot inside of MER_SDK terminal14:11
SkyFallso I used chroot :V14:11
maikooolyou should use ubu-chroot14:11
maikooolfrom inside mer_sdk14:11
maikooolwhy cant you use it inside mer_sdk?14:11
SkyFallcommand not found14:12
maikooolthat's odd14:12
maikoool~/mer_root/sdks/sdk/usr/bin/ubu-chroot exists?14:13
maikooolthen something went wrong installing mersdk, cause that should be there14:14
maikooolis zypper there?14:15
SkyFallsudo zypper in ubu-chroot? :P14:15
maikoooli dont think that exists14:15
SkyFallit doesn't14:15
SkyFallexecuted zypper in android-tools createrepo zip14:15
SkyFallnow I have command14:16
SkyFallwow :v14:16
mal-SkyFall: when you installed mersdk did you do all the steps listed here
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mal-SkyFall: ok14:16
mal-so you missed thaat next step :)14:16
SkyFallYup~ Thought it is not that needed xD14:22
mal-never assume that when reading hadk :) it's specifically said if some parts are not always needed14:26
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piggzlo *14:50
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*** Guest29583 is now known as lanodan15:07
SkyFallhybris-11.0 or hybris2-11.0?15:09
mal-SkyFall: I would still suggest hybris-11.0 because hadk assumes that, with hybris2 you would need to get help here to find tou what has changed15:15
SkyFallsyncing hybris-11.0 then15:15
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sledgesmal-: superb PR! (this eliminates e.g. vgrade's oneplus one lab note #2 hardcode \o/ )15:45
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sledgesBluesLee: thanks for testing OTA, sadly that error is not fixable straightforwardly, digging into a package that provides /usr/bin/version and debugging will be in order. I'll file a bug15:46
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mal-sledges: does it really fix that?15:49
SkyFallerror: Exited sync due to fetch errors15:50
SkyFallthe fuck15:50
SkyFallrepo go home, you're drunk15:50
maikooolrepo's always drunk :(15:51
SkyFallyeah :/15:52
SkyFalli wanted to sync hybris-11.0 branch15:52
sledgesmal-: doesn't/wouldn't it? ;) because it worked on later cm11 when we were rolling, and hence broke our tree15:52
sledgesand i'd hope that commit you backported is the one15:53
SkyFallsledges, what's wrong with that repo? .w.15:53
sledgesSkyFall: pastebing15:53
mal-sledges: at least I can't find that variable in bacon boardconfigs15:53
sledgesmal-: then i wonder why that change is needed15:53
SkyFallpastebin what? all the log?15:54
mal-sledges: maybe there is some other patch needed for bacon15:54
SkyFallit screams that it has no route to android.googlesource.com15:55
sledgesBluesLee: done
merbot`Nemo bug 853 in Hybris-ing "OTA fails during version --dup on patterns" [Normal,New]15:55
sledgesmal-: it wasn't only bacon, it was somehow globally on cm11, hence we froze at 44S and problem went away15:56
sledgesbut still ways of using that recovery looks too many to be sane15:56
sledgesSkyFall: repo sync -j115:56
sledgesfind offending repo15:56
sledgesor simply github blacklisted you because you exceeded sync rate15:57
sledgesAPI rate limit15:57
sledgesHADK chapter 5.3 explains how to fix that15:57
mal-sledges: are you sying later android_build broke all but bacon?15:57
sledgesmal-: i haven't built many devices, but saw error popping back15:57
mal-what error?15:58
sledgesno pattern that i remember though, long time15:58
sledgescompile error15:58
sledgesnothing provides ....recovery....15:58
sledgesand then that patch is needed15:58
sledgesfrom lab notes15:58
sledgesbut it didn't look elegant15:58
sledgesas it wouldn't apply for each device15:58
mal-sledges: what does that #2 mean, was that added or removed?16:00
sledges  #216:00
mal-sledges: I don't understand why that is needed16:04
sledges18:58 < sledges> nothing provides ....recovery....16:04
mal-sledges: look here and here
mal-why doesn't that work?16:06
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sledgesmal-: it *should* work :P but lab notes speak for themselves16:11
mal-sledges: lets see if my support for custom mkbootimg scripts will be ready for upstream someday16:18
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:19
kidosledges: hi, does a inactive framebuffer on qualcomm adreno reminds you of something? The info in /sys/ seem to be correct however cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0 doesn't change anything on screen. I wonder if you already had this issue16:21
kidowell the question is also open to anyone else but I just thought you might know those kind of problems better :)16:21
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mal-kido: you cannot cat to framebuffer nowadays16:22
kidohowever even other framebuffer apps which are supposed to work don't show anything16:22
kidoso even without talking about the cat command I can't show anything on screen with fbdev16:23
mal-kido: what kind of programs do you mean?16:23
kidofor example a simple splash screen like psplash or something16:23
kidowhich uses fbdev, I already made it work on other android devices16:23
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sledgesmal-: i thought you backported it (i assumed cm11, hence my guess to will have fixed bacon)16:25
sledgeskido: /system/bin/surfaceflinger or bootanimation should be first things to try16:26
sledgesmany tips are in our dev FAQ (in the topic)16:27
kidobootanimation doesn't work either16:27
mal-sledges: ?16:27
kidobootanimation is locked in a nanosleep loop16:28
