Monday, 2015-10-26

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Nokiusbuild failing and I have no idea why :( sad week start08:06
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simonvanderveldtgood morning!09:41
simonvanderveldt Does anyone know if if I can just repo init with a different manifest in my existing $ANDROID_ROOT which was created with the mer-hybris/android.git manifest?09:42
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sledgessimonvanderveldt: yes, it will elegantly re-init itself09:46
simonvanderveldtsledges: ohw, fancy :) will see where it end. I guess it could cause some issues by replacing mer repo's?09:47
sledgesit will nuke them:)09:48
simonvanderveldtsounds... scary, but we'll seee09:48
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erikysHello. Please press like on this page:10:03
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sledgesfaenil: happy over-the-weekend-birthday!! :))10:33
erikysSorry, I sent spam in not correct servet :).10:34
sledgeserikys: that's ok, thanks for pointing out:)10:34
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gabriel9can i upgrade to using OTA? Nexus 5 Beta 0 currently11:11
gabriel9i tried but there is no update, i wonder do i need to fix something?11:11
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faenilsledges: thanks! :)11:14
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sledgesgabriel9: just follow and replace with first11:56
sledgesas that is a bump-stop release11:56
sledgesthen onto
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gabriel9Aha, thanks sledges :)12:22
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sledgesgabriel9: it -might- work;)12:47
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gabriel9I will try :)13:02
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romu70sledges: worked like a charm, but weirdly still shows
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sledgesromu70: two step OTA?13:52
romu70sledges: yes13:52
romu70sledges: worth to start again ?13:52
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sledgesromu70: but physically it updated to 2.0?14:00
romu70sledges: how to know?14:00
romu70sledges: didn't get any error during the upgrade procedure14:00
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blackjack4ithi all14:01
sledgesromu70: events view pulley n 2.0 has quick actions and shortcuts14:02
romu70sledges...and twitter feed, yes, I've all of those nice things14:02
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romu70sledges: but 1.1.930 shown on both GUI and terminal14:07
sledgesromu70: means only version string didn't get updated, can happen14:08
sledgesromu70: ssu s?14:08
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romu70sledges: next update...14:09
romu70sledges: [nemo@Jolla ~]$ ssu s14:10
romu70Device registration status: not registered14:10
romu70Device model: Nexus 5 (hammerhead / hammerhead)14:10
romu70Device UID: 35824005781998914:10
romu70Domain: sales14:10
blackjack4itisn't it his IMEI?14:11
blackjack4itI think that's better to not share it ;)14:11
mal-romu70: you might not want to share your IMEI here in the future14:12
sledgesromu70: update or reboot?14:12
romu70mal-: just saw it, too late :-(14:12
romu70all people are honest here, don't they? :-p14:13
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* sledges points nuclear warheads14:13
mal-romu70: remember that the logs are public14:15
mal-sledges: was there a way to delete something from logs?14:15
romu70mal-: got it, thanks14:15
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sledgesmal-: tbr was the way:)14:20
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yacukenhi all14:49
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sledgeshi yacuken , bacon please? :))
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yacukenhi sledges. sorry. but little bit later. i have a new project. it's my new/old car =)15:13
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sledgesyacuken: just git push :)15:23
sledgesyacuken: car yay?15:23
sledgesgit bacon repos it's all about hit by a bus theory:)15:23
sledges(not car:))15:23
yacukensledges: i don't live at home now. return to home after repair my car)15:26
sledgesyacuken: interesting:) what's with the car?15:29
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yacukensledges: bmw e36 coupe with 2.0l engine volume and manual transmission
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sledgesyacuken: serious stuff! often on track?:)15:41
yacukensledges: not as often as i would like =(15:43
yacukenbut after upgrade...15:43
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yacukensledges: swap engine to s50b30. m sport suspension. armed body. and maybe something else15:52
sledgeskeeps you busy surely:)15:53
yacukenoh. almost forgot. i wanna try to switch bacon to hybris-12.1 this branch have all of needed patches?15:58
sledgesyacuken: only one way to find out:)16:04
yacukensledges: ok. thanks)16:04
* yacuken afk16:04
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* Nokius_work some share IMEI some number plate16:36
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Nokius_worksledges: sorry for bothering but when make hal fails what is the way to fix the output is not so helpfull for me (don't have it next to me atm)17:41
simonvanderveldtsledges: you race as well?17:49
sledgesNokius_work: make -j1 hybris-boot17:51
sledgessimonvanderveldt: just spectating, but maybe an odd hillclimb is on the cards:)17:52
stephgsledges: (being pedantic) make would -j1 by default no?17:54
sledgesstephg: nope17:54
