Monday, 2015-08-17

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mal-maikoool: are you using that libhybris aosp branch from sledges github?08:32
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mal-maikoool: that branch is broken on devices with QCOM_BSP08:34
mal-maikoool: please get the master branch from mer-hybris08:35
carepackstephg: morning08:40
stephg\o carepack08:40
carepackall: morning ;)08:41
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mal-yay, my compass problem was fixed upstream09:33
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alinsledges: ping09:42
sledgesmal-: i think i should nuke that aosp libhybris branch, since things are upstream now:)09:47
sledgesalin: pong09:47
alinsledges: so anything happened with the zypper dup stuff when I was away?09:49
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sledgesalin: nope, waiting for Sage_'s +109:50
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mal-sledges: please do09:53
sledgesmal-: yet i'm afraid the two libhybrises are the same09:58
mal-sledges: which two?09:58
sledges11:32 < mal-> maikoool: are you using that libhybris aosp branch from sledges github?09:58
sledges11:35 < mal-> maikoool: please get the master branch from mer-hybris09:58
mal-sledges: I looked and the aosp was missing the last merge from upstream09:59
sledgesmal-: this was the merge of that aosp:)09:59
mal-sledges: the problem maikoool had was exactly the one I had on cm1210:00
mal-sledges: before I fixed the include10:00
sledgeswe'll see when he comes back10:00
mal-I cannot verify that it was missing because the branch is no more10:01
sledgesbranch is the same as
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zGrrmoin :)10:12
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mal-sledges: do you happen to have a local version that aop branch left?11:12
mal-maikoool: could you check the commit log of the aosp branch on your local version11:14
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sledgeslet's see if you get a hilight:)11:31
simonvanderveldtHi guys, small question: I read in the chat logs from 2 days ago ( that I should use sledges libhybris aosp branch11:31
mal-sledges: I did :)11:31
simonvanderveldtbut that branch is gone, I see now in the chatlog from today that it should be merged into mer-hybris/libhybris but I still get the same `hooks.c:52:22: fatal error: sys/auxv.h: No such file or directory` error :(11:32
sledgessimonvanderveldt: hello and welcome aboard! that libhybris branch was a misunderstanding(qpa hwc aosp branch is the one to be used, but not for libhybris)/no longer available. please use upstream11:32
sledgessimonvanderveldt: you need 1.1.7 target, i'll ping you11:32
simonvanderveldthi sledges, thx for the welcome! Great channel and HADK!11:33
sledgessimonvanderveldt: cheers for kind words! what device have you got?11:34
simonvanderveldtsledges: galaxy s4 intl/jfltexx11:34
simonvanderveldtsledges: pretty close to the find5, so I had some github repo's to compare against ;)11:35
sledgesvery cool! heads up, modem will be the sore point:)11:36
mal-sledges: hmm, I don't know how I managed to do it, but I was pretty sure that branch was missing something, maybe I was wrong11:36
simonvanderveldtsledges: ah, thx for the hint, would be happy if I could get it booting with a display this week :)11:36
mal-sledges: I had exactly same problem as maikoool with all programs crashing because of the missing include11:37
mal-simonvanderveldt: just to make sure, which cm version are you using?11:38
simonvanderveldtmal-: cm-11.011:39
mal-simonvanderveldt: very good, there are some things I saw in your device boardconfigs that might cause problems11:40
mal-simonvanderveldt: I assume you are using this ?11:40
simonvanderveldtmal-: No, I'm using jflte11:41
simonvanderveldtmal-: because at CM11 the configs were unified, though I'm not really sure if it'll work :P11:41
mal-simonvanderveldt: ok, doesn't really matter, they both include this
simonvanderveldtmal-: correct11:42
mal-simonvanderveldt: have you done anything related to QCOM_BSP?11:42
simonvanderveldtmal-: I've added it to
mal-simonvanderveldt: you should also use this
mal-simonvanderveldt: you also need to rebuild or something like that in the HA_BUILD11:45
mal-if you haven't already don that11:45
simonvanderveldtmal-: I don't think I have, have not gotten to qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin yet, will write it down so I won't forget11:46
mal-simonvanderveldt: rebuilding hwcomposer.*.so is also needed, and after that you need to rebuild droid-hal-device, libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin11:47
mal-simonvanderveldt: sorry, rebuilding other than hwcomposer.*.so is not really needed11:48
simonvanderveldtmal-: ;) I'm not even sure how I can rebuild at all at the moment, still havent finished the entire HADK11:49
simonvanderveldtare these fixes in `extract-headers` still necessary as well?
