Friday, 2015-08-21

maikooolbut that's the page for ubuntu touch00:00
maikoooleven the porting guide for ubuntu touch is missing00:00
maikoooli really though they renamed it to ubuntu mobile and are now using bionic00:00
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Stskeepskido: sadly a 5am wakeup so no martini :p good work though!02:28
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mannticlerhow do I add a new build to my sdcard when the phone connected via ssh? I get permission denied on the sdcard04:07
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mannticlerI guess I have to flash CM, then move the file into downloads in android04:18
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rss351In the HADK, Ch 6, I am trying to setup the scratchbox2 target, using the Jolla- target04:51
rss351however, when I run the command "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper ref --force" I get an error04:55
rss351"Download (curl) error for '':"04:55
rss351"Error code: Unrecognized error"04:56
rss351"Error message: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain"04:56
rss351it seems that is redirecting to https://dvvwui2qyedk6.cloudfront.net04:57
rss351any suggestions?04:59
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wganis600Alo pls can ayone tell link for alpha13 sailfish os nexus 5 . Thx a lot05:14
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* tbr only sees a12
wganis600Ok thx but from forum i should ask here for alpha13 can anyone know ?pls05:23
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locusfglacier on g watch whaaat05:41
locusfgood job kido :D!!!05:41
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rebootitI installed Cyagenmod 12 on redmi 1s how to setup the environment because the terminal emulator doesnt recognise HOST $06:07
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mvmsaikrishna@sledges @vgrade hello guys! I'm just starting to help in SF port for OnePlus One. Following the HADK guide from Any tips for newbie? thanks!06:49
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nh1402|mobilewganis600: alpha13 is unstable, that's why it's not released yet.07:07
wganis600Oh ok thx for info07:08
nh1402|mobileThere's a recurring bug which occurs which makes it pretty much unusable until a reboot.07:09
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alinnh1402|mobile: that bug is in all releases since January07:21
alinnh1402|mobile: is mainly not release because is not release officially07:21
alinnh1402|mobile: I am impressed... by far the most popular port07:22
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nh1402|mobileIf that's the case then I've had the bug with alpha 12 and 13 a lot when testing apkenv for krnlyng. So something I do send to trigger it07:23
alinnh1402|mobile: test something for me... please try to reconrd a film with cameraplus07:24
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nh1402|mobileakin: just made a video with cameraplus, and saved and works fine. Only thing is the accelerometer is inverted and shows the video in landscape when I'm holding the phone in portrait mode, and vice versa07:33
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nh1402|mobileThe other thing was the video looked a lot more grainy than the camera preview while recording.07:35
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alinhere does not work07:38
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Mister_Magisterhi everybody i have problem
Mister_Magisteri have sourcecode of cm11 but it is in other repo than cyanogenmod. Can i replace it?08:15
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Mister_Magistereveryone asleep now?08:19
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dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, which device ?08:45
Mister_Magistermoto g 2nd gen08:46
Mister_Magistercm11 is not in cm repo08:46
dr_gogeta86titan i saw it08:46
Mister_Magisteris in other repo08:46
dr_gogeta86with some hackery you can got cm1208:46
sledgesit's a mess-up in branch/tag names08:46
sledgeswas solved on this channel in the past08:46
dr_gogeta86sledges, how many time we need to wait for a stable cm12 base ?08:47
dr_gogeta86I saw many commits for hwcomposer and finally the separate dtb08:47
ghosalmartinwhats the need for cm12?08:47
sledgesit is as stable as others08:47
sledgesevery device needs mods, no matter which base08:48
dr_gogeta86I saw this morning the dory status on yocto08:48
dr_gogeta86I was happy while crying08:48
Mister_Magisterso can somebody help me?08:49
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dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, here we are08:49
dr_gogeta86find cm11 manifest08:50
dr_gogeta86are on xda08:50
kskarthikHello, may I know the guy who is porting sailfish to redmi 1s phone08:50
Mister_Magisteri know08:50
Mister_Magistersource is in other repo than cm08:50
dr_gogeta86go back to cm11 :-D08:50
sledgeskskarthik: it's TheRedFox, he probably took a few days break after crazy porting;)08:50
Mister_Magisterso i have to replace or something?08:50
sledges!seen TheRedFox08:50
merbot`sledges: TheRedFox was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 day, 10 hours, 17 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <TheRedfox> And thanks for the attention i guess xP08:50
Mister_Magisterdr_gogeta86: so?08:51
sledgesdr_gogeta86: he is on cm1108:51
kskarthikOh! I came here to congratulate him :-D08:51
sledgeskskarthik: we'll pass it on:))08:51
kskarthikHe is on twitter ?08:52
dr_gogeta86sledges, look at the last manifest i've posted08:52
sledgeskskarthik: nope, but at least you know his real name from there my tweet08:52
Mister_Magisterso can somebody help me?08:52
sledgesMister_Magister: paste your .repo/local_manifest/titan.xml08:53
kskarthikI'm following you on sledges08:53
* sledges thumbsup08:53
Mister_Magisterlocal_manifest is empty08:53
sledgeskskarthik: which one is your handle?08:53
kskarthikLooking for more info of that dev's  work08:53
kskarthikMeans ?08:53
sledgeskskarthik: are you're the one with replies to the tweeter thread;)08:54
Mister_Magistersledges: and?08:54
dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, wait a minute08:54
kskarthikCommented on your tweet just now08:55
dr_gogeta86if empty create that file08:55
dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, i've create a piratepad for taking notes08:56
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Mister_Magisterdr_gogeta86: and?08:57
sledgesMister_Magister: you are not following chapter 14 - port new device of pdf08:57
sledgesthis is why you missed the 14.3.1 step08:58
rebootitI have installed cyanogenmod on Xiaomi redmi 1S which interface do I use to type the HOST $ command ?08:58
sledgesrebootit: sorry never had such necessity on any of my linux boxes, do you mean bash prompt? ($PS1)08:59
Mister_Magisteroh my god :C08:59
sledgesMister_Magister: just create that file with contents that dr_gogeta86 gave you09:00
rebootitwhere to I type HOST $ command in the terminal emulator of my phone or the SDK installed on my windows09:00
sledgesrebootit: why do you need to type it? what are you trying to achieve?09:00
sledgeskskarthik: ah cool! i just followed you back:)09:01
rebootitI am trying to build the Sailfish OS as per the HADK guidelines but I am confused where to type those commands from the PDF09:01
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kidoStskeep, locusf: thank you very much! :)09:02
sledgesrebootit: you don't, it's just showing that the commands below need to be executed on your HOST PC09:03
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Mister_Magisternext day of downloading09:03
mal-kido: nice achievement that watch09:03
rebootitI installed the SDK on my host PC and I am having two VMs in the virtual box and its asking for SailfishSDK login and password09:04
kidothanks! I hope there will soon be more to see, glacier should be the next step09:04
Mister_MagisterCannot fetch CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_fm09:04
sledgesMister_Magister: no need to download anything09:04
sledgesjust a bit09:04
rebootitMy Host PC is windows 1009:05
sledgesrebootit: you need to install MerSDK, not SailfishSDK09:05
sledgesrebootit: chapter 4.209:05
sledgeswith the link09:05
sledgesrebootit: for this you will need to install some (any) linux VM09:06
dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, chack if every repo on the manifest is still aviable , and check twice the branch09:06
sledgesbecause MerSDK doesn't have Windows 10 support out of the box09:06
Mister_Magisterdr_gogeta86: i'm syncing now09:06
sledgesMister_Magister: it won't take long09:06
rebootitok I will install ubuntu sledges and keep you posted09:07
rebootitthanks a ton for ur help09:08
sledgesMister_Magister: if you want to save on downloading time, it's good to add clone-depth="1" near big repos inside manifest09:08
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Mister_Magisterdr_gogeta86: I can not09:10
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Mister_Magisteri will come back after syncing09:12
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Mister_MagisterCyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_fm not found so remove it?10:31
Mister_Magisterbut it is in the cyanogenmod repo but i cant fetch it10:33
sledgeswhat's the error?10:35
Mister_Magistererror: Cannot fetch CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_fm10:36
*** zhxt is now known as zhxt_away10:36
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Mister_Magisterwithout qcom works. So what to do?10:40
zGrrmoin :)10:40
sledgesMister_Magister: you said it's in repo10:40
sledgesmoin zGrr !10:41
sledgesMister_Magister: and now you're saying it's without qcom10:41
Mister_Magisteri remove them because i can't fetch it10:41
dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister, remove it10:41
* sledges goes afk10:41
dr_gogeta86is just for fm radio10:41
Mister_Magisteri made it10:42
Mister_Magisterand now works10:42
Mister_Magisterso build it now?10:42
dr_gogeta86READ CAREFULLY HADK10:43
Mister_Magisteri'm reading it10:43
Mister_Magistereverything is good?10:44
dr_gogeta86mka hybris-hal -j410:44
dr_gogeta86and finger cross10:44
Mister_Magisterok so everything is good :)10:45
dr_gogeta86is just the begin10:45
Mister_Magisterwhat about remove roomservice.xml?10:45
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Mister_Magisterthis will compile very long?10:51
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Mister_Magisterby now i don't see errors. Good for me :v11:40
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piggzsledges: where would I find pulseaudio-policy-enforcement >= 6.0.20?12:17
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mal-piggz: from common in obs12:18
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zhxtany news on N4 port ?12:46
piggzmal-: so, i just need to 'zypper ar' with mb2.... ?12:48
sledgescarepack: ^12:49
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mal-piggz: I think the url should be
mal-piggz: or is there some magic that it can determine it from the url you gave12:50