kidotest_egl, test_glesv2 and so on are also locked in a futex_wait and never show anything. the only things I found on the internet about that issue are:!topic/android-porting/7h2Vt0sRgzA and (I get the same backtrace)16:30
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sledgesmal-: i thought you were still talking about recovery PR ;) custom mkbootimg stuff looks attractive, especially when now i'm struggling with kernel build auto-integration into aosp5, namely the dtb part16:42
kidoI managed to use dtb with lollipop kernel by using
mal-sledges: not sure how aosp does that cm usually has nice scripts to include16:44
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:51
sledgesyep, cm wins hands down on that one16:55
sledgesiirc sony provided some of their tools for that16:55
sledgeskido: thanks! the challenge is to make it build automagically with least set of patches:)16:55
kidowell I made it automatic with openembedded but I don't know how you want to do that :)16:57
kidoit seems like the guy didn't change mkbootimg itself (cf the issue I opened complaining about it being distributed in binary form)16:59
kidohe just created a mkboot script which might append the dtb but I haven't realy checked yet16:59
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maikooolthe sony tool is called mkqcdtbootimg, and these are the changes locusf made to get it working
maikoooli tested mal-'s patch for custombootimg yesterday, and since it's able to replace the mkbootimg invocation, it should be fairly easy to provide a boilerplate that includes the dtc stuff17:01
mal-maikoool: I still haven't got my recovery to work, not sure what's the problem, there is some problems building some OTA-keys file17:03
mal-I've always has that problem, missing java libraries17:04
maikooolcan't you just include a ramdisk from existing recovery, instead of building it in-tree17:05
mal-maikoool: of course I can but that's cheating17:05
maikooolcm's recovery is crap anyway17:05
mal-I'm using it anyway17:06
mal-maikoool: in my opinion even hybris tree should be made to build working recovery ramdisks17:06
maikooolfair enough, and if cm recovery builds it's quite easy to replace the recovery sources with another recovery, since they should all be based on clockwork17:08
mal-maikoool: or course this problems is mostly specific to sony, which doesn't use a separate recovery partition17:14
maikooolwe have quite a lot of sony ports though ;)17:15
maikooolyour xperia pro port, my xperia sp port, there is a xperia L and xperia Z port, and locusf is working on the z1c, z2 and z3c17:16
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alinsledges: seems g+ is full of people discovering hot water20:11
Stskeepshot water is awesome20:13
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* tbr sells frozen hot water, just heat on the stove for use20:20
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sledgesnot washed for a while? i have certainly20:34
* stephg parse error: unclear to me just how clean or not sledges is currently20:42
sledgesmission accomplished20:45
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maikooolsledges: does this ring any bells: (i'm on CM12.1, xperia z3c, using your libhybris&qt5-qpa-hwcomposer, branch aosp)21:31
maikooolwas hoping you had similar issue with cm12 and already found a fix :P21:31
maikooollike last time21:31
maikooolnot that i'm hoping you have issues :P21:31
mal-maikoool: are you sure you remembered QCOM_BSP is that device uses it?21:36
maikooolBSP is there21:37
maikooolit seems to be the new default21:37
maikooolwait, i'll link that21:37
maikooolit's not set explicitly in device config anymore, only TARGET_USES_QCOM_HARDWARE in one of the common repos for my device21:38
maikooolwhich in turn sets the TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP as you can see from there21:39
mal-maikoool: anything in logcat?21:41
maikooollogcat doesnt seem to work21:42
maikooolUnable to open log device 'main'21:42
maikooolthe xperia sp also has USES_QCOM_HARDWARE21:42
maikooolthat worked fine, with the regular bsp stuff21:43
maikooolbut i'm using sledges branch for aosp cause there seems to be new version of api (which is not used for xperia sp, since its old)21:43
maikooolotherwise it wont even compile21:43
sledgesmaikoool: means droid-hal-init hasn't started21:44
sledgesalso check if /system is mounted21:44
sledgesbut dhi is crucial for any hwc/libybris activities21:45
maikooolk manually started droid-hal-init21:49
maikooolseems to stay on21:49
maikooolnow quits here: [D] HwComposerContext::sleepDisplay:180 - sleepDisplay21:50
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maikoooli was trying with minimer21:55
maikooolthat didnt work21:55
maikooollipstick works though21:55
maikooolhm that now also works21:56
maikooolmust've done something wrong then21:56
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maikooolapps are crashing though22:17
maikoooli tried checking for fence leaks22:17
maikooolit doesnt get higher than 10622:17
maikooolthat's an ok value, right?22:17
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mal-maikoool: yes, that's ok22:39
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maikooolapps wont start23:00
maikooolwhich also seems to prevent the setup wizard from starting (select amibance, create jolla account, etc)23:00
maikooolbt seems useless23:01
maikooolthe cm12 that it's based on runs very smooth, no problems at all23:02
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