mal-simonvanderveldt: not if you are using 1.1.711:51
simonvanderveldtok, I'm trying that now11:51
mal-simonvanderveldt: sorry to tell you conflicting info, but it seems rebuilding droid-hal-device, libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin is actually needed after rebuilding hwcomposer.*.so11:52
simonvanderveldtmal-: np, any kind of info is more than welcome. How do you determine if sth has to be rebuilt?11:53
mal-simonvanderveldt: if you build something in HA_BUILD or change some of the lower level configs then you need to rebuild droid-hal-device and after rebuilding that you need to also rebuild at least libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin12:01
simonvanderveldtmal-: Ok, will write that down as well. How do these dependencies work? droid-hal-device packages the files in HA_BUILD? and libhybris and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin depend on it directly?12:03
mal-something like that12:03
mal-simonvanderveldt: I have fought with display problems a lot so I always try to help new porters in early stage so they don't bump into the same problems12:04
simonvanderveldtmal-: I'm fairly sure I'll run into some issues once I try to actually run it, so help is very much appreciated12:06
mal-simonvanderveldt: also do line 172
mal-simonvanderveldt: that's before rebuilding droid-hal-device12:07
simonvanderveldtmal-: Ah, nice, just did that yesterday :)12:09
simonvanderveldtmal-: noticed in the source code it still first checks for HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM but read in the logs that the generic EGL_PLATFORM should be used/work better12:09
mal-HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM will break things12:11
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simonvanderveldtI an RPM file in droid-local-repo is updated do you have to do anything for it to work? Ie update metdata or sth?12:18
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mal-simonvanderveldt: I woudl suggest running12:20
mal-createrepo $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE12:20
mal-sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install zypper ref12:20
simonvanderveldtI just delete the repo and recreated it, but that seems a bit excessive12:21
mal-simonvanderveldt: no need to delete it12:22
mal-those commands will refresh it12:22
mal-those are run after adding each package in 13.8.312:23
simonvanderveldtok, wil try it next time12:23
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simonvanderveldtsledges: mal- libhybris build from master using 1.1.7 target worked :)12:31
simonvanderveldtThx for the help, I have to go now, will be back later12:31
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maikooolsledges: i was indeed using your aosp branch of libhybris since mer-hybris/libhybris failed to compile at the time12:53
mal-maikoool: that would mean that they really were not the same12:54
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maikooolso just to summarize: mer-hybris/libhybris master but sledges/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin aosp?13:00
mal-maikoool: yes, if you are building for cm1213:03
sledgesmaikoool: mal-: so if they are not the same, do you have my old copy?13:06
sledgeswhich works for you; if upstream doesn't?13:06
maikooolupstream now compiles just fine13:07
maikooolmight have jumped to forks too fast13:07
maikooollike 'aw somethings broken, lets first try aosp branches'13:07
mal-maikoool: do you still have the aosp libhybris you used earlier?13:08
maikooollatest commit13:09
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mal-maikoool: coudl you check if this line is there
maikooolisnt there13:10
mal-maikoool: that confirms the reason for your problem13:11
alinsledges: got the sensors blocked with 1.1.7... first time in a long time13:11
mal-maikoool: I'm 99% sure that master branch of mer-hybris/libhybris will work13:11
alinstrangely they started working after i disabled and reenabled wireless13:12
alinhave you heard of anything like that?13:12
alinspiiroin: |^^^13:12
spiiroinalin: does not ring any bells ...13:14
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taaemAre there any news for the OnePlus One?14:59
sledgestaaem: poke - no poke, no smoke! :D15:00
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alinsledges: taaem I think beidl was saying somethin about taking a break on it15:16
alinsledges: no news from sage?15:16
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taaemalin: okay15:18
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alintaaem: anyhow do as sledges said.. you never know how inspiration comes15:20
sledgesmore pokes more motivation15:23
sledgesbut beidl mentioned he's starting holiday, so will try to have fixed last week :P15:23
sledges!seen beidl15:23
merbot`sledges: beidl was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 0 days, 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <beidl> and that the recovery is not replacable from within their locked fastboot implementation15:23