piggzmal-: the .repo file should have all the detasil iirc12:51
zhxthi, sledges, is u16 target available now?12:52
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:52
sledgeszhxt: check here:
zhxtzhxt: yeah, thx, I have that one already.12:54
sledgeszhxt: I PMd you12:55
sledgeszhxt: u16 target will be available, when it's in that .json12:55
zhxtsledges: Oh, I see.12:56
mal-alin_: you have a bug here
mal-alin_: that should not be hardcoded to hammerhead12:57
alin_mal-: that is in my branch... i do nothing else..12:58
alin_mal-: anyhow is good I will fix it and when I merge shal lbe ok12:58
mal-alin_: same in pack-droidmedia.sh12:59
alin_mal-: is there anyone using it?12:59
alin_mal-: that will never be pushed...12:59
mal-alin_: not sure, I was just looking for some of the build steps from that12:59
alin_mal-: that shall be integrated12:59
*** VDVsx <VDVsx!~VDVsx@2001:2060:53:beef:e01b:5782:5881:5c9d> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)12:59
*** harha <harha!~harha@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)13:07
Mister_MagisterHelp :v
maikoooltitan does not have mountpoint fixup data - see SailfishOS HADK for details on how to fix this13:16
maikooolMister_Magister: chapter 14.3.213:16
Mister_Magistersorry :v13:17
maikooolMister_Magister: here's an example13:17
maikooolyou dont need to put them all in like i did :P13:17
maikooolthat was complete overkill13:18
maikooolsystem and (user)data are enough most of the time13:18
*** VDVsx <VDVsx!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:18
maikooolMister_Magister: you can find the mapping via android shell: ls -la /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/13:18
piggzmal-: / sledges: is there a 'process patterns' script now?13:19
Mister_Magistermaikoool: thanks very much13:19
maikooolpiggz: reading back, you switched to modular?13:20
maikooolcause the process_patterns script has moved out of rpm/13:20
piggzmaikoool: yes13:20
maikooolin that case13:20
maikooolits under the configs13:20
maikooolsec, ill check my bash_history13:20
maikooolpiggz: hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device/helpers/process_patterns.sh13:21
maikooolpiggz: you did one of the htc desires, right?13:21
piggzmaikoool: cheers13:21
maikooolyou're now upgrading them to cm11?13:22
maikooolor is this for another device?13:22
piggzmaikoool: htc ace on cm12.113:22
*** AYEHAN <AYEHAN!~behave@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)13:22
maikoooli have a htc saga lying here, with a (presumably) dead battery13:23
maikoooli've ordered a replacement13:23
maikooolplease share your work :)13:23
maikooolso i can use that for the saga (they're quite similar afaik)13:23
maikoool(no rush though)13:24
alin_mal-: pushed the changes13:28
mal-alin_: thanks13:31
alin_mal-: no problem... did not realise people use mine too...13:32
alin_mal-: that is why i forked13:32
locusfpiggz already has a ace port :)13:32
mal-alin_: I think sledges told it's most likely the most up to date13:32
alin_mal-: yes for hammerhead...13:32
alin_mal-: and some bits may be not so tested and pretty adhoc... sb2 for eg13:33
Mister_Magistermaikoool: i have to add my device section like copy flo and change name?13:33
*** alin__ <alin__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:35
piggzmaikoool: i had it working ok-ish with cm10.1 .... but i struggled with gfx problems.....becuase the CM devs are only working on CM12 now, its probably better to use that so that when i do get problems, we are using the same base .... hopefully it will 'just work' .... but im not expecting it to!!13:36
Mister_Magistermaikoool: how check that13:36
maikooolodd, there's no cm11 work being done?13:37
maikooolMister_Magister: search for a recovery.fstab in your device tree13:37
maikooolif the paths look like /dev/block/mmcblk0p113:37
Mister_Magisterwhere is my device tree13:37
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)13:38
maikooolif the paths look like /dev/block/mmcblk0p1, you can just add your device to the i9305 section13:38
Mister_Magisteri cannot find recovery.fstab13:38
maikooolfind -name '*fstab*'13:39
maikoooldo that in the device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE folder13:39
maikooolelse it'll search the whole android tree, that will take long13:39
Mister_Magisternope nothing13:39
maikooolcan you link me the device tree on github?13:39
Mister_Magisternothing look like /deb/block etc13:39
Mister_Magisterwait a second13:40
maikooolsure np13:40
Mister_Magisteri have to go13:40
Mister_Magisteryou can write me on pw13:40
Mister_Magistersorry polish :v13:40
maikooolassuming you're working on the titan13:41
Mister_Magisterand you see13:41
Mister_Magisternothing like /dev/block13:41
maikoool /dev/block/platform/etc13:41
maikooolso do a ls -la /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system13:42
maikooolcheck which mmcblk0px it returns13:42
maikooolthen add a rule to fixup-mountpoints13:42
maikooollike so:  +            -e 's block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system mmcblk0p22 ' \13:42
Mister_Magisteryou will write me later13:42
maikooolrepeat for (user)data13:42
Mister_Magisterls -la /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system on phone?13:43
*** alin__ <alin__!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)13:44
maikooolvia adb shell or something similar13:44
mal-sledges: how do I build the image with mic when I have the obs repo in use, I have tried but it complains that Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration iyokan13:50
maikooolmal-: i had that as well, iirc just execute process_patterns13:51
maikoooland the tmp/Jolla-etc file didnt exist in my case13:51
maikooolbut it was in mer_root/targets/x/usr/share/13:52
maikoool(i meant installroot/usr/share didnt exist)13:52
maikoooli'm not sure which packages were needed for that, cause i just installed everything that looked related to patterns :P13:52
sledgesmal-: we need to move to nemo:devel:hw , where patterns are available13:54
mal-sledges: maikoool I fixed it, had to add the droid-local-repo to .ks13:55
maikooolah yes, the process patterns script puts them in there as far as i could work out yesterday13:56
mal-seems so13:56
maikooolmal-: you can use the 'sed hack' to remove it from finished zip13:56
maikooollemme search that13:56
maikooolcause 'sed hack' isnt very clear :P13:56
mal-maikoool: I have a lot of sed hack in my ks13:57
maikooolmal-: sed -i -e 's|^adaptation=.*$|adaptation=|' /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini13:57
maikooolit put that under ### end 70_sdk-domain13:57
mal-maikoool: I have that13:57
maikooolk nvm then ;)13:57
sledgesmal-: or that13:58
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:58
mal-sledges: I thought it's good to first build one image with the obs packages before moving those to nemo:devel:hw13:58
sledgesmal-: it's fine if nemo:devel has broken ones initially13:59
sledgessee the cemetery there :D13:59
sledgesas long as it takes away the burden to depend on local repos14:00
piggzwhats going on here...14:00
piggzWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-ace-1-1.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-ace, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-ace-1-1.noarch[adaptation0-ace-]14:00
sledgespiggz: go down the patterns, unless someone remembers what's the conflict14:00
mal-sledges: if you would so kind to grant me rights to the nemo:devel:hw:semc:iyokan14:01
maikoooli'd like some patterns14:01
maikooolsledges: can my huashan also be moved to nemo:devel:hw ?14:01
mal-sledges: or how does that usually go14:01
sledgesmaikoool: let's see if it will work for mal- first, because lbt might have not enabled patterns for mal- even (can't remember the timings)14:01
sledgesor we have generic breakage on patterns recalling your experience14:02
sledgesmal-: yes sec ;)14:02
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off14:02
sledgesmal-: done14:03
sledgesmaikoool: we'll need to enable patterns for every created project separately14:04
maikooolthen it would make no difference indeed14:04
sledgesi've created iyokan there some time ago, let's hope for being in-time when lbt when and patternised them all14:04
maikoooli'm still wondering if there's no log for that pattern action14:04
maikooolsince wiki mentions webhook notifications are posted in #mer-boss14:05
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:05
maikoooli was wondering if patterns might do the same14:05
maikooolbut i'm assuming i'm no mer-boss :P14:05
maikooolmerbot`: please fix my patterns on obs14:06
merbot`maikoool: Error: "please" is not a valid command.14:06
maikooolbut i even said please :(14:06
maikooolmerbot`: sudo please fix my patterns on obs ;)14:06
merbot`maikoool: Error: "sudo" is not a valid command.14:06
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!~Simon_van@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:06
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:07
mal-sledges: thanks, I'm now looking into osc manual14:07
sledgesmal-: repeat for every project, e.g.:14:08
sledgesosc copypac home:sledge:experimental:gstdroid PROJECTNAME nemo:devel:hw:common14:08
mal-sledges: seems that my droid-hal-iyokan is broken, it has also droidmedia stuff and I have separate package for those also14:09
sledgesmal-: dhd is green here:
mal-sledges: yes, it just will not install14:12
mal-file /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice conflicts between attempted installs of droid-hal-iyokan-0.0.6-201508181918.armv7hl and droidmedia-0.0.0-1.armv7hl14:12
sledgeswell, ok:)14:13
sledgesi'm sure you'll work that out:)14:13
mal-that's easy but annoying14:14
*** happy-dude <happy-dude!uid62780@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:19
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)14:21
alin_mal I thought you look into ahal... I remove them before I build14:22
mal-alin_: I had built those earlier14:26
alin_mal-: he he... how many times I got hit by that before I decided to write the script14:27
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:29
*** mannticler <mannticler!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:32
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:33
mal-sledges: osc makes uploading packages so much easier14:34
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:34
*** triton_ <triton_!~triton_@unaffiliated/triton/x-4391598> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:35
*** mannticler <mannticler!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)14:36
*** phlixi_ is now known as phlixi14:40
Mister_Magistermaikoool: i'm back. can you help me?14:45
maikooolwith what?14:45
maikoooli already posted what you need to do regartding the fixup-mountpoints (scroll back a bit)14:46
Mister_Magisteryes i understand now14:47
Mister_Magisterafter i type ls -la i get mmcblk14:47
*** s5pik3 <s5pik3!~Spike@> has quit IRC (Quit: Quitte)14:56
piggzsledges: strange ... the pattern is installlable if i try and install it in the target with mb2 .... just not with mic14:56
Mister_Magistermaikoool: can you verify that?