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simonvanderveldtsledges: Hillclimbs always seem crazy scary to me, but would be pretty cool to try it once or twice17:56
sledgessimonvanderveldt: that's least scary in terms of what might happen, apart from your oil turning into water:)17:59
Nokius_worksledges: thanks mate I will check when home :) have great afternoon17:59
nh1402looks like systemctl-user to stop lipstick is better for android but kill -stop is better for sailfish17:59
sledgesand you don't need to uprate your brakes then yet17:59
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sledgesNokius_work: cheerio!:)17:59
Nokius_worksledges: btw. I should open some PR for the find518:00
* Nokius_work and oppo is may now taking care about the forum issue finaly 18:00
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bluesleehi all18:05
bluesleesledges: i went directly to, any arguments why i shouldn't?18:06
nh1402blueslee: argument: why haven't you done it already :P18:07
bluesleesledges: if you have time in the next days can we go through the list of all open n5 bugs and close some of them?18:08
bluesleenh1402: sledges wrote i should use an intermediate release 1.1.9.x first when using version --dup18:09
nh1402mine wasn't to be taken seriously18:09
bluesleenh1402 but i did not, so i am not sure if i miss something18:09
bluesleenh1402 any progress on the android stuff?18:10
nh1402blueslee: kind of, realised that to stop lipstick "systemctl-user stop lipstick.service" works better for android than "kill -stop lipstick" but the opposite is true for Sailfish18:11
nh1402tried working on an android app to get input working, but it didn't work, probably my apps fault than it just not working so will have another look at why it didn't work and take baby steps instead of trying to finish the app in one go18:12
bluesleenh1402 is there no one who tried this before with other operating systems like blackberry os etc.18:13
nh1402if I use systemctl-user to stop lipstick, the power button works in Android, rotation sensor, camera, speaker, vibration all work.18:13
bluesleenh1402 or tizen or whatever18:13
nh1402not that I know of18:14
bluesleenh1402 does rhe camera app work or a button which takes a photo18:14
nh1402I was going to try it on ubuntu touch but tried installing the OS via multirom and it just didn't boot so didn't bother, and I can't find an active xda thread for ubuntu touch for nexus 5 for someone to try it out18:14
bluesleenh1402 i was able to install ubuntu touch with mrom before18:15
nh1402well I manually authenticated the device for adb via moving the adb_keys file from an authenticated rom and just placed it into CM and then used a desktop application called adbcontrol to simulate input18:15
nh1402thats how I  could test the camera and see what was working18:16
nh1402i just couldn't touch the screen :/18:16
bluesleenh1402 okay, got it. we probably need help with this kind of stuff18:17
nh1402if you can find an active thread for ubuntu touch I reckon it can get to the same stage, if it is also flashed on top of CM18:18
nh1402with the added bonus of it already running surfaceflinger18:18
nh1402will be back in about half an hour18:18
bluesleenh1402 i think i used the multirom app to install ubuntu touch18:19
simonvanderveldtsledges: and you don't need to uprate your brakes then yet. lol, good point :D18:19
nh1402blueslee: so did I but it didn't work18:20
nh1402what was the rom name18:20
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bluesleenh1402 hmm, i will lookup the thread as i was also not sure which one to take18:21
nh1402well ubuntu touch did use surfaceflinger before (i think) not sure about now18:22
bluesleenh1402 i used rtm18:25
nh1402i used that too, didn't work18:26
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bluesleenh1402 as your primary rom you use cm12 or cm11?18:27
bluesleenh1402: ?18:27
nh1402my primary rom is M Developer preview 318:28
nh1402also there are many many more roms for the nexus 5 than just cm11, 12, sailfish, ubuntu touch and firefox os18:29
bluesleenh1402 does multirom support that? ping tassader18:29
bluesleenh1402 a lot of abdroid flavours. .18:29
nh1402well I have sailfish running as a secondary rom that works fine18:30
nh1402and also have cm11 as another secondary rom for testing18:30
nh1402that also works fine18:30
nh1402nope still doesn't work18:40
nh1402blueslee: every xda thread on ubuntu touch for the nexus 5 is dead18:41
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nh1402hate the term "flavours" when describing Android, it's an OS not edible food18:44
nh1402same goes with lipstick18:44
nh1402and surfaceflinger why the heck is it called that, are you fling'ing surfaces, no you're not, its just for drawing.18:45
bluesleenh1402 hehe, for me there is android based operating systems and the rest which i am interested in18:46
bluesleenh1402 i don't really care if its android, cm, aosp, carbon or one of the 1001 others which do not change much18:48
nh1402blueslee: just made a post here,
nh1402but it doesn't look like people use it anymore18:51
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nh1402Tassadar: Do you have to have a specific ROM as your primary if you want to install ubuntu touch as a secondary?19:03
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Tassadarnh1402: no19:09
Tassadarhonestly, I have no idea if utouch still works, I haven't maintained it all for a while :(19:10
nh1402because I've tried two different versions and they both don't boot19:10
nh1402i wanted to test if my method of getting android apps working would also work on ubuntu touch.19:10
nh1402Tassadar: Is it the same installation procedure, CM base and then flash ubuntu touch on top?, if so then it should work, not that i've gotten to the stage of getting it usable.19:11