sledgesalin: you'll receive github notification when Sage_ replies15:23
alinsledges: I know.. but thought you spoke with him behinf the water cooler15:24
alinsledges: or whatever is the vr equivalent15:25
sledgesyou mean the English channel?15:25
alinsledges: I have no idea how things are inside jolla15:25
sledgessomeone's been playing too much with hadk's pdf: 17:28 -!- `lm`- is now known as `lm`15:26
`lm`sledges: nah, just got caught in a netsplit I guess15:28
sledges`lm`: yes, i didn't notice the "-", so thought you changed from utf8 quotes to backquotes (the hadk pdf problem :P)15:29
sledges(as visually they looked identical to my glasses-needing glassesless eyes %)15:29
sledgess/identical/not completely identical/15:30
`lm`sledges: haha, nice15:30
`lm`I will have to do that sometime to mess with people15:30
sledges`lm`: interesting, your nick is tab-completeable in irssi ;)15:30
`lm`although weechat will still let you tab complete my nick with l<tab>15:30
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off15:30
sledgesthat takes away another good set of candidates to mess with;)15:31
sledges`lm`: can't recall speaking to you before, been around long time?:))15:32
`lm`I'm pretty new; recently got fed up with android on my nexus one and am tossing around the idea of getting sailfish running on it15:34
`lm`but since it is almost the start of the semester, I've been busy with other things =/15:34
sledgesmmm vgrade did it just to prove the point
sledgesbut mal- has a 512MB RAM sony device being one of the best port, so15:35
`lm`yeah, I'm intrigued to say the least15:35
`lm`cool, so this should be doable15:35
sledgesit's just that cm7 will most likely be the biggest challenge for you15:35
`lm`I would really like to get a newer CM running on it, which means I'm probably going to be hacking on Evervolv since those guys seem to be the ones maintaining the N1 CM fork15:36
sledgeswas about to paste
sledgesgood for maikoool's passion too ^15:36
sledges(pun intended)15:36
`lm`isn't the passion and the N1 the same thing15:38
maikoooli dont have a passion15:39
`lm`just one doesn't have GOOGLE written on it15:39
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maikooolbut a pyramid15:39
maikooolfor nexus one15:39
sledgesthat's too15:39
maikooollist for pyramid is empty :(15:39
sledgesmeans no builds, but doesn't mean no source15:39
maikoooli already have source for pyramid :)15:39
maikooolfrom sultanxda and team-hydra15:39
maikooolboth caf'd cm11's15:39
`lm`maikoool: nice; I should try to sort out at least the MMS bug15:40
maikooolbut theres something wrong with them15:40
maikoooldisk access seems slow or something15:40
`lm`actually, the wifi tethering one is also something of a showstopper for me =/15:40
maikooolvery strange this pyramid15:40
maikooolup 21 min,  0 users,  load average: 2.9915:41
maikooolstill ps aux shows systemd as only running process15:41
maikooolit looks like some kind of powersaving on the mmc is turned on and interfering quite badly15:41
`lm`<insert systemd hate here>15:41
maikooolow noes15:42
maikoooli love systemd15:42
`lm`I'm ambivalent!15:42
sledgesit's love and hate relationship15:42
`lm`it works, so that's good enough15:42
sledgesjust like french cars15:42
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`lm`sledges: volkswagens too15:42
maikooolwhat, always broken, definitely rubbish, but still wheirdly attractive?15:42
maikooolmaybe this htc sensation has french electrics15:43
mal-`lm`: I have enable zram on my port to prevent memory problems15:43
maikooolthat would explain why it's so slow :P15:43
`lm`if it's not leaking or about to start an electrical fire you should get it checked out because something is definitely wrong15:43
`lm`mal-: does that slow things down significantly? What's your CPU clockspeed?15:44
mal-`lm`: actually it uses very little of zram, mostly as a backup15:44
mal-if it's running out of memory15:45
sledges`lm`: for mms bugs use mms reporter app - goes straight to the mms sailor15:45
`lm`mal-: cool15:45
maikooolevervolv tree seems dead :(15:45
sledges`lm`: wifi tethering all parts should be opensourced15:45
maikoool WIP device tree for HTC Sensation15:45
maikooolUpdated on Nov 10, 201315:45
sledgesdoesn't ever(e)volv..15:45
mal-`lm`: I haven't noticed any significant performance problems15:45
`lm`sledges: mms sailor?15:45
sledges`lm`: mms developer at jolla15:49
sledgeswhat is the mms problem?15:49
`lm`I'm not sure, it's just listed in the issues for the evervolv CM port15:50
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locusfdesktop finally ok16:27
sledges`lm`: ahhh ok16:28
sledgeslocusf: \o/16:28
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
*** taaeem <taaeem!~androirc@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:29
`lm`sledges: I own a literal volkswagen as well so it might be a while before I have time to fix phones =P16:29
locusfprolly sour kernel/nvidia upgrade16:29
locusfnothing a arch-chroot treatment couldn't fix16:29
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:31
sledges`lm`: you own a nation's wagon?16:32