sledgespiggz: did you dissect it?14:58
piggzsledges: got it!14:58
piggzsledges: i didnt add the new repo for nemo/common to the ks file14:59
Mister_Magisteror somebody14:59
piggzyay, finally at the download stage of image building15:01
maikooolMister_Magister: looks good :)15:02
maikoooltry a build again15:02
Mister_Magisterok building15:02
maikooolthat error about fixup-mountpoints should now be gone ;)15:02
Mister_Magisterthere must be more errors :v15:03
*** gabriel9 <gabriel9!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)15:03
Mister_Magisteron;y 1,4GB space left :v15:04
Mister_Magistermaikoool: /boot appears to live on /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot sounds good15:05
piggzi alwas have to mess with the mountpoint config as it complains about 2 different paths for the fs .... the ace repo has 2 fstab files in it, one for twrp recovery which uses a different naming convention ... so i just rename the twrp one to not be .fstab15:06
maikooolpiggz: same here, i just removed one :P15:07
Mister_Magisterhahahhaa no space left :v15:10
Mister_Magisterbrb :v15:10
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:12
mal-sledges: how long does it approximately take for the trackers to finish when building an image with mic?15:15
sledgesmal-: 10-20mins is average img build the whole15:16
sledgeson a good build box15:16
sledges(with repos being in the intranet)15:16
*** mannticler <mannticler!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:16
mal-sledges: ok, it seems it did not take as long now as it took before15:19
mal-(tracker-control:21702): Tracker-CRITICAL **: Could not get miner status for 'org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Miner.Applications': Timeout was reached15:19
mal-Could not get status from miner: org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Miner.ApplicationsTracker miners busy, waiting...15:19
mal-still I got those several times15:19
sledgesok thanks for checking15:20
mal-sledges: I'll do some OTA testing this weekend15:22
* sledges claps ;)15:23
mal-although I have to hack the 1.1.6 image to work for that, it doesn't have the proper repos by default15:23
sledgesmal-: we all hack, just sed15:24
sledgesin ks15:24
mannticlersledges: I'm not sure if you do N4 builds anymore, but I noticed that three people reported a bug with "mobile network" settings disappearing upon reboot. in case you missed it.15:24
sledgesmannticler: carepack is taking care of n4 :)15:24
sledgesmannticler: you mean, APN settings forgotten?15:25
mal-sledges: but I don't want to build a new 1.1.6 image so I'll fix it on device15:25
sledgesmannticler: here's the fix:
merbot`Nemo bug 841 in Hybris-ing "wrong owner of /var/lib/ofono (due to wrong package order during mic image create)" [Normal,New]15:25
mannticlersledges: No, in the settings menu, "mobile network" literally disappears15:25
sledgesmannticler: still able to make calls after that?15:26
alin_mal-: the correct sed shall be in my build-img.sh15:26
mal-alin_: yes, I used that for 1.1.7 image I'm building15:26
sledgesmal-: yep, same file15:26
mannticlersledges: yes. but just can't get in and change any apn settings, the option is one15:26
mannticlergone, I mean15:26
sledgesmannticler: when/how did that happen? what versions?15:27
mannticlersledges: beta8 for mako. when you first flash it, mobile network and Internet Sharing are there as options in the "connectivity" section.15:27
mannticlersledges: when you reboot, they disappear15:28
mannticlersledges: doesn't happen on beta715:28
sledgesoh dear15:29
sledgeszhxt has an n4 too:) maybe they could look?15:29
sledgessounds like modem detection is lagging behind15:29
sledgesand since other boots are quicker, it might be checking too late in boot15:30
sledgesso some dependency/race there15:30
mannticlerhrm, yeah. strange. I only noticed because I can't get mms to work and wanted to edit apn settings (which, on sailfish, seem way more limited than android - less fields to edit)15:33
zhxtit seem also no mobile network on my N4, just fly mode, wlan,  bt, usb and location in 'connectivity' section.15:33
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)15:34
mal-sledges: do I need pattern on obs for ota?15:34
sledgesmal-: where else?:)15:35
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)15:35
mannticlerzhxt: Internet Sharing is gone, too15:36
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:36
mal-sledges: I'm not quite sure where those patterns are used in addition to building the image15:37
zhxtmannticler: yeah, didn't see that too.15:37
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:39
sledgesmal-: to pull new packages in during ota. if you check our OTA bug, it's the patterns that error out, as first hurdle15:40
*** alin__ <alin__!~alin@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:42
*** alin_ <alin_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)15:42
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: nh1402)15:43
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:43
*** mannticler <mannticler!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)15:44
zhxtofonod is running15:44
UmeaboyHi sledges!15:45
sledgeszhxt: try to do systemctl restart lipstick15:45
sledgesUmeaboy: busy15:45
sledgeszhxt: as nemo15:45
sledgeszhxt: and recheck if they appear15:45
UmeaboyOK. Getting my brand new laptop today. :)15:45
zhxtsledges: ok, wait a little15:45
sledgeszhxt: if not, restart whole user session, as root15:45
alin__sledges: found my wpa bug15:45
sledgesUmeaboy: woo!15:45
sledgesalin__: yummy!15:45
alin__sledges: I am afraid this needs to go inside jolla15:45
alin__sledges: not so yummy involved downgrade of wpa_supplicant15:46
sledgesalin__: whom you're gonna call? ;)15:46
mal-sledges: looks like I need to add the new target to nemo:devel:hw15:46
alin__sledges: united nations15:46
zhxtsledges: access denied, with nemo15:46
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:46
zhxtok, root.15:46
sledgeszhxt: add --user15:46
UmeaboyYeah. I wonder if I have to fight with UEFI as much as I did with my friends computer.15:46
alin__sledges: anyhow I tested on my laptop which has the same wpa supplicant as the phone...15:46
UmeaboyHopefully not.15:47
alin__sledges: and other bits15:47
UmeaboyWill there be multiuser support for the next SailfishOS update?15:48
alin__sledges: anyhow if you can pass that to anyone from connectivity will be great15:48
zhxtsledges, lipstic restarted with --user nemo, but still not shown.15:49
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:50
sledgesalin__: bugs merproject org15:50
sledgeszhxt: user session then15:51
zhxtsledges:  nemo user?15:52
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:53
Mister_Magisterok i'm back with 50GB more space :v15:53
sledgeszhxt: root15:54
maikooolUmeaboy: why would you want multiuser support?15:57
maikooolIMO that's the most useless feature android has15:57
nh1402I might understand if it was a tablet,  but on a phone it sounds useless15:58
nh1402I've never used it.15:59
maikooolon a tablet it seems useless to me as well16:00
maikooolwhy not just pin-lock certain apps16:00
nh1402a way to organise app data16:00
Mister_Magistersomething goes wrong
zhxtsledges: still no,
sledgeszhxt: user session16:01
maikooolin a way, sailfish is already multiuser16:01
maikooolsince you can be nemo user, or root user :P16:01
nh1402so if theres a game everyone who uses the tablet plays, and there aren't save game slots, then the user system could allow each user to have seperate app data.16:01
alin__does anyone still have 1.1.6 installed?16:01
nh1402alin__ : I still have it in multirom16:01
alin__nh1402: ar eyou booted in it?16:01
alin__nh1402: can you confirm wpa version?16:02
sledgeszhxt: line 31 just restart instead of stop16:02
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.2)16:02
sledgesalin__: package versions:
Mister_Magistermaikoool: help please16:02
alin__sledges: cool... smart... always forget we upload that things too16:03
nh1402alin__: I'm booted into it now16:03
Umeaboymaikool: For privacy reasons and SailfishOS is a fullt working operatingsystem so it should act like it.16:03
nh1402alin__: how would one check the wpa version16:03
alin__nh1402: sorted...16:03
alin__nh1402: zypper se -is wpa_s16:04
alin__nh1402: rpm -qa | grep wpa_s16:04
alin__whichever is shorter to type16:04
maikooolMister_Magister: try renaming fstab.qcom to recovery.fstab16:05
nh1402alin__: ^16:05
alin__nh1402: yap... the thirs option is to check the .packages file updated with the image16:06
zhxtsledges: haha, restart user session works, they are displayed now.16:06
nh1402alin__: anything else you'd like me to test?16:06
Mister_Magistermaikoool: trhat not helped16:07
zhxtinternet shareing and mobile network is back now16:07
sledgeszhxt: are you on n4 xda thread? could you post workaround? (just with devel-su)16:07
alin__nh1402: nope16:08
alin__nh1402: that was all16:08
Mister_Magisterpreviously worked. After reboot nope16:08
maikooolhow can it not find fstab16:09
maikooolyou can find the fstab file on disk?16:09
Mister_Magisteryes /device/motorola/titan/rootdir/recovery.fstab16:10
zhxtsledges: I'm afraid I'm not, let me check.16:10
maikooolMister_Magister: can you execute this in $ANDROID_ROOT and check if fstab is returned?: find device/motorola -name *fstab* | grep -v goldfish16:11
maikooolcause that's how hybris-boot searches for fstab16:13
Mister_Magisterso what i have to do?16:14
zhxtsledges: accecss xda-forum is very slow from my region,  if you have time you can add it,pls16:14
maikooolMister_Magister: every time you enter/exit the ubu-chroot, you need to re-run source build/ and breakfast $DEVICE, did you do that?16:14
Mister_Magisterohhh thanks and sorry16:15
maikooolthere's lots to remember :)16:15
maikooolcan't blame anyone for forgetting from time to time16:15
Mister_Magisteri'm begginer16:15
sledgeszhxt: will od16:16
mal-sledges: no sign of patterns on nemo:devel:hw:semc:iyokan16:16
zhxtsledges: thx16:17
Mister_Magistermaikoool: change from recovery.fstab to fstab.qcom?16:17
Mister_Magisterbecause still not working16:17
sledgesmal-: :( means lbt script not in action16:17
maikooolshould make no difference16:17
Mister_Magisterbut not working16:18
mal-sledges: mean that no ota update testing then16:18
mal-at least I have a lot of other things to do16:18
sledgesmal-: other patterns are taking from jolla16:18
sledgesmal-: it would just mean no adaptation patterns testing16:19
sledgesmal-: what else is on your list?16:19
maikooolMister_Magister: look around in hybris/hybris-boot/, from line 40 to 72 is where it searches for fstab16:19
maikooolmaybe insert some debugging print/echo's to see whats going on16:20
Mister_Magisteremmm huston we have a problem16:20
Mister_Magisteror nope16:20
mal-sledges: there is the text bug in warehouse, keyboard layout and at lower priority the ofono pin query fix16:20
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!> has quit IRC (Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12)16:21
mal-and sdcard mounting16:21
sledgesmal-: related?