Tassadarunless it involves getting the whole android runtime over there, then no19:11
Tassadarubuntu touch is a "traditional" linux distro, not android based at all19:12
Tassadarit just runs very minimal android installation in a container, just enough to use the drivers19:12
nh1402then F that19:12
nh1402Tassadar: Isn't it also the same with Sailfish, it just uses the drivers right?19:15
TassadarI don't really know19:16
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loljimmo12I am having problems with setting up my scratchbox219:34
loljimmo12would anyone know how to fix zypper not accepting certificates?19:34
loljimmo12nvm fixed it19:50
loljimmo12not sure if it is a correct practice19:50
loljimmo12but I just copied the certificates from my system to sb219:50
simonvanderveldtloljimmo12: did it not work when using curl?19:52
loljimmo12I never tried19:53
loljimmo12but it's not an issue anymore19:54
loljimmo12thanks anyway19:54
simonvanderveldtloljimmo12: there's a hint in the HADK about a curlfix, I'm not sure what the error was. But the build target should come with it's own certificates19:55
loljimmo12oh missed that19:57
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Nokiusnh1402: but are there no official ubuntu touch builds20:57
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
nh1402since it doesn't have a CM base then my method of getting android apps won't work, so won't bother. Was scarred for life when I first tried Ubuntu Touch20:58
mac_Trying to port sailfish20:59
r0kk3rzmac_: re #sailfishos channel, sounds like your chroot is broken if you're getting permission errors20:59
ghosalmartingithub related question: i forked the android repo, then branched off hybris-aosp-5, how come when sledges accepted a pull request git attemped to merge it with my codebase?21:00
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:00
r0kk3rzor you're in the habuild chroot not the mersdk chroot21:00
loljimmo12I've gotten myself in a situation where nothing provides /system/bin/sh when attempting to build packages21:01
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mac_@r0kk3rz  i am in mersdk chroot (I think so). from my ubuntu terminal, i type "sdk" and authenticate, then I do "cd $ANDROID_ROOT" and then "rpm/dhd/helpers/"21:03
mac_am I doing the step correctly?21:03
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mac_Also  during initial setup of  "Setup the Mer SDK" there command didnt work without sudo "zypper ar \ curlfix zypper ref curlfix zypper dup --from curlfix"421:08
sledgesghosalmartin: which pull request?:)21:10
sledgesloljimmo12: line 154
ghosalmartinsledges:  sledges Merge pull request #19 from mer-hybris-kis3/hybris-12.1-YOG3C21:11
ghosalmartinsledges: only happened when i pulled from my own branch?21:11
loljimmo12oh thanks21:11
loljimmo12sorry for not checking21:11
Nokiussledges: :(  same
ghosalmartinalso am having to use the latest android tree, 6.0.0_r1 yet repo sync complains its missing, have I misunderstood the concept of there versioning or what i need to provide?21:12
sledgesmac_: fix in MerSDK with `sudo chown $USER $MER_ROOT` ; thanks that's a bug, will fix it in next hadk21:15
sledgesmac_: zypper ar \ curlfix21:16
sledgeszypper ref curlfix zypper dup --from curlfix21:16
sledgesare two different commands21:16
sledgesseparate with ;21:16
sledgesand thanks for spotting that bug too:)21:16
sledgesghosalmartin: about git's attempted merge with codebase: if in doubt paste full outputs to us :)21:18
sledgesloljimmo12: no prob:)21:18
sledgesNokius: what are you doing differently than before everything worked?21:18
sledgesghosalmartin: same about 6.0.0_r1 yet repo sync :) paste the whole error and command that triggered it. for porting to android m, also paste what repo init you used21:19
ghosalmartinsledges: well i just overwrote whatever it tried to add with what should hopefully be there, but I didn't understand why it actually tried to merge with a branch that wasn't branched off the main?21:19
sledgesblueslee: if going straight to worked then hurray! another porter seemed troubled today, that's why i tried21:20
sledgesblueslee: yep, we can go through bugs in a day or two21:20
sledgesghosalmartin: i can't understand until i see the output, soz:)21:21
ghosalmartinsledges: am working on it21:21
sledgesgit shouldn't do any self-will actions:)21:21
ghosalmartinwell it didnt self will, i pulled from my branch origin, but i assume i did something wrong, since I doubt git is somehow wrong :P21:21
ghosalmartinalso output
ghosalmartinhave i just used the wrong repo?21:22
Nokiussledges: it's for a new port find7s :) but I have no idea why it fails it never finished green21:22
mac_sledgs_: In android we clean up all previos build by "make clobber" , is there anything like that in mer_sdk21:22
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nh1402mac_: speaking of android would you like to help bring android apps to sailfish?21:27
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sledgesmac_: make is never called in MER_SDK, it is called in HABUILD_SDK (which is ubu-chroot from MER_SDK), and there the same android rules apply, but i never tested make clobber, i just rm -rf out/ :)22:09
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* Nokius confused 22:45
Nokiussomething is wrong the question is what22:48
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sledgesNokius: it's the difference between find5 and find7 - find7 tackles device tree building differently, a usual PITA when porting, needs all loose ends analysed23:37
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