sledgeslocusf: yay another archer ^_^16:32
locusfsledges: I've been since June :p16:32
`lm`sledges: sure do16:32
sledgeshehe welcome to the bandwagon (how many wagons today?16:33
sledges`lm`: i always thought german cars are much more endurable, but spare part prices are nuts!16:34
`lm`mine's from '84, so prices are pretty reasonable16:34
sledgesand i can't agree more with maikoool's phrase about always broken etc16:34
`lm`although finding parts for the mechanical fuel injection is impossible =/16:34
*** taaeem <taaeem!~androirc@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:35
maikooolthat phrase was not meant against german cars16:35
maikooolbut french cars :P16:35
`lm`those things run on magic german smoke, I swear16:35
sledgeshehe yes, wouldn't want to go to a dealer for any of those parts of a classic car16:35
sledgesmaikoool: and i owe a french car and 100% agree :P16:35
maikoooli hope for you it's not a citroen pluriel16:36
maikooolthat's the stupidest french car i've ever seen XD16:36
sledgesi stopped taking it to a garage because everyone kept telling "scrap it", simply because removal and fitting of some parts has been overengineered, so takes away all the fun if you're a dayjob mechanic16:37
maikooolchanging the front headlamp lightbulb on a renault is a three day job on it's own16:37
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)16:38
maikoool"let us see, how can we put in more unneeded plastic here, hmmmmm"16:38
locusfI was just told today "A man without a horse is a man without worries"16:38
locusfhorse here meaning the car16:38
sledgeshehe, a friend mechanic says 'you got a car - you got a problem'16:38
* maikoool imagines some french engineer pouring himself some more red wine while thinking about the plastic16:38
sledgesonly way to have a running french car and not annoy repairers - do it yourself as a regular jbby on a driveway (also good to have a spare runabout car:)) the amounts of mods those cars can take is really nice, and parts are cheap due to abundance16:40
sledgesand eventually it actually stops breaking down :D16:41
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*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:21
simonvanderveldtDoes anybody if the sources for the HADK are available in a repo somewhere?18:22
Stskeepsnot yet18:23
Stskeepsas in, the hadk the documentation18:23
maikoooli believe that's being worked on18:24
*** triton_ <triton_!~triton_@unaffiliated/triton/x-4391598> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:24
simonvanderveldtOK, thx, wanted to create a PR with some minor fixes18:24
mal-simonvanderveldt: most likely those are already known but you can tell sledges about those anyway18:25
sledgessimonvanderveldt: i've got a list of minor fixes to be put, since the release of pdf18:25
sledgesand most likely they're a..18:25
sledgesmai-: you beat me to it;)18:25
simonvanderveldtsledges: Minor one, in 13.8.3 You have to run `git submodule init` before `git submodule update`18:26
sledgessimonvanderveldt: thanks noted, not yet in the list ;)18:28
simonvanderveldtah, nice :)18:29
simonvanderveldtmal-: You mentioned, should I use that instead of ?18:45
*** olesalscheider <olesalscheider!~olesalsch@unaffiliated/olesalscheider> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
mal-simonvanderveldt: the first one has a QCOM_BSP fix18:48
mal-it's not yet upstreamed but should work18:48
simonvanderveldtYeah, just noticed that in the commits18:48
simonvanderveldtAllright, will give it a try18:48
* sledges will test within upstream tonight18:50
simonvanderveldtHow do I know which packages I need to build except for the ones that are documented in the HADK? Is it OK to start with just what's in the HADK?18:53
mal-it's enough for now, you can add new packages later18:54
simonvanderveldtAnd I noticed that when I uninstall mesa-llvmpipe from within the sb2 target it actually installs multiple packages and removes multiple packages as well, is this supposed to happen?18:57
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: nh1402)19:01
simonvanderveldtsledges: 8.2 instructions say "hadk $DEVICE" I guess that should be just "hadk" since that's what's being used in the rest of the HADK19:02
mal-simonvanderveldt: yes, that is normal with llvm19:06
simonvanderveldtallright, funny, never seen that before with any kind of package management19:06
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*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off19:28
ZuccaHeyyy. Do I need to disable developer mode to have access to the files via USB "like normal people do"?19:30
simonvanderveldtmal-: Regarding necessary packages, the jolla-hw-adaptation-jflte.yaml generated by lists pretty much all the packages you build when working through the HADK, but it also lists qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl and qtscenegraph-adaptation. Does that mean I have to build those as well?19:35
mal-simonvanderveldt: qtscenegraph-adaptation you need to build19:43
simonvanderveldtmal-: I see it's mentioned in the HADK as a hint as well19:45