sledgesor just to .27?16:22
Mister_Magistermaikoool: yes it searching for fstab16:22
mal-sledges: somewhat related, I have tried to build some upstream packages that have stuff related to keyboard layout16:23
Mister_MagisterHYBRIS_FSTABS := $(shell find device/*/$(TARGET_DEVICE) -name *fstab* | grep -v goldfish)16:23
mal-sledges: I noticed that one patch was not applied to 1.1.7 branch to some package16:23
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux16:24
mal-sledges: I also have other projects that are not related to porting16:24
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:26
maikooolah Mister_Magister: try moving fstab.qcom up one directory16:26
maikooolso out of rootdir/etc and into rootdir/16:26
maikooolor maybe better: copy it instead of moving16:27
Mister_Magisterstill not working16:27
maikooolyeah it shouldnt matter anyway16:29
sledgesmal-: i'm sure you do, i try not to think about my ones :D any hints/pointers to the OTA testing process for N5ers?
merbot`Nemo bug 852 in Hybris-ing "[GOAL] OTA (Over-the-Air) updates" [Normal,New]16:29
Mister_Magistersledges: help16:30
maikooolMister_Magister: edit hybris/hybris-boot/ and put this on line 62: $(warning INFO $(PRODUCT_MANUFACTURER), $(TARGET_VENDOR), $(TARGET_DEVICE), $(HYBRIS_FSTABS))16:32
maikooolthen run the build and look for that message16:32
Mister_Magisterhere is my android.mk16:32
maikooolthat's the same for everyone16:33
maikooolso that shouldnt be a problem16:33
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Leaving")16:33
Mister_Magisteradded and?16:34
maikooolmake hybris-boot16:34
maikooolit shoudl return message starting with: hybris/hybris-boot/ INFO before complaning about missing fstab16:35
Mister_Magisterhybris/hybris-boot/ INFO unknown, "android", generic,16:35
maikooolthere's ya problem, that's not ok16:35
Mister_Magisteryup there is a prblem16:35
maikooolu sure you ran source build/envsetup.sh16:35
maikoooland breakfast $DEVICE16:35
maikooolcause that should make sure those vars are there16:36
Mister_Magisterbreakfast nope16:37
Mister_MagisterI thought i have to do it only once16:37
maikoool[8/21/15 18:14:51] <maikoool> Mister_Magister: every time you enter/exit the ubu-chroot, you need to re-run source build/ and breakfast $DEVICE, did you do that?16:37
maikooolthe exit part was a mistake, but the rest still stands16:37
Mister_Magisternow perfectly working16:38
Mister_Magisterstupid error16:38
maikooolyou can remove that INFO line btw if you want16:38
maikooolyou probably stopped reading after 'source build/' with the thought: that's it i forgot that16:39
maikoooland then missed the rest of the sentence16:39
maikoooli can understand that, so its np ;)16:39
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:42
*** alin__ <alin__!~alin@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)16:43
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:47
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Quit: good night and happy weekend!)16:47
Mister_Magistermaikoool: help :(16:50
mal-sledges: did you notice yesterday the possible key I mentioned to finding out which devices will have the sync problem with qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin, looks like all of those devices have TARGET_DISPLAY_USE_RETIRE_FENCE := true, I'm not 100% sure about that looking at the code it is plausible16:56
sledgesmal-: i forwarded this to sletta, much thanks!16:59
maikooolMister_Magister: help? with what?17:01
maikooolyour message didnt come through17:01
Mister_Magisteri gave link17:02
maikooolMister_Magister has left this server (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)17:02
mal-sledges: I'll check the surfaceflinger code to see if it has anything related to that, maybe that problem won't even exist in the tbj branch17:02
maikooolMister_Magister: your device needs a custom boot image creation script17:04
maikooolor at least the dtb stuff17:04
Mister_Magisterso what i have to do?17:05
sledgesmaikoool: would this help to Mister_Magister ?
sledgesmaybe there's another BOARD_KERNEL_SEPARATED_DT ?17:05
Mister_Magistersledges: i don't know what are you talking about17:06
sledgesMister_Magister: that's why i'm talking to maikoool ;)17:06
Mister_Magisteroh :)17:06
maikooolsledges: I'm no expert on dtbs either, but i havent seen the first 24 lines before at all17:07
maikooolthe rest seems familiar17:07
*** triton_ <triton_!~triton_@unaffiliated/triton/x-4391598> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:07
maikoool(referring to linked earlier)17:07
ZuccaHi. Any progress on the sensors overhead issue?17:07
Mister_Magistermaikoool: so?17:09
maikooolah, the flag's in the commons17:09
sledgesZucca: no, just need someone to help us - flash last known image, and gradually increase sensorsfw package version until breakage appears - so we could know which commit might've broken it17:09
ZuccaI noticed that if screen is turned off cpu usage drops (by design, perhaps). Also same seems to occur if the device is idle for a X amount of time.17:10
maikooolMister_Magister: what what the last time you did a repo synx?17:10
maikooolthen that line should be in there17:10
maikooolyou linked that before, just checked, it's in there17:11
Mister_Magisterit's black magic for me17:11
sledgesmaikoool: can be that he needs differently named BOARD_KERNEL_SEPARATED_DT, or just remove the if altogether, to see17:11
maikooolsledges: the BOARD_KERNEL_SEPERATED_DT is in motorola_msm8226-common17:12
maikooolso that should be in use17:12
maikoooli'm guessing he just needs to manually generate INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET17:12
sledgesmaikoool: ah ok17:12
maikooolsince that's done in the mkbootimg.mk17:12
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
sledgeshmm, that should be done manually too17:13
sledgesmaikoool: or! just run make bootimage17:13
sledgesonce before17:13
sledges(good point btw, will help polishing those bits)17:13
maikooolIIRC mal's made a patch that will search for custombootimg files and include them17:14
maikooolmaybe if we apply that, the buildsystem will find the INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET itself, and thus compile it?17:14
simonvanderveldtmal-: I tried to find out what TARGET_DISPLAY_USE_RETIRE_FENCE := true in the actually does. The only place it's used is
Mister_Magisterhahah english is funny :) Poland polish polishing :v17:15
Zuccasledges: I don't know if it's intended, but I noticed that when loggeg in via telnet HOME is unset (or set to /). At some point I notice that my htop settings for root weren't loaded. And that was the reason.17:15
simonvanderveldtmal-: Not really sure what it does though...17:15
sledgesZucca: telnet environment is borked, after UI is up ssh usage is encouraged (also security issue;)17:15
sledgesZucca: but thanks:)17:15
Zuccasledges: Temp fix: ln -s /root/.config /.config17:16
sledgesZucca: or su root? ;)17:16
sledgesor su nemo ;)17:16
ZuccaYeah. Aaaaaand my fix didn't work. :o17:17
maikooolMister_Magister: try executing this, that should make the dtbs available as far as i know, after that run make hybris-hal again:
Zucca... because there was already /.config17:18
Mister_Magisterno such file or directory17:19
sledgesmaikoool: i think make bootimage is just as good, as it build all dtbs and associates17:19
sledgestime will tell:)17:20
Mister_Magisterchange to titan? i have only titan17:20
maikoooli already changed it to titan?17:20
maikooolah yes17:20
maikooolindeed kernel/motorola/titan17:20
maikooolwell spotted there17:20
Mister_Magisterso change msm8226 to titan?17:21
maikoool(alternatively try sledges suggestion about make bootimage)17:21
Mister_Magistermaikoool: you know i don't uunderstand sledges :v17:21
sledgesmake bootimage17:21
maikooolah your android folder is not in mer_root/android/droid17:23
maikooolah yes, mer is the default, not mer_root17:24
*** Roukoswarf <Roukoswarf!root@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)17:24
maikooolreplce mer_root with mer17:24
Mister_Magisteri think it works17:25
Mister_Magisternow make hybris-hal17:26
*** TheRealJohnGalt <TheRealJohnGalt!uid29986@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)17:26
maikooolif that goes well, just continue with the hadk pdf :)17:26
Mister_Magistermaikoool: i feel that i will have many problems17:27
Mister_Magistermaikoool: and anyway many thanks17:27
maikooolproblems can be resolved with the proper knowledge or help from someone who has that knowlegde17:28
maikoooland dont worry about it: i also got completely lost the first time XD17:28
Mister_Magisteri'm web developer mate :v17:28
maikooolso am i17:28
Mister_Magisteryou know it's not my job17:28
Mister_Magisterbut i really wanna sailfsih17:29
Mister_Magistereverything looks good (end)17:29
maikooolrun it again17:30
maikooollooks like a multithreading dependency issue to me17:31
Mister_Magisterthe same17:32
nh1402Mister_Magister: well if you know Javascript then that's a start17:33
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:33
Mister_Magisternh1402: what? :v17:33
nh1402you said you are a web developer17:33
Mister_Magistermaikoool: maybe remove -j4?17:33
Mister_Magisternh1402: yup17:33
maikoooltry replacing -j4 with -j117:34
maikooolif that still doesnt work: edit hybris/hybris-boot/, find lines that start with $(hide)$(MKBOOTIMG), then remove the $(hide) from that17:36
maikooolthat'll give you more verbose output and then you can check if what it's trying to do actually makes sense17:36
Mister_Magistercheck link17:36
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
maikoooli see17:36
Mister_Magisterthis working and not working17:36
maikooolmy suggestion still stands17:37
maikooolremove $(hide)17:37
maikooolmaybe it's not the dtb stuff at all17:37