simonvanderveldtand qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl is provided by the Mer repo?19:45
mal-should be19:46
simonvanderveldtmal-: OK, thx. And I guess I need rpm/qtscenegraph-adaptation-droid.spec? There's also a qtscenegraph-adaptation-sbj.spec (I have no clue what sbj is)19:50
mal-simonvanderveldt: use qtscenegraph-adaptation-droid.spec19:50
simonvanderveldtwill do19:51
simonvanderveldtIs it normal to have all kinds of error messages during the post scripts?20:09
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
mal-what scripts?20:12
mal-and what errors?20:13
simonvanderveldtmal-: Starting from the bottom with the miner timeouts20:16
mal-looks normal, it sometimes timeouts for me also, at least with 1.1.7 target20:17
simonvanderveldtmal-: hosts that cannot be resolved and dav.jollamobile.com20:17
simonvanderveldtand qemu: Unsupported syscall: 37420:17
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mal-also normal20:18
simonvanderveldtOK, and the error at #177 about the root password?20:19
mal-don't remember but I assume it's ok20:20
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:21
simonvanderveldtmal-: Allright, thx for the checks. It seems like the generation of the .zip file failed though :(
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:25
simonvanderveldtah, found it (or at least part of it
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:30
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* Nokius evening 20:49
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simonvanderveldtSeems to have worked I have my first zip! :)20:57
simonvanderveldtGood evening Nokius :)20:58
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
* Zucca has Nokius plans to write a small script that syncs music on a new (?) way.21:02
ZuccaDamn tab.21:02
mal-simonvanderveldt: hopefully it will work21:02
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:02
simonvanderveldtmal-: Yeah, let's see if it bursts into flames :P21:03
mal-simonvanderveldt: did you disable SELINUX from kernel?21:03
simonvanderveldtmal-: in the kernel config?21:03
simonvanderveldtit wasn't in there21:04
* Nokius did I created a script to sync music :S21:04
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:04
mal-simonvanderveldt: hmm, we'll see if it appeared there, usually it should be there21:05
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:05
simonvanderveldtmal-: Auditing support is disabled, which might mean that SELinux will be disabled, but I didn't set SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE=y, will do so next time21:08
simonvanderveldtmal-: Yeah, it should be disabled because CONFIG_AUDIT is disabled
vakkovmal-: have you tried to get qt5-qtgui >= 5.2.1+git20 on 1.1.721:23
vakkovthey have made everything depend on it but we know that it is not still available21:24
sledgessimonvanderveldt: that hadk $DEVICE quirk has been spotted already ;) cheers!21:26
sledgesZucca: just select mass storage device on usb, and ssh via wlan if you need a remote shell21:26
sledgesvakkov: i'm readying with my notes21:27
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*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
Zuccasledges: Yeah. I just got an idea to add few more features to my old script. It'll sync files in a m3u -playlist to my phone using rsync. In the middle of it it'll convert flacs to soem other lossy format to save space.21:34
ZuccaAlthough rsync might be overkill.21:34
ZuccaYEah. Need to change plan. Luckily I have one old script that I can extend to do all that.21:35
mal-vakkov: I took a little earlier version of tbj branch21:35
sledgesvakkov: johnyz89: and all other hwc people:
sledgesmal-: ^21:35
ZuccaSo via ssh then. :)21:35
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:36
sledgesZucca: sounds like a plan:)21:36
Zuccasledges: It can already convert in parallel. :P21:37
ZuccaI should but some of my code to github since I have the account there.21:38
mal-vakkov: I did some trials again today with bj branch, no luck yet21:39
mal-vakkov: I will look into it again tomorrow, there might be something related to blanking21:40
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vakkovmal-: i'm on hwc 1.0.. so i will have to figure something else out22:42
mal-vakkov: ok22:45
mal-vakkov: which display repo is that device using?22:47
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)22:47
vakkovmal-: display repo???22:47
vakkovare you talking about the qpa branch22:47
mal-vakkov: no, the android display repo, like this
mal-vakkov: that's what defines what hwc version your device is using22:49
vakkovmal-: those are only for qcomms22:50
vakkovthis is the omap way ^22:50
vakkovon different cm versions the maguro uses hwcs from different places :D in cm10 and cm12 the hwc is in the device folder; cm11 seems to be using the common one ... the differences are small :p22:51
vakkovit seems that a hwc 1.1 exists for omap4 and maybe it was used on maguro22:52
vakkovtomorrow i will check and probably move to it22:52
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