Mister_Magisterok captain17:37
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:38
*** nh1402_ is now known as nh140217:38
piggzsledges: the .zip created doesnt seem valid ... recovery refuses to install it, and when I look inside it is missing META_INF and ... where do these come from?17:39
Mister_Magister-jx means threads?17:39
maikooolit's called -j and not -t because the j stands for 'jobs in parallel'17:39
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)17:40
maikooolat least that's how i remembered it :P17:40
piggzah, now i see the error at the end of the image creation....17:41
maikoooli'm gonna grab myself some foods, back in 30 or so17:41
maikooolthat shouldn't be17:41
maikooolthat's empty17:41
maikooolshouldnt be17:41
Mister_Magisterbut what?17:42
sledgesmaikoool: maybe it needs explicitness like in ? ...17:43
maikoool--kernel /home/mister/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/titan/kernel --dt  --base 0x0000000017:43
maikooolkernel looks fine to me17:43
maikooolit just doenst insert hte dt image17:43
sledgesmaikoool: is what i mean17:44
maikooolah now i see indeed17:44
maikoooli misread that at first17:44
Mister_Magisterit is possible to fix that17:45
maikooolif he puts INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET := $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dt.img in, that will get picked up by hybris-boot as well, right?17:45
maikooolsledges: ^ ? (forgot to mention)17:46
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off17:46
maikooolMister_Magister: anyway, just try that, put INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET := $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dt.img in your device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/BoardConfig.mk17:47
maikoooli'm gonna eat my food before it burns17:47
Mister_Magisteri'm waiting for you17:47
maikooolback later, sry about the timing17:47
*** Roukoswarf <Roukoswarf!root@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
sledgesmaikoool: yes17:51
sledgesMister_Magister: he said correctly17:52
Mister_Magistersledges: wait17:52
Mister_Magisteryou will help me xD17:52
sledgesit's not people17:52
sledgesit's the channel that is helping17:52
Mister_Magisterjust look
Mister_Magisterand say17:53
Mister_Magisterworking or not17:53
Mister_Magisterlets go hadk!17:53
sledgeshell yeah!17:53
Mister_Magistermaikoool: many many many many many many many many many thanks. And you sledges17:54
Mister_Magisternow SCRATCHBOX217:54
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@> has quit IRC (Quit: Bye)17:54
Mister_Magistersledges: i have question17:55
Mister_Magisternow i have to type breakfast and source after i enter chroot?17:55
maikooolonly after entering ubu-chroot Mister_Magister17:55
Mister_Magisterbut still?17:56
Mister_Magisterit works17:56
Mister_Magisterso i still have to do that?17:56
sledgesMister_Magister: scratchbox doesn't need breakfast btw17:57
Mister_Magistersledges: breakfast and source is not only for the building hybris?17:57
sledgesis only for building hybris-hal17:58
sledgesinside habuild_sdk chroot17:58
sledgesscratchbox is earlier (mersdk) chroot17:58
Mister_Magisteroh ok17:59
Mister_Magisterthat is why not working :V17:59
maikooolyou should see your command line change depending on which chroot you are in18:00
maikooolwhich should match what's in the hadk18:01
Mister_Magisterok and i have to change from ’ to '18:02
Mister_Magisterthat was problem at the beginning18:02
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:03
simonvanderveldtsledges: I got the new device wizard! :D18:04
simonvanderveldt(it's seems to be gone now though :P)18:04
sledgessimonvanderveldt: you're one step away from lipstick and photosession! \o/18:06
simonvanderveldtsledges: so close...18:06
simonvanderveldtsledges: keep losing the telnet session before I've got ssh up though :|18:06
simonvanderveldtsledges: is there a unit file for lipstick?18:11
Mister_Magistersledges: tell me why i use sudo in merSDK?18:14
simonvanderveldtfound it, it's a user service :)18:14
sledgesMister_Magister: because you need super user privileges to install packages18:18
Mister_Magisteri testing Scratchbox218:18
Mister_Magisterand i have problem18:18
sledgesMister_Magister: and to be able to create scratchbox18:19
Mister_Magisterok sb2 works18:21
Mister_Magisternext step :318:22
piggzsledges: the missing files exist in installroot/boot/   .... but the kickstart file seems to expect them in the root ??18:22
piggzlets modify the .ks18:22
Mister_Magister#type 'zypper ref; zypper dup' every-so-often to update your Mer SDK18:24
Mister_Magistercan somebody explain that?18:24
maikooolyou familiar with apt?18:24
maikooolor yum?18:24
maikooolor pacman even?18:24
maikooolrefer to the opensuse column for sailfish18:24
maikoool(you need to do sudo zypper ref and sudo zypper dup btw IIRC)18:25
Mister_Magisteri don't understand that "every-so-often"18:26
maikooolit means 'every now and then'18:26
maikoooldoes that make more sense?18:26
Mister_Magisterso when18:26
maikoooljust as often as you would on a normal linux installation18:26
Mister_Magisteremmmm ok?18:27
maikooolso: after the installation, and depending on the os, once every two weeks or so18:27
Mister_Magisterso do it now?18:27
Mister_Magisterthanks again18:28
Mister_Magisternice Fatal: 'rpm/droid-hal-titan.spec' doesn't exist (and could not be made from a yaml)18:28
maikooolcd $ANDROID_ROOT first18:29
Mister_Magisteri made it18:29
Mister_Magisterthis file don't exists18:29
maikooolyou said you created it18:30
maikoool[8/21/15 20:29:10] <Mister_Magister> i made it18:30
Mister_Magisteri mean18:30
Mister_Magisteri typed cd $ANDROID_ROOT18:31
Mister_Magistersorry :v18:31
maikooolyou just set up scratchbox, right?18:31
maikooolthat must mean you were at 14.4.118:31
maikooolwhere did you start reading?18:32
mal-simonvanderveldt: how did you solve the lipstick crash issue?18:32
sledgespiggz: something's inconsistent inside your .ks, diff with this:
Mister_Magistermaikoool: at the beginning18:32
simonvanderveldtmal-: It's not solved yet, I just rebooted and got the wizard18:32
maikooolyou should read chapter 14 and follow the links, but return to where you left off at the end of the linked chapter18:33
maikooolMister_Magister: you can start reading at 14.3.418:33
sledgessimonvanderveldt: mal-: yep, yesterday you were one step away from graphics:)18:33
simonvanderveldtmal-: I guess that's jolla-startupwizard.service18:33
Mister_Magisteroh my god18:33
maikooolMister_Magister: that's the hybris-hal you already did18:33
sledgessimonvanderveldt: are you sure suwizard didn't just blank display? (press power key)18:33
Mister_Magistermaikoool: you wanna kill me :V18:34
maikoooli want to help you get sailfish to run on your phone?18:34
sledgessimonvanderveldt: it's lipstick.service18:34
mal-simonvanderveldt: this is the important part of RETIRE_FENCE
simonvanderveldtsledges: No, I had to choose a language and when I did I could click continue18:34
sledgessimonvanderveldt: suw for language select is the one with -pre-user-session18:34
sledgesmal-: very interesting!18:35
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux18:35
maikooolMister_Magister: just go to 14.3.5 then, you already did 14.3.4, i was just referring you to the 'last known' spot you were in18:36
simonvanderveldtmal-: Not really sure what that code is doing tbh :P18:36
mal-simonvanderveldt: me neither18:36
Mister_Magisteri'm in 14.4.118:36
maikooolthats good18:36
sledgesmal-: your qpa qcom bsp fix now merged and tagged (=built)18:36
mal-sledges: thanks, I'll update faq18:37
maikooolMister_Magister: after creating the scratchbox target you should continue where you left off, not move to the next chapter18:37
sledgesmal-: thank you!!18:37
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
Mister_Magisterso back to the 7?18:38
simonvanderveldtAh, nice. I'll switch to upstream then :)18:38
maikooolthe opposite18:38
maikooolCreate     a     simple18:39
maikooolfile     that     sets     the     correct     variables18:39
maikooolwhoa that was a failpaste18:39
mal-sledges: should we remove some of the older stuff, which are fixed already or just leave the comments that those are fixed?18:39
sledgesmal-: scratch-through those, we'll remove in a week or so18:40
maikooolMister_Magister: it says to setup scratchbox target, so you click on that and it moves you to the appropriate place in the pdf18:40
Mister_Magisteri doing it right now18:40
maikooolMister_Magister: after doing the scratchbox setup, you should return to that link18:40
maikooolMister_Magister: so continue with Creating a simple .spec file that sets....18:41
Mister_MagisterI got lost18:41
maikooolmost pdf viewer implement forwards and back functions like a browser18:42
piggzsledges: its not hugely different, and not around the section which fails18:42
maikooolso you can click link and then just go back (using back button or mouse sidebutton) and continue where you left off18:42
Mister_Magisteri have to read 14.4 right?18:43
simonvanderveldtmal-: sledges you've got a clue why I'm getting booster-browser[1878]: [C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (No such file or directory) all the time? (the no such file or directory part) Is there maybe a device node missing or sth or is this cause by sth else?18:44
mal-simonvanderveldt: that's because lipstick is not running18:45
simonvanderveldtmal-: OK18:45
piggzsledges: i checked the bzipped fs ... and the files arnt in boot ... so they cant be getting installed ......shouldnt be too difficult to figure out where thay are18:50
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:51
Mister_Magistererrors, errors everywhere18:51
simonvanderveldtmal-: Regarding backtrace for lipstick, do these adresses make sense?
Mister_Magisterhelp please
mal-sledges: interesting thing that surfaceflinger never uses sync_wait18:54
mal-at least not directly18:55
maikooolMister_Magister: it's mentioned in the guide how to fix those18:56
maikooolMister_Magister: 14.3.518:56
Mister_Magister14.3.5 is kernel config18:57
Mister_Magisteri'm after 14.3.618:57
mal-sledges: there is also quite a lot of QCOM_BSP specific code in surfaceflinger18:58
maikooolMister_Magister: that script in 14.3.5 is called in the pacakge creation19:00
maikooolrun that, you'll see the same errors19:00
Mister_Magisterand i have to fix that?19:00
maikooolsearch for your defconfig file19:00
Mister_Magisteryou really wanna kill me?19:01
maikoool(its probably mentioned in
maikoooladd those settings at the end19:01
Mister_Magistermaikoool: defconfig?19:02
Mister_Magisteryou mean that TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG := titan_defconfig?19:03
maikooolthat file, tital_defconfig19:03
maikooolis somewhere in the kernel sources19:03
Mister_Magisterso where?19:03
Mister_Magisterwhere is arch folder19:03
maikooolin the kernel source folder19:04
Mister_Magisternow i have to add something19:05
maikoooleach error is a config parameter like the existing ones in your defconfig file19:06
Mister_Magisterfor example: CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER=y?19:06
maikooolsee the error log19:06
maikooolAllowed values : n19:07
maikooolso it needs to be CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER=n19:07
maikooolif CONFIG_ is not already in the file, add it19:07
Mister_Magisterok i understand19:07
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
Mister_Magistermaikoool: Allowed values : y, ! so set y?19:10
Mister_MagisterAllowed values : y, m, ! and there too?19:10
maikooolyes, y is recommendable there19:10
maikoooltry to fix all and then run the check-kernel-config again19:11
maikooolmake sure there are no ERRORs left19:11
maikooola few warnings is not a big issue19:11
Mister_Magisterso much work19:11
maikooolbut try to make them all go away19:11
maikooolit will only have to be done once19:14
maikooolthe check script is in perl, if you're familiar with that you can probably get it to print out a list you can copy paste19:14
maikooolbut unless you're good at perl, that's more effort than doin it by hand19:15
Mister_Magisterwhat now?19:16
Mister_Magisterhadk say's mka hybris-boot but mka not found19:17
maikooolsee the guide, go back into ubu-chroot, make hybris-hal, re-run the checking script once more to make sure, then continue where you were19:17
maikooolah yes19:17
maikooolthat's all in ubu-chroot19:17
maikooolso ubu-chroot first19:17
Mister_Magisteroh :v19:17
simonvanderveldtsledges: Can you help with the backtrace a little? I'm not really getting place I think :P19:17
sledges(have two windows open)19:17
sledgessimonvanderveldt: that backtrace is nil, strace instead19:17
Mister_Magistermaikoool: i using mersdk :v19:17
simonvanderveldtsledges: I missed a lot of debuginfo packages, think it's better now19:17
sledgessimonvanderveldt: is the last one from you: //
simonvanderveldtsledges: yes19:18
simonvanderveldtsledges: that was before I installed libc6 and gcc, g++ etc debuginfo19:19
sledgessimonvanderveldt: paste away then:)19:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: Phone crashed :x19:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: have to reboot, 1s19:20
simonvanderveldtsledges: is there a way to output the entire backtrace at once? Or do you always have to enter through it19:21
sledgessimonvanderveldt: bt full ?19:21
simonvanderveldtsledges: I'm doing thread apply all bt full right now, but still have to enter19:23
simonvanderveldtsledges: from row 309 onwards is the backtrace. Does this make more sense?19:26
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)19:27
sledgessimonvanderveldt: strace pls :P19:27
sledgesand also, error without any debugging, just plain console19:28
simonvanderveldtsledges: OK, crashed again, will post both in a minute19:28
sledgessimonvanderveldt: if startupwizard crashed, and lipstick too19:29
sledgessounds like either out of memory, or fence leaks19:29
sledgesoom check is in dmesg19:30
sledgesfence leaks in /proc/$(pidof lipstick)/fd19:30
simonvanderveldtsledges: OK, wil cat /proc/kmsg then19:30
sledgessimonvanderveldt: and monitor free (frequently) during launch19:31
sledges`free -m`19:31
simonvanderveldtsledges: crashed again, not even doing anything19:34
simonvanderveldtmem was 252/155319:34
simonvanderveldtsledges: just after reboot, just SSHd in19:34
sledgessimonvanderveldt: pastes pastes ;)19:34
sledgessimonvanderveldt: ah19:35
piggzsledges: fixed .... problme was between keyboard and sofa19:35
sledgessimonvanderveldt: without starting lipstick?19:35
dr_gogeta86pebkas ?19:35
sledgessimonvanderveldt: have you disabled everything else? like user session19:35
simonvanderveldtsledges: could be that it's starting stuff in the background19:35
simonvanderveldtsledges: Actually I know it is starting all kinds of stuff in the background, even though I disabled user@10000019:35
sledgespiggz: friday night keyboard & sofa ;) -- much more susceptible;))19:35
sledgessimonvanderveldt: i thought you had lipstick segfault19:36
simonvanderveldtsledges: I've only disabled user@100000 and masked ofono19:36
sledgessimonvanderveldt: describe "crash" then19:36
sledgesreboot? halt?19:36
simonvanderveldtsledges: Then hold power button for a short bit and it vibrates and then goes into an endless loop of wait-vibrate-wait-vibrate-wait-etc19:37
simonvanderveldtsledges: also, the usb0 device disappears from host19:37
simonvanderveldtsledges: Should I disable certain services?19:43
sledges22:14 < sledges> simonvanderveldt: did you recompile with paranoid?19:44
simonvanderveldtsledges: ohw, crap. No, I didn't19:45
simonvanderveldtsledges: I guess I should?19:45
simonvanderveldtsledges: What does it do?19:45
sledgessimonvanderveldt: observed in aosp5 ports19:45
sledgesjust ry19:45
simonvanderveldtsledges: OK, do that first and then strace?19:46
sledgessimonvanderveldt: there's nothing to strace something it just halts19:46
simonvanderveldtsledges: Yeah that's true, but it runs fine other times19:47
sledgessimonvanderveldt: let's deal with halt19:47
sledgessimonvanderveldt: also, are you sure you are not hitting charger mode?19:47
sledgessimonvanderveldt: always reboot without usb cable in19:47
mal-sledges: which devices are known to have fence leaks?19:47
sledges(best to disconnect from host)19:48
sledges(than to knacker your port prematurely;))19:48
sledgesmal-: mako, n710019:48
simonvanderveldtsledges: How do I make sure I'm not hitting it? Reboot phone with cable disconnected? Till which point?19:48
sledgessimonvanderveldt: till reboot19:48
sledgescharger mode - the one where normally you see charging icon19:48
sledgessimonvanderveldt: s/reboot/fastboo/19:48
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
simonvanderveldtsledges: Ohw, I don't ever see that, rebooting betwoon recovery and multirom, it's never showing me the charge icon19:49
sledgessimonvanderveldt: i constantly forget you have multirom, anyhow it was just a suggestion to detect if this may cause halts19:50
Mister_Magisterkernel is compiling long :v19:51
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:51
simonvanderveldtsledges: np, I'm having issues getting the usb0 device registering, so was hoping for a reason for that :)19:51
sledgessimonvanderveldt: random? try paranoid19:51
simonvanderveldtsledges: I'd already built it, will install now19:51
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
mal-sledges: was there lipstick crashing problems on find5?19:54
sledgesmal-: nope, just sync_wait19:59
sledgesiirc, certainly no fence leaks (otherwise it wouldn't be on cm11 now)19:59
piggzsledges: as its been a while, i'll need some debugging tips :) .... device boots with telnet port open on 23 .... when telnet in and 'continue' instant reboot20:01
mal-hmm, the current problems are strange, usually it should work after all of these fixes20:01
mal-simonvanderveldt: at some point get a strace from minimer or something so we can see it gives reasonable result20:02
simonvanderveldtmal-: Will do20:03
sledgespiggz: selinux20:04
simonvanderveldtsledges: CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK=y seems to result in reboots after couple of seconds20:06
piggzsledges: as in, 'should be enabled' or 'should not be enabled' .... did i see something about that on PP?20:06
sledgespiggz: yes you did:)20:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:09
simonvanderveldtsledges: It seems like with CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK=y more stuff is starting in the background because Gnome starts to mount volumes20:10
sledgessimonvanderveldt: or total bonkers because rndis usb fails, so it falls back to mass storage ;p20:11
simonvanderveldtsledges: that could be the case as well :P20:11
sledgessimonvanderveldt: but kmsg from boot paste would be useful20:11
piggzsledges: what happens if just set CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=n ?20:11
simonvanderveldtsledges: but the usb0 interface was still up after it tried to mount stuff20:11
sledgesif you're quick enough ;)20:12
sledgespiggz: cull! ;) should be ok20:12
tworazsome people might be interested in this:
tworazonce update 1.1.9 is released it should be able to run it on your phones :)20:15
sledgesalin: cometh the end of people sad with nexus5 browser performance ;)20:16
sledgestworaz: \o/20:16
simonvanderveldtsledges: seems like it's messing up rndis/usb storage20:17
simonvanderveldtsledges: Can't reach last_kmsg since multiboot overwrites20:17
sledgessimonvanderveldt: dmesg?20:17
simonvanderveldtsledges: I cant telnet into it anymore20:17
sledgessimonvanderveldt: i said, if you're quick;)20:17
sledgesor no telnet at all?20:17
simonvanderveldtsledges: it's not working at all20:18
simonvanderveldtbreakage! ;)20:18
tworazoh, and and in case anybody wonders, yes, swipe gestures can be used to navigate through browsing history20:18
sledgesthen apologies, and undust the old hybris-boot.img20:18
sledgessimonvanderveldt: you'll have to disable droid-hal-init again, to see if halts stop. do you get halt on every reboot, just after random time?20:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: would it matter if I rebuilt the entire image or can hybris-boot.img be updated separately? I believe I read somewhere that some things have to be rebuilt20:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: it's random20:19
sledgessimonvanderveldt: but 100% on every boot eventually?20:19
sledgessimonvanderveldt: once halts out of way, we can continue on lipsticks20:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: today, yes, every boot it halted20:19
simonvanderveldthate the randomness of it20:20
sledgessimonvanderveldt: any rememberance what changed since yesterday for that matter?20:20
simonvanderveldtsledges: nothing, just date +1 :P20:20
sledgesmust be then today's blue moon20:20
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:21
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off20:32
simonvanderveldtmal-: For the strace for minimer, does it matter that I have to run it as root since it doesn't work as nemo?20:33
mal-preferably nemo20:34
mal-simonvanderveldt: wait, why doesn't it workas nemo20:35
simonvanderveldtmal-: it segfaults20:35
simonvanderveldtmal-: maybe that's a hint20:35
mal-simonvanderveldt: yes it is20:35
mal-strace it anyway20:35
mal-and also as root20:35
mal-so we can see if there is any difference20:36
mal-simonvanderveldt: did minimer ever work as nemo?20:36
simonvanderveldtmal-: Nope, only as root20:36
simonvanderveldtmal-: strace as nemo
piggzsledges: maybe....20:38
piggz+ mount /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.2/by-name/userdata /data20:38
piggzmount: mounting /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.2/by-name/userdata on /data failed: No such file or directory20:38
piggz+ mount --bind /data//.stowaways/sailfishos /target20:38
piggzmount: mounting /data//.stowaways/sailfishos on /target failed: No such file or directory20:38
simonvanderveldtmal-: Ohw, that's interesting. If I run minimer initially it segfaults, if I try it again it works. Both as nemo as well as root20:38
sledgespiggz: no fixup mountpoints20:39
simonvanderveldtmal-: And when using strace together with minimer it always segfaults20:39
mal-sledges: doesn't that behavior remind of something?20:40
piggzsledges: where did i loose that in the modular age?20:40
sledgesmal-: too many things happened, loosely maybe;)20:40
sledgespiggz: same old hybris-boot :)20:40
mal-someone had a similar thing that first time it always failed20:41
piggzsledges: my old one booted ;)20:41
mal-maikoool: what was the reason for the problem that lipstick failed when started the first time20:43
mal-simonvanderveldt: do you have anything interesting in logcat?20:46
simonvanderveldtmal-: I can't get logcat to run, it's saying sth about colors not working or sth20:47
simonvanderveldtmal-: will have to check20:47
mal-simonvanderveldt: are you using the correct logcat?20:47
nh1402tworaz: great work, can't wait to try it out.20:47
simonvanderveldtmal-: Which is the correct one/how to call it?20:47
mal-simonvanderveldt: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat20:48
simonvanderveldtmal-: I tried this one  /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat20:48
simonvanderveldtmal-: lol, yeah, that one :P20:48
mal-simonvanderveldt: does that work?20:49
simonvanderveldtmal-: It does work now, not sure what's different20:50
mal-simonvanderveldt: pastebin the output20:50
simonvanderveldtmal-: couple of permission denieds20:50
mal-simonvanderveldt: looks ok, those are for fb1 which should not be used20:52
simonvanderveldtmal-: ok20:52
mal-simonvanderveldt: anything in dmesg?20:53
simonvanderveldtmal-: No, seems OK, no errors20:54
nh1402tworaz: does it support chrome extensions and/or native client?20:56
simonvanderveldtmal-: Do you know where core dumps are saved?20:56
mal-simonvanderveldt: no20:57
simonvanderveldtmal-: Can't find it anywhere :|20:57
sledgessimonvanderveldt: mal- : /var/cache/ ... dumps20:57
sledgesbut only under certain circumstances20:57
simonvanderveldtsledges: ... = app name?20:57
tworaznh1402: nope and nope20:58
sledgessimonvanderveldt: path in between, just do find /var/cache | grep dump20:58
tworaznh1402: This is not actually chrome20:58
simonvanderveldtsledges: OK, any way to enable it so it always happens instead of under certain circumstances?20:59
tworaznh1402: It's a blink engine with the chromium project content API made to work on top of Qt and usable from Quick20:59
tworaznh1402: Large parts of chromium extension support actually lies in the chrome browser app which is built on top of content API20:59
tworaznh1402: I don't intend to port full chrome browser to sailfish21:00
tworaznh1402: Stuff like nacl should be possible to support21:00
tworaznh1402: But not easy due to a rather funny reason21:00
tworaznh1402: scratchbox221:00
tworaznh1402: Basically you need google NaCl toolchains to compile some of the code needed for NaCl support21:01
sledgessimonvanderveldt: read about linux core dumps;) there's a iirc sysfs entry where you cat a path to those21:01
tworaznh1402: Problem is google NaCl toolchains are 64bit and dynamically linked21:01
tworaznh1402: It won't be easy to get them running under scratchbox221:02
tworaznh1402: Also some of the NaCl build support code are python scripts21:02
tworaznh1402: Those scripts do some configuration for the target arch21:02
tworaznh1402: And they don't work that well under scratchbox2, they think the build machine is ARM and google does not support such config21:03
tworaznh1402: x86_64 is basically the only arch google supports for build machines21:04
tworaznh1402: i686 is not usable anymore due to 4GB memory limit21:04
tworaznh1402: linking chromium needs around 8GB of memory21:05
tworaznh1402: The fun part is resulting libraries are actually smaller than gecko21:05
simonvanderveldtsledges: I thought there was sth magic going on since you said only under certain circumstances, but echo to "/proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern" works just fine :)21:05
tworaznh1402: QuickSilver arm builds is around 28MB, gecko 40MB21:06
nh1402thats rather surprising21:06
Mister_Magistermaikoool: sledges: help21:06
nh1402tworaz: how does the memory usage compare?, chrome tends to be quite a memory hog.21:06
tworaznh1402: Well, I haven't done exact measurements, but it's better than our current gecko port21:07
tworaznh1402: but we do have a huge architectural problem in gecko21:07
tworaznh1402: Which I've been trying to fix for the last 2+ weeks21:08
tworaznh1402: But there is also another big win for chromium21:08
tworaznh1402: The multi process arch21:08
sledgesMister_Magister: don't ask to ask, ask21:09
Mister_Magistersledges: what21:09
sledgessimonvanderveldt: that's the circumstance ;)21:09
tworaznh1402: Basically content from each domain is run in it's own renderer process21:09
sledgesMister_Magister: what you need21:09
tworaznh1402: so in most cases each tab has it's own background process21:09
sledgesMister_Magister: help is not a question. just describe your problem21:09
Mister_Magisteri give you link21:09
simonvanderveldtsledges: :P Got the dump though, will reboot and see if the first segfault for minimer makes sense21:09
tworaznh1402: In case of low memory situation we can reclaim such memory for background processes very fast21:10
nh1402allowing both to be responsive when switching between them.21:10
sledgesMister_Magister: so give link immediately, so everyone can help21:10
sledgesMister_Magister: comment out those lines with dvb21:10
tworaznh1402: this part already works btw21:10
Mister_Magistersledges: what21:10
sledgesfrom any of those file like ./out/target/product/titan/root/ueventd.rc and others (i don't see in cut line)21:10
sledgeswherever you'll find the line that begins with dvb21:11
tworaznh1402: QuickSilver listens for OOM events from MCE and closes least recently used background processes until we're our from memory pressure situation21:11
nh1402tworaz: this has got to be the default browser from 1.1.9 onwards21:11
tworaznh1402: The end result is we don't have artificial limits like 3 tabs in sailfish-browser21:11
tworaznh1402: This is not an official Jolla project21:11
Mister_Magisterso somebody can help me?21:12
tworaznh1402: It's something I've been doing in my spare time21:12
tworaznh1402: But, yes at some point I'd like to replace gecko/EmbedLite with Chromium/QuickSilver21:12
nh1402it isn't but it if its more functional, and much much much faster I don't see why it shouldn't become supersede the sailfish-browser.21:13
nh1402shouldn't supersede*21:13
sledges00:10 < sledges> Mister_Magister: comment out those lines with dvb21:13
tworazwell QuickSilver is just an engine component21:13
sledges00:10 < sledges> from any of those file like ./out/target/product/titan/root/ueventd.rc and others (i don't see in cut line)21:13
sledges00:11 < sledges> wherever you'll find the line that begins with dvb21:13
tworazit's not supposed to replace sailfish-browser21:14
tworazonly gecko/EmbedLite21:14
tworazso sailfish-browser UI will need to be ported to the new engine21:14
Mister_Magistersledges: ok21:14
tworazalso it's not complete21:14
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:14
tworazfor example it does not support hw video decoding, yet21:14
piggzsledges: cm12 changed the fstab file .... fixed now21:15
tworazmy plan was to use this
piggzsledges: boots .... get a network device with SSH21:15
piggzno gui came up yet...21:15
nh1402one of the few things that Samsung have actually opensourced it seems21:16
nh1402tworaz: I noticed 2 chromium icons in the app drawer, one being chromium and the other quicksilver21:17
Mister_Magistersledges: where is out folder21:18
nh1402in the video21:18
tworaznh1402: One was android version of chromium21:18
tworaznh1402: I used it for performance comparison21:18
sledgesMister_Magister: $ANDROID_ROOT/out21:19
tworaznh1402: Last week I was looking into some performance problems QuickSilver had but android chromium build didn't21:19
nh1402ah right21:19
sledgespiggz: cool!21:19
Mister_Magistersledges: i don't have that folder21:19
piggzsledges: can i ssh in ... or do i have to do a debug boot?21:19
tworaznh1402: the problem was in opengl driver workarounds21:19
tworaznh1402: Android drivers have lots of broken functionality21:19
Mister_Magisteri'm blind21:19
tworaznh1402: chromium has a blacklist to disable some features on certain drivers21:20
tworaznh1402: The problem was this blacklist was parsed differently in QuickSilver21:20
tworaznh1402: Due to it being recognized as Linux not Android21:20
nh1402even though Android is supposed to be Linux21:21
tworaznh1402: yep :P21:21
tworaznh1402: but in Chromium Linux == Desktop Linux, Android == Android21:21
sledgespiggz: telnet21:22
tworaznh1402: And since both platforms usually have different drivers for the same stuff, the gpu blacklist are different21:22
piggzsledges: telnet isnt i will create .init_enter_debug21:22
tworaznh1402: easy solution was to juts assume Sailfish is Android for GPU purposes21:22
tworaznh1402: Works like charm now :D21:23
nh1402and user-agent is just a string for websites and not the underlying code?21:24
tworaznh1402: User agent is completely unrelated thing21:24
tworaznh1402: As you said it's just a string that you sent to the server21:25
tworaznh1402: Unfortunately some pages do parse that string and serve you different content based on that21:25
nh1402tworaz: I just checked chrome on android on M developer preview 2 and your score is higher than mine.21:26
sledgespiggz: 2323 ?21:26
nh1402then again, chrome is refusing to update.21:26
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:26
simonvanderveldtmal-: I did manage to get this as coredump from minimer, it says the issue is here
tworaznh1402: Well because QuickSilver == Android Chromium21:27
tworaznh1402: Also the video shows chromium build made from upstream sources from lkgr branch checked out early this morning21:27
tworaznh1402: lkgr == last known good revision, read master branch which passed automated quality tests21:28
tworaznh1402: Err the first sentence was supposed to be QuickSilver != Android Chrome21:29
tworaznh1402: For one QuickSilver works on desktop :P21:30
tworaznh1402; And the same binary runs on both wayland and X11 :)21:30
piggzsledges: no, that port isnt open21:32
nh1402tworaz: very impressive stuff21:32
tworaznh1402: Well I enjoy working with chromium21:32
tworaznh1402: And compared to Gecko, chromium is IMO much easier to work on stuff like custom ports21:33
tathhuCopy-paste? :P21:33
tworaznh1402: Just google chromium content API/mobule and chromium ozone21:33
tworaznh1402: Those are public APIs21:34
tworaznh1402: Which means generic chromium does aim to make out of tree ports to different windowing systems easy21:35
nh1402I'm not sure what ozone is in this context21:35
mal-simonvanderveldt: hmm, that's the destructor, why would it be there, that would mean it's exiting21:35
nh1402but I have seen ozone-wayland21:35
tworaznh1402: And they have an official API for building browsers21:35
tworaznh1402: ozone-wayland is wayland implementation of ozone porting layer21:36
tworaznh1402: QuickSilver runs on something callez ozone_qt21:36
simonvanderveldtmal-: No clue as of yet why it's exiting21:36
tworaznh1402: Also my baby ;P21:36
tworaznh1402: The thing is with minimal modifications to upstream source tree I could get chromium working on top of Qt21:37
mal-simonvanderveldt: and what it that other thread doing when that happens21:37
sledgespiggz: so no password, no ssh? you need to touch /init_enter_debug2 to pause just before systemd kicks in, you should still have telnet then21:37
tworaznh1402: and then use official public API to build a component that is usable from Qt/Quick, the QuickSilver21:37
tworaznh1402: Not that easy with Gecko21:38
nh1402doesn't qt (well the later versions at least) use webkit now21:38
piggzsledges: i created init_enter_debug and got in earlier ...21:38
tworazlatest qt version use chromium for QtWebEngine21:38
tworazwhich is not suitable IMO for building browsers21:38
tworazalso the QtWebEngine does not use content API, it actually breaks it21:39
simonvanderveldtmal-: could be that that's strace? Not sure though.21:39
tworazyou can't run stuff like content_shell with QtWebEngine patched chromium21:39
simonvanderveldtmal-: Also, for some reason I can now run minimer as nemo21:39
tworazalso performance of QtWebEngine would be much worse21:40
tworazQtWebEngine 5.4 on the tablet has problems rendering most pages at 20 fps21:40
sledgespiggz: but that's pre-switch_root21:40
mal-simonvanderveldt: but still not with strace?21:40
simonvanderveldtmal-: only thing I did was mask droid-hal-init, then unmask. disable and start it after login. During this from a root login I started minimer but it "hang"/was waiting, once droid-hal-init started it started working21:40
tworazQuickSilver in majority of cases can hit 60fps21:41
nh1402because of all the chromium overhead?21:41
simonvanderveldtmal-: no, that still segfaults21:41
tworaznope, because of how it integrates chromium rendering pipeline into QtQuick21:41
simonvanderveldtmal-: could that be because it's not picking up the env var? doubt it, but you never know21:41
simonvanderveldtmal-: This is what I'm running EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml21:42
tworazQtQuick does it's rendering in its dedicated thread, chromium wants to render stuff in a dedicated background process21:42
mal-looks ok21:42
tworazso they move the GPU process code into UI process (QuickSilver also does this)21:42
piggzsledges: ta ... im in21:42
simonvanderveldtmal-: maybe there's sth wrong with strace itself21:42
mal-simonvanderveldt: it always complains about that env21:42
tworazbut they also introduce some extra waits and copies to share the data between the threads21:42
simonvanderveldtmal-: YEah, I though, maybe strace strips it out or sth21:43
mal-simonvanderveldt: I don't think so, maybe you have some memory corruption issue21:43
tworazQuickSilver uses a trick we applied for 1.1.9 sailfish-browser21:43
mal-and strace always shows it21:43
tworazbasically it renders web content to a dedicated hw surface21:43
piggzlooks like lipstick still has issues in cm12 then..... :(21:43
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost lipstick[1794]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:251 - EGLFS: Screen Info21:43
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost lipstick[1794]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:252 -  - Physical size: QSizeF(4.29497e+09, 4.29497e+09)21:44
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost lipstick[1794]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:253 -  - Screen size: QSize(480, 800)21:44
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost lipstick[1794]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:254 -  - Screen depth: 3221:44
tworazQML UI renders it's content into another surface21:44
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost systemd[1657]: lipstick.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=6/ABRT21:44
piggzAug 22 00:42:46 localhost systemd[1657]: Failed to start The lipstick UI.21:44
tworazand we use HW compositor to combine the output of both surfaces into one21:44
simonvanderveldtmal-: I think I'll try a regular flash tomorrow and see if that helps, maybe it's sth with multirom that's messing it up21:44
tworazthis is why you can't run it on 1.1.6 or 1,1,721:44
tworazthe compositor parts for combining the surfaces are missing21:45
mal-simonvanderveldt: double check that you have all those QCOM_BSP stuff and the fixed hwcomposer21:45
tworazon another note upgrading QuickSilver to a new chromium version takes me around 2 minutes on average21:45
tworazupgrading QtWebEngine chromium would take a couple of days21:46
tworaztried that once when I was experimenting with it21:46
nh1402so its extensible enough to update it quickly21:46
nh1402good coding practice21:47
tworazI don't want to patch chromium into oblivion, this would be a maintenance nightmare21:47
simonvanderveldtmal-: Will do21:47
tworazI want to be able to follow upstream stable releases with as little effort as possible21:47
tworazand focus on real features users care about21:47
alinsledges: sad... quicksilver... will drain the batteries21:48
tworazit's not like we have 30 people team at jolla working on the browser21:48
alinof jolla too...21:48
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:48
nh1402alin: not necessarily, due to the really slow rendering speed of the sailfish-browser, the screen on time would be higher than quicksilver, which loads orders of magnitude faster.21:50
nh1402tworaz: I'm liking the speed and UI of quicksilver much more than the sailfish browser.21:52
tworaznh1402: Well the ui is my test app, it's not a real browser21:52
alintworaz: all we need is a proper command line21:53
alinand of course fortran21:53
tathhuwho nees gui anyway21:53
tworazalin: Command line?21:53
tathhui'd like to answer calls via cli21:53
tworazhehe doable21:53
tworazscroll to the bottom21:54
tworazchromium running on text terminal via libcaca implementation of ozone porting layer21:54
tworazso we can have a proper command line text browser on sailfish :D21:55
nh1402thats insane21:55
piggzsledges: should i have /vendor mounted? see bottom of
simonvanderveldtI'm off, have a nice evening guys, talk to you tomorrow :)21:56
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.2)21:56
sledgespiggz: no, but you should have it here: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/libhardware.so21:56
sledgespiggz: ah21:56
sledgespiggz: rm /dev/log; ln -s /dev/alog /dev/log21:57
piggzcat /dev/alog/main21:58
piggz        linkerlinker.c:1109| ERROR: Library '' not found21:58
sledgespiggz: then find your breadcrumbs22:00
nh1402I'm off, have a nice evening/night, I may or may not be available but you can be sure I'll read the logs at some point.22:02
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sledgesalin: lol :P22:10
alinsledges: which one?22:10
alinsledges: yap... I found out... to increase the battery life... we need to do the following... the background needs to be so  nice it messmerizes the user and he/she does not touch the phone for one day22:11
*** bb010g <bb010g!uid21050@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)22:13
sledgestest_hwcomposer was written exactly with that intent in mind22:13
alinsledges: never run it22:15
alinhe he.. seems you smoke something when i was away22:19
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